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1. dia - Ozeki E-mail to SMS gateway


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									OZEKI NG                SMS Gateway
           Email to SMS forwarding solution

              Document version: v.1.0.0.


This presentation is for introducing the instant benefits of using the
outstanding Ozeki Email to SMS Gateway software. Find all information
under one roof:

         •   What is an Email to SMS gateway
         •   How Ozeki Email to SMS Gateway solution works
         •   What makes Ozeki solution outstanding worldwide
         •   List of instant benefits you can gain
         •   Example uses
         •   Quick Data Sheet
         •   Prerequisites
         •   Quick Start
         •   How to send an Email-to-SMS message
         •   About Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software
         •   Contact us

                             http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com           2
              What is an Email-to-SMS gateway?

Email to SMS Gateway software:
  An Email to SMS gateway is a software product that enables you to send an
  Email message from your email client as an SMS text message to a mobile

  Today the most advanced Email to SMS gateway is Ozeki Email to SMS
  Gateway solution that is based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software.

                          http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                   3
            How Ozeki Email to SMS solution works

1.   Compose your Email message in the email client
2.   The Email message is forwarded to the corporate SMTP server
3.   The built-in SMTP server of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway takes over the
4.   The SMS text message is delivered to the cellphone
5.   Delivery report is received in your email client
6.   The recipient can send a response SMS message from his mobile

                           http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com           4
      What makes Ozeki Email to SMS Gateway solution

The new functions of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway revolutionizes Email to
SMS forwarding:

        •   Detailed delivery notification handling:
            Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is able to handle very detailed delivery
            notifications. Furthermore these delivery reports can be customized:
             – Delivered to network notification
             – Delivered to handset notification

        •   Two-way communication support:
            Ozeki Email to SMS Gateway also allows two-way communication. It is not
            only important in receiving delivery reports but it also enables the recipient
            to send response messages.

                               http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                             5
     Benefits of implementing Ozeki Email to SMS solution

To improve the delivery rate of your messages the standalone Ozeki
Email to SMS Gateway solution is your best choice!
Ozeki Email to SMS Gateway solution ensures:

 •    Unique handling of delivery notifications and response messages

 •    Flexible and reliable communication system

 •    Independency from service providers

 •    Seamless operation (24/7)

 •    High delivery rates

                             http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com          6
                                              Example uses

How can you use an Email to SMS Gateway?
Just a few example ...

• Send promotions:
   Deliver offers immediately to customers!

• Remind and confirm:
   Send automated and intelligent message to customers!

• Inform and alert:
   Send time sensitive information within seconds!

                                        http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com   7
                              Quick Data Sheet

     Quick data sheet for Ozeki Email to SMS solution
Communication                             2 way e-mail to SMS gateway with
                                          delivery report
Capacity                                  up to 500 SMS per second

Mobile network connectivity               GSM Modem or Internet SMS service
                                          (SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, HTTP, etc)
Supported OS                              Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7

                              http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com               8

If you want to use OZEKI NG SMS Gateway, you need
to meet the following requirements:

Your Checklist:
       SIM card – you can purchase this from your mobile network operator
       GSM Modem or a mobile phone, that needs to be able to send and receive SMS
        messages from a PC
       Data cable to connect your modem or mobile phone to your computer
       PC + Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, or Vista or Windows 7 operating system
       Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Download from http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=112)

                             http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                            9
                                  Quick Start

With Ozeki E-mail to SMS Gateway solution it is very easy to forward
e-mail as SMS text messages to mobile phones.
All you have to do is to connect your system to the mobile network, install Ozeki NG
SMS Gateway and configure Email to SMS forwarding function …

You have two options for connecting the Ozeki software to the mobile network for
sending messages:

• GSM    modem connectivity

• IP   SMS connectivity

                              http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                        10
                      GSM modem connectivity

In case of GSM modem connectivity, Ozeki Email to SMS Gateway handles a
GSM modem (or GSM phone) that is attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC
datacable. The Email to SMS software communicates with the mobile network
using radio link:

                           http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                11
                          IP SMS connectivity

If you do not want to use a GSM device you can also connect to the SMS center
(SMSC) of the service provider over the Internet.

This connection type is ideal if you need to send and receive large amount of
messages. In this case the Email to SMS Gateway software connects directly to
the SMSC of the service provider over the Internet.

                            http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                   12
                How to send Email to SMS messages

To send an Email to SMS message, please provide the following
recipient address format:
                    (for example: +36201234567@smsgw.ozeki.hu)

After you have composed the message, click on Send button in your email account.
                                  That’s simple!

                               http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com                   13
         About OZEKI NG SMS Gateway software

The OZEKI NG SMS Gateway helps enterprises address
communication challenges:

• Maximises the productivity of IT
          by reducing the complexity of creating, deploying,
          and managing mobile communication applications

• Empowers developers
          through a rich, flexible, modern development environment
          for creating secure, high performance solutions based
          on the SMS technology.

                          http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com          14
       Thank You for your attention!

For more infromation, please visit:

Or contact us via e-mail:

              http://www.ozeki-email-to-sms.com   15

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