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Can you use a virgin mobile usa phone on virgin mobile canada?

I am looking to buy a cheep phone and i am going to the usa soon and i was wondering if i bought a virgin mobile usa phone if it will work on virgin mobile
canada. Thanks

Asked by Matthew at Aug 10,2011 10:20

Best answer

No. The VirginMobileUSA phones are very proprietary, and only work with VirginMobileUSA, which only connects to the main Sprint network--no roaming. A
Virginmobile Canada phone can roam in the U.S.A., although the roaming charges are expensive. A Tmobile-to-Go USA phone will roam to Rogers in Canada
(for telephony, not texting).

Answer from thankyoumaskedman at Aug 10,2011 10:30

No. Virgin Mobile USA only works on the Virgin Mobile USA network. Virgin Mobile Canada and Virgin Mobile USA run on their own different networks. So your
VMUSA phone, will not work in Canada.

Answer from Mike at Aug 13,2011 09:29

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