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					An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                            Corporate Plan

                                                       An Outstanding Council
                                                      Making Surrey A Better Place

Surrey County Council
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                               SURREY IN NUMBERS

    •   Surrey is one of the most densely populated counties in England
    •   Surrey has more than 3000 miles of roads.
    •   From 1994 to 2004 there has been 29% growth in traffic along Surrey’s motorways.
    •   Average flows along Surrey’s motorways in 2004 were 48% more than the South East average.
    •   Traffic flows on A roads in Surrey are now higher than the national average.
    •   Only 13% of Surrey’s residents travel to work by some form of public transport (this is unchanged since 1991).
    •   Estimated population of Surrey at 30 June 2005: 1,075,500.
    •   Based on recent trends, Surrey’s population is projected to rise steadily over the next 25 years at a rate of about 0.5% per year.
    •   This level of growth would require an average of about 4,000 additional dwellings per year.
    •   The biggest increase over the next 25 years will be in the over 60s age group
    •   Urban area accounts for 34% of Surrey’s area, but 83% of the population live there
    •   About 95% of Surrey’s population is white (97% in 1991).
    •   31% of the population aged 25-64 have a degree or equivalent (23% nationally).
    •   Average earnings of Surrey residents are 33% higher than the national average for men and 23% higher for women.
    •   28% of Surrey households contain just one person. Half of these are pensioners.
    •   29% of households contain dependent children.
    •   The whole of Surrey is in the ‘least health poverty’ quintile.
    •   18,000 children live in low income households
    •   Surrey has 18 private hospitals and 24 NHS hospitals
    •   Surrey had 2.4 deaths of infants up to 12 months per 1,000 live births
    •   One in five of Surrey’s economically active residents works as a manager or senior official.
    •   Over three-quarters of Surrey businesses employ fewer than 5 people.
    •   Over 30% of all Surrey businesses are knowledge-based businesses
    •   As at September 2006 there were 408 schools in Surrey, excluding independent schools - 13 were pupil referral units
    •   At January 2006 there were 121 independent schools in Surrey.
    •   The percentage of pupils in Surrey who gained five or more A* to C grades at GCSE is at its highest ever (63% in 2006)
    •   Surrey has the highest turnover of teaching staff of the 34 shire counties, at 19%.
    •   A sample of primary school advertisements for teachers showed that 50% had no applicants.
    •   All 11 Surrey authorities lie within the 40 least affordable districts for key workers.

Surrey County Council
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


Welcome to Surrey County Council’s Corporate Plan for 2008/9. This is intended to inform staff, Members, partner organisations, and central
government, as well as the public about the Council’s activities. It is designed to provide information on how Surrey County Council is making progress,
how we are contributing to the Surrey Strategic Partnership Vision for 2020, where we are trying to get to, how we propose to get there and the nature
and structure of the organisation.

                                      WORKING TOGETHER MAKING                                   VISION
                                       SURREY A BETTER PLACE                                   FOR 2020
                                         THE SURREY COMMUNITY                    CONFIDENT
                                  LOCAL AREA AGREEMENT                                                      STRATEGY
                                                                      Economic     Safer Stronger        AND DIRECTION
                                                                    Development     Communities
                                     THEMATIC                                 Health &
                                   PARTNERSHIP                   Children &  Well Being Environment &
                                  DELIVERY PLANS                Young People              Infrastructure

                                                                         AN OUTSTANDING COUNCIL
                                                                        MAKING SURREY A BETTER PLACE

                                                                 CORPORATE PLAN                                         AND PRIORITIES

                            IMPROVEMENT                            IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME
                              FOR 2008/9        Looked After Children     Waste &       Independence for    Improving
                                                  Better Equipped         Recycling     Vulnerable Adults   Highways
                                                      For Life

                                                               SERVICE DELIVERY PLANS                                           DELIVERY

                                                                           Team Plans
                                                                        Individual Objectives

      The plan focuses on the next 12 months but is an integrated part of a series of strategies and plans that are helping to make Surrey a better place.
             Our long term ambitions are driven by the Vision for 2020 and the Community Strategy developed with our strategic partners.

Surrey County Council
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                         Our four priorities for 2008/9 are –

                         •          Improving highways

                         •         Ensuring that looked after children grow up better equipped for life,
                                   in particular through education

                         •         Increasing the number of vulnerable adults able to live independently

                         •         Increasing waste minimisation and recycling

Surrey County Council
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                 SURREY 2008/9 CORPORATE PLAN


       Introduction                From the Leader and the Chief Executive                                               Page 1

       Section One                 Working Together Making Surrey A Better Place – Surrey County Council as lead strategic partner

       The Vision for 2020                                                                                               Page   3
       The Surrey Community Strategy                                                                                     Page   4
       New Local Area Agreement                                                                                          Page   5
       Thematic Partnerships and Plans                                                                                   Page   8

       Section Two                 An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place – our core business

       What We Do – The Role of Surrey County Council                                                                   Page 9
       How We Are Organised – 4 Directorates                                                                            Page 11
       Our Values                                                                                                       Page 13
       How We Are Improving the Quality of Life In Surrey                                                               Page 14
       The Improvement Programme                                                                                        Page 17
       The Four Priorities for 2008/9                                                                             Page 18


                                            A         The Structure of Surrey County Council
                                            B         The Executive
                                            C         The County Council Management Team
                                            D         What Does Outstanding Mean
                                            E         Managing Our Performance
                                            F         The Budget
                                            G         Risk Management

Surrey County Council
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


                                                                            Surrey’s residents and businesses have high expectations of public
                                                                            service standards and for quality of life to be maintained. Yet Surrey
Surrey is a hugely successful county. It is at the heart of the powerful    County Council receives the lowest central government grant of all
south east economy and contributes £5.5 billion net each year to            county councils, and local council tax payers contribute over 80%
the national exchequer – the highest of any place in the UK                 of the Council’s revenue budget and expect the Council to use
(excluding London). The dynamic growth of its economy is                    their money efficiently. The Council feels a strong sense of
underpinned by an excellent quality of life, with the attractive Surrey     accountability to them, and value for money is a core value.
Hills and part of the High Weald protected by Area of Outstanding
Natural Beauty (AONB) status, and green belt status applying to 75%         In response to these challenges, Surrey County Council has been at
of the county. Public satisfaction with Surrey as a place to live is high   the forefront of innovation and efficiency in local government.
at 89%.                                                                     Sustained transformation to improve the quality of customer
                                                                            experience and value for money has led to: an award winning
Surrey is also a resourceful county, with a strong voluntary and            website for the large and growing number of residents who wish to
community sector. Levels of volunteering are high, and many                 self serve; a highly regarded Contact Centre for handling telephone
communities are strong and self-reliant. There is a long track record       enquiries and transactions; an award winning Shared Service
of working in partnership to deliver more than individual                   Centre for transactional back office functions; and a strengthened
organisations can achieve in isolation. From the Surrey Economic            procurement and contract management service to extract
Partnership to the Surrey Hills AONB Partnership, and to more recent        maximum value from the £700 million plus gross expenditure on
collaborations such as the Surrey Compact, the Council has always           goods, works and services. The Council has consistently exceeded
recognised the value of partnership and worked in a supportive              Government targets for efficiency savings – in excess of £40 million
manner to deliver positive outcomes.                                        annually has been generated through the ground-breaking Business
                                                                            Delivery Review.
Yet Surrey is a very challenging environment for local government.
Balancing good quality of life and protecting the environment with          The benefit of these changes lies in increased investment in priority
economic growth and demographic pressures is not an easy task,              services, such as supporting vulnerable people, in particular the
and is one that stirs strong and often conflicting opinions amongst         county’s growing population of elderly people, helping Looked
the public. Surrey’s proximity to London is both a stimulus to the          After Children maximise life opportunities, maintenance of the
economy and a pressure – for example on the county’s roads and              county’s highways and supporting a shift away from landfilling of
on the cost of housing and public service provision. There is also          waste to minimisation, recycling and treatment. The Council
deprivation, which is harder for the individuals and communities            continues to deliver high quality services achieving, for example,
concerned because of the relative affluence surrounding them. This          high community satisfaction with countryside management, libraries
is addressed, not only through countywide programmes, but                   and schools, website access, supporting people and school meals,
through many targeted local solutions and neighbourhood                     and innovative delivery through trading standards, road safety and
schemes, based on engagement and an understanding of                        firefighters working with young people.
community needs.
Surrey County Council                                                                                                                        1
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

The public also expects the Council to represent their interests
effectively at regional and national levels. Surrey has always been
an influential voice in the Regional Assembly and has a national
reputation for innovation and efficiency. The stream of visitors to the
Shared Service Centre and Contact Centre comes from both
central and local government, from the UK and overseas.

The Council’s commitment is to be an outstanding council making
Surrey a better place. This is a challenging commitment that
requires a culture of continuous improvement. The Council has put
in place an Improvement Programme: this is a single, coordinated
programme to concentrate on those areas that most need
attention. We recognise some services need to improve, and we
have been targeting adult care and highways for investment and
performance management, with positive results.

A period of rapid change had an effect on staff morale in 2006,           Nick Skellett
and this is being addressed in part through the drive for renewal of      Leader of the Council
Investor in People accreditation in 2008 as well as by the Investing in
Staff programme, which is one of the projects in the Improvement
Programme. Some partnership relations too were affected both by
internal change and uncertainty created by the White Paper on
Local Government during 2006, and action has been taken to
address these concerns through the Improvement Programme.
Partnerships is one of its three key themes, and an example of one
of the projects to support this theme is the review of the Surrey
Strategic Partnership, which will further strengthen community
leadership and partnership working in Surrey.

This Corporate Plan sets out our focus for 2008/9 and how we
propose to carry out our community leadership role by working with
communities and our partners to continually improve the quality of
life enjoyed by the people of Surrey.

                                                                          Richard Shaw
                                                                          Chief Executive

Surrey County Council                                                                             2
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


                                                                                                OUR SERVICE PLANS

The Vision for Surrey in 2020 was developed following extensive         DESCRIBES THE KIND
                                                                                               LOCAL AREA AGREEMENT –
                                                                                               HOW PARTNERS WILL WORK TOGETHER TO
consultation with the public and organisations in Surrey. It is         OF SURREY THAT         CONTRIBUTE TO THE STRATEGY
intended to offer a common sense of direction from the Surrey
                                                                        PEOPLE HAVE SAID
                                                                        THEY WANT TO
Strategic Partnership to the organisations represented on it, and       SEE BY 2020

other public service, voluntary and business organisations and the                                             PARTNERS
public themselves

The Vision for Surrey in 2020 is:                                                              LAA                  SETS OUT HOW SCC PROPOSES
                                                                                                                           TO DELIVER ITS

 “a county of distinctive, confident, caring, creative and              VISION FOR 2020                   CORPORATE       TO THE STRATEGY
                                                                              AND                            PLAN
 safe communities, where individuals and organisations                    COMMUNITY
                                                                           STRATEGY                                        IMPROVEMENT
     have taken responsibility for resolving the many                                                                       PROGRAMME
           challenges that the county faces”.                                                                                                                 PLANS

                                                                                                                       AREAS FOR ATTENTION THAT
                                                                                                                             SCC SEES AS
Surrey County Council is the lead partner in the Surrey Strategic                                                           NECESSARY TO
                                                                                                                                                    PROVIDE DETAILED
Partnership (SSP). The partnership is open to representatives from
                                                                             SHOWS HOW RESOURCES                          ACHIEVE ITS GOALS
                                                                             WILL BE ALLOCATED TO                                                     ACTION PLANS
Surrey’s public, private, voluntary and community sectors. The SSP           OPTIMISE ACHIEVEMENT
                                                                                                      Guided by                    Underpinned by
owns the Surrey Community Strategy for the county, comprising the
Vision for Surrey in 2020 and an action plan to achieve the                 THE SCC COMMITMENT
                                                                                                                                          OUR       •   FORWARD THINKING
outcomes set out in the Vision. The Vision for Surrey in 2020 was     – ONE OUTSTANDING COUNCIL
                                                                                  MAKING SURREY
                                                                                                                                         VALUES     •
                                                                                                                                                        RESPONSIVE & RELIABLE
                                                                                                                                                        VALUE FOR MONEY
agreed using “scenario planning” techniques to focus and develop                 A BETTER PLACE      our overall aim                our approach    •   WORKING WITH OTHERS
discussion and debate. The result is a vision with a high degree of
evidence–based credibility, which has been endorsed by all the key
organisations across Surrey.
                                                                                From the Community Strategy to delivering services

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                                    3
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


The 2004 Surrey Community Strategy was based around six themes      The LPSA projects set extremely challenging targets. They
that reflect the aspirations of the people of Surrey:               stretched partners in a number of ways:

    •   The economy                                                    •   Higher productivity       (producing higher numbers of
    •   Travel, access and mobility                                        qualified staff in the Care and Health sectors)
    •   Housing and associated infrastructure
    •   Changing lifestyles                                            •   Better ability to reach key groups (increasing the take up
    •   Communities, culture and identity                                  of benefits by older people, finding jobs for disabled
    •   The future of public service delivery and democracy                people)

The Community Strategy sets out the response of the strategic          •   Stronger partnership working (tackling domestic abuse,
partner organisations to the Vision which was created from the             increasing volunteering)
extensive countywide consultation exercises. It is designed to
provide partners with a clear overall direction, which they can        •   Wider use of technology (reducing road casualties,
use to develop action plans.                                               home based services for older people)

THE LOCAL PUBLIC SERVICE AGREEMENT                                     •   More creativity       (new   ways    of   tackling   school
The supporting short-term action plan for the first Surrey
Community Strategy was the second generation Local Public              •   Better marketing and communications (launching and
Service Agreement (LPSA2), under which Surrey County Council               promoting a countywide car share scheme)
worked with around 60 partners to tackle issues that were
agreed as priorities for Surrey. There were 12 separate projects,      •   Closer working with others (with all districts and boroughs
most with multiple stretch targets.                                        on urban street scene, with partners on waste glass
The LPSA contained projects aimed both at specific groups (the
over 65s, disabled people, schoolchildren) and at the whole         The LPSA ends in mid 2008 but the benefits and learning from the
community (street scene, volunteering, car share).                  strong partnership working it involved continue and are carried
                                                                    forward into the Local Area Agreement.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                               4
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


The Local Area Agreement (LAA) is a framework through which              THEME 1 – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
partners agree a three-year improvement programme with the
Government for realising Surrey’s vision, and is a key component of      The 14-19 Strategy project has two main targets:
the Surrey’s Community Strategy.
                                                                            •       Increase the percentage of young people who achieve
The LAA was agreed in February 2006, with 8 delivery projects, plus a               Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications by age 19 from 2005
further 2 (one business led, one voluntary sector led) in the medium                baselines of:
term plan outside the LAA. In April 2007, the refresh of the LAA led                -      78% (Level 2) and
to the inclusion of 2 further projects.                                             -      64% (Level 3)

The development of the LAA in 2006 and the current LAA through              •       Reduce the percentage of young people not in
intensive working with partners and central government has                          education/employment or training – NEETs – from 3.15%
allowed us to review the approach to the action plans to deliver                    to 2.95% by end of 2008/9. The ambition is to reach 2% by
the Vision for 2020.                                                                2015.

The Vision itself remains intact – it is clear and was based on one of   Both targets have been comfortably exceeded:
the most extensive and robust consultation exercises carried out by
local government in the UK.            The original six themes of the       •       For the year ending summer 2006:
Community Strategy have been modified into five – see below – but                   -       82% of young people (10,402 people) achieved
before describing these it may be useful to review progress against                         Level 2, while
the original six.                                                                   -       68% (8,581 people) achieved Level 3

                                                                                    Similarly outstanding results are expected from summer

                                                                            •       NEET levels have already reduced to 3% (Nov 2006) and
                                                                                    are still falling.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                   5
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                         THEME 3 – HOUSING AND ASSOCIATED INFRASTRUCTURE
                                                                         Delivery Project
Delivery Project
                                                                         LAA Project 4 – Housing for Economic Success
LPSA Target 1 – Offer healthier options for young people for journeys
to school                                                                House prices in Surrey are the highest of any county. The LAA target
                                                                         was for 790 affordable homes to be completed during 2006/7. In
The project aims to offer healthier options for pupils’ journeys to      fact 1,209 homes were completed – an extra 419 homes over
school by encouraging cycling. Emphasis has been on providing            target, and a strong base for the current (second) year of the LAA.
cycling training courses at appropriate levels for children in Years 2
to 7. Cycling to school also helps ensure that each child engages in     Overall 6,195 affordable units have been provided in Surrey since
at least two hours’ non-curriculum structured exercise per week.         2001, including 1,500 for key workers.

The LPSA target is for 21,845 pupils to complete cycle safety training
by April 2008. This target has already been exceeded, with 32,944        THEME 4 – CHANGING LIFESTYLES
pupils now trained – 11,099 more than the target, with more to
come in the remaining months.                                            Delivery Projects

Pupils are also on course to meet the target of 86% undertaking 2        LPSA Target 4 – Minimise the waste going to landfill
hours or more exercise per week. Currently 80% do this, but the          LAA Project 8 – Sustainable Lifestyles (Under Theme 6)
figure will increase by the end of the LPSA and the project has an
excellent prospect of reaching the target.                               The 2020 Vision for this Theme emphasised a shift to sustainable
                                                                         lifestyles, with an immediate project to change attitudes to waste
                                                                         by increasing the level of glass recycling for domestic glass. It also
                                                                         aimed to increase commercial glass recycling by 50% from a very
                                                                         low base.

                                                                         The domestic waste target was to recycle 81,372 tonnes of glass
                                                                         over the 3 years of the LPSA. To date 60,096 tonnes have already
                                                                         been recycled and the project is expected to achieve the stretch
                                                                         targets. Commercial recycling should also reach its target by April

                                                                         Landfill and recycling results for 2007/8 have doubled since 2002
                                                                         and are on target to ensure that over a third – 34% - of all municipal
                                                                         waste is recycled.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                     6
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                        The LAA targets were to:
Delivery Projects
                                                                           •       Reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions for people
LPSA Target 8 – Enable vulnerable people to live independently                     aged 65+
LAA Project 6 – Safe at Home                                               •       Reduce in particular those due to falls
                                                                           •       Increase the number of older people helped to live at
By 2050 four times as many older people will probably need care as                 home
need it now. These major projects aim to provide infrastructure to
enable older people to live independently in their homes and            Headline gains have been:
communities for longer, and prevent avoidable admission to
hospital and residential care. Assistive technology and telecare is        •       Admissions due to falls have dropped to 2,248 a year –
used pro-actively in the context of home-based care packages.                      1,900 better than the target of 4,175
                                                                           •       Readmissions have been reduced to below the target of
The project, now delivered by the ‘Safe at Home’ Project Board, has                2,222
hugely strengthened partnership working between Surrey County              •       8,548 people are being helped to live at home – a
Council, Boroughs and Districts (who run Telecare), Surrey PCT, and                steady increase, but slightly below target
Surrey Ambulance Service. Referral pathways and support networks
have been strengthened and integrated to deliver results.
                                                                        THEME 6 – FUTURE OF PUBLIC SERVICES AND DEMOCRACY
The LPSA targets were to increase:
                                                                        Delivery Project
    •        The number of people with home-based Surrey County
             Council complex care packages, or Borough/District         LAA Project 12 – Rural, Social, and Community Programme
             support packages
    •        The proportion of hospital leavers who went back home      The project aimed to increase community capacity through
             instead of into care homes                                 building social ‘capital’ and tackling rural social exclusion. This
    •        Satisfaction with services purchased through direct care   would be done by increasing community interest in election to
             packages                                                   Parish Councils and by developing community action plans under
                                                                        the aegis of the Surrey Rural Partnership.
Nearly all have been exceeded:
                                                                        For 2007/8 the number of contested Parish Council elections is on
    •        Surrey County Council care packages – 8,534 people -       target to rise from 36% in 2006/7 to 41%. Community action plans are
             1,227 over target                                          ahead of target, with 33 now completed, and more in the pipeline.
    •        Borough/District packages – 5,050 people – on target
    •        Hospital to home discharges – 76.5% - over target

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                  7
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


The Surrey Strategic Partnership Review Group has identified five        5. Environment and Infrastructure
broad target areas for improvement that aim to provide a
balanced approach for realising the aspirations of Surrey’s 2020             • Travel, movement and communications
Vision.   The 2008-2011 Surrey Community Strategy will be based
around five proposed themes, each with a thematic partnership                • Housing and associated development
that is focussed on driving the actions to deliver against the               •   Climate change, sustainability and waste
aspirations set out in the Vision for 2020.
                                                                         Each of these five themes is now owned by a dedicated thematic
The aim is to adopt them and complete negotiations with the
                                                                         partnership. The partnerships are responsible for delivering the Surrey
Government on the LAA in early 2008, so that organisations can
                                                                         Community Strategy outcomes and the LAA targets agreed by the
ensure they are incorporated in their own corporate plans and
                                                                         SSP Board. They will develop and commission thematic programmes
budgets. The 2008 Surrey Community Strategy now in the course of
                                                                         of work designed to achieve the required benefits and report on
being developed will reflect the outcome of the negotiations on the
                                                                         progress to the SSP Board and partner organisations.
LAA as well as the learning from and progress on the current
                                                                         The role of each thematic partnership is to:
1. Health and Well-being

    •   Promoting a healthy and caring Surrey                            •   Provide strategic direction within the theme and develop
                                                                             relevant aspects of Surrey’s Community Strategy, LAA and other
                                                                             action plans for recommendation to the SSP Board, taking into
2. Children and Young People
                                                                             account the needs of Surrey’s communities in the context of the
   •    Improving the life chances of children and young people              theme and the work of the other theme partnerships and
                                                                             influencing the operational plans of partners where necessary.
3. Safer Stronger Communities
                                                                         •   Co-ordinate and performance manage delivery of the relevant
   •    Encouraging stronger communities and making Surrey an                elements of Surrey’s Community Strategy, and LAA and other
        even safer place to live.                                            partnership priorities and targets against the theme plans,
                                                                             holding sub groups and partners to account.
4. Economic Development
                                                                             Communicate the priorities, activities and achievements of the
   •    Ensuring Surrey develops in a sustainable way, reconciling the       partnership to the public and across the wider SSP.
        need for social, environmental and economic well-being.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                      8
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place




Surrey County Council as an organisation has a three part role for           Service delivery
the people of Surrey:
                                                                             Our overall aims on service delivery are to ensure that we provide
to represent Surrey                                                          high quality, responsive and value for money services for Surrey
to provide community leadership                                              people. Our services touch the lives of over one million Surrey
to provide high quality services                                             people on a daily basis, responding to their needs and ensuring that
                                                                             they have the right support whenever it is required.

Representing Surrey                                                           The extensive range of services provided by Surrey County Council
                                                                             underpins the high quality of life that Surrey enjoys. Some services
Surrey County Council acts as the advocate for Surrey at all times,          are targeted at specific groups, such as older people, children or
representing the county wherever and whenever required. Surrey               people who need social care. Other services are accessible to all –
County Council will champion the cause of Surrey, promoting the              such as libraries, highways, fire and rescue.
interests of Surrey citizens at regional and national levels.
                                                                             Surrey County Council’s commitment remains clear and to the
Community Leader                                                             point:

Strong community leadership is about working with and on behalf of           “An outstanding council, making Surrey a better place”
Surrey citizens to improve the long term quality of life for all. It means
being ready to tackle difficult issues that may require changes in           We want our organisation to perform at the highest levels – in the
attitudes and behaviour, engaging and informing people to win                eyes of our citizens, service users, our staff, our peers and central
their active support, and delivering visible benefits to the                 government – whose core purpose is to improve the quality of life
community.                                                                   for people in Surrey. It is a commitment, that is simple and which
                                                                             helps drive and motivate all we do, but it is not a soft aspiration.
It is also about helping organisations across Surrey work together to        Progress towards the commitment can be directly measured using
get the maximum impact on improving the quality of life for our              indicators across a wide range of areas, including our performance
community. A key part of Surrey County Council‘s role is to develop          and the quality of life improvements that we aim to deliver.
strong partnership working to achieve more together than we can

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                        9
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                           Planning & Development         WHAT OUTSTANDING MEANS
                           Environmental Health           There are three key groups who will decide if we are outstanding –
                                                          the public, our partners and our staff. Outstanding is not an abstract
                           Waste & Recycling
                                                          term - we measure our performance in relation to each group:
                           Early years                    The public:
                           Schools                            •    High customer satisfaction with the council and its services
                           Special Educational Needs          •    High satisfaction with the local area as a place to live
                           Youth Development Service
                           Heritage & History                measured by
                           Arts & Music                            •   Public opinion surveys
                           Support for Students
                                                          Our partners:
                           Adult Learning
What we do                 Road maintenance                   •    Confidence in the council’s role as community leader
                           Pavements & Verges                 •    Being regarded as source of best practice
                           Bridges & Structures
                           Training                          measured by
                           Road Safety
                           Street Lighting                         •    Surrey partner survey
                           Highway permits                         •    Reputation with central, regional government and
                           Rights of Way                                partners
                                                                   •    Endorsement from inspectorates
                           Traffic & Parking
                           Children & Families
                           Young People                       •    High staff advocacy
                           Older People
                           Carers                            measured by
                           Adults with Disabilities
                           Births, Deaths & Marriages              •    Staff Survey
                           Benefits & Advice
                           Trading Standards
                           Fire & Rescue
                           Voluntary & Community Groups
Surrey County Council                                                                                                      10
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                            It is also responsible for Surrey's 52 libraries and waste management
Our organisation is made up of four directorates:                           dealing with the 600,000 tonnes of household waste produced in
                                                                            Surrey every year.
     •   Services for Families
     •   Services for Communities                                           3.       Corporate Services
     •   Corporate Services
     •   Policy and Performance                                                  •   Audit and Risk Assurance
                                                                                 •   Estates Planning and Management
1.       Services for Families                                                   •   Finance
                                                                                 •   HR and Organisational Development
     •   Adult Social Care                                                       •   Information Management and Technology
     •   Children’s Service                                                      •   Legal and Insurance
     •   Safeguarding Support Service                                            •   Procurement and Contract Management
     •   Schools and Learning                                                    •   Shared Service Centre

The Families directorate is one of two core service areas that cover        Corporate Services is the directorate responsible for managing the
the majority of the council's frontline services - it provides children's   council's business - encompassing finance, procurement, HR,
social care services, adult social care services, education services to     systems, property, legal, audit and shared services departments
Surrey pupils via more than 400 primary and secondary schools,
youth services (including youth centres) and is also responsible for
the running of care homes in Surrey.                                        4.       Policy and Performance

2.       Services for Communities                                                •   Democratic Services
                                                                                 •   Policy & Public Affairs
     •   Environment and Regulation                                              •   Performance and Service Development
     •   Surrey Highways                                                         •   Strategy & Policy Projects Service
     •   Transport for Surrey                                                    •   Communications
     •   Quality Management                                                      •   Programme Office
     •   Fire and Rescue
     •   Libraries and Culture                                              Policy and Performance supports councillors by working with
     •   Customer Services                                                  stakeholders (local people, communities, business and partner
                                                                            organisations, and the voluntary and private sectors) on how best to
The Communities directorate provides much of the fabric that gives          satisfy their needs on an affordable and sustainable basis. It is
Surrey its identity - it manages our countryside, maintains and             responsible for deciding on policies and commissioning better
improves more than 3,000 miles of roads, deals with planning                services, and communicating to drive greater awareness,
applications, manages community safety initiatives, and runs the            understanding, support, and appropriate take-up.
county's public transport service.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                      11
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


                                                                             Children and Young People                                      £106m
                                                                             includes schools, children’s social care, youth service

                                                                             Adults Social Care                                             £194m
                                                                             includes care and support for adults across a broad range
                              POLICY AND
                                                                             of services
CORPORATE SERVICES                  322
                                                                             Services for Communities                                       £142m
                                                                             includes roads, public transport, disposal of waste, trading
                                                                             standards, libraries and adult education

                                                                             Corporate Services                                             £95m
                                                                             includes finance, Information management and
                                                                             technology, procurement, property and HR

                                                                             Policy and Performance, Chief Executives and Projects          £25m
                                                             SERVICES FOR    includes service development, communications, and
SERVICES FOR                                                                 support to the voluntary sector
COMMUNITIES                                                    FAMILIES
    2090                                                          4004
                                                                             Central Income and Expenditure                                 £36m
                                                                             includes capital financing, land drainage precept and
                                                                             contingency funding

                                                                                                      This table shows the net budget
                      This chart shows the total number                                                for each directorate in 2007/8
       of employees (Full Time Equivalent) for each directorate in 2007/8.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                          12
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                  OUR VALUES

Our values are key to achieving excellence across the organisation
and underpinning everything we do. Our values are important.
They provide direction and common standards for us all to abide by
and aspire to. It is essential that they are part of the council’s
culture and of our everyday behaviour.        These values were
developed via a series of workshops, benchmarking against other
organisations and top performing county councils before consulting
with members and staff.

Value              The Value In Practice        What The Value Means                   Value          The Value In Practice     What The Value Means

Forward Thinking   Innovative                         •   Anticipating future trends   Working With   One Council                   •   Regarding ourselves as
                   Creative                               and addressing them          Others         Effective Partnerships            one council rather than
                   Can Do                                 now                                         Cooperative &                     separate services
                   Proactive                          •   Being positive about the                    Collaborative Teamwork        •   Making connections
                   Enterprising                           future                                                                        between our services to
                                                      •   Being prepared to                                                             improve outcomes for
                                                          change                                                                        the customer
                                                      •   Being energetic,                                                          •   Improving services by
                                                          enthusiastic and                                                              pulling in the same
                                                          confident                                                                     direction as our partners
                                                                                                                                    •   Demonstrating respect
                                                                                                                                        for each other
Responsive and     Customer Focused                   •   The customer is at the
Reliable           Local                                  heart of all we do and
                   Accountable                            being responsive to local    Value For      Cost Effective Services       •   Using tax payers money
                   Trusted                                needs                        Money          Efficient Organisation            as efficiently as possible
                   Acting with integrity              •   Recognising the                                                               looking for opportunities
                                                          expectations on us and                                                        to achieve economies of
                                                          accepting responsibility                                                      scale and greater
                                                          to deliver within agreed                                                      efficiency
                                                      •   Developing mutually
                                                          positive and open
                                                      •   Being open and

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                                      13
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

The Council is making a genuine difference to the quality of life of
local people. The Council has an above average number of top            In addition to the activities under the key service priority on waste
performing services, and overall public satisfaction with the way the   numerous schemes and measures are tackling environmental issues
Council runs things is in the top quartile for county councils.         and promoting sustainability. These include:

SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY                                                     promoting sustainability in schools – 67% of Surrey schools have
                                                                        adopted travel plans and 56% are registered as Eco Schools
The Council recognises that although Surrey has one of the most
successful and dynamic economies in the country there can be no         promoting alternatives to the car and new transport infrastructure
complacency. Activities include:                                        designed to mitigate environmental impacts

    •   enhancing the skills base through education services and        working with Spelthorne Borough Council on the production of their
        LAA and LPSA projects targeted at specific group such as        air quality action plan – effective partnership working with bus
        those with disabilities and teenagers not in education,         operators means 69% of buses in Spelthorne use low emissions
        employment or training (NEETs).                                 engines

    •   supporting the rural economy through projects such as           the recently established Surrey Climate Change Forum involving all
        Surrey Food Links, a Council-backed not-for-profit              district and borough councils, to improve joint working.
        organisation that connects Surrey farmers and food
        producers to wider markets.                                     The Council has reduced its own energy consumption and is
                                                                        committed to further reductions
    •   promoting sustainable economic growth e.g. the Council
        worked with McClaren Group and Woking Borough Council           In 2002, the Council transferred the management of its countryside
        to make the new McClaren Group Technology Centre                estate in a unique 50-year partnership agreement to the Surrey
        sustainable and enhance the surrounding landscape.              Wildlife Trust, which has improved management of the estate for
                                                                        access, recreation and conservation, and secured grants that the
    •   reducing the burden of regulation by supporting local           Council could not access. The 79% resident satisfaction level with
        business through advice and education. Trading Standards        parks and open spaces is in the top quartile nationally.
        operates a dedicated business advice service and
        promotes the successful 'Buy with Confidence' approved          The Surrey Biodiversity Action Plan has delivered improvements to
        trader scheme.                                                  the natural environment and the Council has won praise and been
                                                                        cited for best practice by the Environment Agency and RSPB for the
                                                                        effective restoration of worked minerals sites.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                  14
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                          Accessibility has been improved through significant investment in
The Council and partners are successfully tackling congestion,            public transport, which has seen a 17% increase in bus patronage
increasing accessibility to key services, improving road safety           over the last four years and an increase in public satisfaction with
enhancing the environment, and improving maintenance of                   bus services from 34% in 2003/04 to 49% in 2006/07. This has been
Surrey’s extensive transport network.                                     achieved through the provision of 4kms of dedicated bus lanes,
                                                                          extensive bus priority measures, and 450kms of routed bus networks
One of the Council’s four priorities is improving highways and            resulting from 13 Quality Bus Partnerships.
maintaining roads.      To accelerate improvements, increase
responsiveness and maximise value for money a new Surrey                  There has been a 3% increase in cycling since 2004/05. The Council
Highways Service was established in 2007. A focused improvement           has developed a range of new cycling facilities with partners. For
programme, supported by an additional £1m investment and                  example, grants from Sustrans and Sport England were used to
tighter contract management, has already delivered measurable             open up and improved rural routes for cyclists, pedestrians and
improvements in performance (e.g. increase in works completed on          equestrians on the Downslink bridleway This has been backed up
time and faster handling of complaints) and there is increased local      with promotions and safety initiatives (e.g. 80% of school pupils have
responsiveness following the introduction of 34 new community             completed cycling safety courses).
highways officers
                                                                          Town Centre Access Studies have prompted a range of
A multi-pronged approach with partners has helped to stem the             improvements for pedestrians such as dropped kerbs, tactile paving
growth of traffic on Surrey’s roads. The Council is a leading authority   and footway maintenance. Access to railway stations and bus
in the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) such as real time       stops has also been improved.
passenger transport information, variable message signs, CCTV and
traffic simulation models. The Network Management Information             HEALTHY COMMUNITIES
Centre, which has been showcased at major international
conferences, coordinates the information to keep traffic flowing          Surrey is a relatively healthy and prosperous county. This masks the
                                                                          gap between the most affluent parts of the county and the small
Demand is being managed through the promotion of more                     pockets of deprivation invariably suffering from health inequalities. A
sustainable forms of transport. Improvements to public transport          5.4 year life expectancy gap exists between the most prosperous
have been supplemented by targeted park and ride schemes,                 and most disadvantaged wards. The Council has responded in
effective use of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement, the Surrey Car       partnership with targeted health initiatives in these areas – e.g.
Share Scheme (which has over 2,700 members), and the                      through the Guildford Healthy Living Project led through the
development of over 300 travel plans for schools, hospitals and           Council’s Local Partnership Team.
                                                                          Surrey’s rate of teenage pregnancies is below the national average
Wide press coverage and public engagement has been secured                Initiatives have therefore been focused on vulnerable groups, with
through the annual Travel Month publicity campaign, spearheaded           sex and relationships education training being provided for staff in
by the Council in partnership with BBC Southern Counties radio.           community homes, foster carers and young parents.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                      15
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

Smoking accounts for 1,600 deaths per year in the County (1 in 6        OLDER PEOPLE
adult deaths). The Council has worked with partners including all 11
borough and district councils through the Smokefree Surrey Alliance     Half of the adult population in Surrey is aged over 50 and the
and developed a co-ordinated communications campaign. Over              number of adults in need of support is increasing each year with
40,000 leaflets have been distributed to businesses as well as          demand for social care projected to rise by 11% by 2010
targeted leaflets for hard to reach groups.
                                                                        The Surrey 50+ Strategy, developed with people aged over 50 and
The Surrey Valuing People Partnership Board has initiated a number      partners, provides a co-ordinated and coherent approach to the 50
of actions leading to improved outcomes. 1,000 people with              plus community in Surrey. It builds on outcomes delivered through
learning disabilities have Health Action plans in place, increasing     the 2002 Older People Strategy and brings together new and
confidence and independence in accessing health services.               existing initiatives related to all aspects of life, not just health and
                                                                        social care. It is based around the seven dimensions of
The Safer Surrey Food Partnership is a partnership arrangement with     independence and also covers discrimination and engagement.
10 district and borough councils and the Council’s Trading
Standards service. It has played an active role in encouraging          The Council recognises that the huge challenges posed by high
healthy eating through promoting Safer Food Better Business and         market costs and increasing demand for services requires a more
seminars aimed specifically at ethnic minority caterers with            radical long-term solution. Following comprehensive analysis and a
translator support.                                                     review of commissioning priorities the Council is undertaking an
                                                                        ambitious social care programme that will transform the way social
The Active Surrey Sports Partnership (ASSP) is hosted by the Council    care services are provided to adults, based on the principles of self
and includes PCT, Sport England and district and borough councils.      directed support
It works to improve health and well-being and reduce obesity by
increasing participation in physical exercise. It has implemented a     The Council’s approach to people over 50 is underpinned by its
range of health initiatives across the County including the             Equality and Diversity Scheme. As well as using Equality Impact
Community Sports coach scheme and Surrey Schools Sports                 Assessments to promote equal opportunities and access to services
partnership.                                                            for people of all ages, it aims to ensure that policy and strategy
                                                                        development automatically includes the views of people over 50
The Council is working with partners through the ASSP to deliver the    and will continue to challenge stereotypes and promote positive
Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and Do it (MEND) programme. This is a child   images of older people. Social care services support black and
weight management programme for overweight or obese children            minority ethnic (BME) communities e.g. Care Contacts, Surecare
aged 7 to 13. It consists of a range of activities around education,    and Caremark operating in North Surrey offer care workers from
making informed choices in healthy eating, exercise and                 ethnic minorities (mainly Asian and Eastern European). Further
behavioural change techniques. This is now being delivered across       examples of tailored services include provision of meals for specific
a range of eight locations across the county.                           dietary requirements and ensuring placements meet cultural needs.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                     16
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


The Improvement Programme aims to:

    •   advance the council towards its goal of being an                 Partnerships The council has a critical role to play in overcoming
        outstanding council making Surrey a better place, measured       the fragmentation of public and voluntary sector activity in Surrey,
        by high customer satisfaction with the council and its           to achieve more effective service outcomes for the public, easier
        services and high levels of staff advocacy;                      access to information and engagement, and greater value for
                                                                         money for the taxpayer. In view of the financial challenges facing
    •   improve the quality of customer experience for Surrey            the public, voluntary and community sectors across Surrey, it is
        residents measured by high satisfaction with the local area      particularly important to find ways of maximising our resources
        as a place to live and in accordance with the 2020 vision for    through effective sharing and joint commitment.
                                                                         Valuing People & Operational Efficiency The quality of public
    •   improve value for money still further in a challenging           services is reliant on the skills and commitment of our staff. Our staff
        financial climate;                                               are also advocates for the council and for Surrey. While many
                                                                         improvements in business processes have been achieved in the
    •   maintain or enhance the council’s reputation as a                council, some critical systems and processes impact adversely on
        community leader and source of best practice with local,         both staff productivity and morale. These need upgrading and
        regional and national partners.                                  streamlining if the council is to increase levels of service, especially
                                                                         social care, while minimising increases in cost. There are also
The Quality of Customer Experience: We know that there is room for       opportunities for reducing revenue costs and releasing capital
improvement in some critical aspects of customer experience,             receipts across the public sector through rationalising properties
where large numbers of residents look to the council for high            and other assets, freeing money that would be better invested in
performance. This is particularly the case in the condition of the       services.
county’s roads and the quality of facilities and customer service at
community recycling centres. It is also the case that many residents     The first area in the Improvement Programme focuses on
have difficulty in affording increases in council tax that are above     performance improvement, and ensuring that scrutiny and
the national rate of inflation.                                          challenge are brought to areas where the need for improvement
                                                                         has been identified. This includes the Council’s four priorities -
Value for Money: Surrey County Council operates in the most              improving highways and maintaining roads; increasing waste
expensive part of the country outside London in which to provide         minimisation and recycling; ensuring that looked after children grow
public services, yet it receives Government Formula Grant funding        up better equipped for life, in particular through education; and
that is just one third the national average per head of population –     increasing the number of vulnerable adults able to live
the second lowest in the country. At the same time, services are         independently.
facing relentless pressure from cost increases. Annual price inflation
in local government services has been estimated to be over 7% -
well above rates of increase in the Retail Price Index.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                      17
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


The Council agreed that the four main priorities identified for 2007/8   There has been major investment in these priorities.
should be carried forward for 2008/9. Good progress has been
made in all four areas but there is still work to be done to reach the      •   Since July 2006 an additional £8 million has been invested in
standards we have set ourselves. The focus on these four priorities             adult social care enabling 1,400 more older people to be
does not mean that other areas are being ignored. There has been                helped to live independently at home;
and will continue to be some adjustment in investment where we
identify opportunities to do so without any negative impact, or             •   the creation of 34 new community highways officer posts to
where the levels of need have declined. At the same time we will                improve the local responsiveness of the Surrey Highways
also invest in areas where we can increase efficiencies (e.g. self              Service and extra investment in road surfacing;
service for library users).
                                                                            •   major investment in Children’s services to help us enhance
The four priorities identified for 2007/2008 and retained for 2008/9            the life opportunities of Looked After Children and care for
are –                                                                           the most vulnerable young people in our society;

    •   Improving highways                                                  •   through investment in our waste contract and partnership
                                                                                working with district and borough councils, waste recycling
    •   Ensuring that looked after children grow up better equipped             rates have doubled since 2002, while growth in waste
        for life, in particular through education                               volumes has been arrested.

    •   Increasing the number of vulnerable adults able to live
        independently                                                    Each Service within the Council has an annual Service Delivery Plan,
                                                                         setting out the outputs, activities and targets through which it
    •   Increasing waste minimisation and recycling                      contributes to delivery of the key outcomes set out in the Corporate
                                                                         Plan, and the resources to be used to do this. The development of
These priorities reflect the results of the public community surveys     Service Delivery Plans is aligned with budget and risk management
and council tax consultation exercises, Member concerns and              to ensure that outputs and outcomes are considered in the context
performance management and inspectoral feedback                          of the resources that have been or will be required to deliver them;
                                                                         and risks to delivery and plans to mitigate them, are considered.
                                                                         Analysis of past performance feeds into the process of planning for
                                                                         the future to ensure that resources are being used effectively.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                  18
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


Surrey’s roads are very intensively used – traffic flows in Surrey are      Increased local engagement
twice the national average and this obviously affects the condition
of the roads. The road network is a key element in the success of           The new service has been restructured around 11 locality teams
Surrey’s economy, and the state of the roads is a ‘talisman’ issue for      based upon District and Borough boundaries. In each team there
residents. We need to respond to residents’ concerns on roads if we         are a number of Community Highway Officers, helping to increase
are to retain public confidence.                                            engagement between the service and local residents. Local
                                                                            committees, comprised of both county and district elected
Highways remain a priority for Surrey residents – evidenced in the          Members, continue to play a strong role in local engagement.
Community Survey - and therefore for the Council. The Council
wishes to maintain spend at the maximum level possible within the
constraints set by national government. However, it also wishes to          Stronger contract management
ensure that productivity is maximised to ensure value for money for
Surrey taxpayers.                                                           In 2007/8 a new Contract Management team was recruited and
                                                                            the key performance indicators simplified and strengthened. The
To achieve this, we have been implementing a programme of                   new indicators set a tougher challenge for the contractors who are
change which seeks to                                                       responding well, though there is still room for improved
            •       Improve scheme delivery
            •       Increase local engagement                               Complaints handling
            •       Introduce stronger contract management
            •       Improve customer focus, and                             Recent results have seen the Service meeting or bettering the set
            •       Introduce improved performance management               target of 82%. However, whilst the performance on handling of
                    and accountability.                                     formal complaints is much improved, there is still scope for
                                                                            improvement in the speed of handling with reported defects.
Delivery of road improvement schemes                                        Notwithstanding significant improvements since April 2007 the
                                                                            service is prioritising this area of work for a renewed focus in the
In 2007/8, for the first time, the service set out in a public report the   period January to April 2008.
schemes it intended to deliver during the year. Over 300 schemes
had been completed by the end of November 2007, with                        Pothole enquires
particularly strong performance in delivering road improvement
schemes.                                                                    The number of enquiries made by the public fell significantly (by
                                                                            almost half in the East) during the period May to November 2007
In 2008/9 the Council will be introducing a new prioritisation              reflecting achievements in the programmed maintenance schemes
methodology to determine which schemes are implemented. This                that are treating about 160km (100 miles) of road during 2007/08.
will ensure a balance between the needs of the asset and the
wishes of residents and will lead to increased transparency.
Surrey County Council                                                                                                                     19
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

Other key achievements include:

              •   Minor defects repaired within timescale - in the East     This will enable us to develop a higher quality road network by:
                  being above the 96% target with results for the West
                  being over 90%;                                              •   Improving our customer service responsiveness, setting
                                                                                   ourselves a target of completing 70% of all pothole enquiries
              •   The average time taken to deal with street light faults          within 20 days and completing our response to all
                  has been held below the target time of 6.9 days.                 complaints within timescale.

There are changes of emphasis over time e.g. from a focus on                   •   Delivering the maintenance plan and improvement
traffic management to one on maintaining road surfaces. The                        programme on time and to budget.
overall objective is to maintain a high quality road network and
infrastructure. The benefits will be seen in terms of improved                 •   Managing the Surrey Highways Partnership contract
performance against a basket of challenging performance                            successfully, to ensure that minor defects are repaired right
measures and increased public satisfaction in the work we do on                    first time (97%) and within timescale (96%).
the highways.
                                                                               •   Improving the work carried out by Utilities companies on the
In 2008/9 Surrey Highways plans to spend its budget on eight main                  highway by monitoring their performance and addressing
groups of services:                                                                key performance issues.

          •         Roads                                                      •   Using our increased number of Highway Safety Inspectors to
          •         Footpaths, verges, hedges and trees                            improve identification and prioritisation of repairs to the
          •         Bridges and structures                                         highway.
          •         Flooding and drainage
          •         Safety
          •         Community works
          •         Streetlights, signals and bollards
          •         Local schemes

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                          20
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                         Since the Council agreed this priority, the Children in Care Strategy
Performance and inspection reports have highlighted the need for         and Action Plan have been refreshed. It is therefore possible to
the Council to improve outcomes for Looked After Children                report on the progress for the 531 children who have been in the
(children in care), for whom the council has direct responsibility as    care of the Council for twelve months or more at 30th September
corporate parent.                                                        2007 as follows:

The educational outcomes for Looked After Children were low,                •   At school Key Stages 1,2 and 3, the number of children who
diminishing their life chances. At the same time the Council wished             sat and received an assessment for all the tasks was the
to demonstrate a positive approach to acting as a corporate                     highest on record at 100% for each level.
parent for this very vulnerable group and made this a key service
improvement priority.                                                       •   Performance at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 was better in
                                                                                English and Science but worse in Maths than last year.
Since choosing this as a priority in 2007 we have focussed attention
on:                                                                         •   At Key Stage 4, 44% of children got 5 or more GCSEs at A* -
                                                                                G, up from 40.3% last year and 11.3% of achieved 5 or more
        •        stability of placement                                         A* - C compared with 5.6% last year.

        •        stability of education                                     •   Absence from school improved on last year’s performance
                                                                                of 10.4% of children missing 25 or more days schooling to
        •        support that enables Looked After Children to benefit          8.2% this year.
                 from these
                                                                            •   Health surveillance checks for those aged 5 and under rose
We have reinforced our approach by making sure that we listen to                to a high of 96.4% (compared to 90.4% last year).
the views of the children themselves and learn from this.
                                                                            •   The percentage in full-time training rose from 1.39% to 6.25%,
                                                                                as did the number unemployed for reasons other than ill
                                                                                health or disability (16% - 2007, 14% - 2006).

                                                                            •   Performance on offending improved from 6.3% of children in
                                                                                care receiving a conviction or warning last year to 4.1% this
                                                                                year – the best level ever recorded for Surrey.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                   21
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

A specific allocation of £120,000 was made in 2007/08 to provide 50
more children with 1,700 hours of tutoring, increase the education
maintenance allowance to encourage them to remain longer in
education, as well as providing money towards the cost of driving
lessons – an essential “life skill” for the future. This will result in
improved educational outcomes and subsequent life chances

Overall the increased focus provided by making this a priority has
boosted performance. For the most vulnerable children we have 3
children’s homes that are rated as ‘excellent’.

A programme of action for 2008-09 is in place and built into our
service plans which will improve outcomes for these children across
the 5 areas of Every Child Matters:

     •   Improving health
     •   Staying safe
     •   Enjoying and achieving
     •   Make a positive contribution
     •   Economic well being

The actions we propose to undertake will deliver improved
educational attainment for Looked After Children, better stability of
provision and improved health through more dental and annual
health checks for this key group. We will improve the educational
attainment levels for Looked After Children in comparison with their
peer groups, and will increase the number of Looked After Children
who achieve at least one GCSE. In addition, the plan will help more
Looked After Children to progress to further education or
employment with training after they have left school.

On the placements front, we will drive fewer children’s home
placements per year and an increase in the number of fostering
placements. The plan will also increase the percentage of
adoptions for Looked After Children.

Surrey County Council                                                     22
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                        There has been very good progress on this priority:
The reasons for making this a service priority are:
                                                                               •   Since April 2007 an additional 700 older people have
    •   Living at home is the preferred choice for most people                     been helped to live at home.

    •   Demographic pressures will increase                                    •   This comes on top of an additional 600 older people who
                                                                                   were helped to live at home in the later part of 2006/7
    •   The cost pressures of maintaining residential care means that
        this is unsustainable for economic (and indeed market)                 •   In other age groups the numbers helped to live at home
        reasons                                                                    have stayed stable or increased by small numbers

    •   In Surrey the figures for vulnerable adults helped to live at   A new Transformation Programme has been approved by the
        home were too low                                               Executive and this is expected to result in significantly increased
                                                                        numbers helped to live at home through improved home and
                                                                        community based service provision, and individualised support.
We aim to support more people to live at home (including providing
more support for carers), as well as to provide an increased range      A further aim is to improve access to employment, leisure,
and choice of accommodation options (including more supported           recreation and community services, with more emphasis placed
living/extra care and more short-term breaks)                           upon prevention of ill health & avoidable admissions to hospital or
                                                                        care homes, working alongside NHS, boroughs, districts, private and
Attention is being directed at reducing and/or delaying care and        voluntary services.
support in institutions - reducing admissions to permanent care
homes, reducing the use of day centres, enabling the resulting          In order to support these activities we are developing effective and
savings to be invested more in flexible and more widely available       efficient purchasing processes to increase the provision of
community-based care.                                                   independent care services e.g. home based care utilising electronic
                                                                        payment systems to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary
An additional £8 million was assigned in 2006/07 and 2007/08 to         costs, releasing more resources for care services.
adult social care, which has increased the number of vulnerable
adults able to live independently in their own home, with a mix of      The aim is to build upon existing integration with NHS e.g. Mental
provision including home care, care packages and occupational           Health services, aligning boundaries with health providers with a
therapy. This has been achieved by shifting the balance of care         longer term goal of fuller integration of services so as to provide
and providing greater choice and control to service users. These        better, joined-up services more efficiently.
early successes are part of a 5-year strategy for disinvestments in
residential care.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                 23
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

The Council’s plans for supporting more vulnerable adults to live at
home include:

         •   Increasing the range and choice of accommodation
             options (more supported living and extra care housing)

         •   Increasing the range and sophistication of home and
             community based care options (more prevention,
             intermediate care, and homecare services)

        •    Enabling vulnerable adults to organise their own support
             by making available direct payments and other flexible
             funding options.

Our aim is for an additional 1,000 older people to be able to live at
home each year. We aim to do this by:

    •   Maximising the choice and control people can exercise over
        the services they receive by enabling vulnerable adults to
        organise their own support by making available direct
        payments and other flexible funding options.

    •   Decreasing the numbers of disabled adults and older
        people who are cared for in residential and nursing homes
        by increasing the range and choice of accommodation
        options (more supported living and extra care housing).

    •   Increasing the numbers of people helped to live at home
        and in other non-institutional settings by increasing the range
        and sophistication of home and community based care
        options (more prevention, intermediate care, and homecare

Surrey County Council                                                     24
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                                           The County Council is also the Waste Planning Authority for Surrey.
This is a priority for the Council because:                                This role involves the identification and allocation of land that is
                                                                           suitable for the development of waste management facilities.
    •   Historically Surrey have produced a higher than average
        amount of waste per person, and have not recycled or               Continuing to send over two-thirds of municipal waste to landfill is
        reused the waste at a sufficiently high level                      not sustainable, in terms of the environmental impact. Nor is it
                                                                           sustainable in terms of cost, which falls on the tax payer. The
    •   Tackling the issues of waste requires major investment,            reliance on landfill results in a huge misuse of natural resources that
        particularly with the cost of landfill becoming prohibitive        could be re-used, recycled or composted or used to produce
                                                                           energy. The rapid filling of landfill sites also means that Surrey needs
    •   There are environmental benefits for Surrey if waste is            alternative waste facilities to deal with its waste.
                                                                           We intend, therefore, to drive an increase in the percentage of
Evidence shows that Surrey is in the top quartile in terms of the          household waste that is recycled or composted, by investing in
amount of waste per head in the South East. Recognising the need           improvements to Community Recycling Centres, in new
to significantly reduce waste generation and increase levels of            technologies for treating waste and in providing incentives for
recycling resulted in the agreement of a Joint Municipal Waste             district and borough councils, which collect household waste from
Strategy in 2006. This was a major step forward in the Council’s           doorsteps, to do more to encourage the segregation of recyclables
partnership approach to dealing with this priority issue. In 2007/08       from other waste.
the Council allocated an additional £3.5 million for waste
management solutions.                                                      Since April 2007 new processes have been in place to ensure
                                                                           effective delivery of the Integrated Waste Recycling and
The County Council has two distinct roles in relation to municipal         Minimisation Plan. These have produced marked increases in
(household) waste. Firstly, it is the Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) for   recycling rates from 30.95% in 2006/7 to 34.87% in quarters one to
Surrey. This entails arranging for the acceptance of municipal waste       three of 2007/8
collected by District and Borough Councils and the provision of
facilities for its subsequent treatment and disposal. The County           Recycling
Council also provides Community Recycling Centres for residents to
deliver household waste that is not otherwise collected by the             The Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) Action Plan aims to achieve the
WCAs. Recycling and disposal of waste from these sites is also the         60% recycling target by 2025 that Surrey County Council will deliver
responsibility of the WDA.                                                 in stages. Progress so far has been good; the figure for the
                                                                           percentage of waste that was recycled April to December 2008
                                                                           was 34.87%.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                        25
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

Waste Minimisation

Following the adoption of the Waste Minimisation Strategy and               The programme extends into 2008. Progress so far includes:
action plan in June 2007, a programme of projects has been
developed and launched. Within this programme there are                        •   Performance management systems in place at all sites;
awareness campaigns encouraging householders and businesses to
reduce waste generation and contain waste growth. The Waste                    •   Increased staffing levels to assist customers; and
Board is leading a one year food waste collection trial across 10,000
homes in the county. which concludes in July 2008 and results to               •   Increased range of materials collection in place.
date are encouraging. Consideration is being given to the building
of anaerobic digesters to deal with food waste thus reducing
landfill, creating electricity and producing compost.                       Working with the Districts and Boroughs

A high-profile integrated waste campaign (‘There are 3Rs in Surrey –        A major part of the Waste Disposal Authority’s action plan is to
reduce, reuse and recycle’) was launched in October 2007. This              recycle food waste along with the currently recycled dry materials
campaign is focused on both households and businesses. The aim is           (e.g. paper), because this is harmful to the environment when land
to tackle waste management by addressing the root causes and                filled. Work is currently underway to establish options and proposals,
reducing the amount of waste generated in the first place, by               working with the districts and boroughs, to achieve the best solution
helping people to understand what they can do.                              for collecting and processing food waste.

A programme for the development of the Community Recycling                  We will work with our partners and all sectors of the community to
Centres.                                                                    deliver a programme of waste minimisation projects to reduce
                                                                            levels of waste from 373.11kg residual household waste per head of
This development is critical to meeting the recycling targets, as it will   population to 344.9kg.
encourage greater use of the centres and so lead to increased
levels of recycling. The programme includes improving access and            Within the Council itself, we are implementing an improved
layout of some sites, reducing queuing congestion, relocating sites         recycling programme for our own waste, aiming to move from 40%
to provide new, modern purpose built facilities making them more            of waste recycled at our Community Recycling Centres to 60%.
customer friendly and safer and the establishment of a totally new
site in North East Surrey.                                                  We will enhance the working arrangements with Surrey Waste
                                                                            Management who dispose of residual waste on our behalf, and its
The Council plans to acquire 5 more sites for waste management              performance will be monitored against an improved matrix of
and recycling, and an existing 6 Community Recycling Centres will           performance indicators. Alongside, we will be developing
be upgraded and improved. This will help deliver our target of              infrastructure to divert residual waste from landfill to help reduce the
increasing the amount of household waste recycled and                       level of municipal waste landfilled from 66.9% to 64%.
composted from 30.95% in 2006/7 to 36% in 2008/9.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                         26
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


                                                      A   The Structure of Surrey County Council
                                                      B   The Executive
                                                      C   The County Council Management Team
                                                      D   What Does Outstanding Mean
                                                      E   Managing Our Performance
                                                      F   The Budget
                                                      G   Risk Management

Surrey County Council                                                                              27
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place



                                                                                    THE DEMOCRATIC FRAMEWORK
        A council of 80 members
        An Executive made up of the Leader and nine portfolio
        holders                                                                                  COUNCIL       STANDARDS
        A County Council Management Team made up of the Chief
        Executive and four strategic directors
        A range of services, each delivering outcomes agreed with
                                                                            PLANNING &                           11 LOCAL
        the Executive and county council management team                     PLANNING &
                                                                                                   EXECUTIVE      11 LOCAL
                                                                            REGULATORY                         COMMITTEES
        11 Local committees with delegated decision making on               COMMITTEE

        transportation and powers to: monitor local performance
        across all services; engage and represent the views of local                          77SELECT
        people; and link to the borough/district based local                                COMMITTEES
        strategic partnerships                                                                & HEALTH
                                                                                               & HEALTH
        11 Local partnership teams, which are grouped into four                               SCRUTINY
        areas each headed by an area director in the Policy and
                                                                               AUDIT AND
        Public Affairs Service to foster local service integration, self        AUDIT AND
        reliance and community safety and support local                       COMMITTEE
        committees                                                                                                PERSONNEL &
                                                                                                                   PERSONNEL &
        Seven select committees and a Health Scrutiny Committee                                                  APPOINTMENTS
        to provide policy advice, scrutinise decisions and delivery,                                                COMMITTEE
        and review services/conduct reviews
        An Audit and Governance Committee and a Standards
        Committee to ensure corporate governance and ethical
        A Planning and Regulatory Committee to deal with various
        non-executive functions of the council including: functions
        relating to town and country planning and development
        control; licensing and registration functions; health and
        safety and rights of way.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                       28
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place



                                                              An Executive of 10 councillors is collectively responsible for all
                                                            executive decisions, with each councillor looking after a portfolio of
                                                               services. The Executive leads the preparation of the council's
Nick Skellett
                                             David Harmer    policies and budget and makes recommendations to the county
Leader of the                                                   council on major policy plans, the budget and council tax.

                                                            Helyn Clack                          Ian Lake
                                                            Policy and                           Support Services
                                             Sally Marks
David Munro
                                             Adults and

                                                            Peter Martin                         Christine Stevens
                                                            Environment                          Safer and
                                             Andrew Crisp
Dorothy Mitchell                                                                                 Communities
Children and
                                             Children and

Surrey County Council                                                                                                       29
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


THE COUNTY COUNCIL MANAGEMENT TEAM                       Richard

   The county council management team is Surrey County                  Patricia
   Council's top management team, made up of the Chief
            Executive and four strategic directors:      John Govett    Strategic
                                                         Strategic      Director -
                                                         Director   -   Policy and
                                                         Corporate      Performance

                                                         Andy           Webster
                                                         Roberts        Strategic
                                                         Strategic      Director –
                                                         Director -     Services for
                                                         Services for   Families

Surrey County Council                                                                  30
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place



Surrey County Council’s ambition is to be an outstanding Council
making Surrey a better place. We have set ourselves some
challenging targets and milestones, benchmarked against the
highest performance nationally, to help us measure progress against
our commitment.
                                                                                                                              THE PUBLIC

                                                                                   OUTSTANDING                         WHERE WE                WHERE WE WANT
                                                                                                                                               WHERE WE WANT                     MILESTONES
                                                                                   OUTSTANDING                         WHERE WE                                                  MILESTONES
                                                                                      MEANS                            ARE NOW                   TO GET TO
                                                                                                                                                  TO GET TO
                                                                                       MEANS                            ARE NOW

                                                                            High satisfaction with:                 (2006/07 BV Survey)       By 2011: Top County Council

                                                                            • the way the Council runs things       52% residents satisfied with                            April 2008
                                             the public experience high                                             the way the Council runs things                           SCC/Police survey
                                                                                                                                                                                         57 - 60%
                                          customer satisfaction with the                                            (top quartile for CCs)

                                       Council and its services and high    • Council providing value for money 41% residents think Council                                 April 2008
                                      satisfaction with the local area as                                       provides value for money                                      SCC/Police survey
                                                          a place to live
                                                                            • Residents feeling well informed       51% residents feeling
                                                                              about services and benefits the       well informed                                           April 2008
                                                                              Council provides                                                                                SCC/Police survey

                                                                            High satisfaction with the local area    77% residents satisfied with
                                                                            as a place to live                      local area as a place to live                            Autumn 2008
                                                                                                                    (third quartile for CCs)                                  ’Place’ survey – 82%

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                                                       31
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                                                 OUR PARTNERS

                                                                 WHERE WE WANT
     OUTSTANDING                          WHERE WE
                                          WHERE WE               WHERE WE WANT
                                                                   TO GET TO
                                                                                                 MILESTONES              partners experience high levels of
         MEANS                            ARE NOW
                                           ARE NOW                  TO GET TO
                                                                                                                         confidence in the Council’s role
    Confidence in the Council’s role                            By 2011:
                                                                                                                         as community leader and
    as community leader                                                                                                  provider of services
    • Council works with partners                 Quantitative survey of partners is being commissioned
      to address priorities
      for the county

    Being regarded as a source
    of best practice

    • CPA/CAA rating                   CPA 3 star in 2006       Top rating in CAA
                                                                (4 star or equivalent)
                                                                                               2007 3 star in CPA
                                                                                               2008 3 or 4 star in CPA                                                  OUR STAFF
    • Council has high
                                            Quantitative survey of national opinion formers is being commissioned                                                                       WHERE WE WANT
      reputation nationally                                                                                                    OUTSTANDING
                                                                                                                               OUTSTANDING                       WHERE WE
                                                                                                                                                                 WHERE WE               WHERE WE WANT                   MILESTONES
                                                                                                                                  MEANS                          ARE NOW                  TO GET TO                     MILESTONES
                                                                                                                                   MEANS                          ARE NOW                  TO GET TO

                                                                                                                            High staff advocacy               (2007 Staff survey)       By 2011: Top County Council   Future Staff Surveys

                                                                                                                            • Satisfaction with current job   57% of staff satisfied with                             2008/09 – 65%
                                                                   staff act as advocates for the                                                             their current job                                       2009/10 – 70%
                                                                                        Council                                                               (LA average 62% - highest County 75%)                   2010/11 – 75%

                                                                                                                                                              35% of staff would speak highly                         2008/09 – 40%
                                                                                                                            • Advocacy of services;           of SCC about its services                               2009/10 – 45%
                                                                                                                                                              (LA average 30% - highest County 51%)                   2010/11 – 51%

                                                                                                                                                              41% of staff feel informed about                        2008/09 – 45%
                                                                                                                            • Feeling informed                what is happening in SCC                                2009/10 – 52%
                                                                                                                                                              (LA average 54% - highest 58%)                          2010/11 – 58%

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                                                                                                         32
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


                                                                           A basket of key Performance Indicators is agreed by the Council’s
                                                                           Executive on an annual basis. It is composed of a selection of key
Effective performance management is critical for:
                                                                           indicators – both national and local – that measure delivery.
                                                                           Stretching targets are set for these indicators. In addition, each
         •   ensuring the Council responds to the needs of individuals
                                                                           Service has its own performance indicators (national and/or local)
             and communities;
                                                                           with associated targets, against which its contribution to Surrey-
         •   prioritising what gets done and ensuring there are
                                                                           wide and Surrey County Council outcomes can be tracked.
             enough resources to deliver it;
         •   improving accountability for delivery;
                                                                           Each team has a Team Plan, which details how it will use its
         •   ensuring the Council provides value for money
                                                                           resources to contribute to delivery of particular aspects of the
         •   motivating and managing staff by recognising and
                                                                           Service Delivery Plan.
             rewarding achievements.
                                                                           Each member of staff has individual objectives, agreed through the
                                                                           Step Ahead appraisal process where personal objectives are set
In Surrey County Council the key aspects of performance and
                                                                           demonstrating how that individual is contributing to the Council’s
financial monitoring and reporting are:
                                                                           commitment to be outstanding.
     •   Annual reporting to demonstrate progress and
         accountability to key stakeholders – national bodies, local
         residents etc;
     •   In-year monitoring by Members, senior managers, Services
         and teams to ensure progress is being made and take
         action when performance has slipped                                                      Plan              Do
     •   A comprehensive risk management framework through
         which key risks are monitored and mitigating actions are
     •   A robust data quality strategy to ensure that accurate and
         trustworthy data is used in the decision-making, resource                                       Review &
         allocation and planning processes;                                                               Revise
     •   Benchmarking of performance compared to other local
         authorities, partners and other relevant organisations

                                                                                     The performance management framework is based
                                                                       .            around a cycle of three activities: Plan – Do – Review& Revise

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                         33
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place



In the coming year we expect to receive total income of £643 million. A breakdown of how we intend to spend our budget in
2008/09 is shown in the table below.

                                                          Net Revenue Budget 2008/9

                                                                                             2007/08   2008/09   change
                                                                                              £M.       £M.        £M.

Children & Young People - includes schools, children's social care, youth service             106.5     137.4     30.9

Adults Social Care - includes care and support for adults across a broad range of services    194       232.8     38.8

Services for Communities - includes roads, public transport, disposal of waste, trading
standards, libraries & adult education                                                        141.7     157.8     16.1

Corporate Services - includes finance, Information management & technology,
procurement, property & HR                                                                     95       96.6      1.6

Policy & Performance, Chief Execs & Projects - includes service development,
communications & support to the voluntary sector                                              25.4      23.1      -2.3

Central Income & Exp -includes capital financing, land drainage precept & contingency
funding                                                                                        36       -4.9      -40.9

Total Spending                                                                                598.6     642.8     44.2

Surrey County Council                                                                                                       1
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place



Effective risk management is essential to:

    •   enable managers to identify the risks that may prevent the
                                                                      The risk management framework comprises of 22 service risk
        delivery of services and to develop actions to manage those
                                                                      registers overlaid by a strategic risk register.

    •   provide collective ownership of the risk management
        programme to ensure consistency across the whole council                  Strategic Risk Register
    •   enable better use to be made of limited resources and
        avoid wastage
                                                                                       Executive         CCMT
    •   eliminating those factors that may impair service delivery

    •   create an environment of effectiveness and efficiency.

The risk management programme enables the County Council to:               22 service risk registers
    •   review the management of risks on a regular basis

    •   use the risk registers to inform business decisions

    •   capitalise on the opportunities to improve resiliency to
                                                                      The strategic risk register identifies the key risks facing the County
        outside factors and manage change effectively
                                                                      Council, the current factors influencing those risks and the mitigating
                                                                      actions being taken to control them. It is reviewed by the Executive
    •   encourage managers to use risk information proactively and
                                                                      on a quarterly basis.
        positively rather than being risk averse.
                                                                      Each of the Council’s services is responsible for maintaining a risk
                                                                      register and reporting key risk issues on a monthly basis to the CCMT.

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                   1
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place


Society of IT Managers (SOCITM) Best County Council Website in the   Internet Crystal Mark for Plain English
                                                                     Criminal Justice Board (CJB) awards for the Domestic Abuse
Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Pride Awards: Gold    Outreach, Refuge and Helpline Services
Award for Surrey Matters
                                                                     Hospitality Assurance Award for school meals, developed by the
Surrey-wide partnership set up to deliver the Supporting People      hospitality industry
Programme was chosen by the Audit Commission as a regional
champion to spread best practice                                     ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Local Government Contribution
                                                                     category at the 2007 National Cycle-Rail Awards; and 'Highly
Shortlisted for Public Protection Achievement of the Year Award,     Commended' in the Station of the Year category for improvements
sponsored by Municipal Journal (MJ)                                  at Guildford Station

Runner up in the CCF European Contact Centre Awards, receiving       Southwest Community Support Services awarded autism
a “High Commendation” from the judges in the category “Best          accreditation by the National Autistic Society
Centre for Customer Service in Europe”
                                                                     Surrey Libraries' Maisy Library Card Campaign awarded a bronze
CIPD People Management Awards winner, ‘Turning Policy into           award by the Publicity & Public Relations Group (PPRG)
Practice – the vital role of the Line Manager’.
                                                                     Shortlisted for Efficiency Achievement of the Year Award, sponsored
Small Civil Engineering Project Award for Tilford bridges project    by Municipal Journal (MJ)
(British Construction Industry Awards)
                                                                     Shortlisted for the Guardian Public Service Awards in the
Guildford Borough Council Environment Award for improvements to      Transformation category in the Innovation and Progress section
the Downslink Bridleway

Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Media Award for Talkback Thames
Scam Squad series

Surrey County Council                                                                                                                 2
Corporate Plan 2008/9
An Outstanding Council Making Surrey A Better Place

                           For further information please contact Surrey County Council Policy and Performance Directorate

                                                                 By telephone          020 8541 7926

                                                      By email        

                            You can obtain more information about Surrey County Council on our website at

Surrey County Council                                                                                                        3
Corporate Plan 2008/9

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