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									Create an online gallery   » Receive site recommendations » Create flash based sites

                                      Supplement to CHIP September 2009

                                                                          CREATE WEBSITES
                                                                          USING TEMPLATES

                                                                          UPLOAD AND
                                                                          MAINTAIN YOUR

                                                                          MAKE MONEY WITH
                                                                          YOUR WEBSITE

                   YOUR PATHWAY
                   TO THE INTERNET
                     Create your own space in the exciting world of the Internet
                         WE are well past the era of 'the-Internet-is-
                         taking-over'. In fact, we are coping with
                         the spreading influence of the Internet in
                         our day to day lives. Just about everything
                         is online now, from booking travel tickets to
                         purchasing gifts for your loved ones. In fact,
                         the Internet has given us an indispensable
                         tool called 'social networking' that
                         helps us open doors to several means of
                         communication using faster and elaborate

                         So it is quite plain that all these things have
                         got us hooked on to the Internet. This has
                         'forced' us in a way to utilize online utilities
                         whether we like them or not. But then does
                         the use of the Internet end there? Of course
                         it doesn't. Besides grudgingly accepting the
                         fact that everything is better online rather
                         than not, we should broaden our minds to

       Making your       exploit this exciting medium for our benefit.
                         In this issue we help you achieve just that.

presence felt on the     Making your presence felt on the Internet
                         will help you share your ideas with others

   Internet will help    and get to know more people as well as
                         discover some helpful uses of it.
     you share your      Creating your very own website is one of
  ideas with others      those things everyone wants to do, but
                         there aren't many channels that lead you
    and get to know      to this goal without putting in a good deal
                         of time and energy. We have narrowed
more people as well      down to some basic tools that can make
                         it easier for you to create your own sites
  as discover some       and blogs. Besides this, we also have some
                         smart techniques that can help you make
   helpful uses of it.   money using these tools. The tools are in
                         your hands, it's up to you to decide which
                         direction you would like to project these
                         thoughts in. Happy learning!

                         Dolwin Fernandes

                                                                                                                                     Hemali Limbachiya

                                  Create your very own
                                  online space
                         is an amazing option if you want to have your blogs and
                                  web pages under a single web address. Moreover you can host multiple
                                  such free blogs / sub-domain under a single account head! Read on to
                                  discover the wonders of
                                  BY KAMAKSHI S

                                                                                       GETTING STARTED:
                                     f you have mistaken '' for just
                                     another blog host, then you haven't discovered    The first thing that you need is a website/blog
                                     the full potential of the sub-domain hosting      compliant with ''. The only difference
                                 web portal. Though publicized as a blog host, you     between a regular sub-domain host and WordPress is
                                 can use the portal to a create full-fledged website   that the index.html file is a blog in the latter instead
     Create websites and blog   that supports 360 degree customization. You can       of a user-defined page. To create a free website/
    posts with a sub-domain      use the free sub-domain or purchase a domain          blog account on the '' sub-domain,
    PROJECT TIME                 and associate it with your WordPress account. The     you need to be a registered user. You can either opt
    45 Minutes
                                 website is very user-friendly and accommodates all    for only a 'WordPress account' or create one with an
                                 users from the novice to web development pros.        associated blog. Since the blog is just a page on your
    Internet connection
    Web browser
                                     Your website/blog can also be updated using       sub-domain, you can create or delete it any time
                                 an offline tool. You can download this tool           that you wish, but there is no provision to delete
                                 from ''. However, this tool          an account once registered on the ''
                                 is best suited for people accustomed to web           website. For registering with the website, visit 'http://
                                 development tools as it involves editing of PHP' and click the 'Sign Up Now!' button
                                 script, database maintenance (MySQL) and a            to be redirected to the registration page. Type a
                                 detailed knowledge of HTML and CSS coding.            username, password and your email ID. Select the
                                     But if you are a new user or are looking at a     'Gimme a blog! (Like'
                                 content-driven website then the online version        option to create the sub-domain. Set your blog
                                 is a safer and easier option to start off with.       domain and language and click the 'Signup' button

                                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                   APPLICATION  FEATURE 5

to proceed. Click the email link received to verify your
account. You will be redirected to the dashboard
of your WordPress blog. We will now understand
the components and functionality of a WordPress
dashboard in detail.

The dashboard page is bustling with every bit of
information that can help you enhance your blogging
experience. To sign into your dashboard directly, use
the '' link and enter
your login details.
   The left panel of the dashboard window contains
various options with which you can modify or
customize your blog and maintain your website. You
                                                              The dashboard helps users manipulate the entire WordPress web space with multiple blogs from a
can type quick posts using the 'QuickPress' section
                                                              single location.
appearing on the top-right side of your window.
Below this section you will find various statistical
details pertaining to your blog. At the center of the
dashboard window, you will notice the 'Right Now'
section, where you can view the current ‘content-
based' status of your blog. Below this section is the
'Recent Comments' section. Just hover your mouse
over a particular comment to edit it instantly. You will
also find some relevant sections which will keep you
abreast with the changes in your blog (in case you
have multiple authors) and WordPress at large. A list
of dashboard tools appearing on the left pane of the
admin window allows you to manipulate your entire
sub-domain. Let us look at these tools more closely.

You can add, edit or delete posts or classify them
under tags and categories by using the options                Pages are not chronologically arranged content blocks like posts. They have free flowing structure to
                                                              help organize web spaces better.
appearing under the 'Posts' section. Click 'Posts' and
then 'Add New' from the 'Posts' drop-down list to
create a post. You will notice that the text area in the
'Add New Post' page has two tabs - 'Visual' and 'HTML'.
Generate text content using the 'Visual' tab. You
can tweak the HTML codes from the 'HTML' tab. The
default screen space can be irritating especially for
long blog posts. You can click the 'Toggle Fullscreen
Mode' button which is the penultimate button on the
toolbar. For additional writing tools, click the 'Hide/
Show Kitchen Sink' button. Once the main body of
your blog post has been written, a quick summary can
be added in the 'Excerpt' section of the window.
   To add media files, click the required button
located under the 'Upload/Insert' section. You can edit
these uploaded media files under the 'Media' option
appearing directly below the 'Posts' option.
   You can link your blog using tags and categories           The 'kitchen sink' button displays/hides all the available editor options . 'Toggle full screen' enlarges
                                                              text area for better viewing.
using the 'Post Tags' and 'Categories' option from the


                                                                                                          'Posts' section. While tags are independent labels,
                                                                                                          categories are labels that can be organized and can
                                                                                                          be saved with a definite structure. Once your posts
                                                                                                          are ready, you can edit them by clicking on the 'Edit'
                                                                                                          option from the 'Posts' section. Hover your mouse
                                                                                                          over a particular entry for its sub-links and continue as
                                                                                                          per your requirements.

                                                                                                          MAKING YOUR WEB SPACE
                                                                                                          If your presence in the blogosphere is scattered
                                                                                                          or you need to organize related pages in a more
                                                                                                          systematic manner, you can use the 'Links' and the
                                                                                                          'Pages' options appearing under the 'Media' option.
                                                                                                          You can add external links to your blogs or websites to
     You can change the color and header image of a theme later, but not the structure unless you are
     well-versed with CSS / HTML coding.
                                                                                                          display them on the main page of your blog using the
                                                                                                          'Link' section. If you need to create text-based pages,
                                                                                                          you can do so by using the 'Pages' section. A dummy
                                                                                                          'About page' is set up by default to make your job
                                                                                                          easier. You can go to the page and edit the contents as
                                                                                                          required. You can add images and other media files to
                                                                                                          your blog, making it a full-fledged personalized web
                                                                                                          portal bearing a sub-domain.

                                                                                                          IMPROVING SITE AESTHETICS
                                                                                                          Once you have your content ready, you need to work

                                                                                                           COLLABORATIVE BLOGGING
                                                                                                           WordPress supports for collaborative
                                                                                                           browsing. This means that you can own a
                                                                                                           blog and add your friends as co-authors to
                                                                                                           contribute posts. You can add four types
     Use the 'Text' widget to add third party widgets to your blog. It enables you to customize widgets    of users for your blog from the 'Authors &
     using HTML / CSS codes.
                                                                                                           Users' option under the 'Users' section of the
                                                                                                           'Dashboard' tool. They are as explained below:
                                                                                                            Contributor: Contributors can send posts to
                                                                                                              the administrator or editor to be approved for
                                                                                                              publishing in the blog. Once the post appears on
                                                                                                              the blog, the contributor can no longer edit its
                                                                                                            Administrator: An administrator is considered
                                                                                                              as a blog owner and has complete authority over
                                                                                                              the blog. An administrator has all the rights of an
                                                                                                              editor plus he can import / export blogs or even
                                                                                                              delete them.
                                                                                                            Editor: An editor has the authority to publish,
                                                                                                              edit, and delete any posts or pages, moderate
                                                                                                              comments, manage categories, manage tags,
                                                                                                              manage links and upload media files.
                                                                                                            Author: An author can edit, publish and delete
     Global dashboard enables editing common details such as profile information and basic tools for          their own post and they can upload media files.
     blogs created under a single account.

                                                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                               APPLICATION  FEATURE 7

on the appearance and aesthetic value of your blog/
website to ensure that people regularly visit your site
and first time visitors know what to expect in your
web portal before reading the content.
    You can apply a pre-defined theme to change the
overall appearance of your blog. To do so, click the
'Appearance' section and click 'Themes' from the drop-
down list. The themes are listed across several linked
pages. Each theme comes with tags that explain the
features and widgets that are associated with it. You
can preview a theme before applying it to your blog.
You can also change it at a later stage as required.
    There are several criteria that help to decide an
appropriate theme and at times you may not like the
header image attached to the theme. To change this
                                                      provides help under two categories, the 'Support' section and 'Forums'. Beginners
image, click 'Custom Header' from the drop-down list.          can use 'Support' for solutions.
On the screen, click the 'Choose…' button to browse
for the image and click 'upload'. Make sure your image
is '760 x 190' pixels.
    You can also place external widgets on your
blog. To add customized widgets on your blog,
click 'Widgets' from the drop-down list from the
'Appearance' section. Drag and drop widgets to the
center of the page to the panel on the left of the
window. Set required options on individual widgets
before you navigate away from the page.

After you have created all pages and posts, the next
step is to spread the word around. Once you have your
blog/website in circulation, you will need to ensure
that you have a set of loyal visitors and readers and
receive feedback on your posts, pages and images.              You don't need to create an account on Instead, you can automate the process from
                                                               the 'Polls in WordPress' page.
You can add a comments sections to individual blog
posts as well as for other pages on your website. You
can manage these comments from the 'Comments'
section of the 'Dashboard' tools.                              NOTABLE BLOG SETTINGS
   If you have readers who don't wish to post
comments, you can provide a ‘ratings' link so that             Of all the blog settings, the most notable are the privacy settings,
they can rate your posts. To set this provision, use           Delete Blog, OpenID and Domains options appearing under the
the 'Ratings' option appearing under the 'Comments'            'Settings' option at the penultimate option of the 'Dashboard' tools.
section of the window. You can set ratings for                 They are explained below in detail:
individual posts, pages or even comments. After                OpenID: OpenID is a standard which enables you to sign into other
setting up the ratings options, you can view rating              websites using your account. Once you link such an
reports based on a particular time interval.                     account, you can update your website offline using the
   But if you wish to have direct participation from             tool.
your readers, then you should try creating polls. To           Privacy: You can define individual privacy settings for each action
create a poll, you will first have to register with 'http://     pertaining to These include enabling/disabling blog'. Once you have an account, you can                visibility, blocking sites for search engines but not normal visitors, or
create as many polls as you wish. You can manage                 making the blog password protected so that it is completed shielded
your poll data through this sister web portal of                 from unwanted readers.


                                            If you already have Blogger, Blogroll, LiveJournal, Movable Type and TypePad, Yahoo! 360 or
                                            other WordPress blogs and wish to migrate them under a single account you
                                            can do so with relative ease. Here we will move a Blogger blog to To do so,

           Click the 'Tools' section under the 'Dashboard' tools. Click        You will be redirected to the 'Import Blogger' page. Click
       1   the 'Import' option from the drop-down list that appears.       2   the 'Authorize' button to select which blog you wish to
      From the 'Import' page click 'Blogger' to proceed.                  import.

          If you have logged into your Google account, you will be             The details of your posts and comments are displayed in
       3  redirected to a Blogger account page to grant access to          4   the 'Import <blogger blog title>' page. Click the 'Import'
      WordPress. Click the 'Grant access' button to continue.             button to confirm and import these details.

          If you have logged into your Google account, you will be             Finally, map the blog author by selecting one from the
       5  redirected to a Blogger account page to grant access to          6   'Author Mapping' page. You can import blogs each time it
      WordPress. Click the 'Grant access' button to continue.             updates because duplicate entries are not imported again.

                                                                                            INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    APPLICATION  FEATURE 9

                                                                                                     Special Discount Offer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       unts!           t

TENURE                                                 YOU GET                                                COVER PRICE                                          YOU PAY                                DISCOUNT                                                    SAVINGS

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Yes! I would like to subscribe to CHIP for                                                                       1 Year                    3 Years                                                                     (PLEASE FILL THE FORM IN CAPITAL LETTERS)
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Tel: (O) ............................................. (R) ............................................. (M) ......................................................... Fax: ...........................................
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SUBSCRIPTION DEPARTMENT:                                                                                                                         TERMS & CONDITIONS
INFOMEDIA 18 LTD.                                                                                                                                Your subscription will start from the next available issue.  No cancellation will be entertained after
‘A’ Wing, 2nd Floor, Ruby House, J K Sawant Marg, Dadar (W),                                                                                     commencement of the subscription.         Infomedia18 reserves the right to extend, cancel or discontinue the offer
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    “The Company is proposing, subject to market conditions and other considerations, an offer of its equity shares on rights basis and has fi led a Draft Letter of Offer with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”). The Draft Letter of Offer is available on the website of SEBI at and the website of the Lead Manager at
   Investors should note that investment in equity shares involves a high degree of risk and are requested to refer to the section titled “Risk Factors” of the Draft Letter of Offer for details of the same.”
   The company at its absolute discretion and without further notice may discontinue publication of the magazine and in the event of such discontinuation, the Company shall refund the subscription amount for the unexpired term only, without any interest, cause and consequence.”
its same as previous one na?

For exclusive offers log on to
                                                                                                                                                                     indiatimes                              Magazine Subscription Made Simple
Subscriptions also available atCHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT                Shopping

                                                                                                                                     Hemali Limbachiya

                               Creating websites:
                               The easy and fun way
                               When it comes to creating a website, we're often faced with problems of
                               online space, cost, HTML knowledge, sophistications and a lot more. Piczo
                               is a free online tool designed to make creating a website fun.
                               BY GARETH MANKOO


                                      reating personal websites doesn't                 Visit
                                      necessarily involve a lot of formal               'Sign-up' on the top-right corner of the screen.
                                      introductions and layouts. You can                next page will ask you to choose the type of
                              experiment with colors, templates and other               web page that you want to create. You can click on
                              elements, and still manage to get the message             any one of these, or if you aim to create something
     Create websites using   across to the visitors of your site with the help of      other than these then simply click the 'No thanks'
      templates               an organized layout. This should be your main aim         link at the bottom of the page. In this example
    PROJECT TIME              while using Piczo's website building tool. We will        however we will be creating a complete website. So
    45 Minutes
                              follow a step by step procedure to make sure that         click the last logo on the right called 'Full Website'.
                              the sites we create end up having most (if not all)      
                                                                                        Next, you will be asked for a proof of age. This
    Internet connection
                              of the features that the site has to offer.               is important so that children arent exposed to
                                  We first begin with registering with the site and     content available with the site. Select your year of
                              later on move into the serious site building stages.      birth, month and day from the available dropdown
                                                                                        lists and click 'OK'.
                              CREATE A PICZO ACCOUNT                                    the next page you will be asked to enter various
                              We start off by creating a Piczo account. For this,       details about your website. The first textbox is the
                              we have to visit the site and fill in information that    most important. You need to fill in the name of the
                              will help Piczo understand us, and our purpose            site that you are creating. While typing in the name
                              at the site better. The following steps help you          of the site that you wish to create, you need to
                              register with the site,                                   make sure that the name you have selected hasn't

                                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                   APPLICATION  FEATURE 11

    already been used by a Piczo user in the past.
    This is made simpler with Piczo's in-built tool that
    lets you know if a username has already been used
    for the name of a site. It also provides you with a
    bunch of alternative names that you could use.
    Make sure that you have checked the 'I have read
    and agree to Piczo's Terms of Service' checkbox on
    the bottom of the page. To avoid mails on updates
    of the site you can uncheck the 'Please notify me
    about special Piczo offers' checkbox. Complete the
    form and click 'Join Piczo'.
Once you are done with the registration process you
are redirected to the first page of Piczo. This page
prepares you for the site construction process in which
you will need all the tools that are enlisted on the site.
                                                              Visit '' and click the 'Sign Up Now' button to register for Piczo. Once you register and
The various 'tool tips' and their functions are displayed
                                                              log in, Piczo will provide you with an option that can keep you signed in for up to 2 weeks.
on the screen. Once you make a note of which controls
do what, close the 'tool tips' dialog box.
    Certain older versions of browsers do not support
all the features of If this is the case then a
pop-up will appear on the screen notifying you about
the same. Click 'OK, I got it' to close the window. You
are now ready to start the construction of your site.
    Also make sure that you check the email sent by
Piczo. It will contain a link that has to be clicked to
prove that the email address provided is legitimate.
Clicking this link will redirect you to a page that
confirms the same.

Now that you have registered with you can
start using the features it provides to build your site
from scratch. This doesn't require any prior knowledge
of HTML codes or website architectures. The tools             These pre-defined templates make it easier to design individual pages. Select an appropriate as
available here are quite interactive and do not need
any additional effort from experts.
    After you finish registering with the site, you will be
redirected to the first page of your website. You will
notice that the 'My Site' tab is selected on the top bar.
Under this, you will find the 'My Pages' tab selected.
Now click the 'Organize' tab to structure your website.
DESIGNING YOUR HOME PAGE: The 'Organizer' page
can be used to change various structural aspects of
the site. It will display information about your 'Home
Page' on the right and the list of various pages that
are available in the site. We will first concentrate of
developing your home page before working on the
rest of the site. Under the 'Home Page' section click
'Page Editor'.
Title text: Now on the title that displays the name
of the site in the text box, click the logo to display
all the tools for editing this textbox. Next, click the       The 'kitchen sink' button displays/hides all the available editor options . 'Toggle full screen' enlarges
                                                              text area for better viewing.
    button. A new window will open up with various


                                                                                                                 formatting options for the title. Select the 'Font', 'Size'
                                                                                                                 and click the 'Bold' or 'Italic' options depending on
                                                                                                                 what formatting you wish to apply to the text. To set
                                                                                                                 the font color, click the      button near the color box.
                                                                                                                 Select the color of your choice. A great feature in Piczo
                                                                                                                 is direct linking of pages. For instance, if you look to
                                                                                                                 the 'Make this text a hyperlink' section in this window
                                                                                                                 then you will see two options. The first one allows you
                                                                                                                 to enter a URL that will direct you to another site on
                                                                                                                 clicking it. Below you will be able to view a dropdown
                                                                                                                 box that allows you to link this text to another page
                                                                                                                 within your Piczo site. However, we won't be linking
                                                                                                                 this page to any page for now since this page itself is
                                                                                                                 the home page. Click 'OK' to save these changes.
                                                                                                                 Page Background: To set a background to the entire
     When you first sign in to your Piczo account, you will see a list of all the various tools that will help
     you edit elements on your page.
                                                                                                                 page, click the 'Background' button, indicated by
                                                                                                                 on the top bar and click anywhere on the page to
                                                                                                                 place it. A new window will open up with four tabs.
                                                                                                                 The first tab is the 'Color' tab. This will display a color
                                                                                                                 palette. It is useful for those who wish to create a
                                                                                                                 site with a single colored background. The 'Décor'
                                                                                                                 tab will let you select from a list of various mosaics,
                                                                                                                 templates and patterns. Select any of the available
                                                                                                                 categories from the 'Choose Category:' dropdown list.
                                                                                                                 The background options available under the 'Piczo
                                                                                                                 Zone' tab are more flashy, animated and colorful. A
                                                                                                                 disadvantage of using such backgrounds is that they
                                                                                                                 take a long time to load when viewing the site. These
                                                                                                                 backgrounds are also available by 'Categories'.
                                                                                                                      In our example, however, we will be using images
                                                                                                                 as backgrounds. Click the 'Images' tab. Select the
                                                                                                                 image by clicking on it. Select the 'Check if want page
                                                                                                                 background set 'fixed'' checkbox. This will keep the
     The 'Organizer' page contains links to all the other pages on your website. Here, you can rename            page static while you scroll the page. If this option is
     webpages and set other options as well.
                                                                                                                 not checked then your page will scroll down with the
                                                                                                                 background, thus leaving the part of the page without
                                                                                                                 the background empty. Finally, click 'Add'.
                                                                                                                 Links to other pages: Adding the background will
                                                                                                                 give you a clear idea about the theme of the site
                                                                                                                 and the probable colors of various elements on it.
                                                                                                                 It is important to make a note of all the tiny details,
                                                                                                                 especially when it comes to the readability of text
                                                                                                                 against the background. You will notice another box
                                                                                                                 titled 'My Pages'. Click the      button and drag the
                                                                                                                 elements such as the title box and the 'My Pages' box
                                                                                                                 to appropriate locations on the page. In this example
                                                                                                                 we have moved the title box to the white portion
                                                                                                                 of the background and given it a darker shade so as
                                                                                                                 to make it readable. Similarly, we will move the 'My
                                                                                                                 Pages' box to the darker portion of the background
                                                                                                                 and give it a lighter font color.
     Select a font color that stands out from the background that you have set. Try using contrasting                 To change the formatting and color of the 'My
                                                                                                                 Pages' box, click the       button that appears after you

                                                                                                                         INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                 APPLICATION  FEATURE 13

click . Clicking on any of the links in the 'My Pages'
section will redirect you to the pages that they point
to. Later on once you learn how to create links to
other pages yourself you will not need the 'My Pages'
section. Once on the new page, you will have to make
the changes that you have introduced in the home
page, in each of these pages to maintain consistency.
Friend list: Piczo adds another interesting feature
for its users: social networking. You will notice a 'My
Friends' box on your home page that contains the
names of default friends. You will need to format the
contents and the style of the box itself to match your
background. Click on the 'My Friends' box and then
click . Enter the title of the list. You can give it a
professional name like 'Contacts' or a casual title such
                                                              You can add new pages to your website based on certain preset themes in the 'Organizer' page. Click
as 'Cronies' or 'Pals'. Since we're making a fun site, the
                                                              the "Select" link below the image that represents each theme.
title of 'Buddies' seems perfect.
    Format the contents of this page just as you did it
for the 'My Pages' box. Make sure that the font and
color of the text in both boxes is similar. This gives
your site a consistent look. To get the exact text color
click 'HTML' near the       button in the 'My Pages' edit
page and copy the color code. Paste this color code in
the 'HTML' section of the 'My Friends' section. Select
the 'Medium' radio button since the default 'Large'
image of your friend's profile takes up unnecessary
    The next dropdown box that follows is the most
important. In this you have to select your 'Privacy'
levels. Click the dropdown box to view the various
options available. If you want your site to be viewed
by everyone then select 'The World'. Click 'OK' to save
these changes.
    Dragging the friends list to the bottom of the            The links on the page can easily redirect you to other pre-created pages on your website. Make sure
                                                              that you edit the font and color of these links so that they are visible against your background.
page makes sense, since it would look good on the
first view of your home page. Moreover, since your
friends list contains pictures of your friends they may
not match your current template. Also, the list tends
to grow as more people add you as friends on Piczo.
Hence, it's best to place the friends list at the bottom
of the page.

We will now learn how to add images, textboxes and
a lot more to your website. There are scores of options
that are available on the top bar of Piczo. Simply click
the next button (represented by an arrow) to view
more tools. In the following steps we will add different
elements that can be added to your web page.
Add photos: Click       on the top bar and drag it to
a location on your page. Then release the mouse               You can change various settings that can change the look of your 'Friends List'. Select the 'The World'
                                                              option from the dropdown box.
pointer. A pink button will appear on the screen with


                                                                                                              'Choose Pictures' written on it. Clicking this button will
                                                                                                              open up a dialog box. Select the file that you wish to
                                                                                                              upload and click 'Open'.
                                                                                                                  The image will start uploading on your home
                                                                                                              page. Make sure that during the process, you avoid
                                                                                                              minimizing the window or refreshing the page. Also
                                                                                                              avoid other activities during the upload process since
                                                                                                              they cause problems while uploading, especially
                                                                                                              on slower machines. Using these steps you can add
                                                                                                              several images to your site.
                                                                                                                  Once your image appears on the site, you may have
                                                                                                              to resize it. This can be done by dragging the arrow
                                                                                                              button on the bottom-right corner of the image box.
                                                                                                              Once your image is uploaded on the page, click and
                                                                                                              then the edit button indicated by        to add effects to
     Avoid minimizing your browser or navigating away from the Piczo page while the image is
                                                                                                              your image and enhance it.
                                                                                                                  Piczo uses Fotoflexer, a third party online image
                                                                                                              editing tool, to edit your images. The tools available
                                                                                                              here can help you edit your image without the
                                                                                                              need to install an advanced image editor like Adobe
                                                                                                              Photoshop. Other effects that can be added to the
                                                                                                              image include sharpening and smoothening of edges,
                                                                                                              cropping and resizing, rotate and flip functions, color
                                                                                                              correction, cutout, resizing, opacity and reshaping of
                                                                                                              the image. An advantage of using Fotoflexer is that
                                                                                                              it has an 'Undo' button on the image editor so that
                                                                                                              you can revert back to a previous state if you feel
                                                                                                              that the changes that you applied aren't living up to
                                                                                                              your expectations. Once you are done with all the
                                                                                                              necessary changes, click the 'Save and Exit' button.
                                                                                                              Click 'Save as JPG' in the 'Save…' window that appears.
                                                                                                              The enhanced image will appear on your home page
                                                                                                              beside the original. Delete the original image and
     Piczo makes use of Fotoflexer to edit images. You can perform varios tasks to enhance your images.       place the new enhanced one at the spot where the
                                                                                                              original was earlier located.
                                                                                                              Add a music player: Greeting your visitors with music
                                                                                                              will always be a great option. Piczo makes adding
                                                                                                              music to your website easier than you might imagine.
                                                                                                              Click the 'Music Player' box       on the top toolbar
                                                                                                              and drag it to your page. If you cannot locate this
                                                                                                              box among the enlisted items, then use the next or
                                                                                                              previous arrow keys on either end of the toolbar. A
                                                                                                              new window will open up with a '' page.
                                                                                                              Click 'Next Step'.
                                                                                                                  Further, click 'Create a new playlist'. On the next
                                                                                                              page, enter the name of the new playlist in the text
                                                                                                              box provided. In the 'Find Songs…' textbox enter
                                                                                                              the names of the songs that you would like to add
                                                                                                              to your playlist. The song name will be processed
                                                                                                              simultaneously and Simfy will provide you with
                                                                                                              dynamic results by matching the text you had entered.
     Piczo uses an application called 'Simfy' to search for songs. These songs can be added to your site to   Click the blue cross symbol to add the found track to
     hear them using Simfy itself.
                                                                                                              your playlist. There is a possibility however, that you

                                                                                                                      INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                  APPLICATION  FEATURE 15

may not find the song that you are looking for, or that
you may find it covered by another artist. You can also
upload your own music if you wish to share it with
your visitors. Click 'Save/Next Step'.
    On the next page you can check the 'Autoplay'
checkbox if you do not want the songs to play
automatically on loading your page. Click 'Next Step'.
The final page will confirm the creation of the player.
Click 'Add player to your PICZO page'. Place the player
strategically on the page.
Add hit counter: A hit counter is a great way to let
everyone know about the popularity of your site.
Search for the       icon on the toolbar. Click and drag it
to the part of the page where you want to place it. You
can later edit this element and change the size and
                                                              To search for a track type in its name in the textbox provided. The searched results will be displayed
font of the number of hits by clicking the       button.
                                                              in a list below.
Add videos: There are various tools to add random
videos, music videos and even to upload videos which
have been shot by you. To upload your own video
click     on the tool bar and drag it to your page. In
the window that opens up select the file that you
want to upload by clicking 'Choose File'. Enter search
tags for the video so that it is easier for others to find
this videos if they search for it on Piczo. Finally click
'Upload Video'.

The next most important thing to do is to notify your
friends about your new website. On your home page,
click 'Find Friends'. This can be found below your
profile picture. The next page will display a list of
email providers. Select your email client, for instance,
'GMail'. A window will open up on your screen with
radio buttons. Select 'GMail' and click 'Next'. Enter your    You c an find friends who are using Piczo by selecting your email provider from the list. If any of your
                                                              contacts are using Piczo, you will be notified accordingly.
email address and password here and click 'Sign In'.
The next page will display the list of all contacts in
the address book of the provided account. Check the
names of the contacts who you want to invite to your
site and click 'Next'. Select the name of the contact
and click 'Continue'. Your friends will receive a friend
request to join you on Piczo.
    Last but not the least is the chat application that's
provided by Piczo. With this, users can freely chat with
their Piczo friends when both parties are online and
also send across suggestions for improving their sites.
This chat application is powered by 'Meebo'.
    To share your website with other contacts simply
pass on the link of your site in the following format:
'www.<the name of your site>'. For
example, if you had entered 'myfunsite2009' as your
username while filling up the registration form, then
the URL to be shared would be 'www.myfunsite2009.             Uploading your profile image on Piczo is important since it indicates that you are an active user on
                                                              the site.'.


                                                           10 ways to make
                                                           money on the net
                                                           The Internet is an amazing place to make a few quick
                                                           bucks only if you have the right content and tools to
                                                           monetize your website or blogs. Listed below are a few
                                                           tricks you can use to monetize your web space effectively.
                                                           BY KAMAKSHI S

            AMAZON WIDGETS                                                required details to proceed. Click the 'Layout' tab to change the
     1       IF you auction products on Amazon, it is essential           placement of the object and save changes.
    for you to propagate your products on your web blogs and
    web portal. To create an Amazon widget, create an affiliate                   SEO
    membership ID and visit 'https://widgets.
                                                                           4       AN acronym for search engine optimization, SEOs can be
    Carousel-Widget'. Customize your carousel widget and click the        best described as a technique to make a web link appear higher
    'Add to my webpage' button to generate the widget. Click 'Add         in search engine results. Propagated as an Internet marketing
    to Blogger' button on the pop-up window to place the widget           strategy, in the simplest of words, SEOs involve editing web
    on your blog. Add the widget to your blog and set the widget          domain content and HTML code to create relevant keywords
    location before saving the changes.                                   so that the search engine crawlers can locate web pages easily
                                                                          and appear useful to the end reader. There are several third
            THIRD PARTY WEBSITES                                          party organizations that help you to optimize your website to
     2       IF you are not comfortable creating, managing and            gather larger web traffic by paying the required costs. One such
    monetizing your blog, you can take the help of several third          organization can be found on ''. You can begin
    party web portals that help you monetize your blogs very              by editing the 'Meta' tags in the HTML code of your webpage,
    effectively. You can specify a fixed amount and earn steadily         tagging your blog post with relevant tag word and writing topic
    through your blog. You can also write reviews or free lance write-    specific content in your web pages.
    ups and get paid for the same. Some websites are that allow you
    to do so are '', '',                ADWORDS
    'http://payperpost .com/bloggers/get-paid-to-blog.html', etc.
                                                                           5        VISIT '' and click the 'Advertising
                                                                          Programs' link. Click the 'signup' link under the 'AdWords'
            ADSENSE                                                       section. You can use your existing Google account as well. Type
     3       IF you have a considerable amount of traffic on              appropriate details and click 'Create Account '. Next, enter billing
    your blog, it is sensible to monetize your blog with Google           information to activate the advertisement. Click on 'Enter billing
    AdSense. Google AdSense is nothing but creating sponsored             information and activate ad' and fill required details. Type the
    advertisement spaces on your blog. To create ad spaces on             required details in 'Set Up Your Ad' page. Select a bid value or
    your blog, sign in to your blogger account. On your blogger           type it manually. Under 'Choose the solution that is right for you',
    dashboard, click the 'Monetize' link. Once on the 'Monetize' tab,     click on 'Starter Edition'. Click 'Continue >>'. Once you are done,
    select the location where you wish to place ads and click 'Next'.     click the 'My Ad Campaign' and the 'My Account' tabs to view
    Select the 'Create a new AdSense account' and click 'Next'. Fill in   and edit the ad details as required.

                                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                     10 TIPS  HANDS ON 17

   Hemali Limbachiya

          PAYPAL WIDGET                                               like site counters, forms, chat applications, etc. and provide them
 6       PAYPAL offers you an excellent way to collect donations      as free downloads to users. You can add a donation button to
from readers visiting your blog or if you are hosting free            ask users to help you further your project. Moreover, you can
applications/services on your web portal. To add a PayPal widget      sell your software modules or complete software applications
to your blog, carry out the following steps. Login to your PayPal     as shareware from web sites like '' which helps
account. Click the 'Merchant Services' tab. Click the 'Donations'     you sell your software on popular web hosts .
link appearing under the 'PayPal Website Payments Standard'
section on the page. Click the 'Customize Appearance' button to                EBAY WIDGET
personalize your widget and 'Create Button' link to generate the
                                                                       9        TO sell products on eBay, it is essential that you market
code. Copy the code and go to '',           them well to get the best price possible. To create an eBay
if you have already signed into your blogger account. Click the       widget visit '' and click the 'OK, let's go!'
'Edit Content:' link and paste the copied code in the text box        button. Select 'Seller' to display your products on the widget.
that appears and click the 'Add Widget' button. Set the widget        Click the 'I want this one' button. Type your seller ID, and click
location and save the changes.                                        'Search'. Select 'All Items' and click 'Next'. Finally select 'Blogger'
                                                                      and click the 'Click here' link to proceed with the instructions.
          SELL IMAGES WITH ROYALTY                                    Follow the instructions provided to create and place the widget
 7        IF you consider your photographs and artwork worth          on your blog.
making money from, you can earn royalty on your images.
There are several web portals that enable you to upload and                    BACKLINKING
sell your images at a commission. Some of these web portals
                                                                      10        BACKLINKING is a technique wherein the URL of your
include, '', 'www. istockphoto.           web domain or blog is featured as a link on another web domain
com/sell-stock-photos.php', etc. Portals like iStock pay a member     or blog. With the help of backlinking, you can divert higher
20% of the image price as royalty, and up to 40% for exclusive        traffic to your website. A strong number of backlinks also ensures
contributors to the website. You can sell photos, illustrations, as   that your web page appears higher in search engine results.
well as flash, audio and video work.                                  There are several techniques available that not only enable you
                                                                      to submit your site for backlinking but also to add sites to your
          DEVELOP YOUR OWN MODULES                                    web domain. One such tool is available at 'www.webconfs.
 8        AND SELL THEM                                               com/backlink-builder.php'. Visit the site and type an appropriate
IF you are a budding developer and wish to make a few bucks           keyword to get a list of web portals. Once done, click the
off your development skills, you can create small web modules         required link to complete the process.


                                                                                 TIPS &
 Sachin Pandit


                 WINDOWS VISTA
                                                                                 there are instances wherein a user                               WINDOWS VISTA
                                                                                 cannot connect to a website if there

                 01                                                              are negative entries stored in the DNS
                                                                                 cache even if the website is viewable.
                                                                                 Several users might also receive a DNS
                 CLEAR DNS CACHE                                                 error. Clearing the DNS cache can solve                          BACKUP DRIVERS
                                                                                 this problem as well as other Internet
                 EACH time a user visits a website,                              problems. To clear the DNS cache in                              AT a point of time, every user may want
                 Windows stores it's DNS information in                          Windows Vista:                                                   to format their system for some reason
                 the DNS cache. This is done so that the                          to 'Start | Accessories | Command
                                                                                    Go                                                            or the other. Once formatting has been
                 website is loaded faster the next time                             Prompt'.                                                      completed and Windows has been
                 the user visits the webpage. Now, there                          Right-click 'Command prompt' and                              installed, re-installing drivers could
                 are two types of entries that are stored                           from the context menu, select 'Run                            be quite hectic, especially if you have
                 in the DNS cache i.e. positive entries                             as Administrator'.                                            an old system whose drivers cannot
                 and negative entries. Positive entries                           the command prompt, type,
                                                                                    On                                                            be found on the internet. Hence a
                 are stored when a user can connect to                              'ipconfig / flushdns' and press the                           driver backup would be essential to
                 a website and vice versa. But at times,                            [Enter] key.                                                  make things easy while re-installing
                                                                                                                                                  applications after the PC has been
                                                                                                                                                  formatted.Driver Backup is a utility
                                                                                                                                                  that can help users backup and restore
                                                                                                                                                  system drivers. This application can be
                                                                                                                                                  downloaded from the link http://small.
                                                                                                                                                  exe Once downloaded, run the setup
                                                                                                                                                  file, install the application and follow
                                                                                                                                                  the steps as mentioned below:
                                                                                                                                                   the main interface, hover your
                                                                                                                                                      mouse over the 'Driver backup and
                                                                                                                                                      restore' tab.
                                                                                                                                                    Select the 'Backup Drivers' link and
                                                                                                                                                      click 'Next'.
                                                                                                                                                   the next screen, select the
                          Click 'Start' and type 'cmd' in the 'Search' box. At the command prompt, tpye 'ipconfig / flushdns' to clear
                   01     the dns cache.
                                                                                                                                                      checkbox next to a driver for backup
                                                                                                                                                      or click the 'Select all' checkbox to

                                                                                                                                         INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                                  TIPS & TRICKS  HANDS ON 19

                                                                                                                                    may wonder why a file is not displayed
                                                                                                                                    in the search results even though you
                                                                                                                                    are sure it is on your system. This is
                                                                                                                                    because not all directories and paths
                                                                                                                                    are indexed by default. To add a
                                                                                                                                    directory to the index:
                                                                                                                                     'Start' and type 'index' in the
                                                                                                                                       'Search' box.
                                                                                                                                     the 'Modify' button.
                                                                                                                                     'Show all locations' and select
                                                                                                                                       an appropriate file or folder.

                                                                                                                                    WINDOWS VISTA
          Select 'Backup drivers' and browse for a location to save the backup. To restore drivers later, select the
  02      'Restore drivers from backup' option and select the backup file.

 backup all drivers and click 'Next'.                              the 'Boot options' section, select
 the resulting screen, browse for
 On                                                                the 'Safe mode' checkbox.                                        START APPLICATION AS
 an appropriate location to install                               
                                                                   Once done, click 'OK'.                                           ADMINISTRATOR
 the application and click 'Next'. A
 backup file will now be created.                                 WINDOWS XP/VISTA                                                  THERE are several utilities in Vista that
 later restore drivers, click the
 To                                                                                                                                 require administrator privilages to
 'Restore drivers from backup' link
 and select the backup file created.
 Finally, click 'Next' to start the
                                                                  04                                                                function. For this, the user has to right-
                                                                                                                                    click on the application or shortcut
                                                                                                                                    and select the 'Run as Administrator'
 restoration process.                                             ADD INDEXING                                                      option. This might get quite hectic if
                                                                  LOCATIONS CENTER                                                  you need to run a utility every now and
WINDOWS VISTA                                                                                                                       then. Hence, to run an application in
                                                                  THE new search feature in Windows                                 administrator mode by default:
03                                                                Vista integrates itself entirely into
                                                                  the operating system. All one would
                                                                  have to do is click 'Start' and type                              
                                                                                                                                        Right-click the application and
                                                                                                                                        select the 'Send to | Desktop' option.
                                                                                                                                        Now, right-click on the shortcut and
BOOT WINDOWS IN SAFE                                              in a file or folder name and it will                                  select 'Properties'.
MODE                                                              displayed accordingly in the menu.                                 the 'Shortcut' tab.
                                                                  This eliminates the need to use the                                the 'Advanced' button.
THE 'Safe mode' option in Windows                                 'Search' dialog box. But at times you                              'Run as Administrator' and 'OK'.
when selected, loads only a particular
set of drivers and applications that are
required to run Windows.
   One can boot Windows in Safe
mode by pressing the F8 key and
then selecting the 'Safe mode' option
while Windows boots. But if you're
troubleshooting your system and
require restarting it frequently in Safe
mode, it might get quite tedious to
press the F8 key every time. Therefore,
to overcome this issue, you can force
Windows to boot in Safe mode.
 'Start' and type 'msconfig' in
   the 'Search' box that appears.
 the resulting window, click the
   In                                                                          Select the 'Safe boot' check box under 'Boot options' to forcibly boot Windows in Safe mode without having
                                                                     03        to press the F8 key.
   'Boot' tab.


    WORD 2007

    IF you use Word 2007 to create
    professional documents, then jargon
    forms a large part of your typed work.
    Although you might have used the
    'Add to Dictionary' to append the
    misspelt word to the default custom
    word dictionary, you can create a                                           You can create custom dictionaries using Notepad because you can play around with the nature of file
                                                                       01       encoding. You cannot change encoding using MS Word.
    dedicated custom dictionary which
    contains these terms which you may
    use generally. To do so, carry out the                         
                                                                    Click the 'Proofing' tab from the                                WORD 2007
    following steps:                                                left-side panel of the 'Word Options'
     to 'Start | All Programs |
       Go                                                           dialog box.

       Accessories | Notepad'.
       Type one term per line in the
                                                                    Click the 'Custom Dictionaries…'
                                                                    button appearing under the 'When
       notepad file.                                                correcting spelling in Microsoft                                 PREVIEWING FILES
     Click 'File | Save As' to save the file.                     Office programs' section of the                                  WITHOUT OPENING
     Select the 'All files' option from the                       dialog box.
       'Save as type' drop-down list.                              
                                                                    Click the 'Add' button from the                                  IF your system is not able to open
     Type the file name and add the                               'Custom Dictionaries' dialog box.                                multiple Word files because of failing
       extension as '.dic'.                                        
                                                                    Browse for the saved '*.dic' file and                            resources, it is a good idea to scan
     Select 'Unicode' from the 'Encoding'                         click 'Open'.                                                    through the contents before you open
       drop-down list and save the file.                           
                                                                    Once the file appears in the 'Custom                             and use the document. You can use
    To set the file as a custom dictionary,                         Dictionaries', make sure that the                                the 'Preview' view available in the
    carry out the following steps:                                  checkbox against the file entry is                               'Open' dialog box. To do so, carry out
     Start Word 2007. Click the 'Office                           checked on.                                                      the following steps:
       button'.                                                    
                                                                    Click 'OK' to close the 'Custom                                   Start Word 2007 and click on the
     Select the 'Word Options' button                             Dictionaries' dialog box.                                           'Office button'.
       appearing at the foot of the drop-                          
                                                                    Click 'OK' to close the 'Word                                     Click the 'Open' button.
       down list.                                                   Options' dialog box.                                              Browse for the file and click the
                                                                                                                                        arrow near the 'views' button.
                                                                                                                                      Select the 'Preview' option.
                                                                                                                                      Click on any word document to get
                                                                                                                                        a complete preview.
                                                                                                                                      Click 'Open' to load the file. You can
                                                                                                                                        now view the file in the pane.

                                                                                                                                     WORD 2007

                                                                                                                                     FORMAT BASED
           You can enlarge the view pane of the Window by increasing the size of the 'Open' dialog box as per your                   IF your document includes many fonts,
    02     requirement.
                                                                                                                                     paragraphs and style variations, you

                                                                                                                          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                    TIPS & TRICKS  HANDS ON 21

can use the powerful 'Find' feature                       
                                                           Click the 'More>>' button before                            
                                                                                                                        Uncheck the 'Print drawings created
that can help you find text appearing                      typing a search term.                                        in Word' option appearing under
with those specific parameters. This                      
                                                           Click the 'No Formatting' button to                          the 'Printing options' section.
can be useful if you need to normalize                     clear the formatting set earlier.                           
                                                                                                                        Click 'OK' to close the dialog box
the document cautiously. To search for                    
                                                           Click on the 'Format' button.                                and proceed with the printing.
text with a specific font, carry out the                  
                                                           Select 'Style…'.
following steps:                                          
                                                           Select a listed style from the 'Find                        WORD 2007
 the 'Home' tab, click the 'Find'
   In                                                      Style' dialog box that appears.
   option from the 'Find' drop-down                       
                                                           Once back to the 'Find and Replace'
   list appearing under the 'Editing'
                                                           dialog box, click the 'Find' or 'Find
                                                           Next' button to carry out the
NOTE: Go to the 'Edit | Find…' menu                        search.                                                     USING LEADER
command to enable the 'Find' dialog                                                                                    CHARACTERS
box in Word 2003.                                         WORD 2007
 Click the 'More>>' button before                                                                                    IF your document has a lot of
   typing a search term in the 'Find'                                                                                  customized blank tabs, you can prefix

   tab of the 'Find and Replace' dialog
                                                          04                                                           the empty space with characters
                                                                                                                       known as 'leader character'. Using
   Select 'Font…' from the drop-down                      AVOID PRINTING COLOR                                         leader characters help in connecting
   menu.                                                  IMAGES                                                       data with the tab, especially if there
 the required attributes from the
   Set                                                                                                                 are large gaps between them. To use
   'Find Font' dialog box that appears                    YOU might have created a word                                leader characters with the tab stops
   and click 'OK'.                                        document which has a lot of color                            in Word 2007, carry out the following
NOTE: If a particular check box has                       images and may not wish to print                             steps:
a square block instead of a selection                     them especially if you have run out                           the location from where your
mark, it denotes that the attribute is                    of color toner. You can avoid printing                          text paragraph should begin.
insignificant to the search criteria.                     color images by tweaking a few                                the 'Home' tab, click the small
 Once back to the 'Find and Replace'                    basic settings. To do so, carry out the                         arrow at the right-side corner of the
   dialog box, click the 'Find' or 'Find                  following steps:                                                'Paragraph group'.
   Next' button to carry out the search.                   Open the document to be printed.                           Click the 'Tabs' button from the
To search for text with a specific                         Click on the 'Office button'.                                'Paragraph' dialog box that appears.
Paragraph based attribute, carry out                       Select the 'Word Options' button                           the 'Tab stop position' value,
the following steps:                                         appearing at the foot of the drop-                           'Alignment' and 'Leader' details in
 Press [Ctrl] + [F] to invoke the 'Find                    down list.                                                   the 'Tabs' dialog box.
   and Replace' dialog box.                                Click the 'Display' tab from the                           Click 'Set' if you create more than a
 Click the 'More>>' button before                          left-side panel of the 'Word Options'                        single tab position.
   typing a search term.                                     dialog box.                                                Once done, click 'OK'.
 Click the 'No Formatting' button to
   clear the formatting set earlier.
 Click on the 'Format' button.
 Select 'Paragraph…' from the drop-
   down menu.
 required attributes from the
   'Find Paragraph' dialog box that
   appears and click 'OK'.
 Once back to the 'Find and Replace'
   dialog box, click the 'Find' or 'Find
   Next' button to carry out the search.
However, this feature is most useful
and powerful for searching for defined
styles in your document. To use this
feature, carry out the following steps:
 Press [Ctrl] + [F] to invoke the 'Find                          Leader characters are extremely useful when you have tabs beginning in the middle of the document a big
                                                              04   gap is seen in your document due to the tabbed space.
   and Replace' dialog box.


    EXCEL 2003

    YOU might have formatted many cells
    in your work sheet either through
    preset cell styles, changing formatting
    manually or through conditional
    formats. If you delete the cell contents,
    the formatting remains intact unless
    you delete the cell completely. If you                                     You can either clear selected cells of the conditional formatting or you can clear rules from the entire sheet
                                                                     01        currently active.
    would rather get rid of the formatting
    while keeping your data intact, you can                        Select the 'Clear Rules' option from
    try the steps mentioned below on the                             the drop-down menu that appears.                                 EXCEL 2003
    basis of the formatting applied.                                 Select 'Clear Rules from Selected
       To delete formatting applied                                  Cells' option from the extension
    manually, carry out the following steps:
     Select the cells for which you want
                                                                      To specifically delete selected
       to delete the formatting.                                  conditional formatting, carry out the                               USING MESSAGE BOXES
     to the 'Home' tab.
       Go                                                         following steps:                                                    IN MACROS
     Click the 'Clear' button appearing                          Select the cells for which you want
       under the 'Editing' group and click                           to delete the conditional formatting.                            IF you work with macros quite a lot,
       the 'Clear Formats' option from the                         to the 'Home' tab.
                                                                     Go                                                               you can use message boxes to denote
       drop-down menu.                                             Click the 'Conditional Formatting'                               the ending of the execution of the
       To delete conditional formatting                              button appearing under the 'Styles'                              macro.
    from cells, carry out the following steps                        group.                                                               You can create VBA macros which
    as mentioned:                                                  Select the 'Manage Rules' option                                 incorporate personalized messages
     Select the cells for which you want                           from the drop-down menu.                                         or accept user messages by using the
       to delete the conditional formatting.                       Select the rule you want to delete                               'MsgBox' command. To begin with, you
     to the 'Home' tab.
       Go                                                            from the 'Conditional Formatting                                 need to enable the 'Developer' tab as it
     Click the 'Conditional Formatting'                            Rules Manager' dialog box and                                    is disabled by default. To enable, carry
       button that can be seen under the                             select the 'Delete' option.                                      out the following steps:
       'Styles' group.                                                                                                                  Start Excel 2007. Click the 'Office
                                                                                                                                        Select the 'Excel Options' button
                                                                                                                                          appearing at the foot of the drop-
                                                                                                                                          down list.
                                                                                                                                        Click the 'Popular' tab from the
                                                                                                                                          left-side panel of the 'Excel Options'
                                                                                                                                          dialog box.
                                                                                                                                        Check the 'Show Developer tab in
                                                                                                                                          the Ribbon' option. Click 'OK'.
                                                                                                                                       use message boxes in your
                                                                                                                                          macros, follow the steps below.
                                                                                                                                       to the 'Developer' tab.
                                                                                                                                        Click the 'Visual Basic' button
                                                                                                                                          appearing under the 'Code' group of
                                                                                                                                          the tab. The 'Microsoft Visual Basic -
             Message boxes can not only be used to mark the beginning and the end of execution of a macro, it can also                    Book1' editor opens.
      02     be used to accept user inputs required by the executing macro.
                                                                                                                                        Create the macro as per your

                                                                                                                            INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                  TIPS & TRICKS  HANDS ON 23

 requirement and add the command                             the 'Scenario Manager' dialog box.                      natural. Excel creates a module to hold
 mentioned as under. You can                               Enter a scenario name and click 'OK'                    a macro as soon as it is created. Even
 also add symbols to make it more                            to close the dialog box.                                though you have deleted the macro
 relevant.                                                 Check the values that are assigned                      code itself, the module is retained by
 'MsgBox 'Macro Completed', 48'                              to the scenario.                                        the application for holding any future
 the macro and use it as per
 Save                                                     NOTE: It is advisable to assign cell                       macros. To stop this, carry out the
 your requirements.                                       names for better understanding.                            following steps:
Icon                          Code                         Click 'OK' to save the scenario.                         Open the Workbook in question.
Stop sign                     16                          You can now change the values in                            to the 'Developer' tab.
Question mark                  32                         the worksheet to create subsequent                          Click the 'Visual Basic' button
Exclamation point             48                          scenarios.                                                    appearing under the 'Code' group
                                                             To view a specific scenario,                               of the tab. The 'Microsoft Visual
Information symbol             64
                                                           Click the 'Scenario Manager…'                              Basic' editor opens.
                                                             option from the 'What-If Analysis'                       Notice the 'Project Explorer' panel
Buttons                No. of Buttons   Code
                                                             drop-down list.                                            appearing on the top- left side of
OK, Cancel             2                1
                                                           Click the scenario you which want                          the editor window.
Abort, Retry, Ignore   3                2
                                                             to view.                                                NOTE: If not visible, press [Ctrl] + [R] to
Yes, No, Cancel        3                3
                                                           Click 'Show' appearing on the                           enable the 'Project Explorer' panel.
Yes, No                2                4
                                                             'Scenario Manager' dialog box.                           folder named 'Modules' appears
Retry, Cancel          2                5                                                                               in the hierarchical tree of the
Two tabular structures explaining                         EXCEL 2007                                                    'Project Explorer'. Expand the folder
the number of buttons, button type                                                                                      to view its contents.
and icons are also listed for your                                                                                    Right-click on the module in the

EXCEL 2007
                                                          04                                                         
                                                                                                                        folder that you want to delete.
                                                                                                                        Select the 'Remove <Module_
                                                          DELETING PHANTOM                                              name>…' option from the context
                                                          MACROS                                                        menu that appears.
                                                                                                                      Click the 'No' button on the dialog

03                                                        HAVE you ever come across a scenario
                                                          where you created a macro and
                                                                                                                        box that pops-up to remove the
                                                                                                                        existing module.
WORKING WITH                                              deleted it before finally saving the                          Close the 'Visual Basic Editor'
SCENARIOS                                                 file? If you have, then chances are that                      window.
                                                          when you re-open such a spreadsheet,                        and reopen your workbook.
THE Scenario Manager in Excel 2007                        Excel warns you and asks if you                                Since your workbook contains no
is a wonderful tool which enables you                     wanted to disable the created macros.                      modules, you will not receive any
to compare multiple scenarios so that                     Although this is odd since there are                       notification when you reopen the
you make better planned decisions.                        no macros in the workbook, it is quite                     required file.
You can create and compare multiple
scenarios: one with original values
others with tweaked values.
    To create scenarios in Excel 2007,
carry out the following steps:
  Create the values on the basis
    of which you wish to create the
    original scenario.
  Select the cells in which the data is
    likely to change.
 to the 'Data' tab.
  Click 'What - If Analysis' tool
    appearing under the 'Data Tools'
  Click the 'Scenario Manager…'
    option from the drop-down list.                                In Excel, phantom macros are macro modules which remain undeleted while they do not contain any macro
                                                              04   codes.
  Click the 'Add' button appearing on



    BY default, Internet Explorer 8 contains
    a textbox besides the address bar
    that has 'Live Search' written in it. This
    textbox can be used to search data
    on the Internet and acts just like a
    regular search engine. The reason this
    feature has been added is to create a
    quicker means of searching data on                               Besides the list of search engines provided by Internet Explorer 8, by default, we can also add and configure
                                                             01      new search engines.
    the Internet, without requiring the
    user to visit the particular search site.
    To search a particular term using this                       as a search engine.                                           INTERNET EXPLORER 8
    search box, simply enter the search                       dialog box will appear on your
    text in the textbox. Click the dropdown                      screen with two checkboxes. Select
    box near the textbox and select the
    search engine and click 'OK'. By default
                                                                 both the checkboxes and click 'Add'.
                                                                 This will set the selected search
    there are just three searches available:                     engine as default.                                            INCREASE CONNECTIONS
    'Live Search', 'eBay' and ''.                  To change the settings of the search
    To add more search engines to this list                  provider, click the drop-down box near                            THE default number of connections
    simply follow these steps:                               the search button again and select                                from which you can download
     the drop-down box near the
        Click                                                'Manage Add-ons'. Select a particular                             simultaneously is limited to only 6,
        search textbox that lets you select                  search engine from the list and select                            in the case of Internet Explorer 8.
        the search engine of your choice.                    the status. For instance, if you have                             This is done to optimize the available
     'Find More Search Providers'.
        Click                                                just set 'Google' as the default search                           bandwidth by focusing on each
        The Internet Explorer 8 Add-ons                      engine and wish to change it to Ask.                              individual download.
        Gallery' page will be displayed                      com then click the entry in the list and                              However, if you feel that your
        with the list of supported 'Search                   click 'Set as default'. For added controls                        Internet connection is fast enough
        Providers'.                                          and settings you can right-click the                              to handle more than 6 downloads at
     the 'Add to Internet Explorer'
        Click                                                name of the search engine and change                              a time, you can increase the number
        button that corresponds to the entry                 settings such as sorting it, copying it or                        of active connections as required.
        in the list that you would like to add               removing it from the list altogether.                             All it takes is a simple registry tweak.
                                                                                                                               The number of connections can be
                                                                                                                               increased to a maximum of 10. Follow
                                                                                                                               these steps to increase the number of
                                                                                                                               active connections.
                                                                                                                                Internet Explorer 8 if it is
                                                                                                                                'Start | Run'.
                                                                                                                                the 'Run' textbox enter 'regedit'
                                                                                                                                   and click 'OK'.
                                                                                                                                 Navigate to the following folder in
                                                                                                                                   the left pane, 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER
                                                                                                                                   | Software | Microsoft | Windows |
                                                                                                                                   CurrentVersion | Internet Settings'.
                                                                                                                                 Look for the entries named
                                                                                                                                   'MaxConnectionsPerServer' and
             The 'MaxConnectionsPerServer' registry key defines the maximum number of downloads. The maximum                       'MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server'.
      02     possible value is '10'.
                                                                                                                                 Double-click on each of these entries

                                                                                                                    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                                TIPS & TRICKS  HANDS ON 25

                                                                                                                                   GOOGLE CHROME

                                                                                                                                   CREATE WEB SITE
                                                                                                                                   THERE are instances when users wish
                                                                                                                                   to access just one particular site, every
                                                                                                                                   time they access the Internet. In such
                                                                                                                                   cases, opening a browser, typing in the
                                                                                                                                   URL of the site and waiting for it to load
                                                                                                                                   can be quite cumbersome and can use
          If the DWORD value named 'ITBar7Position' cannot be found in the registry folder then create it and set the              up a lot of time and system resources,
  03      value as '1'.                                                                                                            especially on slower machines. Hence,
                                                                                                                                   Google Chrome offers a direct link to
    and change the value to '10' from '6'.                      older versions of Internet Explorer that                           the site that can be created and stored
If you do not see these entries in                              had the menu bar above all the other                               as a shortcut. Follow these simple steps
the said folder then you will need to                           toolbars. There's a simple registry tweak                          to create shortcuts to your favorite sites:
manually create both of them. For this:                         that can move the address bar below                                 Launch 'Google Chrome'.
  Right-click on the left pane in the                         the menu bar. To do so, follow the steps                            the site that you wish to create a
    'Internet Settings' folder that you're                      as mentioned below.                                                   shortcut for.
    already in, in the registry editor.                          First, if Internet Explorer 8 is                                 the button on the right of the
 the context menu click 'New |
    In                                                             running, close it.                                                 address bar. This button looks like a
    DWORD Value'.                                                'Start | Run'.
                                                                   Click                                                              page with one of its corners folded.
  Enter the name of the new value as                           Enter 'regedit' in the textbox and                               this button and click 'Create
    'MaxConnectionsPerServer' and click                            click 'OK'.                                                        application shortcuts' on the drop-
    [Enter].                                                     Navigate to the following folder in                                down list. A 'Google Gears' dialog
  Now, double-click this file and                                the left pane, 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER                                  box will appear on the screen. It has
    change the value to '10'.                                      | Software | Microsoft | Internet                                  three checkboxes that contain the
  Follow these same steps to create                              Explorer | Toolbar | WebBrowser'.                                  names of three possible locations
    the other DWORD Value, the only                              the right pane look for the entry
                                                                   In                                                                 where you can save the files. These
    difference is that you have to name it                         'ITBar7Position' and double-click it.                              include the 'Desktop', 'Start Menu'
    as 'MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server'.                             Enter the 'Value data' as '1' in the                               and the 'Quick Launch Bar'.
  Close the registry editor and launch                           'Value data' box. The default value                              Select appropriate locations as
    Internet Explorer 8.                                           will be '0'.                                                       required and click 'OK'.
You will now be able to download a
maximum of 10 files at a single time.
This setting can also be used to reduce
the number of connections from
the default limit of 6 simultaneous


MANY people find it annoying to have                                         Click the icon that looks like a page and select 'Create application shortcuts…'. Once done, select
the address bar above the menu bar,                                04        appropriate checkboxes as required.
especially those who have been using


                                                                             Create web
                                                                             galleries easily
                                                                             If you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them on
                                                                             your website, you can create simple and elegant
  Sachin Pandit

                                                                             photo galleries and make photo stories using
                                                                             BY KAMAKSHI S

                  KEY DETAILS
                  SKILL LEVEL
                                                          STEP 1
                                                         DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING
                                                         IRFANVIEW is an image editing tool that is available for download from the Internet. Although you
                  WHAT YOU WILL NEED
                                                         can download the earlier versions of the applications as well, we will be using the latest version
                   Internet Connection
                                                         here. To download and install the application, carry out the followings steps:
                   IrfanView 4.25
                   IrfanView plug-ins 4.25 (optional)   1.   Visit ''.
                  WHAT YOU CAN LEARN
                   Creating web galleries
                                                         2.   Click the 'Download' link.
                   Saving images on the web             3.   Click the 'Download
                  HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE                       Now' button. You will
                  T45 Minutes                                 be redirected to the
                                                              IrfanView page on 'www.
                                                         4.   Click the 'Download Now'
                                                              button on the 'www.
                                                    ' page.
                                                         5.   Save the 'iview425_setup.
                                                              exe' file.

                                                         6.   Double-click on the
                                                              saved file to start the
                                                         7.   Check the require options
                                                              to create program
                                                         8.   Set the installation folder
                                                              and click 'Next'.
                                                         9.   The next window displays
                                                              the list of additional
                                                              features for the version.
                                                              Click 'Next' to proceed.

                                                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                               WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 27

10. Click the 'Images Only'                                                                   CHIP PLUS TIP
    button to associate all the
                                                                                              DOWNLOADING AND
    image files with IrfanView.
                                                                                              INSTALLING IRFANVIEW
    Click 'Next' to proceed.
11. Select the 'IrfanView                                                                     If you require saving your
    folder' option under                                                                      images using IrfanView, you
    the 'Set INI file folder                                                                  require plug-ins which are
    (advanced):' section.                                                                     available free of cost on the
                                                                                              IrfanView website. To use
12. In the final installation
                                                                                              them, carry out the following
    window check the 'Start                                                                   steps:
    IrfanView' option and click                                                               [1] Visit ''
    'Done' to complete the                                                                    [2] Click the 'PlugIns' link.
    installation process.                                                                     [3] Click the 'Software.
                                                                                                    com - download IrfanView
                                                                                                    plugins' link.
                                                                                              [4] Save and execute the *.exe
                                                                                              If for any reason, if you are
                                                                                              unable to download the *.exe
                                                                                              file, you can download the ZIP
 STEP 2                                                                                       file instead. To do so, carry out
                                                                                              the following steps:
CUSTOMIZING THE GALLERY                                                                       [1] On the PlugIns page of
ONCE you have installed the software and saved your images, you need to customize the image         the website, click the
gallery before you can upload it. To do so, carry out the following steps:                          'irfanview_plugins_425.
                                                                                                    zip' link instead.
1.   Go to the 'File |                                                                        [2] Save the zip file.
     Thumbnails' menu on the                                                                  [3] Extract the contents to 'C:\
                                                                                                    Program Files\IrfanView\
     main application window.
                                                                                                    Plugins' folder.
2.   Browse for the folder                                                                    [4] If you have changed the
     containing the images in                                                                       destination path during
     the folder tree appearing                                                                      installation, extract the
     on the left-side of the                                                                        contents in the 'IrfanView\
     'IrfanView Thumbnail'                                                                          Plugins' folder. Create
     window.                                                                                        the 'Plugins' folder if it is

3.   Go to 'Options | Set
     thumbnail options…'
     menu command in the
     'IrfanView Thumbnail'
4.   Set the thumbnail size
     as either '100 x 100' or
     '80 x 80' pixels from the
     'Thumbnail size' drop-
     down list.
5.   Click 'OK' to save the


    CHIP PLUS TIP                        NOTE: If you haven't arranged
                                         the images, you can drag
                                         and drop the images to the
    You can create an entire
                                         required sequence.
    picture story through your
    gallery, you can d so by playing     6.   Once your images are
    around with your picture                  finalized, go to the
    captions. Although you cannot             'Options | Select all'
    change certain values like font           menu command in the
    color and other properties                'IrfanView Thumbnail'
    in IrfanView, you can make
    changes in the HTML code to
    reflect them. To do so, carry        NOTE: Alternatively, you can
    out the following steps:             use the [Ctrl] + [A] shortcut to
    [1] Right-click the *.html file      select the images. Only these
          you just created.              selected images will be placed
    [2] Select the 'Open With |          in the final HTML files.
          Notepad' option from the
          context menu.
    [3] Search for the file names
          appearing out of quotes
          and between the '><'
          symbols.                       7.   To create the HTML pages,
    [4] Change the image caption              go to 'File | Save selected
          from the file name to any           thumbs as HTML file…'
          text of your choice.                menu command in the
    [5] To change the hyperlink               'IrfanView Thumbnail'
          colors on your thumbnail            window.
          page, press [Ctrl] + [H] in
          the notepad window.
                                         8.   Type an appropriate file
    [6] Type 'text-                           name in the 'Main result
          decoration:none' in the             HTML file name:' text box
          'Find What:' textbox and            appearing under the 'File
          ' color: <color_name>;              options' section of the
          text-decoration:none' in            'Create HTML file' dialog
          the 'Replace With:' textbox         box.
          of the 'Replace' dialog box.
                                         9.   Set the destination folder
    [7] Click 'Replace All' button
          to replace the text and
                                              in the specified textbox.
          click 'Cancel' to proceed.
    [8] Save and close the file.
    [9] Refresh the *.html file in
          your browser, the captions
          will reflect the changes.      10. Type 't_' in the 'Thumbnail
                                             file prefix:' text box and
                                             Clear the value in the
                                             'Thumbnail file suffix:' text
                                         11. Type an appropriate title
                                             for the HTML file name in
                                             the 'Page title: ' text box
                                             appearing under the '
                                             HTML options:' section.
                                         12. Click 'Start' to create the

                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                   WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 29

Create a Flash
based website
Ever thought of creating a Flash website but found
it difficult to do? If yes, then try using It
helps users create Flash-based websites without any

                                                                                                                                      Sachin Pandit
knowledge of Flash.

 STEP 1                                                                                             KEY DETAILS
                                                                                                   SKILL LEVEL

REGISTERING YOURSELF WITH WIX.COM                                                                  
WIX.COM allows users to create flash websites with a variety of Flash objects and tools from the
                                                                                                   WHAT YOU WILL NEED
website. But before proceeding, one needs to create an account so as to save created pages.
                                                                                                    Any browser that supports flash
                                                                                                    Internet connection
1.   Go to
                                                                                                   WHAT YOU CAN LEARN
2.   Click the 'Login/Signup'                                                                       Create a flash based website
     tab.                                                                                          HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE
                                                                                                   T30 Minutes
3.   Enter your email address,
     username and password
     in the respective fields.
4.   Once done, click the
     'Signup' tab.

5.   On the next page, click
     the 'My Account' button.
6.   Click the 'Settings' button
     to change your password
     or email.
NOTE: Here you will be able to
change your account settings.
All webpages created will be
saved here. You can resume
editing a webpage by clicking
on any of the saved pages.


    LINKING PAGES USING                 STEP 2
    Hyperlinks are used in every
                                       CREATING A BACKGROUND AND ADDING TEXT
    website to connect to different    ONCE you're done with the registration, you can start using the tools provided by to
    webpages to each other. Using      create amazing Flash based websites. Here's how to go about it., webpages can be
                                       1.   Once you're done with the
    linked to one another using
                                            settings, click the 'Create'
    buttons or other objects. Once
    an object has been added, all
    the user would have to do is       2.   You can select from a
    specify the path of the next            variety of templates
    page to be linked. Let's see            provided. Select an
    how to go about it:                     appropriate template.
    [1] Hover your mouse over               In this example we shall
         the 'Page parts' tab and           select a blank template.
         click 'Buttons'.
    [2] On the resulting screen,
         select an appropriate
    [3] Resize the button and
         drag and drop it as
    [4] Click the button and
         select 'Behaviors' from the
         context menu.
    [5] Select an appropriate
                                       3.   We shall now add a
         option i.e. to which page          background to the
         the button should be               website. To do so, hover
         linked to.                         your mouse over the
                                            'Page parts' tab and click
                                       4.   Select an appropriate tab
                                            from the next pane. In this
                                            example we shall select
                                            the 'Animated' tab.
                                       5.   Once done, select an
                                            appropriate background
                                            from the left pane.

                                       6.   To add text to your
                                            website, select the 'Text'
                                       7.   To add a title followed by
                                            text, click 'Text' or simply
                                            click 'Paragraph'.
                                       8.   On the next window,
                                            select 'Simple tab' and
                                            click on an appropriate
                                       9.   Drag and drop the
                                            paragraph box and resize
                                            it as required.

                                                                                          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                   WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 31

                                                                                                 CHIP PLUS TIP
 STEP 3                                                                                          ADDING WIDGETS
                                                                                                 Widgets are handy
ADDING MEDIA FILES TO YOUR WEBSITE                                                               applications that are used in
ONCE you're done with adding background and text, you can add media files and pictures to make
                                                                                                 mobile phones, desktop PCs
your website more interactive and appealing. To add media files and pictures, follow the steps
                                                                                                 and well as on the web. Wix.
                                                                                                 com allows web developers
1.   Go to 'Media | Videos'.                                                                     to easily add and manage
     On the next screen, you                                                                     widgets on a webpage. Certain
     will be provided with an                                                                    widgets like Paypal require
     option that enables you                                                                     having an email account on
     to search for videos from                                                                   the official website. Let's take
                                                                                                 a look at how you can add a
     websites like Youtube.
                                                                                                 widget to your website.
2.   Once selected, copy the                                                                     [1] Go to and log
     url and click the 'Embed                                                                         into your account.
     Url' button.                                                                                [2] Click the 'Widgets' tab
3.   Paste the link in the text                                                                       and select an appropriate
     box and click 'Add'.                                                                             widget. In this example,
                                                                                                      we shall select the 'Players'
                                                                                                 [3] Select an appropriate icon
                                                                                                      for your player on the
4.   To add pictures, select the                                                                      resulting screen.
     'Media' tab and click 'Pics'.                                                               [4] Drag and drop and resize
                                                                                                      the widget as required.
     You can upload pictures
                                                                                                 [5] Click on the widget and
     directly from websites like
                                                                                                      select 'Add playlist' from
     'Flickr'.                                                                                        the context menu.
5.   To upload pictures                                                                          [6] Click 'Add Songs' to add
     from your PC, click an                                                                           songs to the play list.
     appropriate button and
     browse for an appropriate

WIX.COM provides web developers with various pieces of clipart and animated objects that help
make the website more dynamic. Let's take a look at how to go about using them.

1.   Hover your mouse over
     the 'Clipart' tab and select
     the 'Shapes' option. You
     will be provided with
     three tabs with different
     types of shapes.
2.   Select the required shape.
3.   Drag and drop the shape
     anywhere on the screen.
4.   Use the handles to resize
     the shape as required.


    CHIP PLUS TIP                       5.   To add an animation
                                             to your page, hover
                                             your mouse over the
                                             'Clipart' tab and select
    Once a website has been
    created, you can publish it              'Animations'.
    by clicking on the 'Publish'        6.   On the resulting screen
    button. Other than publishing            select an appropriate
    a website on a domain, Wix.              category and then the
    com allows users to publish the          required object.
    website as an email message
    as well. Let's take a look at how
                                        7.   Use the holders to resize
    to do so.                                the image or drag and
    [1] Run and log into             drop it as required.
         the website.
    [2] Click the 'My Account' tab.
    [3] Click on an appropriate
         web page.
    [4] Click 'Publish'.
    [5] On the next screen, click
         the 'Email' button.
    [6] Click 'Add contacts', type
                                         STEP 5
         in appropriate email
                                        SAVING AND UPLOADING
         addresses and click 'OK'.
                                        ONCE you're done creating the web pages using the tools, you can save it or directly upload it to
                                        the host as and when required. Follow the step by step instructions as mentioned below:

                                        1.   For page adjustments,
                                             add a ruler by selecting
                                             the 'Ruler' option from the
                                             'Arrange' menu.
                                        2.   Once you're done with
                                             creating a webpage,
                                             select the 'Save as' option
                                             from the 'File' menu.
                                        3.   On the resulting window,
                                             enter an appropriate
                                             name for your page and
                                             click 'Save'.

                                        4.   Finally, to publish your
                                             website, click 'Publish' on
                                             the top-right corner of the
                                        5.   On the resulting screen,
                                             click the 'Settings' button.
                                        6.   Once options are set, click
                                        7.   On the next page, click
                                             the '' button, click
                                             'Next' and then 'Publish'.

                                                                                            INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                        WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 33

Discover new
With so many websites spread across the Internet,
finding the best site that suits your requirement is
quite a task. StumbleUpon makes searching for sites

                                                                                                                                           Sachin Pandit
a little simpler. Read on to know more.

 STEP 1                                                                                                 KEY DETAILS
                                                                                                        SKILL LEVEL

GETTING STARTED                                                                                         
STUMBLEUPON will get you everything that you need on the Internet on a platter. In literal terms,
                                                                                                        WHAT YOU WILL NEED
the main aim of the site is to make it easier for users to get just what they are looking for. To get
                                                                                                         Internet Connection
started, you will have to signup.
                                                                                                         Internet Explorer
1.   Visit the site www.                                                                                WHAT YOU CAN LEARN                                                                                    Discover new sites of interest
                                                                                                         Suggest sites to others
2.   Since you are a new user,
                                                                                                        HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE
     you will need to create a                                                                          T 15 Minutes
     username and password.
     Click the 'Start here' link in
     the top-right corner.
NOTE: The homepage itself
displays some of the most
recently recommended sites.
In the following steps, we will
learn how to recommend sites
and rate them.

3.   Enter your primary email
4.   Type in a username.
5.   Enter a strong password
     with alpha-numeric
6.   Enter your date of birth
     and the text as shown in
     the image. If the image
     text is unclear then click 'I
     can't read this'.
7.   Click 'Join Now'.


    CHIP PLUS TIP                        8.   On the next page select
                                              the email provider you
    FRIENDS                                   use. This page will help
    One of the main reasons you               you add friends who are
    find such new and unique sites            part of your mailing list.
    on StumbleUpon is because            9.   Enter the email address
    other users recommend them.               and password of that
    In simpler words, if you like feel        account.
    a particular website matches
    the site category perfectly,         10. Click 'Next'.
    then you can recommend that
    site to others and even better,
    mark it as a site you 'Like'.
    Here's how to go about it,
    [1] Firstly you need to make
          sure that have added at
          least one contact to your
          StumbleUpon friends' list.
    [2] Click the 'Send To' button
          on the StumbleUpon
    [3] Click the name of the            11. StumbleUpon will notify
          friend you wish to send            you about the friends
          the site recommendation            in your contact list who
          to.                                are already signed up.
    [4] To send it to all your               To invite more friends
          friends, click 'All Friends'
                                             check the checkboxes
          or 'All Emails' send the
                                             beside the names of those
    [5] If you want to recommend
                                             contacts in your contact
          the site to someone who is         list.
          not a part of StumbleUpon      12. An optional message can
          yet, click 'New Email              be typed into the textbox
          Addresses' and enter the           provided below.
          email address of your
                                         13. Click 'Connect Now'.
    [6] If you still haven't added
          any friends you can do so
          by clicking 'Find Friends'.

                                         14. On the next window click
                                             'Get the StumbleUpon
                                             Add-on for IE'.
                                         15. If you do not use Internet
                                             Explorer that often, you
                                             can click 'No thanks, skip
                                             this step' and download
                                             the StumbleUpon toolbar
                                             from 'www.stumbleupon.
                                             php' instead.
                                         16. Run the installation by
                                             double clicking the EXE

                                                                           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                  WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 35

                                                                                                 CHIP PLUS TIP
 STEP 2                                                                                          STUMBLETHRU A SITE
                                                                                                 Sometimes you may want to
START STUMBLING                                                                                  look out for articles published
ONCE you have downloaded the StumbleUpon toolbar, you can start looking for sites of your
                                                                                                 in a single site rather than
interest. The toolbar will appear on top of your IE browser window. Here's how to go about it.
                                                                                                 surf through various articles
1.   Launch Internet Explorer.                                                                   on different sites. The
                                                                                                 StumbleUpon toolbar has a
2.   Click the 'Sign-in' button
                                                                                                 helpful tool that can channel
     that appears on the                                                                         you through various theme
     StumbleUpon toolbar.                                                                        based articles on just a single
3.   Enter your login name and                                                                   site. The list of sites through
     password and click 'OK'.                                                                    which you can StumbleThru
                                                                                                 include some popular ones
                                                                                                 like BBC, HowStuff Works.
                                                                                                 com, Rolling Stone, MetaCafe,
                                                                                                 MySpace, CollegeHumo, Flickr,
                                                                                                 Blogspot, etc. Here's how to
                                                                                                 stumble across just a single
                                                                                                 [1] Click the double
                                                                                                       green arrow on the
                                                                                                       StumbleUpon toolbar.
                                                                                                 [2] From the dropdown list
                                                                                                       select one of the provided
                                                                                                       services. For instance, we
4.   Click the 'Stumble' button.
                                                                                                       click 'HowStuff Works'.
5.   Select the sites that suit                                                                  [3] Now whenever you click
     your interests.                                                                                   the 'Stumble' button,
6.   Click 'Save Now &                                                                                 the toolbar will look
     Stumble'.                                                                                         for webpages within
                                                                                                       HowStuff Works that
7.   On the StumbleUpon                                                                                contain the information
     toolbar click 'Tools |                                                                            you are looking for.
     Update Topics' and select                                                                   [4] To revert back to global
     the topics. Once you                                                                              searches click the green
     have selected the topics                                                                          globe icon besides
     of your interest, they                                                                            'Channels:'.
     will be added to your

8.   Click the 'Stumble'
     button again. You will be
     redirected to a site that
     matches the category you
     had earlier selected.
9.   Keep clicking the
     'Stumble' button till you
     find a site of your interest.
10. If you like a site and would
    like to let everyone know
    that it's a good Stumble
    then click 'I like it!' or click
    thumbs-up if required.


                                                                   Create a website
                                                                   with templates
                                                                   Have you ever wanted to create a website without
  Hemali Limbachiya

                                                                   having to add code manually? If yes, let's take a look
                                                                   at how WebSite X5 Evolution can help you do so with
                                                                   a few clicks.
                                                                   BY DOLWIN FERNANDES

                      KEY DETAILS
                      SKILL LEVEL
                                                STEP 1
                                               DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING
                                               WEBSITE X5 Evolution is an application that allows one to create websites using a simple wizard.
                      WHAT YOU WILL NEED
                                               This application can be downloaded from the link
                       Windows XP or later
                                               Evolution/3000-10247_4-10990178.html Once done, double-click the setup file and follow the steps
                       WebSite X5 Evolution
                      WHAT YOU CAN LEARN
                       Create a website       1.   Select an appropriate
                      HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE         language from the drop-
                      T30 Minutes                   down list and click 'OK'.
                                               2.   Click the ellipsis button
                                                    and browse for an
                                                    appropriate location to
                                                    install the application.
                                               3.   Click 'Install' and then
                                                    'End' to complete the

                                                STEP 2
                                               USING WEBSITE X5 EVOLUTION
                                               ONCE the application has been downloaded and installed, you're now ready to create a webpage
                                               with a few clicks. Let's see how to go about this application.
                                               1.   Run the application and
                                                    click 'Next'.
                                               2.   On the resulting screen,
                                                    select the 'Create a new
                                                    project' radio button.
                                               3.   Click 'Next' to proceed.

                                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                               WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 37

4.   Enter appropriate details                                REFERENCE
     such as the website
                                                              ABOUT WEBSITE X5
     name, author etc in the
     respective fields.
                                                              Website X5 Evolution is
5.   Make sure to enter your                                  an application that allows
     e-mail address in the                                    users to create websites
     'E-mail' text box. Your                                  using templates. You can
     e-mail address will then                                 choose from a wide variety of
     be placed at the bottom                                  templates as well create your
                                                              own custom template. Users
     of the page for user
                                                              can even create customized
                                                              text boxes, drop-down lists,
6.   If you have a logo for the                               checkboxes and radio buttons
     website, click the ellipsis                              for feedback from the website
     button next to 'Website                                  viewer. All data will be sent to
     logo', browse for the file                               the specified email address.
     and click 'Next'.                                        To create a more innovative
                                                              website, users can add video
                                                              as well music files, flash videos
                                                              etc by simply dragging and
                                                              dropping objects on the
7.   Select an appropriate                                    webpage.
     radio button as required.
     In this example, we will
     select the 'Horizontal                                   ADDING PAGE
     menu' radio button.                                      TRANSITIONS
                                                              Website X5 Evolution allows
8.   Click 'Next' to proceed.
                                                              users to enhance the look and
NOTE: Here you can adjust the                                 feel of a webpage by adding
placement of the main links                                   different transitions. The user
of your page. You can either                                  can choose from 24 different
                                                              transitions. To add a transition
place them horizontally or
                                                              to a page, follow the steps
                                                              [1] Run the application.
                                                              [2] Click the 'Map creation'
                                                              [3] Select an appropriate
                                                                   page from the list.
                                                              [4] Click the 'Page transition'
                                                                   button from the toolbar.
                                                              [5] Select a transition from
9.   On the next page, click                                       the dialog box that
     the 'Default template'
                                                              [6] Enter a delay value for the
     radio button.
                                                                   effect if required.
10. Expand a folder and select                                [7] Once done, click 'OK'.
    an appropriate template.
11. From the 'Colors' section,
    select an appropriate
    color and click 'Next'.


    CHIP PLUS TIP                      12. To create a page, click
                                           the 'New page' button
                                           and enter an appropriate
    Once a user has completed          NOTE: Here you can create
    designing the website, it has to   an entire map of your website
    be complied and turned into
                                       which would make it easy
    a single package. This can be
                                       for the you to link pages and
    done by selecting the 'Export
                                       create menus accordingly.
    website on disk' radio button
    from the 'Export' tab. Once the    13. To create a menu with
    option has been selected, the          linked pages, click the
    website will be saved on the           'New level' button.
    disk and can be uploaded later
                                       14. Enter an appropriate
    using an FTP. To save time,
                                           name for the folder and
    one can directly compile and
    publish the website on the
                                           create pages within the
    internet rather than saving it         folder.
    on the disk and then uploading
    it. Here's how to go about it.
    [1] Once the website has
         been created, click the       15. To add an object to a
         'Export' tab.                     page, drag and drop an
    [2] Click the 'Export website          appropriate object to one
         on internet' radio button         of the boxes.
         and then 'Next'.
                                       16. For example, drag the
    [3] On the next page, enter
                                           'Text' object to one of the
         the FTP address, username
         and password in the
                                           boxes, double-click it and
         respective fields and click       add enter appropriate
         'OK' to start the uploading       text.
         process.                      17. In the same way, to add
                                           other objects such as a
                                           video, drag and drop the
                                           video object, double-click
                                           it and browse for the

                                       18. Once objects have been
                                           added and customized
                                           on all web pages, you can
                                           now export your website.
                                           To do so, click the 'Export
                                           website on disk radio
                                       19. On the next page, click
                                           the ellipses button and
                                           browse for an appropriate
                                           folder to save the website
                                       20. Once done, click 'Start'.

                                                                         INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 39

21. To directly upload the                                                                     CHIP PLUS TIP
    website on the internet,
                                                                                               ADDING HTML CODE
    click the 'Export website
                                                                                               WebSite X5 Evolution allows
    on internet' radio button.
                                                                                               users to create websites with
22. On the next page, enter                                                                    simple templates. If you're new
    appropriate details as                                                                     to website development, you
    provided by your host and                                                                  might not have a proper idea
    click 'Next' to start the                                                                  of coding and scripting using
    upload process.                                                                            programming languages.
                                                                                               However there are plenty of
23. You can at anytime, view                                                                   websites that provides free
    your website before                                                                        scripts that can be copied and
    exporting it by clicking                                                                   added to the existing code to
    the 'Test' link.                                                                           make it more interactive. To
                                                                                               add code to a page, follow the
                                                                                               steps below:
                                                                                               [1] Run the application.
                                                                                               [2] Click the 'Pages Creation'
                                                                                               [3] Drag the 'HTML code'
                                                                                                    object from the left pane
 STEP 3                                                                                             and place it in a box.
                                                                                               [4] Double-click the 'HTML
CREATING A CUSTOMIZED TEMPLATE                                                                      code' icon.
OTHER than using default templates provided by WebSite X5 evolution, you can also create a     [5] On the resulting window,
customized template using the tools provided in the applications. Here's how to go about it.        paste the code and click
1.   Run the application and
     click 'Next' until you
     reach the 'Style template
     selection' page.
2.   Click the 'Custom
     template' radio button.
3.   Click 'Next' to proceed.

4.   To customize the
     background, the top bar
     or the page contents,
     hover your mouse over
     the layout and click a
     section. We shall select
     the background section.
5.   To add an image as the
     background, click the
     ellipses button and
     browse for an image.
6.   In the same way, you can
     customize the 'Top bar'
     and 'Page contents'.


                                                                              Publish your
                                                                              business website
                                                                              If you need a professional yet quick and easy way to
  Sachin Pandit

                                                                              create a business website, MS Publisher can come in
                                                                              handy. Read on to know more about the application.
                                                                              BY KAMAKSHI S

                  KEY DETAILS
                  SKILL LEVEL
                                                            STEP 1
                                                           GETTING STARTED
                                                           THE first thing you need to do is select an appropriate template for your website. MS Publisher
                  WHAT YOU WILL NEED
                                                           2007 provides you with several options to pick from. You can also download additional templates
                   MS Publisher 2007
                                                           from from the Internet. To begin, carry out the following steps:
                   Any Internet Browser
                   Internet Connection                    1.   Go to 'Start | All Programs
                   FileZilla
                                                                | Microsoft Office |
                  WHAT YOU CAN LEARN
                                                                Microsoft Office Publisher
                   Creating simple yet elegant business
                    websites                                    2007' to start the
                   Uploading the website on your web           application.
                                                           2.   Click the 'Web Sites'
                  HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE
                  T30 Minutes
                                                                option from the 'Getting
                                                                Started with Microsoft
                                                                Office Publisher 2007'
                                                                section of the window.

                                                           3.   Select a template of your
                                                                choice from the panel in
                                                                the center of the screen.
                                                           4.   Select 'Vertical and
                                                                Bottom' from the 'Options'
                                                                drop-down list to place
                                                                your hyperlinks.
                                                           5.   Make sure the 'Use Easy
                                                                Web Wizard' option is
                                                           6.   Click the 'Create' button
                                                                to start customizing your

                                                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                       WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 41

7.   Check the required links                                                                        REFERENCE
     that need to be a part of
                                                                                                     CREATE AN ENTIRE
     your website on the 'Easy
                                                                                                     BUSINESS KIT WITH MS
     Web Site Builder' window.
8.   Click 'OK' to create the                                                                        The greatest advantage of
     website.                                                                                        using MS Publisher to create
                                                                                                     your business website is that
                                                                                                     you can create other print
                                                                                                     or online communication
                                                                                                     material using the same
                                                                                                     theme. The various types
                                                                                                     of communication material
                                                                                                     include 'Award Certificates',
                                                                                                     'Brochures', 'Business Cards ',
                                                                                                     'Calendars', 'Catalogs', 'E-mail',
                                                                                                     'Envelopes', 'Flyers', 'Gift
                                                                                                     Certificates', 'Greeting Cards',
                                                                                                     'Import Word Documents',
                                                                                                     'Invitation Cards', 'Labels',
                                                                                                     'Letterhead', 'Menus',
                                                                                                     'Newsletters', 'Postcards', 'Quick
 STEP 2                                                                                              Publications', 'Signs', 'Web Sites'
                                                                                                     and 'With Compliments Cards'
CUSTOMIZING CONTENT                                                                                  that you can personalize and
WHILE the template explains how and where which type of text is to be placed, there are a few more   generate with the same or near
objects that you can add to your website to make it more user-friendly.                              similar themes, thus giving
                                                                                                     your business a consistent yet
NOTE: Since the pages are not                                                                        strong identity.
linked together, you will have                                                                       REFERENCE
to edit the objects of each
                                                                                                     RETRIEVING DATA FROM
page separately.
                                                                                                     WEB FORMS
1.   To navigate through                                                                             If you have added any form
     the website, click on the                                                                       objects in your website,
     numerical tabs provided                                                                         you will need to specify a
     at the base.                                                                                    technique to retrieve the data.
                                                                                                     You can either save the data on
NOTE: The template describes                                                                         your web server, redirect the
the nature of information to                                                                         data to your email inbox or use
be placed in each of the text                                                                        a program form your Internet
place holders on every page.                                                                         Service Provider (ISP). To do so,
                                                                                                     carry out the following steps:
                                                                                                     [1] Go to the 'File | Publish to
                                                                                                          the Web' menu command
                                                                                                          to publish your website.
2.   If you need to add                                                                              [2] When the processor
     additional pages to your                                                                             reaches the form page,
     website, go to the 'Insert |                                                                         a dialog box asking you
     Page…' menu command.                                                                                 to specify the response
                                                                                                          action is displayed.
3.   To add a response form                                                                          [3] Click 'Yes' to proceed.
     to your website, click the                                                                      [4] Select the 'Send data to
     'Forms' option.                                                                                      me in e-mail' option in the
4.   Select 'Response Form'.                                                                              'Form Properties' window.
                                                                                                     [5] Type your email address
5.   Click 'OK' to create the
                                                                                                          and a standard subject for
     page, and edit the text as                                                                           the mail.
     per your requirements.                                                                          [6] Click 'OK' to proceed with
                                                                                                          the publishing.


    CHIP PLUS TIP                        6.   To add objects to your
                                              web page, click the
                                              'Design Gallery Object'
                                              button from the 'Objects'
    After creating a website, you
    need to publish it on the                 toolbar.
    Internet. It is advisable to         7.   Select the type of object
    purchase a web domain and                 from the left-side pane.
    web server for greater security
                                         8.   Select the object from
    and stability of data. If you
                                              the list of templates
    cannot afford to purchase one
    right away but need online
                                              generated on the left-side
    presence urgently, you can                pane.
    pick a free sub-domain hosting       9.   Click 'Insert Object'. Edit
    service that supports FTP                 the text and placement
    uploads like 'www.bravenet.               of the object on your
    com', 'www.blackapplehost.                webpage.
    com' or ''.
    You can use any free FTP client
    software like FileZilla. To do so,
    carry out the following steps:
    [1] Visit 'http://filezilla-            STEP 3
         php'. Save and install the
         'FileZilla' client.             PREPARING YOUR WEBSITE FOR ONLINE UPLOADING
    [2] Start the FileZilla client.      ONCE your website is ready, you need to preview and publish it online. You can also package the
    [3] Enter your sub-domain            files if you need to transfer them to another computer. To preview and publish your website, carry
         name in the 'Host:' text        out the following steps:
    [4] Type your site username          1.   To preview your website
         and password.                        before publishing it, go to
    [5] Replace the original                  'File | Web Page Preview'.
         'index.html' file with the           The entire website is
         one published on your                loaded on your web
         desktop and upload the               browser by generating
         'index_files' folder.                the required additional
    [6] Once the files are
                                              files in the temp folder of
         uploaded, visit your sub-
                                              your machine.
         domain. The website will
         be up and running.              2.   Once you are satisfied
                                              with your web site, you
                                              can proceed to prepare it
                                              for hosting online.

                                         3.   To publish your website,
                                              go to 'File | Publish to the
                                         4.   Browse to the destination
                                              folder, and click 'Save'
                                              without changing the
                                         5.   Click 'OK' on any dialog
                                              boxes that appear.

                                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                             WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 43

Create your
family tree online
Geni helps you create family trees online, for free.
It also allows you to share the family tree with
relatives so that they can add more information to

                                                                                                                         Brijesh Gajjar
it. Read on to know more

 STEP 1                                                                                       KEY DETAILS
                                                                                             SKILL LEVEL

GETTING STARTED WITH GENI                                                                    
TO create your family tree, you will have to first log onto by following a simple
                                                                                             WHAT YOU WILL NEED
registration process. The following steps will lead you through the sign-up process.
                                                                                              Firefox/IE/Chrome/Opera
                                                                                              Internet connection
1.   Visit the site, www.geni.
                                                                                             WHAT YOU CAN LEARN
                                                                                              Design family trees
2.   You will see an online                                                                   Share it with relatives
     form with three textboxes                                                                Share photos and videos
     and radio buttons. Select                                                               HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE

     your gender from the                                                                    T30 Minutes

     radio buttons.
3.   Enter your 'First' and 'Last'
     name in the textboxes
     provided, followed by
     your 'Email address'.
4.   Click 'Start My Tree!'.

5.   On the next page you will
     come across the first basic
     tree. This will contain
     three entries, yourself
     and both your parents.
     We will refer to these
     independent entries as
6.   Click the 'Edit' link in your


    CHIP PLUS TIP                        7.   The next page that opens
                                              up contains various
    It always helps to build a                fields that have more
    good profile on the Internet.             information about you.
    Social networking sites,                  Enter the information
    especially, use profiles of users         correctly so that it will be
    with maximum information                  easier for those relatives
    to either link them up with               who want to know more
    people they may know or                   about you.
    to share their information
                                         8.   Once you're done click
    with others. Hence if you do
    not have a strong, complete
                                              'Save and Close'.
    profile, there's very little that
    the site can do to promote
    your presence. However, if you
    make sure that you fill in all the
    fields in the profile form, then
    your name will pop up in most
    searches made within the sites,
                                         9.   You will be redirected to
    since many social networks use
                                              the main tree. Now click
    keywords within profile entries
    to search members' details.               the 'Add photo' icon in
         Click the "Profile" tab on           your node.
    the top bar. Here you can add        10. You will see a top bar that
    information about yourself               will ask you to choose a
    by clicking the "Edit" link in           file. Click it.
    the "About me" section. More
    information about yourself can
                                         11. Select a photograph and
    be found by scrolling down to            click 'Add'. The image
    the bottom of the page. On the           will be added to that
    left pane you will find place to         particular node.
    enter information about your
    personal self, contact details,
    work and school.
         Friends can add comments
    about you on the "Guestbook"
    that can be found of the
    bottom of the page.

                                          STEP 2
                                         ADDING INFORMATION ABOUT RELATIVES
                                         NOW that you have entered your information successfully, you can start adding information to
                                         those related to you. By default, the first two branches that are connected to your node are for your
                                         parents' information.

                                         1.   Click the 'Add My Father'.
                                              Enter his name and email
                                              address and save this
                                              information. Now you
                                              will see a link called 'edit'.
                                              Click it.
                                         2.   Enter the information
                                              about your father and
                                              click 'Save & Close'.
                                         3.   Similarly enter information
                                              about your mother by
                                              clicking the 'edit' link in
                                              the 'Add My Mother' node
                                              after adding her name.

                                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                               WORKSHOP  HANDS ON 45

4.   Add the images of both                                   CHIP PLUS TIP
     your parents by clicking
                                                              FAMILY STATISTICS
     the 'Add photo' boxes that
                                                              Just about any tool like
     appear beside their name.
                                                              Microsoft's PowerPoint can
5.   Once done, your family                                   help you create a family tree.
     tree should appear as                                    However, the reason we opt
     shown here. You can                                      for application specific tools
     zoom in or out of the                                    like is the fact
     image by dragging the                                    that it provides additional
                                                              information like statistical
     zoom slider up and down.
                                                              analysis of your family. For
                                                              this click the "Statistics" tab
                                                              on the top bar on the Geni
                                                              website. The various statistical
                                                              information you can gather
                                                              from here includes,
                                                               Gender distribution:
                                                                   Displays the number of
                                                                   men and women in the
                                                                   family and also displays
                                                                   which gender is more
6.   To add a sibling of yours                                     dominant in the family, in
     click the arrow that faces                                    terms of number.
     to the right of your node.                                Average life expectancy:
7.   Click 'Add Brother'.                                          Geni calculates the
                                                                   average life expectancy
8.   Enter the information                                         by totaling up the ages all
     about your sibling and                                        your family members. This
     add a photograph. You                                         helps you know what the
     can add the names and                                         average lifespan of your
     personal information of all                                   family members is.
     your siblings by clicking                                 Number of children: This
     the side arrows.                                              figure shows the number
                                                                   of children in your family.
                                                              Other statistical data can be
                                                              viewed by purchasing Geni

9.   To create your own family
     you will need to add the
     name of your spouse.
     This is process similar to
     adding siblings. Click the
     side arrow and select 'Add
     Wife'. Enter the details of
     your wife.
10. To add the names of
    children, click the arrow
    that points below you
    or your wife's name and
    click 'Add son' or 'Add
    daughter'. This node will
    be created below you
    name and your wife's


                                        STEP 3
    To add information about a
                                       ADDING EVENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION
                                       ONCE you have added all the nodes that you wish to display, you need to start working on your
    couple's marriage date, you will
                                       profile. In the next few steps we will learn to add events and upload pictures and other elements to
    have to first make sure that the
                                       share with your relatives.
    information of both spouses
    is entered. For instance, in the   1.   Click the 'Home' tab.
    example used in this workshop      2.   You can view all the
    we added information on                 updates on this page. For
    "William Madeira" and his wife
                                            instance, if any member
    "Susan Madeira". Here's how
                                            of your family makes
    we can enter details about
    their marriage,
                                            a change to his or her
    [1] Click "edit" on William's           profile or information, or
         node.                              if they add another node
    [2] You will see two tabs,              then you will be notified
         one "Basic" and the other          here. To go back to your
         "Relationships".                   family tree simply click the
    [3] Click "Relationships".              'Tree' tab.
    [4] Geni will display the name
         of his partner, which in
         this case is "Susan", along
         with the relationship that    3.   Click 'Add Event'.
         she bears with him. In this   4.   Enter the details of the
         case, it is "Wife", however
                                            invitation to the event
         relationships such as
                                            along with a welcoming
         fiancée, partner or even
         ex-wife can be set here.
                                            note, that's if you want to
    [5] You can even set it in an           invite anyone.
         order, if you have had        5.   Click 'Save' once done.
         multiple relationships.            The page of the event will
         Select the order from the          open up.
         following dropdown box.
                                       6.   You can also add videos,
    [6] Select the date of
         marriage in the "Married           photos, send messages,
         on" dropdown boxes.                post links and a lot more.
    [7] Enter the information
         about the location where
         the marriage took place in
         the "Married in" textboxes.
    [8] Click "Save and Close" to
                                        STEP 4
         save this information.        ADDING EVENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION
                                       THE most important use of Geni is that you can share your family tree with your relatives so that
                                       they can contribute to its growth in terms of more relatives and additional information. Here's how
                                       to go about notifying your relatives about Geni.

                                       1.   Click 'Invite' on the top-
                                            right corner of the page,
                                            beside 'Logout'.
                                       2.   The names of all the
                                            contacts who are added
                                            to your tree, but are not
                                            yet a part of Geni will be
                                            displayed. Click 'Remind'
                                            to notify them about
                                            joining Geni.

                                                                                            INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                         DR. KNOW  SPECIALS 47

                                                                                     Dr. KNOW
                                                                                       Get insights on Microsoft Azure, Google Chrome
                                                                                       OS and Bluetooth 3.0. Also get to know what
                                                                                       virtual servers are all about.
Sachin Pandit

                                                                                       BY DOLWIN FERNANDES

                 WHAT'S A VIRTUAL SERVER?                                Q WHAT IS MICROSOFT AZURE?
                                                                         A MICROSOFT Azure is an operating system that is available as
                                                                        a cloud computing service. This service would allow users to use
                                                                        the operating system and a wide range of applications and tools
                                                                        from anywhere. It was mainly developed for programmers, so that
                                                                        they could develop applications using the Microsoft Visual Studio
                                                                        development environment and the Microsoft .NET Framework. This
                                                                        platform thus reduces the overall cost of developing an application
                                                                        since programmers would only pay as they use rather than purchasing the entire
                                                                        developer kit. In the near future Microsoft promises to add more programming
                                                                        languages and tools for efficiency.
                 A virtual server is a basically a
                 partitioned drive on a main server.                     Q IS GOOGLE COMING OUT WITH AN OPERATING SYSTEM?
                 Multiple virtual servers can be created
                 from a single server which would have                   A ON July 7th 2009, Google announced that they were in
                 capabilities of acting as a separate                   the process of developing an OS known as the Google
                 serve altogether i.e. a virtual server can             Chrome OS. This operating system would be based on the
                 run a full operating system as well as                 Linux kernel. Google has also announced that the operating
                 be rebooted without affecting other                    system is mainly targeted at netbooks, but it would work fine
                 virtual servers. First, the physical server            on desktops as well. Programmers will be glad to know that the operating system will
                 is booted in a normal manner. Once                     be open source by the end of 2009. Google has also stated that the operating system
                 the boot process has been completed,                   would be completely different from the Android and would be targeted for users who
                 a program is executed which then                       spend most of their time on the Internet.
                 boots all virtual servers on a machine.
                 Virtualization can be of two kinds i.e.                 Q WHAT IS BLUETOOTH 3.0?
                 software virtualization and hardware
                 virtualization. Software virtualization is              A     BY now we all know what Bluetooth is. Many gadgets and
                 mainly used for web hosting services                   cellphones use Bluetooth 2.0 to transfer and receive data. So
                 wherein the same kernel is used. In                    what's new about Bluetooth 3.0? Well, it would feature an
                 hardware virtualization, hardware                      increased data transfer speed to transfer large audio and video
                 resources are partitioned accordingly.                 files. The transfer speed has dramatically increased from 3 Mbps
                 Virtual private servers are mainly used                to 24 Mbps. It also includes a new feature known as the
                 for security purposes. For instance, if                Enhanced Power Control that would reduce disconnects if the
                 you require installing a software that                 device is moved to a pocket or briefcase during data transfer. It
                 might contain bugs, it would be wise                   also uses Generic Alternate MAC/PHY (AMP) which allows it to operate at Wi-Fi speeds.
                 to install and test on a virtual server                The only disadvantage is that if a device has a different version of Bluetooth, it wouldn't
                 so that the main server is not effected                be able to establish a connection with a device having Bluetooth 3.0. So if one has a
                 incase it contains any bugs .                          multiple device supporting Bluetooth 2.0, he would definitely have second thoughts of
                                                                        purchasing a device supporting Bluetooth 3.0.


                                                                                    Help! Firefox add-
  Sachin Pandit

                                                                                    ons cause problems
                                                                                    Mozilla Firefox is among the most used web browsers.
                                                                                    However, there are several occasions where users face
                                                                                    problems while browsing sites, using add-ons, exiting, etc.
                                                                                    Here are some simple solutions to these common problems.
                                                                                    BY GARETH MANKOO

                   +        FIREFOX DOES NOT
                            EXIT COMPLETELY
                                                                                    is impossible for you to know what's
                                                                                    consuming your system resources. This
                                                                                                                                                       5. A 'Task Manager Warning' message
                                                                                                                                                          box will appear on your screen. Click
                                                                                    situation often arises if the browser is                              'Yes' to confirm the termination of the
                  PROBLEM:                                                          closed when it's in the middle of some                                process.
                  Sometimes when I close Firefox after                              activity. For instance, if a Flash plug-in                         Even if you are not suffering from this
                  I have completed my tasks and try                                 is connecting and you exit the browser,                            problem with Firefox but are interested in
                  to re-open the browser after a while,                             you may see the dialog box that asks you                           knowing whether your browser is eating
                  I get an error saying that Firefox is                             if you want to 'End Task'. This leads to an                        up your system resources without your
                  already running. Do I need to uninstall                           unhealthy termination of the application                           knowledge, then simply start the browser
                  the application? What is causing this                             that can leave processes of it still running.                      and exit it. Follow the above steps to
                  problem?                                                          Follow these steps to close Firefox                                check if the process is still running.
                                                                                    completely without leaving any traces
                                                                                                                                                                  ADD-ONS CAUSE
                  No, you do not need to uninstall the
                                                                                    1. Press the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt]                         +
                  application. This error does not indicate                             + [Del] or right-click the taskbar and
                  that Firefox has been corrupted. It means                             select 'Task Manager'.                                         PROBLEM:
                  there is an instance of Firefox that hasn't                       2. Once the 'Task Manager' dialog box                              I enjoy using the helpful downloadable
                  been terminated before the next launch.                               opens up on your screen click the                              tools available with Mozilla Firefox such
                  Although it may not be visible on your                                'Processes' tab.                                               as add-ons, themes and plug-ins. These
                  screen in the form of a browser window,                           3. Look for a process called 'firefox.exe'.                        extensions install without causing much
                  Firefox is still running on your system                           4. Right-click this entry in the list and                          problem, however later on, I sometimes
                  and utilizing system resources without                                from the context menu click 'End                               experience problems. How can I diagnose
                  your consent. Thus, in some cases it                                  Process'.                                                      the problem and find if it is the extensions
                                                                                                                                                       that are causing Firefox to crash?

                                                                                                                                                       Just like Windows, Mozilla Firefox also has
                                                                                                                                                       a 'Safe Mode' for diagnostics. Once in the
                                                                                                                                                       Safe Mode, the browser loads without
                                                                                                                                                       any of the add-ons that have been
                                                                                                                                                       downloaded by you. To start your browser
                                                                                                                                                       in this diagnostic mode.
                                                                                                                                                       1. Exit Firefox if it is running.
                                                                                                                                                       2. Click 'Start | Mozilla Firefox | Mozilla
                                                                                                                                                           Firefox (Safe Mode)'. This will open up
                                                                                                                                                           the 'Firefox Safe Mode' dialog box.
                                                                                                                                                       3. Check 'Disable all add-ons' to check
                   Add-ons like 'Flashblock' tend to affect the playback of Flash files in Firefox. Click 'Tools | Add-ons' and then select the            if the browser works fine without
                   'Extensions' tab to disable such add-ons.
                                                                                                                                                           loading any of the add-ons which you

                                                                                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                                                    PC DOCTOR  SPECIALS 49

    have downloaded and installed.
4. Click the 'Continue in Safe Mode'
Use the 'Safe Mode' version of Firefox
for a while. If you do not experience the
problems that you were facing before
then it is evident that the main cause of
the problem was one of the add-ons. It
would be advisable to uninstall all the
add-ons and download them later on to
avoid the problems from occurring.
   However, if this fails to completely
solve the problem then you will need
to reset the preferences of the browser.                      Click 'Start | Control Panel'. Double click 'Add or Remove Programs'. Click the 'Remove' button to uninstall 'Adobe Flash
                                                              Player' from your computer.
Here's how to go about it:
1. Exit Firefox.                                           This will commence the uninstallation                                  click 'Add or Remove Programs'.
2. Follow the above procedure to open                   process of the plug-in. However, this                                 3. Look for 'Mozilla Firefox' in the list and
    Mozilla Firefox in the 'Safe Mode'.                 may not be the only cause of problem.                                     click 'Remove'.
3. Select the checkboxes that say 'Reset                Sometimes, add-ons and extensions                                     4. Next, the 'Mozilla Firefox Uninstall
    all user preferences to Firefox defaults'           based on Flash controls can also affect                                   Wizard' will open up. In this, click
    and 'Reset toolbars and controls'.                  Firefox every time you open a page with                                   'Next'.
4. Click 'Continue in Safe Mode' to save                such controls. There are several such                                 5. Click 'Uninstall'.
    these changes.                                      add-ons. 'Flashblock' is one such example.                            6. Click 'Finish'.
This will reset the browsers settings to                To uninstall applications:                                            7. Now that the uninstallation process is
how it was before, i.e. the default settings.           1. Launch Firefox.                                                        complete, you need to make sure that
                                                        2. Click 'Tools | Add-ons'.                                               there are no traces of the application
 +        FIREFOX
                                                        3. Click the 'Extensions' tab.
                                                        4. Select the Extension that you feel can
                                                                                                                                  left behind. Go to 'C:\Program Files\
                                                                                                                                  Mozilla Firefox' and delete all the
                                                            be causing the problem and remove it                                  subfolders and files in it.
PROBLEM:                                                    by clicking 'Uninstall'.                                          8. Deleting these files isn't enough. Some
Every time I open up a page with Flash                                                                                            profile files are hidden in your file
                                                                       SAFELY REINSTALL
objects like videos or elements, buttons
and banners, Firefox simply hangs. The                    +            FIREFOX
                                                                                                                                  system. Click 'Tools | Folder Options' in
                                                                                                                                  Windows Explorer (or My Computer).
browser doesn't respond. What can be the                                                                                      9. Click the 'View' tab and select 'Show
cause of this?                                          PROBLEM:                                                                  hidden files and folders'.
                                                        There have been several problems                                      10. Click 'Start | Run'.
SOLUTION:                                               occurring on my computer because of                                   11. Enter the following link in the text
Firefox displays Flash objects with the                 Firefox and the various add-ons that                                      box provided: 'C:\Documents and
help of the 'Adobe Acrobat' plug-in. The                come with it. I would like to reinstall the                               Settings\<username>\Application
main reason you face problems with the                  application. However, the last two times I                                Data\Mozilla\Firefox\'. In place of
pages that contain Flash objects is a clear             attempted to re-install it, problems crept                                <username> enter the name of the
indication that this plug-in is not working             back. How can I make sure that all the                                    User Account that is currently logged
properly. To diagnose this problem,                     components of Firefox are deleted before                                  in. If you do not know this name then
1. Launch Firefox.                                      a reinstall? I use Windows XP.                                            simply click the 'Start' button and
2. Click 'Tools | Add-ons'.                                                                                                       see the name displayed on top of the
3. Click the 'Plugins' tab.                             SOLUTION:                                                                 'Start' menu.
4. Select 'Adobe Acrobat' and click the                 Firefox creates files at various locations on                         12. Delete all folders found at the location.
    'Disable' button that appears besides               your PC. These files are needed by Firefox                            13. Make sure you also delete the
    the name of the plug-in.                            to access the various components of your                                  folders found at 'C:\Documents and
You will need to uninstall this plug-in.                file system as well as the Internet. Here's                               Settings\<username>\Local Settings\
Here's how to go about it,                              how to make sure that every trace of your                                 Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\'.
1. Click 'Start | Control Panel'.                       previous installation has been erased.                                14. When you reinstall Firefox, make
2. Click 'Add or Remove Programs'.                      1. Make sure that you exit Firefox                                        sure that you download the setup
3. Select 'Adobe Flash Player' and click                     completely before attempting an                                      from a reliable source. Downloading
    the 'Remove' button that corresponds                     uninstallation. Click 'File | Exit'.                                 the file from is
    to the entry.                                       2. Click 'Start | Control Panel' and then                                 recommended.


    The working of an optical drive
    Nowadays, all systems come with DVD burners. Due to this, the use of cassettes has become
    obsolete since users prefer using DVDs for storing audio and video files as well as other data.
    Let’s take a look at how DVD burners actually write data onto a DVD.

    WE are all aware of what an optical drive                player. The bumps
    is all about as well as the laser which is the           move at a higher
    most important part of an optical drive                  speed near the outer
    that reads or writes data into a DVD. In                 edge of the CD than
    this article, we take a look at the innards              they move near the
    of a DVD as well as how data is read and                 center of the CD. As
    written using the laser.                                 the laser assembly
                                                             moves outward,
    THE BUMPS AND FLAT AREAS                                 the CD player slows
    ON A NORMAL DISK                                         the spinning speed
    ALL data that is stored on a disk is in the              in order to keep all
    digital form i.e. 0s and 1s. In a normal                 bumps on the CD
    CD, these 0s and 1s are represented by                   moving at the same
    bumps and flat areas on the disc’s surface.              rate.                                                     see how the DVD burner can read and
    For reading information, a laser beam is                                                                           write data onto a disk.
    passed over the track by the CD player.                  ABOUT A DVD-RW DISK                                           So far we know that DVD burners
    When the laser is passed on a flat area,                        DVD-RW discs are devoid of bumps and               darken certain areas of a disc for recording
    the beam directly reflects to the optical                       flat areas. Instead of these, DVD-RW’s have        digital data that can be read by a normal
    sensor. The CD player will then recognize                       a reflective metal layer. This layer lies on       DVD player. The burning system is quite
    this as 1. On the other hand, when the                          top of a layer of photosensitive dye.              precise since data must be encoded
    beam is passed over a bump, light is                                When there is no data on the disc, the         properly onto the disc. Actually, the DVD
    bounced away from the sensor and the                            dye is translucent, meaning that light can         burner works in a similar way like a normal
    player recognizes this as 0.                                    shine through and reflect off the surface.         DVD player, except that it contains a ‘write’
       Starting at the center of the CD, bumps                      But when an attempt to write data on a             laser. The write laser interacts with the
    are arranged in a spiral manner. The                            disk is made, due the heat, the dye turns          disk in a different manner. It can alter the
    laser assembly is moved in an outward                           opaque, i.e. the points are darkened so            surface of the disk i.e. it can do more than
    direction while the disk spins in the CD                        that light can’t pass through.                     just bounce off light from it. It functions
                                                                                                 By leaving some       in a similar manner as the read laser i.e.
                                                                                              areas on the disk        it moves in an outward direction while
                                                                                              translucent and          the disk spins. The bottom layer which
                                                                                              darkening particular     is made up of plastic, contains grooves
                                                                                              points, a digital        that guides the laser to the correct path
                                                                                              pattern is created       accordingly. By making fine adjustments
                                                                                              that can be read         and measuring the speed, the laser
                                                                                              by a standard DVD        assembly makes sure that the burner
                                                                                              player. Hence it acts    keeps the laser running at a constant
                                                                                              as a standard DVD        speed. Finally, for recording data, the DVD
                                                                                              though it’s devoid of    burner switches the write laser on and
                                                                                              bumps and flats.         off in synchronization with the 0 and 1
                                                                                                 Now that we           pattern. The laser will darken an area of a
     The above image shows the internal parts of an optical drive. We can see the write laser know some of the         disc to encode a 0 or make it translucent
     that is used to write data onto a DVD.
                                                                                              basics, let’s further    to encode a 1.

                                                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | SEPTEMBER 2009

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