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					Landfill Problems
 By: Team ~ Super Chicks
    Granular Drainage Layer
•   First Thing Leachete* comes in contact with

•   Leachate can contaminate the earth’s groundwater
    if not pumped to a storage area (like a pond) and
    then transported to a water-treatment plant.

•   Helps protect the Geomembrane from heavy
    machinery, such as garbage trucks, bulldozers,
    and garbage compacting equipment.

                              •*Leachete- (liquid that
                              flows through the
                              landfill from people’s

         The geomembrane is the plastic liner of the landfill

 The geomembrane must be carefully handled because on a windy
day, the plastic liner can go wild. If the plastic liner is not handled
 carefully it could cause a big disaster seeing that one roll of the
                      plastic liner is about a ton

   The geomemebrane along with clay reinforce the bottom and
                   sides of the landfills

 The EPA has admitted that even with the plastic liner there for
         the landfill, the landfill will eventually leak

    The EPA landfill inspectors are only required to check the
landfill after 30 years, while the geomembrane warranty only lasts
                               20 years
What has the EPA
admitted about the
• Usually 4 feet deep, lies under the plastic tarp

• environmental precaution, protects the
  plastic tarp from puncturing objects

• Good environmental protection because of its
  low ability for liquid to flow through it. If by
  any chance leachate (the liquid) were able to
  surpass the geomembrane, it would take
  years for it to make it all the way through the
  four feet of clay lining.
• The foundation is the lowest level in the

• The objective of this construction
  technique is to keep the entire landfill from
  direct contact with the ground water so the
  waste does not pollute it. Like the roof of
  a house the foundation has slope, which is
  designed to allow liquids seeping from
  above or below to flow to a storage area.
1.What is Leachete?
a. The vegetation that grows on a landfill
b. The liquid that flows through the landfill
c. The dirt/sand or any kind of mud on a

2. Fill in the Blank:
The foundation of a landfill is the _______
3. About How many feet Deep is the Clay
a. 2 Feet
b. 5 feet
c. 3 1/2 feet
d. 4 feet
 Methane gas is a green house gas.

37% of the methane are from landfills
Only danger taken into account are
How is Methane dangerous to the earth?
          Trash Incineration (burn)
   Only 10-20% of hazardous wastes can be safely
   There are some state operated trash incinerators that
    convert the energy produced by the burning trash into
    usable energy
   When the trash is burned, it leaves behind ashes
   The ashes are often buried under different
      They are sometimes mixed in with pavement

      Sometimes they are dumped into holes in the
      Often they are dumped in a LANDFILL
            Incineration Problems
   While trash is being incinerated, the fumes
    released are often toxic, and can threaten
    those who breath them in
   The ashes are TOXIC!
   When the ashes are mixed with pavement, they
    eventually leak out and contaminate the
   When the ashes are buried, they also leak out
    into the groundwater
   F.Y.I., burning trash in a barrel is now illegal in
    most of the country, excluding some rural areas
      Now What Did You Learn?
1)What does INCINERARTION mean?
(a. bur n
(b. cover up
(c. movement of trash
(d. convert to energy
2)What percent of HAZARDOUS wastes can be
(a. 60-90%
(b. 40-70%
(c. 20-50%

  A landslide is the slipping down of a mass of rocks or
                  earth on a steep slope

 A landslide, resulting in about $2 billion dollars in repair
and taking about 25-50 lives annually, can be extremely

  Places where landslides have occurred since 2004 are
  Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, China, Colorado, Indonesia,
  Vietnam, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, California, Pakistan,
             Washington, and Pennsylvania
    About how much does a landslide
             cost in repair?

Starting of a Landslide   Landslide Entering the Valley
                                         Landfill Regulations
• Landfill regulations enforce how a landfill should be designed
• Location Restrictions ensure that landfills are built in suitable geological
  areas away from faults, wetlands, flood plains or other restricted areas.
• Liners are geomembrane or plastic sheets that are unbreakable with two
  feet of clay on the bottom and sides of the landfills.
• Operating practices such as compacting and covering waste frequently
  with several inches of soil help decrease the smell; control litter,
  insects, and rodents; and protect community health.
• Groundwater monitoring requires testing groundwater wells to
  determine whether waste resources have escaped from the landfill.
• Closing and after they close the landfill care jobs include covering
  landfills and providing long-term care of closed landfills.
• Corrective action controls and cleans up landfill releases and achieves
  groundwater protection standards.
• Financial assurance offers funding for environmental protection during
  and after landfill closes.
What do the landfill regulations enforce?

• Superfund’s is a government program that helps
  clean up old landfills.
• The landfills that superfund cleans are the
  landfills that begun before there were the landfill
  regulations, which started in 1984, but weren’t
  enforced until the 1990’s.
• One of the major superfund sites that was
  cleaned up was PePe field. Pepe field was once a
  chemical companies landfill, E.F. Drew Chemical
  Company started dumping all of their waste into
  the 3.5 acre field, superfund cleaned the place up
  and now is a park, in New Jersey.
What is the Superfund site
                                                           Fresh Kills
Fresh Kills opened as a "temporary landfill" in 1947, The Fresh Kills
Landfill covers 2200 acres, it can be seen with the naked eye from space
and is taller then the Statue of Liberty, at a height of 225 ft. It is located
on the western shore of Staten Island and is made up of four sections
which hold fifty plus years of landfill, mostly in the form of household
waste. The waste disposed at the Fresh Kills Landfill and the rotting
products of this waste contain numerous chemicals.

The landfill officially closed in 2001. In late 2001 the landfill began
receiving the ruins of the World Trade Center catastrophe. It was used as
a work station for those who were involved in searching for any clues,
remains and remnants of the World Trade Centers. A virtual city was
constructed for those workers and volunteers, police and federal
investigators who worked determinedly to bring closure to a terrible
disaster. Through assembly lines, every bit of rubble was gone through
searching for human remains and clues. Fresh Kills now remains the
resting place of all the was shattered at the during World Trade Center
What is Fresh Kills Home to?

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