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									                             SOUTH TEES HOSPITALS NHS TRUST

                             CONSULTANT JOB DESCRIPTION

The James Cook University Hospital
Marton Road, Middlesbrough, TS4 3BW

                                  The Friarage Hospital
                     Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 1JG

                                  CONTENTS PAGE

Author:   C Dargue                 Date: April 2006
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Post Information                                                    3

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust                                      3

Divisions and Directorates                                          4

Corporate Directorates                                              4

University Hospital Status                                          5

The James Cook University Hospital                                  5

The Friarage Hospital                                               6

Education, Teaching and Research                                    6

Junior Doctors‟ Hours and Implementation of the Calman Recommendations      7

The Locality                                                        7

Local Amenities                                                     7
       Leisure/Recreation                                          7
       Housing                                                     8
       Education                                                   8
       Transport                                                   8

The Specialty                                                       9
       Directorates
       The Department and Staff
       Clinical
       Teaching
       Audit
       CPD
       Appraisal
       Managerial Duties
       Job Plan
       Proposed Timetable                                          10

Main Conditions of Service                                          11
       Travel and Subsistence
       Rehabilitation of Offenders
       Equal Opportunities

Enquiries and Visits                                                12

Person Specification                                                13

Author:   C Dargue               Date: April 2006
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                          CONSULTANT ORTHODONTIST


This is a replacement post to join a team of four based at South Tees Hospitals with
sessions at Darlington Memorial Hospital. It is advertised on a whole time or part time basis,
although any candidate who is unable to work full time will be eligible to apply and, if
appointed, modification of the job content will be discussed in consultation with consultant
colleagues and the medical director.


South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust provides health care from two main sites – The James
Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough and the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton.

The organisational structure comprises of the Trust Board with the chief executive, trust
chair, corporate directors and non-executive directors with a management group made up of
the chief executive, corporate directors and chiefs of clinical divisions which are medicine,
surgery, women and children, trauma, cardiothoracic, neurosciences, anaesthesia and
theatres, radiology and pathology. There is a separate academic division with its own chief
of service and a division of clinical support services.

The Trust is the cancer centre within the Teesside, South Durham and North Yorkshire
Cancer Care Alliance. The regional spinal injuries unit provides a comprehensive spinal cord
injury service for the North of England (population 3.4 million).

The Trust is a district general hospital for:

   Around 270,000 people living in Middlesbrough and the local area of Redcar and
   122,000 people in an area stretching from the North Yorkshire Moors to the central
    Pennines, the borders of York district in the south and the borders of Darlington in the

It also covers a range of highly specialist services extending to 1.5million people in Teesside
and parts of Cumbria, Durham and North Yorkshire with leading expertise in heart disease,
cancer, trauma, neurosciences, renal services and spinal injuries.

South Tees was given trust status in 1992, incorporating three hospitals across
Middlesbrough. It merged with the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton in April 2002, and now
provides all secondary care to Middlesbrough, Langbaurgh and Hambleton & Richmondshire
PCTs, a population of approximately 400,000. It also provides tertiary services to the wider
Tees valley area, and parts of County Durham, North Yorkshire and Cumbria.

In 2004/05 the Trust‟s budget was £329,114,000 and it employed almost 7,000 full and part
time staff.

Author:   C Dargue                     Date: April 2006
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               DIVISIONS                      DIRECTORATES
ACADEMIC                             Postgraduate
CARDIOTHORACICS                      Cardiac Surgery
MEDICINE                             Acute Medicine
                                     Elderly Care
                                     Critical Care
                                     Clinical Infection Directorate
NEUROSCIENCES                        Neurology/Neurophysiology/
PATHOLOGY                            Cellular Pathology
RADIOLOGY                            Single Directorate Division
SURGERY                              Ophthalmology
                                     General/Vascular Surgery
TRAUMA                               Orthopaedic Surgery - Elective
                                     Orthopaedic Surgery -Trauma
                                     Spinal Services
                                     Plastic Surgery
                                     Maxillofacial Surgery and
WOMEN AND CHLIDREN                   Maternity and Neonates

Chief Executive‟s Office
Operational Services
Healthcare Governance and Nursing Development
Human Resources

Author:   C Dargue              Date: April 2006
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There are strong links with the Universities of Newcastle and Durham. The southern
campus for the University of Newcastle and Durham Medical Schools pre-clinical teaching
programme is now located locally in a purpose built campus at Stockton-on-Tees. From
2002 onwards the trust has been a university hospital, teaching and training both pre-clinical
and clinical medical undergraduates on site. The trust has developed its teaching centre and
is attracting substantial extra resources to provide teaching and research facilities. A new
clinical sciences research facility has recently been constructed on the James Cook Hospital

There are now 15 clinical professorial posts across the trust with honorary chairs at the
Universities of Durham and Teesside. There is one established Chair in Clinical Medicine at
the University of Newcastle or Durham. Consultants interested, or able to purse an active
research programme, are also eligible for honorary appointment at any of its partner
universities. It is expected many consultants will soon achieve Clinical Lecturer status in the
University of Durham in recognition of their input into undergraduate medical education.


A multi-million pound redevelopment on The James Cook University Hospital site is one of the
Government‟s Private Finance Initiative hospitals and is the largest hospital – with a wide range
of specialities on one site – of its type in Europe. This hospital was officially opened in October
2003 and has a capacity of 1,007 beds. Based on the original site of South Cleveland Hospital,
which first opened in 1981, all acute and elective medical and surgical specialties are
accommodated on this site. Tertiary services, in addition to cardiology and cardiac surgery,
include renal medicine/haemodialysis, neurosurgery, vascular surgery and the regional spinal
injuries unit.

The Regional Ultrasound School, School of Midwifery and School of Anaesthesia are also on

The central clinical laboratory provides pathology services.         There are computer links
between this laboratory and most wards and departments.

There is a 21 room imaging department equipped with a full range of mainly digital
modalities, a trust-wide PACS system and a purpose built 6 bed radiology day unit.

The accident and emergency department on this site is the designated regional trauma centre
for Teesside, South Durham and North Yorkshire.

There is a purpose-built surgical day unit and an endoscopy centre. The district pharmacy
department is on site as is the supra-district Public Health Laboratory Service. A Medical
Physics Department is also on this site together with isotope imaging.

There is an established academic centre embracing postgraduate medical education, nurse
training school, the school of radiography and library facilities. It encompasses two large
lecture theatres with the latest audio-visual aids and a considerable number of classrooms and
seminar rooms, including ward facilities for teaching and examining. There is a new library with
comprehensive IT suite.

A dedicated under-graduate teaching centre has been commissioned recently and there are
plans to have a dedicated simulation training centre on site in the near future.

Author:   C Dargue                    Date: April 2006
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The Friarage Hospital at Northallerton, situated approximately 25 miles from Middlesbrough,
merged with South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust in April 2002. It provides services to its local
population of 122,000 and is well known for its friendly atmosphere.

It is a fully equipped district general hospital with 314 beds. The hospital provides a 24-hour
accident & emergency service and offers inpatient and outpatient facilities in general surgery
including colorectal, breast and urology services, orthopaedics and trauma. Medical
specialties include acute medicine, diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology,
respiratory and rehabilitation medicine. There is also inpatient and outpatient
obstetrics/gynaecology, paediatrics and adult psychiatry on site

The cardiology department, encompassing CCU and cardiography, functions as a self-
contained unit but is part of the cardiology directorate. There are two cardiologists in post.
Increasing integration of the cardiology services across the two sites is planned.

The hospital is furnished with a well-equipped medical library with facilities for electronic
searching of medical databases and access to the Internet. Hospital postgraduate meetings
are held each week and there are also regular meetings within the surgical department.

Services on this site include haematology, chemical pathology, histopathology, microbiology,
physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, etc. Patients requiring
cardiothoracic or neurosurgical services, nuclear medicine or MRI scanning are referred to
other hospitals including The James Cook University Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary
(45 miles)

The hospital is an accredited major trauma receiving hospital and contributes to UK Trauma,
Audit & Research Network (UK TARN). The hospital has a leading position in Yorkshire and
the UK in its survival rates from blunt trauma as evidenced from UK TARN.

The Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit (MDHU) has been based at the Friarage since July
1999 with contribution of military doctors, nurses and other staff who are integrated into the
hospital‟s services.


There is a purpose built academic centre at The James Cook University Hospital which is
housed within two linked buildings. They contain two large lecture theatres which have
audio-visual links. There are many seminar rooms of varying sizes which are used for
teaching, demonstrations, lectures and conferences. There is a new library which is well
equipped with most of the general and specialist journals relevant to the trust‟s clinical
activity. There is a large IT suite of over 40 stations within the library complex.

The academic centre also houses the Clinical Trials Unit which has recently been extended
with links to the unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. Clinicians who are
interested in developing a clinical trials programme are encouraged to contact the R & D

There are close links with the College of Health at Teesside University for the training of
nurses and midwives, radiographers and physiotherapists.

There is an active postgraduate district and divisional curriculum on site based in the
postgraduate education centre under the direction of a university clinical tutor. There is an up-
to-date medical library within this centre. Consultants are expected to undertake activities
suitable for continuing medical education in accordance with Royal College of Physicians

Author:   C Dargue                   Date: April 2006
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As part of the national expansion of medical student numbers, the Universities of Newcastle
and Durham have formed a partnership increasing the undergraduate intake to 340 students
as from September 2002. The first two years of the curriculum are being taught at the
Queen‟s Campus of the University of Durham in Stockton as well as the Medical School in
Newcastle. Currently it is planned that 102 students will be based in Stockton and 245 in
Newcastle including 25 in the accelerated programme. At the end of year 2 the entire
cohort of students will be divided up for their third year between base units of acute and
community trusts and PCTs around the Northern Region. South Tees has been designated
the lead trust for the Teesside Unit which currently comprises Bishop Auckland and
Darlington, North Tees and Hartlepool, as well as South Tees and the corresponding
community trusts of Tees and North East Yorkshire and South Durham and the associated

In order to accommodate these students, a new purpose-built clinical academic centre,
including a teaching unit, has recently been completed at The James Cook University
Hospital. There are active plans to further develop both teaching and research within
cardiology, with the potential for a senior lecturer or chair in cardiology being created in the

Research is actively encouraged and the several departments of are developing an active
programme. Academic links with Newcastle, Durham and Teesside University departments are
being established and joint research encouraged.


The region and trust are committed to these nationally agreed initiatives. Consultant staff are
expected to contribute to the education supervision, appraisal and assessment of junior medical


Teesside is surrounded by the delightful countryside of the North Yorkshire Moors National
Park, the North East Coastal beaches and the attractive countryside in South and West
Durham, and North Yorkshire, with their excellent rural pursuits. It also provides one of the
largest petrochemical complexes in Europe and is also a major site of Corus (previously
British Steel).

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust serves the boroughs of Middlesbrough, Redcar and East
Cleveland and the adjacent districts of Hambleton and Richmondshire, and provides tertiary
referrals for Stockton-on-Tees and adjacent parts of Durham and North Yorkshire. It serves
a population in excess of 570,000.



There are major shopping centres at Teesside Park Middlesbrough and Darlington.
Newcastle and Gateshead Metro Centre are within reach, as are the historical Cities of York
and Durham. Hartlepool Marina and Hartlepool Historic Quay and Maritime Museum are
part of a multi-million pound development also only a short distance away.

There are excellent facilities in the area for most sports, including golf, swimming, squash,
rugby, cricket and tennis. There is an excellent indoor tennis centre (David Lloyd) close to
the Durham University campus in Teesdale (4 miles from the James Cook University
Hospital) and there are excellent golf courses at Wynyard and Romanby near Northallerton
with driving range facility. The Tees Barrage has allowed the creation of simulated white

Author:   C Dargue                   Date: April 2006
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water canoeing and rafting centre in Teesdale that attracts canoeing enthusiasts from all
over the UK.

There is easy access to the coast, the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, the Pennines
and Dales. There is an extensive range of recreational and cultural facilities in the
immediate vicinity. The Cleveland hills offers opportunities for a variety of outdoor pursuits,
including rambling, gliding and hang-gliding. There is active support for the arts in the
region, both at professional and amateur level, with a wide range of cultural events and
activities available. These include theatre, ballet, opera and all types of music, as well as a
variety of museums.

There are multi-screen cinemas in Middlesbrough, Teesside Park (Stockton), Hartlepool
Marina and Metro Centre (Newcastle) with bowling facilities at Teesside Park and the Metro
Centre. Middlesbrough, Stockton, Yarm, Stokesley, Great Ayton and Northallerton have a
number of pubs serving food and with facilities for children. The majority of small towns and
villages surrounding Middlesbrough and Northallerton have excellent restaurants offering a
variety of different cuisine.

The enthusiastic spectator can follow all football, rugby and cricket. Middlesbrough Football
Club has a superb new ground on the developing Middlehaven site, close to the banks of the
river Tees (Riverside Stadium).


There is a choice of housing in comfortable residential areas in the many pleasant rural and
urban areas in the surrounding countryside and within easy reach of the trust. Stokesley,
Great Ayton, Eaglescliffe, Yarm and the surrounding villages offer a range of quality houses
at sensible prices, among the lowest in the UK. A range of executive houses is available,
including exclusive developments at Wynyard, Nunthorpe and surrounding villages. Marske
and Saltburn by the sea offer the opportunity to live by the sea and there are many beautiful
village locations at the edge of the Dales National Park area accessible from Northallerton.


The James Cook University Hospital has an on site crèche open from 0730 until 1800hrs.
There is a complete range of educational facilities ranging from nursery to higher education,
with Universities at Teesside, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle, offering a wide choice of
degree courses. The local secondary schools are comprehensive and many in Nunthorpe,
Stokesley, Yarm and Eaglescliffe enjoy an excellent national reputation with high positions in
the league tables. There are also excellent local private schools in Yarm and Eaglescliffe as
well as a number of first class preparatory and public schools in the area.

Road communication is excellent in all directions allowing quick and easy commuting. Due
to the good road system and ease of travel, many consultants live outside the „traditional‟ 10
miles distance.

Road: The A19 links to the A1 (M) and the A66 links Teesside to the beautiful Lake District
and Cumbria. Travel time to the Lake District is just 1.5 hours by car. Whitby and York are
just 1 hour away

Rail:     Darlington and Northallerton railway stations are only a short driving distance away,
          from which London is 2.5 hours away and Edinburgh 2 hours.

Air:      Durham and Tees Valley International Airport is also about twenty minutes from
          Middlesbrough and has frequent services to London, Amsterdam, Dublin and a large
          number of holiday destinations both in the UK (eg Newquay – bmibaby) and abroad.

          Newcastle and Leeds/Bradford International Airports are within easy driving distance.

Author:   C Dargue                    Date: April 2006
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THE SPECIALTY                Orthodontics

DIRECTORATES                 Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics

DEPARTMENT                   Orthodontics – The James Cook University Hospital

The purpose built Department is a facility shared with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, There
are three single surgeries and a six chair open plan surgery, all of which are used
exclusively for the orthodontic team. A dental laboratory, employing three technologists, is
on the James Cook site.

              CONSULTANT                                  SPECIAL INTERESTS
Miss Alison Downing                                            Consultant
Mr Nigel Fox                                                   Consultant
Miss Evelyn May                                          Consultant/Lead clinician

Other Staff

Two Specialist registrars
Two FTTA‟s (temporary contracts)
Seven clinical assistants
Five Consultant Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeons Two hold combined clinics (osteotomy) monthly
Adequate secretarial, reception and dental nurse support is available.


The Consultant Orthodontists are honorary clinical lecturers at the University of Newcastle
upon Tyne and provide clinical teaching for the SpR‟s enrolled on the three year training
programme linked to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Darlington Memorial Hospital

The dental unit at Darlington Memorial Hospital comprises four surgeries shared with Oral
and Maxillofacial Surgery. Two surgeries are equipped for Orthodontics.
Two Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, Mr C. Edge and Mr R.J. Langford, based at
the James Cook University Hospital, hold sessions there. Office accommodation, secretarial
and nursing support are shared. Orthognathic clinics with Mr R.J. Langford are held
monthly. Laboratory sessions are provided by the Orthodontic/Maxillofacial Surgery
laboratory at the James Cook University Hospital.

Bishop Auckland General Hospital

A new purpose built four surgery department shared with Oral and Maxillofascial surgery
provides a modern well equipped facility. Initially two programmed activities (PA‟s) per week
will be spent at Bishop Auckland General Hospital. This is a temporary arrangement. From
October 2007 these PA‟s will revert to James cook University Hospital to coincide with the
new intake of SpR‟s. Until then Miss E. May will continue to supervise the SpR‟s already in
post – allowing them to complete cases started under her supervision.


The Consultant will be expected to lead and/or play an active role in regional and
departmental audit.

Author:   C Dargue                  Date: April 2006
                                                                                  Page 9 of 13

The successful candidate will be expected to take advantage of continuing professional
development. The Medical Director holds the budget centrally and all reasonable requests
for study leave have been honoured to date and funded within the allowances contained with
the Medical and Dental Whitley Council and its successors.


Annual appraisals are mandatory for all Consultants and are carried out by the Clinical
Director. Appropriate time and assistance will be provided for preparation.

Managerial Duties

The Consultant should be willing to provide advice to employing Trusts on the specification
and contracts for orthodontic services and to provide advice to Trusts for subsequent
negotiation with PCT‟s.

Job Plan

A formal job plan will be agreed between the appointee and their Clinical Director on behalf
of the Medical Director three months after the commencement date of the appointment.

The job plan will then be reviewed annually. It will cover all aspects of a consultant‟s
professional practice including clinical work, teaching, research, education and managerial
responsibilities. It should provide a clear schedule of commitments, both internal and
external. In addition, it should include personal objectives, including details of their link to
wider service objectives and details of the support required by the consultant to fulfil the job
plan and the objectives.

Proposed Timetable
DAY                           AM                                PM
Monday                        DMH                               DMH

Tuesday                       SPA                               SPA/clinical administration

Wednesday                     BAG *                             BAG *

Thursday                      DMH                               DMH

Friday                        JCUH                              SPA

KEY       The James Cook University Hospital             JCUH
          Darlington Memorial Hospital                   DMH
          Bishop Auckland General Hospital               BAG
          Supporting professional activities             SPA

*The successful applicant will normally hold clinics at the James Cook University Hospital on
Wednesdays. Specialist Registrars in training are at present supervised by Miss E May who
will continue to supervise them until they complete their training in September 2007. At that
stage clinics at Bishop Auckland General Hospital will cease and the Consultant will transfer
those sessions to the James Cook University Hospital. This will coincide with the new intake
of Specialist registrars.

Author:   C Dargue                    Date: April 2006
                                                                                       Page 10 of 13

The terms and conditions are identical to the new Consultant Terms and Conditions of
Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff (England and Wales) and General Whitley
Council Conditions of Service, as amended from time to time.

1         Any Consultant who is unable to work full time for personal reasons will be eligible to
          be considered for the post. If such a person is appointed, modifications of the job
          content will be discussed on a personal basis in consultation with consultant
          colleagues and the Medical Director.

2.        The successful applicant will be required to reside within ten road miles of their base
          hospital although reasonable requests to extend this are usually agreed by the
          Medical Director.

3.        The appointee will be subject to a medical examination.

4.        The current salary applicable to the post will be in line with the new Consultant

5.        Relocation expenses will be offered and are negotiated on an individual basis with
          the successful applicant.

6.        Secretarial assistance and office accommodation will be made available.

Travel and Subsistence

Travel and subsistence will be reimbursed for preliminary visits only to those candidates
selected for interview. Reimbursement is restricted to two such visits, whether they are
made before or after the constitution of a shortlist. In the case of candidates travelling from
abroad, travelling expenses are normally payable from the point of entry into the United

Rehabilitation of Offenders*

Because of the nature of this work, the post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4(2) of
the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (exemptions) Order 1975. You are therefore not
entitled to withhold information about convictions, which for other purposes are “spent” under
the provisions of the Act, and any failure to disclose such convictions could result in
disciplinary action by the Authority. Any information given will be kept in strict confidence,
and used only in relation to the position to which the order applies.

Equal Opportunities*

The Trust is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities, both as an employer and in
the services provided.

All employees of the South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust and all applicants for employment will
have equality of opportunity for employment and advancement on the basis of their ability,
qualifications and fitness for work. The Trust is committed not only to the letter of the law but
also the promotion of equality of opportunity in all fields.

*The enclosed monitoring form should be completed and returned with your curriculum vitae.

Author:   C Dargue                     Date: April 2006
                                                                                     Page 11 of 13

Applicants or prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the Unit and to meet prospective
colleagues. Arrangements for visiting may be made by contacting

Miss Evelyn May

Telephone 01642 854259                             Telephone 01642


Electronic applications via NHS careers website.

Author:   C Dargue                  Date: April 2006
                                                                                 Page 12 of 13
                                   PERSON SPECIFICATION
                                CONSULTANT IN ORTHODONTICS
 REQUIREMENTS                         ESSENTIAL                                       DESIRABLE
                            Requirements necessary for safe effective         Where available, elements that
                            performance in the job                            contribute to improved,
                                                                              immediate performance in the job
Qualifications and              Full registration with GDC                    Training in appraisal
Training                        Inclusion on the GDC Specialist                  techniques
                                CCST or equivalent and intercollegiate
                                 higher assessment examination (ISFE)
                                 or within six months of expected date of
                                 achievement of ISFE.
Clinical Specialty Skills       Proficiency in all commonly used
                                 orthodontic techniques.
                                Experience in planning and supervising
                                 treatment carried out in the NHS by
                                 general dental services
                                Experience in providing care for cleft lip
                                 and palate and other craniofacial
                                Experience in planning and providing
                                 orthognathic treatment in combination
                                 with Maxillofacial surgeons
                                Experience in providing treatment in
                                 combination with Restorative
Skills, knowledge and           Evidence of working in a multi-                 Management training
aptitude                         disciplinary team                               IT skills
(e.g. communication or          Ability to organise and prioritise              Teaching skills
organisations skills,            complex demands
proven work record)             Evidence of teaching and training skills
                                 for junior doctors
Experience                      Relevant experience in any declared             Success in obtaining funding
                                 specialist interest pertinent to the post        for research
                                Evidence of clinical audit                      Evidence of research or
                                                                                  innovative service
Personal Skills                 Commitment to good team working and
                                Commitment to training and continuing
                                 medical education (CME)
                                Good leadership skills
                                Enthusiasm and ability to work under
                                Supportive and tolerant
                                Caring attitude to patients
Special Requirements            Will normally be required to live within
                                 10 miles of main base
                                Flexibility to respond to changing
                                 service needs
                                Clear recognition of boundaries in
                                 respect of sessional work outside the
                                Experience of conducting clinical audit
                                Evidence of ability to provide
                                 postgraduate clinical teaching at clinical
                                 assistant and SpR level
                                Evidence of research and publication
                                 on relevant topics

 Author:   C Dargue                       Date: April 2006
                                                                                              Page 13 of 13

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