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									Transcription Services for the Busy Professional

Transcription services are a service that takes oral speech and puts it down into writing. These
are handy services for businesses such as business, legal, or medical practices. There are actual
human transcriptionists that convert speech to text. There are also software programs that convert
automatically. In the business field it is important because a meeting may be important to have in
a text file or in a memo. Legal applications are in court hearings and for lawyers personal notes.
In the medical field it is important for medical charting and reporting. Some services send out a
representative to do the transcription live. Others accept sound files and transcribe from there.

Transcription services can work from CD, VHS, sound files on a computer or other digital
storage device. The costs of such a service depend upon the type of transcription being done.
Pricing may be done by the line, per word, minute, or hourly. Transcription has been around for
a long time, though it has been known by several different names. Recently, it has become a
much more important position as all fields are trying to keep digital records. In the past,
transcriptionists had to have skills such as shorthand to keep up with speech. But with the
introduction of tape cassettes and portable recorders the process became much easier.

Cassettes were able to travel through internal or external mail. The transcriptionist pool widened
since the specialized skills were no longer needed. These days the oral record can be sent via
email and other instant digital means. Audio transcription has come a long way in a few short
decades. Transcriptionists are able to work at their own pace. Everyone has access to the record
without having to decipher shorthand or other methods. It may only take a few hours for a
transcribed document to be finished and available to anyone who wants it.

A good transcription service has quick turnaround times. With technology being what it is the
transcriptionist has tools at their disposal that they never had before. The audio can be played
back over and over. The sound file can be filtered, equalized, balanced, white noise removed, the
tempo adjusted so that the clarity is much better. A good transcriptionist can do fifteen minutes
of audio in one hour. They can even handle more than one subject. They can sort out more than
one voice and transcribe accordingly.

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