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2010-11-26 ETM Skype Discussion


									ETM Skype Discussion 2010-11-26
[29-Nov-10 9:15:10 AM] Nicolle Wepener: Our mentorship portfolio is holding a steady
performance of an average of 17.64%. The decline on Clicks is most likely due to the BEE
shareholder issue which has been discounted and thus the decline in the share price. The
medium to long term fundamentals should hold water. It remains on our watch list.

[29-Nov-10 9:15:18 AM] Nicolle Wepener: The market remains defensive and will be unsettled
until year-end. The strong run higher has pushed the S&P 500 up to near resistance around the
1,228 level, which would retrace 61.8%t of the decline between its highs in 2007 and the 12-
year low in March 2009. This point, a Fibonacci retracement, is closely followed by technical
chartists and often triggers buying or selling.

[29-Nov-10 9:16:25 AM] Nicolle Wepener: Global Markets & JSE 27900

South Africa

We ended softer on Friday (-0.4 %) weighed down by resources (-1 %) as investor sentiment
continued to weaken on

the back of the domino effect in Europe

Platinum counters were hard hit (IMP -2.4 %, AMS -1.1 %, NHM -1.1 %) with general miners also
feeling the pressure

(AGL 1.4 %, KIO -1.2 %)

LBH (-2 %) slid after the trading statement disappointed while gains remain selective (CFR +1.3
%, SHF +0.9 %, SAB

+0.6 %)

Value traded: R7.8 billion with the Rand around R7.11/$ at the close.


US markets ended the week lower led by Financials and Resource stocks as fears around EU
financial bailouts and

the tensions in Korea kept players on the cautious side.

As fundamental investors saw no reason to take risk, speculative players took cash off the table
and markets went
Hang Seng Index (2 Days) south.

Financials sank on the several downgrades to EU banks and the Greenback rallied to two month
highs against the

Yen and Euro, sending commodity prices lower

The only gainers as a sector on the market came from car makers, led by Ford after it
announced the opening of 40

dealerships in China.

On the M&A front gains game from Del Monte Foods who agreed to be purchased for $4bn

The VIX jumped 23 % last week to 22.22


Irelands $85bn lifeline came at a lower cost than initially feared (5.8 % vs. initial expectations of
around 7 %), it also

scaled back proposals to saddle bondholders with losses in future budget crises


Asian markets are in the black this morning as agreement on the terms for an Irish bailout were
set, offsetting fears

around the Korean debacle for the time being.

The rhetoric around the Koreas still remains negative as the South said it would build up its
defences and joint

military drills with the US continued. The North on the other hand remains adamant that any
activity around the

disputed border between the two nations will result in attack.

BIL +0.05 %; RIO -0.15 %

[29-Nov-10 9:17:21 AM] Nicolle Wepener: Phew what a mouthful........ Info provided by

[29-Nov-10 9:19:11 AM] Nicolle Wepener: For those of you who don't know VIX is the
international volatility index. We do not have it on Trend n Trade. Many top analysts use it only
to guage volatility in the overall markets. Individual shares that we trade are not directly
affected by VIX.

[29-Nov-10 9:23:39 AM] Nicolle Wepener: Stop losses....... remember on the ETS course we
learnt to do core trading. Now as core traders on the mentorship we do not get excited about
intraday activity. If you buy a share a week late it's not a worry and remember that stop losses
are only to be triggered if the share closes below your stop loss. NB******. For those of you
who have pre-loaded stops, there is a chance that you could be taken out of your trade. This is
not ideal for core traders as the brokerage will eat us alive. See you all later at 17:00. The
Upload will be available at 15:00 today. Take Care.

[29-Nov-10 3:18:04 PM] delenef: Hi Nicole, I am afraid I will not be joining you tonight as I have
another commitment but will follow the conversation afterward.Delene

[29-Nov-10 3:30:27 PM] Nicolle Wepener: No Problem.... Please look at the Skype page and
email for updates on the upcoming skype sessions for Jan/Dec.

[29-Nov-10 3:41:19 PM] Alan Sheppard: Nicolle, The layouts you sent out 16/11, what do I do
wth them? Are they supposed to be saved into T& , if so how?

[29-Nov-10 3:43:05 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Hi Alan..... you don't have to save them at all. They
will always be available on the link. I would suggest you create a folder in my docs and save
each week's layouts as you get them. They could help you in the future.

[29-Nov-10 3:43:35 PM] Nicolle Wepener: If you need to know how, please phone kgolofelo to

[29-Nov-10 3:43:42 PM] Nicolle Wepener: 0861742733

[29-Nov-10 3:46:18 PM] Alan Sheppard: Thanks. I safe the weekly info iou issue but theese are
XBS files which I can't open. I will phone Kgolofelo as suggested.

[29-Nov-10 3:47:24 PM] Nicolle Wepener: xbs???? I don't understand. That's why I suggested
you call him. What I know about IT is dangerous.

[29-Nov-10 4:38:11 PM] Sarie Lapping: Nicolle, Sarie here. Are we to limit ourselves to an
evalulation of the strategies set out in the documents previously provided? At which stage
should one consider the many other statistical tools available via ShareDirect?

[29-Nov-10 4:41:09 PM] Nicolle Wepener: The strategy for our mentorship is Dr Paul's. I
encourage you to develop your own style based on the learning you have gained. Just
remember these are the guidelines and I choose to trade like this and keep it simple for you
guys. Always keep Short Term thinking seperate and you'll be fine.
[29-Nov-10 4:48:49 PM] Sarie Lapping: I thought that this course is about medium to long term
trading. Now if we look at a sector like FOOR where we selected Clicks and Shoprite, I get the
impression, following the strategy, that these shares should be considered for purchase, at the
appropriate times and levels. However, according to an article in this week's FM, the author of
the article suggested that this sector in now overpriced. From this I understand that this
author suggests that these shares should be disposed off because there P/E ratios are too high.
If we follow this strategy at the top of the market cycle, surely you will come unstruck if you are
a late entrant. I am concerned that acquiring shares in this sector may be unwise for this
reason. I would appreciate your comment.

[29-Nov-10 4:56:37 PM] Nicolle Wepener: We buy shares in outperforming sectors following
this strategy. The art and skill of trading is nr one to make money, secondly there are millions of
different strategies out and even more so millions of different opinions about what is expensive
and what is cheap. I always advocate that every trader does their own analysis. You decide
what strategy is best for you. I do not use outside influences to base my decisions. If we make a
wrong choice our stoplosses will get us out. You are welcome to use other methods and
strategies to help you, but I find that a simple strategy always works best as no one can tell
what the market will do next and you'll never know what's really happening inside the
company. We'll be worse off investors if we happen to watch the price only.

 [29-Nov-10 5:01:19 PM] Sarie Lapping: I fully agree that price should not be the sole
consideration in the purchase of shares, as I believe there is always room for fundamentals in
selecting a share. The time of entry is a different matter.

[29-Nov-10 5:02:30 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Right then, everyone ok with the sector sentiment?

 [29-Nov-10 5:03:01 PM] AJ van Leeuwen: Your link is a bookmark on Google Chrome so I
cannot switch to Internet Explorer. Wil take me ages to find the link again.

[29-Nov-10 5:03:17 PM] Ken Howard: Nicolle i am not able to download your weekly info, it just
hangs up. I will have to try again later

 [29-Nov-10 5:04:16 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK Jan we'll fix you tomorrow. Just follow as best
you can.

[29-Nov-10 5:04:17 PM] AJ van Leeuwen: I will follow the conversation and look at the charts

[29-Nov-10 5:05:34 PM] David Fairhurst: Greetings everyone. Read notes - thanx

[29-Nov-10 5:06:31 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Everyone ok with the comparisons on the PR
[29-Nov-10 5:06:34 PM] Sarie Lapping: If we are to consider fundamentals is selecting a share,
should we limit outselves to the best performing shares in a winning sector. After all, if
fundamental factors suggest a share should be considered for inclusion in a portfolio and we
wait for the share to emerge as a winning share in that sector, it may take half of 89 trading
days before the trend will change and by that time the price may be too high. How does one
overcome this problem?

[29-Nov-10 5:08:09 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Stick to best performing shares Sarie. Late entry is
normally a problem as a fundamental trader. There is no sweet spot for entry.

[29-Nov-10 5:08:15 PM] Ken Howard: I also think that we should look at other indicators that
could show a strong new investment

[29-Nov-10 5:08:31 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Excellent Guys.... you're coming along quite nicley.

[29-Nov-10 5:08:52 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Ken what indicators would you suggest?

[29-Nov-10 5:09:39 PM] Ken Howard: Rising RSI ans Stockastic and akso volume

[29-Nov-10 5:11:03 PM] Nicolle Wepener: RSI and stoch are normally short term indicators. If
you like them use them for your short term trading. We are doing core trading here i.e. building
a position in the market. The most difficult type of trading and you'll have to hold them

[29-Nov-10 5:11:25 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Right Aspen first on the list....... any Q's on my

[29-Nov-10 5:12:08 PM] kevin lee: how about usiing Fibonacci and Bollinger bands?

 [29-Nov-10 5:12:33 PM] David Fairhurst: Q APN After rising wedge what pattern shud we look

[29-Nov-10 5:12:58 PM] Ken Howard: I was unable to read your comments but there appeared
to be a bearish divergence or am I wrong

[29-Nov-10 5:13:58 PM] Nicolle Wepener: David.... your guess is as good as mine? The thing
with all patterns is that you have to wait for the breaks. We don't trade the breaks here but the
patterns are used to confirm the direction of the market.

[29-Nov-10 5:14:21 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes Ken there is bearish divergence too.

[29-Nov-10 5:14:56 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Gordon...... there are comments on the Share
[29-Nov-10 5:15:23 PM] Gordon Griffin: Not next to Aspen on what I downloaded - all the
others have comments

[29-Nov-10 5:15:27 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Excel spreadsheet.

[29-Nov-10 5:15:46 PM] Sarie Lapping: Is Aspen's downward trend the last week not due to a
realisation that this company may not deliver on its promises?

[29-Nov-10 5:16:00 PM] Ken Howard: As far as the patterns go should we not take the attatude
that the share will move as the pattern indicates until such time as the move itself proves us

[29-Nov-10 5:16:18 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes, most likely Sarie, we'll have to watch the

[29-Nov-10 5:17:25 PM] Donovan Coetzer: Nicolle are you saying we are waiting for another
entry in the zone when referring to the pattern to be completed?

[29-Nov-10 5:17:42 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Ken..... I want to be right so if I see a bearish pattern I
will take heed, even if it doesn't pan out. There are normally other indications of the change.

[29-Nov-10 5:18:00 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Donovan.... no not at the moment.

[29-Nov-10 5:18:07 PM] Hannes Visser: The trend is pretty much downwards..can our stoploss
comes into play sometime?

[29-Nov-10 5:18:16 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Ok next one CMP Ciplamed......

[29-Nov-10 5:18:26 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Hannes we wait and see.

[29-Nov-10 5:19:10 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Same sector.... remember choose only one share per

[29-Nov-10 5:19:22 PM] Ken Howard: CMP macd on downward trend.

[29-Nov-10 5:19:47 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Mostly trading sideways at the moment. No action

[29-Nov-10 5:19:55 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's CMP?

[29-Nov-10 5:20:24 PM] Tony Irving: Has the BD still to play out?

[29-Nov-10 5:20:25 PM] Gordon Griffin: when you say to choose only one share per sector do
you mean to buy or to analyse the technical indicators for??
 [29-Nov-10 5:20:52 PM] David Fairhurst: Q CMP Share did go down thru Support. Does this
indicate a more permanent drop?

[29-Nov-10 5:21:01 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Gordon, I mean buy.

 [29-Nov-10 5:22:08 PM] Nicolle Wepener: David... momentum down and price falling on low
volumes. No I don't think it looks too bad. We stay put for now.

[29-Nov-10 5:22:16 PM] Gordon Griffin: so we choose whichever of the 2 shares per sector
gives a buy signal first

[29-Nov-10 5:22:58 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK CLS Clicks.......... here's a biggie. Did you get my
fundamental feedback on the download today.

[29-Nov-10 5:23:23 PM] Nicolle Wepener: 3% down and back up today....... what's the panic

[29-Nov-10 5:23:48 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Gordon..... yes stay with the winning horse.

[29-Nov-10 5:24:05 PM] Donovan Coetzer: ossilators are all at the bottom. reckon the share is

[29-Nov-10 5:25:35 PM] Nicolle Wepener: I switched to a weekly chart due to the volatility and
it confirmed that we should hold our current position. You can adjust your stop to the weekly if
you want to. Not ablsolutely necessary.

[29-Nov-10 5:26:05 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's CLS?

 [29-Nov-10 5:26:26 PM] David Fairhurst: This change to weekly is an "experience" thing? Can
we apply this logic (weakly cycle) for other instances - seems a "cop out", but accepted with a
sigh of relief

[29-Nov-10 5:26:40 PM] Muhammad Bodhania: i'm struggling with this as it seems that we are
dumping our strategy?

[29-Nov-10 5:26:43 PM] Nicolle Wepener: David.... yes definitely!

[29-Nov-10 5:27:10 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Never dump strategy....... that's a recipe for failure.

[29-Nov-10 5:29:54 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any more Q's. It did not close below the stop so we
are not dumping any strategy. I'm sure that you would not like to be taken out of a medium to
long term position on fundamental activity?

[29-Nov-10 5:30:23 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK now EOH........
[29-Nov-10 5:30:56 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's.......

[29-Nov-10 5:31:13 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK FBR Famous Brands........

[29-Nov-10 5:31:58 PM] Nicolle Wepener: GMB Glenrand........

[29-Nov-10 5:31:59 PM] Tony Irving: nq FBR

[29-Nov-10 5:32:37 PM] Nicolle Wepener: IPL.... Imperial What a winna! ((h))

[29-Nov-10 5:33:17 PM] Donovan Coetzer: Is this still an entry in the zone?

[29-Nov-10 5:33:38 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Anyone get in last weeK? From the original entry we
are three times stong here.

[29-Nov-10 5:34:07 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Dovovan ... yes but only in the zone.

 [29-Nov-10 5:34:41 PM] Nicolle Wepener: A week or 2 entry not too bad. Start building slowly

[29-Nov-10 5:35:09 PM] David Fairhurst: Got in @ 124.50

[29-Nov-10 5:35:35 PM] Donovan Coetzer: i have it as in the zone on a daily chart

[29-Nov-10 5:35:50 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK Donovan...

[29-Nov-10 5:36:23 PM] Ken Howard: I have been holding supergroup , do you think I should
also enter imperial or sell supergroup and purchase imperial

[29-Nov-10 5:36:28 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Risk free R18.47 profit per share now.

[29-Nov-10 5:37:04 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Ken ..... I can't advise you on that here. Please chat to
me tomorrow.

[29-Nov-10 5:37:22 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Next MFL Metrofile.....

[29-Nov-10 5:37:40 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's MFL?

[29-Nov-10 5:38:33 PM] Alan Sheppard: Now that we are down from the high, has the B/Div
been cancelled?

[29-Nov-10 5:38:56 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Mr Price MPC....... Anyone in at the zone last week?

[29-Nov-10 5:39:17 PM] Campbell Anderson: Yes

[29-Nov-10 5:39:17 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Alan which share are you talking about?
[29-Nov-10 5:39:29 PM] Donovan Coetzer: yes entered in the zone last week

[29-Nov-10 5:39:59 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's MPC?

[29-Nov-10 5:40:17 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Good Johan go easy now.......

[29-Nov-10 5:40:32 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK next Naspers NPN.......

[29-Nov-10 5:41:07 PM] Ken Howard: macd on down trend?

[29-Nov-10 5:41:12 PM] Nicolle Wepener: I like this share immensely. There is something about

[29-Nov-10 5:41:38 PM] AJ van Leeuwen: I have not received any confirmation that the
problems with Ten Cent is over yet?

[29-Nov-10 5:41:53 PM] Tony Irving: Is there a potential BD forming?

[29-Nov-10 5:42:11 PM] kevin lee: why would we have missed entering in mid October?

[29-Nov-10 5:42:19 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Tony.... could be but no guessing here..

[29-Nov-10 5:43:22 PM] AJ van Leeuwen: Remember NPN has invested 35% in Ten Cent.

[29-Nov-10 5:43:57 PM] Nicolle Wepener: I think accumulation is taking place here. See the
sideways movement. We'll have to wait and see. Mentorship in at R301 so no worries for now.

[29-Nov-10 5:44:04 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's NPN?

[29-Nov-10 5:44:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK NPK Nampak

 [29-Nov-10 5:44:52 PM] David Fairhurst: Isn't this "sideways" trading? There was a high high on
Stoc last Aug - not achieved that high again - DIV?

[29-Nov-10 5:45:30 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes David I said sideways. We have to wait now.

[29-Nov-10 5:45:53 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK we wait for zone.

[29-Nov-10 5:46:07 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Next Pinnacle..... PNC

 [29-Nov-10 5:46:35 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Still waiting patiently. Remember EOH in same

[29-Nov-10 5:46:52 PM] Ken Howard: bought Pinnacle last week in the zone

[29-Nov-10 5:47:27 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Ken you were on a daily graph right?
[29-Nov-10 5:47:36 PM] David Fairhurst: You indicate falling bottoms on Stoc - what does this

[29-Nov-10 5:47:52 PM] Gordon Griffin: when was PNC in the zone

[29-Nov-10 5:48:04 PM] Ken Howard: Yes do I get penalised for that?

[29-Nov-10 5:48:22 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Nampak falling bottoms is Reverse bullish
divergence. This is good.

[29-Nov-10 5:49:00 PM] Gordon Griffin: OK PNC in the zone on the daily chart

[29-Nov-10 5:49:23 PM] Gordon Griffin: should we be switching between the two - daily &

[29-Nov-10 5:49:44 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes, it did hit the zone on the daily. I prefer a weekly
due to liquidity on this one. No Ken you won't be penalised. Where is you stop?

[29-Nov-10 5:50:12 PM] Nicolle Wepener: 529?

[29-Nov-10 5:50:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Ok next one .......NWL Nuworld....

[29-Nov-10 5:50:50 PM] Sandvark: how do we decide small caps? what is criteria?

[29-Nov-10 5:51:00 PM] Ken Howard: I can't remember offhand but on the last low on daily

[29-Nov-10 5:52:12 PM] AJ van Leeuwen: Very difficult for me to think one must trade a share
with so littel activity!

[29-Nov-10 5:52:47 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Your position sizing should be small on small caps.
"Wees versigtig" is the operative word. We still buy them, but build over time. A small move
against you can be costly. I don't have enough Jameson to sit through the pain.

[29-Nov-10 5:53:11 PM] kevin lee: how do u switch betw daily and weekly charts?

[29-Nov-10 5:53:28 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Kevin use you up arrow key.

[29-Nov-10 5:53:42 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK Now CFR Richemeont.....

[29-Nov-10 5:55:02 PM] Nicolle Wepener: We are waiting here, but beware divergence could
be forming. I'm not too hasty here.

[29-Nov-10 5:55:25 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Rand weakened R6.07 today so it should be good for
the share.
[29-Nov-10 5:55:40 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Right now SAB Miller........

[29-Nov-10 5:55:57 PM] Nicolle Wepener: R7.07 sorry...... catch a deep breath.

[29-Nov-10 5:56:24 PM] David Fairhurst: Q SAB

[29-Nov-10 5:56:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: The Satrix ETF's........

[29-Nov-10 5:56:40 PM] David Fairhurst: Surely there is a DIV from Sept?

[29-Nov-10 5:56:49 PM] Nicolle Wepener: All good to go...... wait in the zone.

[29-Nov-10 5:57:58 PM] Alan Sheppard: Isnt there b/div from sept to nov

[29-Nov-10 5:58:06 PM] Nicolle Wepener: David .... no stoch made a higher high. No Div.

[29-Nov-10 5:58:24 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Alan Still stoch highs higher each time.

[29-Nov-10 5:58:46 PM] David Fairhurst: Ok you say so. But on my chae\rt Sep is still higher

[29-Nov-10 5:59:08 PM] Nicolle Wepener: It's a little deeper than the technicals as well. SAB
expansion and good fundamentals. Should hold water.

[29-Nov-10 5:59:44 PM] Nicolle Wepener: See weekly market wrap a few weeks back. Full story
on SAB.

[29-Nov-10 6:00:07 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK ........ ETF's and Q's Satrix?

[29-Nov-10 6:00:19 PM] kevin lee: You seldom refer to the Macd - any reason

[29-Nov-10 6:00:47 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Because it looks so goooood. Nothing bad to say

[29-Nov-10 6:01:07 PM] David Fairhurst: nq SATRIX - just waiting to enter

[29-Nov-10 6:01:37 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Kevin's favourite penny stock...... SKJ Sekunjalo.......

[29-Nov-10 6:02:14 PM] Nicolle Wepener: She's lovely Kev........ ve vait.

[29-Nov-10 6:02:23 PM] David Fairhurst: SKL looking good - waiting some more

[29-Nov-10 6:02:48 PM] Nicolle Wepener: "Wees Versigtig" and build small.

[29-Nov-10 6:03:00 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's SKJ?

[29-Nov-10 6:03:25 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK SHP Shoprite..........

[29-Nov-10 6:03:56 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Tough call between SHP and SPP.

[29-Nov-10 6:04:15 PM] Nicolle Wepener: I ranked them both nr 2

[29-Nov-10 6:04:31 PM] Donovan Coetzer: SHP has fallen below the rising bottoms trend

[29-Nov-10 6:04:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: We have an open position in SHP and none in SPP.

[29-Nov-10 6:04:36 PM] David Fairhurst: SHP/SPP ditto ranking

[29-Nov-10 6:05:15 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Donovan???? no

[29-Nov-10 6:05:47 PM] Donovan Coetzer: looking at a daily graph since September

[29-Nov-10 6:07:26 PM] Nicolle Wepener: There is potential reverse bullish divergence here
but that could mean the share will go sideways. We can't see if the trend has chaged yet. even
on a daily graph. It is still up so we hold. No entry or adding.

 [29-Nov-10 6:07:47 PM] David Fairhurst: Could we look @ weakly chart to confirm fall is

 [29-Nov-10 6:08:44 PM] Nicolle Wepener: No that won't help David. You need to read and do
fundamental analysis seperately. The chart won't tell you.

 [29-Nov-10 6:09:37 PM] Nicolle Wepener: We'll have to read the news on the 24th to get an

[29-Nov-10 6:10:19 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK SUR Spur..........

[29-Nov-10 6:11:22 PM] Tony Irving: Still battling to understand when BD stops working?

[29-Nov-10 6:11:43 PM] Gordon Griffin: SUR looks good, but must wait

[29-Nov-10 6:11:54 PM] Nicolle Wepener: When the indicator and the share each make a new

[29-Nov-10 6:12:20 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes Gordon, agree that's a hold for now.

[29-Nov-10 6:12:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: OK TRU Truworths........

[29-Nov-10 6:12:44 PM] Tony Irving: But have they - on SUR?

 [29-Nov-10 6:14:02 PM] Nicolle Wepener: We still can't do anything..... the top hasn't formed
completely and the share is far from the zone. Wait a few weeks.
[29-Nov-10 6:14:28 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Laf one..... VMK Verimark.......

[29-Nov-10 6:15:08 PM] Nicolle Wepener: We're in and holding on VMK.

[29-Nov-10 6:15:12 PM] David Fairhurst: No chart for VMK?

[29-Nov-10 6:15:14 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Any Q's......

[29-Nov-10 6:15:42 PM] Gordon Griffin: [Monday, November 29, 2010 6:13 PM] Gordon
Griffin: <<< Why are we looking at TRU? Thought we only looked at top 2

[29-Nov-10 6:16:25 PM] Sandvark: Can you please do us a small writeup diffs between bul and
bear Divergences, when tops and when bottoms?

[29-Nov-10 6:17:25 PM] Nicolle Wepener: I added it for flaire..... not a problem to look at rank
3. We are sifting after all.

[29-Nov-10 6:18:03 PM] Alan Sheppard: Satrixdiv. Is'nt there b/div between sept nov?"

[29-Nov-10 6:18:08 PM] Gordon Griffin: i suppose it's ok because it still is in a winning sector?

[29-Nov-10 6:18:10 PM] David Fairhurst: Can I ask for a re-look @ SAB Stoc?

[29-Nov-10 6:18:33 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Div is included in the strategy course. We will hadle it
again on our next follow up ok.

[29-Nov-10 6:18:55 PM] David Fairhurst: I have a high of 95 in Sep, but Nov only @ 88. No new

[29-Nov-10 6:19:20 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes Gordon, I will add them if I see that we will have
time to discuss and it is a good share. On the top 40.

[29-Nov-10 6:21:13 PM] Gordon Griffin: Thanks. Learnt some good things tonight. Cheers all.
Happy trading

[29-Nov-10 6:21:14 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Yes Div still in play.... we're waiting for entry. It will
be sometime before it gets to the zone. My mistake on the excel share watchlist.

[29-Nov-10 6:22:06 PM] David Fairhurst: I was question no DIV on SAB

 [29-Nov-10 6:26:12 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Sep..... long div confirmed. Agree. But the share and
indicator made new high in the interim. Strat says enter. Secondly ,SAB is very volatile on a daily
graph. Switch to a weekly and you'll see a different picture. I'd wait for the zone on a weekly
 [29-Nov-10 6:26:31 PM] Campbell Anderson: Do you have any comments on Aspen buying
Sigma in Australia? Is it a positive or negative move in the short term?

[29-Nov-10 6:27:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Campbell.... will have to study that up. Can't
remember the details of that story.

[29-Nov-10 6:29:39 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Guys please make a note and watch your
emails........ The dates for the upcoming skype sessions for Dec and Jan......

[29-Nov-10 6:30:39 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Next Session 5th December Sunday 20:00 to 21:00

[29-Nov-10 6:30:53 PM] Chris Welham: Q SAB you told David the share & the indicator needs to
make new highs, but I see only the share making a new high?

[29-Nov-10 6:31:08 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Last Session for 2010 12th December Sunday 20:00
to 21:00

[29-Nov-10 6:31:56 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Open January 2011 first session 24th January
Monday 17:00 to 18:00.

[29-Nov-10 6:32:18 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Chris..... daily or weekly?

[29-Nov-10 6:32:39 PM] Chris Welham: Same on both

 [29-Nov-10 6:34:36 PM] Nicolle Wepener: Weekly yes agree. Daily last high on stoch higher
than previous.

[29-Nov-10 6:34:52 PM] Chris Welham: Was. Looking at the wrong timeframe

[29-Nov-10 6:35:34 PM] Nicolle Wepener: If divergence does not hit you in the face, we must
not go looking for it. Not a problem, I know this is no easy task.

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