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Annual Report
2006 Spring/Summer Newsletter

  In Prison                               benefits to the Indiana prisons are
                                                                                During ADAI staff visits to three
                                                                                prisons in Indiana last fall, we were
  Three ADAI puppies have gone            • 97% inmate-trainers demonstrated    amazed to see the level of skills
  to jail and are exihibiting model         improvement in empathy and          that young dogs in the program
  behavior, as a result.                    lessened depression                 were exhibiting. It stands to reason:
                                          • 87% inmate-trainers showed          inmates have a lot of time on their
  Assistance Dogs of America, Inc.          improvement in positive commu-      hands and puppies get a lot of
  is proud to announce the start of         nication skills                     training.
  our Prison Puppy Training Program,
  in alliance with Toledo Correctional
  Institute (ToCI) in downtown Toledo,
  Ohio. The program, the first of its
  kind in the Toledo area, aims to
  extend our foster capabilities, set
  standards for more involved train-
  ing of our dogs, and help inmates
  gain a sense of accomplishment.
  The program kicked off in November
  2005, and we placed our first
  puppies with inmates in January of
  this year.

  Puppies live with inmates 24 hours
  a day and sleep crated in their
  single-person cells. They will live
  with their inmate-trainers until they
  are one year old, at which time         • Correctional Staff report overall   Inmates are chosen based on a
  they will be placed with one of our       decrease in general offender        pattern of responsible behavior
  traditional foster families. Inmates      acting out in dorms where pups      while in the facility, must be free
  work with the puppies on sociali-         in training were assigned           from any major conduct problems,
  zation and basic obedience skills.      • 95% inmate-trainers passed test     have good reports from prior job
                                            for Certification as Pet Care        assignments and not have a history
  This program was modeled after            Technicians from the American       of repeated violence. They cannot
  the Indiana Canine Assistant and          Boarding Kennel Association.
  Adolescent Network (ICAAN)
  program. According to ICAAN,
                                                                                                     Continued on Back
Moving Forward…Full Steam Ahead!
When people ask me “What is             • Placed our second school            logo and newsletter design is
happening at ADAI, you see a big          therapy dog in the Spring 2006      debuting in this issue. While everyone
smile on my face. I respond, “Well,       due to the huge success of Allie,   liked our logo, the board felt it was
where do I start?” This past year         our first school therapy dog         time to update our look and give it
has been an extraordinary one,            placed in January 2005.             a fresh image to move forward.
and we are moving full steam                                                  Hanson, Inc. has also been busy
                                        • Began discussion and planning
ahead with even greater plans for                                             creating a new video and news
                                          with the Toledo Correctional
the future.                                                                   releases to help ADAI spread the
                                          Institution to develop our own
                                                                              word about our great organization.
In this past year, ADAI:                  Prison Puppy Program. The
                                          preparation was a huge success      The future is very exciting and a
• Placed 17 new assistance dog
                                          and we placed our first puppy in     huge grin forms when I talk about
  teams with wonderful people
                                          the program in January 2006. The    expanded potential programming
  from many communities around
                                          staff have already seen early       opportunities. The board and staff
  the tri-state area. This represents
                                          success with the puppies and the    are looking into training Seizure
  an increase of 3 new teams from
                                          inmates!                            Response dogs and/or Service
  the previous year, and is within
                                                                              Dogs for Autistic Children. Both
  our goal of 16 to 18 new              The Board of Directors brought in
                                                                              programs offer an exciting new
  placements.                           two new board members in 2005
                                                                              and innovative component, and
                                        and three new members so far in
• Was able to offer more services to                                          the potential for ADAI to help even
                                        2006. The Board’s Governance
  our graduates to keep our teams                                             more individuals.
                                        Committee is filling the Board with
  working to their fullest potential
                                        talented individuals with specific     Sincerely,
  thanks to the new position Client
                                        skills that ADAI will need for the
  Service Director we created in
                                        future. Kim Hanson joined the
  January 2005.
                                        Board last fall and has already
                                        made a huge impact with her           Chris Diefenthaler
                                        marketing expertise. A fresh, new

                                                                               Pet Wall of Fame
                                                                               Fundraiser at
                                                                               Bryan Middle
                                                                               School, Bryan, Ohio
                                                                               Students made donations in
                                                                               order to showcase a photo of
                                                                               their pet. Students and staff
                                                                               raised over $600 for ADAI. Allie,
                                                                               a yellow lab was placed at the
                                                                               school as a therapy dog in
                                                                               January, 2005.

                                                                                     2006 Events
Meet Our                                                                             Delta Chicken Festival

Newest Graduates                                                                     July 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2006
                                                                                     ADA Zoo Day
                                                                                     Toledo Zoo
Tom and Star                                                                         July 24th 10am – 4pm
When Tom heard about service dogs
                                                                                     Maumee Summer Fair
at an ADAI event a couple of years
ago, he listened intently to how the                                                 Uptown Maumee
program works. And when Tom asked                                                    Saturday, August 19th 9am – 5pm
his parents for a dog, they listened, too.
                                                                                     Swanton Corn Fest
In the summer of 2005, Star, a                                                       Main Street, Swanton
male Golden Retriever, and Tom, a
                                                                                     Saturday, August 26th
friendly 16 year old who has cerebral
palsy, became a pair. Tom and Star                                                   Harrison Rally Day
are truly best buddies. Star helps Tom                                               Historic Downtown Perrysburg
by retrieving dropped items, opening                                                 Saturday, Sept. 16th 9:30am – 5pm
doors, getting the phone, and
helping him tug off articles of cloth-
ing. Star is also a great motivator. He      smiles a lot these days and Star may    Wish List for Dogs
has helped Tom to learn to speak             just be the reason why.
                                                                                     Kongs – medium and large
with more clarity and authority.             Note: Star was donated to ADAI as
Today, Tom concentrates even more            a puppy by Terri Ogburn, a breeder      Nylabones – original and wolf size
on his fine motor skills and to sit up        from Columbus. He was fostered by       Molecules Balls
straighter in his wheelchair. Tom            Marcia Krienbrink. Thank you!
                                                                                     Rope/Tug toys

Kyle and Conrad                                                                      Baby shampoo and conditioner
In his six years of life, Kyle has had       the bed. It’s a game they both          Peanut butter
to endure more than most people              love to play over and over again.
                                                                                     Two-quart, stainless steel dog bowls
will encounter in their entire lives.        Kyle likes throwing his arms around
Kyle has a condition called                  Conrad...he says it helps to take       Variety of new dog toys
Mitochrondrial Disorder and is a             the pain away. Kyle says Conrad is      Large, wire-style crates
bilateral amputee. He has under-             the best thing that’s ever hap-
gone many painful procedures                 pened in his life. We’d like to think   Blankets
and surgeries.                               that Conrad, who was rescued            Towels
These days, however, Kyle has a              from the Henry County Humane
new friend who makes life a little           Society, feels the same.
bit easier and a lot more fun. In the
                                                                                     Wish List for Facility
                                             Note: Conrad was fostered by
spring of 2005, Kyle and Conrad, a           the Micham family. Special thanks       Laundry detergent
small yellow Labrador Retriever              to the three Micham boys who            Dryer sheets
graduated from ADAI’s program.               helped prepare Conrad for his new
Conrad and Kyle are a great team.            life with Kyle.                         Antibacterial dish soap
Conrad will quickly retrieve what-
                                                                                     Antibacterial hand soap
ever Kyle drops…accidentally…or
just for fun.                                                                        Paper towels
Kyle is excellent at giving com-                                                     Tissues
mands and Conrad is great at
following them. Conrad hits access                                                   Toilet paper
buttons to help Kyle enter buildings                                                 Kitchen trash bags
or stores. He retrieves Kyle’s wheel-
chair pillow if it falls out of the chair.                                           Cotton balls
And, just as importantly, he loves to                                                AA batteries
play with Kyle! Kyle throws toys to
Conrad from his bed and Conrad                                                       Window cleaner
races through the house, then
circles back to Kyle and jumps on

Program Services
                      Service Dogs                yellow Labrador Retriever. Grace is so          philosophy is that each dog that enters
                    Service dogs have             shy that she won’t speak to people she          our training program, no matter where
                    been the cornerstone          doesn’t know, but when she is petting or        we acquired it from, will be placed as
                    of Assistance Dogs of         brushing Autumn, her smile lights up the        an assistance dog or as a family pet
                    America, Inc. for over        room. Her parents have already seen an          companion.
                    20 years. Since 1989,         incredible transformation in Grace’s            Through our Pet Home Adoption program,
                    ADAI has placed               self-confidence. If Autumn doesn’t listen        ADAI accepts applications for individuals
                    over 200 assistance           the first time she gives her a command,          and families that would like a pet in their
                    dogs with children            Grace will follow up and then praise            home. An ADAI staff member contacts
                    and adults with               Autumn. Although Autumn is not a service        eligible families for a phone or home
                    disabilities. These           dog, she was trained with some service          interview based on their location. The
dogs are ever-faithful companions that            dog commands, so Grace can ask her to           interview allows us to determine the
provide exciting new possibilities to             retrieve items for her or open cupboards        family living environment so that we may
persons whose lives are often filled with          and drawers out of reach. Our long-term         select an appropriate dog for their home.
roadblocks and limits.                            goal is for Autumn to become a service          It also gives the adoptive family a
                                                  dog as Grace grows and matures. In the          chance to fully understand our program.
We like to think of our dogs as “leaders          meantime, Autumn is doing exactly what
in independence.” For Tanya E., who                                                               The program has been very successful
                                                  she has been trained to a best          with 18 pet home placements in 2005.
received Brooke, a 3-year-old Black               friend to Grace.
Labrador Retriever, in April 2005, the thrill                                                     Some of our best ambassadors are the
of doing more things on her own has yet           Client/Graduate Services                        families who have adopted a pet dog
to wear off. Tanya used to be afraid to go                                                        from ADAI!
                                                  Assistance Dogs of America, Inc., focused
out in the community by herself because           the year on improving our communication,        Community Education Program
she worried she would have a problem              services and relationship with our clients
and need to ask for assistance.                                                                   The more people who understand the
                                                  and graduate teams. Our goal was to give        value of assistance dogs, the more
Here’s what Tanya said in a recent e-mail:        our graduates the support they needed           people we can help. It’s that simple.
“Today, Brooke and I went down and                once the dog was placed and keep                That’s why ADAI works so hard at gaining
bought an annual pass to the Newport              them connected to ADAI. The process             visibility in our communities. Last year,
Aquarium. It was my first visit since having       started creating a new staff position,          ADAI conducted 31 presentations to
Brooke, and my very first visit without            Client Services Director. This position is      local schools, civic and social groups
family members with me. She really                                      responsible for           throughout our service area. Volunteers,
enjoyed the penguin display. We sat                                     implementing new          staff and ADAI graduates took part in
there for almost an hour watching the                                   services for our          community events with information
little guys, and of course all the kids                                 graduates and to          booths and demonstrations. You may
jumping around us! Anyway, I thought I’d                                further improve our       have seen ADAI at the Swanton Corn
let you in on the fact that we did some-                                communication with        Festival, Perrysburg Harrison Rally Days,
thing that I’ve wanted to do for years,                                 new applicants and        Dog Days of September, Maumee
and didn’t have the courage to do on                                    clients. Marilyn          Summer Fair, Detroit Ability Expo, or OSU
my own. I plan on this being the first of                                Lazarus moved into        Service Dog Awareness Day. Many of
many trips!”                                                            this role from the        our future donors, clients and volunteers
Brooke, like other ADAI dogs, was trained                               training director’s       learn about our organization through
to provide basic tasks that enhance the           position. Her previous knowledge of our         these community appearances. Watch
lives of their owners. ADAI dogs can              graduates and training skills working with      for ADAI at even more events next year!
retrieve dropped items, open doors, turn          our clients provided this easy transition. In
lights on and off, provide balance                her new role, she was able to improve           Volunteer Program
support, and assist with the laundry,             the process for information gathering
                                                  during the phone and in-home interviews         Behind every great organization are
among many other tasks.                                                                           great volunteers. At ADAI, we have some
                                                  with new potential clients. In 2005, ADAI
ADAI added 14 new service dog teams               completed 33 new client interviews, 36          of the best volunteers in this area. Last
in 2005 to our growing family of over 82          certifications and/or re-certifications and       year, ADAI volunteers logged over 19,000
active working service dog teams.                 23 graduate follow-up visits. In August,        hours of community service.
Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. is the           ADAI conducted our first graduate                ADAI’s most active volunteer program is
only agency in Northwest Ohio that                “brush-up” course for graduate teams            the Foster Family and Puppy Raiser
provides highly trained service dogs to           wanting more training or to learn our           Program. These individuals unconditionally
individuals in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana;        latest traning techniques. In the fall, the     welcome and love the dogs and puppies
within a 250-mile radius of Toledo.               first issue of ADAI’s Graduate Gazette was       that will one day spend their lives helping
                                                  mailed to 100 of our graduate teams.            others. These volunteers spend countless
Therapy Dogs                                      This newsletter features articles from our      hours offering basic training and
The therapy dog placement program at              graduates and staff about information           socialization to our dogs, providing them
Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. gives            such as access issues, advocacy, training       with the one-on-one attention they need
children and adults with disabilities the         information, canine health issues and           to become confident and happy
opportunity to enjoy the unconditional            events at ADAI. Our graduates have              companions.
love of a dog...with a healthy dose of fun        expressed this client support is one of the
                                                  most important reasons they come to             ADAI is fortunate to have a cadre of
and companionship.                                                                                volunteers who clean kennels, feed our
                                                  ADAI to receive their assistance dogs. The
Therapy dogs can enhance a client’s               care, treatment and training they receive       dogs and provide office and yard work.
social growth and development. These              from ADAI makes them feel a part of the         Still others help with fundraising, commu-
clients learn valuable social skills by helping   “ADAI Family.”                                  nity events, presentations, writing, and
care for their dog and interacting with                                                           leadership. If you would like to learn about
people who meet their dog.                        Pet Home Adoption Program                       how YOU can help our organization,
In July 2005, Grace, who has spina bifida                                                          please call our office at 419-825-3622!
                                                  Not every dog can be a service or
and is an extremely shy five-year old,             therapy dog, but at ADAI we believe,
received her therapy dog, Autumn, a               “every dog deserves a good home.” Our

The ADAI event committee worked           2005 Graduates
throughout the year to bring in           Spring (left to right): Tanya Eversole with Brooke, Donna Noble with Conrad, Nathan Day
funds and generate community              with Ebony, Jackie Boyd and Shelley Wanner (Bryan Middle School) with Allie, Matt Nicholls
                                          with Diesel. Tom Davis with Missy (not pictured)
awareness. Our annual golf outing
was held at Stone Ridge Golf Club
in Bowling Green in May. 122 golfers
hit the greens and 153 joined us for
dinner, followed by the program.
This year we honored the therapy
dogs that have been placed in
the Hospice of Northwest Ohio. A
grand total of $23,000 was raised.
In August 87 people enjoyed an
evening at Carranor Hunt and Polo
club for “Les Pooches de Paris.” Rae
Yenderusiak designed a set to look
like the streets of Paris. Many ADAI
dog pictures, taken by Patti Jo           Summer (left to right): Elizabeth Schrack with Cedar, Randi Bailey-Graham with Journey,
                                          Kathleen Conti with Sir, Tom Watterworth with Star, Jay Piaktak with Lance, Grace Lombar-
Fantozz and Moto Photo, adorned           do with Autumn
the Photo Shop. Carranor served a
variety of French finger foods. ADAI
sold tickets to win a trip to Paris! We
netted $10,500 for our efforts.
Patti Jo and Bill Fantozz opened
their lovely home to ADAI in
December for our annual Bow
Wow Bash. Jerry Anderson was our
auctioneer and did a great job
helping to bring in $22,000. Some of
the live auction items included first
class plane tickets and 10 days in
Maui, a week’s stay in Florida, and
signed sport items. Dozens of silent
auction baskets were also donated.        Fall (left to right): Kate Hillard with Kirby, Marcel Harmon with Jessie, Gary Johnson with
                                          Brady, Andrea Chancey with Tootsie, Breck Davis with Jett, Marianne Hoppel with Chase
Amazing food and drinks were
served. Dinner and auction was
followed by a short testimony from a
recent therapy dog recipient. All
had a great time!
Mark your calendars now for
September 30, 2006, and plan on
coming to our Vegas party. The Bow
Wow Bash is December 8, 2006. This
is an awesome way to have a great
time while supporting ADAI!

2005 Donors                                Andrew and Joyce Deuble
                                           Thomas and Kathryn Deyerle
                                           Patricia Dodd
                                                                           Daniel Kolecki
                                                                           Gary and Christine Krasniewski
                                                                           Walter and Mary Krueger
Friends $1-$99                             Henry Doder                     Linda Lee
Children’s Center for                      Jan Dohr                        Douglas and Sherri Liedberg
Developmental Enrichment                   Rich Douglas                    Robin Lombardo
Communica                                  Laura Dowell-Veatch             Vincent and Nancy Lorenzo
Community Hospitals and Wellness Center    Diane Driscoll                  Barbara Mabus
Eagle REAC Members                         Robert Druckemiller             Howard S. and Mary C. Madigan
Eastern Star Perrysburg Chapter            Bittin Duggan                   Molly Maguire
Fraternal Order of Eagles R.E.A.C. Aerle   Donald and Melinda Duncan       Susan Mai
Grace Preschool                            James and Karen Dunn            Margo Makras
HammerMill                                 Doris Dvorack                   Rae Mandel
J.I.C. Property Owners Association         Doug Eckel                      Trisha Martin
JAT of Fort Wayne                          Bruce Edwards                   David and Krista Mason
Lake Park                                  Kitty Ellis                     Joseph Mast
Noble Elementary School                    Terrilyn Estell                 Lisa Mattin
Rover Come Over Ltd.                       Randall Foote                   Michael McConnell
St. John’s United Church of Christ         Gary and Mary Ford              Denise McCroskey
St. Luke’s Hospital Auxillary              Kimberly Ford                   Marge McGaharan
State Farm Insurance Companies             Janet E. Forster                Kristin L. McKelvey
Sunset Retirement House                    Carla and Julia Foura           Thomas and Cheryl McNutt
University of Findlay                      Brian and Jennifer Frey         Tom and Doris Meek
Walton Financial Company                   Kenneth and Pamela Frisch       Anita Melby
Washington Local Schools Retirees Group    Judith Frosch                   Nicholas G. and Rebecca S. Mester
David Albright                             Brenda Fuller                   Melinda Michaels
Eric and Elissa Alexander                  Vincent and Kim Funnari         Francis Mick
Virginia Ammann                            Rick and Karen Gallaway         James G. and Patricia A. Miller
Jerry Anderson                             Laura Gerdenich                 Jerry L. Miller
Dennis and Mary Kay Assenmacher            Jand and Carolyne Gilchrist     Robert and Charlotte Monroe
John Bailey                                Christine Giorgetti             Phyllis B. Morton
Elizabeth Baldwin                          Clyde and Nathalie Givens       Anna Mosler
Patricia Baldwin                           Nancy Glaser                    Judy Myers
Peg Ball                                   Scott and Amy Grant             Walt Nickell
Andrea H. Barocsi                          Joan Graver                     Sara North
Amy Bartus                                 Karen Griesinger                Paul and Nichole Nungester
Jack and Roberta Baxter                    Charles and Barb Guess          Kelly Odneal
Edward and Joanne Becker                   Thomas Gwilt                    Bryan Ohm
William E. Benjamin II                     Tiffany-Joy H. Hamaguchi        Paul R. Overhulse
Darby Benroth                              Michael and Aimee Hanf          Linda Palmer
Lois Bigelow                               Alexander Hann                  Michael and Janet Parsons
Gary and Carrie Blair                      Michael Hanophy                 Arthur Pascuzzi
Tim and Nan Borer                          Jill Harris                     John and Terri Payak
David Boudouris                            Lewis R. Heldt                  Carl Perkins
Marjorie Brechbill                         Jane F. Heltebrake              Francis and Linda Perman
Kimberly Brownlee                          Matthew Hemker                  Isabel Perry
Nina Bruno                                 David and Cindy Herrera         Kathleen Petersen
Brian and Karen Buford                     Martin P. Hertzfeld, III        Jodi Phillips
Barbara Burnett                            Donelea Hespe                   H. Tod and Diane Pickering
Darlene Busse                              James and Paula Hofmann         Debbie Poling
James and Mary Cameron                     Douglas and Judith Holdridge    Cindy Preston
Earl and Thurid Campbell                   Bridget Holt                    Nicholas and Amy Price
Betty Lou Clark                            Frank and Paula Holt            Bob Quigg
Charles Coletta, Jr.                       Rose Ann Huebner                Paul and Jacquelyn Quilan
Cathy A. Cook                              Rodney and Stephanie Hyler      Nancy Raitz
Lynn Corrigan                              Daryl and Holly Igo             Mark and Shirley Rayport, M.D.
Patricia Costanzo                          Liz Jackowski                   Irma Reingold
Dorothy Crissman                           Thomas and Karen Jennings       Audrey Rhodes
Tom Crothers                               Eric Johnson                    Randy Roberts
Rebecca Currier                            Cynthia Jones                   Donald and Lori Rose
Michael Dansack, Jr.                       Lawrence and Patricia Jones     Marsha Rose
Dana and Kelly Davis                       Robert and Shelley Julius       Elizabeth Rothermel
James and Sandra Davis                     Stevo and Susan Julius          Richard Rowlands
Gloria Dawson                              Jack Kahn                       Jane Rubini
David and Donna Days                       Richard and Denise Kamcza       Gene and Nancy Ruhe
Sheila DeBrock                             Donald and Geraldine Kauffman   Carol Saner
James and Nancy Decker                     Virginia Keil                   Susan Santoro
Anthony and Mary Deiger                    Rita Kern                       Catherine Scannell
Theresa Delgado                            Marie Ketteman                  Patricia Scharf
Mariano Demiguel                           Alan and Marcia Kibbe           Suzanne M. Schroeder
Robert and Helen Denney                    Susan Kienzie                   Kenneth and June Seidl
Kristina Marie Derhay                      Gary and Renee Kluczynski       Rudy and Susan Seiler

Theresa Sekula                          Debbie Papay, Attorney                  Bradley and Dawn Didion
Michael and Diane Servoss               Delta Gamma Fraternity                  John and Susan Dignam
Janet Short                             Diebold, Inc.                           R.R. and Mary Louise Dobelbower
Roger Short                             Farmers & Merchants State Bank          William and Nancy Doetsch
Herbert Shugarman                       Gleaner Life Insurance Company 3290     James and Colleen Donkel
Calvin and Marilyn Simpson              Gleaner Life Insurance Society’s #524   Gary Doyle
Richard and Annette Sipp                Gleaner South Fairfield Arbor            David and Mary Jo Dressell
Mary Sloneker                           Gorski Family Foundation, Inc.          David B. and Mary Dressell, Jr.
Jackson and Sally Smith                 Harborside Healthcare                   Diane Dubose
Barb Snavely                            Hausman Foundation Trust                Sandra Dunbar
Eleanor Sonntag                         High Point Animal Hospital              Susan Dunn
Donald Speck                            Invisible Fence of Northwest Ohio       Nicholas and Judith Dye
Roger Speelman                          Kenwood Elementary School               Richard and Waver Early
R. Jeffrey and Diana Stephens           Lindapp Properties LLC                  Ted and Judy Eckel
Robert and Michelle Strauss             Maumee Lions Club                       Erwin and June Effler
Kent and Kim Strickland                 New Day Fellowship                      Thomas Ensman
Brenda Strong                           Omni Care Pharmacy of Perrysburg        David and Judy Evans
James and Tracy Stull                   Romanoff Industries                     Nelson and Felicia Evans
Robert and Mary Suchy                   Sacred Heart School                     Robert and Carol Fantozz
Douglas and Carol Summersgill           Sandusky County Board of MRDD           Darrell and Constance Fox
Sandra Sundermeier                      Signature Bank, N.A.                    Roger and Jill Fox
Sandra Sutter                           Smith PTA Unincorporated Association    Michael and Robin French
Michael and Joan Szafarowicz            SmithBarney Citigroup                   Edward and Michele Friedlein
Ray Tackett                             Southport Baptist Keenagers             Jack Gallon
Timothy and Nadine Tasler               The Sophia Lustig Shop, Inc.            Scott and Karen George
Mary Ellen Taylor                       Valley Brook Arbor #736                 James Gilmore
Frank Taylor M.D.                       Wabash Technologies                     Patricia Gray
Bob and Allison Thornton                Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.       Richard and Kelly Gum, Jr.
Audrey Tingley                          Wildwood Athletic Club                  David and Ruth Hanson
David Topoleski                         Women’s Educational Club                Jonathan and Catina Harding
Jeffrey and Nancy Traudt                Wurtec                                  Jeffrey Heitz
David R. Tyerson, DDS                   YMCA of Toledo                          Kathryn Hillard
Robert and Jacqueline Venzel            Sherril L. Adkins                       Charles and Marianne Hoppel
Gina Veronica                           Andrew and Mary Alcroft                 Todd and Linda Hoyt
Kenneth and Trudy Vicary                Gregory and Constance Alexander         Peter S. Hurst
Betsy L. Volk                           Eleanore Awadalia                       Julie Johns
Richard and Patricia Walters            Greg and Karen Bade                     Gary and Francine Johnson
Ricky and Renata Walters                David and Linda Ball                    Norman W. and Diane M. Johnston
Charles and Marsha Ward                 Joyce H. Behner                         Ezekiel Kindaid
Nora Warwick                            James and Kay Bennett                   Zeke Kinkaid
Elizabeth Weaver                        Raspal and Nasreen Bhumbra              Thomas and Karen Klein
Patrick Westendorf                      Robert and Nora Blair                   Dolores M. Kroger
Michael and Anne White                  Morty Bobwoich                          Robert and Katie Lamere
Lynn Whitney                            Leroy Bockbrader                        Frederick and Judy Lang
Darin Wiederhold                        Jane Boone                              Larry and Diane LaPointe
Duane C. and Iris Wilhelm               Patricia Branam                         Roger and Karen Lemle
George and Patricia Wilson              Stephen Branam                          Hank and Christina Lewis
Paul and Elizabeth Wilson               Margot Brauer                           William and Nancy Lewis
Robert and Dorothy Wingerter            Donald and Judith Braun                 Vaughn and Margaret Lombardo
Cynthia Wise                            Jess and Patricia Bringolf              Maurice Manning
Stephen Wojdyla                         Lori Buhrmester                         Romillo J. Marinelli
Eldon and Beverly Wright                John and Nancy Burton                   Gary and Pamela Mayer
Laura Wright                            Christopher and Carole Campbell         Susan McClay
James and Michele Wysocki               Kenneth and Catherine Cappelletty       Lynne McCullough, M.D
Sean Zabawa                             Carol Cervenec                          Jean A. McIntyre
John Zawisza                            Arthur and Ann Chamberlin               LeBrun R. McKnight
Jane Zbierajewski                       Andrea Chancey                          Megan McQuade
Thomas and Linda Zehner                 Joseph and Pamela Chavalia              Hollis and Mary Merrick
Gary and Susan Zies                     Michael and Karla Cline                 Herbert and Carolyn Metzger
Robert Zollweg                          Garry and Judith Cole                   Michael and Melanie Metzger
Amanda Zolman                           George and Patricia Cole                Thomas and Betty Jo Meyer
Thomas and Denise Zorn                  David and Sharon Conklin                Heidi Miller
                                        Mark and Katherine Cooper               Vaughn Miller
Contributors $100-$499                  Michael Creque                          Christine M. Moore
American Rent All                       William R. Custer                       Zoellen Murphy
Archbold Lions Club                     Fred and Carri Dannhauser               William and Nancy Negrini
Asset Protection Corporation            Jessalyn Dattilo                        David and Patricia Nicholls
Board of Education Bryan City Schools   J. Breckenridge Davis                   Dean and Rozanne Nitschke
Bryan Lioness Club                      Thomas and Valerie Davis                Donna Noble
Canton Chapter 332 Women of the Moose   Jarman and Rachael Davis III            Eric and Jessica Ottnod
Creque Farms, Inc.                      Patrick and Elizabeth Dawson            Rodney W. Owen
CS Jewelers, LTD                        Nathan Day                              Patricia Packo

Dalia Perez                            Kathleen Conti                              Gifts in Memory
Jay Piatak                             Patrick Copeland
Mary Ellen Pizza                       Tanya Eversole                              IN MEMORY OF JORDAN STORMER
David and Barbara Plunkett             Ronald and Christine Gladieux               AVI Food Systems, Inc.
Lori Pompili                           Ronald and Marian Gladieux                  Harris-Reny-Torzewski
Virginia M. Pool                       Linda Gorey                                 Many’s Restaurant
Dorothy M. Price                       William and Catherine Happel, Jr.           Northwestern Ohio Building
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Curtis Schrack                         Rick and Patricia Molnar                    Jeffrey and Jill Bible
Arlon and Jane Schroeder               Marvin and Nancy Robon                      Zion Lutheran Church
David and Doris Schwartz               Steve and Barb Ross                         William and Cynthia Eitniear
Kevin and Jennifer Schwartz            Dean and Barbara Sparks                     Barbara Grill
John Sherburne                         Timothy and Carol Stansfield                 Edward Hanley, Jr.
John and Janette Shorrock              Michael and Nicole Walters                  Richard and Katharine Heintschel
Jack Simmons                           Robert and Deborah Walters                  Arthur and Marcia Huff
Christopher and Diane Simons           Morris Weaver                               Truman and Diane Irving
Larry Sneed                            Bryan Williams                              Paul and Todd Jimison
Jessie and Poldina Staggers            Jack and Cathleen Witte                     Todd and Patricia Jimison
Bernadette Steckel                     Kirk and Michelle Witte                     Dennis and Nancy Kemm
Lowell Steusloff                                                                   Dianne Koop
Joyce A. and Calvin J. Stewart         Supporters $1,000-$4,999                    Rick and Julie Kosier
Robert S. Stump                        Assistance Dog United Campaign              Norman and Ally Larrow
Donald and Rose Sweet                  Hanson, Inc.                                Michael and Kathryn Manos
Michael Swemba                         Huntington National Bank                    David and Adrienne Noel
Stephen Taylor                         Owens-Illinois                              Deborah Noward
Ward and Gretchen Taylor               Ransom Consulting Corporation               Kristen Raker-Barney
Bret Telescan                          Sky Financial Group, Inc.                   Jon Richardson
Steve Trudel                           Stone Famiy Foundation                      Clarence and Alyce Richardson
R. Scott and Margaret Trumball         The 577 Foundation Book Fair                Ron and Karen Rothenbuhler
George and Christine Veronie           Wally and Sally Krueger Family Foundation   Dana Sammour
Roger and Shelley Wanner               Wauseon Machine                             Craig Sankowski
Jon and Carolyn Watterworth            David and Chris Diefenthaler                Thomas and Joanne Shapler
Richard I. Weaver, DDS                 Sean Eversole                               James and Sheryl Sharp
Martin and Mary Werner                 William and Patti Jo Fantozz                Carol Sizemore
Lisa Wiersma                           Steven and Kimberly Hanson                  Donald and Susan Spencer
Judith Wilkinson                       Thomas Lichtenberg                          Wendell and Renee Welker
Tom and Serena Williams                K.R. Lonseth                                Tim and Jenni Yoder
Jay and Donna Woodson                  Woody McIntyre
D. Rae Yenderusiak                     Michael and Susan Moront                    IN MEMORY OF JACK BOND
Frederick and Jacqueline Yocum         Michael Pence                               Cardinal CG Company
Yvonne Zachery                         Paul and Karen Schaefer                     Cardinal FG Company
Suzanne Zimmerman                      Roger and Jennifer Thomas                   Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc.
Joel and Nancy Zrull                   David and Hope Welles, Jr.                  Daniel and Janet Arai
                                       Charles and Janis Witte                     Mary Bartz
Donors $500-$999                       Terry and Erika Yoder                       Megan Bond
Bellbrook Music Boosters Scrip         John and Michelle Zepp                      Bernice Cantrell
First Data Western Union Foundation                                                Richard and Barbara Ferguson
Fort Dodge Animal Health               Sponsors $5,000 and Up                      Richard and Gilberta Finch
Four the Boys Foundation               France Stone Foundation                     Steve Frank
Franklin Park Vision                   Iams Company                                Reynold and Linda Gerson
Genoa Bank                             Neil Adam Hoffman Foundation                Baxter and Suanne Gutknecht
Knight Crockett Miller                 Northwest Ohio Community Shares             Wayne and Janice Hoffman
Lee Stevens Machinery, Inc.            Stranahan Foundation                        Mary Jane Jacobson
Merial                                 Therma-Tru Fund                             James and Lora Jones
Novartis                               Toledo Community Foundation, Inc.           Josh Kish
Opinion Research Corporation           Towne Club                                  Kari Myli
Perrysburg Animal Care                 Waite-Brand Foundation                      Peggy Nuffer
Petco Foundatioin                      William and Pamela Davis                    Carol Perry
St. Joseph’s Parish                    Joan Leslie                                 Eric and Irene Rapp
T & S Tool & Supply Co., Inc.          David and Georgia Welles, Sr.               Wayne and Chryll Salow
The Financial Soluntions Network       Roland and Charlotte Troike                 Richard Schmidt
Warren and Bernice Hensel Foundation   The McIntosh Family                         Betty Schneider
Welded Construction L.P.               Tim and Jenni Yoder                         Robert and Mary Shaul
Xcelity Services, Inc.                                                             Richard Van Brandt
Greg Bakies                                                                        Jerome and Mary Zavada
Diane Bartels
Steven and Michele Bronder
Frank and Brenda Cody

IN MEMORY OF RAY THOMPSON                 Julia Graham                        IN MEMORY OF DIXIE
Flower Hospital Cancer Center             John and Ann Kerr                   Lynda K. Mihalchik
Judy Bressler                             Charles and Margaret McGuire
Perrie and June Brown                     Eve Merz                            IN MEMORY OF DEMONT MOHLER
Joe and Judy Cerva                        Syvia Todaro                        Dorthy Mowery
Floyd and Bessie Cogan                    Isobel Wayrick
Inez Cox                                                                      IN MEMORY OF BO
Thomas and Lynne Dunifon                  IN MEMORY OF BOBBI, SERVICE DOG     Jeffrey Normand
Jack and Juanita Dutman                   John Calaway
Linda Emch                                                                    IN MEMORY OF LAWRENCE MALLOY
Thomas and Rhoda Forche                   IN MEMORY OF DEAN BRAINERD          Towne Club
Donald and Barbara Frey                   Marvin Dieken
Pat Gill                                  Selma Aspinwall                     IN MEMORY OF DANIEL SCHAEFER
Katherine Henige                          Eagles Nest At Bonita Bay           Paul Schaefer
US Chemical & Plastics                    Gilchrist Garvey
Joel and Cindy Kirkwood                   Thomas Kwasniak                     IN MEMORY OF KENDYL
James and Lois Markwood                   Frank Latham                        Robert and Belle Schultz
Rex and Carol Mason                       Connie and Perry London
Ken and Kim Metzger                       Steve and Louise Noona              IN MEMORY OF TAYLOR HUMBLE
Judith Pelton                                                                 Kriston Sherman, D.V.M.
Thomas and Carolyn Sayen                  IN MEMORY OF FRED BOWDLE
Mark Shepard                              Sandy Bowdle                        IN MEMORY OF RUPERT SHAUB
John and Cheryl Sturniolo                                                     Kriston Sherman, D.V.M.
Fredrick and Patricia Trippe              IN MEMORY OF JERRI LYNN MELLOR
Arthur and Virginia Walton                David and Mary Jo Dressell          IN MEMORY OF WILMA STEUSLOFF
Melvyn and Annette Wicks                                                      Lowell Steusloff
D. Rae Yenderusiak                        IN MEMORY OF JAMES BALDWIN
Tim and Jenni Yoder                       David and Mary Jo Dressell          IN MEMORY OF PEPPER
                                          Richard and Joyce Grimm             Nancy Struble
IN MEMORY OF MCKENZIE                     David and Doris Schwartz
Timothy and Beth Ann Andrews              Tim and Jenni Yoder                 IN MEMORY OF BARON AND ANDY
                                                                              Keith and Toni Sturton
AND BETTY SICKLES DOG                     Ted and Judy Eckel                  IN MEMORY OF BILL TIETJE AND ALLIE
Linda J. Arent, Realtor                                                       Barb Tietje
John and Betty Sickles                    IN MEMORY OF ANNE AND JIM EDWARDS
                                          AND SCHMOOZO                        IN MEMORY OF FRAN SIMMERS
IN MEMORY OF DAVID TOMASZEWSKI            Kimberly Edwards                    C. Donald Simmers
Greg and Karen Bade
                                          IN MEMORY OF POPPY                  IN MEMORY OF FRANCIS PLETZ
IN MEMORY OF DAKOTA, RANDI BAILEY-        Nancy Everitt                       Susan McClay
Bruce and Kathy Bailey                    IN MEMORY OF PENNY AND ABBEY        IN MEMORY OF PATRICIA KAVOLIS
Jessie and Poldina Staggers               Gloria Ford                         Ernest Toth

SERVICE DOG                               Persis R. Gow                       Darlene Whitaker
Marjorie Baril
Nancy Everitt                             IN MEMORY OF RUDY                   IN MEMORY OF MAZIE
Libby Freesh                              Gary and Susan Gray                 Barbara Whittaker
Tony and Deb Knight
Ann Rechtine                              IN MEMORY OF SHEBA                  IN MEMORY OF MARILYN AND BEAR
Tim and Jenni Yoder                       David Hall                          Bonnie Wittes

Arthur P. Bartholomew, Jr.                Richard and Joanne Harrison         Tim and Jenni Yoder
George D. Black
Catherine W. Houghton                     IN MEMORY OF MARIA HODGE            IN MEMORY OF MARGARET ZIMMERMAN
Betty J. Miller                           Robert C.and Wava M. Hawker         Tim and Jenni Yoder
Perry O’Neal
Norman and Jane Revenaugh                 IN MEMROY OF CARL MCMULLAN          IN MEMORY OF ALENE HEAPS
Richard I. Weaver, DDS                    AND DILLON                          Tim and Jenni Yoder
Dorothy Yager                             Carl and Margaret Hedlund
                                                                              Gifts in Honor
Mark and Beth Ann Beach                   Timothy J. Heinze                   IN HONOR OF JAKE AND ADDY DOETSCH
                                                                              ProServices Environmental
Sudha Bhojani                             AND CINNAMON                        IN HONOR OF MR. AND
Robert and Christina Bowskill             Jane Jacobson                       MRS. DAVID WELLES, JR.
Joesh and Annette Clarke                                                      Janet Adams
Henry and Agnes Garrity                                                       Eleanor Barnes

Amir and Augusta Askari               25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY                  GORDAN FEASEL, BOB JUMP AND FAMILY
Albert A. Getman                      David and Chris Diefenthaler              AND BRETT NEFF AND FAMILY
Marjorie Baril                                                                  Ruth Dotterer
Joseph and Ann O’Leary                IN HONOR OF CHRIS DIEFENTHALER
                                      Joann Diefenthaler                        IN HONOR OF LINDSEY KREUZ, KEVIN KREUZ,
IN HONOR OF DEAN BRAINERD                                                       LAUREN MONTGOMERY, BREANNA KREUZ,
Stephen and Kimberly Rosser           Pamela D. Ellis                           GENTRY, TAYLOR GENTRY, SCOTT BURDICK,
                                                                                KYLE BURDICK, CJ BURDICK, AND MADELINE
Nancy Ballantyne                      MR. AND MRS. SAXTON AND MR. MRAZ          Keith and Sheri Kreuz
                                      Stan and Carol Fingerhut
IN HONOR OF DAN PLAPPERT AND PAIGE                                              In-Kind Gifts
Dave and Mary Beesing                 IN HONOR OF JUANITA SPENCER               Adagio
                                      Clyde and Nathalie Givens                 Gift Certificate
IN HONOR OF TYLER YODER                                                         Art Forms
George and Kim Bennett                IN HONOR OF AVA LYNN                      Gift Certificate
Patrick and Elizabeth Dawson          Kurt and Andrea Keaton                    Jack and CathyWitte – AW Insurance Wood
Bruce and Elaine Lammon                                                         Lab Dogs
Betty Miller                          IN HONOR OF ABBY                          Debbie Papay – Bayer, Papay, Steiner Co.
Mary Ellen Pizza                      Harriet Lazarus                           Chocolates and Book
Robert and Bonnie Samson                                                        Blackberry Patch Golf Club
Richard and Arlene Schaller           IN HONOR OF PATTI JO FANTOZZ              4 Rounds of Golf with Cart
                                      K-9 MASH                                  Camelot Salon
IN HONOR OF JAKE AND LOUIE                                                      Manicure
Sherri Bernhoft                       IN HONOR OF TYLER YODER AND DUKE          Car Stereo One
                                      Gary and Pamela Mayer                     3 $300 Gift Certificates
                                      Archie and Patricia Williams              Casa Barron Mexican Restaurante
Dennis and Donna Bosch
                                      John and Geraldine Yoder                  Gift Certificate
Kimberly Davis
                                      Lowell and Marilyn Yoder                  Chili’s Quality Dining
Bonnie Gratop
                                                                                Gift Certificates
Sharon Gray
                                      IN HONOR OF MR. AND                       Chocolate Shoppe
Patricia Gray
                                      MRS. STAN FINGERHUT                       Gift Basket
Mark and Mary McClellan
                                      David and Donna Mraz                      Cold Stone Creamery
Patrick and Brenda Papin
                                                                                Ice Cream Cake
Gary and Susan Sommer
                                      IN HONOR OF FINGERHUT FAMILY              Cooper Florist
Michael Swemba
                                      David and Donna Mraz                      Candle
JAT of Fort Wayne
                                                                                Christian Sterling – CS Jewelers, LTD
Jack and Cathleen Witte
                                      IN HONOR OF GENE AND                      Sapphire and Diamond Necklace;
D. Rae Yenderusiak
                                      JOAN SERRI ANNIVERSARY                    $100 donation
Tim and Jenni Yoder
Robert and Gail Zimmerman             Theresa Plappert                          Emily – Custom Exteriors
                                                                                Basket of hair products; gift certificate
IN HONOR OF ALLIE                     IN HONOR OF GARY JOHNSON’S BIRTHDAY       Ernst & Young
Jacqueline Boyd                       Gail and Joseph Rinderknecht              4 Red Wings Tickets and Parking
                                                                                Fenwick Gallery
IN HONOR OF BRENDA HOEBAUER           IN HONOR OF SHERRI BERNHOFT               John Weiss Yellow Lab Picture
Jacqueline Boyd                       Beverly St. Clair                         First Serve Tennis
                                                                                Gift Certificate; Wilson Tennis Bag
Lizabeth Brown                        Roger and Shelley Wanner                  Gift Certificate
                                                                                Dr. Andrea Prinstein – Franklin Park Vision
IN HONOR OF TOOTSIE ROLL              IN HONOR OF TOM WATTERWORTH               Coach Sunglasses
Andrea Chancey                        Jon and Carolyn Watterworth               Grace Preschool
                                                                                Cleaning Products; Dog Supplies
IN HONOR OF MICHAELA DOVE             IN HONOR OF BILL AND PAM DAVIS            Amy Junge – H/J Manufacturing Services
Scott Cooper                          Frances I. Wexler                         Wood Lab Dog
                                                                                Hafner Florist
IN HONOR OF TERESA SEKULA             IN HONOR OF KYLE YODER                    Gift Certificate
AND WINCHESTER                        D. Rae Yenderusiak                        Steve and Kim Hanson – Hanson, Inc.
Patricia Costanzo                                                               Fly Fishing with Meal and One Night Stay;
Stanley and Irma Hesley               IN HONOR OF ROB WURTH                     Wine Basket; Forced Air Dryer; 2 Brushes
Judy Meloche                          D. Rae Yenderusiak                        for Kennel
                                                                                Jim Cameron – Heidelburg Distributing
IN HONOR OF PAM DAVIS                 IN HONOR OF LOWELL YODER                  Case of Wine
William and Pamela Davis              Tim and Jenni Yoder                       Highland Elementary
Diane Bartels                                                                   6 Boxes of Books
Larry and Diane LaPointe              IN HONOR OF BRIDGET CLAY                  Ken’s Flower Shop
Dean and Rozanne Nitcschke            Hannah Simon                              Boutinears and Corsages
Michael and Diane Servoss                                                       Kids Klothesline
Terry and Erika Yoder                 IN HONOR OF MR. AND MRS. LOU LEVY,        Gift Certificate
Certified Public Accountants           MR. AND MRS. ED BERGER, ERIC BERGER AND

Kismet Gallery                              Sophie’s Sister                                 Cathy Fitzpatrick
Ornament                                    Gift Certificate                                 Notre Dame football
KONG                                        St. Lukes Hospital                              Jennifer Friel
3 Large Toys                                Basket of St. Lukes items                       Necklace
Krogers                                     Sterling Diamonds                               James and Christine Gibson
Helium for the Ballons and Roses for our    Necklace                                        55lb. Bag of Purina Dog Chow
Clients for Graduation                      Swanton Subway                                  Marian Gladieux
Judy Lily’s On Main                         Team Training Subs and Chips                    2 Decorative Snowmen
Iron Rose, Decorative Bench                 Sylvania Country Club                           Randi Graham
MacQueens Orchard                           4 Rounds of Golf                                Dog and Cat Supplies; Office Supplies
Pie for a Month for a Year                  The Andersons                                   William Happle
Maggie Moo’s                                4 Golf Mugs                                     Drawing of House
3 Tee Shirts                                The Copy Center                                 Julie Jardine
Marco’s Pizza                               150 Programs                                    Public Relations Consulting and Writing
Discount on Pizzas for Team Training        The Paula Brown Shop                            Gary Johnson
Janet Flack – Maumee Sports Mall            Gift Certificate                                 Handmade Kevlar Leash
Coupons                                     The Pet Spa                                     Jill Kinsel
Max and Erma’s                              Gift Certificate                                 Supplies; Treats and Dog Food for Lilly
Gift Certificate                             The Sophia Lustig Shop                          David Kolasky
Meigen Nitschke – Meig                      Gift Certificate                                 Hand Blown Blue Bowl
Cashmere Sweater                            Toledo Mud Hens                                 Roger and Karen Lemle
Tom Lichtenberg – Merial                    4 Tickets to the Mud Hens                       Vet Bill, Dog Food, Dog Supplies doe Lucy
Boxes of Frontline; Merial items            Twigs                                           Lynn Lenert
Steve Kolinski – Midland Title              Gift Certificate; Holiday Centerpiece            Arbonne Products
Lein Update-fee waived                      Carol Waltz – Twin Pines Lodge                  Thomas Lichtenberg
Notre Dame Football Office                   3 Days, 2 Nights at Caddis Cabin                Merial items, Clifford Dog
Autographed Coach Weis Football             Urban Living                                    Cindi Lonseth
Novartis                                    Dust Pan                                        Handmade Scarf and Hat
Interceptor                                 Bob Huebner – US Container Inc.                 Lydia McCarthy
Oak Park Landscape                          Barrel for Agility Chute                        Puppy Classes
Gift Certificate                             Wabash Technologies                             William and Nancy Negrini
Old House                                   Digital Camera                                  Golf Club Driver
Navitiy Set                                 Whitehouse Apothecary                           Bob Obrock
Packert Creek Pottery                       Large Stuffed Dog                               Tree
Jan Pugh Dog Bowl                           Whitehouse Subway and                           LeRoy and Janice Odegaard
Linda McMahon – Pampered Chef               La Cocina de Torres                             Tree
Items for Gift Basket                       Gift Certificates                                James O’Quinn
Weiders – Perry Falls Golf                  YMCA-Fort Meigs Center                          Labrador Retriever
Gift Certificates                            Y Membership                                    S. Dwight Osterud
Perrysburg High School Quarlet              Tim and Jenni Yoder – Yoder Machinery Sales     2 Trees
I Hour of Buyers Music                      2 Tickets to Broadway Show Series; Table        Daniel and Gail Pigford
Pet Supplies Plus                           Decorations; Stamps; Flowers; Supplies;         Sables Training and Care Expenses
$25 Gift Certificate                         Tennis Bag; Dog Stocking with Lottery           Cindy Preston
Pilates Center of Toledo                    Tickets; Gingerbread House; Tin Dog Picture     Ice; Cookies and Supplies for Training class;
Gift Certificate                             Glenn and Mary Ann Abke                         Toys
Playful Pooches and Parents                 Tree                                            Jan Quail
Puppy Classes for Cassidy                   Greg Bakies                                     Decorative Wreath
Premier Catering                            Golf for 3 at Stone Ridge Golf Course           Steve Sadowski
Cater Dinner for Four                       Morgan Bakies                                   5 Flats of Flowers
Lindi Copti – Pups N’ People                Evening of Babysitting                          Gail Sponseller
4 Gift Certificates for Classes; Training    Donnie and Caroline Behnfeldt                   Glass Piece
Classes for Assistance Dogs                 Quarter of Beef                                 Donna Stateczny
Julie Curtis – Quality Dining               Nora Blair                                      Large Crate, Heater Pad, Heated Water Bowl
$25 Chili’s Gift Certificate                 Lab Water Color                                 David W. Stuckey
John Myers – Retired Eagles Activity Club   Chris and Carole Campbell                       Tree
Cotton Swabs; Blanket; Towels               Basket of Gas Station Items from                Roger and Jenny Thomas
Rover Come Over                             Whitehouse Suncoco                              Rick Upchurch Autographed Football
Dog Grooming; Gift Basket                   Kathleen Conti                                  Vickie Vincent
Royal Pet Supplies Limited Partnership      5 Dog Beds; Kitty Supplies                      Golden Retriever puppy
Gift Certificate                             Dora Crowther                                   Dan Weeks
Sauder Seconds and Setup                    Garden Hand Cream and Products; Tennis          Marketing Design Services
Fruitwood Hutch; Fruitwood Computer         Picture; Bell Ornament; Candle                  Mary Weiss
Work Center                                 William and Pamela Davis                        Clock
Sautters Food                               Flight School-1 Hour of Flying, Wine and Beer   Jack and Cathy Witte
Gift Certificate                             David and Chris Diefenthaler                    Dog Basket; Large Stuffed Dog; Necklace
Sawowski Farm                               Dyson Vacuum                                    Chuck and Jan Yoder
Flats of Flowers                            Bill and Patti Jo Fantozz                       Maui Basket
Scarp                                       Autographed OSU Football of Jim Tressel; 1      Terry and Erika Yoder
Gift Certificate                             Week Stay at a Florida Condo; Dinner for 2      Silver Serving Bowl and Utensils; Jan Pugh
Shadow Valley Tennis                        at Belmont Country Club; Tuffy Auto Service-    Bowl; Jan Pugh Plate
Tennis Group Lessons for Two                Oil Changes; Baskin Robbins Gift Basket;        Tyler Yoder
                                            MotoPhoto Family/Senior Portrait Package        Original Artwork; Dog Supplies

Puppies in Prison                          experienced ADAI volunteers so                          Assistance Dogs of America, Inc.
(Continued from Front Page)                they can have exposure to things                           Board Members and Staff
                                           not available in the prison environ-                  President                   Jenni Yoder
have committed crimes against
                                           ment, like car rides, restaurants,                    Executive Director          Chris Diefenthaler
animals, or sexually-related crimes.                                                             Vice President              Gregory Bakies
                                           and children. It also gives us addi-                  Secretary                   Patti Jo Fantozz
The program is managed very
                                           tional opportunities to assess the                    Treasurer                   Julie Johns
tightly by administration at ToCI.
                                           progression of the pups.
A minor transgression will result in                                                             Board Members
                                                                                                 Dr. Nasreen Bhumbra
removal from the program. The                                                                    Pamela Voell Davis
                                           The program has been funded by
program is designed with alternate                                                               Kim Hanson
                                           grants from the Stranahan                             Gary Johnson
trainers observing the classes, so
                                           Foundation and the Toledo                             Anmarie Kolinski
that if an inmate is unable to care                                                              Wayne North Jr., D.V.M.
                                           Community Foundation that allow                       Richard Ransom
for a puppy, there is a skilled
                                           for one part-time trainer and the                     Josh Rothman
inmate to takeover.                                                                              Tom Williams
                                           purchase of our first four puppies
                                           from established breeders. But we                     Staff Members
Inmates in the program must go                                                                   Executive Director       Chris Diefenthaler
                                           can always use donations for toys
through a 6-week orientation                                                                     Administrative Assistant Karen Swartz-Dowling
                                           and supplies. See our Wish List in                    Client Services Director Marilyn Lazarus
program before they receive a
                                           this issue for more information. The                  Training Director        Kali Kosch
puppy. Then they meet with ADAI                                                                  Staff Trainer/
                                           goal is to have ten puppies placed
staff trainers one to two times a                                                                Volunteer Coordinator    Joanna Viola
                                           in ToCI by the end of 2006. Look for                  Prison Puppy Coordinator/
week for structured class. At this                                                               Kennel Manager           Mechele Maier
                                           updates on the program in future
time, ADAI can also assess the well-                                                             PT Kennel Assistant      Cindy Preston
                                           issues.                                               PT Maintenance           Chuck Weagley
being and progress of the puppies.
Puppies go on “furlough” with

                                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                           SWANTON, OH
                                                                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 5
National Training and Education Facility   Change Service Requested
8806 State Route 64, Swanton, OH 43558
Phone: 419/825-3622, Fax: 419/825-3710
Chris Diefenthaler, Executive Director

ADAI is a voting member of
Assistance Dogs International.

ADAI is a member of
                                           Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. helps children and adults with physical disabilities achieve greater
Community Shares.
                                           independence by training and placing service and therapy dogs to assist with the individual’s daily needs.

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