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					                                                                                                   Exhibit 'D' - Terms
                                                                                                            Part 2 of 2

       Date: DRAFT                                                                Subcontractor:
    Project: Client                                                                    Address:
             address                                                                Phone / Fax:
 Work Items:                                                                           Contact:

Provide The Scope of Work for your Trade as attached, complete all
Work in strict accordance with the following "Terms and Conditions" and
documentation as listed below:
 1   Compliance with Owner O & M readiness program                                    Yes
     Bond Brothers Project Manual for this project and all information
 2                                                                                    Yes
     contained there-in is included
     This Trade Contractor has read and will work in compliance with the
 3                                                                                   --------
 4        * Bond Brothers Safety Manual                                               Yes
 5        * Bond Brothers Site Safety Plan                                            Yes
     Complete acceptance of Bond Brothers Subcontract Terms and
 6                                                                                    Yes
     This signed Exhibit "D" will be the basis for the subcontract agreement
     and supercedes all previous subcontractor quotes, qualifications etc. It
     shall serve as an interim contract agreement between the subcontractor
     and Bond Bros., Inc. The subcontractor shall be bound to the scope of
 7   work as described in this document as well as all of the terms and               Yes
     conditions of Bond Bros., Inc standard subcontract agreement (a copy of
     which will be furnished upon request) until such time as a final
     subcontract agreement is prepared and executed by both parties

   Commencement of work by this subcontractor prior to the execution of
 8 this agreement shall constitute acceptance of this agreement and all the           Yes
   terms and conditions contained herein
   Subcontractor's Schedule of Values (SOV) shall be on a form and format
 9 that is acceptable to Bond Brothers and shall include items and reasonable         Yes
   values for daily clean-up, punch list and closeout
   BBI's obligations of this "Agreement" is subject to a signed contract
10                                                                                    Yes
   between the Owner and BBI
11 The effective date of this agreement is the date of execution                       Yes
12                                                                                   --------
13 INSURANCE                                                                         --------
   Insurance to be in accordance with BBI "Sample Certificate of Insurance"
   Subcontractor shall provide to Bond Brothers a certificate of insurance in
   complete accordance with the project specifications and requirements of
   Bond Brothers, naming Bond Brothers and all referenced entities as
14                                                                                    Yes
   additionally insured. Failure to provide said insurance prior to
   mobilization by the subcontractor for the work of this contract will not
   waive the rights of Bond Brothers with regard to this matter.

     General Liability Insurance to $10,000,000 aggregate (and/or as specified)
15                                                                                    Yes
   The selected trade contractor must submit a sample Certificate of
16 Insurance showing compliance with Bond Brothers Insurance                          Yes
   Requirement with this signed Exhibit "D"
   The selected trade contractor must submit Certificates of Insurance for
17 any of their subcontractors naming Bond Brothers and all referenced                Yes
   entities as additionally insured.
18                                                                                   --------

                                                                    1 of 9                                      ____Initial
                                                                                                Exhibit 'D' - Terms
                                                                                                         Part 2 of 2

      Date: DRAFT                                                              Subcontractor:
   Project: Client                                                                  Address:
            address                                                              Phone / Fax:
Work Items:                                                                         Contact:

19   EQUAL EMPLOYMENT                                                             --------
20   MB Enterprise                                                              Best Effort
21   MBE labor to required percentages                                          Best Effort
22   WB Enterprise                                                              Best Effort
23   WBE labor to required percentages                                          Best Effort
24   Submit required certified payrolls weekly                                      Yes
25                                                                                --------
26 MILESTONE DATES / PROJECT SCHEDULE SUMMARY                                     --------
   The milestone dates and associated task duration indicated with each
   work item will be strictly maintained. The subcontractor must maintain
27 adequate manpower at all times as required to achieve such dates. The           Yes
   subcontractor will strive to make every effort to maintain continuous and
   uniform manpower on site.
   It is understood that BBI (only) may make refinements to the project
   schedule as necessary to accommodate job conditions/circumstances. This
28 subcontractor accepts and acknowledges the fact that subsequent                 Yes
   schedules containing additional detail and revisions will be issued and
   will adhere to the revisions.
   This Subcontractor has reviewed the project Schedule and agrees to
   provide the necessary workforce and materials to perform the Work of this
29                                                                                 Yes
   Agreement in accordance with the durations and sequence as scheduled
   by BBI
30                                                                                --------
31 LABOR                                                                          --------
   Bond Brothers, Inc. is signatory to the following Unions. All
32 subcontractors are required to honor these agreements for the complete         --------
   scopes of work for their own trade:
33       a) Carpenters                                                             Yes
34       b) Laborers                                                               Yes
35       c) Operating Engineers                                                    Yes
36 Union crane operator                                                            Yes
   Employ steward(s) if this Subcontractor employs 1 of the following
37 Trades and if that Trade employed by this Subcontractor constitutes the        --------
   majority of the work force for that Trade:
38       a) Carpenters                                                             Yes
39       b) Laborers                                                               Yes
40       c) Operating Engineers                                                    Yes
41       d) Ironworkers                                                            Yes
   This Trade Contractor must be current in the payment of all union
42 benefits and provide proof of compliance to Bond Brothers before a              Yes
   contract is signed and as a precondition of payment
43                                                                                --------
44 SAFETY                                                                         --------
45 OSHA safety plan to be filed prior to commencement of work                       Yes
   All OSHA safety measures including but not limited to safety rails,
46                                                                                 Yes
   cables, toe boards and fall protection for your work
47 Provide Bond Brothers standard 15' fall protection                              Yes

                                                                 2 of 9                                      ____Initial
                                                                                                    Exhibit 'D' - Terms
                                                                                                             Part 2 of 2

       Date: DRAFT                                                                 Subcontractor:
    Project: Client                                                                     Address:
             address                                                                 Phone / Fax:
 Work Items:                                                                            Contact:

   All workers will be required to attend a safety orientation program prior to
48                                                                                     Yes
   the start of work at the jobsite
   Any crane that is to be used must have a current third party inspection
   certificate when it arrives on site. Any crane that is assembled on site will
48 be required to have an additional inspection after assembly by a third              Yes
   party or by a competent person with the documentation provided to Bond
   prior to the start of work
49                                                                                    --------
50 TEMPORARIES                                                                        --------
   Offsite storage of materials (coordinate onsite lay down areas w/ Bond)
51                                                                                     Yes
52 Offload / distribute materials                                                      Yes
53 Winter conditions - if required                                                     Yes
54 Snowplowing and snow removal                                                        Yes
55 Cost of jobsite trailers as outlined in the Exhibit "D" Part 1 of 2                 Yes
   OSHA approved power cords for own work from power source provided
56                                                                                     Yes
   by BBI on each floor
57 Temporary construction items as required for the work of this trade                 Yes
   Job specific task lighting for your own work beyond normal OSHA
58                                                                                     Yes
59                                                                                    --------
60 SHOP DRAWING/ SUBMITTAL PREPARATION                                                --------
   Upon execution of this agreement, the subcontractor shall prepare and
   submit to Bond Brothers a submittal schedule in complete conformance
   with the project specifications within 2 weeks. Said submittal schedule
61                                                                                     Yes
   shall incorporate all activities of the construction schedule, thus providing
   timely deliveries of material for the work of this subcontract in
   accordance with the construction schedule.
   Subcontractor shall expedite the shop drawing/submittal process by
62 actively participating in solving RFI questions / issues so as not to delay         Yes
   the project schedule
   Bi-weekly letters from vendors confirming off-site status of fabrication,
63                                                                                     Yes
   delivery schedule etc.
64 Coordination drawings. Coordination of your work with other trades                  Yes
   Subcontractor to issue evidence of release for all purchase items to Bond
65                                                                                     Yes
   Brothers two weeks after approval of shop drawings / submittals
66 Closeout documents to be submitted two weeks after substantial                       Yes
67 completion                                                                         --------
68 FIELD MEASURING                                                                    --------
   Shall occur in conjunction with the submittal schedule. Submit a listing of
69 critical field measuring activities for review within 2 weeks of this               Yes
   executed agreement.
70                                                                                    --------
71 GENERAL SCOPE ITEMS                                                                --------
   All workers on site must comply with the "Owner's Code of Conduct"
72                                                                                     Yes
   included in the Project Manual.

                                                                     3 of 9                                      ____Initial
                                                                                                      Exhibit 'D' - Terms
                                                                                                               Part 2 of 2

      Date: DRAFT                                                                    Subcontractor:
   Project: Client                                                                        Address:
            address                                                                    Phone / Fax:
Work Items:                                                                               Contact:

     Engineering required for own work i.e. means and methods, erection
73                                                                                       Yes
     sequencing, bracing, guying and engineering for temporary conditions
74   Freight/demurrage to jobsite                                                        Yes
75   Purchase required plans and specifications for this trade                           Yes
     Proposed project management and supervisory team pre-approved by
76   Bond Brothers. Said team shall remain with the project for the entire               Yes
     duration of the project.
77   Coordinate with other trades through Bond Brothers                                  Yes
     The sequencing of the work of this trade will require co-ordination with
     other trades. This subcontractor acknowledges that co-operation with
78                                                                                       Yes
     other trades, including the potential to perform work out of sequence as
     required to accommodate other trades is included.
     The subcontractor shall insure continuous committed manpower to the
     project as required to achieve milestone completion dates as indicated in
79                                                                                       Yes
     the project schedule. All necessary remedies shall be made to insure
     adequate manpower/staffing of this project.
     Daily slips submitted to Bond Brothers project supervisor to record all
80                                                                                       Yes
     work performed on a time and materials basis
     Overtime required to fulfill the requirements of this trade in accordance
81   with the milestone dates and subsequent completion dates of the project             Yes
     This Trade Contractor and all their subcontractors, shall obtain all permits
     and provide copies to Bond Brothers, pay all fees, give notice, file plans
82   and licenses, and arrange for testing, inspection and approvals as it relates       Yes
     to your work, such that the work of other trades can progress in a
     continuous manner.
     Subcontractors shall include a summary list of all outstanding quotations,
83   extra's, T&M invoices etc. for the project with each month's pay                    Yes
84                                                                                      --------
85 CHANGE ORDERS                                                                        --------
   Change order markup in accordance with Bond Brothers subcontract
   agreement or as allowed by the contract documents and the contract
   between the Owner and Bond Brothers (whichever is the lesser amount).
86                                                                                       Yes
   Change order mark-ups are understood to include all supervisory personel.
   Any back-charges between subcontractors shall be at cost without
   overhead and/or fee
   Issue all applicable labor rates with complete breakdown under separate
87 cover on your letterhead for subsequent approval by owner. Upon                       Yes
   approval, rates shall be utilized as required.
   Overhead and profit shall include taxes, insurance and salaries of all
88                                                                                       Yes
   employees necessary to administer the work.
   In order to facilitate checking of quotations for extras or credits, all
   proposals, except those so minor that their propriety can be seen by
   inspection, shall be accompanied by a complete itemization of costs
89                                                                                       Yes
   including labor, materials and subcontracts. Labor and materials shall be
   itemized in manner prescribed above. Where major cost items are
   subcontracts, they shall be itemized also.
90                                                                                      --------

                                                                       4 of 9                                      ____Initial
                                                                                  Exhibit 'D' - Terms
                                                                                           Part 2 of 2

      Date: DRAFT                                                Subcontractor:
   Project: Client                                                    Address:
            address                                                Phone / Fax:
Work Items:                                                           Contact:

91 Other Terms and Conditions                                      Not Used

                Signature: ________________________________

            Subcontractor: ________________________________

     Printed Name & Title: ________________________________

   BBI Signed Acceptance: ________________________________

                      Date: ________________________________

                                                        5 of 9                                 ____Initial

                                     Work ?
     Base Bid Amount:

     Total Bid Amount:                                                                 $              -   $              -   $              -   $              -


 1   DOCUMENTATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
 2                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
 3                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
 4                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
 5                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
 6                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
 7                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
 8                                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
 9   SPECIFICATIONS - Complete                                                             --------           --------           --------           --------
10                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
11                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
12                                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
     SPECIFICATION SECTIONS (as it relates to the Scope of Work listed
13                                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
14                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
15                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
16                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
17                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
18                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
19                                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
20   MISC DOCUMENTATION                                                                    --------           --------           --------           --------
21                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
22                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
23                                                                                           Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
24                                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
25   OVERVIEW                                                                              --------           --------           --------           --------
     Furnish, deliver, and install all labor, materials, tools, equipment, services,
     and supervision, necessary to complete the ?????? work complete, in
26   strict accordance with the project documents, all federal, state, and local            Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
     codes, the City of Boston, and all authorities having jurisdiction,
     whichever is the most stringent.
     The following list is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing, of the
     specified Contract Scope of Work, but merely meant to highlight the
27                                                                                          Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
     major items. The full scope includes all items that are routinely provided
     by this Trade and as indicated by the plans, specifications.
     This is a "Plans and Specs" Agreement, the only deviations/clarifications
28                                                                                          Yes                Yes                Yes                Yes
     will be those items as listed below.
29                                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------
30   SCOPE OF WORK                                                                         --------           --------           --------           --------

                                    Work ?
31                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
32                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
33                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
34                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
35                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
36                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
37                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
38                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
39                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
40                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
41                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
37                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
38                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
39                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
40                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
41                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
42                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
43                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
44                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
45                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
46                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
47                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
48                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
49                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
50                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
51                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
52                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
53                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
54                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
55                                                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
56                                                                                    --------   --------   --------   --------
57   TEMPORARIES                                                                      --------   --------   --------   --------
     This Trade Contractor shall furnish, install and maintain all safety
58   including overhead protection meeting latest OSHA requirements in effect          Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
     at the time of your work.
     Except as specifically listed above this Subcontractor will provide all
59                                                                                     Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
     scaffolding, lifts, ladders, planking & safety at all areas for their own work
60   Temporary power for own work                                                       n/a        n/a        n/a        n/a
61   Provide all necessary weather protection for all own work                          Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
62   Protection of work after installation until acceptance                             Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
63   Bracing, guying and engineering for temporary conditions                           Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
64   Means and methods and erection sequencing for your own work                        Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
65   Hoisting, rigging, handling and storage of own materials                           Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
66   Temporary enclosures and exhaust systems for own work                              Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
67                                                                                    --------   --------   --------   --------
68   TESTING AND INSPECTION                                                           --------   --------   --------   --------
69   Performance testing, field tests and laboratory tests                              Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
70                                                                                    --------   --------   --------   --------
71   ENGINEERING/SHOP DRAWINGS/SUBMITTALS                                             --------   --------   --------   --------
72   Provide all required field engineering.                                            Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes

                                     Work ?
      Engineering, calculations, shop drawings, etc. prepared and signed by a
73    professional engineer registered and licensed in the State of                   Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
74    Provide required Field Measuring                                                 Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
75    Shop Drawing / Submittal Preparation                                             Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
76                                                                                   --------   --------   --------   --------
77    GENERAL                                                                        --------   --------   --------   --------
      Miscellaneous steel supports, reinforcements, clips, anchors, bracing for
78    own work, including all necessary framing required to support and to            Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      attach own systems to the building structure
      All embedments, such as anchors, clips, inserts, etc required to complete
79    the Scope of Work of this trade, will be furnished by this Subcontractor        Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      for installation by others, layout will be provided by this Subcontractor.
      The mason is providing a multi-use exterior scaffold for use by other
      trades. The scaffold will be left in-place approx 4 weeks prior to the start
      of his work, & will be left in-place approx 4 weeks after his completion.
80                                                                                    Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      The Subcontractor will be allowed free use of this scaffold. This
      Subcontractor will be required to provide all own planking & safety at all
      areas, & provide all own scaffolding at non-masonry areas.
81    Touch-up painting                                                               Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
82    Police and fire details for own work                                            Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
83    Insurance meets/exceeds greater of Bond Bros and/or Docs                        Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      This Subcontractor has visited the site and is fully aware of the existing
      site restrictions, in terms site access, placement of equipment. This
84                                                                                    Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      Subcontractor will locate equipment in locations as directed by BBI, and
      will provide equipment properly sized
85    Sequence and remobilizations for erection at the direction of BBI                Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
86    All shims, plates, bolts, etc. required to erect the aforementioned Scope        Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
87    Scrubbers on all equipment                                                       n/a        n/a        n/a        n/a
88    Compliance with the following:                                                 --------   --------   --------   --------
89                a) LEED requirements                                                 Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
90                b) Waste Management Plan                                             Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      All finishes, manufacturers, materials, and installations to be strictly as
91                                                                                    Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      specified in the project documents.
      All material escalation costs for all items furnished under the scope of
92                                                                                    Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      work as listed in this Exhibit A is covered in the price listed above
93    Maintain fire ratings as required                                               Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      Firestopping/firesafing/fire sealants within your own work and between
94                                                                                    Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      your work and the work of others
95    Sealants your own work and between your work and the work of others             Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
96    All flashings in connection with own work                                       Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
97    Use only certified welders                                                      Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
98    Coring, cutting and patching for all own work, including layout of same         Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
99    Cleanup to a central location on each floor                                     Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
100   Warranties & guarantees as specified                                            Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
101   Mock-ups per plans and specifications                                           Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
102   Permits and fees                                                                Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
      Sub has provided BBI with the following:(if not worked with BBI in last
103                                                                                  --------   --------   --------   --------
      12 mos)
104               a) List of 5 GC references (include contact person & phone #)       Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
105               b) Letter from Bonding Co. showing evidence of bondability          Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
106               c) BBI completed Prequalification form                              Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes

                                   Work ?
107            d) Latest audited financial statement             Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
108 All applicable Federal, State and Local taxes are included   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
109 100% Payment and Performance Bonds                           Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes

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