Accessing The Entire Internet On You by kakasdk


									If you have a phone thats with the provider 3 theres a simple trick to
allow you to access the entire internet on its browser without having to
go through 3 services and only what they want to allow you access to

Simply do the following.

Menu - 9 (for settings) - 5 (for access points) - Edit the 3 Services
Change the APN (down the bottom) from 3services to 3netaccess
Restart the phone
And you can now access the entire internet through your phones browser.

Remember you'll have to change it back if you want to access 3 services.
Changing it in the browser doesn't seem to work.

I have tried this on my U8110 and it worked perfectly

Things to note:

    * Remember that you are charged for all downloads (.4c per kb on most
plans) so if your cautious about your phone bill id advise staying away
from sites with loads of pictures.
    * Also, some people have had trouble where they have accessed a site
with too much information on it and the phone has either froze or reset.
The phone is not harmed by this but its advisable you dont go to large
sites on it for this or the above reason. If your phone freezes and you
cant turn it off simply take the battery out and put it back in.

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