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Are iPhones any good?

I am switching phone companies (Sprint to Verizon) and I am going to get an iPhone. I was just wondering if they are any good. I will use it as a phone but I will
also play games and text on it.

Asked by Tommy Schaeffer at Aug 07,2011 14:02

they are pretty good. make sure u can text with a screen. they also got good smart phones htc

Answer from Brand wolfss at Aug 07,2011 14:03

Best answer

"Any good" has no real meaning. The iPhone is the best selling model phone on the market today although Android as an OS outsells the iPhone. The iPhone
app store is packed with cool apps that give your iPhone the ability to become many other devices, such as a GPS, TV, DVR, Guitar Amp, etc, etc. Apple is the
most innovative company on earth and the iPhone redefined what phones are. ANd the play KILLER games.

Answer from oracle_of_reason at Aug 07,2011 14:06

Actually the iPhone is no where near the best selling phone on the market, nor is it in top3. It's a decent phone with a lot of applications that make it even better.
The new iPhone 4 is better compared to the old iPhone, but still, an HTC or the new Samsung Galaxy S II would be better. If you really want to buy a new iPhone
wait a couple of months at max, and probably a new iPhone will appear on the market.

Answer from Kiddo at Aug 07,2011 14:20

I own an Android phone and I am very happy with it. However, my coworker has just gotten an iPhone and she is happier with it than the Droid she had
previously. She claims it is more user friendly. I suggest if you go to a Verizon store, that you try out any working floor models they might have around before you
get anything, and see how well you like how each handles. Texting with a touch screen takes a little bit of time to learn how to do if you haven't done it before. But
I managed to get it right pretty quickly, and I was terrible with texting with the old school cell phones.

Answer from paperdoll198 at Aug 07,2011 14:22

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