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Will the cell phone work?

I recently had a cell phone provider that wasn't under a contract. And now I've switched providers and the phone I had from the new provider got water damage.
So my question is can I put my sim card in my old phone? Since it wasn't under a contract it should work, right?

Asked by gymnastgrl at Aug 09,2011 02:46

Best answer

If it takes sim cards it should work! But sometimes with switching sims between ATT and old Verizon phones don't work because they put a block on them. Just
try it and it should work.

Answer from xmedicalbreakthrewx at Aug 09,2011 02:48

yes a sims card can work in any phone what so ever. from a verizon to a sprint the sims card will work. as long as the phone did not get wet. all though you may
be able to get a new phone for a limited amount of money if you tell the provider what happened to your phone

Answer from Erin C at Aug 09,2011 03:10

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