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									The Real Me

I was sitting, waiting impatiently for Adam. All of a sudden, this red Toyota Tacoma flew into my driveway,
screech. “Hey sweetie! Are you ready to go and eat?” he screamed out of his fire red truck. In the mean
time, I was sitting there, glaring out the window, talking to myself like a harebrained would do, asking the
stupidest questions, “Is he going to like my disturbed family? What is he going to think of my annoying
redneck relatives? I hope he likes fish. Am I too dressed up for dinner?”

W arrived at my grandmothers’ house around 5:30, at once my aunt Gaye grabs me by the arms, “Hey
girl! Give your favorite Aunt Gaye a hug!” pulling me under her arm. I yanked my head away, but I already
got disillusioned by the smell of month old gym clothes. “And who is this fine young boy behind you?” I
was so red by this point that I just took him to the kitchen, introduced him to the rest of my family, that was

While introducing Adam to Casey and Ben, Gracie, my three year old cousin, ran into me, knocked me off
my feet, while giving me the biggest bear hug ever. She rapidly ran away just after noticing Adam; she is
very shy. Adam and I began to laugh as Gracie ran into the wall. Lacey, my five year old cousin also
Gracie’s big sister, runs straight up to Adam and gives him a hug; she is very sweet. Finally, after Adam
met everyone but my parents, they showed up. “Hey mom and dad, this is Adam. He has met the rest of
the family and it smells like dinner is ready. Shall we eat?” I rushed along so there wouldn’t be any

On the table, my grandmother arranged the food, placing each dish in its assigned place. The table was
crawling with fried food: a huge pan of 100 crispy, crunchy fish, squishy hush puppies, and black
tatter-tots, a bowl of bright green, grassy coleslaw, with a cottage cheese texture. Gross!

Piling food onto ours plates, Adam and I rushed outside to sit in front of the television in hopes for the
game to be on. While eating I noticed that Adam was throwing away the fish tails, “Adam! What are you
doing? You are supposed to eat the fish tail! Here let me show you.” taking a fish tail and biting down,
savoring the crunchiness of the tail. “That is how you eat a fish tail.” He couldn’t get enough fish tails after

While eating, my older cousin, Bradley, pushed me aside to talk to Adam. “You know Allie was dropped
on her head when she was a baby right? That is what is wrong with her. She was born with so many birth
defects the doctors couldn’t do anything for her. They say there isn’t a cure for her repulsiveness. Not
even the best make-up could help her.” Bradley let out a huge, extremely loud belch on his way out,
“Dinner was great grandma! Thanks for cooking.”

After dinner Adam had to leave. Everyone said goodbye to him and then he left.
Zoom! He sped out of the drive way since he is already late.

While sitting at the table, my mother turns to me and says, “Allison! You shouldn’t be embarrassed by
your family. You should be proud. Don’t act in a different way when around friends and family. People
won’t know who you really are.” Grinding my teeth, I wanted to strangle my mother, and the rest of my
family. They humiliated me, more that night than they ever had. I know they did it out of love. I appreciate
how it took a little embarrassment to help me realize how much my family loves me. For that evening, the
real me came out for all to see.

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