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Can I get an iPad 2 without 3G and if so what's the difference with the 3G and without 3G?

Asked by Kevin Frausto at Aug 10,2011 04:47

3G is when you can walk around everywhere and pick up a data connection using a CELL tower and without 3G is when you can't do it. 3G is what cell phones
use to pick up the internet. If you get 3G for your IPAD, you are going to still have to pay for a data plan for it.

Answer from Kevin Ball at Aug 10,2011 04:52

Best answer

One has 3G(so you'll need to pay a month plan with Verizon or AT&T) and the other one has only WIFI (no data charge and can only use the internet on the
device if you have some kind of WIFI connection)

Answer from Sinaps at Aug 10,2011 04:54

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