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What additional equipment should I purchase to go with my new Canon DSLR?

And did you purchase something you wish you hadn't?

Asked by Steve W at Aug 10,2011 04:51

8 gb memory card rocket blower microfiber cloth some sort of protective baggy.

Answer from Jeroen Wijnands at Aug 10,2011 04:53

Which lenses do you have? The most important decision you can make now is the type and quality of the lenses you buy. Choose carefully, check reviews for
which which are the best for your budget. Try here: http://www.bobatkins.com/photography/reviews/ http://www.photozone.de/reviews
http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-Lens-Reviews.aspx http://www.canonlensreview.com/ Get as many memory cards as you can, you never know
when they'll stop making the type your camera uses.

Answer from Dune at Aug 10,2011 04:58

Best answer

Extra Memory Card Batteries Camera Bag Tripod Microfiber Cloth

Answer from DEAD at Aug 10,2011 05:11

A good tripod.

Answer from Hondo at Aug 10,2011 05:16

If this is your first DSLR, you might want to hold off on any major purchases like lenses until you have a better idea of what your photography likes are. But
immediate things I can recommend are: - a comfortable strap - the kit straps are not very comfortable. I like the Black Rapid type sling straps. - cleaning tools;
blower, brush, lens pen, microfiber cloth, etc. Giottos makes some very nice items. - a camera bag. But that is a hard purchase. There are hundreds of different
shoulder bags, backpacks, and so on, that it is hard to decide. Perhaps harder than deciding on your camera. - tripod or monopod. If you buy a tripod, get a
remote trigger release too. - extra memory cards, extra batteries, etc. - GGS screen protector. Buy one specifically for your camera. - UV/protection filter for your
lens, and perhaps a circular polarizer (a linear polarizer won't work). Don't go overboard on filters though, as those will end up in your closet. If you buy any filters,
get a good brand such as B+W, Hoya, and perhaps Tiffen. Cheap filters on an expensive lens are not that good.

Answer from AWBoater at Aug 10,2011 06:28

a flash with a long ETTL cable to go with it a small soft box like the lumiquest softbox 3 or LTP

Answer from dude at Aug 10,2011 14:19

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