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									Presentations - 5 Ways to Make a Great Impression

For most of us we will have to make a presentation at least once in our life.
This may be in front of 2 or 3 people or it could be an audience of over 500.
However, the important thing is not the size of the audience but how
effective your presentation is. An effective presentation is one that gets your
message across clearly and is understood by the audience. An effective
presentation relates to your audience and it ensures they learn something

As well as the content of your presentation how you present it will also
determine how effective it is. When you begin your presentation follow the
tips below to make a good impression.

1. It is normal to be nervous before you give a presentation. Actually it is
better to be nervous because you can use that energy to your advantage by
giving a more energetic and interesting presentation. Although, it is good to
be nervous you have to use it and channel it correctly otherwise, the nerves
will get the better of you. The first thing to do is to relax. You have prepared
and practiced your presentation that you could do it blindfolded. Have all
your notes, handouts and PowerPoint in order. Use the 5 or 10 minutes
beforehand to breathe deeply and visualize that you are going to give a
confident performance.

2. Many people who give presentations to large audiences on a regular basis
arrive early and introduce themselves to members of the audience. This is a
great way to engage with your audience and bring down any barriers before
giving the presentation. By engaging with them beforehand you will find the
audience more receptive and warmer. This will also help you to keep calm
and more relaxed.

3. If you are giving a presentation at an event it is likely that you will be
introduced by the main presenter or organizer. It is good practice to pick up
what is said about you as your introduced. During your introduction people
will mention your background or interests and you can follow up on these as
you begin your presentation. This can be used to introduce a little humor to
warm up the audience.

4. Before you start make sure you have your audience's attention. The main
person introducing you will be able to do this. However, if there is no one to
introduce you then, you need to do this yourself. This can be achieved by
standing there silently for a few moments or if that does not work then,
begin with a few light coughs and introduce yourself.

5. If you have prepared in advance you will have set a time limit to finish the
presentation. It is important that you do not overrun as this will delay the
organizers schedule.

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