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					                                                        QUICK FACTS

                                                                                                                                                   2006-07 E
                                          UNIVERSITY                                          SPORTS INFORMATION
TABLE OF CONTENTS                         Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan                       Sports Information Director: Jim Streeter
                                          Founded: 1849                                       Assistant SID: Greg Steiner
 1   T.O.C./Quick Facts                   Enrollment: 24,000                                  Tennis Contact: Paul Pancoe
 2   EMU Sports Information               President: Dr. John A. Fallon, III                  Office Phone: 734.487.0317
 3   EMU Athletics Phone Directory        Nickname: Eagles                                    Office Fax: 734.485.3840
 4   Team Photo/Roster                    Colors: Dark Green (349) and White                  E-mail: ppancoe@emich.edu
                                          Conference: Mid-American (MAC)                      Office E-mail: EMU_Sportsinfo@emich.edu
 5   Head Coach Ryan Ray
                                          Home Court: Chippewa Club                           Mailing Address: 799 Hewitt Road
 6   Laura Fernandez
 6   Yana Parfenyuk                                                                                            Convocation Center
 7   Christina Bestehorn                                                                                       Room 307
                                          ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT                                                  Ypsilanti, MI 48197
 7   Vanessa Frankowski                   Athletics Director: Derrick Gragg                   Web Site: www.emueagles.com
 7   Aditi Krishnan                       Associate AD-Internal: Mike Malach

                                                                                                                                                            MU T NNI
 8   Flavia Micati                        Asst. AD-Marketing: Stephannnie Harvey-Vandenberg
 8   Joanna Woo
                                                                                              2006-07 TEAM INFORMATION
                                          Assistant AD-Compliance: Melody Reifel Werner       2005-06 Overall Record: 10-11
 8   Emma Czarnecki                       Head Athletic Trainer: Steve Nordwall               2005-06 MAC Record/Finish: 4-4/5th
 9   Eastern Michigan University          Equipment Manager: Darrell Halberg                  Letterwinners Returning/Lost: 6/1
10   EMU Athletic Department                                                                  Newcomers: 2
11   EMU Student Athletic Support

12   Mid-American Conference              WOMEN’S TENNIS STAFF
13   2005-06 MAC Season & Statistics      Head Coach: Ryan Ray (Nebraska-Kearney ‘98)
15   2005-06 EMU Statistics and Results   Record at EMU (Years): First Year
16   Individual EMU Records & Honors      MAC Record (Years): First Year
                                          Career Record (Years): 23-26

18   EMU Season by Season Results
24   TCF Bank - Official Bank of EMU      Office Phone Number: 734.487.2244

                                                                                               Writing by Paul Pancoe, covers designed by Babs
                                                                                               Rambold. Edited by Jim Streeter. Photography
                                                                                               by Dick Schwarze and Randy Mascharka.

                                                                                               Information is currrent as of March 20, 2007.

                                          Day          Date                Opponent                                                       Time
                                          Fri.-Sun.    Sept.     15-17     at Michigan State Invitational                                All Day
                                          Fri.-Sun.    Oct.        6-8     at Toledo Rocket Invitational                                 All Day
                                          Thu.-Tue.    Oct.      17-19     at ITA Regional (at Michigan State)                           All Day
                                          Fri.         Jan.         19     at Marshall                                                   1 p.m.
                                          Sat.         Jan.         20     vs Morehead State (at Marshall)                                 Noon
                                          Sat.         Jan.         27     at Michigan State                                               Noon
                                          Sun.         Jan.         28     at Wisconsin                                                    Noon
                                          Fri.         Feb.          2     at Cincinnati                                                 7 p.m.
                                          Sat.         Feb.          3     at Dayton                                                       Noon
                                          Fri.         Feb.          9     DETROIT                                                  12:30 p.m.
                                          Fri.         Feb.         23     vs. Illinois State (at Western Michigan)                      6 p.m.
                                          Tue.         Feb.         27     at Stetson                                                 2:30 p.m.
                                          Wed.         Feb.         28     at Bethune-Cookman                                            2 p.m.
                                          Thu.         March         1     at Central Florida                                            1 p.m.
                                          Fri.         March         9     at Indiana State                                              6 p.m.
                                          Fri.         Mar.         23     TOLEDO*                                                       1 p.m.
                                          Sat.         March        24     ILLINOIS-CHICAGO                                              2 p.m.
                                          Fri.         March        30     at Ball State*                                                1 p.m.
                                          Sat.         March        31     at Miami*                                                     1 p.m.
                                          Fri.         April         6     NORTHERN ILLINOIS*                                            1 p.m.
                                          Mon.         April         9     YOUNGSTOWN STATE                                            10 a.m.
                                          Fri.         April        13     AKRON*                                                        1 p.m.
                                          Sat.         April        14     BUFFALO*                                                      1 p.m.
                                          Fri.         April        20     at Bowling Green*                                             1 p.m.
                                          Sat.         April        21     at Western Michigan*                                          1 p.m.
                                          Thu.-Sun.    April     26-29     at MAC Championships (at Toledo)                              All Day
 Junior Vanessa Frankowski                Fri.-Sun.    May       11-13     NCAA Regionals                                                All Day
                                          Mon.-Mon.    May       18-28     NCAA Championships (Athens, Ga.)                              All Day

                                          BOLD CAPS home match at Chippewa Club
                                          *Mid-American Conference match

                                                   EMU Sports Information
         MU T NNIS

                     EMU MEDIA POLICIES AND SERVICES                                  PRESS SERVICES
                       The Eastern Michigan University tennis guide is intended to      Game programs, notes and cumulative statistics for all partici-
                     be a source of information for the media. If additional          pating teams will be available one hour prior to all meets. Box

                     information on EMU volleyball and other Eagle sports is          scores will be available at the conclusion of the game.
                     required, please contact the EMU Sports Information Office,
                     located on the second floor of the Convocation Center.           INTERVIEWS
                                                                                        Head Coach Ryan Ray is available for interviews on an
                     CONTACT                                                          appointment-only basis between matches and after practices.
2006-07 E

                       The Sports Information contact for the tennis team is Paul     Personal interviews with the coach and players should be
                     Pancoe. He can be reached at 734.487.0317, or via e-mail         scheduled with the EMU Sports Information Office.
                     at ppancoe@emich.edu.                                              Individual players are available for interviews Monday-Thurs-
                                                                                      day. Their availability will depend on practice and class sched-
                     SERVICES                                                         ules. Please give at least 24-hour advance notice so the players
                       The EMU Sports Information Office offers a weekly release      can be contacted and arrangements can be made. Home phone
                     containing team and individual notes, statistics, reviews of     numbers for players and coaches WILL NOT be given out by the
                     past games and a look ahead to upcoming events. Additional       EMU Sports Information Office.
                     information will include Mid-American Conference rankings,         The coaching staff and players will be available for post-match
                     statistics and league notes.                                     interviews following a short cooling-off period.

                     CREDENTIALS AND PARKING                                          WORLD WIDE WEB
                       All credential requests should be directed to Paul Pancoe at   The media can access all the latest EMU tennis news on the
                     least one week in advance of home matches. All media             athletic department’s Web site, located at EMUEagles.com. The
                     wishing to attend away meets should contact the host             EMU Sports Information Office produces this Web site with the
                     institution regarding media policies and services. EMU does      most up-to-date and extensive coverage of the Eagles. Tennis
                     not issue parking credentials for volleyball. Parking for the    information available on the EMU Web site includes statistics,
                     Convocation Center can be found at the arena on a first-         rosters, press releases and notes.
                     come, first-serve basis. Media personnel will be responsible
                     for their own parking arrangements.
                                                      EMU SPORTS INFORMATION
                                    JIM STREETER                                                     PAUL PANCOE
                                    Sports Information Director                                      Graduate Assistant
                                    Office Phone: 734.487.0317/0318                                  Office Phone: 734.487.0317/0318
                                    Home Phone: 734.485.3221                                         E-mail: ppancoe@emich.edu
                                    E-mail: Jim.Streeter@emich.edu

                                    GREG STEINER                                                    DAN MURPHY
                                    Sports Information Assistant                                    Graduate Assistant
                                    Office Phone: 734.487.0317/0318                                 Office Phone: 734.487.0317/0318
                                    Home Phone: 734.845.1132                                        E-mail: dmurph11@emich.edu
                                    E-mail: gsteiner2@emich.edu

                                      Mailing Address
                                      799 Hewitt Road                                               MEKYE PHELPS
                                Convocation Center, Room 307                                        Graduate Assistant
                                     Ypsilanti, MI 48197                                            Office Phone: 734.487.0317/0318
                                                                                                    E-mail: nphelps1@emich.edu
                          Sports Information Fax: 734.485.3840
                        Office E-mail: EMU_Sportsinfo@emich.edu
                              Web site: www.emueagles.com

                                                    EMU ATHLETICS

                                                                                                                                             2006-07 E
 (All phone numbers area code 734 unless otherwise noted)                            DEPARTMENT OF
                                                                                INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS
ADMINISTRATION                                                                      MISSION STATEMENT
Derrick Gragg, Athletics Director ....................... 487.1050             The mission of the Department of Intercollegiate Athlet-
Darrell Hallberg, Equipment Manager ................ 487.6478
                                                                          ics at Eastern Michigan University is to complement and supple-
Stephannnie Harvey-Vandenberg, Asst. AD/SWA 487.8682
Mike Malach, Associate AD/Administration ......... 487.5313               ment the overall mission of the institution. The intercollegiate

                                                                                                                                                      MU T NNI
Steve Nordwall, Director of Sports Medicine ....... 487.5183              program is committed to enriching the intellectual and physi-
Ron Reid, Ticket Manager ................................ 487.2282        cal growth and development of all student-athletes.
Melody Reifel Werner, Director of Compliance .... 487.1238                     The program will strive to provide competitive opportuni-
Jim Streeter, Sports Information Director ........... 487.0317            ties to a wide range of student-athletes at the conference,

Mike Szerszen, Strength & Conditioning Coord. .. 487.2152
                                                                          regional and national levels, and will engender support for
Assoctiate Atheltics Director ............................. 487.1050
                                                                          the institution among many constituents, including students,
WOMEN’S TENNIS STAFF                                                      faculty, alumni, friends and local communities.

Ryan Ray, Head Coach ..................................... 487.2244           The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is committed
                                                                          to building the program based on the following principles:
HEAD COACHING STAFF                                                       • COMMITMENT TO COMPLIANCE
Karen Baird, Softball ....................................... 487.1031      In order to develop the character and ethical values of
Kim Berrington, Women’s Volleyball .................. 487.0291
                                                                          student-athletes, and by continuation, all of those as
Derek DelPorto, Wrestling ................................ 487.6429
Roger Coryell, Baseball .................................... 487.0315     sociated with the intercollegiate program, the program
Bruce Cunningham, Men’s Golf ................. 487.6703/2441              must be operated with strict respect for, and adherence
Brad Fairchild, Men’s X-Country/Track ............... 487.0236            to, all rules and regulations of governing agencies.
Jeff Genyk, Football ......................................... 487.6961   • COMMITMENT TO EQUITY
Scott Hall, Women’s Soccer ............................. 487.2144           The Department of Athletics shall remain committed,
Chris Heike, Cheer .................................... 810.533.0723
                                                                          in spirit and action, to the principle of gender and ethnic
Brad Holdren, Interim Women’s Rowing ............. 487.2234
                                                                          diversity. Competitive opportunities, fiscal resources
Peter Linn, Swimming ..................................... 487.0463
Sue Parks, Women’s X-Country/Track ............... 487.0262               and support services shall be distributed equitably.
Suzy Merchant, Women’s Basketball.................. 487.4451              • COMMITMENT TO EDUCATION
Charles Ramsey, Men’s Basketball ..................... 487.0214             The primary objective of all Eastern Michigan University
Loren Smith, Men’s & Women’s Diving ............... 487.3079              student-athletes is to graduate. Intercollegiate participation
Sandy Wagner, Women’s Golf ................... 487.6435/2241                and achievement is secondary. All staff and coaches must
Steve Wilce, Gymnastics .................................. 487.1082
                                                                            endeavor to assist the student-athlete in meeting their
TBA, Dance Team ..................................... 734.395.5031
                                                                          academic goals.
                                                                          • COMMITMENT TO SERVICE
                                                                            The intercollegiate program, and all participants and
                                                                          staff, must represent the University with distinction. All
                                                                          actions and conduct are a reflection on the University,
                                                                          and must be consistent with the University’s mission.
                                                                          • COMMITMENT TO SPORTSMANSHIP
                                                                            The Department of Athletics will provide an environment
                                                                            characterized by the highest level of sportsmanship. All
                                                                          staff, coaches and student-athletes will compete with
                                                                            dignity and honor.

                                                    ROSTER               AND         TEAM PHOTO
2006-07 EMU T NNI
             E   S

                                  Back Row: Head Coach Ryan Ray, Yana Parfenyuk, Catharina Bestehorn, Flavia Micati, Vanessa Frankowski
                                  Kneeling: Emma Czarnecki, Laura Fernandez, Aditi Krishnan, Joanna Woo

                                                     2006-07 Eastern Michigan Eagles Tennis Roster
                     Player                           Ht.          Cl.-Elig.   Hometown-High School (Previous School)
                     Catharina Bestehorn              5-8          Gr.-Jr.     Ebenhausen, Germany-Icking Gymnasium
                     Emma Czarnecki                   5-4          So.-Fr.     Huntington Woods, Mich.-Berkley High School
                     Laura Fernandez                  5-2          Sr.-Sr.     La Vega, Dominican Republic-Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion
                     Vanessa Frankowski               6-0          Jr.-Jr.     Stuttgart, Germany-Albertus Magnus Gymnasium
                     Aditi Krishnan                   5-3          Jr.-Jr.     Markham, Ontario-Canada-Markville Secondary School
                     Flavia Micati                    5-7          Jr.-Jr.     Rio de Janerio, Brazil-Cejo Terejopolis RJ
                     Yana Parfenyuk                   5-5          Gr.-Sr.     Omsk, Russia-Math and Physics Liuceum #64
                     Joanna Woo                       5-7          So.-So.     Winnipeg, Manitoba-Vincent Massey Collegiate

                     Head Coach: Ryan Ray (Nebraska-Kearney ‘98) -- First Season

                                   HEAD COACH RYAN RAY

                                                                                                                             2006-07 E
                         Ryan Ray is entering his first season as Eastern Michigan’s head women’s tennis coach. Ray (6-
                         4-75) most recently was head coach of the men’s tennis program at Indiana State University,
                         leading them to an undefeated regular season conference championship and a second place
                         finish in the conference tournament while earning Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year
                         in 2005.
                           Ray will look to bring his recruiting talents to EMU, which he showed, impressively at Indiana
                         State, by starting with a roster of two players and producing a team consisting of four players

                                                                                                                                      MU T NNI
                         ranked in the top 200 in the world in junior play and a junior college All-American. Two of those
                         players had multiple years of Davis Cup experience in their native countries. Ray also coached
                         two doubles teams to national rankings as high as #43 and #54 during the 2005 season.
                           During the 2002 and 2003 seasons Ray was the assistant men’s and women’s tennis coach at

Saint Louis University. Ray helped the Saint Louis women’s team to their best Conference USA tournament finish in six
seasons, and the men’s program improved their regional ranking from 13th to 5th.
    In the 2001 season, Ray served as the assistant men’s and women’s tennis coach at the University of Northern
Iowa. While mainly responsible for the women’s program, he helped them reach a 15-5 record and a No. 68 national

ranking, the first in school history.
    During the 1999 and 2000 seasons Ray spent time as a volunteer coach at the University of Oklahoma where
they obtained a No. 30 national ranking and No. 1 ranking in the central region.
    As a four-year letterman while at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Ray was a member of the 1997 NCAA Div.
II Regional qualifying team and received the 1997 Nebraska Collegiate Male Sportsmanship Award.
    Ray received Bachelor of Science degrees in Sports Administration and Business Administration from the University
of Nebraska at Kearney in 1998. He earned his Master of Science in Sport Management from the University of Okla-
homa in 2000.
        Ray resides in Ypsilanti.

                                                The Ryan Ray File
Name: Ryan Ray
Born: June 4, 1975 (Blair, Nebraska)
High School: Blair (Nebraska) H.S.
College: University of Nebraska at Kearney - Graduated in 1998 with Bachelor’s degrees in sports administration
and business administration
University of Oklahoma - Graduated in 2000 with a Master’s degree in sport management

Coaching Experience
Year        School                                        Position
2003-2005   Indiana State University                      Head Tennis Coach (men)
2001-2003   Saint Louis University                        Assistant Tennis Coach (men and women)
2001        University of Northern Iowa                   Assistant Tennis Coach (men and women)
1998-2000   University of Oklahoma                        Volunteer Assistant Tennis Coach (men)
1997-1998   University of Nebraska at Kearney             Student Assistant Coach (men and women)

                                 THE 2006-07 EAGLES
         MU T NNIS

                     LAURA FERNANDEZ

                     La Vega, Dominican Republic-Colegio
                     Inmaculada Concepcion
2006-07 E

                     EMU 2006: Posted 10-8 singles record going 4-2 in MAC
                     competition…teamed with Catharina Bestehorn and Flavia
                     Micati to post 12-6 doubles record, 4-3 in MAC
                     play…selected ITA All-Academic…2005: Went 16-12 on
                     the year in singles play and 7-13 in doubles
                     matches…2004: Posted a 8-9 singles mark and 2-3
                     doubles record in limited action...High School: La Vega,
                     Dominican Republic/Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion…
                     Personal: Daughter of Fernando and Maria
                     Fernandez…Born: 2-10-85…Major: Graphic Design.

                     YANA PARFENYUK
                     Omsk, Russia-Math and Physics Liuceum #64

                     EMU 2006: Lead team with a singles record of 15-
                     6…paired with Vanessa Frankowski for a doubles record
                     of 8-12…named ITA All-Academic, ITA Scholar Athlete, and
                     MAC All-Academic…2005: Singles match record of 8-
                     11…doubles record of 7-12…High School: Attended
                     Math and Physics Liuceum #64 – Omsk, Russia…Personal:
                     Daughter of Igor and Larisa Parfenyuk…Born: 5-7-85…Ma-
                     jor: MBA.

              THE 2006-07 EAGLES

                                                                   2006-07 E
    Ebenhausen, Germany/Icking Gymnasium

    EMU 2006: Posted 8-10 record on the year…paired with Laura

                                                                            MU T NNI
    Fernandez to post a 4-3 doubles record…MAC player of the
    week…Dean’s List student…2005: Posted a 4-17 singles
    record…combined with multiple doubles partners to post a 3-

    8 record…High School: Attended Gymnasium Icking –
    Germany…Personal: Daughter of Kurt and Maike Bestehorn…
    has one brother, Max…Born: 11-13-82…Major: Management/
    Human Resources.

    Stuttgart, Germany-Albertus Magnus Gymnasium

     EMU 2006: Posted 14-6 singles record, winning ten of last
     twelve matches of the season…went 7-1 in MAC play…paired
     with Yana Parfenyuk to go 8-12 in doubles play…selected ITA
     All-Academic…2005: Posted 10-7 singles record…14-4
    doubles record on the year…High School: Albertus Magnus
    Gymnasium – Germany…Personal: Daughter of Ryszard and
    Silvia Frankowski…has one sister, Julika…Born: 12-9-84…Ma-
    jor: International Business.

    Markham, Ontario-Canada-Markvile Secondary School

    EMU 2006: Posted 9-10 singles record, going 4-4 in MAC
    competition…paired with Elizabeth Syrova to go post a team
    leading 12-8 doubles record including 6-2 in MAC play…Dean’s
    List student…selected ITA All-Academic…High School:
    Markville Secondary School – Ontario…Personal: Daughter of
    Kris and Meena Krishnan…Has one sister, Aswini…Born: 10-2-
    85…Major: Finance.

                               THE 2006-07 EAGLES
         MU T NNIS

                     FLAVIA MICATI
                     FLAVIA MICA

                     Rio de Janerio, Brazil-Cejo Terejopolis RJ
2006-07 E

                     EMU 2006: Saw limited action in season finishing 0-3 in singles
                     matches…combined to go 8-7 in doubles action…2005:
                     Posted records of 4-11 in singles matches and 9-16 in doubles
                     play…High School: Ceso-Terespolis – Rio de Janerio,
                     Brazil…Personal: Daughter of Omar Micati and Luciana
                     Mantovani…Born: 11-28-85…Major: Psychology.

                     JOANNA WOO
                     JOANNA WOO
                     Winnipeg, Manitoba-Vincent Massey Collegiate/UMBC

                     High School: Competed in Manitoba Open and WWC Open
                     senior year…Personal: Daughter of Sun and Lai-Kuen
                     Woo…has one brother, Eric…Born: 7-5-87…Major: Psychol-

                     EMMA CZARNECKI
                     Huntington Woods, Mich.-Berkley High School/Oakland

                     High School: State finalist, named All-State, All-Regional dur-
                     ing junior year…Personal: Daughter of Edward and Julia
                     Czarnecki…has two brothers, Nicholas and Stefan…Born: 11-
                     25-87…Major: Anthropology.

                                                                                                                                                                   2006-07 E
                  FAST FACTS                                    MISSION STATEMENT
                                                               Eastern Michigan University is commit-
Founded:         1849 - Michigan State Normal School
                                                          ted to excellence in teaching, the exten-
Enrollment: Fifth-largest state institution in Michigan
                                                          sion of knowledge through basic and ap-
Undergraduates:                                19,000     plied research and creative and artistic ex-
Graduates:                                       4,862    pression. Building on a proud tradition of
Gender:                                                   national leadership in the preparation of
Undergraduates: 60 percent female; 40 percent male        teachers, we maximize educational oppor-
Graduates:         65 percent female; 35 percent male     tunities and personal and professional

                                                                                                                                                                            MU T NNI
                                                          growth for students from diverse back-
Michigan residents:                         86 percent
                                                          grounds through an array of baccalaure-
President:                         John A. Fallon, III    ate, master’s and doctoral programs.
Board of Regents:                 Eight-member board,          We provide a student-focused learn-
                                 appointed by governor    ing environment that positively affects the
Faculty:                                  761 full time   lives of students and the community. We

Faculty holding Ph.D.:                      93 percent    extend our commitment beyond the campus boundaries to the wider community through service
Student/Faculty Ratio:                            19:1
                                                          initiatives and partnerships of mutual interest addressing local, regional, national and international
                                                          opportunities and challenges.
New Freshmen Average GPA:                          3.1
New Freshmen Average ACT:                            21

New Freshmen Average SAT:                        1014
                                                          Eastern Michigan University is a public, comprehensive, regional University
Academic programs:            423 majors, minors and      that offers programs in the arts, sciences and professions. Founded in 1849, the Univer-
       concentrations, plus 195 graduate degrees and
                                                          sity is composed of more than 24,000 students who are served by 761 full-time faculty
                                  certificate programs
                                                          as well as 1,255 staff, both on campus, off campus and electronically. EMU offers under-
Doctoral programs:         2 - Educational Leadership;
                                                          graduate, graduate, specialist, doctoral and certificate programs in its colleges of arts
                                  Clinical Psychology
                                                          and sciences, business, education, health and human services, and technology.
Campus Buildings:                                  128
Campus Size:                                 803 acres
                                                                                                  OUR HISTORY
Athletic Affiliation:             NCAA Division I-A
                                                              EMU was founded as Michigan State Normal School in 1849 when the state of Michigan was just 12
                                                          years old. The Michigan Legislature designated EMU as the first institution to educate teachers to
NCAA Conference:            Mid-American Conference
                                                          serve the public schools. It was the first tax-supported college in Michigan open to both men and
Mascot:                                         Eagles    women. EMU began on a four-acre site in one building, with two programs of study: a classical course
Colors:                               Green and White     and an English course. The University was the first teacher-education institution established west of
                                                          the Allegheny Mountains and sixth in the nation.
2006-07 Tuition and Fees*                                     During its first 100 years, Michigan State Normal School certified thousands of teachers and
In-state and Ohio, 30 credit hours:            $6,016     developed the broad-based curricula that prepared it for university status in 1959. Within the new
Out-of-State, 30 credit hours:             $16,022.50
                                                          University, three colleges emerged: the College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and
                                                          the Graduate School. The University expanded three more times: in 1964 with the College of Busi-
Room and Board, 20 meals weekly:               $6,612
                                                          ness; in 1975 with the College of Health and Human Services; and in 1980 with the College of

                                          PRESIDENTS, EXECUTIVE OFFICERS AND BOARD OF REGENTS
                         EMU EXECUTIVE OFFICERS                                                            EMU BOARD OF REGENTS

   Dr. John A.           Ted Coutilish       Bernice Lindke     Donald Loppnow       Thomas Sidlik           Roy E.         Ismael Ahmed          Floyd Clack
   Fallon, III           VP University         Interim VP          Provost/              Chair              Wilbanks
   President              Marketing            Enrollment       Academic Affairs                           Vice-Chair

                Darryl                Janice Stroh         Jim Vick                  Gary D. Hawks         Philip A.            Francine           James F.
              Sczepanski              VP Business          Student                                         Incarnati             Parker            Stapleton
              University              and Finance           Affairs

                                              EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT
         MU T NNIS

                                                                        years at the University of Arkansas. He            gram at this level should be, and that
                                                                        first joined UA in 2000 as an associate            makes him a perfect fit for Eastern Michi-

                                                                        athletic director and in 2003 he was pro-          gan University.” ”I am honored and ex-
                                                                        moted to senior associate athletic direc-          cited to be joining the Eastern Michigan
                                                                        tor and then deputy director. During his           University team,” Gragg said. “EMU has a
                                                                        tenure at Arkansas, Gragg was respon-              sound program, administrative support
                                                                        sible for a variety of areas including: ath-       and outstanding coaches and student-ath-
                                                                        letic administration management, sport             letes. I believe that together we can build
2006-07 E

                                                                        program oversight, marketing, recruit-             upon those strengths to restore a win-
                                                                        ment, budget, student-athlete support,             ning tradition in athletics.”
                                                                        compliance, facilities and game manage-               A former wide receiver for the Vanderbilt
                                                                        ment, and fund raising and research.               University football team, Gragg earned four
                                                                        Prior to joining the Arkansas athletic pro-        letters while completing his undergradu-
                                                                        gram, Gragg was an assistant athletics             ate degree in human development in 1992.
                                                                        director for compliance at the University          He was named to the Southeastern Con-
                                                                        of Michigan from 1997-2000. During his             ference Academic Honor Roll during his
                                                                        tenure at Michigan, Gragg completed work           senior season. After completing his un-
                                                                        on his master’s degree at Wayne State              dergraduate degree at Vanderbilt in 1992,
                                                                        University in 1999. He earned his doctor-          Gragg stayed at his alma mater to be-
                       Derrick Gragg, deputy athletic direc-            ate in higher education administration from        come an academic counselor before add-
                     tor at the University of Arkansas and a            the University of Arkansas in May 2004.            ing the title of director of student life in
                     former member of the University of                    ”Derrick Gragg has served as a senior-          his final year. In 1995, Gragg was named
                     Michigan athletic administration, was              level athletic administrator at four Divi-         director of compliance and operations at
                     named athletic director at Eastern Michi-          sion I institutions and received accolades         the University of Missouri. During his two
                     gan University, Feb. 21, 2006.                     for his work at each,” EMU President John          years at Missouri he was the game event
                       The 36-year-old Gragg (11-19-69) be-             A. Fallon, III said at the press conference        manager for Olympic sports programs and
                     came Eastern Michigan’s 11th athletic di-          naming Gragg. “He has the administra-              served on the Big 12 Compliance Coordi-
                     rector after spending the previous six             tive skills, and the vision for what a pro-        nators Group during his last year.

                     EMU Athletic Department Staff

                              Bobbie Bowling      Liz Broughton          Erin Burdis       Carol Carrico     Craig Fink         Darrell Hallberg    Stephannnie
                              Senior Account     Faculy Athletics     Interim Head of      Administrative   Development           Equipment      Harevy-Vandenberg
                                Specialist       Representative             SASS             Secretary        Director             Manager         Asst. AD/SWA

                                Dave Keller        David Lawson          Mike Malach       Steve Nordwall    Ann Pierson       Melissa Pohorence   Melody Reifel
                                 Facilities       Head Strength           Assoc. AD-        Head Athletic     Academic          Staff Athletic       Werner
                                 Manager              Coach             Administration         Trainer        Counselor              Trainer        Compliance

                             Scott Schultz        Greg Steiner         Jim Streeter       Mike Szerszen      Bill Tuscany      Masayasu Takaiwa Teiryne Vaughn
                              Promotions        Asst. Sports Info.   Sports Information   Asst. Strength    Assoc. Athletic     Staff Athletic  Coord. Athletics
                              Coordinator            Director             Director            Coach             Trainer            Trainer        Certifiction


                                                                                                                                         2006-07 E
                                                   Student-Athlete Support Services
       Academic, personal and professional support are essential to college success. At EMU, Student-Athlete Support Services
(SASS) helps student-athletes reach their full potential.
       Our philosophy is to offer an academic support program, integrated with the University, that will assist all student-athletes
with their transition into college. This all-encompassing support continues throughout each student-athlete's collegiate career, until
the day he or she receives a diploma, lands a job or enters graduate school.
       Being proactive rather than reactive, our staff does not wait for an academic crisis to occur. We gather important back-
ground information and build an academic profile on each student-athlete, assessing his or her needs in advance.
       Services provided through SASS include the following: programs that focus on student-athletes' special needs, monitoring
academic performance, providing learning assistance, assisting with registration procedures, assisting in monitoring athletic

                                                                                                                                                  MU T NNI
eligibility, providing priority registration and making sure that athletes are advised about current NCAA, MAC and University rules
and regulations.
       Freshmen and transfer student-athletes encounter a major transition when making the switch from high school or community
college to a university. These students, while adjusting to their new routines, receive extra attention and support.

       College is not easy. But with hard work and dedication from both the student-athlete and the support staff, the student-athlete
can have a successful college experience.
       The success of Eastern's student-athletes hinges on their willingness to seek assistance from SASS as well as other University
student services. SASS staff members continually refer student-athletes to the admissions office, Academic Advising Center,

Career Services Center, health services, the records office, financial aid and The Holman Learning Center. Faculty members also
provide assistance to student-athletes through advising in course selection and providing additional help with courses when
                                               Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
      The Eastern Michigan University Sports Medicine Department has a long history and reputation for excellence in the health
care of student-athletes and the education of athletic training students. Founding practitioners Gary Strickland, Ron Venis and Dr.
Wally Roeser envisioned a goal of first-class prevention, management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries for all student-athletes.
Although the department continues to grow, its primary mission remains the same. The student-athletes participating in intercolle-
giate athletics receive comprehensive health care from an expansive sports medicine team.
      The Eastern Michigan University Sports Medicine staff is led by team physician Dr. David Alvarez, orthopedic team physicians
Dr. Wally Roeser and Dr. Bruce Miller, and Head Athletic Trainer Steve Nordwall. Additionally, the staff consists of two primary care
sports medicine fellows, three full-time staff athletic trainers, two full-time athletic training clinical educators, four graduate
assistant athletic trainers and the team dentist, Tom Slade. Our sports medicine staff works in conjunction with various medical
professionals within the community who provide nutritional, dental, vision and other specialized services for our student-athletes.
      At Eastern Michigan University, the philosophy of the Sports Medicine staff is two-fold: to provide a high standard of medical
care through effective preventive and management programs, and to facilitate an effective post-injury rehabilitation process for a
safe return to competition. In all cases, the ultimate well-being of each student-athlete is considered our number one priority, not
only while they compete at Eastern Michigan University, but during their lifetime as well.
      The Sports Medicine staff operates out of three campus athletic training facilities in the Convocation Center, Bowen Field
House and the Rynearson Stadium team building.

                                                       Strength and Conditioning
   The main focus of the EMU strength and conditioning program is to develop the complete student-athlete. Everything that is
incorporated into the training program relates to success on the court.
   The program is not just about lifting weights, but rather the development of all aspects of athletic performance. These areas
include speed, strength, quickness, agility, flexibility, explosion, sports nutrition and mental toughness.
   One of the main objectives of the program is to improve the players’ agility and speed. The goal is to develop stronger and more
physical student-athletes without losing speed or flexibility.
   With that in mind, our staff focuses on improving strength in the power zone. Abdominal, lower back and hip strength are crucial
for an athlete’s success. Increasing strength in these areas decreases the chance and severity of injury and assists in strength and
power development.
   EMU athletes are pushed as much as possible to prepare for competition.The athletes are challenged through physically
demanding and intense workouts year-round. The athletes are also challenged during each workout with some type of mental
toughness/physical challenge. We train not only the physical side of the student-athlete, but also the mental and competitive side.
While everyone lifts weights during the year, EMU Eagle student-athletes will also condition. This places us as one of the best
conditioned teams in the country each year.
   Our goal is simple: Be the best conditioned/most physical team in the country.
   A highly motivated athlete is a program’s most valuable asset. Every school in the country works on developing its athletes from
the neck down. But at EMU, our program strives for excellence both mentally and physically. Our staff works to develop long-term
and short-term goals for success. We work closely with the athletes so we know exactly what they are doing and what they need
to do to improve.

                                                                      MID-AMERICAN CONFERENCE
         MU T NNIS

                                                 Throughout the span of 59 years, the Mid-American          Former MAC members are Butler (1947-50), Western Reserve (1947-55), Cincin-
                                             Conference has progressively grown and developed            nati (1947-53) and Wayne State (1947). The member institutions have a total
                                             into one of the most aggressive Division I conferences      enrollment of better than 310,000, with individual enrollments ranging from 16,000-

                                             in the country. Under the guidance of Commissioner          38,000. The MAC’s overall enrollment makes it the fourth-largest conference in the
                                             Rick Chryst, the seventh commissioner in the history of     United States. MAC alumni number 1.7 million.
                                             the league, the MAC has moved its men’s and women’s         The MAC was the first Division I-A conference to have its own Hall of Fame, and began
                     University of Akron
                            1992             basketball championship into a first-class NBA facility     honoring its tradition in 1988 with a Hall of Fame. From 1988 to May of 1994, a total
                                             at Gund Arena and witnessed the emergence of its            of 52 individuals were inducted into the MAC Hall of Fame. Over its 59-plus years, the
                                             football program into the national spotlight.               MAC has produced a long list of great athletes and coaches from all corners of the
                                                 The past several years MAC schools can boast of         sports world. A list that includes Olympic gold medalists, MLB, NFL and NBA
2006-07 E

                                             academic notoriety with honorees in awards from the         standouts, PGA standouts, national-caliber game officials and Hall of Fame coaches
                                             NCAA Top VIII program and CoSIDA Academic All-Ameri-        and players. A presidentially controlled conference, all major policy decisions are
                                             can of the year honors in football and men’s basketball.    made by the MAC Council of Presidents, which consists of chief executive officers of
                                             The Academic All-Americans recognized annually by           the 12 full-member universities.
                                             the College Sports Information Directors of America is         In 1946 men’s basketball was the first competitive sport in the MAC, which now
                     Ball State University
                                             traditionally well represented by MAC schools. In 2004      sponsors a total of 23 sports. Women’s sports were brought into the conference’s
                                             alone the women’s basketball Academic All-America           structure in 1980. For men, championships (11) are sponsored in football, basket-
                                             list had four MAC selections, tied for the most in the      ball, baseball, cross country, soccer, swimming and diving, indoor track and field,
                                             country, and softball had five MAC honorees while foot-     outdoor track and field, wrestling, golf and tennis.
                                             ball has had as many as six league student-athletes on         For women, championships (12) are sponsored in basketball, softball, volleyball,
                                             the prestigious list. On the field of competition, MAC      cross country, field hockey, golf, soccer, swimming and diving, gymnastics, indoor
                                             Alums have won the British Open (Ben Curtis of Kent         track and field, outdoor track and tennis.
                                             State in 2003), set Super Bowl records (two intercep-
                                             tions returned for touchdowns by Akron’s Dwight Smith
                                             for Tampa Bay in 2003) and led their team to a World
                     Bowling Green State     Series Championship (Ohio’s Bob Brenly, manager of
                         University          the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2002).                                      The Mid-American Conference (MAC)
                                                 In the coming years, the MAC will co-host the 2006                  The Mid-American Conference (MAC)
                                             NCAA Women’s Basketball Mideast Regional and the
                                             2007 Women’s Final Four at Gund Arena, after suc-               Mid-American Conference
                                             cessfully hosting the 2000 NCAA Men’s Basketball                24 Public Square, 15th Floor
                                             Regional at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich. It also
                                                                                                             Cleveland, OH 44113
                                             continues to be one of three conferences (SEC and Big
                                                                                                             Phone: 216.566.4622
                                             12) to sponsor a football championship game. Based
                                             in Cleveland since July 1999 following a 15-year stay           Fax: 216.696.2622
                                             in Toledo, Ohio, the MAC has established historic mea-
                     University at Buffalo   surements in both football and men’s and women’s                Founded: 1946
                                             basketball since its move to Northeast Ohio. In June of         Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio
                                             2003 the MAC reached a five-year agreement with                 Membership: 12 plus four affiliate members (Temple - Football,
                                             ESPN, Inc. that guarantees the league exposure for              IPFW-Men’s tennis and soccer, Kentucky-Men’s soccer,
                                             the term of the agreement on ESPN and ESPN2. ABC/               Louisville-Field Hockey)
                                             ESPN owns exclusive rights to the MAC Football Cham-
                                                                                                             Divisions: 2 (East Division/West Division)
                                             pionship game and ESPN/ESPN2 those same rights to
                                                                                                             Student population: Total: 310,000 (estimate); Average: 22,000
                                             the MAC Men’s Basketball Championship.
                                                 The Mid-American Conference was founded as a                National ranking: Fourth-largest Division I-A conference in terms
                      Central Michigan       five-school league Feb. 24, 1946 in Columbus, Ohio              of undergraduate population. Third largest Division I-A
                            1971             with Ohio, Butler, Cincinnati, Wayne State and Western          conference in terms of total enrollment
                                             Reserve admitted as charter members. The Mid-Ameri-             Alumni: Nearly 1.7 million alumni nationwide
                                             can Conference has 12 full-time schools. Comprising
                                             the East Division is the University of Akron (joined in         States with members:
                                             1992), Bowling Green State University (1952), Univer-           Illinois (1), Indiana (1), Michigan (3), Ohio (6), New York (1)
                                             sity at Buffalo (1998), Kent State University (1951),
                                             Miami University (1947) and Ohio University (1946).
                                                                                                             MAC Sponsored Championships:
                      Eastern Michigan       The West Division members are Ball State University
                         University          (1973), Central Michigan University (1971), Eastern             23: baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's
                                             Michigan University (1971), Northern Illinois University        cross country, field hockey, football, men's and women's golf,
                                             (1975-86, 1997), University of Toledo (1950) and West-          women's gymnastics, men's and women's soccer, softball, men's
                                             ern Michigan University (1947). Affiliate members in-           and women's swimming, men's and women's tennis, men's and
                                             clude the University of Kentucky in men’s soccer, the           women's outdoor track, men's and women's indoor track,
                                             University of Louisville in field hockey, Indiana Univer-       women's volleyball, wrestling.
                                             sity-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) in men’s ten-
                                             nis and soccer and Temple in football.
                     Kent State University

                       Miami University
                                                 Northern Illinois University              Ohio University                   University of Toledo               Western Michigan University
                                                       1976-86, 1997                            1946                                1950                                   1947

                              2005-06 MAC STANDINGS AND STATISTICS

                                                                                                                                   2006-07 E
                                                  FINAL     STANDINGS
                                          2005-06 FINAL MAC STANDINGS
                                                                     Conference         Overall
                                              Institution            W-L    Pct         W-L Pct
                                              Western Michigan       8-0    1.000       17-5 .773
                                              Buffalo                6-2    .750        14-4 .777
                                              Miami                  6-2    .750        11-9 .550
                                              Toledo                 5-3    .625        14-6 .700
                                              Eastern Michigan       4-4    .500        9-10 .474

                                                                                                                                            MU T NNI
                                              Ball State             3-5    .375        9-11 .450
                                              Bowling Green          3-5    .375        14-9 .609
                                              Akron                  1-7    .125        5-15 .250
                                              Northern Illinois      1-7    .125        5-15 .250

                                    2005-06 MAC INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS
                                              (Statistics listed in order of total MAC singles and doubles wins)

SINGLES RECORDS                                                               No. 3 Singles              School              MAC
No. 1 Singles     School                MAC                                   Vanessa Frankowski         Eastern Michigan    9-1
Andreea Novaceanu Buffalo               7-2                                   Heidi Romer                Bowling Green       6-3
Jessica Thompson Ball State             7-2                                   Linda Jirouskova           Miami               5-2
Jenny Edner       Northern Ill.         5-5                                   Reedhina Parekh            Western Mich.       5-2
Carrie Jeanmaire Western Mich.          4-0                                   Natalie Dean               Buffalo             5-4
Malena Remynse    Western Mich.         4-2                                   Rattiya Hiranrat           Western Mich.       3-0
Ashley Jakupcin   Bowling Green         4-5                                   Haly Calderwood            Ball State          3-5
Katrina Lomidze   Miami                 4-6                                   Andreea Novaceanu          Buffalo             1-0
Eunice Paravicini Toledo                3-1                                   Jennifer Pollack           Ball State          1-0
Myriam Cueva      Toledo                3-2                                   Noriko Saruta              Western Mich.       1-0
Elizabeth Syrova Eastern Michigan       3-7                                   Lilian Asuaje              Northern Illinois   1-1
Rattiya Hiranrat  Western Mich.         0-1                                   Kelly Douple               Miami               1-2
Miglena Nenova    Buffalo               0-2                                   Jenna Larson               Akron               1-2
Tanya Gombera     Akron                 0-9                                   Amy Sherlock               Akron               1-5
                                                                              Megan Brooks               Northern Illinois   1-7
                                                                              Kristen Ortman             Buffalo             0-1
No. 2 Singles       School              MAC                                   Viviana Rivero             Toledo              0-9
Miglena Nenova      Buffalo             8-1
Carrie Jeanmaire    Western Mich.       6-0                                   No. 4 Singles              School              MAC
Leda Pesatova       Miami               5-4                                   Yana Parfenyuk             Eastern Michigan    9-1
Aditi Krishnan      Eastern Michigan    5-5                                   Rattiya Hiranrat           Western Mich.       5-1
Eunice Paravicini   Toledo              4-1                                   Kristen Ortman             Buffalo             4-2
Reedhina Parekh     Western Mich.       3-0                                   Jenny Belsky               Toledo              4-5
Myriam Cueva        Toledo              2-2                                   Andrea Meister             Bowling Green       4-5
Jenna Larson        Akron               2-4                                   Priyanka Parekh            Western Mich.       3-0
Jennifer Pollack    Ball State          2-6                                   Kelly Douple               Miami               3-4
Jenna Nussbaum      Bowling Green       2-7                                   Katie Owens                Ball State          3-5
Rattiya Hiranrat    Western Mich.       1-0                                   Kerstin Pahl               Western Mich.       2-0
Linda Jirouskova    Miami               1-0                                   Katrin Fischer             Buffalo             2-1
Andreea Novaceanu   Buffalo             1-0                                   Victoria Pulido            Miami               2-1
Priyanka Parekh     Western Mich.       1-0                                   Haly Calderwood            Ball State          1-0
Dora Delgadillo     Northern Illinois   1-9                                   Megan Brooks               Northern Illinois   1-1
Stephanie Farrar    Ball State          0-1                                   Chrissy Nagel              Northern Illinois   1-5
Kristen Ortman      Buffalo             0-1                                   Nao Uememura               Northern Illinois   0-1
Amy Sherlock        Akron               0-3                                   Lindsey Berry              Akron               0-2
                                                                              Natalie Dean               Buffalo             0-2
                                                                              Alyssa Carlson             Akron               0-7

                                                       2005-06 MAC INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS
         MU T NNIS

                                                       2005-06 MAC INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS
                                                                   (Statistics listed in order of total MAC singles and doubles wins)
                     No. 5 Singles       School              MAC                                      Doubles Records

                     Priyanka Parekh     Western Mich.       7-0                                      No. 1 Doubles                     School              MAC
                     Victoria Pulido     Miami               6-1                                      Jeanmarie/Remynse                 Western Mich.       9-2
                     Kelsey Jakupcin     Bowling Green       6-3                                      Cueva/Paravinci                   Toledo              8-1
                     Smaranda Stan       Buffalo             4-3                                      Thompson/Calderwood               Ball State          5-4
                     Catherina Bestehorn Eastern Michigan    4-5                                      Frankowski/Parfenyuk              Eastern Michigan    5-5
                     Kerstin Pahl        Western Mich.       3-0                                      Novaceanu/Jacob                   Buffalo             4-4
2006-07 E

                     Lindsey Berry       Akron               3-1                                      Lomidze/Jirouskova                Miami               4-4
                     Katrin Fischer      Buffalo             3-1                                      Nussbaum/Romer                    Bowling Green       3-6
                     Sarah Horning       Toledo              3-6                                      Edner/Uememura                    Northern Illinois   2-2
                     Remy Swain          Miami               2-1                                      Edner/Delgadillo                  Northern Illinois   2-4
                     Ashley Moccia       Western Mich.       1-0                                      Ortman/Nenova                     Buffalo             1-0
                     Katie Owens         Ball State          1-0                                      Dean/Ortman                       Buffalo             1-1
                     Emma Retter         Ball State          1-7                                      Larson/Langworthy                 Akron               0-2
                     Laura Fernandez Eastern Michigan        0-1                                      Swain/Trauernicht                 Miami               0-2
                     Chrissy Nagel       Northern Illinois   0-1                                      Gombera/Larson                    Akron               0-3
                     Nao Uememura        Northern Illinois   0-1                                      Larson/Sherlock                   Akron               0-4
                     Laura Hemlepp       Akron               0-5

                                                                                                      No. 2 Doubles                     School              MAC
                     No. 6 Singles       School              MAC                                      R.Parekh/Pahl                     Western Mich.       10-0
                     Remy Swain          Miami               7-0                                      Syrova/Krishnan                   Eastern Michigan    7-3
                     Kerstin Pahl        Western Mich.       6-0                                      Ortman/Nenova                     Buffalo             6-2
                     Laura Fernandez     Eastern Michigan    6-2                                      Owens/Farrar                      Ball State          4-2
                     Stefanie Menoff     Bowling Green       5-2                                      Swain/Trauernicht                 Miami               4-4
                     Tina Jacob          Buffalo             5-5                                      Belsky/Rivero                     Toledo              4-5
                     Noriko Saruta       Western Mich.       4-0                                      Jakupcin/Jakupcin                 Bowling Green       3-3
                     Sarah VanderMolen   Toledo              4-5                                      Novaceanu/Jacob                   Buffalo             2-1
                     Laura Hemlepp       Akron               2-1                                      Delgadillo/Brooks                 Northern Illinois   1-1
                     Colleen Meade       Western Mich.       1-0                                      Owens/Pollack                     Ball State          1-2
                     Libby Harrison      Bowling Green       1-1                                      Brooks/Nagel                      Northern Illinois   1-5
                     Maura Trauernicht   Miami               1-2                                      Hiranrat/Saruta                   Western Mich.       0-1
                     Jennifer Ales       Akron               1-5                                      A.Jakupcin/Menoff                 Bowling Green       0-1
                     Rachel Lemar        Ball State          1-7                                      K.Jakupcin/Meister                Bowling Green       0-2
                     Chrissy Nagel       Northern Illinois   0-1                                      Pulido/Pesatova                   Miami               0-2
                     Emma Retter         Ball State          0-1                                      Carlson/Sherlock                  Akron               0-3
                     Smaranda Stan       Buffalo             0-1                                      Gombera/Carlson                   Akron               0-6
                     Flavia Micati       Eastern Michigan    0-2

                                                                                                      No. 3 Doubles                     School              MAC
                                                                                                      Hiranrat/Saruta                   Western Mich.       9-1
                                                                                                      Pulido/Pesatova                   Miami               6-1
                                                                                                      Dean/Fischer                      Buffalo             6-2
                                                                                                      Micati/Fernandez                  Eastern Michigan    6-4
                                                                                                      VanderMolen/Horning               Toledo              4-5
                                                                                                      Meister/Volle                     Bowling Green       3-3
                                                                                                      K.Jakupcin/Meister                Bowling Green       1-0
                                                                                                      R.Parekh/Pahl                     Western Mich.       1-0
                                                                                                      Pulido/Scardina                   Miami               1-0
                                                                                                      Wolfe/Volle                       Bowling Green       1-0
                                                                                                      Lomidze/Douple                    Miami               1-1
                                                                                                      Pollack/Retter                    Ball State          1-1
                                                                                                      Stan/Nenova                       Buffalo             1-1
                                                                                                      Lemar/Retter                      Ball State          1-2
                                                                                                      Ales/Hemlepp                      Akron               1-6
                                                                                                      A.Jakupcin/Volle                  Bowling Green       0-1
                                                                                                      Stan/Fischer                      Buffalo             0-1
                                                                                                      Sherlock/Berry                    Akron               0-2
                                                                                                      Pollack/Lemar                     Ball State          0-4

                        2005-06 EMU STATISTICS AND RESULTS

                                                                                                       2006-07 E
(Home: 3-2, Away: 7-9; Neutral: 10-11)
MAC: 4-4; 5th Place
MAC Tournament Finish: 3rd Place

Date        Opponent/Event               Result   APRIL
JANUARY                                           Apr.     1   at Northern Illinois*      W,   7-0

                                                                                                                MU T NNI
Jan.  28    at Michigan State       L,     1-6    Apr.     7   at Buffalo*                L,   2-5
Jan.  29    at Detroit              W,     7-0    Apr.     8   at Akron*                  W,   7-0
FEBRUARY                                          APR.    14   WESTERN MICHIGAN*          L,   1-6
Feb.  17    at Evansville           W,    7-0     APR.    15   BOWLING GREEN*             W,   5-2

Feb.  18    at Indiana State        L,    1-6     Apr.    23   at Toledo*                 L,   3-4
FEB.  26    CINCINATTI              W,    7-0     Apr.    28   vs. Toledo#                W,   4-1
Feb.  28    at Central Florida      L,    2-5     Apr.    29   vs. Western Michigan#      L,   0-4

Mar.   2    at North Florida        L,    2-5
Mar.   3    at Jacksonville         W,    4-3     *Mid-American Conference match
Mar.  12    at Xavier               W,    4-3     #Mid-American Conference Championships Match-
Mar.  13    at Marshall             L,    1-6     Hosted by Miami.
MAR. 24     MIAMI*                  L,    3-4     - All EMU matches were played at the Chippewa Club
MAR. 25     BALL STATE*             W,    6-1
Mar.  31    at Notre Dame           L,    0-7

                                                        EMU RECORDS AND HONORS
         MU T NNIS

                                    Single Wins

                     Jean Kansuthi            39        1998
                                                                              Single Wins
                     Jean Kansuthi            37        1997
                                                               Simone Duhme           113     1998-02
                     Jean Kansuthi            36        1999
                                                               Jean Kansuthi          112     1997-99
                     Lisa D' Amelio           34        2002
                                                               Lisa D'Amelio          111     1999-03
                     Lisa D' Amelio           32        2003
                                                               Rebecca Hawkins          97    1999-03
                     Rebecca Hawkins          32        2002
2006-07 E

                                                               Amalia Lincaru           93 2000-2004
                     Lisa D' Amelio           33        2001
                                                               Denise Kaercher          85    1985-88
                     Victoria Domina          31        2004
                                                               Stacey Lightvoet         83 1982-84, 86
                     Amalia Lincaru           30        2002
                                                               Mary Smith               83    1984-87
                     Simone Duhme             30        2002
                                                               Tracy Varker             77    1982-85
                     Kendra Clark             29        2002
                                                               Jean Kansuthi            76    1997-99
                     Mary Smith               28        1984
                                                               Naomi Mokelke            66    1989-92
                     Simone Duhme             28   1999,2001
                                                               Kendra Clark             78 2000-2004
                     Stacey Lightvoet         27        1986
                                                               Kathy Horton             61    1981-84
                     Victoria Domina          26        2005
                                                               Victoria Domina          57    2003-05
                     Rebecca Hawkins          26        2003
                                                               Amy Zeilinger            56    1984-86
                     Amalia Lincaru           26        2001
                                                               Gina Radeck              54    1987-90
                     Denise Kaercher          25        1987
                                                               Shari Gamarnik           52    2000-03
                                    Doubles Wins
                     Rebecca Hawkins          37       2002
                                                                             Doubles   Wins
                     Lisa D' Amelio           37       2002
                                                               Lisa D'Amelio            121    1999-03
                     Jean Kansuthi            36       1999
                                                               Rebecca Hawkins          121    1999-03
                     Rebecca Hawkins          36       2003
                                                               Simone Duhme             114    1998-02
                     Lisa D' Amelio           36       2003
                                                               Jean Kansuthi             97    1997-99
                     Simone Duhme             35       1999
                                                               Kendra Clark              76 2000-2004
                     Jean Kansuthi            34       1998
                                                               Amalia Lincaru            74 2000-2004
                     Rebecca Hawkins          30       2001
                                                               Caryn Stube               72    1989-92
                     Lisa D' Amelio           30       2001
                                                               Stacey Lightvoet          71 1982-84, 86
                     Jean Kansuthi            27       1997
                                                               Mary Smith                71    1984-87
                     Agnieszka Tokarczuk      27       1997
                                                               Tracy Varker              70    1982-85
                     Amalia Lincaru           26       2002
                                                               Denise Kaercher           70    1985-88
                     Shari Gamarnik           26       2001
                                                               Kathy Horton              63    1981-84
                     Christina Ghidirmic      26       1994
                                                               Shari Gamarnik            61    2000-03
                     Simone Duhme             25       1998
                                                               Jean Kansuthi             61    1997-99
                     Shari Gamarnik           24       2001
                                                               Naomi Mokelke             60    1989-92
                     Simone Duhme             24       2001
                                                               Stacy Prince              55    1994-96
                     Denise Kaercher          24       1986
                                                               Sunita Whitehead          54    1985-88
                     Mary Smith               24       1986
                     Stacy Prince             24       1994
                                                                              Overall Wins
                                                               Lisa D'Amelio           232    1999-03
                         Overall Wins in a Single Season
                                                               Simone Duhme            227    1998-02
                     Jean Kansuhti            73       1998
                                                               Rebecca Hawkins         218    1999-03
                     Lisa D'Amelio            71       2002
                                                               Jean Kansuthi           209    1997-99
                     Rebecca Hawkins          69       2002
                                                               Amalia Lincaru          157 2000-2004
                     Jean Kansuthi            64       1997
                                                               Denise Kaercher         155    1985-88
                     Lisa D'Amelio            63       2001
                                                               Kendra Clark            154 2000-2004
                     Amalia Lincaru           56       2002
                                                               Stacey Lightvoet        154 1982-84, 86
                     Victoria Domina          54       2004
                                                               Mary Smith              154    1984-87
                     Rebecca Hawkins          54       2001
                                                               Tracy Varker            147    1982-85
                     Kendra Clark             52       2002
                                                               Jean Kansuthi           137    1997-99
                     Simone Duhme             52       2001
                                                               Naomi Mokelke           126    1989-92
                     Simone Duhme             52       2002
                                                               Kathy Horton            124    1981-84
                     Christina Ghidirmic      51       1994
                                                               Caryn Stube             121    1989-92
                     Shari Gamarnik           49       2001
                     Denise Kaercher          48       1986
                     Stacey Lightvoet         47       1986
                     Olga Fedotova            45       1998
                     Mary Smith               44       1984

                                 MAC RECORDS AND HONORS

                                                                                                              2006-07 E
              Honors                          MAC Champions                            MAC Award Winners
                                  1982   Stacy Lightvoet -       #2 Doubles
   ALL-Mid-American Conference           Kathy Horton                                 Leann Davidge Davidge
1981 Donna Robinson               1984   Mary Smith               #1 Singles           Award Sportsmanship
1982 Kathy Horton                        Amy Zeilinger            #6 Singles   1987   Denise Kaercher
      Stacey Lightvoet            1986   Mary Smith               #1 Singles   1996   Stacy Prince
1983 Kathy Horton (2)                    Mary Smith -            #1 Doubles    1999   Simone Duhme
1984 Kathy Horton (3)                    Denise Kaercher                       2000   Simone Duhme
      Mary Smith                  1987   Denise Kaercher          #2 Singles

                                                                                                                       MU T NNI
1985 Mary Smith (2)                      Mary Smith -            #1 Doubles           Player of the Year
      Tracy Varker                       Denise Kaercher                       1998   Jean Kansuthi
1986 Denise Kaercher              1989   Rhonda Brown -          #2 Doubles    2002   Lisa D'Amelio
      Mary Smith (3)                     Naomi Mokelke                         2004   Victoria Domina

1987 Denise Kaercher (2)          1992   Lauren Watassek          #4 Singles
      Mary Smith (4)              1994   Christina Ghidirmic -   #2 Doubles           Newcomer of the Year
1988 Denise Kaercher (3)                 Stacy Prince                          1998   Simone Duhme
1989 Naomi Mokelke                1997   Jean Kansuthi            #1 Singles   2000   Rebecca Hawkins
      Caryn Stube                                                              2002   Lisa D'Amelio

      Marta Varanda                      MAC Runner-ups
1990 Caryn Stube (2)              1982   Kathy Horton             #2 Singles          Coach Of the Year
      Lynnette Tilden                    Mary Miller              #4 Singles   1984   Claudia Wasik
1991 Caryn Stube (3)                     Tracy Varker             #5 Singles   1986   Claudia Wasik
1992 Caryn Stube (4)                     Miller-Colonna          #1 Doubles    2002   Dave Farmer
1994 Christina Ghidirmic                 Varker-Grech/Cumbo      #3 Doubles
1997 Jean Kansuthi                1984   Tracy Varker             #4 Singles
1998 Simone Duhme                        Horton-Smith            #1 Doubles
1998 Jean Kansuthi (2)                   Joseph-Neely            #2 Doubles
1999 Simone Duhme (2)             1985   Denise Kaercher          #3 Singles
      Jean Kansuthi                      Sunita Whitehead         #5 Singles
2000 Simone Duhme (3)                    Smith-Varker            #1 Doubles
      Rebecca Hawkins             1986   Denise Kaercher          #2 Singles
2001 Simone Duhme (4)                    Stacey Lightvoet         #4 Singles
      Rebecca Hawkins (2)                Miller-Varanda          #2 Doubles
2002 Rebecca Hawkins (3)          1987   Mary Smith               #1 Singles
      Lisa D'Amelio (1)                  Gina Radeck              #5 Singles
      Simone Duhme (5)                   Rhonda Brown             #6 Singles
2003 Rebecca Hawkins (4)                 Morin-Varanda           #2 Doubles
      Lisa D'Amelio (2)           1988   Denise Kaercher          #1 Singles
2004 Victoria Domina                     Marie Morin              #5 Singles
      Ying Kansuthi                      Wendy Whaler             #6 Singles
                                         Varanda-Brown           #2 Doubles
         ALL-MAC Academic                Radeck-Morin            #3 Doubles
1987   Denise Kaercher            1989   Naomi Mokelke            #4 Singles
1988   Denise Kaercher (2)               Stube-Varanda           #1 Doubles
       Marie Morin                1990   Lynnette Tilden          #3 Singles
1989   Rhonda Brown                      Stube-Tilden            #1 Doubles
1992   Naomi Mokelke              1992   Rebecca Tasich           #6 Singles
1994   Christina Ghdirimic               Mokelke-Stube           #1 Doubles
1996   Stacy Prince               1993   Stacy Prince             #5 Singles
1997   Tina Danielak              1995   Beigh-Espinosa          #3 Doubles
       Paulena Khaw               1997   Fedotova-Helsinger      #3 Doubles
1998   Tina Danielak (2)
       Jean Kansuthi
2003   Shari Gamarnik
       Lisa D'Amelio
2004   Amalia Lincaru
2006   Yana Parfenyuk

        Academic All-America
1997   Tina Danielak
1998   Tina Danielak

         MU T NNIS

                           Coach: Lucy Parker (1977-79)     Coach: Claudia Wasik (1980-91)              Mary Jo Colonna   14, 17,   31
                                                                      163-111 .595%                     Kathy Horton      12, 14,   26

                                    1976-77 8-7                        1979-80 7-9                      Cathy Moore       11, 14,   25
                     W       Oakland                 9-0   L   Michigan                0-9              D. Robinson       10, 10,   20
                     W       Windsor                 8-1   W   Central Michigan        5-4              Kristi Lauckner   12, 7,    19
                       L     Michigan                0-9   L   Purdue                  1-8              B. Greech-Cumbo    7, 11,   18
                     W       Western Michigan        9-0   W   Albion                  7-2              Sue Green          5, 5,    10
                     W       Ferris State            9-0   L   Kent                    2-7              Laura Lauckner     5, 1,     6
2006-07 E

                     W       Hillsdale               9-0   W   Ohio                    5-4              Nancy Ostrowski    1, 3,     4
                     W       Notre Dame              5-4   L   Miami                   0-9              Sue Neely          1, 0,     1
                       L     Saint Mary's College    3-6   L   Toledo                  0-9
                     W       Henry Ford CC           6-3   L   Bowling Green           1-8          1981-82 7-2 (MAC) 12-5 (Overall)
                       L     Central Michigan        1-8   W   Wright State            9-0            MID-AMERICAN CONFERENCE
                     W       Grand Valley State      9-0   W   Kalamazoo               6-3                     RUNNER-UP
                       L     Michigan State          0-9   W   Western Michigan        5-4         W    Edison CC                  9-0
                       L     Wisconsin               0-9   L   Northwestern            0-9         W    Florida International      9-0
                       L     Michigan                0-9   L   Illinois State          0-9         W    Palm Beach JC              8-1
                       L     Central Michigan        0-9   W   Wayne State             8-1         W    Broward CC                 7-2
                     5th     State AIAW                    L   Michigan State#         0-9         L    Purdue                     4-5
                                                           #   State AIAW                          W    Central Michigan           9-0
                                     1977-78                                                       L    Miami                      4-5
                               Results Unavailable               Donna Robinson     8,    6,14     W    Toledo                     9-0
                                                                 Jill Barrick       7,    6,13     L    Western Michigan           4-5
                                   1978-79 (4-7)                 Bea Grech-Cumbo    7,    5,12     W    Northern Illinois          9-0
                      L      Michigan                1-8         Laura Lauckner      5,    6,11    L    Michigan                   2-7
                      L      Kent                    4-5         Kristi Lauckner    6,    5, 11    W    Bowling Green              6-3
                      L      Miami                   0-9         Sue Crowell        1,    7, 8     W    Ball State                 9-0
                     W       Notre Dame              7-2         Karen Evans        8,    0, 8     W    Kent                       7-2
                      L      Michigan State          0-9         Kathleen O' Kane   1,    1, 2     L    Michigan State             3-5
                      L      Western Michigan        3-6                                           W    Ohio                       9-0
                     W       Kalamazoo               6-3    1980-81 2-3 (MAC) 11-13 (Overall)      W    Akron                      9-0
                      L      Central Michigan        2-7    W    Wayne State              8-1     2nd Notre Dame Invitational       29
                     W       Bowling Green           5-4     L   Florida                  0-9     1st   Huron Invitational          18
                     W       Western Michigan#       5-1     L   Florida International    3-6     2nd MAC Championships          23.5
                      L      Michigan State#         0-9     L   Palm Beach               4-5     S#2 Kathy Horton                2nd
                             #State AIAW                    W    Broward CC               5-4     #4    Mary Miller               2nd
                                                            W    Edison CC                8-1     #5    Tracy Varker              2nd
                             Bea Grech-Cumbo   6, 4, 10      L   Michigan                 0-9     D#1 M. Miller-Mary Jo Colonna 2nd
                             Donna Robinson    7, 3, 10     W    Albion                   9-0     #2    Stacey Lightvoet-K. Horton 1st
                             Jill Barrick       5, 4, 9     W    Kalamazoo                9-0     #3    T. Varker-Bea Grech-Cumbo2nd
                             Laura Hastings     4, 3, 7      L   Miami                    1-8
                             Sue Crowell        1, 4, 5     W    Ohio                     7-2      1982-83 5-3 (MAC) 19-11 (Overall)
                             Carol Bachinsky    2, 0, 2     W    Central Michigan         7-2     W    Bradley                 6-0
                             Sharon Hammerschmidt0, 2, 2     L   Purdue                   1-8     W    DuPage                  6-0
                                                            W    Indiana State            9-0     W    Illinois-Chicago        5-1
                                                             L   Bowling Green            3-6     W    Wisconsin-Milwaukee     6-0
                                                            W    Akron                    9-0     L    Purdue                  1-5
                                                             L   Michigan State           2-7     W    Northern Illinois       6-1
                                                             L   Western Michigan         1-8     W    Wisconsin-LaCrosse      4-1
                                                             L   Eastern Kentucky         3-6     W    Cincinnati              8-1
                                                             L   Morehead State           3-6     L    Ohio State              1-8
                                                            W    Center College           9-0     W    Florida International   8-1
                                                            W    Ohio Northern            9-0     W    St. Leo                 9-0
                                                             L   Michigan (State AIAW)    2-7     W    Central Florida         9-0
                                                             L   W. Michigan (State AIAW) 3-6     L    Stetson                 4-5
                                                           3rd   Irish Open                23     W    Florida Southern        5-4
                                                           3rd   MAC Invitational          16


                                                                                                                      2006-07 E
  L   Louisville               3-6      L    Miami                   2-7           1985-86 5-2 (MAC) 19-8 Overall
  L   Purdue                   1-8    3rd    MAC Championships     23pts        W     Michigan                  6-3
  L   Notre Dame               4-5    S#3    Mary Smith              1st         L    Western Michigan          2-7
  L   Michigan State           1-8    #4     Tracy Varker            2nd        W     Broward CC                5-4
W     DePauw                   9-0    #6     Amy Zeilinger           1st        W     Florisa International     8-1
W     Kalamazoo                9-0    D#1    Kathy Horton-Mary Smith 2nd         L    South Florida             0-9
W     Albion                   9-0    #2     Sharon Joseph-Sue Neely 2nd        W     St. Leo's                 9-0
W     Northern Illinois        5-4                                              W     Central Florida           9-0

                                                                                                                               MU T NNI
  L   Miami                    0-9                                              W     Webber                    9-0
W     Ohio                     7-2           Mary Smith         28, 16,   44    W     Stetson                   7-2
W     Ball State               6-3           Tracy Varker       23, 20,   43     L    Michigan                  4-5
  L   Minnesota                3-6           Stacey Lightvoet   20, 21,   41    W     Illinois State            7-2
W     Central Michigan         8-1           Kathy Horton       16, 16,   32    W     Marquette                 9-0

W     Toledo                   8-1           Sue Neely          16, 16,   32    W     Eastern Kentucky          8-0
  L   Western Michigan         3-6           Amy Zeilinger      18, 1,    19    W     Morehead State            8-1
  L   Bowling Green            4-5           Sharon Joseph      11, 7,    18    W     Middle Tennessee          9-0
4th   MAC Championships         13           Debbie Dancer       1, 11,   12     L    Michigan State            2-7

                                             Nancy Ostrowski     2, 10,   12     L    Purdue                    4-5
      Tracy Varker       21, 22, 44                                              L    Notre Dame                3-6
      Kathy Horton       21, 17, 38     1984-85 6-2 (MAC) 15-7 (Overall)        W     Toledo                    7-2
      Stacey Lightvoet   22, 14, 36    W    Ball State             9-0          W     Akron                     9-0
      Sue Neely          16, 11, 27     L   Morehead State         2-7          W     Ball State                8-1
      Debbie Dancer      11, 14, 25    W    Florida International  9-0          W     Bowling Green             9-0
      Mary Miller        11, 7, 18     W    St. Leo's              8-1          W     Northern Illinois         8-1
      Nancy Ostrowski     3, 12, 15     L   Southern Florida       0-9           L    Western Michigan          3-6
      Sharon Joseph       5, 1, 6      W    Stetson                9-0          W     Ohio State                5-4
                                       W    Central Florida        9-0          W     Ohio                      9-0
 1983-84 7-1 (MAC) 23-6 (Overall)      W    Boston                 8-1           L    Miami                     3-6
W    Bradley                6-3         L   Michigan               4-5         3rd    MAC Championship       31 Pts
W    Illinois-Chicago       7-0         L   Purdue                 3-6         S#1 Mary Smith                   1st
W    Western Illinois       5-1        W    Illinois-Chicago       9-0         #2     Denise Kaercher          2nd
W    DuPage College         6-0        W    Eastern Kentucky       9-0         #4     Stacey Lightvoet         2nd
W    Northern Illinois      5-1         L   Ohio State             2-7         D#1 M.Smith-D. Kaercher          1st
W    Wisconsin-LaCrosse     6-0        W    Ohio                   9-0         #3     Mary Miller-Marta Varanda2nd
 L   Purdue                 1-5        W    Ball State             7-2
W    Broward CC             5-4        W    Marshall               8-1               Denise Kaercher     24, 24, 48
W    Florida Southern       7-2        W    Central Michigan       9-0               Stacey Lightvoet    27, 20, 47
W    Central Florida        9-0        W    Toledo                 6-3               Mary Smith          20, 24, 44
W    Stetson                9-0         L   Western Michigan       4-5               Mary Miller         16, 13, 29
 L   michigan               3-6        W    Bowling Green          7-2               Amy Zeilinger       21, 5, 26
W    Evansville             9-0        W    Northern Illinois      9-0               Sunita Whitehead    12, 12, 24
W    Purdue                 5-4         L   Miami                  2-7               Marta Varanda        8, 14, 22
 L   Kentucky               1-6       3rd   MAC Championship 11.5 pts                Teresa Drago         2, 1, 3
W    Morehead State         9-0       S#3 Denise Kaercher          2nd               Rosali Figuracion    0, 3, 3
W    Akron                  9-0       #5    Sunita Whitehead       2nd
W    Bradley                6-3       D#1 Mary Smith-Tracy Varker 2nd
W    Calvin                 9-0
 L   Michigan State         3-6              Denise Kaercher  22, 15, 37
W    Ohio                   8-1              Mary Smith       17, 17, 34
W    Ball State             9-0              Sunita Whitehead 18, 15, 33
 L   Ohio State             4-5              Tracy Varker     14, 13, 27
W    Central Michigan       9-0              Amy Zeilinger    17, 8, 25
W    Toledo                 8-1              Sharon Joseph    13, 11, 24
W    Western Michigan       9-0              Mary Miller       5, 16, 21
W    Bowling Green          6-3              Ruby Olegario      0, 2, 2
W    Northern Illinois      7-2

         MU T NNIS

                     1986-87 2-0 (MAC) 2-0 (Overall)              Sunita Whitehead       6, 9,       L   Western Michigan            1-8
                     W     Bowling Green            9-0     1988-89 4-2 (MAC) 11-12 (Overall)        L   Ball State                  4-5

                     W     Western Michigan         5-4       L   Northwestern             1-8       L   Miami                       0-9
                     2nd MAC Championships 52 Pts             L   Michigan State           4-5       L   Ohio                        4-5
                     S#1 Mary Smith                 2nd      W    Michigan                 6-3       L   Bowling Green               4-5
                     #2    Denise Kaercher          1st       L   Marquette                3-6     3rd   MAC Championship         34 Pts
                     #5    Gina Radeck              2nd       L   Minnesota                1-8     S#3   Lynn Tilden                2nd
                     #6    Rhonda Brown             2nd       L   Michigan State           2-7     D#1   Caryn Stube-L.Tilden       2nd
2006-07 E

                     D#1 M.Smith-D.Kaercher         1st      W    Purdue                   5-4
                     #2    Marie Morin-Marta Varanda2nd      W    Ohio State               8-1
                                                             W    Florida Southern         9-0           Lynn Tilden        19, 14,     33
                           Densie Kaercher   25, 18, 43       L   South Florida            1-8           Gina Radeck        13, 18,     31
                           Rhonda Brown      18, 16, 34      W    Middle Tennessee State 5-1             Caryn Stube         9, 21,     30
                           Mary Smith        18, 14, 32      W    Stetson                  7-2           Naomi Mokelke      13, 16,     29
                           Marta Varanda     15, 12, 27       L   Michigan                 3-6           Candace Nelms      11, 15,     26
                           Sunita Whitehead   9, 18, 27      W    Southern Illinois        6-3           Missy Smith         9, 8,      17
                           Marie Morin       14, 9, 23        L   Notre Dame               1-8           Lauren Watassek     8, 1,       9
                           Gina Radeck       14, 1, 15        L   Western Michigan         2-7           Julie Thompson      1, 3,       4
                           Rosali Figuracion  6, 6, 12        L   Northern Illinois        3-6
                           Lisa Hays          1, 0, 1         L   Eaastern Kentucky        4-5        1990-91 3-2 (MAC) 11-9 (Overall)
                                                             W    Ohio                     6-3       L   Northwestern            0-9
                       1987-88 4-2 (MAC) 13-8 (Overall)      W    Toledo                   6-3      W    Chicago State           9-0
                       L   Michigan                1-8       W    Bowling Green            6-3      W    Wright State            9-0
                       L   Michigan State          3-6       W    Ball State               8-1      W    Northern Illinois       6-3
                      W    Florida Southern        9-0        L   Miami                    3-6       L   Michigan State          2-7
                      W    Rollins College         6-3      3rd   MAC Championship      38 Pts      W    Marquette               6-3
                       L   South Florida           2-7      S#4 Naomi Mokelke              2nd       L   Illinois                3-6
                      W    Stetson                 6-3      D#1 Caryn Stube-Marta Varanda2nd         L   Ohio State              1-8
                      W    N.E. Missouri           9-0      #2    Rhonda Brown-N.Mokelke 1st        W    Central Florida         9-0
                       L   Boston                  1-8                                               L   South Florida           1-8
                       L   Michigan                1-8                                               L   James Madison           2-7
                       L   Notre Dame              3-6            Caryn Stube         18, 15, 33     L   Penn State              2-7
                      W    Purdue                  5-4            Naomi Mokelke       17, 16, 33    W    Kalamazoo               8-1
                      W    Morehead State          8-1            Gina Radeck         15, 13, 28    W    Eastern Kentucky        8-1
                      W    Eastern Kentucky        5-4            Rhonda Brown        10, 16, 26    W    Toledo                  7-2
                       L   Western Michigan        4-5            Marta Varanda       7, 15, 22     W    Cincinnati              6-3
                      W    Northern Illinois       5-4            Lauren Watassek      4, 6, 10     W    Ball State              9-0
                      W    Ohio                    7-2            Wendy Whaler         4, 6, 10      L   Western Michigan        1-8
                      W    Ohio State              5-4            Nicole Stanbridge    1, 1, 2       L   Miami                   0-9
                      W    Toledo                  9-0                                              W    Bowling Green           6-3
                      W    Bowling Green           8-1       1989-90 1-5 (MAC) 8-14 (Overall)      3rd   MAC Championship     32 Pts
                      W    Ball State              9-0      L    Northwestern           3-6
                       L   Miami                   1-8      L    Ohio State             1-8              Caryn Stube        12,   20,   32
                     3rd   MAC Championship     48 Pts      L    Michigan               4-5              Naomi Mokelke      17,   12,   29
                     S#1 Denise Kaercher          2nd       W    Michigan State         5-4              Melissa Smith      13,   16,   29
                     #5    Marie Morin             2nd      W    Illinois State         7-2              Candice Nelms      13,   16,   29
                     #6    Wendy Whaler           2nd       L    Michigan State         3-6              Lynnette Tilden    12,   16,   28
                     D#2 Marta Varanda-Rhonda Brown         L    James Madison          3-6              Lauren Watassek    17,   10,   27
                     2nd                                    L    South Florida          0-9              Erika Johnson       2,   15,   17
                     #3    Gina Radeck-M. Morin   2nd       W    Rollins College        5-4
                                                            W    Syracuse               5-4
                           Rhonda Brown      14, 15,   29   W    Western Illinois       7-2
                           Denise Kaercher   14, 13,   27   L    Michigan               2-7
                           Wendy Whaler      14, 12,   26   W    Purdue                 5-4
                           Gina Radeck       12, 11,   23   W    St. Mary's             8-1
                           Marie Morin       13, 9,    22   L    Northern Illinois      2-5
                           Marta Varanda      9, 11,   20   L    Notre Dame             1-8
                                                            W    Toledo                 5-4


                                                                                                                        2006-07 E
    Julie Thompson      4, 9, 13           Stacy Prince                             L   Marquette               0-9
 Coach: Allison Tookes (1992-95)           Christina Ghidirmic   25, 26,     51     L   Xavier                  3-6
                                           Stacy Prince          18, 24,     42     L   Louisville              2-7
   1991-92 3-2 (MAC) 8-9 (Overall)         Lynnette Tilden       17, 15,     32   W     Toledo                  5-2
 W    Xavier                  5-4          Jenny Beigh           13, 12,     25   W     Akron                   4-3
  L   Chicago State           2-6          Kim Straker           13, 11,     24     L   Miami                   0-7
  L   Michigan                1-8          Melissa Espinosa      12, 12,     24     L   Bowling Green           1-6
 W    Cincinnati              6-3          Paulena Khaw           4, 2,       6   W     Detroit                 7-0

                                                                                                                                 MU T NNI
 W    Texas-Arlington         8-1          Brenda Walli           1, 1,       2     L   Western Michigan        0-7
  L   Texas Christian         0-9                                                   L   Ball State              1-6
  L   Baylor                  1-5        1994-95 3-3 (MAC) 8-8 (Overall)          7th   MAC Championship     15 Pts
  L   Michigan State          2-7     W     Wayne State             9-0
 W    Purdue                  6-3      L    Ohio State              0-9                 Stacy Prince     15, 16, 31

  L   Northern Illinois       3-6     W     Illinois State          5-4                 Melissa Espinosa 11, 18, 29
 W    Bradley                 7-2     W     Northern Illinois       8-1                 Tina Danielak    13, 9, 22
  L   Marquette               4-5      L    Michigan State          3-6                 Kim Straker      10, 11, 21
 W    Bowling Green           5-4      L    Marquette               4-5                 Brenda Walli      6, 8, 14

 W    Toledo                  7-2      L    Georgia State           2-7                 Paulena Khaw      5, 8, 13
 W    Ball State              7-2      L    Central Florida         2-7                 Yvonne Villemure  1, 0, 1
  L   Miami                   2-7     W     MIT                     9-0
  L   Western Michigan        3-6      L    Ball State              1-8                 1996-97 3-3 (MAC) 13-11
3rd   MAC Championship     30 Pts      L    Western Michigan        2-7             L   Northern Illinois         3-6
S#4 Lauren Watassek           1st     W     Detroit                 8-1             L   Marshall                  2-7
#6    Rebecca Tasich          2nd      L    Miami                   0-9           W     Akron                     9-0
D#1 Caryn Stube-Naomi Mokelke2nd      W     Bowling Green           6-3           W     Eastern Kentucky          8-1
                                      W     Akron                   6-3           W     Michigan State            4-3
      Naomi Mokelke     16, 16, 32    W     Toledo                  7-2             L   Lynn                      1-8
      Caryn Stube       10, 16, 26   5th    MAC Championship     29 Pts             L   Florida Atlantic          3-6
      Nicole Gottschalk 12, 9, 21    D#3 Jenny Beigh-Melissa Espinosa               L   Florida International     3-6
      Lauren Watassek 15, 5, 20      2nd                                          W     Broward CC                8-1
      Julie Thompson      6, 4, 10                                                W     Xavier                    8-1
      Jenny Beigh        4, 5, 9           Jenny Beigh           16,   22,   38     L   Louisville                3-6
      Rebecca Tasich     5, 3, 8           Melissa Espinosa      16,   20,   36   W     Pittsburgh                9-0
                                           Stacy Prince          13,   15,   28   W     Duquesne                  9-0
              1992-93                      Tina Danielak         18,    9,   27   W     Butler                    9-0
        Results Unavailable                Kim Straker           12,   13,   25   W     Wisconsin-Milwaukee       9-0
                                           Nicole Jackson        14,    8,   22     L   Illinois State            2-7
  1993-94 3-3 (MAC) 10-7 (Overall)         Christina Ghidirmic   14,    4,   18   W     Toledo                    8-1
W     Detroit                 7-0          Paulena Khaw           6,    7,   13     L   Ball State                2-7
  L   Marquette               4-5          Brenda Walli           0,    3,    3     L   Western Michigan          3-6
W     Northern Illinois       8-1                                                 W     Akron                     9-0
  L   Ohio State              3-6      Coach: Dave Farmer (1996-2002)             W     Bowling Green             5-4
W     Bradley                 8-1               21-24 .467%                         L   Miami                     2-7
W     Illnois State           9-0                                                 5th   MAC Championship
W     CSU-Northridge          5-4     1995-96 2-4 (MAC) 8-13 (Overall)              L   Bowling Green             3-5
W     Idahoe State            9-0    W    Wayne State            9-0              W     Toledo                    5-2
  L   UNLV                    0-9    W    Marshall               6-3
  L   Michigan State          3-6    L    Akron                  2-7                    Jean Kansuthi     37, 27, 64
W     Kalamazoo               8-1    W    Eastern Kentucky       6-3                    Agnieszka Tokarczuk13, 27, 40
  L   Miami                   0-9    L    Michigan State         1-8                    Manuela Todorova 25, 14, 39
W     Bowling Green           6-3    W    Ferris State           8-1                    Tina Danielak     14, 14, 28
W     Toledo                  8-1    L    Lynn                   0-9                    Christy Helsinger 16, 7, 23
W     Akron                   8-1    W    Florida Atlantic       6-3                    Agnieszka Niemczyk13, 5, 18
  L   Western Michigan        2-7    L    Florida International  0-9                    Paulena Khaw       4, 11, 15
  L   Ball State              3-6    L    Broward CC             2-7                    Brenda Walli       1, 13, 14
5th   MAC Championship     31 Pts    L    Illinois State         0-9
D#2 Christina Ghidirmic/      1st

         MU T NNIS

                                      1996-97                                 1997-98                                 1999-00
                          13-11(Overall) 3-3(MAC-5th)             19-6(Overall) 6-2(MAC-1st)                 9-10(Overall) (4-4 MAC)

                      L    Northern Illinois            3-6   L   at Northwestern           2-7         L   at Kansas                   2-7
                      L    Marshall                     2-7   W   at DePaul                 5-4         L   at Nebraska                 2-7
                     W     Akron                        9-0   W   at Illinois-Chicago       6-3        W    at Michigan State           4-3
                     W     Eastern Kentucky             8-1   L   MICHIGAN STATE            3-6        W    vs DePaul (at MSU)          4-3
                     W     Michigan State               4-3   W   XAVIER                    8-1         L   ILLINOIS-CHICAGO            3-4
                      L    Lynn                         1-8   W   at Murray State           9-0        W    vs Georgia St. (at S. Ala.) 6-3
2006-07 E

                      L    Florida Atlantic             3-6   W   at Southern Illinois      8-1         L   at South Alabama            1-8
                      L    Florida International        3-6   W   at Indiana State          6-3         L   at Tulane                   3-6
                     W     Broward CC                   8-1   L   at Louisville             3-6         L   at West Florida             4-5
                     W     Xavier                       8-1   W   at Drake                  5-4         -   at Alabama-Birmingham DNP
                      L    Louisville                   3-6   L   vs Nebraska               2-7         L   at Cincinnati               3-6
                     W     Pittsburgh                   9-0   W   DETROIT                   9-0        W    BUFFALO*                    7-0
                     W     Duquesne                     9-0   W   BUTLER                    9-0        W    AKRON*                      7-0
                     W     Butler                       9-0   W   FERRIS STATE              9-0        W    TOLEDO*                     6-1
                     W     Wisconsin-Milwaukee          9-0   L   at Western Michgian       2-7         L   at Western Michgian*        2-5
                      L    Illinois State               2-7   W   NORTHERN ILLINOIS         7-2         L   at Norther Illinois*        5-1
                     W     Toledo                       8-1   W   at Bowling Green          6-3        W    MARSHALL*                   5-2
                      L    Ball State                   2-7   L   vs Miami (at BGSU)        4-5         L   MIAMI*                      3-4
                      L    Western Michigan             3-6   W   AKRON                     8-1         L   at Bowling Green*           2-5
                     W     Akron                        9-0   W   BALL STATE                7-2        W    at Ball State*              5-2
                     W     Bowling Green                5-4   W   vs Toledo (at Marshall)   9-0             at MAC Championships
                      L    Miami                        2-7   W   Marshall                  5-4        L    vs Miami                    3-4
                           at MAC Championship          5th       at MAC Championships      1st
                      L    Bowling Green                3-5   W   vs Bowling Green          5-1                       2000-01
                     W     Toledo                       5-2   W   vs Miami                  5-4              16-7(Overall) (6-2 MAC)
                           Jean Kansuthi         37, 27, 64   W   vs Western Michigan       5-3        W    INDIANA STATE               7-0
                           Agnieszka Tokarczuk13, 27, 40                                               W    at Michigan State           6-1
                           Manuela Todorova 25, 14, 39                       1998-99                   W    CINCINNATI                  5-2
                           Tina Danielak         14, 14, 28        15-7(Overall) (MAC-5-3)              L   at Nebraska                 2-5
                           Christy Helsinger     16, 7, 23    L   NORTHWESTERN                   1-8   W    vs Montana (at Nebraska) 7-0
                           Agnieszka Niemczyk13, 5, 18        L   at Michigan State              1-6    L   at Penn State               3-4
                           Paulena Khaw           4, 11, 15   W   DEPAUL                         5-2   W    vs. Cornell (at Penn State) 6-1
                           Brenda Walli           1, 13, 14   W   at Cincinnati                  4-3   W    at West Florida             5-2
                                                              W   vs Indaina St. (at Louisville)5-2     L   at South Alabama            2-5
                                                              W   vs S. Illinois (at Louisville) 4-3    L   at Alabama-Brimingham 1-6
                                                              L   at Louisville                  2-7   W    at Toledo*                  7-0
                                                              W   at Long Beach State            7-2        WESTERN MICHIGAN* NTS
                                                              W   at Cal-Poly Pomona             9-0   W    NORTHERN ILLINOIS*          6-1
                                                              W   at Cal-State Fullerton         8-1    L   at Marshall*                2-5
                                                              W   at West Virginia               5-4    L   at Miami*                   1-6
                                                              W   vs Seton Hall (at Virginia) 6-3      W    BOWLING GREEN*              6-1
                                                              W   BALL STATE*                    4-3   W    BALL STATE*                 6-1
                                                              L   BOWLING GREEN*                 2-5   W    at Buffalo*                 7-0
                                                              W   at Akron*                      4-3   W    at Akron*                   7-0
                                                              W   at Buffalo*                    6-1        at MAC Championships 1st
                                                              W   at Toledo*                     6-1   W    vs Ball State               4-1
                                                              W   NORTHERN ILLINOIS*             7-0   W    vs Western Michigan         4-2
                                                              L   WESTERN MICHIGAN*              2-5   W    at Marshall                 4-3
                                                              L   at Miami*                      3-4        at NCAA Championships
                                                              L   at Marshall*                   3-4   L    at Notre Dame               0-4
                                                                  at MAC Championships 2nd
                                                              W   vs Bowling Green               4-2
                                                              W   vs Miami                       4-2
                                                              L   vs Western Michigan            2-4


                                                                                                                      2006-07 E
                  2001-02                                   2003-04                  Coach: Craig Capelli (2005-06)
      19-4(Overall) 9-0(MAC-1st)                16-6(Overall) 9-1(MAC-2nd)                   10-11 .476%
W      NORTHERN IOWA                  6-1   L   Marshall                 1-4
 L     MICHIGAN STATE                 3-4   W   Western Michigan*        4-3                      2005-06
W      at Indiana State               7-0   W   at Northern Illinois*    4-0          10-11(Overall) 4-4(MAC-5th)
W      at Illinois State              4-3   W   Buffalo*                 7-0     L     at Michigan State        1-6
W      vs S. Illinois (at Louisville) 7-0   W   Akron*                   7-0    W      at Detroit               7-0
W      at Louisville                  7-0   L   at Western Michigan*     2-5    W      at Evansville            7-0

                                                                                                                               MU T NNI
 L     at Long Beach State            2-5   W   at Northern Illinois*    6-1     L     at Indiana State         1-6
 L     at Loyola Marymount            2-5   W   Toledo*                  7-0    W      CINCINATTI               7-0
W      at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo    4-3   W   Ball State*              7-0     L     at Central Florida       2-5
W      at Cincinnati                  6-1   W   Bowling Green State*     7-0     L     at North Florida         2-5
W      at West Virginia               5-1

                                            L   at Marshall              2-5    W      at Jacksonville          4-3
W      at Northern Illinois*          7-0   W   Richmond                 5-2    W      at Xavier                4-3
W      at Western Michigan*           4-3   W   at Butler                4-0     L     at Marshall              1-6
W      MIAMI*                         6-1   W   at Miami (Ohio)*         4-3     L     MIAMI*                   3-4
W      MARSHALL*                      5-2

                                            W   at #39 South Florida     4-3    W      BALL STATE*              6-1
W      at Ball State*                 6-1   W   at Bethune-Cookman       6-1     L     at Notre Dame            0-7
W      at Bowling Green*              5-2   W   Illinois at Chicago      6-1    W      at Northern Illinois*    7-0
W      AKRON*                         7-0   W   at Cincinnati            6-1     L     at Buffalo*              2-5
W      BUFFALO*                       7-0   L   at #74 Louisville        2-4    W      at Akron*                7-0
W      TOLEDO*                        6-1   W   at Michigan State        4-3     L     WESTERN MICHIGAN* 1-6
       at MAC Championships 2nd             L   DePaul                   3-4    W      BOWLING GREEN*           5-2
W      vs Toledo                      4-0                                        L     at Toledo*               3-4
                                            L   at #9 Northwestern       0-7
W      vs Northern Illinois           4-0                                              at MAC Championships 3rd
 L     vs Marshall                    4-0                                       W      vs Toledo                4-1
                                                                                 L     vs Western Michigan      0-4
     Coach: Tim Gray (2003-2005)                          2004-05
            39-19 .672%
                                                 9-11(Overall) 6-3(MAC-4th)
                 2002-03                    L    Western Michigan*        2-4
     14-2(Overall) 8-1(MAC-2nd)             W    Bowling Green*           4-1
W     UIC                          5-2      L    Western Michigan*        1-6
W     at Michigan State            5-2      W    Northern Illinois*       5-2
W     CINCINNATI                   6-1      W    at Toledo*               6-1
W     at Ball State*               5-2      W    at Ball State*           6-1
W     vs Bowling Green*            6-1      W    at Bowling Green         6-1
 -    at South Alabama           DNP        L    Miami (Ohio)*            5-2
 -    at Troy State              DNP        L    Marshall                 0-7
W     at UAB                       4-0      W    at Buffalo*              5-2
 L    at Nebraska                  3-4      W    at Akron*                7-0
W     vs Drake (at Nebraska)       7-0      L    at Illinois at Chicago   3-4
W     vs Illinois St.(at Nebraska) 6-1      W    at Florida Atlantic      4-1
W     at Northern Illinois*        7-0      L    at #27 Florida Int.      2-5
W     at Toledo*                   7-0      L    at #61 Auburn            4-3
W     WESTERN MICHIGAN* 4-3                 L    at #74 Louisville        3-4
W     NORTHERN ILLINOIS*           5-2      L    Arkansas, Little Rock    3-4
W     at Buffalo*                  7-0      W    at Cincinnati            6-1
W     at Akron*                    6-1      L    at Michigan State        0-7
W     MIAMI*                       7-0      L    at #47 Minnesota         3-4
 L    MARSHALL*                    6-1
      at MAC Championships 2nd
W     vs BALL STATE                4-0
 L    vs MARSHALL                  4-2

     2006-07 E    E
              MU T NNIS

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