September 2007

                               A Public Voice, A Voice for Change

League of Women Voters of Lubbock County                          
1706 23rd Street Lubbock, TX 79411                                 
(806) 744-0023

   What’s Inside:
   What’s Inside:           PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE...
 -Page 2-
 -Page 2-
                            We have a very busy fall with many League activities. Our public
     Computer Recycling
      Computer Recycling
       Celebrate Glenna     forum on Mandated Achievement Testing in Texas Public Schools will
      Honoring a
       & the League         take place on Thursday, September 20. Panel members will be Dr.
        Lubbock Hero        Peggy Johnson, Associate Dean for Teacher Education at Texas Tech,
 -Page 3-                   Rita McDaniel, principal of Lubbock Cooper North Elementary School,
 -Page 3-New Office
     Our                    and Vicki Lishman, counselor at Lubbock High School. We know that
       Manager              public education, like the right to vote, is essential in a democracy.
      Our New Office
        Manager             We want students and educators to be accountable. As our
 -Page 4-                                     becomes more our schools face many challenges.
                            population becomes more diverse, diverse, our schools face many
     Run-Off Election
  -PageMany Thanks
                            challenges. What works--TAKS, exams, or something or something
                            What works--TAKS, end-of-course end-of-course exams, else? We will
                            else? these explore September 20. I served on the state
                            exploreWe will issues onthese issues on September 20. I served on
        to Supporters!
      Regional Training     the state but can't but can't claim credit for the Issues written by
                            committeecommittee claim credit for the Facts and Facts and Issues
      Many Thanks to        written by co-chairs Anne Roussos and Nan Clayton. I highly
                            co-chairs Anne Roussos and Nan Clayton. I highly recommend this
  -Page 5-                  recommend this outstanding document. You should a copy from the
                            outstanding document. You should have received have received a
     Recorded Votes
     Calendar               Texas League. You can also view it by view it by accessing Our
                            copy from the Texas League. You can alsoaccessing this link. this
  -PageOfficers &           consensus meeting Voter. Our testing will         meeting on statewide
                            link included in thison statewide consensus take place on October 10.
     Become a Volunteer
        Directors           Before will take place on October read you consensus questions. If
                            testing the meeting, I hope you will10. Ifthesecan’t attend in person,
         Deputy Registrar        may attend the       consensus questions and get them to get
                            you can’t answer in person, you may answer the questions and the
     Celebrate Glenna &
  -Page 6-                  League office in person, by U.S. mail, or via email, by October 12.
                            them to the League office by October 12.
         the League
       Join the League!
     Guides ...             You are warmly invited to our membership party on Sunday, Septem-
                                   are warmly invited to our membership party on Sunday,
                            ber 23. Feel free to bring a friend along with you--especially a pro-
                            September 23 at 3210 23rd Street. Feel free to bring a friend
                            (Continued new member! We will honor Glenna Burns, our recently-
                            spective on page 3)
 P a g e     2                                                                                      T h e    V o t er

       Honoring a Lubbock hero
 Former Lubbock Leaguer Carolyn              families in 25 West Texas counties.
 Lanier was honored at the Lubbock
 Area Foundation’s Hero’s Luncheon
 on September 12 at the Lubbock              Our members filled two Lubbock
 Country Club. Carolyn has changed           League tables and several more
 our community and the world, as a           League members were present at
 Lubbock League board member and             this event.
                                                                                               “...nearly 14 million chil-
 president, founder of Breedlove                                                              dren live in households that
 Dehydration Center, and creator of                                                            sometimes have difficulty
 the South Plains Food Bank.                                                                    providing enough food.”
 Currently, the South Plains Food                                                              -Economic Research Service,
 Bank provides food for needy

                              Computer Recycling IN
  “...TDCJ offers
     the refurbished
                             Don’t throw your used and     Lubbock Solid Waste           assure hard drives are
            computer         outdated      computer        Department         began      completely erased prior to
    hardware to the          hardware        in    the     participating in the Texas    refurbishing activities.
                             dumpster...RECYCLE!           Department of Criminal
      state agencies,                                      Justice (TDCJ) Computer
                                                                                          The TDCJ offers the
                             Bring any hardware                                          refurbished computer
     cities or school        including your hard drive,    Recovery Program.       The   hardware to state agen-
                                                           computer        hardware
     districts at no         monitor, keyboard, mouse,
                                                           collected for recycling is
                                                                                         cies,   counties, cities or
                             or printer to the Southside                                 school districts at no
            charge.”         Recycling Center located      sent to one of two TDCJ       charge.        To view
                                                           facilities for refurbishing
                             at 1631-84th Street (84th                                   commodities available for
                             and Avenue P). Hours of       (Huntsville and Snyder).      purchase from the TDCJ, or
                             operation are from 8 a.m.      TDCJ inmates inspect all     for more information on
                             to 5:30 p.m. on Monday        items and make needed         the TDCJ Computer
                             through Friday and from       repairs to insure that the    Recovery Program, visit
                             8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p. m. on    computer hardware is in       their website at:
                             Saturdays (closed between     working order.     Inmates
                             noon and 1:00 p. m. each      are given the opportunity
                             day). If you have a large     to gain skills to become
Recycle your used computer   quantity of       computer    certified       computer
                             hardware, please call         technicians and gain
                             767-3545 to make special      employment after their
                             arrangements for drop off.    incarceration is completed.
                                                           Special care is taken to
                             In August 2006, the City of
T h e   V o t er                                                                                 P a g e   3

          Our New Office Manager
Meet our dynamic new office manager,         has been selected for Tech's
Kristina Rios. Kristina grew up in Lubbock   Women's Leadership program.
and is a Lubbock High School graduate.       She will complete her B.B.A. in
She is the single mother of four children.   Business Economics in December          “Meet our
Jacob is a      seventh-grader at Lubbock-   and then continue work on an
Cooper. Megan, Jordan, and Jason are in
                                                                                     dynamic new office
                                             M.B.A. degree. She works part time
the fifth, fourth, and second grades at      at the Garrison Institute on Aging.     manager,
Hodges Elementary School. Kristina           Kristina will be in our office on       Kristina Rios.”
teaches eighth graders at St. John           Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Neumann Catholic Church on Sundays.          mornings. Kristina brings many
She is a member of Feminist Majority         skills, much enthusiasm, and new
Leadership Alliance at Texas Tech and        ideas to our organization.

President’s Message, cont’d.
along with you--especially a prospective new member! We will honor Glenna Burns, our recently-retired
office manager, former League president and board member, and outstanding citizen. We can get to
know one another better, welcome new members, and talk about upcoming League activities.

Our public forum on Immigration is scheduled for October 18. Carolie Mullan, chair for this national
League study, will serve as moderator. Hector Hernandez of Catholic Family Services, Professor Calvin
Lewis of Texas Tech School of Law, and Ed George, Professor of Classics Emeritus at Texas Tech and
Co-Chair of West Texas Organizing Strategy, are our panel members.

Please plan to attend the Regional Training on October 20 right here in Lubbock at the Volunteer Center
Conference Room.

 There were some errors in the calendar that was sent to you along with your membership form, so a
correct calendar is attached with this Voter. I'll proofread more carefully from now on!

P a g e   4                                                                          T h e   V o t er

                  training October 20
Plan to attend the League’s Regional Training,         the Conference Room. Please call the office
which will take place right here in Lubbock at         by Thursday, October 18, to let us know
the Volunteer Center Conference Room. Your             whether you can attend the training and
attendance is free: our League is paying a fee         whether you want to have lunch with us
that will cover as many members as wish to             beforehand.
attend. The time for the training is from noon
until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 20. For a
cost of $6.00, we’ll have spaghetti, salad,
garlic bread, and iced tea for lunch at 11:30 in

                    M a n y ,      m a n y t h a n k s t o                o u r
                                  c o n t r i b u t o r s !
The League of Women Voters of Lubbock County depends on fundraising to support activities like our
nonpartisan Voters Guides for the May 12 Elections and June 9th Run-off Election available both in
print and on-line. We are looking ahead to Voters Guides for elections this November, next February
(state-wide primary) and May (Lubbock Mayor and several City Council Districts). This is only possible
with the generous support of many contributors. We recognize below recent contributors to the
League of Women Voters of Lubbock County or the Lubbock League Education Fund. Contributions
have been made in memory of the following individuals:

          Lewis Earl in memory of Inez Crawford
          Drue Farmer in memory of Millie Davis

Several contributions have also been made to honor the following:

          Glenda Boverie in honor of Linda Krefting
          Ann Burbridge in honor of Glenna Burns
          Linda Krefting in honor of Betty Anderson
          SarahLee Morris in honor of Wanda Stewart
          Carolie Mullan in honor of Glenna Burns and Carolyn Lanier
          Sellie Shine in honor of Ruth Lauer
          Kathy Suchy in honor of Linda Krefting
          Jackie Williams in honor of Glenna Burns
          Louise Underwood in honor of Glenna Burns
          Martha Hise Cieszinski in honor of Glenna Burns

Generous contributions have also been received from:

          Glenna Burns
          Ingrid Coulter
          Grace Rogers
          Tess Trost
 T h e   V o t er                                                                                          P a g e   5

         Become a volunteer deputy
            registrar of voters
  It’s easy to become a deputy        take long. We receive requests
  registrar of voters. Just go down   to register voters regularly —
  to the Office of Elections and      most recently at the Fiesta del                    “It’s easy to
  Voter Registration at 1308          Llano on September 15. If you
  Crickets Avenue (formerly Ave-      can help with voter registration                   become a deputy
  nue G) on Tuesday morning be-       at First Care’s Employee Appre-                    registrar of
  tween 8:00 a.m. and noon, or        ciation Day on October 12,
  Thursday afternoon between          please give the League office a
  1:00 and 5:00 p.m. It won’t         call.

  “Celebrate                                                      membership
  Glenna and the                                                  If you haven’t sent in your membership
  league”                                                         form yet, please get it to us as soon as
                                                                  possible. If you didn't’ receive one, give
 Please come to our membership party on Sunday
                                                                  the office a call and we’ll get on to you.
 afternoon, September 23rd,      between 2:00 and
 4:00 p.m. We’ll gather together to honor Glenna
 Burns, who has served the Lubbock League as presi-
 dent, board member, office manager—she’s done it
 all! And we’ll have a chance to meet and greet one
 another and especially our new members.

         Voters Guides in 2007-2008
                                              by Linda Krefting
The League’s nonpartisan Voters Guides are important       even-numbered City Council districts).
both to our mission of informed participation in
government and to our visibility in our community.          The Board is seeking your help as the Voters Guide
Expanding distribution of Voters Guides was a topic        distribution plan for the coming year is prepared. We
during “I Wish the League” at our 2007 Annual Meeting.     invite you to provide names and addresses for interested
Some wished to add to the mailing list while others        individuals (especially potential LWV members!) to add to
wished to have additional copies to share.                 our mailing list for Voters Guides. If you would like Voters
                                                           Guides to distribute yourself for one or more of the
 Voters Guides are funded by our Education Fund.           upcoming elections, please let us know how many you
Distribution needs to be consistent with the League’s      would like and how they would be distributed (e.g.,
nonpartisan policies and approved by the Board. The        personal friends, at work, a group or association, etc.).
coming year will be a busy one with Voters Guides for      We ask that you provide this information to the League
elections in November 2007 (Constitutional                 Office by September 30 (
Amendments), spring 2008 (federal, state and county        so a plan can be prepared for consideration at the
primary) and May 2008 (Lubbock Mayor and                   Board’s October meeting.
                League of Women Voters of Lubbock County
                17069 23rd Street
                Lubbock, TX 79411

    ...where hands-on work to safeguard
    democracy leads to civic improvement.

                                               OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS

President                  Glenda Boverie

Vice Presidents             Wanda Stewart, Catrennia Williamson

Secretary                   Isabel Gutierrez

Treasurer                   Nadine Bartsch

Directors                   Carolyn Moore, Sarahlee Morris
                            Mollie Spain, Tess Trost

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