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      Global Blood Plasma Market Report


The global blood plasma products market has undergone drastic changes
from the early days when plasma products were considered unsafe and a
threat which can result in spreading of diseases like HIV to a product which
now helps in saving lives & treating bleeding disorders and helps people to
lead a normal life.

The global plasma products market has more than doubled over the period
2000-08 as a result of increase in demand and prices of plasma products. The
worldwide plasma supply has increased but not at the same pace as the
demand for the plasma products. The global plasma products market has
been segmented on the basis of plasma proteins like immunoglobulin,
albumin, clotting factors and other proteins. The IVIG or Immunoglobulin
market is the largest segment of the plasma products market having more
than fifty percent share of the market. The IVIG and Albumin segment has
been real drivers of the global plasma products market as they witnessed
double-digit growth rate over the last few years.

The US is the largest market for plasma products consumption as well as in
terms of supply of human plasma, as more than fifty percent of global plasma
supply comes from the US. The US regulation which allows companies to pay
the donor of plasma has significantly contributed towards the high supply of
plasma from the US.

Table of Contents :

1. Plasma Market

1.1 Overview
1.2 Value-Chain of Plasma market

2. Global Blood Plasma Market

2.1 Market Size
2.2 Market Segmentation

2.2.1. IVIG or Immunoglobulin Market

Market Value
Regional Breakdown

2.2.2 Albumin

Market Value
Price Trend
Regional Breakdown

2.2.3 Clotting Factors

Market Value
Price Trend
Breakdown by Sub-segments

2.2.4 Other Plasma Derived Proteins
2.3 Supply Scenario of Plasma Market

2.3.1 Plasma Supply
2.3.2 Plasma Products Production Capacity

2.4 Industry Cost Structure

3. China Plasma Market

List of Tables

Average Industrial Yields for Main Plasma Proteins
Comparison of Blood Products Utilization
Yearly Consumption of the Plasma Products per Million People
Investment strategy of Eight Major Fractionators
Dependent & Independent Variables, 2003– 2008

List of Charts

Blood Constituents
Plasma Constituents
Proteins Present in Human Plasma
Value-Chain of Plasma Derived Products Market
Global Plasma-Derived Products Market, 2000-08
Global Plasma Market by Type of Proteins, 2008
Global Plasma-Derived IVIG Factors Market, 2000-2008
Geographical Break-up of Global IVIG market, 2008
Global Plasma-Derived Human Albumin Factors Market, 2000-2008
Evolution of Global Albumin Prices ($ per g), 1998-2007

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