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                                                                                                     spring 2011

                                                                                              17 party rooms
                                                                                                     Planning a get together? Why dirty your
                                                                                                     kitchen when you could rent one of the
                                                                                                     capital’s many private party rooms?

                                                                                              20 take-aways
                                                                                                     Don’t know how to make your own
                                                                                                     pasta or marinate meat for kebabs?
                                                                                                     Head to one of these restaurants for
                                                                                                     fresh, inspiring ingredients.

                                                                                              23 family day
                                                                                                     Let your kids play while you eat at one of
                                                                                                     the capital’s family-friendly restaurants.
                                                                          tommy d
                                                                                              26 arabian nights
                                       3     fresh crop                                              Moscow’s Middle Eastern restaurants are
         On the cover:                        A trend toward democratic prices, good                 much better than you think. And much
         Salad Gastronomica Olivier           food and unobtrusive surroundings                      closer than Jerusalem and Beirut.
         with crayfish tails,
                                              seems to be taking over. Finally!
         Gastronomica Fish.
                                                                                              30 lobby lounges
                                       10 date places                                                You don’t have to have a key card to one
         Photographer:                        Spring is the season for love, so savor the            of the capital’s hotel rooms in order to
         Roman Suslov                         romance at one of these eateries.                      indulge in their five-star service.

         element would like to thank   14 spring salads                                       34 city map
         Gastronomica Fish’s Brand
                                              On a diet? No need to deprive yourself
         Chef Artyom Dobrovolsky and
         manager Alexander Kim.
                                              of delicious food with these big salads.        37 listings
                                                                              team element
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                                                                         fresh crop
             or the past two years, every season the

        F    restaurants in Moscow get better and
             better. Small cafes with quiet music,
        unobtrusive interiors, good food and rea-
        sonable prices seem to be pushing out the
        pretentious, opulently decorated “fusion”
        restaurants of yore. Which, for consumers, is
        a good, good thing.

        • Art Clumba                     rior is complemented by
        After the success of             red brick walls and shelves
        Vinzavod and Krasny              lined with bottles of wine.
        Oktyabr, it is no surprise       Steaks, including one of
        that ArtPlay on the Yauza        the best filets in Moscow,
        River stepped up its game.       cost from 1,360 rubles.
        The converted factory            The meat comes mostly
        space has long been a            from Australia, with a few
        haven for the creative, but      American grass-fed op-
        this winter the owners of        tions. The “Reef” part of
        Clumba Club joined the           the steak house chain’s
        ranks of tenants. Res-           name highlights the res-
        taurant and take-out cafe-       taurant’s dual emphasis.                   farina bianca
        teria Art Clumba offers          Pescetarians can find a
        something for everyone.          wide selection of delec-
        Forget the typical mix of        table seafood like a 770-
        Caesar and sushi, Art            ruble tiger shrimp dish and
        Clumba takes diversity to a      Norwegian salmon with
        whole new level — the            herb butter for 760 rubles.
        menu includes everything
        from wok dishes to Uzbek         • Casino
        classics. Soups like their       Ginza Project was quick to
        homemade lagman (350             take over one of the aban-
        rubles) are worth a try, as      doned casino spaces on
        are their homemade               Novy Arbat. Only they
        Ukrainian dumplings (150         couldn’t come up with
        rubles for the cabbage-          anything more original
        stuffed version).                than Casino to occupy it.
                                         What makes Casino origi-
        • Beef and Reef                  nal is not the menu — tuna
        Apparently, there has            tartare (635 rubles), risot-
        always been a well-priced        to with white mushrooms
        and elegant steak house          (420 rubles), borsch (195
        on Profsoyuznaya Ul. For         rubles) — but the gamble
        those of us living a bit clos-   you take eating there. You
        er to the center, Beef and       don’t have anything to
        Reef recently opened a           lose, aside from the 2,500-
        second location on Mal.          odd rubles you’ll drop on

        Dmitrovka Ul. The mod-           dinner, but each customer
        ern wood and leather inte-       has the opportunity to win

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           fresh crop
           a meal on the house            opened on Novy Arbat Ul.        ruble price tag, as is the    of the hardest questions
           thanks to Casino’s wheel       this winter to much hype.       filling fajitas trio (627     this city’s foodies can ask
           of fortune. Tables also fea-   The Texas-based franchise       rubles), which features       themselves. Down the
           ture roulette and card         operates over 1,500 restau-     generous portions of juicy    street from Ragout and
           games, although cus-           rants around the world,         beef, chicken and shrimp.     right next door to Upside
           tomers can’t bet for           and plans to open another       The     only    difference    Down Cake, Isaac Correa
           money.                         Moscow outlet on Tver-          between the dish in Russia    opened Corner Burger,
                                          skaya Ul. by mid-summer         and in America is that        now home to one of the
           • Chili’s                      and another 25 around           here the serving of sour      best burgers in town. The
           Only in Moscow could an        the country by 2018. But        cream is three-times big-     prices make the place
           American Tex-Mex meal          the questions stands: Is a      ger than the side of grated   competitive with Good-
           run up to $30. The first       meal at Chili’s in Moscow       cheese.                       man’s and Torro Grill, but
           Chili’s — a chain famous in    worth the money? Sure. A                                      the atmosphere is that of a
           the U.S. for their oversize    huge entree salad called        • Corner Burger               laid-back cafe as opposed
           margaritas and fairly          the quesadilla explosion is     Where to eat near Belo-       to the wood and leather
           priced “Mexican” fare —        more than worth its 369-        russkaya might just be one    interiors typical of steak
                                                                                                        houses. The tiled walls and
                                                                                                        low music are perfectly
                                                                                                        nondescript, allowing the
                                                                                                        food to take center stage.
                                                                                                        For lunch try the turkey pil-
                                                                                                        grim burger (400 rubles)
                                                                                                        with caramelized onions.
                                                                                                        Served on whole-grain
                                                                                                        bread, it’s a both satisfying
                                                                                                        and filling way to eat a
                                                                                                        burger guilt free. The BLT
                                                                                                        burger with cheddar
                                                                                                        cheese (550 rubles) is an
                                                                                                        excellent choice, although
                                                                                                        the bun is small compared
                                                                                                        to the juicy meat patty,
                                                                                                        making it near impossible
                                                                                                        to eat with your hands.

                                                                                                        • Dome Cafeteria
                                                                                                        Right next door to Dome
                                                                                                        the bar, restaurant and
                                                                                                        cinema lounge is Dome
                                                                                                        Cafeteria, the cafeteria.
                                                                                                        The more relaxed, fast-
                                                                                                        food oriented Cafeteria
                                                                                                        offers quick options like
                                                                                                        sandwiches and pizzas, as
                                                                                                        well as a few soups and sal-
                                                                                                        ads. For foreigners, the
                                                                                                        choice of English muffins,
                                                                                                        bagels, pitas and other
            mechta                                                                                      breads for all sandwiches
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        is a big plus, even if the     • Frendy’s
        options (between 120 and       With portions as big as
        190 rubles) are themselves     the table and an Ame-
        not incredibly appealing.      rican cook in the kitchen,
        The best meal by far at        it is difficult to fault small
        Dome Cafeteria is the          diner Frendy’s on the sec-
        pizza with tomatoes, moz-      ond floor of the boutique
        zarella, prosciutto, arugu-    Bentley Hotel. Whether
        la and egg (390 rubles),       you are there for brunch
        which is also available at     with your family — don’t
        Dome. The wide selection       miss the fabulous butter-
        of breakfasts are also         scotch syrup pancakes
        worth stopping by for.         (310 rubles) — or with a
                                       group of friends — try the
        • Farina Bianca                1,200-ruble         appetizer
        This homey new Italian         sampler platter if you
        restaurant on Stolovy Per.     want to share — Frendy’s
        serves unpretentious Ita-      has what you are looking
        lian food at unpretentious     for. The place won’t com-

                 DECIDING where to go
                 for dinner is becoming
                 more and more difficult.
        prices. Founded by a cou-      pete with Starlite Diner or
        ple, every interior detail —   Beverly Hills for the late
        from the art on the walls      night crowd, but those in
        to the music — feels per-      search of real American
        sonal, as if your friends      cuisine would do well to
        created it with you in         stop by for a weekend
        mind. The young chef is a      lunch.
        master of ravioli, with an
        especially exciting spi-       • Grusha
        nach and ricotta version       When a cafe calls itself a
        in a light cream sauce         gastronomic atelier, it
        (390 rubles). Like every-      automatically raises the
        thing at the restaurant,       bar for itself. Gastronomic
        the dish is an Italian clas-   Atelier Grusha (meaning
        sic — but the execution is     pear) is a good cafe, but
        both elegant and modern        between the smoke-filled
        and the price is perfectly     interior, small semi-incom-
        reasonable. The more tra-      prehensible wine list, typi-
        ditional salads like the       cally Russian service and
        pear and Roquefort (250        simply decent food, it is a
        rubles) dish also include      disappointing       culinary

        personal touches unique        workshop. The first thing
        to the trattoria.              that strikes customers are

                                                                                 element restaurant guide 5
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           fresh crop
                                                                                                      restaurants, and Peshi’s
                                                                                                      bright yellow sign stands
                                                                                                      out, beckoning customers
                                                                                                      from the street. Once
                                                                                                      inside the warm beige and
                                                                                                      red interior, the first
                                                                                                      level’s open kitchen and
                                                                                                      array of aquariums and
                                                                                                      iced seafood displays catch
                                                                                                      customers’ attention. As
                                                                                                      one might guess, the
                                                                                                      restaurant’s speciality is
                                                                                                      seafood, and they serve up
                                                                                                      fresh fish — fillet of sole is
                                                                                                      690 rubles per 100 g — pre-
                                                                                                      pared however you like.
                                                                                                      And indeed, if you’re will-
                                                                                                      ing to pay for it, the
                                                                                                      seafood is excellent. The
                                                                                                      restaurant also offers cus-
                                                                                                      tomers exciting options
                                                                                                      from the meat and poultry
                                                                                                      department, with a heavy
                                                                                                      focus on foie gras. The
                                                                                                      1,770-ruble ravioli filled
            sakhli                                                                                    with the stuff and served
           the round lamps hanging       bit put off. But the worst     are all excellent. Kan’s      in a mushroom sauce hit
           from the ceiling … a thinly   thing you can do is back       original cocktails like the   the spot, and our guess is
           disguised copy of the         away. The food and drinks      Black     Sabbath      (320   the foie gras terrine appe-
           design at Ragout. The         in the restaurant-bar,         rubles) — scotch, blueber-    tizer is equally as rich and
           black and hunter-green        designed by Dmitry Shur-       ry, passion fruit puree —     flavorsome.
           interior is otherwise noth-   shakov and Alexander           and his take on the famous
           ing special, with a small     Kan, respectively, are of      Tommy margarita (320          • R.I.Ts. Karlson
           and inaccessible bar in the   the highest quality in         rubles) — tequila, agave      Playing off the name of
           back of the room. Does                                                                     the famous international
           any of this really matter
           when you are eating in a
                                                 DON’T be scared by the                               hotel chain and the
                                                                                                      beloved Soviet cartoon
           regular city cafe? Probably           “Moscow” exterior; inside                            “Malysh i Karlson,” this
           not. But Grusha has cho-                                                                   Ginza Project restaurant
           sen to market itself for a            the restaurant is excellent.                         in the City Tower business
           certain audience and fails                                                                 center has a playful pric-
           to deliver.                   Moscow. Black bread and        syrup and lime with just a    ing scheme — 303-ruble
                                         eggplant sprat salad (320      hint of grapefruit — are      crunchy cuttlefish salad
           • Mechta                      rubles), Portuguese-style      delicate, intricate and       with fenel and tartar
           When Moscow’s restau-         octopus stewed for hours       delicious.                    sauce; 77-ruble pirozhki;
           rant goers are confronted     in wine (590 rubles) and                                     444-ruble chanterelles in a
           with the purple-lit face of   rice and rabbit meatballs      • Peshi                       sour cream sauce; and 505-
           the mansion that houses       in a light and creamy          The road to Rublyovka is      ruble ratatouille. The inte-
           Mechta, they might be a       tomato sauce (450 rubles)      paved with expensive          rior is typical of the restau-

    6 element restaurant guide
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                                                                         fresh crop
        rant group — an open             phere of a Georgian home,
        kitchen, light wooden            complete with a knowl-
        details, shelves stacked         edgeable hostess that floats
        with colorful ceramics and       from table to table suggest-
        other little trinkets and        ing meal parings and giv-
        lots of lush greenery. So        ing recommendations. The
        what makes it unique? It’s       piano at the door is topped
        rooftop location and the         with old pictures in
        Khachapuri-like      chalk-      frames, and one feels that
        boards that decorate the         one could continue in-
        walls … and that’s about it.     specting each aspect of the
                                         interior in detail for hours
        • Sakhli                         … If only one weren’t so
        Sakhli, which replaced           distracted by the food, that
        Italian Peppino a couple of      is. Everything from an
        months ago, is an authen-        assortment of in-house
        tic Georgian eatery, thank-      pkhali (490 rubles) to the
        fully free of all of the tacky   Megrel-style kharcho (370
        interior trappings usually       rubles), khachapuri (240
        associated with Caucasian        rubles for a huge half por-
        restaurants. The venue cre-      tion) and the corn-meal
        ates the hospitable atmos-       based mamalyga (180                                 chili’s


                                                                                 element restaurant guide 7
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           fresh crop
            NEW CLUBS

            • Belka                                            restaurant stand out among other karaoke joints      opened by Sorry, Babushka’s Ivan Grantsev
            The global trend of no smoking in bars and         is that singers are accompanied by a drummer,        and Andrei Kurchenko, takes the star-theme
            restaurants has finally arrived in Moscow. The     saxophonist, guitarist and piano player.             further with their “Star Wars” inspired logo.
            first venue of its kind, non-smoking Belka,        Everything else is exactly what you’d expect —       The bar’s four halls are decorated with soft
            located in the cultural epicenter of the city,     European, Japanese and vodka menus, disco            couches in shades of beige and brown and
            Krasny Oktyabr, offers guests a chance to          balls, velvet touches and a purple lighting          large round tables. Head upstairs if you want
            relax with fabulous cocktails in a truly           scheme.                                              to watch the people dancing below or sit by
            Parisian atmosphere. Every detail of the inte-                                                          Stariki’s big picture windows if you’re in the
            rior has been carefully planned — from the         • Old School Pub                                     mood to people watch.
            authentic antique lamps to the elegant rugs        Founded by the folks who created the famous
            that cover the carpet — and the bar card dis-      Che on Nikolskaya Ul., Old School Pub offers         • Stock Exchange Bar
            plays equal attention to detail: Try the Creme     punters a recognizable mix of “old school”           Empty at 11 p.m. on a Friday night, the future
            de la Creme (700 rubles), a rich and warm-         music and drinks. What makes them stand out          doesn’t look that bright for this inspired venue
            ing caramel cocktail with vodka and a hint of      among other bars of the kind? Their exciting         right next door to Kult. Stock Exchange Bar has
            orange if you need to warm up after your           selection of beer on tap. The bar offers             a relaxed black-and-white tiled interior and
            walk to the venue. The addition of a small         Blackthorn Cider, Caffrey’s Red Ale, Organic         offers not expensive but not exactly cheap
            food menu and a list of non-alcoholic drinks       Honey Dew and their own Old School brew.             drinks — the trick of having the prices change
            make Belka a great spot to recuperate with                                                              according to demand, as they do for stocks,
            friends after a long day at work.                  • Rock’n’Roll Bar [1]                                hence the name — is cute, but it’s unfortunate
                                                               This upbeat and democratic bar on Sretenka Ul.       when you’re the only people in the bar and are
            • Darling, I’ll Call you Later                     feels like a throwback to better times. The large    still asked to pay more than 300 rubles for an
            This chain’s two recently opened clubs with        venue features a menu with inexpensive               OK-at-best White Russian.
            American cuisine and inexpensive bar menus,        American sandwiches and a bar card overflow-
            add quite a bit of value in their respective       ing with options — go for their 300-ruble Long       • Torn off Balls
            neighborhoods — by the Paveletskaya and            Island iced tea if you’re in the mood for a really   “For those who’ve seen it all,” is the logo of
            Mayakovskaya metro stations. Both locations        good time. The traditional American-style bar        this bar from Anatoly Karnaukhov, owner of
            boast big windows, comfortable chairs, surpris-    has low prices and loud, most of the time live,      the St. Petersburg-based XXXX chain. Unlike
            ingly good food and professional wait staff.       music. On theme, old vinyls and album covers,        the northern Capital’s locations, however, Torn
                                                               concert posters and other musical parapherna-        off Balls is housed on Teatralny Proyezd in the
            • Leps Bar                                         lia decorate the walls. Rock’n’Roll isn’t just a     Metropol Hotel, and therefore a little bit more
            A karaoke bar founded by singer Grigori Leps       kind of music, it’s a way of life.                   is required of both the guests and the atmos-
            and Ginza Project might not be a foreigner’s                                                            phere inside. Chandeliers and furniture from
            idea of a great time, but one of Leps’ VIP halls   • Stariki Bar                                        Paris, London and Amsterdam decorate the
            is furnished and decorated completely by           Located on Bol. Lubyanka, Stariki Bar is             bar’s halls, where sensual ladies dance on the
            Versace — something so Russian it must be          inspired by cultural, musical and artistic stars,    bar and even perform strip tease and shadow
            worth checking out. What makes this bar and        not “stariki” (“old folks” in English). The bar,     theater shows.

    8 element restaurant guide
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                                                                        fresh crop
        rubles) are excellent — the    expensive glasses you’ll
        perfect combination of fla-    find in such an upscale-feel-
        vor and texture, portion       ing establishment. The list
        size and price.                of dishes isn’t huge, and is
                                       really modest for Moscow
        • Sinatra                      standards, but each option
        Italian, Asian and Russian     is prepared with heart. The
        menus is nothing new in        pasta is always al dente and
        Moscow, nor is non-subtle      the classic tiramisu is just
        neon lighting — remember       that: classic. A meal here
        Nooning? But while we          won’t set you back more
        thought the DJ-lounge-         than 1,500 rubles a head,
        restaurant-nightclub-bar       which is about right for the
        genre was fading out,          food and more than appro-
        Sinatra says otherwise. The    priate given the uplifting
        large and centrally located    atmosphere and profes-
        restaurant offers seafood      sional service.
        risotto (970 rubles), Cali-
        fornia rolls (640 rubles)      • The Sad
        and vinaigrette with white     Ivan Urgant, Alexander
        mushrooms (450 rubles),        Tsekalo and Ginza Project
        along with an inspired “vin-   teamed up with Adrian                       beef and reef
        tage” bar menu and a wide      Quetglas, formerly of Doce
        selection of wines. Oh,        Uvas, to form this horticul-
        right. And there is a live     tural and culinary haven
        karaoke hall and Sinatra       tucked in Zamoskvoreche.
        happens to be the Moscow       The botanic restaurant
        residency of London’s          serves up Spanish food —
        trendy club Movida.            the cuisine of Quetglas’
                                       homeland — you know, like
        • Spaghetteria                 borsch (320 rubles). Aside
        Thanks to a series of cre-     from      the     traditional
        ative new projects, it looks   Russian beetroot soup,
        like the word “democratic”     there are a little more
        will soon mean more than       Mediterranean options like
        “not exorbitantly expen-       risotto with scallops, capers
        sive.” Spaghetteria is an      and tuna (620 rubles) and
        example of this new trend      open ravioli in a saffron
        — the elegant restaurant       and parsley sauce for 710
        serves homemade pastas         rubles. The atmosphere of
        starting from about 300        your meal depends on
        rubles a plate and pizzas      which hall you choose to
        from 200, which is almost      dine in — the larger of the
        unheard of even at chains      two boasts a minimalist,
        like Mi Piace. Better still,   clean white interior with a
        the quality and the price      few imposing columns,
        are even. An OK glass of       while the other features all

        house white wine is only 85    of the “sadovy” (“garden” in
        rubles — one of the least      English) elements.

                                                                                element restaurant guide 9
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           date places
                pring is the season of love, so why not            • Cafe Kafe
                                                                                                on a date. Try the apple
                take these months to a) find a baby if             The quiet and prestigious    strudel with raspberry
                you don’t have one yet, or b) take them            neighborhood of Malaya       sorbet (350 rubles) or
           out to show them you care if you’ve got a               Bronnaya houses this lit-    lemon tartlet (210 rub-
           significant other already. These restaurants            tle gem of a cafe, and its   les), you can’t go wrong
           are all also great places for first dates — the         extensive dessert selec-     with those. The interior is
           soft pink-tinted lighting at The Most might just        tion makes it an ideal       an elegant yet cozy beige
           be the most flattering in the capital.                  place to take the fair sex   and brown, brightly lit
                                                                                                with natural light and
                                                                                                dotted here and there
                                                                                                with cookie jars. If you’re
                                                                                                a bit chilled, pumpkin
                                                                                                soup with pine nuts (290
                                                                                                rubles) is the perfect way
                                                                                                to warm up. The place is
                                                                                                open from 9 a.m. on
                                                                                                weekdays and 10 a.m. on
                                                                                                weekends and the break-
                                                                                                fasts are definitely worth
                                                                                                a try — if you have a crav-
                                                                                                ing for eggs Benedict
                                                                                                (310 rubles), Cafe Kafe is
                                                                                                the place to come.

                                                                                                • Dome
                                                                                                If you’re in the Kropot-
                                                                                                kinskaya area, there’s a
                                                                                                new place called Dome in
                                                                                                what was formerly the
                                                                                                Krasny Oktyabr chocolate
                                                                                                factory — a restaurant, bar,
                                                                                                cafe and cinema lounge
                                                                                                rolled into one. Come
                                                                                                here, and you don’t have
                                                                                                to go anywhere else for the
                                                                                                evening. The food is inter-
                                                                                                esting, to say the least — try
                                                                                                out the beef fillet with
                                                                                                potato gratin and spicy
                                                                                                chocolate sauce (950
                                                                                                rubles). If you’re looking
                                                                                                for something to go with
                                                                                                wine, there’s plenty of
                                                                                                choice — hummus with
                                                                                                grissini (180 rubles) and
                                                                                                chicken wings with ranch
                                                                                                and coriander with fiery
                                                                                                harissa sauce (150 rubles)
            dome                                                                                are both excellent exam-

    10 element restaurant guide
10_13 romantic eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places      2/26/11    5:27 PM    Page 11

                                                          date places
        ples of the exotic menu.
        They bake their own
        bread, too, and you can ask
        for some fragrant olive oil
        and balsamic vinegar (100
        rubles). There are concerts
        going on several times a
        week and some of the
        movies are in English, so
        make sure to check out the
        schedule at their website,
        domebar.ru before you go.

        • Gavroche
        For wine-loving couples,
        Gavroche is a must-try.
        There are more than 20
        appetizers that make per-
        fect accompaniments for
        wine, such as duck pate
        with pistachios and dried
        apricots (390 rubles). A                                                         the most
        glass of wine starts out      seats. If drinking wine the
        from 230 and they come        whole evening isn’t your
        from just about every         thing, you can still enjoy
        place that grows the stuff;   Gavroche’s French cui-

                 CONCERTS take place
                 several times a week and
                 movies screen in English.
        from South Africa to          sine — they have excellent
        Chile and Monte Negro.        lunches for 290 or 390
        There are more than 130       rubles.
        wines and kinds of
        champagne available at        • Osteria di
        Gavroche, so even the           Campagna
        pickiest wine-lovers will     If you are not confined to
        find something for the        walking or using public
        evening. You can choose a     transport, drive out of town
        cozy seat by the windows,     for a romantic dinner out.
        or sit at the chic long bar   Why stay in the crowded,
        with your date. The interi-   dirty city if you can drive
        or is mostly French, ele-     out for more space and air?
        gant and casual, and brick    Osteria di Campagna on

        walls match the beautiful     Rublyovskoye shosse has
        wood floors and leather       high ceilings, an airy ele-

                                                                               element restaurant guide 11
10_13 romantic eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places   2/26/11   5:27 PM   Page 12

           date places
                                                                   gant interior and the cozi-     sea produce from their
                                                                   ness of a hotel restaurant      aquarium — they usually
                                                                   you might find driving          have Kamchatka crabs,
                                                                   through the Italian coun-       Omar lobsters, turbot and
                                                                   tryside. A cozy fireplace       scampi, ready to be cooked
                                                                   provides       cheer     and    just as you like. If seafood
                                                                   warmth, while little knicks     isn’t your thing and you’re
                                                                   and knacks prettily clutter     bored of all the Italian clas-
                                                                   the wooden shelves. For         sics, try something out
                                                                   starters, try out the Italian   from the artichoke menu —
                                                                   classic of warm octopus         you’ve probably never

                                                                            IN THIS city, you have to
                                                                            pay a premium price for
                                                                            excellent views.
                                                                   with potatoes (790 rubles);     heard of artichoke and air-
                                                                   light    and    delectable.     dried caviar salad (1,050
                                                                   Homemade pasta dishes           rubles).
                                                                   range from 500 to 1,000
                                                                   rubles, and the dessert         • Sky Lounge
                                                                   menu is large and varied —      Sky Lounge is the place if
                                                                   the semifreddo with chest-      you’re looking for a dizzy-
                                                                   nut honey (400 rubles) is a     ing seduction. Nothing
                                                                   rare find.                      can beat the breathtaking
                                                                                                   panoramic views of the
                                                                   • Noa                           city, and the futuristic
                                                                   If you’ve already been to       white interior is anything
                                                                   Noa near the British            but boring. Sure, with
                                                                   Embassy, you might want to      Olivier salad costing
                                                                   try it again — in mid-          nearly 1,000 rubles and
                                                                   February they reopened          Caesar salad at an equally
                                                                   with a completely re-           ambitious 840 rubles, this
                                                                   vamped interior. Gone are       isn’t the most affordable
                                                                   the exotic Indian influ-        place in town, but Sky
                                                                   ences — now it’s European       Lounge has one irre-
                                                                   with a focus on the Medi-       futable argument justify-
                                                                   terranean. The menu is          ing its pricing — you
                                                                   mainly Mediterranean and        won’t find such a view
                                                                   Italian, with an emphasis       anywhere else. You can go
                                                                   on fish. If you’re not on a     elsewhere and have a
                                                                   tight budget, spring for the    whole dinner for the
                                                                   seafood soup (2,290 rub-        price of one appetizer,
                                                                   les), a steaming bowl full of   but it’s not going to be on
                                                                   the heady fragrance of crus-    the 23rd floor with floor
                                                                   taceans and fish. For your      to ceiling windows. Good
            osteria di campagna                                    mains, you can choose live      views have a premium

    12 element restaurant guide
10_13 romantic eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places        2/26/11    5:27 PM    Page 13

                                                            date places
        price, just swallow it if      netsky Most Ul. from the
        you want to impress. If        window seats. The food at
        your date is the kind of       The Most is in the sure
        girl who grazes exclusive-     hands of French chef
        ly on sushi, don’t worry —     Regis Triguel. Try the tuna
        there’s a Japanese menu        ceviche with artichoke
        here as well.                  mousse and truffle oil
                                       (950 rubles) to start with,
        • The Most                     and duck with orange
        If you think opulence and      sauce (1,990 rubles) is a
        luxury are crucial for         safe bet for your main.
        romance, The Most is your      Desserts are also pricey;
        destination. Chandeliers,      with the cheapest at 650
        gilded velvet upholstery       rubles, but if you’ve come
        and crystal goblets ensure     so far, why not go to the
        that you and your date will    end? The pear opera
        forget about mundane           dessert with pear baked
        matters of every day life.     with spices, syrup and cof-
        The interior is modeled        fee zabaglione and served
        on Versailles with specially   with chocolate ice cream
        aged marble, and you can       nougat is to die for, even at
        watch the hustle of Kuz-       a steep 700 rubles.                                                      sky lounge

                                                                                 As we all know, the wheel was invented ages
                                                                                 ago. So what is the point in reinventing some-
                                                                                 thing when the only thing left to do is polish it to
                                                                                 perfection? It looks like that very thought
                                                                                 occurred to the people behind the Beef&Reef
                                                                                 chain that recently celebrated the opening of its
                                                                                 second location on Mal. Dmitrovka. The restau-
                                                                                 rant, as you might guess from its name, serves
                                                                                 meat and fish with a special focus on steaks.
                                                                                 Thanks to the venue’s Brand Chef Konstantin
                                                                                 Zhbakov, Beef&Reef’s take on the complex prod-
                                                                                 uct is flawless as the first thing he always looks
                                                                                 for in the ingredients he uses is consistency. “We
                                                                                 want our guests to have exactly the same experi-
                                                                                 ence with every steak they order at Beef&Reef —
                                                                                 it is very important that the taste and look of the
                                                                                 dish is the same every time. The same is true
                                                                                 when it comes to service,” says Konstantin. “Our
                                                                                 menu is small, that way it is easier to control the
                                                                                 cooking and deliver best possible results.” Add to
                                                                                 their strengths a welcoming atmosphere and
                                                                                 attractive prices (a 300-gram filet is 1,360
                                                                                 rubles) and you have all the right reasons to give
                                                                                 this newcomer a try.
                                                                                 • 20 Mal. Dmitrovka Ul., Tel. (495) 609-6414
                                                                                 Metro: Mayakovskaya, Chekhovskaya
                                                                                 • 66 Profsoyuznaya Ul. Tel. (495) 506-6684
                                                                                 Metro: Noviye Cheryomushki, www.beefreef.ru

                                                                                                  element restaurant guide 13
14_16 salad eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places    2/26/11    5:49 PM   Page 14

           spring salads
               his spring, if we can call it that, the

                                                                          once you get to know          money for every single
               capital has a number of delicious sal-                     Barashka, you learn that      item on the menu. The in-
               ads on offer for the herbivores among                      the portions are enor-        house salads might be the
           us. And even those sick of stuffing their                      mous and the ingredients      only things that are worth
           faces with pelmeni to bear this winter’s                       used there are incredibly     their sky-high prices. ele-
           moroz will appreciate these eclectic, din-                     fresh — we can’t stop won-    ment’s favorite option for
           ner-size servings of vegetables.                               dering where they get the     the cold, and March is by
                                                                          superb herbs for their sal-   no means classified as a
           • Barashka                   so expensive that it kept         ads in the middle of win-     spring month in this city, is
           This restaurant, which re-   team element away for a           ter. The best way to chal-    the spa salad — Coffee-
           cently opened a celebrat-    while. Luckily, we never          lenge our opinion is          mania’s urban version of
           ed third location, seems     judge a place by its face         directly: Try Barashka’s      the Italian classic with
           fairly expensive at first    alone and the prices listed       homemade cheese and           warm octopus and pota-
           glance. Actually, it seems   in the menu. Turns out,           herb salad — a Caucasian      toes. A few slices of fresh
                                                                          take on the traditional       celery and an avocado-
                                                                          Italian Caprese. This 750-    based green sauce make
                                                                          ruble concoction is packed    the dish filling and excit-
                                                                          with fragrant herbs in a      ing both in color and taste.
                                                                          light dressing served on a    The salad, which is hearty
                                                                          bed of creamy cheese with     enough to make a whole
                                                                          a few drops of flavorful      meal, is 790 rubles.
                                                                          pesto sauce.
                                                                                                        • Correa’s
                                                                          • Coffeemania                 They say that imitation is
                                                                          Muscovites and this coffee    the highest form of flat-
                                                                          chain have been caught in     tery. And this statement
                                                                          the throes of a love-hate     makes the Correa’s chain
                                                                          relationship ever since its   with its humble setting
                                                                          opening. Coffeemania has      and simple menu the most
                                                                          yet to acknowledge the        flattered restaurant in
                                                                          endless line of complaints    town. Every second eatery
                                                                          from patrons about its        in Moscow boasts beetroot
                                                                          pricing policy; and yet it    and goat cheese salads on
                                                                          never runs out of cus-        their menus, every third
                                                                          tomers ready to shell out     one features a shrimp,
            kurabye                                                       embarrassing amounts of       lime and avocado mix —


                                                                                                              • Restaruant
            • Chili’s              • Chicago Prime        • Ogni                      • Mi Piace                Baltschug
              327 rubles.            390 rubles.            450 rubles.                 540 rubles.             1,600 rubles.

    14 element restaurant guide
14_16 salad eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places        2/26/11     5:49 PM    Page 15

        both      creations     that    unusual options like octo-
        Correa’s kitchen first          pus with green peas (350
        introduced when they            rubles) or corn with fresh
        opened the doors of the         strawberries, apples, feta
        first restaurant in the         cheese and pumpkin seeds
        chain on Bol. Gruzinskaya       (330 rubles). If only their
        around eight years ago.         service was equally as inno-
        No matter how hard copy-        vative and pleasing.
        cats try, the original ver-
        sions are still the best,       • Kurabye
        especially considering the      Ginza Project continues to
        ratio of quality to price. It   storm the capital’s market
        is hard to ignore the fact      with what they are good at,
        that both of these best         which is attracting a lot of
        sellers have shrunk a bit       attention to their clone-
        since they were intro-          like spaces packed with

                  HER experience as a
                  critic helped to create
                  such a fine eatery.
        duced, but 280 rubles can       plants, lamps and pillows.
        still get you an impressive     As for the kitchen, Ginza
        bowl of baked beets with        has a tendency to do the
        pesto sauce, grapes and         bare minimum, allowing
        tender cheese.                  the food to just scrape by
                                        as passable. Luckily, every
        • DoDo                          family has its better sides
        You might not know, but         and Tsvetnoi Bulvar’s
        Svetlana Kesoyan, one of        Kurabye is Ginza’s star.
        the creative people behind      This cozy establishment
        this Petrovka Ul. establish-    with a fireplace in the cen-
        ment, used to be an Afisha      ter of the main hall deliv-
        magazine food critic.           ers relaxed and affordable
        Those years of work have        Caucasian dining. Since
        no doubt added to DoDo’s        the goal of this article is to
        success, since Svetlana         enlighten our readers’
        seems to know what she is       knowledge of salad restau-
        doing and Chef Alexei           rants, we are focused on
        Kim helps her along the         staying within those para-
        way. Together they came         meters: Kurabye’s must-
        up with a menu that hap-        have in this department is
        pily avoided most of the        the Mangal salad (515
        boring stuff the capital’s      rubles) — a vegetarian-
        restaurants love to sell.       friendly dish that is hearty

        The salads section is           enough to satisfy meat
        packed with tempting and        lovers too. Grilled zucchi-

                                                                               element restaurant guide 15
14_16 salad eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places     2/26/11    5:49 PM     Page 16

           spring salads
           ni, eggplants, sweet pep-     menu, too. The venue’s          • Propaganda                     Ploschad’s menu has
           pers and cherry tomatoes      Chef Maxim Rybakov is a         Even if you have outgrown        been filled with creative
           are mixed with chunks of      vegetarian himself, and         Propka’s wild dancing            dishes, the most exciting
           homemade chechil cheese       though his meat dishes are      nights and stopped doing         of which combine tradi-
           and dressed with sun-         worth a try, the salads is      shots along with the leg-        tional Russian ingredients
           dried tomato-infused olive    where his heart is. Try his     endary Thursday nights DJ        with a light oriental touch.
           oil. Sweet red onions com-    seasonal salad with agaric      sets, there is no reason not     The smoked salmon salad
           plete the picture.            honey, mushrooms and            to pay an occasional visit       (590 rubles) is served with
                                                                                                          arugula and potato chips
           • Myata                                 UNDER constant renova-                                 and is one of the best
           A state of constant renova-                                                                    examples of Yeryomin’s
           tion is what Myata, located             tion is the best way to                                talents. He mixes the
           a stone’s throw away from                                                                      seemingly mundane in-
           the walls of the Novo-                  describe the venue’s menu.                             gredients with a spicy
           devichy monastery, is all                                                                      mustard sauce and gets an
           about. This is true when it   spinach for 420 rubles or       to the citadel of your           impressive result. The
           comes to the always morph-    opt for a warm salad with       younger days. In Moscow’s        same trick is played with
           ing interior — management     cream cheese and blueber-       ever changing restaurant         his marinated veal, arugu-
           just completed a full reno-   ries (490 rubles) — you’ll be   world, Propaganda has            la, white mushrooms and
           vation of the second floor    pleasantly surprised with       managed to stay as solid as      ginger-soy sauce dish (460
           — and it is true about the    this combination.               a rock, serving enormous         rubles).
                                                                         salads, starters and mains
                                                                         as modestly priced as they       • Strelka
                                                                         were when you first started      Some people like Strelka
                                                                         going there to dance the         for the free Wi-Fi, others
                                                                         night away. Extensive            love the view from the win-
                                                                         research over the past few       dows and even more pre-
                                                                         years failed to illuminate       fer the smoky chaos of the
                                                                         another spot that boasts         bar’s Friday nights when it
                                                                         similarly sized bowls of         is packed with hipsters,
                                                                         fresh vegetable salads           fashionistas and glossy edi-
                                                                         available for as little as 210   tors. But what keeps team
                                                                         rubles. Polish one off with      element’s heart humming
                                                                         Propaganda’s fruity smoo-        is the venue’s tandoori
                                                                         thies for 150 rubles and         chicken salad with apples
                                                                         your perfectly healthy           and mango — a 460-ruble
                                                                         under-$15 meal is com-           bowl of perfection. First of
                                                                         plete.                           all, the serving is big, but
                                                                                                          more importantly it boasts
                                                                         • Staraya Ploschad               so many nuances in taste
                                                                         This veteran of the culi-        and ingredient that it is
                                                                         nary scene tucked away on        very labor-consuming to
                                                                         Bol. Cherkassky Per. de-         repeat the trick at home.
                                                                         serves element’s attention       And that is always a very
                                                                         thanks to their Chef Yuri        strong reason to trade
                                                                         Yeryomin, who has been           your house for a restau-
                                                                         dominating the resta-            rant, even if it involves
                                                                         urant’s kitchen since last       swallowing an arrogant
            staraya ploschad                                             fall. With his arrival,          crowd as a side dish.
17_19 party eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places      2/26/11     5:50 PM    Page 17

                                                             party rooms
                   hether you are entertaining ten close

        W          friends or 100 colleagues, Moscow’s
                   restaurants have a special place for
        you. With VIP rooms galore and numerous
        rental options for all price ranges, our short
        selection of party rooms is meant to provide
        a little insight into what is available.

        • Bistrot                     in the Taganka neigh-
        Does your husband have a      borhood, offers classic
        birthday coming up? Got       Russian fare in classic
        a raise and want to cele-     Russian style. Upstairs,
        brate in style? Instead of    guests can book a number
        hosting a party at home,      of smaller, separate dining
        invite a small group to the   halls for big groups or a lit-
        homey VIP room at             tle privacy. But if you want
        Bistrot. The Tuscan resta-    the same food in a more
        urant is known as one of      casual atmosphere, check
        the best in the city, and     out the availability of the
        the flawless service will     downstairs billiards or
        ensure that you and your      hookah rooms. Both are
        guests are free to enjoy      quiet and comfortable,
        each other’s company          and offer a chance to eat
        and the elegant Italian       and entertain at the same
        fare. The intimate room,      time. The average check
        which seats a maximum of      with alcohol is between
        12 people, is free to         5,000 and 6,000 rubles per                                                     moscafe
        reserve and there is no       person, but reserving any        will be entertaining and         raoke and, of course, a
        deposit required. After       of Gusyatnikoff’s many           what kind of banquet you         large table surrounded by
        all, when a dinner for ten    private halls is free. Just do   are looking at. For an all       comfortable red chairs.
        costs upwards of 40,000       it in advance to make sure       inclusive meal and open          The high ceilings and
        rubles there is probably      you have the widest selec-       bar, the room costs about        elegant chandelier add a
        no reason for manage-         tion possible.                   150,000 rubles for 50 peo-       touch of class to this enter-
        ment to fret over little                                       ple and 340,000 for 100          tainment mecca. The
        things like table deposits.   • Mart                           people. The price is for a       room, which is available
        Yes, the restaurant is        It is hard to dine in the        whole evening of food and        24-hours a day, costs 1,000
        expensive, but the whole      menagerie at Mart, which         drink as well as service and     rubles a person to reserve.
        dining experience there       looks out onto the Moscow        set up.                          Moscafe also offers roman-
        is worth it, and if you’ve    Museum of Modern Art’s                                            tic guests a private balcony
        got the extra cash there is   sculpture garden, and not        • Moscafe                        accessible by a separate
        no reason not to spend it     imagine it full of your min-     White couches face a flat        staircase. Customers can
        at Bistrot.                   gling friends. The venue is      screen TV in Moscafe’s pri-      view the entire restaurant
                                      perfect for a summertime         vate cinema hall. The            below or can close off the
        • Gusyatnikoff                garden party, what with its      room, which can host             balcony completely for
        Call in advance to make a     lively murals and abun-          between eight and 12 peo-        more intimacy. A deposit
        reservation for one of the    dant plants. The cost of         ple, is kitted out with every-   of 5,000 rubles is needed
        restaurant’s popular pri-     renting the entire area for      thing guests need to stay        to reserve the balcony,
        vate rooms. Gusyatnikoff,     an evening depends on            entertained: a Sony Play-        which can in theory seat up
        housed in an old mansion      the number of people you         Station, board games, ka-        to six people.

                                                                                                        element restaurant guide 17
17_19 party eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places              2/26/11      5:50 PM       Page 18

           party rooms
           • Romantic                            heart, the staff are ready to            gant ways to say, “I love               Scandinavia’s private room.
           Located at the highest                cater to your every whim.                you.” The price is divided              With clean white walls and
           point of the Radisson                 You will set the menu for                up as follows: 20,000 rubles            a large oval table, the hall
           Royal Hotel Ukraina, in               the evening, decide whe-                 for whatever you would like             provides the perfect setting
           the Stalin building’s spire,          ther or not you’d like to be             from the menu, a bottle of              for business meetings or
           this Ginza Project restau-                                                                                             celebratory but profession-
           rant for two is exactly what
           the name says: Romantic.
                                                              THE one-table restaurant                                            al gatherings. With room
                                                                                                                                  for up to 20 people,
           The one-table restaurant is                        is beautifully decorated                                            Scandinavia’s private room
           decorated completely in                                                                                                can be a great place to get
           gentle shades of white,                            with fresh-cut flowers.                                             together a group of people
           with fresh-cut flowers over-                                                                                           to chat and eat scrump-
           flowing from every surface.           serenaded by live musi-                  Cristal for 30,000, 5,000 for           tious, filling and interesting
           But the flowers won’t dis-            cians or if you’re celebrat-             service and another 30,000              gourmet food. With an
           tract you and your lover              ing an anniversary, deco-                rubles for the decoration               amazing array of game
           from the view — Romantic              rate the room with old pho-              of the hall.                            options, guests can either
           certainly offers some of the          tographs of you and your                                                         order directly from the
           best views of central                 other half. Renting the                  • Scandinavia                           restaurant’s menu or you
           Moscow out there. As a                room for an evening costs                If you are looking for a                can plan a set menu for spe-
           night at Romantic is all              85,000 rubles, making it                 place to have a more formal             cial occasions. A percent-
           about you and your sweet-             one of the more extrava-                 dinner party, check out                 age deposit is required. In

             EXHIBITS AND MORE
                                                              pizzas and risottos to arrive. Four cheese penne    crowd of over-privileged 20-somethings the art
                                                              for 520 rubles is on the expensive side, espe-      on display at Luch is worth your attention.
                                                              cially for what it is, but the art, interior and
                                                              location make a meal here worth the money.          • Mart
                                                                                                                  Even if you’re not willing to spend $10,000 on
                                                              • Art Clumba [1]                                    a private party there, the cafe-cum-bookstore,
                                                              Located in ArtPlay, this new restaurant is the      located on the territory of the Moscow Museum
                                                              latest addition to the capital’s art and dining     of Modern Art, is one of the best places to
                                                              scene. The halls feature hangings customers         absorb both culture and calories. The eatery
                                                              can happily take home with them if they bring       serves decently priced Caucasian dishes, and
                                                              a bit of extra cash. The dining experience can      their khinkali are especially worth a try. The
                                                              be mixed, but one thing is for sure: No art         menu also features a number of tempting
                                                              maven will be disappointed by the exhibits          European options and breakfasts, but in our
                                                              rotating regularly at Art Clumba. The most          experience it is best to avoid these meals. Go
                                                              recent set of works included Warhol-like            for something safe like grilled veggies or the
                                                              Technicolor portraits of Marilyn Monroe.            adzhapsandal salad and call it a day.

                                                              • Garazh Cafe                                       • Noor Bar
                                                              By far the best cafe in an exhibition space, this   Originally conceived as a joint project between
                                                              small restaurant offers comfortable, open-          an Amsterdam-based gallery and Moscow
                                                              format dining and free Wi-Fi in the lobby just      restaurateurs, this centrally located watering
                                                              outside the halls of the Garazh Center for          hole has hosted a number of interesting photo-
                                                              Contemporary Culture. The menu is composed          graphy exhibits. Although not marketed on their
             1                                                of expertly prepared European and Russian           own, the ever changing photographs on the
                                                              dishes with a creative twist. An eggplant and       wall are truly worth your time, especially if
            • Art Akademiya                                   tomato salad with grilled artichokes in a blue      you’re stopping by anyway for one of their
            Yevgeny Mitta of Luch and Bar Klava teamed        cheese sauce is just one example of their cre-      strong cocktails or a light meal.
            up with Igor Vitoshinsky of the Akademiya         ative cuisine. Fresh breads and desserts are
            chain and artist Vladimir Dubosarsky to create    reasons to go on their own.                         • TsurTsum
            the unique Art Akademiya restaurant in Krasny                                                         Although element has not historically been very
            Oktyabr. The former warehouse space has been      • Luch                                              enthusiastic about Vinzavod’s cafe TsurTsum, it’s
            completely transformed to house this modern       When this bar first opened, element was excit-      impossible to deny that it was one of the first to
            Italian restaurant and a small arty bookshop.     ed by the prospect of a quality Pan-Asian           offer exhibits and food together. The restaurant
            The walls are covered in works by hot Russian     restaurant with constantly changing exhibitions.    serves edible cuisine and has the happy benefit
            contemporary figures like the AES+F collective,   We haven’t been there for a meal in ages, as        of being located in the fabulous contemporary
            so guests can take in some culture while they     the quality of the food and portion size are ever   art center that is Vinzavod. TsurTsum also hosts
            are waiting in comfortable leather chairs for     decreasing, but if you don’t mind battling a        cinema screenings weekly.

    18 element restaurant guide
17_19 party eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places       2/26/11    5:50 PM   Page 19

                                                             party rooms
        the summer, it is also possi-   the benefit of the $50-odd
        ble to rent the entire patio    million cost of the
        for a party, which has to be    interior decoration. Lu-
        booked well in advance.         xury knows no bounds at
        The restaurant offers five      Turandot, where a meal
        packages, for between 15        can run to more than
        and 60 people, ranging          5,000 rubles per person,
        from 1,000 to 2,860 rubles      but the ten private halls
        a head.                         at this Andrei Dellos
                                        venue are ready to serve
        • Torro Grill                   from five to 100 people,
        This steak house chain pro-     and 25,000 rubles for a
        vides for flexible private      truly amazing experience
        and group dining: Their         (albeit a very small one)
        regular menu includes           doesn’t seem so outra-
        huge grill platters for four    geous. In addition, each
        to six people with one bot-     of the halls has a name
        tle of wine (3,400 rubles)      and theme, which is sure
        and for up to eight people      to make even the fussiest
        with two bottles (5,400         bride feel special.
        rubles). If you want to
        ensure you and your party       • Uzbekistan
        sit separately from the hoi     Five round tables with
        polloi, book the wine room      comfortable couches for
        at the Proletarskaya loca-      up to six people; three
        tion. The elegantly decorat-    VIP rooms for two to four;
        ed room is appropriate for      one separate place for
        all kinds of functions, from    four to six; two banquet-
        a casual birthday get togeth-   ing halls with capacities
        er to a more formal sit-        between 12 and 30 peo-
        down dinner, and reserving      ple. These are the options                                           white room
        the room for your special       available to private diners   ordering in advance, and      panoramic views of Mos-
        occasion is free.               at Uzbekistan, one of         while there is no deposit     cow, is this little-known
                                        Moscow’s most famous          or special rate, the aver-    restaurant. Up on the 23 rd
        • Turandot                      restaurants. The service is   age cost for food and         floor of the Academy of
        The over-the-top interior       impeccable and the food       drinks is about 2,500 a       Sciences building, the
        of this restaurant fits the     unbeatable, so what are       person.) Reserving one of     open loft space is perfect
        bill for many a bride’s         you waiting for? Depen-       the small VIP tables is       for any kind of celebra-
        “dream venue.” But in           ding on the type of event     free. Belly dancers, live     tion. Peace and quiet in
        case the extravagant pri-       you are looking to host       music and hookahs will        the location is available 24
        ces for renting the entire      and the amount of people      enhance the magical feel-     hours a day, seven days a
        place aren’t easy to stom-      you are hoping to enter-      ing of any dinner at the      week. The minimum cost
        ach, we recommend set-          tain, the options vary        restaurant, private or not.   per person is 3,000 rubles,
        tling with one of their         widely. A buffet meal in                                    and you can rent the space
        smaller banqueting rooms.       the Ali Baba banquet hall,    • White Room                  for a banquet for up to 30
        Each is equipped with a         which serves from 12 to       Located above the leg-        people or a cocktail party
        working fireplace, which        20 people, will cost about    endary restaurant Sky         with buffet for 60 people.
        means that no matter            2,500 rubles a head.          Lounge, which is famous       The minimum number of
        what, your guests will get      (Banquets are booked by       mostly for its amazing        guests is ten.

                                                                                                    element restaurant guide 19
20_22 take away eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places        2/26/11   5:53 PM      Page 20

               here are a surprising number of

                                                                           hint of Provencal herbs as    (12 chocolates for 1,500
               restaurants in Moscow that offer cus-                       well as some more exotic      rubles) home.
               tomers the ability to take the ingredi-                     Arabic spices. The little
           ents needed to prepare fabulous, restau-                        packet of spice-mix weighs    • Cafe Uzbek
           rant-quality meals home with them. Now                          only 50 grams and costs a     Cafe Uzbek is popular for
           there is a way to cook fresh Mediter-                           princely 600 rubles, but it   a good reason, situated
           ranean fish, Australian meat and artisan,                       does make a difference — a    just a few steps away from
           handmade pasta at home.                                         very big one. Without it,     Mendeleyevskaya metro
                                                                           you won’t get that mouth-     and offering filling food
           • Beefbar                       tle butcher shop where          watering fragrance of         for very decent prices,
           Beefbar is “the” place for      you can buy the very same       grilling meat that you get    especially at the simpler
           meat — you really can’t         cuts of meat served at the      at Beefbar and your steak     cafeteria on the first floor.
           find steaks on that level       restaurant. Black Angus         experience will be only       Still, the upstairs restau-
           anywhere else, even if you      Prime beef goes for 480         half as good.                 rant with its colorful and
           try. They bring in fresh        rubles per 100 grams —                                        bright textiles is worth a
           meat from farms all over        possibly ten times more         • Cantinetta Antinori         visit, especially if you’re
           the world — Black Angus         expensive than beef at          For a cheese and cured-       planning on more than a
           Prime from the U.S.,            your local butcher, but         meat platter, make a stop     quick bite to eat. The spa-
           marbled Wagyu from              then, you’re not plonking       at one of Moscow’s most       cious hall can accommo-
           Australia, lamb from New        down your money for             popular Italian restau-       date larger groups of peo-
           Zealand, veal from France,      tough sinewy Russian            rants. Cantinetta Antinori    ple, and though the prices
           pork (Kurobuta) from            beef, after all. If you buy     has all you need — even       are heftier, the portions
           Japan and many others.          the meat, don’t forget to       four different kinds of       are definitely bigger. If
           The good news is that at        buy the spice mix —             Pecorino if that’s what       you’ve been there and
           their location on Prechis-      Beefbar’s signature mix of      you’re particular about.      been impressed by the
           tenskaya Nab., there’s a lit-   different spices; with a        Prices are around 500         array of baskets brimming
                                                                           rubles per 100 grams and      with nuts and dried fruit,
                                                                           upwards; not at all cheap,    stop staring — just buy
                                                                           but cheaper and quicker       some to take home with
                                                                           than flying to Italy your-    you. Dried pear goes for
                                                                           self. You’re in Moscow;       120 rubles per 100 gram
                                                                           you should just be grate-     and prunes for 150. If
                                                                           ful to be able to find real   you’re crazy about nuts, go
                                                                           Italian cheeses. The cured    for the pistachios — 170
                                                                           meats are even pricier —      rubles for 100 grams.
                                                                           venison salami costs a
                                                                           whopping 600 rubles per       • Kazan
                                                                           50 grams. If you don’t        Restoranny Sindikat’s res-
                                                                           mind considerably light-      taurants are usually high
                                                                           ening your wallet, try out    on quality but on the
                                                                           the very rare and precious    higher end of the price
                                                                           prosciutto made from          scale as well, but Kazan is
                                                                           wild lamb, which comes        a welcome exception to
                                                                           with a price tag of 1,200     the rule. The menu is
                                                                           rubles (per 50 grams). If     eclectic, combining popu-
                                                                           you’re blessed with an        lar dishes from the
                                                                           even larger budget, plan a    Caucasus as well as Cen-
                                                                           trip to Italy. If not, just   tral Asian countries, and
            cafe uzbek                                                     take a box of chocolates      the interior is ethnic with-

    20 element restaurant guide
20_22 take away eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places       2/26/11    5:53 PM   Page 21

        out being overblown or        larly, and you can even
        cheap. Chef Alexander         take some of them home
        Matveyev sticks to the        with you. Selections vary
        rules and doesn’t cut cor-    from day to day, but you
        ners, even if that means      can usually get the basics
        plov has to be prepared       such as sea bass (from 116
        over a period of six hours    rubles per 100 gram). If
        and the baked goods           you’re squeamish about
        done in a traditional tan-    scaling and gutting fish,
        door instead of a conven-     you can buy a cleaned fil-
        tional gas oven. If you’ve    let all ready to cook —
        dined there and really        bluefin tuna goes for 200
        liked the experience, you     rubles per 100 grams, and

                 BASKETS full of nuts and
                 fruit you can buy for home
                 decorate the restaurant.
        might consider taking         blue mackerel for 325
        some marinated meats          rubles. If you still can’t                         la maree
        from the kitchen for your     bring yourself to trust the
        next shashlyk outing out      freshness of their fish, just
        of town. All the shashlyk     buy them alive and kick-
        on the menu can be taken      ing — the restaurant has a
        out for grilling on your      fish tank with live pro-
        own, so you have plenty to    duce; depending on avail-
        choose from. Availability     ability, you can get a
        may vary, but prices range    Canadian lobster for 155
        from 300 to 600 rubles        rubles per 100 grams and
        per 100 gram. If you com-     scallop for 190 rubles (per
        pare that with the prices     100 gram). They even sell
        on the menu (which has        boiled seafood, smoked
        about the same price          seafood and Russian pro-
        range), you’ll see that you   duce such as Kamchatka
        won’t be saving much          crabs as well — so give free
        money by grilling on your     reign to your culinary
        own — but for novices on      imagination.
        the mangal, taking mari-
        nated meat from a good        • Le Pain Quotidien
        restaurant is a good first    Le Pain Quotidien brought
        step towards success.         to Russia good daily bread;
                                      their baguettes and loaves
        • La Maree                    are inexpensive and per-
        La Maree stands for sim-      fectly affordable for every
        plicity and fresh ingredi-    day. After having a coffee

        ents — the establishment      or salad there, don’t forget
        has its fish flown in regu-   to pick up one of their

                                                                                element restaurant guide 21
20_22 take away eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places      2/26/11    5:53 PM      Page 22

           crusty baguettes (80 rubles   fee breakfast into a ban-        400 grams), and you can          now try it at home. Both of
           for plain, 110 rubles for     quet, try picking up some        also pick up their ciabatta      the restaurants’ locations
           sesame or poppy seed          jams and preserves the           (150 rubles) to go with it. If   (on Prospekt Mira and
           baguettes). If you crave      next time you’re in the          you need something to go         Prospekt Vernadskogo) sell
           something nuttier and         Malaya Dmitrovka area.           with wine, try some of their     the very same pasta they
           chewier, go for the five-     Osteria Olivetta has a more      cured meats — homemade           serve to customers every
           grain bread (from 115                                                                           day. Their pasta repertoire
           rubles), which includes
           plenty of raisins with a
                                                  THE HOMEMADE pasta                                       ranges from spaghetti to
                                                                                                           tagliatelle, fusilli, fetuccine
           crunchy and fragrant oat-              only keeps for a few                                     and many others — basical-
           meal topping. Invited to a                                                                      ly all the pastas on their
           party and don’t know what              days, so plan ahead.                                     menu — and they only ask
           to bring your hosts? Order                                                                      100 rubles for a single por-
           one of the whole cakes        than impressive selection        sausages go for 500 rubles       tion of it (200 grams). It’s
           there — they range from       of goodies in jars — from        (per 100 grams) and they         homemade stuff and it
           around 1,000 to 3,000         standards such as strawber-      even have some excellent         keeps only a few days in the
           rubles, which is pricier      ry (800 rubles for 500           beef bresaola (600 rubles        fridge, so try to make a
           than your average super-      grams) to unique items           per 100 grams). For              note of stopping by when
           market cake, but at least     such as pumpkin and gin-         dessert? Take the bottle of      you’re in the area and whip
           you’ll know that everyone     ger (550 rubles for 400          Limoncello (3,200 rubles).       up a simple sauce at home
           will just love it.            grams) and mandarin                                               to impress family and
                                         compote (600 rubles for          • Vapiano                        friends. Fresh pasta might
           • Osteria Olivetta            400 grams). Savory jars          Fans of Vapiano’s fresh,         seem a bit daunting to
           If you’re looking for ways    include delicacies like egg-     homemade pasta will be           novice cooks, but it’s sur-
           to make your toast and cof-   plant caviar (600 rubles for     glad to know that they can       prisingly easy.

            osteria olivetta

    22 element restaurant guide
23_25 family eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places      2/26/11   6:23 PM      Page 23

                                                                     family day
                oscow’s children are growing up

        M       fast, and restaurants all over town
                are trying to provide for them. The
        influx of children’s menus, cooking classes
        and activities are taking off around town.
        We’ve chosen the most interesting for you
        and your family.

        • Bocconcino                  miniatures off on, you
        Every weekend from 12 to      can enjoy a real meal
        6 p.m. the Novoslobod-        from their short menu
        skaya location of this ele-   without struggling to suit
        gant Italian chain trans-     your children’s picky
        forms itself into a culi-     taste buds. On weekends,
        nary playground. Their        the steak chain offers kid-
        school for small pizzaiolis   dies treats like spaghetti
        or pizza chefs opens its      with cheese and butter
        doors for the youngest        for a mere 120 rubles —
        foodies in the capital,       something you’d never
        teaching them how to          otherwise find on their
        prepare the classic Italian   minimalist and meat-cen-
        dish and taking care of       tered menu. (The way the
        the messy cleanup after-      restaurant keeps its prices
        ward. The restaurant’s        so reasonable is by offer-
        head pizza chef helps kids    ing a few options and
        prepare pizzas for their      focusing on providing the                                            starlite diner
        parents, allowing of          best quality in those           room, where they will be     time is free for kids …
        course for a bit of each      items.)                         taken good care of by a      kids of parents dining in
        child’s own creativity.                                       nanny and a children’s       the restaurant, that is.
        While the works of epi-       • Mamina Pasta                  entertainer. The room is
        curean art are baking in      The centrally located           open on the weekends         • Mir Pizzy
        Bocconcino’s wood-burn-       locations of Mamina             from 2 to 7 p.m., so you     Who doesn’t like pizza?
        ing oven, clowns, fun         Pasta — one of Moscow’s         can indulge in a long        There are very few people
        games     and     contests    favorite pasta chains —         lunch with your mate or      that can’t find something
        entertain the kids. Parti-    offer parents a daytime         friends while your little    they like at an Italian
        cipation in the class is      break from their off-           ones wear themselves out     restaurant and this chain
        free for the child, and                                                                    is an especially easy-going
        grown-up checks at the
        restaurant are around
                                               GIRLS to 12-years-old                               place for a family outing,
                                                                                                   especially for families
        2,000 rubles per person.               can learn how to cook                               with young children.
                                                                                                   Clowns and other shows
        • GoodBeef                             pizzas and salads.                                  directed at the little ones
        Not all restaurants with                                                                   in the restaurant enter-
        special children’s enter-     spring. After a long day of     watching cartoons, play-     tain in the evenings,
        tainment are Italian. For     shopping, head to the           ing games and drawing.       allowing parents to relax
        parents who love a good       Zemlyanoi Val venue and         Girls to 12-years-old will   while their children are
        steak, there is GoodBeef.     drop your kids off in the       also have the chance to      distracted. Mir Pizzy
        Although there aren’t any     specially designated and        learn how to cook pizzas     offers cheese pizza from
        clowns to pawn your           decorated        children’s     and Italian salads. Play-    200 rubles and simple

                                                                                                   element restaurant guide 23
23_25 family eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places   2/26/11   6:24 PM        Page 24

                       family day
                                                                            pepperoni pies won’t cost                  p.m. The international
                                                                            you but 220 rubles. Their                  options include tradi-
                                                                            entrees are hit or miss,                   tional American breakfasts
                                                                            but the atmosphere and                     with eggs, home fries and
                                                                            the prices make up for                     bacon (275 rubles), as well
                                                                            what some of the pasta                     as Russian syrniki with
                                                                            dishes lack in quality. The                raisins and sour cream
                                                                            utilitarian interior in                    (350 rubles). After indul-
                                                                            shades of green and                        ging in these multi-cultur-
                                                                            orange isn’t the liveliest,                al options, send your little
                                                                            although the clowns do                     guys off to enjoy the kids
                                                                            help and old and young                     room, which is located in
                                                                            alike will appreciate the                  the adjoining Manhattan
                                                                            pleasant service and food.                 Steak House. There they
                                                                                                                       can watch cartoons, have
                                                                            • Radio City Bar and                       their faces painted and
                                                                                Kitchen                                play games under the
                                                                            This former casino is the                  supervision of a kids’
                                                                            perfect venue for enter-                   entertainer.
                                                                            taining children, as each
                                                                            room features its own                      • Renaissance Hotel
                                                                            theme and lots of fun                      Every Sunday from 12
                                                                            drawings and decorations                   p.m. to 4 p.m., the hotel
                                                                            deck the halls. The restau-                hosts their 1,990-ruble
                                                                            rant offers special family                 brunch. The meal is the
                                                                            brunches on Saturdays                      perfect way to relax after a
                       bocconcino                                           and Sundays from 12 to 4                   long weekend, with unlim-

                       MOVIE FOOD
                                                • Cafe Pion                                            • Indabar
                                                When the Pioneer Cinema reopened its doors,            Serving up Caucasian food tastier than that of
                                                everyone was delighted to finally have another         Kish-Mish next door, Arkady Novikov’s
                                                movie theater showing interesting foreign films        Indabar in Oktyabr on Novy Arbat was one
                                                in their original languages. The cinema made           of the best eateries on the street when it
                                                its name even stronger a few months later when         opened last spring. This year it has got more
                                                Cafe Pion, a relaxed restaurant with a refined         competition, but the clubbish atmosphere still
                                                menu of European classics and comfortable              serves as a great stopover between a trip to
                                                seating popped up. The cafe is worth stopping          the movies and an evening out on the town.
                                                by in its own right, and for those who show up         The restaurant has a small menu of rolls (six
                                                to a film early there is no better way to kill time.   in total) and a number of grilled dishes lyula
                                                                                                       kebabs (280 rubles) and a selection of wok
                                                • Chernyshevsky                                        dishes (from 280 to 480 rubles). At least you
                                                35mm, foreigners’ go-to cinema for subtitled           know that at Indabar you’ll have about as
                                                screenings and a wide array of cinema festi-           much selection as you would if you stopped
                                                vals, is also home to this Italian restaurant (with    by for one course at all of the cinema’s other
                                                an extensive sushi menu). The modern interior          eateries.
                                                and quick service provide the perfect dining
                                                option for those who would rather not cross the        • Spettacolo [1]
                                                street and eat with the crowd hanging out at           Shopping at the Vremena Goda mall? Living
                                                Sovetskoye Vremena. The crispy-crusted pizzas          out of town or just want to see a movie in an
                                                and heartwarming risottos are perfect in the still     incredibly fancy theater? Any of these are rea-
                                                chilly months of spring, and in the summer the         sons to stop by Spettacolo, an upscale Italian
                                                fresh sashimi prepared by the restaurant’s sushi       eatery with surprisingly creative pizza options.
                                                chef are sure to please. The California rolls here     But don’t think they’ll be cheap, just a plain pie

                                                also stand out, which is quite a feat, and only        there is 490 rubles. If you want it with moz-
                       1                        cost 320 rubles.                                       zarella di bufala cheese then it’s 590 rubles.

    24 element restaurant guide
23_25 family eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places        2/26/11    6:24 PM       Page 25

                                                                         family day
        ited alcohol included in        chicken fingers are always
        the all-you-can-eat tab and     safe bets. The layout of
        a special room for chil-        the upbeat American
        dren. Moreover, if your         restaurant is perfect for
        rug rats are younger than       big groups and the spark-
        six-years-old, they eat for     ly red, slippery vinyl
        free. Kids up to 12-years-      booths are easy to clean —
        old pay half price. Aside       necessary after a couple
        from the draw of the child-     of children take to one of
        free meal, this brunch          the diner’s legendary
        includes an array of hot        banana splits. Balloons
        entrees and delicious           are always a welcome

                  YOUR rug rats will be
                  entertained by clowns
                  and cartoons.
        kebabs as well as a cold        (possibly necessary) addi-
        salad bar stocked with          tion to family get-togeth-
        Russian salads and great        ers in Moscow and
        lightly salted cucumbers.       Starlite hands them out
        Try and station yourself        generously.
        near the dessert table
        because the assorted cakes,     • Tsarskaya Okhota
        pies, mousses and jellies       Nowhere is happier to see
        are the highlight of the        your little ones than
        hotel’s Sunday festivities.     Tsarskaya Okhota, a con-
                                        venient and delicious
        • Starlite Diner                choice for those living in
        On Sunday mornings              Rublyovka. The hunters
        before the hangover             cabin is overflowing with
        crowd rolls in, Moscow's        fascinating details for kids,
        favorite diner is packed        but on holidays and week-
        with expatriates and their      ends the restaurant opens
        kids. All of the Maya-          up a special room for chil-
        kovskaya        restaurant’s    dren, complete with a
        non-smoking tables are          clown to entertain them.
        filled with families enjoy-     There, as always, they can
        ing authentic diner grub.       order from the small kid’s
        The biggest draw to             menu that offers great
        Starlite is their kid-friend-   alternatives to the big game
        ly menu — there’s no            served to big people in the
        guesswork to do about           main restaurant. Veal meat-
        whether or not your picky       balls and “happy” sausages
        eight-year-old will enjoy       with mashed potatoes (300
        cabbage soup as much as         rubles) are just two of the
        you do. Pancakes and            options.                                  tsarskaya okhota
26_29 middle eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places      2/26/11     5:55 PM    Page 26

           arabian nights
                  ll the advertisements in the metro

                                                                          maybe the aroma emanat-       tabbouleh salad is highly
                  for trips to Iran had team element                      ing from the perfectly ten-   recommended.
                  vying for a sunny vacation. Instead,                    der grape leaves that
           because we had to stay in Moscow and                           wrapped the vegetable         • Beirut
           print this restaurant guide, we decided to                     dolma (170 rubles) was        Down at the bottom of the
           take a journey around the capital’s Middle                     distracting enough to         red line near the Yugo-
           Eastern restaurants and just imagine it                        keep your eyes off the        Zapadnaya metro station
           was the same thing.                                            floor. The menu can be a      lies a whole world of
                                                                          bit confusing — you’re sit-   under-visited, extremely
           • Al Andaluz                   fact our table looked like it   ting in Aladdin’s lamp        inexpensive ethnic eater-
           Like the Middle East itself,   hadn’t been cleaned in          (albeit a slightly run-down   ies. Right next door to
           Al Andaluz can get a bit       days. Convinced by our          version) and ordering         Devi Cafe, which we
           hairy sometimes. The first     publisher to try it again,      penne a la vodka? Staying     praised last issue for its
           time we visited the Lu-        the comfortable interior        away from the European        authentic Indian curries,
           byanka establishment we        was less well lit and there-    options in favor of hum-      is Beirut. The, you gues-
           were a bit turned off by the   fore seemed cleaner. Or         mus with meat or an airy      sed it, Lebanese resta-
                                                                                                        urant is staffed by upbeat
                                                                                                        students from the Dru-
                                                                                                        zhba Narodov University
                                                                                                        nearby. Once it gets warm
                                                                                                        — who wants to go that far
                                                                                                        out of their way in this
                                                                                                        weather? — head down to
                                                                                                        the restaurant to grab a
                                                                                                        table and order a glass of
                                                                                                        their refreshing lemonade
                                                                                                        with mint. The drink is
                                                                                                        delicious, possibly one of
                                                                                                        the best in the capital,
                                                                                                        which is high praise given
                                                                                                        that this summer every
                                                                                                        single restaurant offered
                                                                                                        about eight versions. For
                                                                                                        grub go for the lamb
                                                                                                        kebabs (310 rubles).

                                                                                                        • Farsi
                                                                                                        The elevator of this
                                                                                                        Eastern delight, located in
                                                                                                        the Radisson Royal Hotel
                                                                                                        Ukraina, opens to reveal a
                                                                                                        pedestal supporting a ren-
                                                                                                        dering of Aladdin’s lamp
                                                                                                        — and if that doesn’t
                                                                                                        scream authenticity, what
                                                                                                        does? Maybe the young
                                                                                                        women in purple and
                                                                                                        green velvet costumes flit-
            ketama                                                                                      ting around the room?

    26 element restaurant guide
26_29 middle eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places       2/26/11    5:56 PM       Page 27

                                               arabian nights
        The surroundings might         shrimp doesn’t mean that
        be a bit more kitsch than      their mezzes aren’t some
        those at the humbler           of the best in town. The
        Beirut, but the Iranian        265-ruble trio of hummus,
        food is unbeatable. Salads     mutabbal and baba ga-
        and spreads like Shirazi       noush is a great value. The
        (450 rubles) — made with       grilled chicken with le-
        fresh tomatoes, red pep-       mon and garlic and the sea
        pers, cucumbers and fine-      bass with lemon and herbs
        ly chopped red onions in       are the best meat options
        aromatic oil — and a thick     for those sick of lamb
        homemade yogurt with           kebabs.
        rose petals, mint and
        dried garlic (350 rubles)      • Ketama
        are enough to make a           If there is one place to
        meal when paired with          prove to doubters that
        the sweet milk-based           Middle Eastern cuisine
        naan bread. Kebabs are         isn’t all eggplant goop and
        kebabs, but you haven’t        lyula kebabs, Ketama is it.

                 THE DECOR is a bit
                 kitsch, but the Iranian
                 food is unbeatable.
        had plov until you’ve          The restaurant can pre-
        tried Farsi’s sweet version    pare all of the classics, but
        with candied orange peel       their specialty lies in
        and pistachios.                Middle Eastern twists on
                                       international favorites,
        • Finikiya                     like the lamb burger (410
        Named for the ancient          rubles) with rosemary.
        Greek country Phoenicia,       Architecturally, the restau-
        which once reigned over        rant is amazing, with pil-
        the costal regions of mod-     lows and oriental-looking
        ern day Lebanon, Syria         rugs making customers
        and northern Israel, this      cozy and warm even in the
        Mediterranean restaurant       winter months. The only
        opened in 2005. Like the       downside of the cafe is the
        empire it was named after,     truly Middle Eastern bath-
        Finikiya has become some-      room — don’t expect a toi-
        what disoriented in the        let here. The venue has a
        past few years, losing focus   typical hole-in-the-ground
        and including Russian and      design, which is surround-
        Italian dishes on their        ed by a lavishly decorated
        menu as well. But just         earthen room. Less com-
        because the Finikiya salad     fortable, but arguably
        is basically arugula and       more hygienic. Oh, and                    marocana
26_29 middle eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places       2/26/11   5:56 PM       Page 28

           arabian nights
           you have to take your           where you can get a pita            mouth watering and the                   to finish. (The restaurant
           shoes off to enter so forget    stuffed with eggplant               belt loosened. The restau-               also offers a two-person
           dressing to impress.            puree or shakshouka —               rant offers huge couscous                portion for around 1,500
                                           eggs poached in a spicy             dishes served in real                    rubles.) Bring along your
           • Korolevsky Falafel            tomato sauce — in Russia.           Moroccan clayware for all                boyfriend and pretend to
           As in Tel Aviv, you don’t                                           of those pining for a gla-               be James Stewart and Doris
           even have to sit down to        • Marocana                          morous trip to La Mamou-                 Day vacationing in Moroc-
           eat great falafel in Moscow.    If escapism is something            nia. The Korolevsky option               co (before they became the
           The capital is now home to      you crave, then perhaps             with lamb and dried fruit                people who “Knew Too
           the fast-food falafel place     Morocana is your mecca.             is delectable (850 rubles),              Much,” that is).
           Korolevsky Falafel, where
           guests can grab one of                  INSTEAD of taking a trip                                             • Shafran
           three types of pitas with all                                                                                If you won’t be able to
           of the traditional toppings             there, have a traditional                                            take that vacation you
           for 109 rubles. So far, the                                                                                  were hoping for any time
           place has received praise               Lebanese breakfast.                                                  soon, head for a relaxed
           for delivering the very best                                                                                 morning at Shafran.
           falafel in town. While we       The Moroccan chef’s deli-           and the authentic blend of               Although the restaurant
           can’t be certain about          cately spiced dishes and            flavors combined with the                offers a wide array of
           that, we can say that it is     interesting combos of               sheer size makes for a dish              Middle Eastern meals, the
           the only place we’ve seen       meat and fruit leave the            far too rich for one person              most interesting are their

             FOOD AND GAMES
                                                    • Bar Klava                                         • Chaikhona No. 1
                                                    Date night is more fun when the stakes are a        There are lots of reasons to go to Chaikhona
                                                    bit higher. Take your significant other to Bar      No. 1, one of them being the traditional
                                                    Klava in the quieter evening hours for a            Eastern games that you can play at your table
                                                    round of Uno or Jenga. The wait staff don’t         while dining on delicious portions of
                                                    get too fussed when the whole wooden struc-         Caucasian specialties like plov, samsa stuffed
                                                    ture comes tumbling down on the table, just         with cheese, greens or lamb and kebabs fit for
                                                    be careful to keep your drinks away from the        a king. You can also spend an entire after-
                                                    game. The drinks they serve are strong, and         noon at one of the chain’s many locations
                                                    the prices are on the expensive side — but          smoking a hookah and lounging in their com-
                                                    this whiskey bar’s customers couldn’t be less       fortable, pillow-furnished interiors.
                                                    bothered by the prices.
                                                                                                        • Kult
                                                    • Biblioteka Internet Lounge                        Although you might not have partied there
                                                    Up on the sixth floor of the luxury Lotte Plaza     since your student days, by day the club
                                                    shopping center, tucked in a back corner you        offers a chance to sip on inexpensive beer
                                                    can find the Biblioteka Internet Lounge. The        and play board games with your buddies. The
                                                    darkly lit and elegantly furnished Internet cafe    comfortable, cocoon-like feeling the club gets
                                                    offers both comfort and utility. Sip on a strong    at night is equally enjoyable during daylight
                                                    coffee while you relax in a cozy, high-backed       hours, so grab some friends and head there
                                                    chair and play solitaire on one of their flat       to show your competitive side.
                                                    panel computer screens or chat with your
                                                    friends online. The lounge also offers a small      • Lyudi kak Lyudi
                                                    menu and the chance to play your favorite           Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to come to
                                                    virtual games against players all over the          Lyudi kak Lyudi and play a game of chess with
                                                    world. Biblioteka isn’t a bad place to stop for     your sharpest opponent. The boards and pieces
                                                    a drink while shopping, either.                     are available there, but on a first come first
                                                                                                        served basis, so don’t loiter at home too long. Idle
                                                    • Blogistan [1]                                     away the afternoon hours with one of their
                                                    Bring a deck of cards and play durak, or have       smoothies or a fresh juice from their juice bar and
                                                    one of the groups around the venue teach you        a mind-challenging game. Just make sure you
                                                    how if you don’t know already. The Krasny           and your friend are well matched at chess: “I
                                                    Oktyabr cafe was founded as a place for blog-       know how to play,” means a little more to
                                                    gers to gather, and the venue is perfectly suited   Russians than it does to foreigners, who take the
                                                    to quiet games of cards. Good food and a            game less seriously. The cafe, owned by the team
                                                    helpful, friendly staff make an evening at          behind legends Propaganda and Krizis Zhanra,
             1                                      Blogistan that much more enjoyable.                 is also notable for its array of breakfast options.

    28 element restaurant guide
26_29 middle eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places       2/26/11    5:56 PM      Page 29

                                              arabian nights
        traditional       Lebanese
        breakfasts. From 10 a.m.
        to noon Shafran offers
        three extraordinary brea-
        kfast spreads (360 rubles).
        If you’re interested in
        starting your day off right,
        go for the most conserva-
        tive of the traditional
        breakfasts with yogurt,
        musli, banana, strawber-
        ry, honey and tea or cof-
        fee. For those who would
        rather feel they were real-
        ly eating breakfast in their
        hotel in Beirut than at a
        restaurant in Moscow, go
        for the version that comes
        with salad, olives, cheese,
        homemade jams, butter,
        bread, omelet, fresh
        orange juice and tea or
        coffee. Also, if you’re not
        in the mood to lounge in
        a dark, pillow-covered,
        curtain-draped, hookah-
        filled room, Shafran is the
        place for you.

        • Sherbet
        With locations on Pet-
        rovka, Pokrovka, Sretenka                                                                                      shafran
        and Myasnitskaya Ul.,          toes. Somehow pasta in           is the one thing you can’t     it all in one place: Euro-
        Sherbet occupies some of       cream sauce with ham and         pass up at Sindibad. The       pean, Georgian, Indian,
        the best people-watching       mushrooms slipped on to          falafel and kebabs are         Japanese and, of course,
        territory in the capital.      their menu too, but better       nothing special, but the       Middle Eastern. The
        Their selection of Eastern     to stick to the homemade         spreads plate at Sindibad      struggle at Vostochnaya
        delicacies isn’t bad either.   300-ruble lagman noodles         includes some more un-         Komnata is deciding
        The interiors are comfort-     if you want pasta.               usual ones than the nor-       whether to go with an
        able and not overwhelm-                                         mal hummus and stewed          Indian tandoori dish or a
        ing, and the slow, al-         • Sindibad                       eggplants. The tabbouleh       plate of Middle Eastern
        though not openly hostile,     This hole-in-the-wall rest-      salad is another fresh and     mezzes, but either way you
        service will help you sort     aurant on Nikitsky Bul. is       light way to start a meal or   go, you won’t be disap-
        out whether or not to get      noteable for the best            stay on a diet.                pointed. The restaurant’s
        plov and pumpkin manty         fatush salad in the capital.                                    bright interior won’t dis-
        or more Middle Eastern         With crispy pita chips, an       • Vostochnaya                  tract from the equally
        dishes like dolma and          abundance of sun-dren-              Komnata                     vibrant flavors in their tra-
        stewed eggplant with pep-      ched vegetables and a sub-       This veteran of the Smo-       ditional dishes like their
        pers, onions and toma-         tle lemon dressing, fatush       lensky Passazh mall has got    grilled meat.

                                                                                                       element restaurant guide 29
30_33 hotels eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places    2/26/11    6:17 PM    Page 30

           lobby lounges
                 ou don’t have to be a guest at a hotel

                                                                       cheeses and desserts and     city dwellers might be sur-
                 to partake in the luxury amenities they               two black caviar sets (for   prised to find the Apple
                 offer. Moscow is saturated with under-                14,350 and 28,750 rub-       Bar — a lobby bar by day,
           attended lobby bars and restaurants. The                    les) for those seeking       DJ bar by night. The 24-
           locations are central, the food is gourmet,                 superior levels of luxury.   hour operation is kitted
           the service is five-star and the customers are              Neglinka also serves a       out with hookahs, board
           just as glamorous as you are.                               small list of intoxicating   games and two plasma
                                                                       850-ruble signature cock-    panel TVs to help even
           • Ararat Park Hyatt          like Madonna and Bruce         tails alongside whiskeys     those who aren’t staying
           Step through the modern      Willis in the past, is cer-    like Jack Daniels (650       over night find a bit of
           atrium of the luxurious      tainly equipped to accom-      rubles for 40 mL) and        relaxation. A whiskey sour
           Ararat Park Hyatt, you       modate whatever your           glasses of champagne for     at the bar will set you back
           will find the comfortable,   heart desires. The small       about 2,000 rubles.          about 500 rubles depend-
           sun-drenched Neglinka        comfort-food menu in-                                       ing on what kind of whiskey
           Lounge. The hotel’s          cludes Moscow’s favorite:      • Golden Apple               you want, and a glass of
           lobby bar, which has         the Caesar salad for 490       Inside one of Moscow’s       prosecco is 400 rubles. The
           served celebrity guests      rubles, as well as a list of   premiere boutique hotels,    bar doesn’t offer cham-
                                                                                                    pagne by the glass.

                                                                                                    • Hilton
                                                                                                    From 7 a.m. to midnight,
                                                                                                    anyone can indulge in the
                                                                                                    Hilton Leningradskaya’s
                                                                                                    Lobby Lounge. The 12-
                                                                                                    meter ceilings of the his-
                                                                                                    torical lobby enclose orig-
                                                                                                    inal bronze statues and
                                                                                                    authentic chandeliers in
                                                                                                    the historical grand lobby
                                                                                                    of the building, one of
                                                                                                    Stalin’s famous Seven
                                                                                                    Sisters, creating an atmos-
                                                                                                    phere of true grandeur.
                                                                                                    The five-star hotel’s help-
                                                                                                    ful staff are quick to pour
                                                                                                    out portions of Jack
                                                                                                    Daniels (620 rubles for 50
                                                                                                    mL) and if you’re hungry,
                                                                                                    the bar serves a small
                                                                                                    menu of treats.

                                                                                                    • Lotte Moscow
                                                                                                    The newest addition to
                                                                                                    the capital’s lobby bar
                                                                                                    scene is also one of the
                                                                                                    most sumptuous. The
                                                                                                    modern      interior  of
            ararat park hyatt                                                                       Lotte’s Lounge on the
30_33 hotels eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places      2/26/11    6:17 PM      Page 31

                                              lobby lounges
        first floor offers both
        comfort and style, with
        meticulous service and a
        few provisions for those
        in the mood to nosh.
        During the evening, live
        entertainment helps visit-
        ing businessmen and
        local ladies relax while
        they sip on 550-ruble Jack
        Daniels or 2,450-ruble
        glasses of Ruinart cham-
        pagne. If you’re on a
        budget, try the 1,900-
        ruble Louis Roeder bub-
        bly instead.

        • Marriott Tverskaya
        The runt of the Marriott
        empire in Moscow, the
        Tverskaya happens to be
        home to the best lobby                                                 swissotel krasnye holmy
        bar in the bunch. The         the American-style lobby
        cozy cafe is decorated in     bar every night until 2 a.m.
        art nouveau style, and        Prosecco is 540 rubles a
        offers an extensive menu      glass.
        with classics like a Caesar
        with chicken for 620          • National
        rubles. If you’re going to    The Alexandrovsky Bar,
        snack, you may be tempt-      once listed by Forbes maga-
        ed to skip dinner and go      zine as one of the best
        for one of the positions      lobby bars in the world, is

                 THE 12-meter ceilings
                 create an atmosphere of
                 grandeur in the lobby.
        on the lounge’s ice cream     bathed in golden light. The
        menu: Try the chocolate       old-fashioned lobby bar is
        carnival (370 rubles) — a     home to a few decorative
        creation    made      with    trees and plasma screen
        chocolate and vanilla ice     TVs that keep guests up to
        cream, rum, chocolate         date on the news (world
        sauce, cookies, a choco-      not fashion, that is). The
        late cigar and whipped        champagne here may be a

        cream. A glass of Ruinart     bit less expensive than at
        champagne can be had at       the neighboring Ritz, but

                                                                                    element restaurant guide 31
30_33 hotels eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places     2/26/11   6:17 PM   Page 32

           lobby lounges
                                                                                                    in one of the lobby bar’s
                                                                                                    comfortable chairs or
                                                                                                    admire the hotel’s uni-
                                                                                                    que, miniature version of

                                                                                                    • Renaissance
                                                                                                       Moscow Monarch
                                                                                                    The Allegro Lobby Bar
                                                                                                    and Lounge in the Renais-
                                                                                                    sance Moscow Monarch
                                                                                                    Center is the perfect place
                                                                                                    to grab a bite of fresh sushi
                                                                                                    in style. The restaurant is
                                                                                                    open for breakfast, and in
                                                                                                    a nod to a healthy lifestyle,
                                                                                                    the healthiest options on
                                                                                                    the menu are labeled as
                                                                                                    low fat and carb-conscious.
                                                                                                    If you’re not counting calo-
                                                                                                    ries, grab one of the bar’s
                                                                                                    classic cocktails (around
                                                                                                    420 rubles each) or go for
                                                                                                    a serving of Jack Daniels
                                                                                                    (490 rubles). For the
                                                                                                    ladies, Allegro has a selec-
                                                                                                    tion of sparkling wines by
                                                                                                    the glass: Russian spar-
                                                                                                    kling wine is 320 rubles,
                                                                                                    prosecco can be had for
                                                                                                    450 and a flute of Piper
                                                                                                    Heidsieck costs 960 rubles.

                                                                                                    • Sheraton Palace
                                                                                                    The Sheraton Palace’s
            lotte hotel moscow                                                                      Piano Bar isn’t known for
           the food is far from cheap.   Daniels for 680 rubles.      Hotel Ukraina manages         its piano music, although
           A 920-ruble Caesar with       Louis Roederer cham-         to be one of the newest       in the evening it can be
           tiger shrimp or chicken is    pagne costs 1,320 rubles a   and yet the most histori-     heard. Instead, the place
           probably not the wisest       glass, but the sweeter       cal. Like the Hilton, the     is frequented during the
           investment, but the hotel     Russian version can be had   Ukraina is located in one     day by people from the
           does serve the best croque    for only 360.                of seven Stalinist sky-       surrounding office build-
           madam in the city (680                                     scrapers, and so the lobby    ings looking for a quick
           rubles) and a number of       • Radisson Royal             has all the splendor of the   bite and at night by
           enticing entrees, most          Ukraina                    era. Sip on a 450-ruble       elegant and dressed-to-
           around the 1,200-ruble        Opened on April 28 last      tumbler of Jack Daniels       impress customers grab-
           mark. Wash your meal          spring, the 24-hour lobby    or a 500-ruble glass of       bing a drink before a
           down with 50 mL of Jack       bar at the Radisson Royal    prosecco while you relax      meal at Yakor. One of the

    32 element restaurant guide
30_33 hotels eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places     2/26/11    6:17 PM      Page 33

                                             lobby lounges
        specialties of the bar is    dows of the hotel’s lobby,       on your 400-ruble Jack          hour establishment will be
        their dim sum menu, a        the Lightbar in the Swiss-       Daniels. Or, skip the meal      from other guests — de-
        comparatively recent ad-     otel Krasnye Holmy has to        and engage one of the           pending on how you’re
        dition. From 8 a.m. to 11    be one of the liveliest in       bar’s friendly barmen           dressed, of course. The
        a.m., guests can also        towns. A small list of sand-     while drinking your glass       hotel, still fairly young for
        munch on a selection of      wiches, like the 800-ruble       of prosecco (490 rubles).       the capital, has been tried
        enticing French desserts     club and ham and brie                                            and tested by the likes of
        from the hotel’s master      options, are augmented by        • The Ritz-Carlton              Angelina Jolie and Presi-
        pastry chef. Wash them       a tempting dessert case          The Ritz-Carlton Bar and        dent Obama, so it’s un-
        down with a 440-ruble        full of handmade confec-         Lobby Lounge might              likely that your needs will
        glass of prosecco or         tions. Take a seat at one of     seam overdone, but the          shock the staff. On the
        spring for a 1,650-ruble                                                                      food side, there is a small
        serving of Louis Roe-
        derer champagne. 40 mL
                                              ONE OF the bar’s                                        menu of typical salads and
                                                                                                      a huge selection of loose-
        of Jack Daniels goes for              specialties is their deli-                              leaf teas. But if you need
        580 rubles.                                                                                   something a bit stronger
                                              cious dim sum menu.                                     at the end of a long day,
        • Swissotel Krasnye                                                                           drown your sorrows with
          Holmy                      the brightly upholstered         menu is sophisticated and       50 mL of Jack Daniels
        Flooded by natural sun-      chairs and ponder the            the service is shockingly       (670 rubles) or a 3,000
        light, which pours through   flowers on the table in          unpretentious. The only         ruble glass of Louis
        the five-story glass win-    front of you while you sip       sneers you’ll get at this 24-   Roederer rose.


                                                                                                      element restaurant guide 33
34-35 map eng_#1 2011.qxp:34-35 Map.qxp   2/28/11   11:26 AM   Page 32
34-35 map eng_#1 2011.qxp:34-35 Map.qxp   2/28/11   11:26 AM   Page 33

36_distribution eng.qxp:24_Mini review eng                2/26/11       6:18 PM   Page 36

                                 looking for a copy of element ?
             35mm                     Chi                       (Simonovsky)          Lemoncello              Nobu NEW               yaniye Bourgeoisie
             16 Tons                  Chili’s NEW               Hot Dog’s             Le Pain Quotidien       Noor Bar               Soyuz Kompozitorov
             Akademiya                City Cafe na Lestnitse    Hotel Kadashevskaya   (Kamergersky)           Ogni NEW               Solyanka
             (Kamergersky)            Coffee Bean               Hyde Park Bar         Le Pain Quotidien       Old School Pub         Sport Cafe NEW
             All-Time Bar             (Pokrovka)                Il Forno              (Novinsky)              NEW                    Sretenskaya Hotel
             Amigo Miguel NEW         Coffee Bean               In Vino               Le Pain Quotidien       Osteria Montiroli      NEW
             Aozora                   (Leningradsky)            Italyanets            (Lesnaya)               Pancho Villa           Starlite Diner
             Ararat Park Hyatt        Coffee Bean               Jean Jeacque          Le Pain Quotidien       Papa’s Place           (Korovy Val)
             Hotel                    (Pyatnitskaya)            (Lva Tolstogo) NEW    (Belorusskaya)          Parizhsk               Starlite Diner
             Art Academiya NEW        Coffee Bean               Jean Jeacque          Le Pain Quotidien       Parizhskaya Zhizn      (Mayakovskaya)
             Art Garbage              (Sretenka)                (V. Radishevskaya)    (Park Kultury)          Pasta i Basta NEW      Starlite Diner
             Avocado                  Courvoisier Cafe          Jean Jeacque          Le Pain Quotidien       Peshi NEW              (Strastnoi Bulvar)
             Azale                    Courtyard by              (Tsvetnoi Bulvar)     (Taganskaya)            Pivnaya 01             Starlite Diner
             Azhur                    Marriott Hotel            Jean Jeacque          Le Pain Quotidien       Pizza Express          (Vernadskogo)
             B2                       Coyote Ugly               (Nikitsky Bulvar)     (Novoslobodskaya)       Pizza Hut              Starlite Diner
             Baltschug Kempinski      Cutty Sark                John Donne            Le Pain Quotidien       (Pyatnitskaya)         (Bolotnaya)
             Hotel                    Dantes                    (Lva Tolstogo) NEW    (Pyatnitskaya)          Pioneer Cinema         Stary Telegraf
             Bamboobar                Dai Sushi                 John Donne            Liden and Danze         Polly Sad              Steaks
             Bed Cafe                 (Kamergersky)             (V. Radishevskaya)    Liga Pap                Porto Maltese          Suliko (Bol. Polyanka)
             Beloye Solntse Pustyni   Dai Sushi (Kurskaya)      John Donne            Loft NEW                (1905 Goda)            Suliko
             Bells                    Darbar                    (Nikitskiy Bulvar)    Look In                 Presnya Cafe           (Patriarshye Prudy)
             Bentley Hotel NEW        Delis (Nikitsky Bulvar)   Jonka                 Louisiana               Prime Star (Arbat)     Sushi Vyosla NEW
             Beverly Hills Diner      Didu Cafe                 Kafe Cafe NEW         Luce NEW                Prime Star             Swissotel Krasnye
             Bianco                   Dissident NEW             Kalyan Place          Lucien NEW              (Pyatnitskaya)         Holmy
             Biskotti (Maroseika)     Doce Uvas NEW             Karma Bar             Maki Cafe               Prime Star             Tapa de Comida
             Biskotti                 Donna Margarita           Katie O’Shea’s        Mare Nostrum NEW        (Kamergersky)          Tema
             (Myasnitskaya)           Don Pedro                 Kavkazskaya           Market                  Propaganda             Thai-Thai
             Biskotti                 Dream Bar                 Plennitsa             Mari Vanna              Prostiye Veschi        The Most
             (Novoslobodskaya)        Duma                      Khajuraho             Marocana                Prostiye Veschi 2      Torro Grill
             Biskotti                 Dymov No.1                Khodja Nasreddin v    Marriott Grand Hotel    Pubblico Palazzo       (Universitet)
             (Pyatnitskaya) NEW       DzhonDzholi NEW           Khive                 Marriott Royal          Pyatnitsa Bar          Torro Grill
             BlackBerry NEW           El Asador NEW             Khodja Nasreddin v    Aurora Hotel            Pyotr I Hotel          (Proletarskaya)
             Bocconcino               El Gaucho                 Bukhare               Marriott Tverskaya      Radio City             Torro Grill (Rechnoi)
             (Tverskaya)              (Bol. Kozlovsky)          Khleb and Co          Hotel                   Radisson Royal Hotel   Torro Grill (Lesnaya)
             Bontempi NEW             El Gaucho                 (Tverskaya)           Masterskaya             Ukraina                Tsveteniye Sakury
             Bookafe                  (Sadovaya-                Khleb and Co          Maxima Pizza            Ragout                 Tsifry
             Booze Bub                Triumfalnaya) NEW         (Tverskaya-           (Leningradsky)          Real McCoy             Tutto Bene
             Bosco Bar                Elardzhi NEW              Yamskaya)             Metropol Hotel          Remi                   Uzbekistan
             Bosco Cafe               Expat Salon               Khleb and Co          Mio                     Renaissance Monarch    Vensky Delicatessen
             Botanika                 Free Bar                  (Ostozhenka)          Mili                    Hotel                  NEW
             (Bol. Gruzinskaya)       Filial                    Khleb and Co          Mi Piace (Tverskaya)    Renaissance Moscow     Vermel
             Bordo                    Gandhara                  (Chistoprudny)        Mi Piace                Hotel                  Viaggio
             Bouillabaisse            Gastronomica Fish         Khleb and Co          (Tverskaya-Yamskaya)    Respublika Sushi       (Komsomolsky)
             Bow Ball                 NEW                       (Studencheskaya)      Mi Piace                (1905 Goda)            Viaggio
             Braziliero               Glyase                    Krizis Zhanra         (Bol. Ordynka)          Rock’n’Roll NEW        (Dorogomilovsky)
             Buddies Cafe             Golden Apple Hotel        Kukly Pistolety NEW   Mi Piace (Novy Arbat)   Rosie O’Grady’s        Viaggio
             Bufet NEW                Golden Ring Hotel         Kult                  Mi Piace (Pokrovka)     Russkaya Okhota        (Spasogolinishevsky)
             Buono NEW                GoodBeef NEW              Kvartira 44           Mi Piace (Sadovaya-     NEW                    Viet Cafe (Tverskaya)
             Cafe Bolognese           Gorki                     (Bol. Yakimanka)      Samotechnaya)           Scandinavia            Viet Cafe (Yakimanka)
             Cafe Mechta NEW          Grotta                    NEW                   Mi Piace (Chayanova)    Seno                   Vinoteka Le
             Cafe Pion NEW            Gusyatnikoff NEW          Kvartira 44           Mollie’s                Shafran NEW            Sommelier NEW
             Cafe Uzbek NEW           H2O NEW                   (Mal. Nikitskaya)     Moscafe NEW             Shalyai-Valyai         Vogue Cafe
             Caribe                   Hard Rock Cafe            NEW                   Moscow International    Shandra                World Fashion Cafe
             Carre Blanc              Help                                            House of Music NEW      Shanti                 NEW
             Chaika                   Hilton Moscow             l’Albero NEW          Moskvich                Sheraton Palace        Yaki Soba Udon
             Chaikhona No. 1          Leningradskaya Hotel      La Pizza              Munchen                 Sherbet                Yapona Mama
             (Park Kultury)           Holiday Inn               (Paveletskaya)        Muscat                  Sirena                 (Tsvetnoi Bulvar)
             Chaikhona No. 1          (Suschevsky)              La Provincia          Myata                   Simple Pleasures       Yapona Mama
             (Barrikadnaya)           Holiday Inn (Lesnaya)     La Scaletta           Navarro’s               Silver’s               (Smolensky Bulvar)

             Che                      Holiday Inn (Sokolniki)   La Serenata           National Hotel          Sky Lounge             Yoko
             Chernyshevsky            Holiday Inn               Lavash                Night Flight            Skromnoye Oba-         Zona

                                        if you can’t get                                          at these locations,
                                          your hands on                                           call 933-0289
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                   2/26/11       5:41 PM       Page 37

        RESTAURANTS                             Ul., Metro: Taganskaya,
        US$ per person without alcohol          Tel. 915-2818
        $ = up to $25 (up to 750 rubles);       $$ Munchen, 10/7
        $$ = $25-$50 (750-1,500 rubles);        Rozhdestvensky Bul., Metro:
        $$$ = $50-$75 (1,500-2,250              Trubnaya, Tel. 628-2800
        rubles); $$$$ = $75-$100 (2,250-        $$$ Pivnaya Kelya Monks
        3,000 rubles); $$$$$ = over $100        and Nuns, 3 Sivtsev Vrazhek Per.,
        (3,000 rubles and up)                   Metro: Kropotkinskaya,
                                                Tel. 697-6841
        African                                 $$ Pilsner (multiple locations),
        $$ Addis-Abeba Cafe, 6/1                1 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,
        Zemlyanoi Val Ul., Metro: Kurskaya,     Metro: Mayakovskaya,
        Tel. 916-2432                           Tel. (499) 251-2023
                                                $ Poslednyaya Kaplya,
        American                                4 Strastnoi Bul., Bldg. 3, Metro:
        $$ American Bar & Grill                 Chekhovskaya, Tel. 692-7681
        (multiple locations), 2/1 1-ya          $$ Probka (multiple locations),
        Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul., Metro:          15 Ukrainsky Bul., Metro: Kievskaya,
        Mayakovskaya, Tel. 250-9525             Tel. (499) 243-3336
        $$ Beverly Hills Diner (multiple        $$ Pyat Oborotov, 61a
        locations), 1 Sretenka Ul., Metro:      Profsoyuznaya Ul., Metro:
        Turgenevskaya, Tel. 625-4221            Kaluzhskaya, Tel. 727-3478
        $$ Chili’s, 17 Novy Arbat Ul.,          $$ Pyaty Okean, 20
        Metro: Arbatskaya, Tel. 695-5092        Marksistskaya Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:
        $$ Corner Burger, 76 Bol.               Marksistskaya, Tel. 912-9617
        Gruzinskaya Ul., Metro:                 $$ Starina Mueller (multiple loca-
        Belorusskaya, Tel. 926-8398             tions), 18a Mal. Dmitrovka Ul.,                                                                  braziliero
        $$ Frendy’s, 28 Pokrovka Ul.,           Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 699-8434      $$$ Elardzhi, 15a Gagarinsky            $$ Shesh-Besh (multiple locations),
        Bentley Hotel, Metro: Kurskaya,         $$ Steeple Chase, 16                    Per., Metro: Kropotkinskaya,            24 Pyatnitskaya Ul., Metro:
        Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 917-4795           Spartakovskaya Ul., Metro:              Tel. 627-7897                           Tretyakovskaya, Tel. 959-5862
        $$ Hot Dog’s, 26 Zemlyanoi Val          Baumanskaya, Tel. (499) 261-4774        $$ Genatsvale, 12 Ostozhenka            $$$ Suliko, 42 Bol. Polyanka Ul.,
        Ul., Metro: Kurskaya, Tel. 917-0150     $$ Tinkoff, 11 Protochny Per.,          Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Park Kultury,      Bldg. 1, Metro: Polyanka,
        $$ Hard Rock Cafe, 44/1 Arbat           Metro: Smolenskaya, Tel. 780-5888       Kropotkinskaya, Tel. 695-0401           Tel. (499) 238-2888
        Ul., Metro: Smolenskaya,                $$ Zolotaya Vobla (multiple loca-       $$$$ Genatsvale na Arbate,              $$ Tinatin, 58 Plyuschikha Ul.,
        Tel. (499) 241-4342                     tions), 9 Sushchevsky Val Ul.,          11/2 Novy Arbat Ul., Bldg. 2,           Bldg. 1a, Metro: Park Kultury,
        $$ Starlite Diner (multiple loca-       Bldg. 1, Metro: Savyolovskaya,          Metro: Arbatskaya, Tel. 697-9453        Kievskaya, Tel. 761-3800
        tions), 16a Bol. Sadovaya Ul., Metro:   Tel. 788-4102                           $$ Karetny Dvor, 52 Povarskaya          $$$$ Zafferano, 8 Novinsky Bul.,
        Mayakovskaya, Tel. 650-0246                                                     Ul., Metro: Barrikadnaya,               Metro: Smolenskaya, Tel. 258-9305
        $$ T.G.I. Friday’s                      Bulgarian                               Tel. 691-6376
        (multiple locations), 18/2 Tverskaya    $$ Baba Marta, 8 Gogolevsky             $$$$$ Kavkazskaya Plennitsa,            Chinese
        Ul., Metro: Pushkinskaya,               Bul., Metro: Kropotkinskaya,            36 Prospekt Mira Ul., Metro:            $$$ BambooBar, 8/1
        Tel. 694-5653/699-2032                  Tel. 232-9209                           Prospekt Mira, Tel. 680-5111            Presnenskaya Nab., Moskva Citi,
                                                                                        $$ Kazan, 17 Kutuzovsky Pr.,            Metro: Delovoi Tsentr, Tel. 970-4341
        Beer                                    Caribbean                               Metro: Kievskaya,                       $$ Chi, 15/2 Lubyansky Proyezd,
        $$ Bavarius (multiple locations),       $$$$ Old Havana, 28 Talalikhina         Tel. (499) 243-1727                     Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 621-3552
        21/10 Komsomolsky Pr.,                  Ul., Metro: Volgogradsky Prospekt,      $$ Khachapuri (multiple loca-           $$ China City, 11 Korovy Val Ul.,
        Metro: Frunzenskaya,                    Tel. 676-1044                           tions), 10 Bol. Gnezdnikovsky Per.,     Metro: Dobryninskaya,
        Tel. (499) 245-2395                                                             Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. 629-6656         Oktyabrskaya, Tel. (499) 230-1185
        $$ BeerStrasse (multiple loca-          Caucasian                               $$$ Kurabye, 6/37 Sadovaya-             $$$$ China Dream, 71
        tions), 2 Turgenevskaya Pl., Metro:     $$$ Baku, 24 Kutuzovsky Pr.,            Sukharevskaya Ul., Metro: Tsvetnoi      Kutuzovsky Pr., Metro: Kuntsevskaya,
        Turgenevskaya, Tel. 641-3444            Metro: Kievskaya, Kutuzovskaya,         Bulvar, Tel. 624-9049                   Slavyansky Bulvar, Tel. 735-2751
        $$$ Durdin (multiple locations),        Tel. (499) 243-9494                     $$$$ Lavash, 7 Tsvetnoi Bul.,           $$$ China Garden,
        80 Leningradsky Pr., Metro: Sokol,      $$$ Barashka (multiple locations),      Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Tel. 625-8285   12 Krasnopresnenskaya Nab.,
        Tel. 780-5435                           20/1 Petrovka Ul., Metro: Kuznetsky     $$ Madame Galife, 26 Prospekt           Crown Plaza Hotel, Metro: Ulitsa
        $$ Dymov №1, 34 Sofiiskaya              Most, Tel. 625-2892                     Mira Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Prospekt      1905 Goda, Tel. 967-0586
        Nab., Bldg. 1, Metro:                   $$$ Chernomorskaya Riviera,             Mira, Tel. 775-2601                     $$ Dim Sum, 3 Smolenskaya Pl.,
        Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 951-7571          8a Prospekt 60 Let Oktyabrya Ul.,       $$ Mama Nina, 8 Sechenovsky             Smolensky Passazh mall, Metro:
        $$ Kolbasoff (multiple locations),      Metro: Leninsky Prospekt,               Per., Metro: Kropotkinskaya,            Smolenskaya, Tel. 937-8425
        21 Taganskaya Ul., Metro:               Tel. (499) 783-3301                     Tel. 637-7743                           $$ Drevny Kitai,
        Marksistskaya, Tel. 258-5900            $$ DzhonDzholi, 20/1 Tverskaya          $$ Sakhli, 6 Bol. Karetny Per.,         5/6 Kamergersky Per., Bldg. 4,
        $$$ Metro (multiple locations),         Ul., Metro: Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya,    Bldg. 1, Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar,        Metro: Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 692-2900
        2/1 Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya          Tel. 650-5567                           Tel. 699-4503                           $$ Druzhba, 4 Novoslobodskaya

                                                                                                                                element restaurant guide 37
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                  2/26/11        5:41 PM       Page 38

           Ul., Druzhba mall,                       $$$ John Bull Pub (multiple loca-       $$$ El Parador, 12 Tverskaya Ul.,      8/6 Kravchenko Ul., Metro: Prospekt
           Metro: Novoslobodskaya,                  tions), 9 Karmanitsky Per., Metro:      Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. 629-3671        Vernadskogo, Tel. 995-0065
           Tel. (499) 973-1234                      Smolenskaya, Tel. (499) 241-0644        $$ Gubernatorsky,                      $ Prime Star (multiple locations),
           $$$ Khram Drakona,                       $ John Donne, 12 Nikitsky Bul.,         22 Voznesensky Per., Metro:            7/5 Kamergersky Per., Metro:
           37 Leninsky Pr., Metro: Leninsky         Metro: Arbatskaya, Tel. 627-6907        Tverskaya, Tel. 797-2682, 785-1753     Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 629-5011
           Prospekt, Tel. 958-0707                  $$$ William Bass, 9 Mal.                $$ Kvartira 44 (multiple loca-         $ Pizza Hut (multiple locations),
           $$ Kitaisky Kvartal                      Yakimanka Ul., Metro: Polyanka,         tions), 24/8 Mal. Yakimanka Ul.,       29/8 Pyatnitskaya Ul., Metro:
           (multiple locations), 12 Prospekt Mira   Tel. 778-1874                           Metro: Polyanka,                       Tretyakovskaya, Tel. 959-5454
           Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Prospekt Mira,                                              Tel. (499) 238-8234                    $ Rostik’s (multiple locations),
           Tel. 607-6252                            European                                $$$$ Manon, 2 1905 Goda Ul.,           2 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,
           $$ Mama Tao, 56/1 Pyatnitskaya           $$ Arkhitektor, 20 Mal.                 Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,               Metro: Mayakovskaya,
           Ul., Metro: Dobryninskaya,               Nikitskaya Ul., Metro: Barrikadnaya,    Tel. 651-8100                          Tel. 251-2418
           Tel. 953-4249                            Tel. 691-7738                           $$ Moscafe, 24 Leningradsky Pr.,       $ Sbarro (multiple locations),
           $$ Makao Cafe, 2 Pushkinskaya            $$$$$ Andreas, 12 Kutuzovsky            Metro: Belorusskaya, Tel. 933-1408     15 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,
           Pl., Metro: Pushkinskaya,                Pr., Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. 725-5575    $$$$ Night Flight, 17 Tverskaya        Metro: Mayakovskaya,
           Tel. 650-9222                            $$$ Buffet, 46 Alexandra                Ul., Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. 629-4165   Tel. 785-1575
           $$$ Mr. Lee, 7 Kuznetsky Most Ul.,       Solzhenitsyna Ul., Metro: Ploschad      $$ Ragout, 69 Bol. Gruzinskaya
           Metro: Kuznetsky Most,                   Ilyicha, Tel. 988-2857                  Ul., Metro: Belorusskaya,              French
           Tel. 628-7678                            $$$$ Ded Pikhto,                        Tel. 728-6458                          $$$$$ Bolshoi, 3/6 Petrovka Ul.,
           $$ Pekinskaya Utka (multiple             37 Myasnitskaya Ul., Bldg. 3,           $$$$ Scandinavia, 7 Mal.               Bldg. 2, Metro: Kuznetsky Most,
           locations), 24 Tverskaya Ul., Metro:     Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 915-8383    Palashevsky Per., Metro: Tverskaya,    Tel. 789-8652
           Mayakovskaya, Tel. 755-8401              $$ Delicatessen, 20 Sadovaya-           Pushkinskaya, Tel. 694-4986            $$$$$ Cafe des Artistes,
           $$$$$ Turandot, 26/5 Tverskoi            Karetnaya Ul., Bldg. 2,                 $$$$$ Simple Pleasures,                5/6 Kamergersky Per., Metro:
           Bul., Metro: Pushkinskaya,               Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Tel. 699-3952   22/1 Sretenka Ul., Metro:              Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 692-4042
           Tel. 739-0011                            $$$$ Doce Uvas,                         Sukharevskaya, Tel. 607-1521           $$ Cafe Michel,
           $$ Zyu Cafe (multiple locations),        17 Prechistenskaya Nab., Metro:         $$$ Staraya Ploschad, 8 Bol.           13 Krasnaya Presnya Ul.,
           17 Novy Arbat Ul., Metro:                Kropotkinskaya, Tel. 695-1625           Cherkassky Per., Metro: Lubyanka,      Metro: Krasnopresnenskaya,
           Arbatskaya, Tel. 691-9089                $$ Don Pedro, 9 Spiridonyevsky          Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 298-4688             Tel. (499) 252-5044
                                                    Per., Metro: Pushkinskaya,              $$$ Tapa De Comida,                    $$$$$ Calvados, 28 Leninsky Pr.,
           English                                  Tel. 695-7411                           20/2 Trubnaya Ul., Bldg. 3,            Metro: Leninsky Prospekt,
           $$$ Molly Gwynn’s (multiple              $$$ El Asador,                          Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Trubnaya,      Tel. 633-1010
           locations), 24 Novy Arbat Ul., Bldg.     45/3 Bol. Ordynka Ul., Metro:           Tel. 608-2007                          $$$ Carre Blanc,
           2, Metro: Arbatskaya, Tel. 690-3317      Tretyakovskaya, Tel. 953-1418           $$$$ The Sad, 4 Yakimanskaya           19/2 Seleznyovskaya Ul., Metro:
                                                                                            Nab., Bldg. 1, Metro: Polyanka,        Novoslobodskaya, Tel. 258-4403
                                                                                            Tel. 783-8108                          $$$ Gavroche, 11 Timura Frunze
                                                                                            $$$$$ Tsifry, 40 Pokrovka Ul.,         Ul., Bldg. 19, Metro: Park Kultury,
                                                                                            Bldg. 2, Mamaison All-Suites Spa       Tel. (499) 558-0838
                                                                                            Hotel Pokrovka, Metro: Chistiye        $$$$$ Les Menus par Pierre
                                                                                            Prudy, Tel. 229-5778                   Gagnaire, 8 Novinsky Bul., Lotte
                                                                                            $$ Vensky Delicatessen,                Hotel Moscow, Metro: Smolenskaya,
                                                                                            62 Bol. Gruzinskaya Ul., Metro:        Tel. 287-0515
                                                                                            Belorusskaya, Tel. (499) 254-3552      $$$$$ Parisienne,
                                                                                            $$$$$ Zolotoi, 5/3 Kutuzovsky Pr.,     31 Leningradsky Pr., Bldg. 9, Metro:
                                                                                            Metro: Kievskaya,                      Dinamo, Tel. 613-0784
                                                                                            Tel. (499) 243-6540                    $$$$$ The Most, 6/3 Kuznetsky
                                                                                                                                   Most Ul., Metro: Kuznetsky Most,
                                                                                            Fast Food                              Tel. 660-0706
                                                                                            $ Burger King (multiple locations),    $$$$$ Vanil, 1 Ostozhenka Ul.,
                                                                                            16a Leningradskoye Shosse, Bldg. 4,    Metro: Kropotkinskaya,
                                                                                            Metropolis mall, Metro: Voikovskaya,   Tel. 637-1082
                                                                                            Tel. 792-3787
                                                                                            $ LunchBox (multiple location),        Indian
                                                                                            24 Bol. Nikitskaya Ul., Bldg. 1,       $$$ Darbar, 38 Leninsky Pr.,
                                                                                            Metro: Arbatskaya, Tverskaya,          Sputnik Hotel, Metro: Leninsky
                                                                                            Tel. 697-6088                          Prospekt, Tel. 930-2925/2365
                                                                                            $ McDonald’s (multiple locations),     $ Devi Cafe, 21a Miklukho-
                                                                                            29 Bol. Bronnaya Ul., Metro:           Maklaya Ul., Metro: Belyayevo,
                                                                                            Pushkinskaya, Tel. 694-1655;           Yugo-Zapadnaya, Tel. 544-4640
                                                                                            $ New York Fries and Wings,            $$$ Khajuraho, 14 Shmitovsky
                                                                                            1 Sretenka Ul., Metro: Sretensky       Proyezd, Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,
                                                                                            Bulvar, Tel. 625-1936                  Tel. (499) 256-8136
             chicago prime                                                                  $ Papa John’s (multiple locations),    $$ Maharaja, 2/1 Pokrovka Ul.

    38 element restaurant guide
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                  2/26/11       5:41 PM        Page 39

        (enter off Starosadsky Per.),          Metro: Tretyakovskaya,
        Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 621-9844,     Tel. (499) 238-6401
        621-7758                               $$$ El Kamina, 4 Bol. Kozlovsky
        $$ Tajj Mahal, 10 Vozdvizhenka         Per., Bldg. 4, Metro: Krasniye
        Ul., Metro: Arbatskaya,                Vorota, Tel. 608-1810
        Tel. 363-1740                          $$$ Farina Bianca,
                                               11 Stolovy Per., Bldg. 2,
        Italian                                Metro: Tverskaya, Arbatskaya,
        $$$ Akademiya (multiple loca-          Tel. 695-6000
        tions), 2 Kamergersky Per., Bldg. 1,   $$$ Gamberi (multiple locations),
        Metro: Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 692-9649     11 Ostrovityanova Ul., Bldg. 1,
        $$ Art Akademiya,                      Metro: Konkovo, Tel. 979-0174
        6/3 Bersenevskaya Nab., Metro:         $$$$$ Giardino Italiano,
        Kropotkinskaya, Tel. 771-7446          37 Leninsky Pr., Metro: Leninsky
        $$ Benvenuto (multiple locations),     Prospekt, Tel. 958-1292
        6 Velozavodskaya Ul., Metro:           $$$$ Giovedi Cafe,
        Avtozavodskaya, Tel. 675-0033          26 Ozerkovskaya Nab., Metro:
        $$ Biskotti (multiple locations),      Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 772-9737
        6/1 Pyatnitskaya Ul., Metro:           $$$ Grotta, 27/4 Bol. Bronnaya
        Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 951-7292         Ul., Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. 694-3057
        $$$$$ Bistrot, 12 Bol. Savvinsky       $$$ Il Forno, 8/10 Neglinnaya Ul.,
        Per., Bldg. 2, Metro: Kievskaya,       Metro: Kuznetsky Most,
        Tel. (499) 248-4045                    Tel. 621-9080
        $$$ Bocconcino (multiple loca-         $ Il Patio (multiple locations),
        tions), 7 Strastnoi Bul.,              2 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,
        Metro: Chekhovskaya, Tel. 699-7359     Bldg. 1, Metro: Mayakovskaya,
        $$$ Bontempi (multiple locations),     Tel. (499) 251-0884                                                                             moskvich
        12 Bersenevskaya Nab., Bldg. 1,        $$$ Italyanets, 13 Samotechnaya          Tel. (499) 250-0893                   Kievskaya, Tel. 545-0171
        Metro: Kropotkinskaya,                 Ul., Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar,             $ Mir Pizzy (multiple locations),     $$$ Prego Pizza & Pasta,
        Tel. 223-1387                          Tel. 688-6401/5651                       6 Smolenskaya Pl., Metro:             6 Dolgorukovskaya Ul., Metro:
        $$$$ Buono, 2/1 Kutuzovsky Pr.,        $$$$$ l’Albero, 7 Delegatskaya           Smolenskaya, Tel. (499) 241-2716      Novoslobodskaya, Tel. 785-7895
        Bldg. 1, Radisson Royal Hotel          Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar,    $$$$$ Noa, 7 Protochny Per.,          $$$ Settebello, 3 Sadovaya-
        Ukraina, Metro: Kievskaya,             Tel. 650-1674                            Metro: Smolenskaya,                   Samotechnaya Ul., Metro: Tsvetnoi
        Tel. 221-5555                          $$ La Pizza (multiple locations),        Tel. (499) 252-7216                   Bulvar, Tel. 699-3039
        $$$$$ Cantinetta Antinori,             2 Zatsepsky Val Ul.,                     $$$ Osteria di Campagna,              $$$ Sorriso, 7 Tverskaya Ul.,
        20 Denezhny Per., Metro:               Metro: Paveletskaya, Tel. 953-7284       74 Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Shosse,        Metro: Okhotny Ryad,
        Smolenskaya, Tel. (499) 241-3325       $$ La Scaletta, 1/4 2-y Smolensky        Bldg. 1, Metro: Krylatskoye,          Tel. 988-0875, 988-0874
        $$$$$ Casta Diva, 26 Tverskoi          Per., Metro: Smolenskaya,                Tel. 635-4831                         $$$ Spaghetteria,
        Bul., Metro: Pushkinskaya,             Tel. (499) 795-1160                      $$$$ Osteria Montiroli, 60 Bol.       10 Blagoveschensky Per., Bldg. 2,
        Tel. 651-8181                          $$ La Seranata,                          Nikitskaya Ul., Bldg. 2, Metro:       Metro: Mayakovskaya,
        $$ Centrale (multiple locations),      19 Dolgorukovskaya Ul., Bldg. 7,         Barrikadnaya, Tel. 799-5590           Tel. 699-4049
        17 Kutuzovsky Pr., Metro: Kievskaya,   Metro: Novoslobodskaya,                  $$$$ Osteria Olivietta, 20 Mal.       $$$$ Spettacolo, 48 Kutuzovsky
        Tel. (499) 243-5457                    Tel. 721-8899                            Dmitrovka, Metro: Mayakovskaya,       Pr., Vremena Goda mall, Metro: Park
        $$ Chernyshevsky,                      $$$ Lemoncello (multiple loca-           Pushkinskaya, Tel. 915-8474           Pobedy, Tel. 662-4257;
        47/24 Pokrovka Ul., Metro: Krasniye    tions), 32 Bol. Serpukhovskaya Ul.,      $$ Pasta Creative (multiple loca-     $$ Vapiano (multiple locations),
        Vorota, Tel. 916-3247                  Bldg. 1, Metro: Serpukhovskaya,          tions), 5a Balaklavsky Pr., Metro:    26/1 Prospekt Mira Ul.,
        $$ Cibo i Vino, 21 Pokrovka Ul.,       Tel. (499) 236-1188                      Chertanovskaya, Tel. 310-0077         Metro: Prospekt Mira, Tel. 937-8809
        Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 624-0377   $$ Limoncino, 33 Profsoyuznaya           $$ Pasta della Mamma,                 $$ Venezia, 4 Strastnoi Bul.,
        $$$$ Chichibio,                        Ul., Metro: Noviye Cheryomushki,         12/9 Spiridonyevsky Per., Metro:      Bldg. 3, Metro: Chekhovskaya,
        12/2 Bol. Kozikhinsky Per.,            Tel. (499) 128-2921                      Tverskaya, Tel. 730-5600              Tel. 650-6009
        Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 650-4410     $$ Mamina Pasta (multiple loca-          $$ Pasta i Basta, 4 Sretensky         $$ Viaggio (multiple locations),
        $$$$ Da Giacomo,                       tions), 9 Zemlyanoi Val Ul., Metro:      Bul., Metro: Turgenevskaya,           9/1 Bol. Spasoglinishchevsky Per.,
        25/20 Spiridonovka Ul.,                Kurskaya, Tel. 221-6464                  Tel. 624-5252                         Bldg. 16, Metro: Kitai-Gorod,
        Metro: Barrikadnaya, Tel. 972-6964     $$$ Mamma Giovanna,                      $$$$ Peperoni, 17 Petrovka Ul.,       Tel. 623-9723
        $$ Da Pino (multiple locations),       26 Kadashevskaya Nab., Metro:            Bldg. 1, Metro: Trubnaya,
        32 Perovskaya Ul., Metro: Perovo,      Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 287-8720           Chekhovskaya, Tel. 980-7350           Japanese
        Tel. 306-7839                          $$ Mili, 15 Lubyansky Proyezd,           $$$ Piccolino,                        $$ Aozora, 38 Leninsky Pr., Metro:
        $$ Donna Margarita, 2 1905             Bldg. 2, Metro: Kitai-Gorod,             11/12 1-y Kolobovsky Per., Metro:     Leninsky Prospekt, Tel. 930-5830
        Goda Ul., Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,     Tel. 625-1020                            Trubnaya, Chekhovskaya,               $$ Daikon (multiple locations),
        Tel. 682-7000                          $$ Mi Piace (multiple locations),        Tel. 799-8292                         12 Prospekt Mira Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:
        $$$ Dorian Gray, 6                     22 Chayanova Ul., Bldg. 4,               $$$ Pinocchio (multiple locations),   Prospekt Mira, Sukharevskaya,
        Kadashevskaya Nab., Bldg. 1,           Metro: Novoslobodskaya,                  4/2 Kutuzovsky Pr., Bldg. 1, Metro:   Tel. 607-7578

                                                                                                                              element restaurant guide 39
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places               2/26/11       5:41 PM       Page 40

           $ Dve Palochki (multiple loca-        Tel. 645-3191                          Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Mayakovskaya,      Proyezd, Bldg. 4, Metro: Ulitsa 1905
           tions), 24/7 Myasnitskaya Ul.,        $$ Planet Sushi (multiple loca-        Tel. (499) 254-0805                     Goda, Tel. (499) 259-3791
           Bldg. 1, Metro: Turgenevskaya,        tions), 2 Shabolovka Ul., Bldg. 1,     $ Yakitoria (multiple locations),       $$$ Pancho Villa,
           Tel. 625-1124                         Metro: Shabolovskaya,                  29 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,         52 Bol. Yakimanka Ul., Metro:
           $ Dai Sushi (multiple locations),     Oktyabrskaya, Tel. (499) 237-5000      Bldg. 1, Metro: Belorusskaya,           Oktyabrskaya, Tel. (499) 238-7913
           5/7 Kamergersky Per., Metro:          $$$$$ Seiji, 5/2 Komsomolsky Pr.,      Tel. (499) 250-5385                     $$ Papa Joe’s,
           Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 629-1060           Metro: Park Kultury,                   $$ Yapona Mama (multiple loca-          26 Nikolo-Yamskaya Ul., Bldg. 1,
           $ Gin-No Taki (multiple locations),   Tel. (499) 246-7624                    tions), 11 Tsvetnoi Bul., Bldg. 3,      Metro: Taganskaya, Tel. 775-2710
           58/2 Bol. Yakimanka Ul., Metro:       $ Shu Cafe, 82 Sadovnicheskaya         Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Tel. 621-6098
           Oktyabrskaya, Tel. (499) 238-1916     Ul., Bldg. 2, Metro: Paveletskaya,     $$$$$ Yoko, 5 Soimonovsky               Middle Eastern
           $$$$$ Ginkgo, 3 Tverskaya Ul.,        Tel. 995-1701                          Proyezd, Metro: Kropotkinskaya,         $$ Al Andaluz, 13/16 Bol.
           The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Metro:        $$ Simitsu, 2 2-ya Tverskaya-          Tel. 637-1370                           Lubyanka Ul., Metro: Lubyanka,
           Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 225-8888           Yamskaya Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:                                                  Tel. 623-9314
           $ Ichiban Boshi (multiple loca-       Mayakovskaya, Tel. (499) 251-0984      Meat                                    $ Beirut, 21 Miklukho-Maklaya Ul.,
           tions), 22 Krasnaya Presnya Ul.,      $$ Sushi Rumba, 7 Tverskaya Ul.,       $$$ Beef and Reef (multiple loca-       Metro: Yugo-Zapadnaya,
           Metro: Krasnopresnenskaya,            Metro: Okhotny Ryad,                   tions), 20 Mal. Dmitrovka Ul., Metro:   Tel. 787-3901
           Tel. (499) 790-0379                   Tel. 988-0875, 988-0874                Mayakovskaya, Tel. 609-6414             $$ Damas, 6/8 Maroseika Ul.,
           $$$$$ Kinki, 11 Osennyaya Ul.,        $$ Sushi Vyosla (multiple loca-        $$$$$ Beefbar,                          Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 628-8181
           Metro: Krylatskoye, Tel. 781-1697     tions), 25 Nikolskaya Ul., Nautilus    13 Prechistenskaya Nab., Bldg. 1,       $$$$ Farsi, 2/1 Kutuzovsky Pr.,
           $ Menza, 32 Bol. Dmitrovka Ul.,       mall, Metro: Lubyanka, Tel. 937-0521   Metro: Park Kultury, Tel. 988-9308      Radisson Royal Hotel Ukraina,
           Bldg. 1, Metro: Pushkinskaya,         $$$$ Takasa, 2/1 Kutuzovsky Pr.,       $$$ Beefbar Junior (multiple            Metro: Kievskaya,
           Chekhovskaya, Tel. 650-3240           Radisson Royal Hotel Ukraina,          locations), 13 Prechistenskaya Nab.,    Tel. (499) 243-2020
           $ Morye Sushi,                        Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. 229-8309        Bldg. 1, Metro: Park Kultury,           $$ Finikiya, 10/7 Shmitovsky
           24/15 2-ya Brestskaya Ul., Metro:     $$ Take (multiple locations),          Tel. 988-9308                           Proyezd, Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,
           Belorusskaya, Tel. (499) 251-6898     3/7 Kutuzovsky Pr.,                    $$$ Braziliero, 10 Arbat Ul.,           Tel. 605-8804
           $$$$$ Nobu, 20 Bol. Dmitrovka         Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. 974-8120        Metro: Arbatskaya, Tel. 933-7292        $$ Ketama, 5/6 Bol. Dmitrovka
           Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Okhotny Ryad,    $$ Tsveteniye Sakury, 7 Krasina        $$$$ Chicago Prime, 8a Strastnoi        Ul., Bldg. 5, Metro: Teatralnaya,
                                                                                        Bul., Metro: Chekhovskaya,              Tel. 692-9268
                                                                                        Tel. 988-1717                           $ Korolevsky Falafel, 32/36
                                                                                        $ GoodBeef (multiple locations),        Usachyova Ul., Metro: Sportivnaya,
                                                                                        15-17 Bol. Cherkassky Per., Bldg. 1,    Tel. (919) 964-3685
                                                                                        Metro: Lubyanka, Kitai-Gorod,           $$$ Marocana,
                                                                                        Tel. 220-1320                           1/15 Kotelnicheskaya Nab., Bldg. 3,
                                                                                        $$$ Goodman (multiple locations),       Metro: Taganskaya, Tel. 915-3500
                                                                                        23 Tverskaya Ul., Metro: Tverskaya,     $$$ Muscat, 11 Novoslobodskaya
                                                                                        Tel. 937-5679                           Ul., Metro: Novoslobodskaya,
                                                                                        $$$$$ El Gaucho (multiple loca-         Tel. (499) 973-5174
                                                                                        tions), 6/13 Zatsepsky Val Ul.,         $$$$ Shafran,
                                                                                        Metro: Paveletskaya, Tel. 953-2876      12/9 Spiridonyevsky Per., Metro:
                                                                                        $$$$ Louisiana American                 Pushkinskaya, Tel. 737-9500
                                                                                        Steak House, 30 Pyatnitskaya Ul.,       $$ Sherbet (multiple locations),
                                                                                        Bldg. 4, Metro: Tretyakovskaya,         15/13 Petrovka Ul., Metro:
                                                                                        Tel. 959-5506                           Teatralnaya, Kuznetsky Most,
                                                                                        $$ Macho Grill, 2 Pushkinskaya          Tel. 628-1597
                                                                                        Pl., Metro: Pushkinskaya,               $$ Shisha (multiple locations),
                                                                                        Tel. 650-9333                           37 Bol. Gruzinskaya Ul., Bldg. 2,
                                                                                        $$$$$ Myasnoi Klub,                     Metro: Belorusskaya,
                                                                                        19 Kuznetsky Most Ul., Bldg. 1,         Tel. (499) 253-2423
                                                                                        Metro: Kuznetsky Most,                  $$ Sindbad, 14 Nikitsky Bul.,
                                                                                        Tel. 625-1729                           Metro: Arbatskaya, Pushkinskaya,
                                                                                        $$ Torro Grill (multiple locations),    Tel. 691-7115
                                                                                        5B Lesnaya Ul., White Square busi-      $$ Sultan, 3 Ordzhonikidze Ul.,
                                                                                        ness center, Metro: Belorusskaya,       Metro: Shabolovskaya,
                                                                                        Tel. 640-1020                           Tel. 958-2921
                                                                                                                                $$$ Vostochnaya Komnata,
                                                                                        Mexican                                 3 Smolenskaya Pl., Smolensky
                                                                                        $$ Amigo Miguel,                        Passazh mall, Metro: Smolenskaya,
                                                                                        47 Leningradsky Pr.,                    Tel. 937-8423
                                                                                        Metro: Aeroport, Tel. 660-7342
                                                                                        $$ La Cantina, 5/6 Tverskaya Ul.,       Mixed
                                                                                        Metro: Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 692-5388      $$$$$ Aist, 8/1 Mal. Bronnaya Ul.,
             renaissance monarch                                                        $$ Navarro’s, 23 Shmitovsky             Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. (499) 940-7030

    40 element restaurant guide
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                  2/26/11       5:41 PM        Page 41

        $$$ Assaggiatore,                      $$$$$ Nedalny Vostok,
        26/1 Ostozhenka Ul., Metro:            15 Tverskoi Bul., Bldg. 2, Metro:
        Kropotkinskaya, Tel. (499) 766-9858    Tverskaya, Tel. 694-0154
        $$$ Balkon, 8 Novinsky Bul.,           $$$ Nooning,
        Lotte Plaza, Metro: Smolenskaya,       12 Savvinskaya Nab.,
        Tel. 788-8298                          Bldg. 10, Metro: Sportivnaya,
        $$$$ Bed Cafe, 6 Presnensky Val        Fruznenskaya, Tel. 664-2880
        Ul., Bldg. 2, Metro: Ulitsa 1905       $$ Ogni, 8 Mal. Sukharevskaya Pl.,
        Goda, Tel. 253-9454                    Bldg. 1, Metro: Sukharevskaya,
        $$$ BlackBerry Cafe,                   Tel. 607-1222
        10 Akademika Sakharova Pr., Metro:     $$$ Polly Sad, 41 1-ya Brestskaya
        Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 926-1645          Ul., Bldg.2, Metro: Belorusskaya,
        $$ Botanika (multiple locations),      Tel. (499) 250-2530
        61a Bol. Gruzinskaya Ul., Metro:       $$ Prostiye Veshchi (multiple
        Belorusskaya, Tel. (499) 251-9760      locations), 32 Konushkovskaya Ul.,
        $$$ Cafe Kafe, 13 Mal. Bronnaya        Metro: Krasnopresnenskaya,
        Ul., Metro: Pushkinskaya,              Tel. (499) 255-6362
        Tel. 695-3483                          $$ Radio City Bar and
        $$$ Casino Cafe, 21 Novy Arbat         Kitchen, 5 Bol. Sadovaya Ul.,
        Ul., Metro: Smolenskaya,               Metro: Mayakovskaya,
        Tel. 226-7766                          Tel. 363-4223
        $$$ Correa’s (multiple locations),     $$$ R.I.Ts. Karlson,
        32 Bol. Gruzinskaya Ul.,               20 Ovchinnikovskaya Nab., Bldg. 1,
        Metro: Belorusskaya, Tel. 933-4684     City Tower business center, Metro:
        $$$$$ Courchevel, 7 Kuznetsky          Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 280-0428
        Most Ul., Metro: Kuznetsky Most,       $$$$$ Romantic, 2/1 Kutuzovsky
        Tel. 724-8883                          Pr., Radisson Royal Hotel Ukraina,                                                                  free bar
        $$$ Dantes, 13/3 Myasnitskaya          Metro: Kievskaya,                        Bldg. 1, Metro: Rizhskaya,             6 Vorontsovskaya Ul., Bldg. 1,
        Ul., Bldg. 3, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,   Tel. (499) 341-9923                      Tel. 997-7665                          Metro: Taganskaya, Tel. 912-1218
        Tel. 621-4688                          $$$ Sinatra, 5 Bol. Putinkovsky Per.,    $$ Mari Vanna,                         $$$$$ Tsarskaya Okhota,
        $$$ Elsoha Lounge Bar, 54/2            Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 773-4515       10a Spiridonyevsky Per., Metro:        Zhukovka, 186a Rublyovo-
        Sadovnicheskaya Ul., Metro:            $$$$$ Sky Lounge, 32a Leninsky           Tverskaya, Tel. 650-6500               Uspenskoye Shosse, Tel. 635-7982
        Novokuznetskaya,                       Pr., Metro: Leninsky Prospekt,           $ Moo Moo (multiple locations),        $$$$$ TsDL (Central House of
        Tel. (499) 238-7060                    Tel. 781-5775                            14 Myasnitskaya Ul., Metro:            Writers), 50 Povarskaya Ul., Metro:
        $$$$ Extra Lounge, 15 Kosygina         $$$$$ TverBul, 24 Tverskoi Bul.,         Lubyanka, Tel. 623-4503                Barrikadnaya, Tel. 651-8191
        Ul., Korston Hotel, Metro: Vorobyovy   Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. 629-2251          $$$$ Moskvich, 2 Usachyova Ul.,        $ Yolki-Palki (multiple locations),
        Gory, Tel. 939-8202                    $$$$ Vogue Cafe, 7/9 Kuznetsky           Bldg. 1, Metro: Frunzenskaya,          14 Klimentovsky Per., Bldg. 1, Metro:
        $$$$$ Galereya, 27 Petrovka Ul.,       Most Ul., Metro: Kuznetsky Most,         Tel. 720-5514                          Tretyakovskaya, Tel. 953-9130
        Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 937-4504     Tel. 623-1701                            $$$$ Oblomov,
        $$$ Indabar, 24 Novy Arbat Ul.,        $$$$$ White Room, 32a Leninsky           5 1-y Monetchikovsky Per., Metro:      Seafood
        Oktyabr Cinema, Metro: Arbatskaya,     Pr., Metro: Leninsky Prospekt,           Dobryninskaya, Tel. 953-6828           $$$$$ Bouillabaisse, 37 Leninsky
        Smolenskaya, Tel. 642-7249             Tel. 792-7654                            $$$ Petrovich, 24 Myasnitskaya         Pr., Metro: Leninsky Prospekt,
        $$$$$ Kai, 52 Kosmodamianskaya                                                  Ul., Bldg. 3, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,   Tel. 633-8888
        Nab., Bldg. 6, Swissotel Krasnye       Russian                                  Tel. 623-0082                          $$ Clumba Club, 31 Novinsky
        Holmy, Metro: Paveletskaya,            $$$ Chaika, 7 Marksistskaya Ul.,         $$$$$ Pushkin, 26a Tverskoi Bul.,      Bul., Novinsky Passazh, Metro:
        Tel. 787-9800                          Metro: Marksistskaya, Tel. 911-7989      Metro: Tverskaya, Tel. 739-0033        Barrikadnaya, Tel. 644-9669
        $$$ Luch, 27 Bol. Pirogovskaya Ul.,    $$$$ Godunov, 5 Teatralnaya Pl.,         $$$ Russkaya Okhota, 5                 $$$$ Cutty Sark, 12 Novinsky
        Bldg. 1, Metro: Frunzenskaya,          Bldg. 1, Metro: Teatralnaya,             Smolenskaya Ul., Golden Ring Hotel,    Bul., Bldg. 1, Metro: Smolenskaya,
        Tel. 287-0022                          Tel. 698-4480                            Metro: Smolenskaya, Tel. 725-0353      Tel. 691-3350
        $ Maki Cafe, 3 Glinishchevsky          $$$$$ Gorki, 3 1-ya Tverskaya-           $ Seno, 6 Kamergersky Per., Bldg.      $$ Gastronomica Fish,
        Per., Metro: Pushkinskaya,             Yamskaya Ul., Metro:                     4, Metro: Teatralnaya, Tel. 692-0452   57 Leninsky Prospekt, Metro:
        Tel. 692-9731                          Mayakovskaya, Tel. 775-2456              $$ Shashlichnaya                       Oktyabrskaya, Tel. 641-1143
        $$ Mart, 25 Petrovka Ul., Bldg. 1,     $ Grabli (multiple locations),           Antisovetskaya, 23 Leningradsky        $$ Filimonova i Yankel (multiple
        Moscow Museum of Modern Art,           99 Prospekt Mira Ul., Metro:             Pr., Metro: Belorusskaya, Dinamo,      locations), 2 Yevropy Pl., Yevropeisky
        Metro: Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya,        Alekseyevskaya, Tel. 602-4662            Tel. 923-3023                          mall, Metro: Kievskaya,
        Tel. 231-3661                          $$$$$ Gusyatnikoff,                      $ Stolovaya No. 57, 3 Krasnaya         Tel. 223-0707
        $$$ Mechta, 84 Sadovnicheskaya         2a Aleksandra Solzhenitsyna Ul.,         Pl., GUM, Metro: Ploshchad             $$$$$ La Maree (multiple loca-
        Ul., Metro: Paveletskaya,              Metro: Taganskaya, Tel. 632-7558         Revolyutsii, Tel. 788-4343             tions), 28/2 Petrovka Ul., Bldg. 1,
        Tel. 633-2111                          $$$$$ Krasnaya Ploshchad,                $$ Sudar, 36a Kutuzovsky Pr.,          Metro: Kuznetsky Most,
        $$$$ Nabi, 4 Mal. Afanasyevsky         1 Krasnaya Pl., Metro: Teatralnaya,      Metro: Kutuzovskaya,                   Tel. 694-0930
        Per., Metro: Arbatskaya,               Tel. 692-1196                            Tel. (499) 249-6529/6965               $$$$ Market, 18 Sadovaya-
        Tel. 691-4060                          $$$ Lucien, 65 Gilyarovskogo Ul.,        $$$$ Syem Pyatnits,                    Samotechnaya Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:

                                                                                                                               element restaurant guide 41
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                 2/26/11       5:41 PM       Page 42

           Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Tel. 650-3770          29 Neglinnaya Ul., Metro: Trubnaya,    Vietnamese                              Bratya Karavayevy (multiple
           $$$$$ Morye Vremeni,                    Tel. 625-2596, 625-3393                $$$ Shanti, 2/1 Myasnitsky              locations), 14/2 Pokrovka Ul.,
           51a/9 Bol. Polyanka Ul., Metro:         $$ Cafe Uzbek,                         Proyezd, Metro: Krasniye Vorota,        Metro: Turgenevskaya, Tel. 623-7185
           Polyanka, Tel. 953-4913                 24 Novoslobodskaya Ul., Metro:         Tel. 783-6868                           Bublik, 24 Tverskoi Bul., Bldg. 1,
           $$$$$ Peshi, 10 Kutuzovsky Pr.,         Novoslobodskaya, Tel. 250-0415         $$ Viet Cafe (multiple locations),      Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 629-1342
           Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. (499) 243-3312   $$ Chaikhona No. 1                     3 Gazetny Per., Bldg. 1, Metro:         Bulka, 69 Bol. Gruzinskaya Ul.,
           $$$$$ Rybny Bazar,                      (multiple locations), Gorky Park,      Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 629-1104             Metro: Belorusskaya, Tel. 258-9170
           10/2 Tryokhprudny Per., Metro:          9 Krymsky Val Ul., Bldg. 38, Metro:                                            Cafe Bosco, 3 Krasnaya Pl., GUM,
           Pushkinskaya, Tel. 650-5444             Shabolovskaya, Tel. 778-1756           Wine restaurants                        Metro: Ploshchad Revolyutsii,
           $$$$$ Sirena, 15 Bol. Spasskaya Ul.,    $$$ Golden Bukhara,                    $$$$ Casa del Vino,                     Tel. 620-3182
           Metro: Sukharevskaya, Tel. 608-0200     48 Leningradsky Pr., Metro:            7/9 Bol. Drovyanoi Per.,                Cafe Pion, 21 Kutuzovsky Pr.,
                                                   Aeroport, Tel. 612-3844                Russtroibank building, Metro:           Pioneer Cinema, Metro: Kievskaya,
           Thai                                    $ Kish-Mish (multiple locations),      Taganskaya, Tel. 730-7810               Studenticheskaya,
           $$ Baan Thai, 11 Bol.                   28 Novy Arbat Ul., Metro:              $$$ Dissident, 25 Nikolskaya Ul.,       Tel. (499) 240-5240
           Dorogomilovskaya Ul., Metro:            Arbatskaya, Tel. 690-0703              Nautilus mall, Metro: Lubyanka,         Cafe Swiss, Swissotel Krasnye
           Kievskaya, Tel. (499) 240-0597          $$$ Khodzha Nasreddin v                Tel. 500-2767                           Holmy, 52 Kosmodamianskaya
           $$ Thai-Thai (multiple locations),      Bukhare, 3 Novoslobodskaya Ul.,        $$$ In Vino, 39 Bol. Yakimanka          Nab., Bldg. 6, Metro: Paveletskaya,
           4 Pokrovka Ul., Bldg. 1,                Metro: Novoslobodskaya,                Ul., Metro: Oktyabrskaya,               Tel. 787-9800
           Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 510-1813       Tel. (499) 973-0514                    Tel. (499) 230-3430, 238-4067           Cinnabon (multiple locations), 19a
                                                   $$$ Samarkand, 48 Prospekt             $$$$ Le Sommelier Pinot                 Tverskaya Ul., Metro: Tverskaya,
           Ukrainian                               Mira Ul., Metro: Prospekt Mira,        Noire, 30/7 Petrovka Ul., Metro:        Tel. 699-5969
           $$$$ Shinok, 2 1905 Goda Ul.,           Tel. 680-4711                          Tverskaya, Trubnaya, Tel. 782-63-63     Coffee Bean (multiple locations),
           Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,                $$$$$ Uzbekistan,                      $$$ Rosso i Bianco,                     21 Pokrovka Ul., Metro: Chistiye
           Tel. 651-8101                           29 Neglinnaya Ul., Metro: Trubnaya,    27 Oruzheiny Per., Metro:               Prudy, Tel. (925) 006-4224
           $$ Taras Bulba (multiple loca-          Tel. 623-0585, 625-3284                Mayakovskaya, Tel. (499) 973-3452       Coffeemania (multiple locations),
           tions), 12 Smolensky Bul., Bldg. 19,                                           $$ Vinosyr, 6 Mal. Palashevsky          46/54 Kudrinskaya Pl., Bldg. 1,
           Metro: Smolenskaya, Tel. 246-1923       Vegetarian                             Per., Metro: Pushkinskaya,              Metro: Barrikadnaya, Tel. 721-8377
                                                   $$ Avocado, 12 Chistoprudny Bul.,      Tel. 739-1045                           Courvoisier Cafe, 8 Mal.
           Uzbek                                   Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 621-7719   $$ Vinoteka.ru and Whiskey              Sukharevskaya Pl., Bldg. 1, Metro:
           $$ Art-Chaikhana,                       $$ Jagganath Cafe (multiple            Bar, 10 Chistoprudny Bul., Bldg. 1,     Sukharevskaya, Tel. 632-9995
           11/13 Tryokhprudny Per., Bldg. 2,       locations), 11 Kuznetsky Most Ul.,     Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 623-5456    Didu Cafe, 24/7 Myasnitskaya Ul.,
           Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 699-1406      Metro: Kuznetsky Most,                                                         Bldg. 1, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,
           $$$ Beloye Solntse Pustyni,             Tel. 628-3580                          Cafes                                   Tel. 624-1320
                                                                                          Aerocafe, 22/1 Sadovaya-                DoDo, 21/2 Petrovka Ul., Metro:
                                                                                          Chernogryazskaya Ul., Metro:            Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya,
                                                                                          Krasniye Vorota, Tel. 917-5304          Tel. (903) 105-1010
                                                                                          Aldebaran, 4 Bol. Tolmachevsky          Dome Cafeteria,
                                                                                          Per., Bldg. 1, Metro: Tretyakovskaya,   3/10 Bersenevsky Per., Bldg. 7,
                                                                                          Tel. 953-6268                           Metro: Kropotkinskaya,
                                                                                          Art Clumba, 5/7 Nizhnyaya               Tel. (499) 788-6524
                                                                                          Syromyatnicheskaya Ul., Bldg. 10,       Doucet X.O., 31 Novinsky Bul.,
                                                                                          Metro: Chkalovskaya, Tel. 661-5115      Novinsky Passazh, Metro:
                                                                                          ArteFAQ, 32 Bol. Dmitrovka Ul.,         Barrikadnaya, Tel. 788-5404
                                                                                          Bldg. 1, Metro: Chekhovskaya,           Dunkin’ Donuts, 17 Novy Arbat
                                                                                          Tel. 650-3971                           Ul., Metro: Arbatskaya,
                                                                                          Baltiisky Khleb (multiple loca-         Smolenskaya, Tel. 664-2822
                                                                                          tions), 3/10 Mal. Dmitrovka Ul.,        Filial, 3 Krivokolenny Per., Bldg. 1,
                                                                                          Bldg. 1, Metro: Chekhovskaya,           Metro: Lyubyanka, Tel. 621-2143
                                                                                          Tel. 699-4873                           Garazh Cafe, 19a Obraztsova
                                                                                          Beard Papa’s (multiple locations),      Ul., Garazh Center for
                                                                                          1 Prechistensky Vorot Ul., Bldg. 3,     Contemporary Culture, Metro:
                                                                                          Metro: Kropotkinskaya,                  Novoslobodskaya, Tel. 276-0301
                                                                                          Tel. 961-7718                           Grusha, 1 Palikha Ul., Metro:
                                                                                          Biblioteka Internet Lounge, 8           Mendeleyevskaya, Tel. 788-0600
                                                                                          Novinsky Bul., Lotte Plaza, Metro:      Jean Jacques (multiple locations),
                                                                                          Smolenskaya, Tel. 648-6878              24 Tsvetnoi Bul., Bldg. 1, Metro:
                                                                                          Blogistan, 6 Bersenevskaya Nab.,        Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Tel. 608-5810
                                                                                          Bldg. 3, Metro: Krapotkinskaya,         Khleb & Co (multiple locations),
                                                                                          Tel. (910) 429-4644                     3/14 Ostozhenka Ul., Metro:
                                                                                          Bouchon, 16/18 Bol.                     Kropotkinskaya, Tel. 695-2731
                                                                                          Sukharevskaya Pl., Bldg., 2, Metro:     Le Pain Quotidien (multiple loca-
             tommy d                                                                      Sukharevskaya, Tel. 626-2291            tions), 2 Yevropy Pl., Yevropeisky mall,

    42 element restaurant guide
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                 2/26/11      5:41 PM       Page 43

        Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. 229-6674        Bldg. 1d, Metro: Novokuznetskaya,
        Look In, 9 Bol. Dmitrovka Ul., Bldg.   Tel. 953-0012
        1, Metro: Teatralnaya, Tel. 692-6295   Bar Klava, 26/1 Mal. Bronnaya
        Lyudi kak Lyudi, 1/4 Solyansky         Ul., Metro: Mayakovskaya,
        Tupik, Metro: Kitai-Gorod,             Tel. 626-8563
        Tel. 621-1201                          Bar Strelka, 14 Bersenevskaya
        Mayak, 19/13 Bol. Nikitskaya Ul.,      Nab., Bldg. 5, Metro:
        Metro: Arbatskaya, Tel. 691-7449       Kropotkinskaya, Tel. 771-7416
        Myata, 1a Luzhnetsky Proyezd,          Belka, 3 Bolotnaya Nab., Bldg. 2,
        Metro: Sportivnaya,                    Metro: Kropotkinskaya,
        Tel. (499) 245-2245                    Tel. 768-5171
        Na Lestnitse, 1/4 2-y Smolensky        Booze Bub, 5 Potapovsky Per.,
        Per., Metro: Smolenskaya,              Bldg. 2, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,
        Tel. 921-1989                          Tel. 621-4717
        Nostalgie, 12a Chistoprudny Bul.,      Bosco Bar, 3 Krasnaya Pl., GUM,
        Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 916-9090   Metro: Ploshchad Revolutsii,
        Pavilion, 7 Bol. Patriarshy Per.,      Tel. 627-3703
        Metro: Mayakovskaya,                   Caribe, 18/18 Pokrovka Ul., Metro:
        Tel. 697-5110                          Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 623-7916
        Red Espresso (multiple locations),     China Town Cafe, 25/12
        24/7 Myasnitskaya Ul., Bldg. 8,        Lubyansky Proyezd, Bldg. 1,
        Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 790-7811   Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 623-6163
        Shokoladnitsa (multiple loca-          City Space,
        tions), 58/2 Bol. Yakimanka Ul.,       52 Kosmodamianskaya Nab.,
        Metro: Oktyabrskaya,                   Bldg. 6, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy,
        Tel. (499) 238-2734                    Metro: Paveletskaya, Tel. 787-9800
        Shtolle (multiple locations),          Darling, I’ll Call you Later                                                                           che
        8 Bol. Sadovaya Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:   (multiple locations), 10 2-ya         Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:                   Bldg. 1, Metro: Smolenskaya,
        Mayakovskaya, Tel. 650-9352            Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,               Krasnopresnenskaya, Tel. 774-8353      Arbatsakay, Tel. 691-1130
        Skromnoye Obayaniye                    Metro: Mayakovskaya,                  My Bar, 3 Kuznetsky Most Ul.,          Stariki Bar, 13 Bol. Lubyanka Ul.,
        Bourgeoisie, 24 Bol. Lubyanka          Tel. (926) 520-7780                   Bldg. 2, Metro: Kuznetsky Most         Metro: Lubyanka, Kuznetsky Most,
        Ul., Metro: Lubyanka, Tel. 623-0848    Davidoff Malaya Bronnaya,             NeBar, 6/7 2-ya Tverskaya-             Tel. 624-9377
        Soup Cafe (multiple locations),        24 Mal. Bronnaya Ul., Metro:          Yamskaya Ul., Metro:                   Stock Exchange Bar,
        62 1-ya Brestskaya Ul., Metro:         Pushkinskaya, Tel. 626-7067           Mayakovskaya, Tel. 222-2426            5 Yauzskaya Ul., Metro: Kitai-Gorod,
        Belorusskaya, Tel. 251-1383            DeFAQto, 30/2 Bol. Lubyanka Ul.,      Noor Bar, 23 Tverskaya Ul.,            Taganskaya, Tel. 917-2259
        Starbucks (multiple locations),        Metro: Lubyanka, Tel. 624-4497        Metro: Tverskaya,                      Tema, 5 Potapovsky Per., Bldg. 2,
        5 Pokrovka Ul., Metro: Kitai-Gorod,    Denis Simachyov Bar,                  Tel. (499) 130-6080                    Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 979-2122
        Tel. 789-6846                          12/2 Stoleshnikov Per., Metro:        Old School Pub, 15 Bol.                Tommy D Lounge Bar, 1
        Stary Telegraf, 7 Tverskaya Ul.,       Teatralnaya, Tel. 629-8085            Cherkassky Per., Metro: Lubyanka,      Tretyakovsky Proyezd, Metro:
        Metro: Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 988-0874     Dome, 3/10 Bersenevsky Per.,          Tel. 625-7980                          Teatralnaya, Lubyanka,
        TsurTsum, 1 4-y Syromyatnichesky       Bldg. 7, Metro: Kropotkinskaya,       Paparazzi Bar, 3/4 Pyatnitskaya        Tel. 784-0707
        Per., Bldg. 6, Vinzavod,               Tel. (499) 788-6524                   Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:
        Metro: Kurskaya, Tel. 783-8948         Dream Bar, 17 Myasnitskaya Ul.,       Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 953-1620         Live Music Clubs
        Upside Down Cake,                      Bldg. 1, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,       Picasso Bar, 12 Tverskaya Ul.,         16 Tons, 6 Presnensky Val Ul.,
        76 Bol. Gruzinskaya Ul., Metro:        Tel. 621-7768                         Bldg. 2, Metro: Tverskaya,             Bldg. 1, Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,
        Belorusskaya, Tel. 926-8397            Free Bar, 21-23/25 Pokrovka Ul.,      Tel. 662-7002                          Tel. 253-5300
        Verona, 36/1 Vorontsovskaya Ul.,       Bldg. 1, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,       Pod Mukhoi, 6 Strastnoi Bul.,          Aktovy Zal, 18 Perevedenovsky
        Metro: Proletarskaya, Tel. 676-4150    Tel. 623-3364                         Bldg. 2, Metro: Chekhovskaya,          Per., Metro: Baumanskaya,
        Vkus, 13 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya       GQ Bar, 5 Baltschug Ul., Metro:       Tel. 650-2779                          Tel. (499) 265-3935
        Ul., Metro: Mayakovskaya,              Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 956-7775        Punch and Judy Pub,                    Arena Moscow,
        Belorusskaya, Tel. (499) 751-2702      Help, 27 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya      6/1 Pyatnitskaya Ul., Metro:           31/4 Leningradsky Pr., Metro:
        Volkonsky (multiple locations),        Ul., Metro: Belorusskaya,             Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 953-3992         Dinamo, Tel. 940-6755
        2/46 Bol. Sadovaya Ul., Metro:         Tel. 995-5395                         Pyatnitsa Bar, 3/4 Pyatnitskaya        B.B. King, 4/2 Sadovaya-
        Mayakovskaya, Tel. 699-3620            Hyde Park, 11 Timura Frunze Ul.,      Ul., Bldg. 1, Metro:                   Samotechnaya Ul., Metro: Tsvetnoi
                                               Metro: Park Kultury, Tel. 788-1777    Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 953-6932         Bulvar, Tel. 699-8206
        Bars                                   Kalina Bar, 8 Novinsky Bul., Lotte    Rock’n’Roll Bar, 1 Sretenka Ul.,       Bilingua, 10 Krivokolenny Per.,
        All-Time Bar, 7/5 Bol. Dmitrovka       Plaza, Metro: Smolenskaya,            Metro: Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya,   Bldg. 5, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,
        Ul., Bldg. 2, Metro: Teatralnaya,      Tel. 229-5519                         Tel. 233-7697                          Tel. 623-9660
        Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 629-0811            Ketama Bar, 5/6 Bol. Dmitrovka        Rolling Stone Bar, 3 Bolotnaya         B2, 8 Bol. Sadovaya Ul., Metro:
        Apple Bar, 11 Mal. Dmitrovka Ul.,      Ul., Bldg. 5, Metro: Teatralnaya,     Nab., Bldg. 1, Metro:                  Mayakovskaya, Tel. 650-9909
        Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 980-9630     Tel. 692-8057                         Kropotkinskaya, Tel. 504-0932          Kitaisky Lyotchik Jao Da,
        Bar BQ Cafe, 25 Pyatnitskaya Ul.,      Leps Bar, 23 Krasnaya Presnya         Sport Cafe, 21 Novy Arbat Ul.,         25/12 Lubyansky Proyezd, Metro:

                                                                                                                            element restaurant guide 43
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                 2/26/11       5:41 PM       Page 44

           Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 624-5611              Krizis Zhanra, 16/16 Pokrovka          Bldg. 1, Metro: Kitai-Gorod,           Leningradskaya,
           Milk, 9 Sergeya Makeyeva Ul.,           Ul., Metro: Chistiye Prudy,            Tel. 221-7557                          21/40 Kalanchevskaya Ul., Metro:
           Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,                Tel. 623-2594                          Sorry, Babushka,                       Komsomolskaya, Tel. 627-5550
           Tel. 991-4515                           Kult, 5 Yauzskaya Ul., Metro: Kitai-   2 Slavyanskaya Pl., Bldg. 1,           Hotel Baltschug Kempinski
           Proyekt O.G.I., 8/12 Potapovsky         Gorod, Taganskaya, Tel. 917-5706       Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 788-0615      Moscow, 1 Balchug Ul., Metro:
           Per., Bldg. 2, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,   Masterskaya, 3 Teatralny               Torn off Balls, 2 Teatralny            Novokuznetskaya, Tel. 287-2000
           Tel. 627-5366                           Proyezd, Bldg. 3, Metro: Lubyanka,     Proyezd, Metro: Teatralnaya,           Le Meridien Moscow Country
                                                   Teatralnaya, Tel. 625-6836             Tel. (499) 270-1038                    Club, Nakhabino Village,
           Dance Clubs                             Pacha, 10 Nikolskaya Ul., Metro:       XXXX, 21 Savvinskaya Nab.,             Tel. 626-5911
           Che, 10/2 Nikolskaya Ul.,               Lubyanka, Tel. 798-5777                Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. 999-8509        Lotte Hotel Moscow, 8 Novinsky
           Metro: Lubyanka, Tel. 621-7477          Papa’s, 22 Myasnitskaya Ul.,           Zona, 19/2 Leninskaya Sloboda          Bul., Bldg. 2, Metro: Smolenskaya,
           Coyote Ugly, 6/3 Kuznetsky Most         Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 755-9554   Ul., Metro: Avtozavodskaya,            Tel. 287-0565
           Ul., Metro: Teatralnaya,                PodMoskovye, 6 Mal. Kislovsky          Tel. 675-6975                          Mamaison All-Suites Spa
           Tel. 692-0397                           Per., Metro: Arbatskaya,                                                      Hotel Pokrovka, 40 Pokrovka
           Crazy Daisy, 21/28 Sretenka Ul.,        Tel. 691-9132                          Gentlemen’s Clubs                      Ul., Bldg. 2, Metro: Chistiye Prudy,
           Metro: Sukharevskaya,                   Propaganda, 7 Bol. Zlatoustinsky       Bordo, 4 Pevchesky Per., Bldg. 1,      Tel. 229-5797
           Tel. 632-9952                           Per., Metro: Kitai-Gorod,              Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 917-4545      Marriott Grand Hotel,
           Discoteque, 5/5a Nizhny Susalny         Tel. 624-5732                          Chou Chou, 2/8 Bol. Zlatoustinsky      26/1 Tverskaya Ul., Metro:
           Per., Metro: Kurskaya, Tel. 410-5452    The Real McCoy, 1 Kudrinskaya          Per., Metro: Lubyanka, Tel. 628-6368   Tverskaya, Tel. 937-0000
           Duma, 11 Mokhovaya Ul., Bldg. 3,        Pl., Metro: Barrikadnaya,              Egoist, 1 Delegatskaya Ul., Metro:     Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel,
           Metro: Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 692-1119      Tel. (499) 255-4144                    Mayakovskaya, Tel. (499) 972-1132      11Petrovka Ul., Metro: Teatralnaya,
           Garazh, 8 Brodnikov Per., Metro:        Rai, 9a Bolotnaya Nab., Metro:         L’Amour, 15 Lubyansky Proyezd,         Tel. 937-1000
           Polyanka, Tel. (499) 238-7075           Polyanka, Tel. 767-1474                Bldg. 2, Metro: Kitai-Gorod,           Marriott Tverskaya Hotel,
           Gaudi Arena, 1 Skladochnaya             Rock Vegas, 29/8 Pyatnitskaya          Tel. 625-0746                          34 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,
           Ul., Bldg. 19, Metro: Savyolovskaya,    Ul., Metro: Novokuznetskaya,           Oh La La!, 1 Sretenka Ul., Metro:      Metro: Belorusskaya, Tel. 258-3000
           Tel. 508-8060                           Tel. 959-5333                          Chistiye Prudy, Tel. 624-8536          Metropol Hotel, 2 Teatralny
           Gazgolder, 5 Nizhny Susalny Per.,       Squat Cafe, 12/1 Rozhdestvenka         Penthouse Club, 21 Novy Arbat          Proyezd, Metro: Teatralnaya,
           Bldg. 1, Metro: Kurskaya,               Ul., Metro: Kuznetsky Most,            Ul., Metro: Arbatskaya,                Okhotny Ryad, Tel. (499) 501-7800
           Tel. 226-3340                           Tel. 625-6990                          Smolenskaya, Tel. 505-0021             National Hotel, 15/1 Mokhovaya
           Imperia Lounge,                         Soho Rooms, 12 Savvinskaya                                                    Ul., Metro: Okhotny Ryad,
           5/1 Mantulinskaya Ul., Bldg. 7,         Nab., Bldg. 8, Metro: Frunzenskaya,    Jazz Clubs                             Tel. 258-7000
           Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda,                Tel. 988-7474                          Art-Cafe Durov, 6 Pavlovskaya          Pekin Hotel, 5 Bol. Sadovaya Ul.,
           Tel. 790-7400                           Solyanka, 11/6 Solyanka Ul.,           Ul., Metro: Serpukhovskaya,            Metro: Mayakovskaya,
                                                                                          Tel. 952-2064                          Tel. 234-1206
                                                                                          Forte, 18 Bol. Bronnaya Ul.,           Radisson Royal Hotel
                                                                                          Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 694-0881     Ukraina, 2/1 Kutuzovsky Pr., Bldg.
                                                                                          Soyuz Kompozitorov,                    1, Metro: Kievskaya, Tel. 221-5555
                                                                                          8/10 Brusov Per., Bldg. 2, Metro:      Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya
                                                                                          Okhotny Ryad, Tel. 629-6563            Hotel, 2 Yevropy Pl., Metro:
                                                                                                                                 Kievskaya, Tel. 941-8020
                                                                                          Hotels                                 Renaissance Monarch Center
                                                                                          Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow,              Hotel, 31a Leningradsky Pr., Bldg.
                                                                                          4 Neglinnaya Ul., Metro:               1, Metro: Dinamo, Tel. 995-0009
                                                                                          Teatralnaya, Kuznetsky Most,           Renaissance Moscow Hotel,
                                                                                          Tel. 783-1234                          18/1 Olympiisky Pr.,
                                                                                          Bentley Hotel, 28 Pokrovka Ul.,        Metro: Prospekt Mira,
                                                                                          Metro: Kurskaya, Chistiye Prudy,       Tel. 931-9000
                                                                                          Tel. 917-4795                          The Ritz-Carlton Moscow,
                                                                                          Courtyard by Marriott,                 3 Tverskaya Ul., Metro: Okhotny
                                                                                          7 Voznesensky Per., Metro:             Ryad, Tel. 225-8888
                                                                                          Tverskaya, Tel. 981-3300               Savoy Hotel Moscow,
                                                                                          Golden Apple Hotel,                    3/6 Rozhdestvenka Ul., Bldg. 1,
                                                                                          11 Mal. Dmitrovka Ul., Metro:          Metro: Kuznetsky Most,
                                                                                          Pushkinskaya, Tel. 980-7000            Tel. 620-8500
                                                                                          Golden Ring Hotel, 5                   Sheraton Palace Hotel,
                                                                                          Smolenskaya Ul., Metro:                19 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul.,
                                                                                          Smolenskaya, Tel. 725-0100/0186        Metro: Belorusskaya,
                                                                                          Grand Hyatt Moscow,                    Tel. 931-9700
                                                                                          Federation Tower, 12 Presnenskaya      Swissotel Krasnye Holmy
                                                                                          Nab., Metro: Mezhdunarodnaya,          Moscow, 52 Kosmodamianskaya
                                                                                          Tel. 647-1201                          Nab., Bldg. 6, Metro: Paveletskaya,
             mamma giovanna                                                               Hilton Moscow                          Tel. 787-9800

    44 element restaurant guide
37_45 listing eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places                  2/26/11       5:41 PM    Page 45

                                                                                                                                               advertising section

         soup cafe                  Soup is first! The oldest legendary, and
                                    only, cafe in the city where you can try the
         maximum number of soups — 24 hours a day! We promise DJs and                An island of freedom in the
         a good atmosphere everyday. Positive people always have a good              center of Moscow. Open 24/7.
         time, but just to make sure you’re enjoying yourself, we now offer a        Everyday there is live Latin-
         20 percent discount on the menu daily from 12 to 4 p.m. A second            American music from 10 p.m.
         cafe at 17 Skakovaya Ul., Bldg. 2 has just opened!                          Real Cuban cuisine, cigars and
         Address: 62/25 1-ya Brestskaya Ul. Metro: Belorusskaya                      grilled dishes. A huge selection
         Tel. 251-1383, www.soupcafe.ru                                              of classic and beach cocktails.
                                                                                     The best mojito in the city.
                                                                                     Business lunch from 12 to 4 p.m.
                                                                                     on weekdays.

                                                                                     Address: 10/2 Nikolskaya
                                                                                     Metro: Lubyanka
                                                                                     Tel. 621-7477, www.clubche.ru

         tapa de                                                                     frendy’s             Dinner at Frendy’s American Diner is a trip to
                                                                                                          the States. The recently opened diner has
         comida                                                                      already won over the hearts of the city’s toughest culinary critics. The
                                                                                     relationship between price and quality of food is excellent, the com-
         The whole world has long                                                    fortable atmosphere, pleasant music and huge American portions are
         been blessed with a tapas cul-                                              also huge draws. The recipes for all of our heartwarming soups,
         ture and who hasn’t gone                                                    appetizing sandwiches, juicy steaks and sweet pancakes were devel-
         tapas-bar crawling? We are                                                  oped by American chefs.
         happy to offer you the one                                                  Address: 28 Pokrovka Ul. Metro: Kurskaya Tel. 917-4795
         and only tapas location in
         town, not exactly enough for a
         crawl but we have three floors,
         so you can try. We have been
         around for the past five years.
         Jamon everybody!

         Address: 20/2 Trubnaya Ul.
         Metro: Tsvetnoi Bulvar
         Tel. 608-2007

         moscafe                 You’ll want to come back, day and night!
                                 24-hour restaurant Moscafe, located on
         Leningradsky Prospekt, reminds customers of a two-story apartment
         with high ceilings. The traditions of Russian, Italian and
                                                                                     lounge bar
         Mediterranean cooking are honored in the cafe’s kitchen, which              Elsoha Lounge Bar is a cozy
         also features a working sushi bar. 20 percent discount on the entire        restaurant in downtown Moscow
         menu during business lunch.                                                 combining Oriental charm and
         Address: 24 Leningradsky Pr. Metro: Belorusskaya                            European style. Its atmosphere is
         Tel. 933-1408, www.mos-cafe.ru                                              vibrant and chic but also very
                                                                                     relaxing. Elsoha Lounge Bar has
                                                                                     all the amenities of a fine-dining
                                                                                     establishment. Nutritious and
                                                                                     delicious Russian, Oriental and
                                                                                     European cuisine. Dance parties
                                                                                     every weekend!
                                                                                     Address: 54/2
                                                                                     Sadovnicheskaya Ul.
                                                                                     Metro: Novokuznetskaya
                                                                                     Tel. (499) 238-7060, (499)
                                                                                     238-1998, www.elsoha.ru

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                      advertising section

       mini-reviews    goodbeef                      “Marbled beef steaks in a fast food format.“
                                                                                                    shafran            This quiet and cozy restaurant has everything
                                                     Steak Cafe GoodBeef takes a new                                   for an ideal meal. Culinary masterpieces of
                       approach to social eating and the restaurant business in Russia. Steaks      Arabic cuisine. A variety of filling lunches. Unusual and tasty
                       on the level of the best international steak houses are served promptly      breakfasts. Syrian hookah master Ali will help you explore exotic
                       by friendly staff trained in the fast food industry.                         hookah options. On Thursday and Friday nights, amazing dancers
                       Address: 15-17 Bol. Cherkassky Per., Bldg. 1                                 bring an Eastern atmosphere to the restaurant.
                       Metro: Lubyanka, Ploschad Revolutsii, Kitai-Gorod Tel. 220-1320
                       Address: 24 km of MKAD, Vegas mall                                           Address: 12/9 Spiridonyevsky Per.
                       Metro: Domodedovskaya Tel. 987-3200, www.goodbeef.ru                         Metro: Tverskaya Tel. 737-9500, www.restoran-shafran.ru

                       help        At Help Bar there is a great atmosphere, not to mention
                                   very attractive prices! 169-ruble business lunch from
                                                                                                    booze bub
                       12 p.m. to 5 p.m. 100-ruble breakfast from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. Two-            For four years running, Booze
                       for-one mixed drinks during happy hours, Mon. to Thurs. from                 Bub has been a place where
                       12 a.m. to 11 a.m. Voted best cocktail bar by Time Out in 2009 and           guests feel at home. The venue is
                       menu.ru in 2005, 2007, 2008. Special three-cocktail set                      blessed with a comfortable,
                       “Help Me, I’m Blond (Brunette, Redhead)” from March 3.                       homey atmosphere. A huge
                       Address: 27 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul., Bldg. 1                             selection of beer and cocktails;
                       Metro: Belorusskaya Tel. 995-5395, www.helpbar.ru                            cuisine from all over the world;
                                                                                                    live screenings of international
                                                                                                    sporting events. Every Friday and
                                                                                                    Saturday at 10 p.m. the bar
                                                                                                    hosts parties with great music. 20
                                                                                                    percent discount on menu during
                                                                                                    the day. Business lunch from 180
                                                                                                    rubles from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                    Address: 5 Potapovsky Per.
                                                                                                    Metro: Chistiye Prudy
                                                                                                    Tel. 621-4717

                       il forno         A fashionable place for connoisseurs of rustic
                                        Italian cuisine in the center of the capital. A fine
                                                                                                    free bar              Moscow’s first bourbon and cocktail bar. The
                                                                                                                          city’s widest choice of bourbon. Get five of any
                       place for business meetings and romantic suppers. Pizza from a               of the 10 shots from our special menu for only 500 rubles from
                       wood-fired oven, tasty pastas, fresh fish and meat from the grill.           Sunday to Thursday. From noon to 5 p.m. business lunches start from
                       Homemade breakfasts on weekdays from 8 a.m. and on weekends                  only 160 rubles. From 5 a.m. till noon breakfast for 100 rubles.
                       from 11 a.m. Stylish DJ sets on Thur., Fri. and Sat. from 8 p.m.             Special cocktails for Lent from March 7.
                       Mon. to Fri. 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. 20 percent discount on menu.                  Address: 21-23/25 Pokrovka Ul., Bldg. 1
                       Address: 8/10 Neglinnaya Ul., Bldg. 1                                        Metro: Chistiye Prudy
                       Metro: Kuznetsky Most Tel. 621-9080, www.ilforno.ru                          Tel. 623-3364, www.free-bar.ru

    46 element restaurant guide
46_48 ads eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places              2/26/11      5:42 PM      Page 47

                                                                                                                                         advertising section

         tema                                                                     tommy d                 An elegant and luxurious space, delicious
                                                                                                          food and an aphoristic bar concept — all of
         Russia’s first show-bar. Come                                            this can be found at the Tommy D Lounge Bar. Located in one of
         over for cocktails and dancing.                                          the center’s luxury shopping centers, the restaurant is an exclusive
         Come to Tema and swap your                                               gastronomic bar and musical project, named in honor of the first
         tie for a fancy cocktail!                                                European jetsetter, aristocrat and intellectual Tommy D.
         Mixed European cuisine with an                                           Address: 1 Tretyakovsky Proyezd
         average bill of $15 to 20.                                               Metro: Lubyanka, Ploschad Revolutsii
         Girls dancing on the bar get                                             Tel. 784-0707, www.tommy-d.ru
         free champagne every
         weekend. Every Sunday
         from March 13 drink to
         win a “Bar Hopping” gift

         5 Potapovsky Per., Bldg. 2
         Metro: Chistiye Prudy
         Tel. 979-2122

         mamma giovanna                                In old Zamoskvo-
                                                       rechye, with a view of
         the embankment and the Kremlin towers, Mamma Giovanna com-               Restaurant, bar and nightclub
         bines romance with gourmet food. Every Sunday Mamma                      Caribe has the atmosphere of
         Giovanna gives families an opportunity to gather for lunch: From         summer in a Latin American
         12 to 4 p.m. the restaurant offers a special children’s menu,            club. Mexican, Cuban and
         games, a clown, cartoons and much more.                                  European cooking. Every day
         Address: 26 Kadashevskaya Nab.                                           happy hours with rum, tequila,
         Metro: Novokuznetskaya Tel. 287-8720                                     whiskey and cocktails like moji-
                                                                                  tos, daiquiris, margaritas and
                                                                                  more … Weekdays from 12 p.m.
                                                                                  to 6 p.m. there is a 20 percent
                                                                                  discount on the menu. From
                                                                                  Wednesday to Sunday check out
                                                                                  our Retro-Pop-Latino discos.
                                                                                  Entrance is free. Friday and
                                                                                  Saturday see live concerts.
                                                                                  Address: 18/18 Pokrovka Ul.
                                                                                  Metro: Chistiye Prudy
                                                                                  Tel. 623-7916

                                       To advertise in
                                      this section call
                                                                                                                       element restaurant guide 47
46_48 ads eng_#1 2011.qxp:new places              2/26/11        5:42 PM      Page 48

           how to
             HOW TO DIET
                                                                 skirts with no tights … For those of us who          for an extended period of time it pretty much
                                                                 have been hibernating all winter, the spring         just runs through you. Also, if you are like me
                                                                 can also be quite an intimidating time of the        and find the taste revolting, drinking only kefir
                                                                 year — time to ditch the frumpy sweaters and         will have about the same results as eating at
                                                                 puffy coats and let our muffin tops hang out. If     home, i.e. eating pretty much nothing at all.
                                                                 you’d rather display a tight tummy than a roly-
                                                                 poly one, take the following steps:                  Join a gym — Some people, myself includ-
                                                                                                                      ed, can’t stay away from solid food for too
                                                                 Eat at home — Because, for most of us,               long. The only way to get around spending
                                                                 this means not eating at all. Or at least eating     the spring finding ways to hide your winter
                                                                 quite a bit less than we would if dining at          layers might be to join a gym. Joining isn’t
                                                                 Upside Down Cake every other day — behav-            enough though, you actually have to go there
                                                                 ior only appropriate when it is -15 outside. If      sometimes and work out.
                                                                 you must eat something, stock up on Finn
                                                                 Crisps, which you can eat plain, and kefir.          Balanced meals — Working out alone
                                                                 Speaking of kefir …                                  might do the trick, depending on your natural
                                                                                                                      metabolism. If you’re not eating at home,
                                                                 The kefir cleanse — American celebrities             you’re not drinking kefir, you are working out
                                                                 swear by the Master Cleanse, or was it the           and you’re not seeing results then you have
            TEXT CATHERINE BLANCHARD                             Hollywood Cleanse? Either way, these juice           to switch up the color combinations of your
                                                                 detox diets have become increasingly popular         average meal. The brighter the better. If
            The birds are chirping, the ground is … still        over the past few years. Russians take a dif-        you’re going to Chicago Prime for a steak,
            frozen solid … and yet it is impossible to deny      ferent approach. An approach that, by the            order a side of veggies as opposed to the
            that spring is in the air. In this city, spring      way, costs less than ten percent of what the         devilishly tempting mac’n’cheese with lobster.
            means a number of things: Girls will switch          Master Cleanse ten-day kit costs. So, here is        Instead of fries with your burger at Starlite,
            from platform boots to platform strappy san-         what you do: Drink kefir. The sour milk drink        substitute them with steamed broccoli. You get
            dals, short skirts with opaque tights to short       helps digestion, and when you drink only kefir       the picture.


            Zyu Cafe                       Beverly Hills Diner             Torro Grill                     Lucien                          Mi Piace
            The small Pan-Asian            Your heart may go pitter-       Again, this restaurant has      The Olivier salad must          Want to find a diet-friendly
            eatery on Novy Arbat,          patter and skip a beat          incredibly tempting burger      have the worst reputation       meal at Mi Piace without
            which also has locations       when you see the bacon          options. But their meat ain’t   of any dish in the entire       trying to eat just a salad —
            in malls around the city, is   blue cheese burger, but         bad either, and isn’t steak     Russian culinary tradition.     the portions can sometimes
            the perfect place to pig       don’t do it. Instead, order     what steak houses are all       Slathered with mayon-           be offensively small —
            out and still stay healthy.    the 350-ruble vegetarian        about anyway? Start with        naise, packed with chunks       while your buddies chow
            The portions are small, so     wrap with lettuce, cucum-       the crunchy vegetable           of unidentifiable meat —        down on pizza? Start with
            you get to try a lot of        bers, sun-dried tomatoes,       sticks — don’t over do it on    the list of grievances goes     the mushrooms fried with
            dishes without gorging         peppers, beans, gua-            the sauce — and then fol-       on. Well, at Lucien guests      asparagus (490 rubles),
            yourself. Start with a         camole and ranch dress-         low it up with a 300-gram       can get an order of the         which will keep you busy
            round of vegetable dim         ing. It comes with steamed      portion of Torro’s specially    dish in a light, homemade       while your friends wait for
            sum and steamed pork           broccoli, but since the         baked meat (1,180 rubles).      egg-based sauce and full        their pies, and then order
            buns. I know what you’re       wrap itself is so healthy       The beef is juicy, flavorful    of hearty game or fresh         the healthy black risotto
            thinking, but don’t worry:     you can easily substitute       and healthy as it is cooked     seafood — a far cry from        with calamari (420 rubles).
            Pork is the other white        the veg for coleslaw, corn      for 18 hours in a special       the Soviet version sold in      Black risotto can be salty,
            meat. Any anyway, the          or grilled vegetables, all of   oven. You can even try the      cafeterias. Start your meal     but is prepared with much
            buns are on the small          which have more taste than      fresh raspberry soup for        with the tasty, filling salad   less cheese than its mush-
            side. Then fill up on an       the soggy broccoli. Or,         dessert — just go for the       and then go for a nice big      room and parsley filled
            aromatic bowl of Zyu’s         and to be honest this is        version without cheesecake      bowl of the vitamin-rich        counterparts. Also, seafood
            spicy, shrimp-filled tom       what I do, say, “you only       — if you’re not stuffed         homemade borsch (420            is good for you no matter
            yum soup.                      live once” and go for fries.    after the meal.                 rubles).                        what, right?

    48 element restaurant guide

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