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tbs feb 2011

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									                Temple Beth Sholom

            2011 Vol. 2, No. 2           February 2011

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                                     Bulletin is Feb 10, 2011.
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         12th Annual Fine Wine
         Gala on May 7, 2011

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                                    baskets. Don't forget
                   needs. See
                   page 11 for      it is a TBS fundraiser

Dr. Richard J. Margolis, Rabbi                  B'Nai Mitzvah
     Temple Beth Sholom                        for February 19
    5995 N. Wickham Road                         - Samantha
   Melbourne, FL 32940-2003
    Phone: (321) 254-6333
     Fax: (321) 254-0607
  Shabbat Candlelighting                            Temple Leadership
    Times and Blessings                Rabbi                         Dr. Richard J. Margolis
Fri.,   Feb 4               5:47pm     Rabbi Emeritus                         Dr. Paul Grob
Fri.,   Feb 11              5:52pm
Fri.,   Feb 17              5:57pm     Executive Board
                                       President                Barbara Marcus        779-0021
Fri.,   Feb 25              6:02pm
                                       1st Vice President       Ilene S. Herr         779-7855
                                       2nd Vice President       Wendy Roy             723-4346
                                       3rd Vice President       Ron Flax              409-0978
                                       Treasurer                Carol Rosasco         956-2326
                                       Financial Secretary      Kevin Litt            917-0097
                                       Recording Secretary      Shari Beth Daniel     373-7236
                                       Immediate Past Pres      Robert Mandel         777-3150

Blessings for Shabbat                  Chairpersons of Standing Committees
Barukh Atah Adonay Elohaynu,           Fundraising              Scott Levy            795-3968
Melech Haolam, Asher Kidshanu          House                    Paul Licker           757-6830
B'mitzvotav v'tzivanu L'hadlik Ner     Ritual                   Gary Sack             956-7900
Shel Shabbat.                          Education
                                       Membership               Pat Greeley           452-4658
Blessed are You, Ruler our God,                                 Pat Lesmeister        868-2247
Sovereign of the Universe, who has     Publicity                Dee Crouch            752-0771
sanctified us with Your                Youth Activities         Mara Benjamin         728-4411
commandments, commanding us to         Director-at-Large        William Troner        723-4554
kindle the light of Shabbat            Director-at-Large        David Weiser          728-9525
                                       Director-at-Large        Lisa Davidson         536-2833
Shabbat ends on Saturday evening       Sisterhood Pres          Florence Flax         409-0978
one hour after Friday evening candle   Men's Club Pres.         Mickey Lane           537-1261
lighting time.
                                       Non-voting Appointees
                                       Snowbird Rep.            Werner Marx           783-7222

                                       Temple Beth Sholom Staff
                                       Bulletin Editor                           Susan Moser
                                       Director of Education                     Ilene S. Herr
        Volunteers Needed
 Volunteers are needed to serve        Executive Director                 Alan M. Rosenberg
                                       Administrator                          Dawn Hawkins
 as Ushers during Kabbalat
                                       Campus Supervisor                          Luis Ochoa
 Shabbat and Shabbat Morning
 services. Functions would be
 greeting members as they enter
 the Sanctuary and maintaining
 closed doors during the                     This Bulletin is published monthly by
 appropriate times. Most                            Temple Beth Sholom.
 importantly, this serves as a way
 to make everyone feel welcome                  B u l l e t i n d e a d l i n e : A l l articles
 in our temple. If you are                      must be handed in or preferably
 interested in volunteering,                        e-mailed to Susan Moser at
 please e-mail or call the Temple.
                                            by the
                                                              10th of the month.

                                      Dr. Richard J. Margolis
                                  Celebrating the Mitzvah of T'fillin
                             Join TBS Men’s Club for World Wide Wrap
Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am very proud of Temple Beth Sholom Men’s Club for enriching its program with significant
events highlighting essential Mitzvot of Jewish life. On Sunday, February 6, our Men’s Club will
link us with congregations all over the globe by presenting World Wide Wrap.

World Wide Wrap is the creation of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, with which TBS' club is
proudly affiliated. In attempting to familiarize modern Jews with the Mitzvah of T'fillin, FJMC clubs
throughout North America and all over the world have dedicated the morning of Sunday, February
6, for special services and programs highlighting the significance of T'fillin and the procedure for
donning and wrapping them. Preparations for this unique event have been underway for many
months, with materials distributed globally over the Internet (check out
and locally in hundreds of congregations. A satellite television hook-up will link various World
Wide Wrap participants, and extensive media coverage is expected as well.

This project is a sequel to the popular educational video Ties That Bind, which FJMC produced
several years ago and which TBS has utilized successfully in our Family Education class for Bar/
Bat Mitzvah students and their parents. Last year about this time, we gave an excellent
demonstration on T'fillin to that class, and this year we are pleased to offer everyone the
opportunity to learn more about T'fillin and to share the experience of wearing them during
Shacharit prayers.

The Mitzvah of T'fillin is so central in Judaism that the Torah explicitly mentions it in 4 different
places. By far the best known of those passages follows directly after Sh'ma Yisrael in Deut. 6:
"You shall bind them for a sign upon your arm and they shall be a symbol between your eyes (that
is, on the forehead)." That paragraph, along with the other 3 citations (2 from Ex. 13 and another
from Deut. 11), is hand-written by a Scribe on parchment, exactly like a Torah Scroll or a Mezuzah,
and then placed into leather containers called the Shel Yad (T'fillin of the arm) and the Shel Rosh
(T'fillin of the head).
These scriptures in their respective containers are then bound to the body by leather straps called
R'tzuot prior to our daily Shacharit prayers.

T'fillin are a powerful symbol for the traditional Jew, formally dedicating our physical efforts
(through the Shel Yad) and our mental prowess (through the Shel Rosh) to God's service at the
beginning of each new day. T'fillin are worn on weekdays only, because Shabbat is itself called ot
('sign, symbol') in the Torah, and our daily creativity is suspended on Shabbat in favor of a sense
of being and appreciation of life and the world as they are.

There is a misconception that somehow T'fillin are "for men only." While it is true that legally
Jewish women are exempt from putting on T'fillin, since the Mitzvah requires a tangible act and is
time-bound, it is simply not true that women are excluded or precluded in Judaism from fulfilling
this Mitzvah if they choose to do so. Indeed, medieval Jewish history records that Rashi's
daughters (11C. France) all put on T'fillin daily. Thus, in modern egalitarian congregations like our
own, women are welcome to don T'fillin. Even in some Modern Orthodox circles, where women
have begun to conduct their own Minyanim, the Mitzvah of T'fillin is taken very seriously and many
women wear them.

Thus, I would especially underscore Men’s Club's invitation for women to join us for World Wide

It is time for all of us to strengthen our personal and collective Jewish observance by rededicating
ourselves to the beautiful and essential Mitzvah of T'fillin. Attending and participating in Men’s
Club's World Wide Wrap on February 6 would be a wonderful way to begin.

Rabbi Richard J. Margolis

                          12th Annual
                                               SAVE THE DATE! 
                                               Temple Beth Sholom’s 12th 
                                               Annual “Fine Wine Under the 
                                               Stars” Gala 
                                               Location:  Home of Dr. Lee and 
                                               Eleanor Sheldon 
                                               Date:  Saturday, May 7, 2011 
                                               Gourmet food and wine 
                                               throughout the evening. 
                                               For more information or to 
                                               help with the planning and 
                                               presentation, call the Temple at 

The Honorable Gabrielle Giffords
1661 N. Swan, Suite 112
Tucson, AZ 85712

In Gabby’s name,

To her family, friends and the citizens of the State of Arizona:

We, of Temple Beth Sholom, in Brevard County, Florida, wish to convey our deepest
sympathies for the tragedy that has brought you unspeakable pain and anguish these
past two weeks. Our synagogue has added Gabby’s name, and in her name, all the
others who have suffered injury and loss of life at the hand of this gunman, to our
Prayers for Healing.

We offer Prayers for Healing (Misheberach) each time we gather to worship during
weekday Minyan and weekend Shabbat services. In our prayers, we ask God to send
complete healing of body and spirit to all among us who are in pain. In addition, we
have meditations to aid us in asking God to bless those who are in our prayers and in
need of His blessing. One of the paragraphs we read has particular significance when
we think of Gabby. It reads as follows: “To the pursuers of justice, send wisdom and
courage; To the seekers of peace, send vision and resolve.”

Our congregation wishes Gabby a speedy recovery and appreciates her dedication in
service to the State of Arizona and the United States of America.

R'fuah Sh'leimah,

Temple Beth Sholom
5995 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, Florida 32940

Our community comes together when tragedy strikes. We acknowledge the imperfect
world that surrounds us and try to make sense of what is happening. Our synagogue is
a place of refuge and a source of strength and comfort.

Barbara Marcus

                                     PURIM BASKETS
                Want a great way to recognize, thank or simply cheer up a friend or
                relative? Send them a gift “basket” through your Temple Beth Sholom.
                A sample of this year’s beautiful and full “basket” will be on display in our
                lobby from mid-January through March 7– please look for it. It might not
                even be a “basket” this year! Also, last year for the first time we included
                Hamantashen made in a southern Florida kosher bakery – and we will
continue striving to make the best, freshest and most interesting gift!

Following is a current list of Temple Beth Sholom members and friends, plus a new added
list of people in the community that many would like to honor with a gift, as compiled at
the end of December, 2010. Please CLEARLY check the box next to the name, or circle
the name – and a Purim “Mishloah Manot” Gift “Basket” will be delivered with a gift
card including your name. Enclose a check for $25 per basket, made out to Temple Beth
Sholom, and return this entire list to: TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM, 5995 North Wickham
Road, Melbourne, Florida 32940. DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF YOUR LIST IS
MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2011 – FAX (321-254-0607) OR MAIL YOUR FORMS
BACK TO US. Please make sure to include all of the necessary information in order that
your order might be processed properly. This year we cannot accept orders for baskets
to be shipped. Call Alan Rosenberg or Dawn Hawkins at 254-6333 if you have any
questions or require assistance. Thanks!

Please consider giving a “basket” to someone who might otherwise not receive one.

The design of the ingredients of the “baskets” will once again be full and beautiful, including
fresh fruit, several high quality kosher Hamantashen of various flavors, juice, other treats and
gifts. A sample will be on display in the Temple’s lobby prior to March’s delivery.
       This order is being placed by (please print clearly):
       Name(s): ________________________________ Phone Number: ________________
       Address: ______________________________________________________________
                (Because of the size and growth of this endeavor, personal messages cannot be accommodated)

                                    PRICE: $25 PER BASKET
         For_______ (#) Mishloah Manot Purim Gift “Baskets”
           Total amount enclosed with this order: $________
    Basket for Someone Not Otherwise           Name: __________________________
     Receiving a Basket ($25 each)              Address: _________________________
                                                Phone: ___________________________
                                                       “BASKET” ORDER LIST
    Basket for a Non-Listed Local Recipient ($36)

Basket for Someone Not Otherwise   Basket for Someone Not Otherwise
    Receiving a Basket ($25 each)        Receiving a Basket ($25 each)
Adams, Joseph                      Dunkel, Jackie & Larry
Agid, Steve & Maria                Dunkel, Trina & Richard
Alfant, Cathy & Marc               Deck, Murray & Stacey
Aronowitz, David                   Eller, Joseph & Bobbi
Arost, Flora                       Esseesse, Isaac
Balter, Jerry & Judy Schrader      Falk, Anna & Kobi Spektor
Bar-Navon, Ziva & Haim             Fawcett, Marlene & Roger
Benjamin, Mara                     Fischer, Kim
Billheimer, Brian & Janine         Flax, Flo & Ronald
Birnbaum, Anne & Edward            Fleischmann, Shlomo
Birnbaum, Shelly                   Fowler, Beatrice
Block, Ivy & Lester                Freeman, Shelley & Neal
Bohbot, Vince                      Friedland, Charlotte
Bratman, Rick & Marci              Furman, Jaime & Claudia
Brigance, Teresa                   Garber, Claudette & Meyer
Bromberg, Anita & Jeff Haggard     Gearing, Kenneth & Sharon
Cannon, Sue                        Getter, Cassandra
Caudill, Valerie & John            Gilbert, Glenn & Lori Beth Pinter
Chabala-Warnok, Lynda              Gilbert, Lynda & Peter
Chadbourne, Victoria               Gillet, Karen
Chamberlain, Richard & Colleen     Glaser, Burt & Esther
Cimino, Joseph                     Glasser, Paul
Clevens, Dani & Ross               Glick, Seth & Susie
Cohen, Joan & Harvey               Gluck, Mark & Jeanette
Cohen, Susan Pinsky & Howard       Golden, Sheila & Richard Abrahams
Conley, Beverly & David            Goldfarb, Loren & Brooke
Cooper, Shelly & Eric              Goldings, Roselyn
Cooper, Wayne & Dana               Goldmacher, Sandy & Don
Crouch, Dee                        Goldsmith, Eileen
Dandridge, Martin & Stephanie      Goldstein, Edward & Anne
Daniel, Shari Beth & William       Goldstein, Sarah & Stanley
Davidson, Lisa                     Golub, Geoffrey
Davis, Liz                         Gottesfeld, Arline
Deligdish, Sharon & Craig          Greeley, Pat
Denaburg, Bob & Sara               Green, Sharon & Chuck
Denaburg, Daniel & Connie          Greenberg, Brian & Barbara Singer
deZayas, Luis & Lorinda Teicher    Greenblum, Annie & David
Dresner, Robin & Mark              Greenfield, Marilyn & Jack
Dubin, Sandy & Arnold              Gutin, Howard & Carmen
Dubinsky, Vicki                    Haas, Barbara
Dubowsky, Irma & Robert            Halpern, Barry & Karen
     “BASKET” ORDER LIST                  “BASKET” ORDER LIST

Basket for Someone Not Otherwise        Basket for Someone Not Otherwise
    Receiving a Basket ($25 each)             Receiving a Basket ($25 each)

Hefter, Jacob                           Laderwarg, Mark
Hefter, Judye & Melvin                  Landau, Eli
Herr, Ilene                             Lane, Karen & Mickey
Herron-Goldman, Samuel & Melissa        LaRusso, Randy & Mark
Herstein, Rosalie & James               Lebowsky, Marcia & Marvin
Heyman, Shelly                          Lee, Cassandra
Hittner, Carol & Steve                  Lesmeister, Pat
Horstmann, Gail                         Levine, Annette & Harold
How, Susan & Jim                        Levine, Lynn & Richard
Hyatt, Franz & Fern                     Levine, Roslyn
Hyatt, Mark & Natalie                   Levy, Anita & Stanley
Hyman, Debbie                           Levy, Bernice & Stanley
Iannaccone, Arline                      Levy, Norma & Ron
Isenman, Eric & Georgianna              Levy, Philip
Isenman, Lee & Melissa                  Levy, Scott
Isenman, Phyllis & Martin               Lewis, Rene Perlmutter and Tim
Jacovitz, Kimberly & Steve              Liberman, Lisa & Stuart
Jones, Robin                            Licker, Lori
Kahn, Michael & Roma Molinaro           Licker, Paul & Janet
Kampf, Barbara                          Lieberman, Sarah
Kananack, Lee & Bill                    Litt, Kevin & Tegan
Kanarek, Barry & Michele                Litvak, Stanley & Angela
Kantor, Bill                            Litwak, Wade & Irina
Kantor, Roz                             Mackler, Todd & Jana
Kaplan, Melanie                         Mainwold, Diane & Wesley Foster
Kaplan, Rosalynne                       Mainwold, Suzanne
Kaufman, Ellen & Maurice                Mandel, Gloria & Robert
Kaufman, Norbert & Anita                Marcus, Jeffrey & Barbara
Kerness, Mitzi                          Margolis, Rabbi Richard & Linda
Kincaid, Sunny & Jim                    Marsh, Sylvia
Klotz, Irene                            Marx, Rosalind & Werner
Koch, Sandy & Ruben                     Mayers, Craig & Terry
Kodsi, Judy & Maurice                   Melzer, Lucille & Louis
Kodsi, Robert & Sarah                   Meyerson, Julie
Kofkin, Deborah                         Miller, Eydie
Kornberg, Elliot & Patti                Miller, Marty
Krause, Hanna & Lee                     Minsky, Ronni & Irwin
Krebs, Keith & Stacy                    Moore, Charlotte & Richard
Kromash, Marsha & Stan Lee              Morris, Susan & Arthur
Kutcher, Steven & Rose-Marguerite       Moser, Susan
     “BASKET” ORDER LIST                       “BASKET” ORDER LIST

Basket for Someone Not Otherwise       Basket for Someone Not Otherwise
    Receiving a Basket ($25 each)            Receiving a Basket ($25 each)

Moskovitz, Gerald                      Roy, Wendy & Thomas
Most, Herbert & Jean                   Susaneck, Lisa & Morris
Nalven, Nathan & Lori                  Sabetsky, Scott & Rebecca
Nohrr, Donald & Maxine                 Sacher, Gail
Nohrr, Juli & John Willingham          Sack, Gary & Beverly
Nohrr, Pamela & Philip                 Sakson, Elayne
Nowack, Aaron                          Saltzman, Greer & Lyle
Nozik, Fritzi                          Sattler, Vera
Olen, Steve & Rita                     Samuels, Ann
Oppenheim, Zelma & Murray              Scharf, Roman & Ilene
Oshins, Natalie & Robert               Schechtmann, Fe & Norberto
Pelzman, David                         Schneider, Jennifer
Pelzman, Sue                           Schneider, Mark
Perlman, Eric & Heide Grobe            Schneider, Renee & Joel
Perlmutter, Barbara & Jerome           Scholl, David & Sharona
Petrosino, Pamela                      Schuman, Rhonda & Elliot
Phillips, Lois                         Schwadel, Jason & Kristi Hildt
Pinsky, Irwin & Shirley                Seigel, Scott & Lucille
Pinsky, Stephanie & Mark               Seminer, Diana & Scott
Pipek, Ruben & Isabel                  Shaffer, Beth & Leonard
Plasner, Mildred                       Shapiro, Marc
Podnos, Mary & Steven                  Shapiro, Sylvia
Post, Irma & Lawrence                  Sheiman, Peter
Praver, Nancy                          Sheinman, Stuart & Johanna
Ravin, Tracy & Richard Schuster        Sheldon, Eleanor & Lee
Reader, Lori & Scott                   Shenkman, Beatrice
Rich, Michael                          Shuman, Mark & Lena
Richter, Gary & Sheryl                 Siegel, Kandi
Ritchley, Adoniah                      Simmerman, Scott & Janet
Roberts, Geri                          Singer, Elise & Chris Maniatis
Rodriguez, Sharry                      Singer, Gary & Susan
Roessler, Steven & Robin               Sitkoff, Donna
Rogers, Barry & Mindi                  Sitkoff, Dorothy
Rosasco, Carol & James                 Sloane, Debra
Rosenberg, Alan                        Sommer, Debbie & Keith
Rosenblum, Harriett                    Spellman, Eric & Kayla
Rosenfield, Carolyn & George           Spellman, Judy & Marc
Rosenfield, Kenneth                    Spira, Stephen & Michelle
Roth, Margaret                         Staum, Myra
Rothenberg, Susan & Robert             Stein, Louise & Gerald
Rothman, Howard & Susan                Stember, Robin & Arthur
     “BASKET” ORDER LIST                      “BASKET” ORDER LIST

Basket for Someone Not Otherwise                    Calendar Reminders:
    Receiving a Basket ($25 each)
                                                  Megillah Reading and Purim
Stevens, Jackie
Taffet, Joan & Harvey                                     Service
Tanz, Robert & Jeanine                          Dress in costume, come one and all…
Tinter, Dan                                       Saturday Evening, March 19th
Topol, Madelyn & Harold
                                                   “Basket” Delivery: Sunday, March 13
Troner, Lisa & Bill
Warhaftig, Judi & Howard                              World Wide Wrap (Tefillin)
Weber, Daniel & Caryn                                        February 6
Weber, Pheby & Robert
Weiser, David & Karen Amy                                 All About Chocolate
Weiskopf, Debbie                                              February 27
Weissman, Sandy                                             (Crowne Plaza)
Widerman, Gale & Fred
                                                               Jewish Festival
Widerman, Scott
                                                                  March 6
Wilde, Deborah
Wilensky, Seymour & Sybil                                 Pre-Passover BBQ
Williams, Barry & Wendy                           Hosted by Men’s Club & Sisterhood
Williams, Sandy & Bill                                        April 10th
Winthrop, Artie & Jennifer
Wolfman, Stanley & Marilyn                                Passover First Seder
Wood, Susan                                                    April 18
Ziadie, Tanya
                                                                Yom HaShoah
Ziegler, Brian & Cynthia
                                                                  May 1-2
Ziegler, Ronald & Leona
Zimm, Nina                                           Men’s Club Golf Tournament
Zimm, Solomon                                                  May 22
Zimmerman, Elliott & Susan
Zingmond, Adele                                                  Shavuot
Zweigbaum, Reba & Harold                                         June 7-8

Basket for a Non-Listed Local Recipient ($36) Hebrew School Confirmation
  Name: _______________________________                   June 11
  Address: _____________________________ Would you like to send a reciprocal gift
  _____________________________________ basket to those who send you one? If so,
  Phone: _______________________________ please check below and you will be billed
                                                  accordingly, in addition to the baskets you
Basket for a Non-Listed Local Recipient ($36)   have otherwise ordered, at the normal
  Name: _______________________________           amount of $25 each:
  Address: _____________________________           YES I would like to send a basket to
  _____________________________________           those who have generously and kindly
  Phone: _______________________________          ordered a basket for me, if I have
                                                  inadvertently omitted them from my
                                                  recipient list ($25 each).


Allen, Steve (Building Repair Contractor)        Alonso, Pastor & Mrs. Randy
Dominici, Bonnie (Retired Administrator)         Cristofaro, Pastor & Mrs. Gary
Hawkins, Dawn (Administrator/Manager)            Goldring, John & Ethel
Ochoa, Luis (Facilities Manager)                 Grob, Rabbi Paul
                                                   Hickman, Cantor Pat & Ray
NON-MEMBER FRIENDS                                 Hoy, Pastor Jeff & Ann
                                                   Konikov, Rabbi Zvi & Shulamit
Abraham, Dennis & Cheryl Denaburg                Natkin, Rabbi Fred & Barbara Trager
Azia, Gail                                       Shelton, Rev. Ron & Shelby
BarNavon, Boaz                                   St. Katherine’s Greek Church (Father
Baum, Seymour                                        Demetri, et al)
Bishins, Joanne & Hank
Borts, Lonny & Beverly                           BJCS FRIENDS
Cahn, Chuck & Eva
Fabe, Helen & Harry                              Bookman, Hope & David (President)
Greenspoon, Jeff & Danielle                      Burch, Nancy (Administrator)
Herr, Jason & Paige Schroeder                    Burnham, John (Board)
Hurwitz, Lori & David                            Parten, Joyce (Director)
Jacoby, David                                    Steinberger, Brian & Hilary (Board)
Kalvaria, Vivien & Isaac                         Vasconi, Beatrice (Past Director)
Karman, Phil (Camp Shemesh) & Sindi (BJCS)
                                                   JEWISH COMMUNITY FRIENDS
Levitt, Stuart & Mickey
Levy, Bill & Doodle
Needleman, Barbara                               Breuer, Anne & Harold
Sack, Robyn                                      Fishkin, Jeff & Monica
Saganov, Harvey & Eric                           Frank, Craig
Schiff, Rhonda & Brad                            Funck, Leslie
Schur, Michael & Jody                            Funck, Linda & Jay
Sheinkopf, Blanche & Ken                         Katzin, Lois
Smitt, Eric & Sylvia                             Kneapler, Kathy & Rick
Spira, Jack                                      Onek, Brian
Weiss, Ginny and Neal                            Pietruszewicz, Lisa
Wilkof, Wendy & Don                              Warren, Lois & Bernie
Wolfman, David & Tricia                          Wilson, Lynda
Zimmerman, Heather & Alan

                     …We apologize for any errors or omissions…

     Remember: Send this form via the mail to Temple Beth
   Sholom, or via fax (to 254-0607) by Monday, March 7, 2011

               Temple Beth Sholom Religious School
                  A place where our children learn about their heritage while
                     Having fun and growing with their friends and family

On Sunday, February 6th, the Men’s Club will spend the morning with students in
grades 4-7, as we celebrate the World Wide Wrap. Men’s Clubs all over the world
will share in celebrating the history and proper use of tefillin. Thank you to Dr.
Robert Mandel who hand crafted the wooden tefillin that the students assembled
the week before. Members of the Men’s Club will be on hand to actually help
students wrap tefillin.

Our Tu B’Shevat Seder was held on January 23rd and as always, was a huge hit-
always everyone’s favorite snack of the year! Students blessed each of the four
seasons and tasted many types of fruit as we celebrated our Jewish Arbor Day.

February begins our Class Services. Please join us on Saturday, February 5th as
students in grades 5, 6 and 7 will lead Shabbat services. Everyone is invited to a
luncheon immediately following services, sponsored by Religious School families.

Our Passover Candy sale continues through February 27th. Barton's Kosher for
Passover candy along with some useful kitchen items are available. Let TBS
Religious School take care of all of your Passover holiday gift needs. Order forms
are available from any Religious School student, at the school, at the Temple office
or you may order online at TBS Religious School's code is

Please mark your calendars:

Sunday, February 20-      NO Religious School for President’s Day weekend
Friday, February 25-      Grades 6 and 7 will lead services at 5:45 pm
Saturday, March 19-       Megillah Reading- all students who dress in costume
                          have a chance to win a beautiful new bike!
Sunday, March 20-         Religious School Purim Carnival

                                Ilene S. Herr
                          Religious School Principal

     BJCS News February 2011

                                                                 School Registration
                                                    If you missed the January Open House for our
                                                    Early Learning Center Program, call for a personal
                                                    tour and information about our programs for next
                                                    year at 757-0832. It is not too early to make plans
                                                    for your child for the year 2011. Introduction to
                                                    Kindergarten Night will be held for parents Feb.
                                                    17th at 7 pm. Registration for next year will take
                                                    place in March.

                                                            Celebration of Tu B'Shvat
                                                 BJCS students are studying the plants and produce of
A third grade student a BJCS is creating         Israel and learning to speak short sentences in Hebrew so
his version of The Sunflowers after study-       they can simulate being a vendor in a marketplace. On
ing about Van Gogh in art class.                 January 20th, to honor Tu B'Shvat, the Academy stu-
                                                 dents will plant a tree on the campus and the ELC will
                                                 replant their butterfly garden. Students are also focusing
                                                 on the value of being helpful and kind to others.

 It’s all                                                                              about

Mark Your                  Please put this new date, the afternoon
                           of Sunday Feb. 27, on your calendar
Calendars                  for the BJCS It's All About Chocolate
                           Extravaganza. The event will benefit
                           BJCS education and LiveStrong,
                           founded by Lance Armstrong to help in       Melbourne Beach in the
the fight to improve the lives of those suffering from cancer. The           Ballroom
venue has been increased to include many fine restaurants, shops,         Sunday Feb. 27
and caterers that will provide samples of chocolate delicacies to
                                                                        1:00 PM — 4:00 PM
each ticket holder, as well as a large silent auction. Call the
school at 757-0832 for tickets now.

                             BJCS Still Accepting New Students
  Brevard Jewish Community School is still accepting new students in the K-6 Academy and the
      Early Learning Center for 2-4 year olds. Please check out our outstanding programs.

                                    5995 N. Wickham Road ▪ Melbourne, Florida 32904 ▪ 321-757-0832

January 24, 2011

Dear Temple Members,

Brevard Jewish Community School is pleased to be able to offer Temple members the
opportunity to advertise in our school yearbook. This yearbook is permanent memory
of the 2010 – 2011 school year and will be treasured for years to come.

Information about advertising in our yearbook is as follows.
Advertising prices:
             ___ $50       1/8 page
             ___ $100      1/4 page
             ___ $175      1/2 page
             ___ $250      Full page
             ___ $400      Back cover of yearbook

Advertising directions:
   Print ready submissions must be in .jpg or .pdf format, or scannable with no
     editing needed (e.g. business card). Submissions may be sent via flash drive,
     CD, or emailed to
   If you want us to design your ad, please use the box on the Yearbook Advertising
     form for advertising text.
   Any artwork or logos for inclusion in a BJCS designed ad must be in .jpg or .pdf
     format, or scannable with no editing needed.
   Please make checks payable to Brevard Jewish Community School.

We are looking forward to providing a memorable yearbook for the school and your
child. We thank you in advance for your support of this wonderful fundraiser!

Sharon Gearin                                                                           Wray Benezra
(321) 720-5923                                                                          (321) 727-8708                                                            

  Brevard Jewish Community School provides a superior, well-rounded academic education while
  integrating the basic beliefs and practices of Judaism.

  Accredited by the Florida Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, SACSCASI

                  Message from the Executive Director
                        #13 – FEBRUARY, 2011
Before I get to business, permit me to digress and write a few thoughts more appropriate to my days as an officer of
the Temple rather than as an employee. I may do this from time-to-time…

When I first became involved at TBS, it was from a background without a day of Jewish Communal service. I
served in every capacity, often overlapping at the same time, from Committee positions, to Treasurer to President.
I always believed that once one passed through the doors of entrance here, one set aside the nastiness,
brutishness and shortness of daily life and entered a place of hope, caring, understanding and love for one’s fellow
member of the world’s community (whether Jewish or not). Most of the time, my beliefs have been realized, and
the joy I get out of being here, serving our community, is truly a privilege. But as in real life, that is not always the
case. As we move through a new secular year, please know that whatever difficult days may arise, we owe it to
care about each other, to be kind to each other and to make this place a haven for the best humanity has to offer. I
am confident that this can happen. Difficult days should make us all selfless and caring. Whether sadness or
tragedy, be there for your fellow person. And then be there all the other days too.
Now, to business.

We are in the middle of one of our significant fundraisers, our annual Purim Basket “Mishloach Manot” project. I
hope every member takes a look at the list that was mailed to you, and selects as many recipients as possible (and
perhaps a few more, for those who might not be able to participate this year). I have been told that many people
make side agreements with friends and relatives, “You don’t send to me, I won’t send to you,” or that “this is
nothing but a popularity contest or a fundraiser.”

The Purim Basket Project that we started about 13 or 14 years ago is unquestionably a fundraiser, a major one.
And yes, we make more when multiple baskets are ordered for the same individual. But in many years, most of our
members received a basket, and in some years (the first few that the program existed) everyone got one. The list
of donors and recipients is always private. THE BENEFIT OF THE PROGRAM, BEYOND RAISING MONEY FOR
MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY. Please send a gift to honor a friend or a member of your family, and know that
the reward is multi-faceted.

This year’s basket will have a “carnival theme” in recognition of Purim, with wonderful new items (to be displayed in
the lobby) as well as the great Hamantashen which we will get from a kosher bakery in South Florida (call me if you
want a private order of Hamantashen, I will arrange pick-up and delivery for you).

Tax letters have been sent out – please note that your 2010 donations are recognized on two separate pieces of
paper, if you made payments during both the first half AND second half of the calendar year. Please ADD the totals
of both sheets together, for the benefit of your annual tax preparation and filing. The reason: We operate on a
fiscal year (July 1-June 30). This past July 1, we changed to a new, better and more user friendly bookkeeping
software package. So if you made payments from January-June, 2010, you have received a statement reflecting
those payments. If you sent us funds between July-December, 2010, you have received a separate statement
about those payments.

         Alan M. Rosenberg

                                      Ritual Matters

We wish to thank and acknowledge all who have led services, read Torah or Haftarah, or delivered D'var
Torah in the last month. Not to diminish the participation of those who regularly take an active part in
services, we give a special recognition to Donna Gross, daughter of Dr. Stan and Anita Levy, for her
"guest appearance" Haftarah, and to the wonderful women of Sisterhood for their extremely well done
total Shabbat.
One of our members, Michael Rich, has joined the Ritual Committee to head a special program. Our
goal is to have Torah and Haftarah read through the year by as many people as possible, and to organize
2 groups who will be main readers, rotating within the group. At present, for example, we have 7
Haftarah readers, so even without others who we hope will join in, each will read once a month or so.
Our hope is that each Haftarah will be read by someone different. Claim your Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion,
or just choose one. Portions can be shared. Young adults are eligible through a program of Men's Club to
receive their own Yad.
On the Torah side we know there are readers among us and we would love to have your participation. If
enough interest is expressed, we will start a class to teach Torah reading (Haftarah too).
If you are interested, please contact Michael.
Finally, you all know that our Temple family has had loss last month. A Taharah, ritual burial
preparation, was desired in one instance and our men's Chevrah Kadishah was there to perform
this important mitzvah. My thanks to Dr. Craig Deligdish for leading the effort, and to Dr. Stan Levy,
Dr. Scott Seminer and Mayer Garber, for their participation. We are so fortunate to have the people and
the ability to render such a service, and we have a women's Chevrah also. Both groups would welcome
knowing that others are available if needed. Please contact me if you are interested.
Ritual matters. Shalom.

Gary B: Sack
TBS Ritual Chairman

                                         Weight Loss Goal?

             Anyone interested in the Temple hosting a Weight
             Watchers (or similar) weight loss support group?
             We need 20 interested people to commit to a
             program, and then we can host meetings at the
             Temple. Please contact Dawn or Alan at the office
             (254-6333) if you are interested.

               WORLD WIDE WRAP YET!

                        They'll be wrappin' everywhere in the world, including:
 Agoura Hills, Albuquerque, Allentown, Anaheim, Andover, Ann Arbor, Arlington, Atlanta, Aventura, Baldwin, Bathurst Manor,
   Bellmore, Berkeley, Bexley, Bloomfield, Blue Bell, Boca Raton, Boca Raton , Boynton Beach, Briarcliff Manor, Bridgeport,
   Bridgewater, Brockton, Buffalo, Buffalo Grove, Caldwell, Calgary, Carmel, Chandler, Charleston, Charlotte, Chattanooga,
    Cherry Hill, Chestnut Hill, Cheswick, Chicago, Cincinnati, City of Gold Coast, Clearwater, Cleveland, Closter, Columbus,
   Cooper City, Costa Mesa, Cranford, Dallas, Dayton, Deerfield, Dobbs Ferry, Dresher, East Brunswick, East meadow, East
  Windsor, Elgin, Elkins Park, Encino, Fair Lawn, Fairfax, Farmington Hills, Flanders, Flushing, Forest Hill, Forest Hills, Fresh
     Meadows, Fresno, Ft. Worth, Glendale, Great Neck, Green Bay, Greenacres, Halifax, Hamburg, Hamden, Hampton,
  Harrisburg, Henderson, Herndon, Highland Park, Hollywood, Houston, Huntington Beach, Jacksonville, Jericho, Jerusalem,
Kalamazoo, Key West, La Jolla, Lake Success, Lancaster, Las Vegas, Lexington, Little Neck, Livingston, London, Long Beach,
   Long Grove, Los Angeles, Macon, Mahopac, Mamaroneck, Manchester, Marietta, Marlboro, Marlboro , Marlton, Matawan,
   Melbourne, Memphis, Mendota Heights, Mequon, Merion Station, Merrick, Metuchen, Miami Beach, Middletown, Millburn,
    Milwaukee, Mimico, Mission Viejo, Montclair, Monterey, Montgomery Village, Montville, Morris Plains, Mt. Holly, Mumbai,
   Nashville, Needham, New City, New Rochelle, New York, Newton, Newtown, Nice, Norfolk, North Brunswick, North Miami
    Beach, North Woodmere, Northbrook, Northridge, Norwood, Oakhurst, Old Westbury, Olney, Omaha, Ontario, Orange,
 Orangeburg, Orlando, Owings Mills, Palm Springs, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Plainview, Plantation, Port
   Jefferson Station, Potomac, Poway, Queens, Rancho Palos Verdes, Randolph, Rechovot, Richardson, Ridgewood, River
  Forest, River Forest , Roanoke, Rochester, Rockville, Roslyn, Roslyn Heights, Saint Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, San
  Jose, Sandy Springs, Santa Clarita, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Sarasota, Saskatoon, Scarsdale, Scotch Plains, Scottsdale,
Seal Beach, Seattle, Sharon, Sherman Oaks, Silver Spring, Southfield, Springfield, St Kilda East, St Petersburg, St. Louis, St.
 Paul, Stamford, Staten Island, Stockholm, Sun Valley, Sunny Isles, Sunrise, Tamarac, Tel Aviv, Thousand Oaks, Toms River,
  Toms River , Toronto, Tucson, Tzfat, University City, Upper Nyack, Upper Nyack , Ventura, Voorhees, Waldorf, Wallingford,
Walnut Creek, Washington, Wayne, West Bloomfield, West Hartford, West Hempstead, West Hills, West Palm Beach, Weston,
                           White Plains, Willowdale, Wilmette, Winchester, Woodbury, Woodland Hills
                                                and, of course, first in Woollahra!

The Sisterhood had a wonderful Sisterhood Shabbat on January 7 and 8. Thank you to all who
participated. The Kiddish was well received with new menu items that had a Middle Eastern flair!
Thanks to Barbara Marcus who headed up the event. You did a wonderful job getting women
involved. I believe Barbara has already started working on next year's Sisterhood Shabbat which
will be on January 6-7, 2012.

Thanks so much to Dr. Elliot Kornberg for his program about Jews in Cuba. It is really said to think
how badly they live compared to the United States. He had wonderful pictures from several trips.
It was quite interesting. Thank you to all who attended.

We have the Annual Jewish Heritage Festival coming up on March 6 sponsored by the Federation.
We need volunteers to help out at our booth. We will be selling items from our Judaica Shop. Please
contact Sheila Golden at 779-1777 or Susan Moser at 255-4953 to let them know when you would
like to work.

We also have the Passover Barbeque on the Beach at Paradise Park in Indialantic on April 10,
sponsored by the Sisterhood and Men 's Club . The cost is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for kids.
Last year the Barbeque was quite successful. I know this year will be equally successful and fun
especially for the kids. If anyone would like to help organize the children’s activities please call
Debby Wilde at 321-427-7771.
                                       Yours In Sisterhood,
                                             Flo Flax

                              SISTERHOOD MITZVAH CARDS
                             The Perfect Way to Remember Someone
                                     "Ideal for all occasions"
                                 Call Judy Spellman at 777-1209
                                Contributions this month are:
     From Sisterhood to : The Kantor family in sympathy for the passing of beloved Nat.
       to Liz Davis and family sincere condolences for the passing of beloved Howard.
    From Jackie and Larry Dunkel: to Liz Davis in memory of her beloved husband Howard
  From: Margaret Roth to: The Kantor family in sympathy for the loss of dear Nat, to : Liz
  Davis in sympathy for the loss of beloved Howard, to Bob Dubowsky best wishes for a
   speedy recovery, to Roz Marx get well wishes for a full recovery, to; Linda Margolis in
                        sympathy for the loss of her beloved father
 From Sheila and Richard Golden Abrahams to : Carol Hittner in sympathy for the loss of her
      beloved sister, and to Liz Davis condolences on the passing of beloved Howard.

            Introducing….Temple Beth Sholom’s newest fundraiser  


You save a minimum of 40% on all of your purchases and TBS gets 25% of every sale where we are selected as
the non-profit on

You will find a varied selection of local businesses featured on the website (including some of our TBS members).
Each time you purchase a gift card and select TBS as your referring non-profit WINconomy will send TBS a check
for 25% of your purchase price. This is a truly win-win situation.
Please remember to tell your friends as well. Your friends can save money on their purchases and TBS can get
support from beyond the TBS membership.

This is not the scrip program we tried a few years ago. These are discounted gift cards to local businesses, not
full-price gift cards. TBS stands to make a lot more money with this fundraiser as the 25% contribution is much
higher than the 2-8% that the scrip program provided. Also, these cards will be mailed directly to your home, not

We have been told, for business owners, WINconomy offers a way to grow your business / advertise for no cash
out-of-pocket. Details and contact info are available on the website.

Finally…A way everyone can WIN in this Economy!


                                                         Be the first to know when a new business is added to the
                                                    WINconomy site. Click here to follow WINconomy on Facebook

                                         TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM
                                        2011 JEWISH BOOK GROUP

   Stars of David, by Abigail Pogrebin                                                        Feb 23
           Non-fiction account of Jews talking about being Jewish
   The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer                                                    Mar 23
           A novel about a Jewish Hungarian family before and after WWll
   The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson                                                   Apr 27
           This novel is a comedy of suffering and anti-semitism
   The Glass Room, by Simon Mawer                                                             May 25
           Story of wealthy Czechoslovakian Jews who commission a
           modern steel-and glass house in 1930

   Temple Beth Sholom's Jewish Book Club resumed meeting in January. We meet the 4th Wednesday
   afternoon of each month through May in the synagogue library at 2:00pm. Everyone is invited. There is no
   charge. There are copies of each book available in the Brevard Public Library but some titles have a limited
   number. Don't wait for the last minute to put your name on the reserve list Any questions, call
   coordinator Natalie Oshins, 449-0461 or email at

             JUDAICA SHOP
 Have you been to our new,          Judaica Silly Bands $5.00
  fabulous Judaica Shop?                  each package
    We have everything a                      In our
    Jewish home needs!                         TBS
                                          Judaica Shop
   If you need to see anything,
          please contact:
      Sheila Golden 779-1777
      Susan Moser 255-4953
        for an appointment.
Please support our Judaica Shop.



Our activities planned for the rest of the year can be broadly divided into three categories: Religious 
Activities, TBS Activities and Fun Activities, Listed below is our proposed schedule. 

Religious Activities: 
        Men’s Club Shabbat will be on Friday evening April 1 and Saturday morning April 2.  Paul Licker 
        as chairman of the Men’s Club ritual committee will be coordinating assignments. He can be 
        reached at 431‐4385. 

TBS activities: 
        There is a tremendous need for a walkway between the main building and the education 
        building social hall.  The Men’s Club proposes to adopt this project and raise money to finance 
        the construction.  Participation in the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club raffle is one way to kick 
        start this effort.  Our Men’s Club gets to keep 40% of all proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets.  
        Tickets will be mailed out to all TBS members in mid‐January and must be returned by March 
        15. All profits will be saved for the walkway construction. 
        Yom Ha Shoah Candles are scheduled for assembly and mailing in mid‐March. Donations in 
        memory of the martyrs who died during the Holocaust may be made at that time.  May 1, 2011 
        is the Yom Ha Shoah day of remembrance.  Profits from this project will also be applied toward 
        the walkway construction. 
        Purim Basket distribution will take place on March 13, 2011. Volunteers from the Men’s Club 
        and Sisterhood will be needed to assist in distribution. 

Fun Activities: 
        Our next Movie Night is Feb. 13, 2011 at which time we will be seeing “The Lemon Tree.”  This   
        movie highlights the conflict between Israeli security and a Palestinian landowner’s private 
        property. Our future schedule includes: “A Price Above Rubies” on March 6, 2011, “The 
        Pianist” on April 3, 2011, and “Ushpizin” on May 8, 2011. 
        Our annual outing to see a Spring Practice Baseball game has been moved to March 27 at 
        which time we will see the Nationals take on the Marlins. A pre‐game tail gate party and 
        barbecue is planned.  Scott Sabetsky is making appropriate arrangements for this event.  Once 
        we get a head count, we will purchase tickets. Please contact Scott at 704‐4356. 
        A Pre‐Passover Barbecue is planned for April 10, 2011 at Paradise Park.  Bob Mandel is 
        coordinating efforts with the Sisterhood. 
        The Men’s Club Golf Tournament will be on May 22, 2011 at the Suntree Country Club. We will 
        be keeping the cost the same as last year at $75 for players.  Hole Sponsorships are available at 
        $100 each and Team Sponsorships are for sale at $500 each.  Contact Jim Kincaid at 591‐5674 
        for more details. 

                                 Mickey Lane,
                            Men’s Club President
                     PASSOVER BARBEQUE
                        ON THE BEACH
                        SPONSORED BY
                     THE SISTERHOOD AND
                          MEN’S CLUB
            Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm at
            Howard F. Futch Park, better known as
                      Paradise Park at
             Paradise Blvd and A1A in Indialantic

                    We will have kosher chicken,
                   hot dogs, vegetables, potatoes,
                  cole slaw, dessert and soft drinks

                 There will be music and organized
                 games with prizes for the children
The cost is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for children made out to TBS
Sisterhood. Please either send checks to TBS c/o Sisterhood, 5995 N.
             Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32940 or to
                     Deborah Wilde, c/o Flo Flax,
            315 Santa Rosa Ave. SW, Palm Bay, FL 32907

                    Deborah Wilde at 427-7771
                 or email her at

     Temple Beth Sholom would like to invite members of our Temple and the
     entire community to contact us if you are interested in forming a “JEWISH
     BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP” for our community. In light of
     the tragedies that have befallen so many wonderful families over the years,
     from any of the Jewish organizations, it would be nice to have a group of
     people who can be called on to counsel, assist or simply comfort others.
     Ideally, one group made up of people from our entire community, would
     best serve this goal. Help design this program, please help make it happen.
     Call Alan Rosenberg at 254-6333 or 288-3700 if you are interested.

                                                    Announcing the
                            2nd Pajama and Book Drive
   to benefit the foster care children of Brevard County through the Brevard
                                Family Partnership.
Shouldn’t every child have the sense of security to sleep snuggled in warm pajamas? Shouldn’t
   every child have the opportunity to read themselves to sleep? There are over 800 children
(newborn to 17) in the foster care system in our county. Please help provide these children with
                                         these luxuries.
                                 Please donate new pajamas and books
                             to assure these children a great night’s sleep.
                                             Donations are being collected
                                           now through February 4th, 2011.
                                               Thank you for your support
                                               For drop off locations contact
                                                Lorinda Teicher de Zayas

                                            Sister City of Cocoa, Florida, Inc.
                                              Annual Membership for 2011
Come, be a part of our Sister City Program!
Sister City Program is entering it's 4th year and it is certainly an effort that has been very productive in its three years of activity.
It has been praised by citizens, government officials, other community groups, political leaders, our international counterparts,
etc, for the positive contributions which have been made in this short period of time. In case you are wondering, the City of
Cocoa is a Sister City to Beit Shemesh, Israel. We had 40 men, women and children here recently. What a wonderful
                                                                                    Ron Shelton, Director of Sister City Program
Because of what Sister City Program stands for and is effectively doing in our community and in Israel, I am committing an
annual donation of:
                                    __ $25.00 - Silver Membership
                                    __ $50.00 - Gold Membership
                                    __ $100.00 - Platinum Membership
                                    __ Platinum Plus Membership*
                                    * An amount of $____ given ___monthly or ___quarterly
                                    __ I definitely am interested in the Sister City Program and want to participate,
                                    but am not financially able to become a member at this time.
Name -------------------------------------------------------------- Please make all checks payable to Sister City
Address ----------------------------------------------------------- Program. You may send a reply to:
Phone --------------------- Email- -------------------------------  Lora Singer, Sister City Program
                                                                    300 Tucker Lane, Cocoa, Florida 32926

                           February Birthdays
 1   Bernie Clevens          10   Lynda Gilbert          18   Sydney Levy
 1   Irwin Minsky            10   Florence Flax          18   Caryn Weber
 1   Neal Freeman            11   Karly Denaburg         19   Robert Dubowsky
 2   Ken Gearin              11   Jacob Podnos           19   Jacqueline Koch
 3   Barry Kanarek           11   Seth Glick             19   Norberto Schechtmann
 3   Howard Darvin           12   Annie Greenblum        19   Susan Wood
 3   Michael Zimm            12   Courtney Roy           20   Rosalind Marx
 5   Emily Morris            12   Ilene Scharf           20   Melinda Mosley
 6   Richard Moore           12   Max Friedman           21   David Weber
 6   Jessica Green           12   Ella Litvak            21   Wendy Roy
 6   Gloria Strachan         13   Jacob Greenblum        22   Bradley Mendolla
 6   Scott Simmerman         13   Judge Lisa Davidson    22   David Scholl
 7   Sunny Kinkaid           13   Susan Rothman          23   Myles Erik Reader
 7   Brandon Isenman         13   Steven Hittner         23   Shannon Gilbert
 7   Rachel Perlman          13   Fe’ Schechtmann        25   Karen Pipek
 8   Sara Denaburg           14   Lori Reader            25   Adena Crouch
 8   Carol Rosasco           14   Sidney Foster          26   Aaron Levy
 8   Samuel Goldman          14   Angela Litvak          27   Jaclyn Chabala
 9   Lisa Troner             15   Lucy Melzer            27   Liz Davis
 9   Donald Sherman          15   Marlee Krause          27   Bill Williams
10   Ilana Krause            16   Rhonda Schiff          27   Diane Mainwold
10   Dorothy Sitkoff         16   Rachel Richter         27   Sharon Gearin
                             16   Daniel Kemack
                             16   Jeremy Gluck

     February Anniversaries

                       February 1    Louis & Lucille Melzer
                       February 10   Daniel & Lee Strichman

                                  B-Nai Mitzvah
                February 19                Samantha Chamberlain
                March 19                   Brandon Schneider
                April 16                   Isaac Hildt
                May 21                     Jeremy Gluck
                May 28                     Eliana & Evan Cooper
                June 4                     Jordana Haggard

                                         February 2011 Yahrzeits
                            Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat
                                            February 4th and 5th, 2011
               For Yahrzeits occurring 1 Adar I - 7 Adar I, corresponding to February 5-February 11
                                            (* denotes memorial plaque)
Simon Denaburg, father of Bob Denaburg                                                            1 Adar I
Lilly Iflah, sister of Pheby Weber                                                                1 Adar I
Ethel Schulman, grandmother of Dr. Scott Reader                                                   1 Adar I
* Walter Berlin, father of Beth Shaffer                                                           2 Adar I
* Haskell Greenfield, father of Jennifer Schneider                                                2 Adar I
* Jeffrey Kofkin, husband of Deborah Kofkin, father of Ericka & Hastings Kofkin                   2 Adar I
* Max Lasky                                                                                       2 Adar I
Pearl Zimmerman, mother of Elliott Zimmerman                                                      2 Adar I
* Benjamin Belefant                                                                               3 Adar I
* Solomon Cohen                                                                                   3 Adar I
Harry Gutin, grandfather of Howard Gutin                                                          3 Adar I
* Marcelle Bajayo                                                                                 4 Adar I
Barbara L. Diamant, mother of Adena Crouch                                                        4 Adar I
* Nathaniel Greenwald                                                                             4 Adar I
Minnie Jacobs, mother of Vicki Dubinsky                                                           4 Adar I
* Harry Kananack, father of William Kananack                                                      4 Adar I
* Rose Clara Rosenfeld                                                                            4 Adar I
Ann Wolf, aunt of Beth Shaffer                                                                    4 Adar I
* Morris Weinstein, uncle of Arthur Morris                                                        5 Adar I
Lillian Arost, mother-in-law of Flora Arost                                                       6 Adar I
Seymour Levine, brother of Harold Levine                                                          6 Adar I
Jaime Pipek, father of Ruben Pipek                                                                7 Adar I
                            Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat
                                          February 11th and 12th, 2011
              For Yahrzeits occurring 8 Adar I - 14 Adar I, corresponding to February 12-February 18
                                            (* denotes memorial plaque)
* Marie Anna Zweigbaum, mother of Harold Zweigbaum                                                8 Adar I
* Irving Cagan                                                                                    9 Adar I
* Anna Levy, mother of Bobbi Eller                                                                9 Adar I
* Sarah Zara Sadowsky                                                                             9 Adar I
* Lillian Shapiro, mother-in-law of Sylvia Shapiro                                                9 Adar I
* Jacob Cohen                                                                                     11 Adar I
Frank Greeley, husband of Pat Greeley                                                             11 Adar I
Gary Rosenberg, brother of Alan Rosenberg                                                         12 Adar I
Anna Spector, mother of Mildred Plasner                                                           12 Adar I
* Bessie Greenwald                                                                                13 Adar I
Harry Nesman, grandfather of Shirley Pinsky                                                       13 Adar I
* Marilynn Zimmerman                                                                              13 Adar I
* Rose Cohen                                                                                      14 Adar I
* Gertrude Isenman, mother of Dr. Martin Isenman                                                  14 Adar I
Rose Moore, mother of Dr. Richard Moore                                                           14 Adar I
Allan Nalven, father of Nathan Nalven                                                             14 Adar I
* Robert Tiger                                                                                    14 Adar I

                           Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat
                                         February 18th and 19th, 2011
            For Yahrzeits occurring 15 Adar I - 21 Adar I, corresponding to February 19-February 25
                                           (* denotes memorial plaque)

* Samuel Cherry, father of Maxine Nohrr                                                         15 Adar I
* Esther Nathanson                                                                              15 Adar I
Dr. Harold Nozik, husband of Fritzi Nozik                                                       15 Adar I
Minnie Pinsky, grandmother of Irwin Pinsky                                                      15 Adar I
* Stephen A. Schwam                                                                             16 Adar I
* Sylvia Greenberg, mother of Susan How                                                         17 Adar I
* Louis Gantz                                                                                   18 Adar I
* Hyman Gordon                                                                                  18 Adar I
* Morris Levy, father of Bobbi Eller                                                            18 Adar I
* Harry Scheinholtz                                                                             18 Adar I
Dr. Albert Katz, father of Dr. Anita Levy                                                       19 Adar I
Saul Licker, father of Paul Licker                                                              19 Adar I
* Hyman Spector, brother of Mildred Plasner                                                     19 Adar I
Yetta Gordon                                                                                    20 Adar I
* Rachel Kodsi, mother of Maurice Kodsi                                                         20 Adar I
Bess Kromash, mother of Dr. Stan Lee Kromash                                                    20 Adar I
* Leo Wolff, father of Phyllis Isenman                                                          20 Adar I
* William Zweigbaum, father of Harold Zweigbaum                                                 20 Adar I

                           Yahrzeits will be read at Temple Beth Sholom on Shabbat
                                         February 25th and 26th, 2011
              For Yahrzeits occurring 22 Adar I - 28 Adar I, corresponding to February 26-March 4
                                           (* denotes memorial plaque)

Celia Benjamin, grandmother of Mara Benjamin                                                    21 Adar I
* Harry Goldstein                                                                               22 Adar I
Helen Povich, sister of Zelma Oppenheim                                                         22 Adar I
* Meyer Isenman, father of Dr. Martin Isenman                                                   23 Adar I
* Hyman Lesser                                                                                  23 Adar I
Sol Hittner, father of Steven Hittner                                                           24 Adar I
* Simon Offenberg                                                                               24 Adar I
David Rotter, grandfather of Michael Rich                                                       24 Adar I
* Robert Sukoff                                                                                 24 Adar I
Fred Haas, husband of Barbara Haas                                                              25 Adar I
* Ida Cohen, grandmother of Shelly Heyman and Judi Warhaftig                                    26 Adar I
* Dr. Nathan Kupperman                                                                          26 Adar I
* Ester Lynn                                                                                    26 Adar I
* Joseph Berlanstein                                                                            27 Adar I
* Marcia Dorman, aunt of Joseph Eller                                                           27 Adar I
Jeannette McMullen, mother of Annette Levine                                                    28 Adar I
* Nettie Wolk, grandmother of Dani Clevens                                                      28 Adar I

                     Gifts and Contributions
   Temple Beth Sholom Gratefully Acknowledges the Following for
                  Their Generous Contributions:

                           YAHRZEIT DONATION
Lester & Ivy Block in memory of their wonderful son Ryan Block, Ivy’s father
          Lou Schatz, Lester’s father Henry Block, Linda Margolis’
               mother Roslyn Cohen and father Irving Cohen.
     Bill & Sandy Williams in memory of Bill’s mother Dorothy Williams
          Beth Shaffer in memory of her grandmother Jenny Berlin
             Lynn Levine in memory of her mother Beverly Brill
       Roslyn Levine in memory of her father-in-law Samuel Levine &
                          grandson David Shillings
   Norberto Schechtmann in memory of his father George Schechtmann
 Maurice & Judy Kodsi in memory of Maurice’s father Isaac Kodsi, Get Well
Wishes to Bernice Levy and Happy 65th Anniversary to Stan & Bernice Levy
      Steve & Carol Hittner in memory of Steve’s mother Elsie Hittner
            Harold Levine in memory of his mother Sarah Levine
                         GENERAL BUILDING FUND
        Herb & Jean Most “get well wishes and speedy recovery” to
  Bernice Levy & Rosalind Marx and in memory of Linda Margolis' mother
                    Roslyn Cohen and father Irving Cohen
  Neal & Shelly Freeman in honor of their son Lev Freeman’s Bar Mitzvah
 Jeff & Barbara Marcus in memory of Carol Hittner’s sister Debra Gorstein
      Scott & Diana Seminer “Get Well Wishes” to Rebecca Sabetsky &
               in memory of Beverly Sack’s father William Byrd
       Gail Horstmann in memory of Liz Davis’ husband Howard Davis
 Bob & Gloria Mandel in memory of Judith M. Allison, Bob’s sister, Howard
 Davis, Liz Davis’ husband & Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor.
  Lee & Hanna Krause in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband &
                  Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
 Stan & Bernice Levy in memory of Dr. Julius Levy, Stan’s father, Lewis H.
       Hauser, Bernice’s brother, Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband.
                Get Well Wishes to Roz Marx & Bernie Warren.
 Jeff & Barbara Marcus in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband &
                  Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
        Eli Landau in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband &
                  Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
Joe & Bobbi Eller in memory of Linda Margolis’ father Irving Cohen, Howard
  Davis, Liz Davis’ husband & Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
    Larry & Irma Post in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband &
                  Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kanto
Jack and Marilyn Greenfield in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband
                & Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
       Susan Moser in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband &
                  Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
                Gifts and Contributions (Continued)

                         RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY
The Freeman Family Thank You Rabbi Margolis for everything you did to make
                     Lev’s Bar Mitzvah a wonderful day.
 Stan & Anita Levy in memory of Marsha Kromash’s mother Clara Hurok & in
                 memory of Stan’s mother Florence R. Levy

                   LEISURE MINYAN & KIDDUSH FUND
   Jim & Susan How in memory of Linda Margolis’ father Irving Cohen & mother
             Roslyn Cohen and Rabbi Grob’s wife Dorothy Grob
   Diana Seminer, in honor of all who join her at Thursday’s Leisure Minyan.

                       LUCY PODNOS EDUCATION

                            RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
    Arnold & Sandy Dubin in memory of Howard Davis, Liz Davis’ husband &
                 Nat Kantor, father of Roz, Bill & Alan Kantor
                          MARK PLASNER LIBRARY
   Brian & Barbara Greenberg in memory of Brian’s mother Edith Greenberg
                            NEW CONSTRUCTION
                               PRAYER BOOK
                              CAMP SHEMESH
                             CHEVRA KADISHA
                           TORAH RESTORATION

                                                        And to Those
          Refuah Sh'leima             Our prayers go out to Marsha Kromash on the
                                                 passing of her mother
              Ed Birnbaum
               Sue Cannon                 To Ilene Sharf on the passing of her
             Bob Dubowsky                        mother Martha Engel
            Don Goldmacher
           Sandra Goldmacher               To Liz Davis on the passing of her
              Carmen Gutin                       husband Howard Davis
              Howard Gutin
              Carol Hittner               To Roz Kantor on the passing of her
                Roz Marx                          father Nat Kantor
              Beth Shaffer
             Fred Widerman                To Sue Cannon on the passing of her
                                             mother, Sylvia Glazier Foster

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A Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert

Located in Melbourne, Fla., Geoffrey Golub is one of just under 365 attorneys in
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                             REAL ESTATE LICENSE HEARINGS
                                       CIVIL LAWSUITS
                          Civil Appeals * Small Claims * Civil Defense
                   Personal Injury * Dog Bite Defense * Credit Card Defense


Mt. Hebron Garden at Florida Memorial Gardens
              and Funeral Home

           For Information please call.:
        Eileen Pollard, Family Counselor
     Phone (321) 636-5054 or (321) 917-8547
5959 South US Highway 1 Rockledge, FL 32955

                              OF BREVARD
At the Cancer Centers of Brevard, we welcome you into a caring
“family” of both patients and staff. Our multidisciplinary approach to
Radiation & Medical Oncology Services reflects our commitment to
  a comprehensive patient evaluation and targeted therapy. We also
 specialize in the diagnosis and therapy of Hematological Diseases.
  Should there be a need for our expertise, we encourage you to visit
   our centers or attend one of our monthly support group meetings.

    Radiation Oncology                        Hematology/Oncology
    Silas J. Charles, M.D.                    Giuseppe Palermo, M.D.
    Fe V.S.J. Pancito, M.D.                   Isaac Esseesse, M.D.
    Todd V. Panarese, M.D.                    Carl Tahn, M.D.
    Ravi A. Shankar, M.D.                     Dr Germaine Blaine
    Nicola Ally, M.D.

                          Radiation Physics
                        Daljit S. Saini, M.S., D.A.B.R.


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 T Ziadie, MD., LLC
 Board Certified Internal Medicine

                                        Phone: 321-459-5543
255 N. Sykes Creek Pkwy., - Suite #3      Fax: 321-455-6537
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       A Kinder, Gentler Divorce
            Brooke Deratany Goldfarb
                   Harvard Law, JD
                Florida Supreme Court
  Certified Family Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer
                    P: 321-626-2858
                    503 5th Ave., Suite 105
                     Indialantic, FL 32903


                   Invitations by Renee                                          Wealth Care LLC
                                   Wedding                                Steven Podnos MD, MBA, CFP
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    Discounted Prices              Birth Announcements              Tel: (321) 543-1099 • Fax: (815) 301-3777
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Renee Schneider                    Calligraphy Service           
(321) 254-8488
                                   Wedding Consultant                  Email:

                                  Suzanne Mainwold                             Kosher Done Right
                                                                               Orlando's Only GLATT
                                       Gemologist / Appraiser
                                                                               Kosher Catering & Marketplace
                                       Watch & Jewelry Repair

                                                                                  Call for Information & Ordering
                                                                                                Weddings, Dinners, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs,
                                                                                                Luncheons, Party Trays, Shiva Platters,
 981C East Eau Gallie Boulevard                                                                              Bris & Business Meetings
 Melbourne, FL 32937                                                                                                  Groceries
                                                    Hours                                                     Snacks, Cholov Yisrael Dairy.
 321-777-9794                          Tues-Fri 10am-6pm                                                        Deli & Bakery, Israeli foods
 321-777-9784 Fax                           Sat 10am-4pm             KOSHER KATS MARKETPLACE
                                                                                         744 W. State Rd.
              j{xÇ lÉâËäx bâàzÜÉãÇ à{x bÜw|ÇtÜç                                        Longwood, FL 32750
                                                                                 All food prepared under Rabbinical supervision

                                                                     February 2011

     Sunday              Monday                Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                 Friday                  Saturday

                                               1                     2                       3                        4           5:47pm      5
                                                                                              Leisure Minyan 10 am                                Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                           Rosh Chodesh              9:30 am
                                                                                                                                                  Grades 5, 6 and 7
                                                                                                                                                  Leading Service
                                                                          Religious School                                 Shabbat Service           Terumah
                                                    Minyan 7:30 pm            4:30-6 pm       TBS Board Meeting                6 pm                Rosh Chodesh
                                               27 Sh'vat             28 Sh'vat               29 Sh'vat                30 Sh'vat               1 Adar I
     6                   7                     8                     9                       10                       11          5:52pm      12
      Religious School                                                                        Leisure Minyan 10 am                                Shabbat Service
         9-12:15 am                                                                                                                                  9:30 am
      World Wide Wrap
                             Bar/Bat Mitzvah                              Religious School       7:15 pm Sisterhood        Shabbat Service
                             Class - 5-7 pm         Minyan 7:30 pm            4:30-6 pm
     2 Adar I                                                                                          Meeting                 6 pm
                         3 Adar I              4 Adar I              5 Adar I

                                                                                             6 Adar I                 7 Adar I                8 Adar I
     13                  14                    15                    16                      17                       18          5:57pm      19
      Religious School                                                                        Leisure Minyan 10 am                                 Shabbat Service
         9-12:15 am                                                                                                                                    9:30 am
                                                                                                                            Purim Katan
                                                                                                                                                       Ki Tissa
                                                                                                                                                    Bat Mitzvah of
         Movie Night         Bar/Bat Mitzvah                              Religious School                                 Shabbat Service           Samantha
                             Class - 5-7 pm         Minyan 7:30 pm            4:30-6 pm                                        6 pm                 Chamberlain
     9 Adar I            10 Adar I             11 Adar I             12 Adar I               13 Adar I                14 Adar I               5 Adar I
     20                  21                    22                    23                      24                       25          6:02pm      26
             No                                                                               Leisure Minyan 10 am                                Shabbat Service
      Religious School                                                                                                                               9:30 am
                                                                                                                          Grades 6 & 7 Lead         Va-Yakhel
                               No Bar/Bat                                 Religious School                                 Shabbat Service
                              Mitzvah Class         Minyan 7:30 pm            4:30-6 pm                                        6 pm
     16 Adar I           17 Adar I             18 Adar I             19 Adar I               20 Adar I                21 Adar I               22 Adar I
     27                  28
     Religious School
        9-12:15 am
         All About           Bar/Bat Mitzvah
     Chocolate - BJCS        Class - 5-7 pm
          23 Adar I      24 Adar I
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