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  ... for better honey
Swienty A/S

                   ”It’s happening” in Sønderborg                                                             Core areas
We are located in Sønderborg, a dynamic, industrious city by the Danish-     Innovation, quality and utility are key elements in our more than 50 “home
German border. It is here we have our production, administration, our        grown” products which more or less fall within the following 4 catego-
showroom and our warehouse with over 1000 different products.                ries:
                  And we continue to win prices…                                                                 Filling
Swienty A/S has been awarded numerous awards during recent years.            Our famous DANA api MATIC product line, one of our flagships, is the
Several times we have received medals at Apimondia. Most recently            most reliable filling system on the market. It is professional, flexible and
a gold medal in Dublin 2005 for “Best technical invention”. A couple of      can be upgraded continuously to meet the requirements of an expanding
months before that, the company’s “Grand old man” and founder, Bern-         business.
hard Swienty received the highest honour of the Danish Beekeeping Fe-                                   Heating Technology
deration “The Golden Needle” for his pioneering work and life-long invol-    Our DANA api THERMA heating- and straining systems are ideal for
vement with Danish beekeeping.                                               honey processing, straining and liquefaction. The tools are effective yet
                         Swienty World Wide                                  gentle on the honey, which preserves the quality of the honey at the same
We are convinced that our success builds on the extensive experience         time as reducing the workload considerably.
and knowledge we gain by operating both domestically and abroad. We                                    Polystyrene beehives
pride ourselves in serving everybody equally well, whether they are loca-    Our top quality polystyrene beehives SWI-BO are manufactured in seve-
ted next door or in Nepal!                                                   ral hive sizes: The international Langstroth, Modified Dadant, the Danish
During the last 25 years we have been sending our products to all corners    12x10 and the two most important British sizes, Smith and National. For
of the world, something that has given us unparalleled experience and        these hives we carry everything, from hivebodies to feedingtrays and
know-how in exports, logistics and freight. We therefore ship fast, cheap-   springs.
ly and safely to everywhere. We are truly world wide.                                                     Queen Breeding
Also in Purchasing we operate internationally. We are always on the look-    Our high quality equipment covers every aspect of queenbreeding: API-
out for new and improved products from all over the world for our ca-        QUEEN PUZZLE shipping cages, SWI-BINE mating hives, Swienty Incu-
talogue. This means you will always be able to find the most advanced        bators and of course our award winning Swienty artificial insemination
beekeeping technology at Swienty’s.                                          apparatus.

                                                      Welcome to Swienty A/S
It gives us great pleasure to present you our new catalogue with even           beekeepers, we cordially invite you to our open house arrangement, which
more beekeeping equipment from all over the world. Once again we                in accordance with tradition is held at the first weekend in May. We are
have found novelties which, in our opinion, will make beekeeping more           looking forward to welcome many beekeepers for an enjoyable day with a
productive and even more enjoyable.                                             multitude of novelties, product demonstrations, lectures and other exciting
We have also invested: During the last two years we have effectually in-        activities with the opportunity to win prices. You will meet some of our fo-
vested into manufacturing equipment to be able to produce more effec-           reign business partners who will demonstrate their products and be ready
tive, better and more advanced machines for beekeeping. The produc-             to answer potential questions which you might have. This year it is going
tion facility was in fact upgraded to almost twice its previous size in 2009.   to be Eigil Holm with his great knowledge of bees who will come and give
Furthermore, our storage facility was upgraded through the purchase of          a lecture on beekeeping. Carl Fritz will present their newest machine – the
a new pallet carrier and by making space for even more pallets                  honey separator – which can purify honey completely without filtering. At
We also inaugurated our new and modern office facilities at Hørtoftvej          last, Cum Natura will come and present their cosmetic products which are
in 2009. In doing so, we can now offer you direct access to our storage         based on propolis.
facility and show you more products from the biggest assortment of bee-         We wish everyone a good beekeeping season 2009/2010 and hope that we
keeping equipment in Scandinavia.                                               will be able to provide our best service to you,
If you would like to spend a joyful day together with family and other
                                                                                Sincerely yours: Swienty A/S


Beekeeping                                          Honeyhouse                                           Honey Processing
In this chapter you will find everything you        In this chapter you will find everything you         In this chapter you will find everything you
need for your beeyard and or queenbree-             need for honey harvest.                              need for filling and packing your honey.
ding.                                                                                                    Along with miscalleneous items with relati-
                                                                                                         on to honey and bees.

P. 6      Hives                                     P.40      Uncapping                                  P.62      Bottlingtanks
P.10      Hive Accessories                          P.43      Capping Waxmelters                         P.63      Creamers
P.11      Frames                                    P.44      Spinners                                   P.64      Melting
P.13      Thread                                    P.45      Honeyloosening                             P.65      Drying & Analysis
P.14      Hives & Accessories                       P.47      Honey- & Fruit Presses                     P.66      Analysis
P.16      Tools & Hivetransport                     P.48      Extraction                                 P.67      Filling
P.21      Hives - Accessories                       P.53      Extraction -Technical Data                 P.79      Packaging
P.22      Clothing                                  P.54      Extractor Accessories                      P.82      Misc.
P.27      Insemination                              P.55      Straining                                  P.84      Register
P.30      Queenbreeding                             P.59      Wax Treatment
P.36      Beefeed
P.38      Varroa Control

 New products
                    Beekeeping                                    Honeyhouse                            Honey Processsing

               Metal Hive Cover LS, s. 7             Heatgun, s. 40       Wax spinner, s. 44               Thermometer, s. 66

Hive Paint, s. 10      Embedding regulator, s. 13            Honeyseperator, s. 44             DANA Matic 1000, s. 69 Filling Station, s. 72

Hivefeet, s. 16                  Beeblower, s. 20                Fruitpress, s. 47               Round Glas 250g, s. 79       Squeezy, s. 80

Pollendryer, s. 21         Bee venum collector. 21       Swienty honeyextractor, s. 49              Wrapping paper and bags, s. 81

Wasptrap. s. 37                 Miteaway II, s. 38            Clip for sensor, s. 55           Flowerpollen, s. 81 Display for selling, s. 83


                                           SWI-BO Langstroth
 100835                  SWI-BO polystyrene beehives have many advantages. First of
                         all you can produce more honey with the hives as compared to
                100021   wooden hives. Furthermore they are lightweight; well insulated
                         against frost and heat; do not rot, don‘t absorb moisture; are easy
                         to repair when accidentally damaged; environmentally friendly
100024                   and durable (up to 30 years lifespan).

                         • very durable
                         • hard
                         • well isulated
                         • easy to handle and repair
                         • lightweight
                         • no moisture absorbation

                          Number    Name

                100033    100021 Cover
                          100024 Hive Feeder
                          100028 Bottom /w. Insert
                          100027 Bottom board LS styr.
                          100031 Body 3/4 LS, incl. metal slides
                          100032 Body 1/1 LS, incl. metal slides
                          100033 Body Dadant Modified
                          100835 Inner Cover (Perf. plastic)
                          300026 Distance slides


          100021                                                                      100021a

100021 SWI-BO LS Telescoping Cover                                      100021a Hive Cover Metal Langstroth
The cover is placed on top of the hive body and it‘s rim extends        Galvanized steellid with 3cm thick styrofoam insert for insulation.
past and over the sides of the hivebody. Best used together with        The lid has the same size as the Swi-Bo hive body and is well
the innercover (100835).                                                suited for migratory beekeeping.
Number    Name                                                          Number    Name

 100021 Cover                                                           100021a Hive Cover Metal Langstroth

   100024                                                                           114118

 100024 SWI-BO LS Hive feeder                                           114118 Inhive feeder LS
 The hive feeder is an easy tool for feeding your bees sugar syrup.     Hivefeeder in full Langstroth made in durable plastic, holding 2,5
 It holds up to 19 liters of syrup. Should be painted inside prior to   l.
 use (see: 103805 for paint).

 Number     Name                                                         Number    Name

 100024 Hive Feeder                                                     114118 Inhive feeder LS

                                                                     100031                 100032               100033

                                                           100031 - 100033 Hive Bodies SWI-BO LS
                                                           We manufacture fully-moulded hive bodies in three sizes – Jum-
                                                           bo, full Langstroth and medium Langstroth – each with 40 mm
                                                           thick walls. All hive bodies come with an integrated plastic frame-
                                                           rest for extended life (for specifications see page: 11).
                                                           Number    Name

                                                            100031 Medium Body full moulded Langstroth
        100031               100032               100033    100032 Full Body full moulded Langstroth
                                                            100033 Dadant/Jumbo Body full moulded

             100028                                                                    100540

    100027 Bottom Board LS Swi-Bo Styr
    100028 Bottom Board LS Swi-Bo Styr w/insert
    - Detachable ventilation netting
    - Integrated varroa-tray
    - Same size as the hive                                100540 Framerest for Segeberg Hive
    - 4 interior “corners” to secure the hive body         One rail for Segeberg hivebodies (plastic).
    - Notches for hive strap
    - Integrated flightboard
    Number    Name

    100027 Bottom Board LS Swi-Bo Styr                     Number    Name

    100028 Bottom Board LS Swi-Bo Styr w/insert             100540 Framerest for Segeberg Hive


      100835                                                                   104921                                                                104751

                                                                               100037 SWI-BO Feedingboard in LS
                                                                               Can be used as escapeboard with Item 106651 or to put a pail
                                                                               with beefeed on top of the hivebody.
                                                                               104751 Queen excluder wire 485x372 LS Swi-Bo
                                                                               Made of galvanized stainless steel and they have a superior life time.
                                                                               104921 Queen excluder plast 420x508 Langstroth
100835 Innercover LS 10F Swi-Bo                                                Moulded plastic excluder 420x508 or 500x500. These excluders
Inner Cover for Swi-Bo Full LS, medium LS and Dadant (Jumbo)                   feature an extremely high quality and improved durability.
                                                                                Number      Name
in perf. plastic.
                                                                                100037 SWI-BO LS Foder-/bitømmerplade træ
 Number    Name                                                                 104751 SWI-BO LS Metalgitter
 100835 Innercover LS 10F Swi-Bo                                                104921 SWI-BO LS Plastgitter

 Number                Type             Height (mm)   Weight (kg)   Ins. length. (mm)    ins. Width(mm)   Top Bar (mm)   Outs. length. (mm)   Outs. Width(mm)

100021    Cover LS                          72           0,9             550                 262               -               600                 510
100024    Feeder LS                        150           1,3             440                 380               -               540                 450
100028    Bottom LS                        100           0,9             480                 255               -               540                 450
100031    Hivebody 3/4 LS                  165           1,2             463                 374             487               540                 450
100032    Hivebody 1/1 LS                  240           1,6             463                 374             487               540                 450
100033    Hivebody Dadant                  290           2,0             463                 374             487               540                 450
100050    Bottom Polyhive                   70           0,8             470                 470               -               525                 525
100051    Cover Polyhive                    75           0,8             470                 470               -               525                 525
100052    Hivebody 1/2 Nat. Polyhive       150           0,8             370                 380             436               460                 460
100053    Hivebody 1/2 Smith Polyhive      150           0,9             370                 380             399               460                 460
100054    Hivebody 1/1 Nat. Polyhive       225           1,4             370                 380             436               460                 460
100055    Hivebody 1/1 Smith Polyhive      225           1,5             370                 380             399               460                 460
100056    Feeder Polyhive                  200           1,2             470                 470               -               460                 460

 Hive Accessories

                                                                     100035 Nu Box LS/LN
              100035/36                                              New compact nucbox in polystyrene for 6 frames Langstroth.
                                                                     Space under the lid for beefed and ventilation in the bottom. Can
                                                                     also be used for Smith frames.

                                                                     100036 Nuc Box - Universal
                                                                     Holds 6 frames and fits almost any frame size (12x10, NM, LS,
                                                                     Dadant modified). The box also has an integrated inhive feeder
                                                                     (not for LS/Dada). Room for APIFONDA under the cover.

                                                                     Number    Name

                                                                      100035 Nuc Box LS/LN
                                                                      100036 Nuc Box - Universal - 6 Frames



 103800 Hive Paint                                                   103805 Laquer
 Swi-Bo Hivepaint – specially selected hivepaint for our polysty-    Non toxic laquer for sealing the inside of hive feeders.
 rene hives. Natural based paint (as it has been made for over 100   This paint is well suited to paint polystyrene feeders on the inside,
 years ago) without any chemicals.                                   so that they become 100% tight. Also, they are easier to clean
                                                                     after use.
 Enough for 4-5 hives.

     Number    Name                                                  Number    Name

     103801 Hive Paint, Green 750 ml.                                114805 Laquer - Hive Feeders 250 ml.


                                                  102713/14                          102730

102713/14 Plastic Frames                                            102730 Wax Roller for plastic frames
We also distribute high quality PIERCO plastic frames (and foun-    With this roll you can put a thin layer of liquid wax on your plastic
dation sheets) in full Langstroth and 3/4 Langstroth.               frame. Ensures acceptance by the bees.
Number   Name

102713 Plastic Frame 1/1 LS - Black                                 Number    Name

102714 Plastic Frame 3/4 LS - Black                                 102713 Waxroller for plastic frames

                                                                   111705 Bee‘O‘Pac Comb Honey System
                                                                   A specially made Langstroth plastic frame, divided into 8 sec-
                                            111705                 tions on either side. The bees build up the sections without prior
                                                                   waxing, and when the honey has been capped, the section can be
                                                                   broken off easily. A transparent plastic lid (incl.) is put on, and the
                                                                   honey is ready for sale. The easiest system on the market so far!
                                                                   The bee‘O‘Pac needs no waxing at all!

                                                                   111706 Startpackage, 8 frames Bee´O´Pack, 1 3/4 LS
                                                                   This beginners-kit consist of 8 Bee-O-Pac frames and 1 3/4 (shal-
                                            111706                 low) hivebody Langstroth.
                                                                   It is possible to use this beginners-kit on top of other hivesizes by
                                                                   making a wooden board as adapter between Langstroth and
                                                                   the other framesize.

                                                                   Number     Name

                                                                   111705 Bee‘O‘Pac - 1 Frame
                                                                   111706 Startpackage, 8 frames Bee´O´Pack, 1 3/4 LS

 Frames & Thread


     102667 Frames /w. Spacers / Hoffmann Frames -wood                         Rammenavn               Udvendigt                Indvendigt             Bæreliste

     Premium quality wood built with exact measurements.                                               Bredde      Højde        Bredde       Højde          længde

     Outs. Width: 450 mm               Outs. Height: 262 mm                    Langstroth              450         232          430          202             480
     Ins. Width: 430 mm                Ins. Height: 256 mm
                                       Top bar: 480 mm                         Dadant                  450         286          430          256             480
                                                                               Plastic fr. 1/1 LS 450              232          434          218             480
     NB: All measurements are approx. sizes
                                                                               3/4 LS plastic          450         158          433          154             480
     Number    Name
                                                                               Bee´O´Pac               450         170           -            -              480
     102667    Hoffmann Frames Dadant 30 pcs/bndl.                             * Please mention Size within your order

                                              103210 -

     103210 -103260 Framewire                                             103310 Wire Deroller
     We offer both stainless steel wire, which stands many years of       Very usefull for wirering multiple frames
     use and many cycles of wax melting, and tinned wire, which is        Our wire deroller is a very usefull tool when you have a lot of frames to wire.
     much easier to cut than stainless. The wire deroller (103310) fits
     both 250 g and 1 kg rolls.                                           The deroller can be mounted onto a table and will give good support to your
                                                                          wire rolls.
     Number    Name

     103210 Tinned Wire 250g./0,37 mm                                     Fits both 250 g and 1 kg rolls.
     103230 Tinned Wire 1 kg./0,37 mm
     103240 Stainless Wire 250g./0,4 mm                                   Number       Name

     103260 Stainless Wire 1kg./0,4mm                                     103310 Wire Deroller




103400 Wire Crimper
For tightening up the wire in your frames.              102960 Brass Eyelets . 100% brass!
                                                        Brass eyelets will give extended lifetime to your frames because
103400 Spare Wheels for Wire Crimper 2 pcs.             the wire will not cut into the wood.

Number      Name

103400 Wire Crimper                                     Number    Name

103401 Spare Wheels for Wire Crimper 2 pcs.             102960 Brass Eyelets 3x5 mm. 1000 stk.

                                                        103780 Spur Embedder
                                      103780            Manual tool for embedding frame wire into your foundation sheets.

                                                        103705 Embedding regulator
                                                        With this Regulator you can adjust the embedding speed of our
                                                        electric embedder.

                                                        Number    Name

                                                        103705 Embedding regulator
                               103705                   103780 Spur Embedder

 Hives & Accessories



                                                                103600 Hole Punch
     101560 Numbers - plastic                                   To make holes in your frames or insert brass eyelets. Pucher for
     Practical numbers for marking your hives.                  one hole at a time.

                                                                103602 Extra needle for puncher
                                                                Number    Name

     Number   Name                                              102600 Hole Punch
     101560 Hive Numbers, Plastic - 15 pcs                      103602 Extra needle for puncher

                                                                100050 Polyhive
100051                                                          The Polyhive is a newly developed polystyrene hive, manufactu-
                                                                red especially for the British market.
                                       100056     National      Polyhives have 40 mm. thick walls, are highly insulating, do not
                                                                rot, and have an improved interior climate which ensures a large
100052                                                          honey harvest.
                                                                Great advantages as compared to traditional wooden beehives.
                                                 1/2 National
                                                                Number    Name

100054                                                          100050 Bottom /w. Wiremesh
                                                   Smith        100051 Telescoping Cover
                                                                100052 Super -1/2 National
                                                                100053 Super - 1/2 Smith
                                       100055                   100054 Body- 1/1 National
100050                                           1/2 Smith
                                                                100055 Body -1/1 Smith
                                                                100056 Hivefeeder

                                                                                                         Hives & Accessories


115835 Formic Acid Pads
The Mite AwayII™ pad contains 189 grams of food grade formic          This means that when the sun warms the hive the required surge
acid injected in a solution into a proprietary pad inside a perfo-    of vapor will take place.
rated plastic pouch. The manufacturing process creates a Slow
Release Generator that releases formic acid as a vapor into the       The pad must be placed holes down on the brood chamber to
hive cavity over the 21 day treatment period                          wash formic acid vapors through the cluster. The vapor will be
                                                                      mixed in the hive air and travel down to the bottom of the hive
The number, size, and placement of holes in the pouch have            because the formic acid vapor is heavier than the air. This turns
been tested, documented and proven effective over three years         the hive into a fumigation chamber.
of trials. These are critical for efficacy and minimizing damage to
the brood.                                                            As varroa mites are exposed to the formic acid, they die. Likewi-
                                                                      se, when bees breathe in the formic acid vapor, the tracheal mites
Mite Away technology releases enough formic acid over three           are exposed to formic acid and die.
weeks to be an effective dose, charging the colony environment,
but not enough to damage the colony health.                           The bees can still access fresh air through the bottom board ent-
By using two sticks as spacers on the top bars under the pad the      rance, which must be fully open.
temperature in the top of the hive around the pad will change
with the outside (ambient) temperature.
                                                                      Number    Name

                                                                      115835 Formic Acid Pads

     Tools & Hivetransport

 102326 Hivestrap
 Strong and durable straps with minimal stretch and very secure
 locking mechanism. Very well suited for migatory beekeeping.                        100903                            100905
 102330 Frameholder/ 102331 Frameholder - Wood                          100903a Hive Carrier
 Keep your frames under control, every time you check on your           Durable galvanized steel construction.
 hive! Place the frames on the new stainless SWI-BO Frameholder.
 The holders match all measurements for SWI-BO/REA-DAN hives.           100905 Transport handles for beehives
 Up to 4 frames can be placed on the holders.                           Use in connection with a hive strap (p. 16).
     Number   Name

     102326 Hive Strap 2,5 x 510 cm                                     Number    Name

     102330 Frameholder for up to 45/50 mm                              100903a Hive Carrier
     102331 Frameholder for up to 30 mm                                 100905 Transport handles, 2 pcs.


                                                                        100920 Easy-loader
                             100908                                     The Easy-loader is very popular in the apiculture industry where
                                                                        it can boost productivity by up to 300 %. Many aspects of the
                                                                        Easy-loader are useful to beekeepers. For example, the fork tynes
 100908 Hivefeet                                                        are moveable so as to easily separate hives anywhere in the stack.
 Hivefeet for 2-4 hives for easy transport. The feet can be drawn       Using the Easy-loader, you can save money, time and backs.
 between the hives for migrating and are easily extracted again         Using the Easy-loader, a single person can unload 160 empty hive
 before setting the hive to ground. Additionally, they will level any   bodies and load 160 full hive bodies in less than half an hour.
 uneven ground.

     Number   Name                                                       Number   Name

     100908 Hivefeet                                                     100920 Easy-loader


111705 Bee‘O‘Pac Comb Honey System
A specially made Langstroth plastic frame, divided into 8 sec-
tions on either side. The bees build up the sections without prior
waxing, and when the honey has been capped, the section can be
broken off easily. A transparent plastic lid (incl.) is put on, and the             111705
honey is ready for sale. The easiest system on the market so far!
The bee‘O‘Pac needs no waxing at all!

111706 Bee-O-Pac beginners kit                                                                      111706
A brilliant beginners-kit for making and selling cut-comb honey.
This beginners-kit consist of 8 Bee-O-Pac frames and 1 3/4 (shal-
low) hivebody Langstroth.It is possible to use this beginners-kit
on top of other hivesizes by making a wooden board as adapter
between Langstroth and the other framesize.
 Number    Name

 111705 Bee‘O‘Pac - 1 Frame
 111706 Startpackage, 8 frames Bee´O´Pack, 1 3/4 LS

101955 Swarmcatcher Bag
Put on a pole (not included) and the swarm is shaken into the
bag.                                                                       101955

101931 „Swarm Catch“ Queen Pheromones
The modern way to catch swarms is using pheromones.

101850/51 Skephives
For swarm transport. small: Ø33, 33cm tall. large: Ø35, 43 cm tall.                                 101931

 Number    Name
 101850 Skephive - Small
 101851 Skephive - Large
 101931 Pheromones 5 pcs./pck.
 101955 Swarmcatcher bag, w/o. Pole


                                                                  106011-106122 Smokers
                                                                  We carry a wide range of quality smokers. For instance the Pro-
              106122                           106120             fessional Dadant smoker in brushed steel with safety guard and a
                                                                  superior burntime (106011 includes insert).

                                                                  Number    Name

                                                                  106010 Stainless Smoker ø 10 cm
                                                                  106011 Stainless Smoker ø 10 cm /w. Insert
                                                                  106020 Stainless Smoker - Small ø 8 cm
     106030            106031         106011             106020
                                                                  106030 Dadant Large 10“
                                                                  106031 Dadant small 7“
                                                                  106120 Extra Bellow for Stainless Smoker
                                                                  106100 Cobber Smoker
                                                                  106122 Extra Bellow for Dadant

                                                                  106250 „Cold“ Smoke Spray
                                                                  Well suited for quick checks, where it would be too much work to
                                                                  light up the smoker, or in areas with fire hazzard.

                                                                  106275 Smoker Tobacco
                                                                  The tobacco stalks are made of genuine tobacco, which gives
                                                                  very good smoke and will burn smoothly without sparks.

                                                                  106276 Apicalm
        106250       106275          106276             106280    „Tobacco pills“ made from lavender for smokers. Burns well with
                                                                  a pleasant smell.

                                                                  106280 Ignitors
                                                                  Very useful to light up your tobacco. Just take a small piece, light
     Number   Name
                                                                  it and put in your smoker together with your smoker fuel.
     106250 Smoke Spray
     106275 Smoker Tobacco 1 kg.
     106276 Apicalm Tobacco pills 1 kg.
     106280 Ignitors 2 pcs./pck.


                                                                    106310 Hive Tool - American long
                                                                    Long model, sharp, made in spring steel, so it cannot be bent.
      106310              106312                  106314
                                                                    106312 Hive Tool - Maxant
                                                                    Hookend Hivetool - The professionals choice.

                                                                    106314 Hivetool
                                                                    With 39 cm this hive tool is one of the longest in the market. The
                                                                    extra length gives the tool a high leverage for opening the hive.

 Number   Name

 106310 Hive tool - Long
 106312 Hive tool - Hook-end, Professional
 106314 Hive tool - Extra Long


106365 Excluder Cleaner
Made from stainless steel, and very easy to use. Fits our metal
excluders and makes cleaning an easy job.

106420 Frame Grip                                                   107000 Trolley for honey supers
A helpful tool when removing frames from your hive. The built in    This trolley will minimise lifting. Its strength makes it ideal for
spring ensures that the grip will open easily after use.            moving heavy objects around the extracting room.
                                                                    Max. bodysize 50 x 50 cm. Stainless steel.
 Number   Name

106365 Excluder Cleaner                                            Number    Name

106420 Frame Grip                                                  107000 Trolley barrow


                                                                               106660                                  106651


 106440 Beebrush complete with wooden handle                          106651-106660 Bee Escapes
 Quality brushes to gently remove the bees from the frames. The       Bee escapes are a great tool for removing your bees prior to har-
 whole handle has a length of 35,5 cm. The bristle surface is 20 cm   vest. Simply place a board with mounted escape between brood
 and the bristles are 5 cm long.                                      chamber and honey super a day before you harvest and no bees
                                                                      will be left in your honey super.
 106442 Beebrush complete with plastic handle
 The whole handle is 35,5 cm and the bristle surface is 20 cm long.
 The bristles are 5 cm long.
     Number   Name                                                    Number    Name

     106440 Brush /w. Wooden Handle                                   106651 Round Small Escape, ca. ø 12 cm
     106442 Brush /w. Plastic Handle                                  106660 Round /w. 8 Exits, ca. ø 26 cm


                                                                                   106400                                 106695

                                                                      106400 Brush Fix complete with brushes
                                                                      Simply draw the frame back and forth through the Brush Fix and
                                                                      all bees will fall into the aluminium tray beneath.

 106685 Beeblower electric                                            106695 Bee blower
 Efficient yet light beeblower.                                       5 HP Gasoline Engine, complete with 10 cmHose and Nozzle,
 It is easy and handy to use due to its low weight. Can be powe-      moves up to 20m3 air per minute/125 m pr/sec., weight 10.2 kg.
 red by a carbattery with the use of a converter (available in car
 accessory stores).                                                   Number    Name

                                                                      106400 Brush Fix w/Brushes
     Number   Name                                                    106401 Spare Brushes for Brush Fix
     106685 Beeblower electric                                        106695 Bee Blower

                                                                                                         Hives - Accessories

                          102105                                     102105 Pollen Trap
                                                                     Placed infront of the flight hole. The pollen is brushed from the
                                                                     bees legs and collected in a ventilated drawer.

                                                                     102106 Pollendryer
                                                                     New pollendrier with 10 drawers and large capacity. Can also be
                                                                     used as fruitdrier.

                 102109                                              102109 Pollendryer Professional
                                                         102106      Professional pollendrier with 9 big drawers made of stainless

                                                                     Number    Name

                                                                     102105 Pollen Trap
                                                                     102106 Pollendryer with 10 drawers
                                                                     102109 Pollendryer Professional


102092 Propolis Mesh                                                 102080 Bee venum collector
Place on top of the hive. Freeze it when it is clogged and harvest   Bee venum collector – is put in front of the entrance and the
the propolis flakes.                                                 venum is collected on a glasssheet.

Number    Name                                                       Number    Name

102092 Propolis Mesh 415 x 503                                       102080 Bee venum collector





     Size     Arm length cm   Chest proportion cm   Waistline cm   Leg length (overall only)    105083 - 105091 Swienty Jacket and Suit
                                                                                                - Ventilated hat
     XXS      41              102                   98                                 55       - The size of the hat can be adjusted
     XS       52              116                   114                                67       - The veil is barely noticeable and minimizes obstruction of view
                                                                                                - Extra strong veil cloth
     S        57              126                   120                                80
                                                                                                - 100% durable cotton
     M        58              136                   130                                83       - Double distance rings will hold the veil off your face
     L        60              142                   140                                87       - Zipper around the hat, the hat can be flipped back or taken off
                                                                                                - 6 pockets for all the tools you need to carry in your apiary
     XL       64              150                   150                                90       - Wrist can be tightened up with rubberbands.Fit is optimal
     XXL      69              164                   160                                94       - Tight elastic band, which can be adjusted to fit just your size!
                                                                                                - Zipper on the legs. Put the suit on without taking off your shoes.
     XXXL 69                  170                   170                                98
                                                                                                 Number      Name
 Women: S (38,40), M (42,44), L (46), XL (48)
                                                                                               105021-22 Swienty „Protector“ Jacket - Child XXS-XS
 Men: S (50), M (52), L (54), XL (56), XXL (58), XXXL (60)
                                                                                               105023-27 Swienty „Protector“ Jacket S-XXL
                                                                                               105028-29 Swienty „Protector“ Jacket XXXL-XXXXL
                                                                                               105031-32 Swienty „Protector“ Suit - Child XXS-XS
                                                                                               105033-39 Swienty „Protector“ Suit S-XXXL


    Ventilated hat                 The size of the hat can be

  Zipper around the hat, the hat      6 pockets for all the tools
  can be flipped back or taken        you need to carry in your
  off                                 apiary

Tight elastic band, which can          Wrist can be tightened up
be adjusted to fit just your           with rubberbands


                                                105256-105356 Beaded-Rim Collar Clothing
                                                The good old original beaded-rim collar suit and jacket have been
                                                bestsellers for decades. The garment is made of a strong cotton
               105250         105350            fabric, which is very comfortable to work in and durable at the
                                                same time. As a unique feature, the hat and veil are easily put
                                                over the neck rim which gives full protection against stings. (Sizes
                                                see page 22).

                                                Number     Name

                                                105250 Beaded-Rim Jacket str. 38-62
                                                105350 Beaded-Rim Suit str. 40-62

              105120                            105120 Squarefolding Veil
                                                The classic „rectangular“ mesh veil with edgesupport.

                                                105124b Round Veil
                                       105300   New round veil with no obstruction of view (2x2 mm).

                                                105300 Mesh Helmet
                                                One of the easiest-to-wear protection hats available. (one size fits all).

                                                 Number       Name

                                                 105120       Squarefolding Veil
                                                 105124b Round Veil
                                                 105300       Mesh Helmet



          105403-105427 B.J. Sherriff Jackets and Suits
          B.J. Sherriff protective clothing is known for its superior
          protection among professional beekeepers around the world.

          The models we stock are made of a white (or Khaki) blend fabric
          (65% polyester and 35% cotton), which makes them very strong
          and asures that they will not fade or shrink during washing.

          The YKK zippers are extra strong and the unique veil can be
          folded back or taken off.
105423k   The veil is made of black nylon which is very strong and UV

          Number     Name

          105403     Sherriff Jacket S-XXL
          105403k    Sherriff Jacket S-XXL - Kaki
          105423     Sherriff Suit S-XXL
          105423k    Sherriff Suit S-XXL - Kaki


                                                105610                                                   105520

 105610 Swienty Nappa Gloves                                               105520 Swienty leather gloves
 Nappa leather gloves have the best feel and are a bit thinner than the    Premium leather gloves with superior fit! Strong but smooth lea-
 leather gloves, but maintain the super fit (childrens sizes available).   ther with reinforced cloth at the wrists. Extra long gauntlets that
 Overlaying stiches on the index finger.                                   will extend over your elbows giving superior protection.Available
                                                                           in the sizes 8-13. Notice the overlay stitching on the index finger
                                                                           which allows more sensitive handling.
     Number   Name                                                         Number     Name

     105610 Nappagloves size 4-13                                          105520 Leathergloves Size: 8-13

                                           105708                                                                                     105530

                                                                           The size of your gloves is determined by the diameter of your
                                                                           hand in cm!

 105708/105728 Rubber gloves                                               105530 Mink oil Leather Lotion
 Blue rubber gloves are easy to wash and long lasting.                     The lotion contains natural mink oil, a rich refined lotion which is a most
                                                                           effective softener and conditioner for smooth leathers. Mink oil shines
                                                                           and preserves leather, keeping them flexible, comfortable and water
     Number   Name

     105708 Rubber gloves /w. Gauntlets size 7-12                           Number     Name

     105728 Rubber gloves /w.o Gauntlets size 7-12                          105530 Mink oil leather lotion


                            113760                                      113700       113705

Swienty Insemination Apparatus
Award-winning tool for artificial insemination. The apparatus is used
by research institutes world-wide because it simply is the simplest              Your underarm can rest on the table
instrument on the market to learn how to use.                                    while you work

Precision is ensured: While at work with the ventral and sting hooks,
your wrists rest on the table. The support of the table will steady
your hands. A joystick type of micromanipulator reduces move-                    The Micromanipulator reduces move-
ments by a 10:1 ratio and operates the hooks and the syringe.The                 ment by 1:10!
syringe consists of a rubber piston and cylinder for which spares are
readily available should the need arise. The glass tips are also readily
replaceable. It is very easy to dismantle the syringe for sterilization and
it can be inserted into the holder from the front. The queen holder is           Co2 is supplied through a valve which
a simple construction. CO2 is supplied through a valve, which, at the            holds the queen in place at the same
same time, can be pushed upwards to hold the queen in position.                  time.

The apparatus is shipped in a wooden case.


                     113700                                                                           113716

                                                               113716 Stereo Microscope /w zoom 7-45x
                                                               The eyepiece tube is tilted at an angle of 45º, the distance
                                                               between the two eyepieces can be adjusted and have separate
                                                               diopter equalization. Zoom optics allow you to adapt the magni-
                                                               fication to the exact level necessary by turning a button. Models
                                                               with camera and a higher zoom factor available. Magnification:
     Number   Name                                             Continuously variable between 7x and 45x
                                                               Eyepieces: 10 x wide-angle
     113700 Swienty Insemination Apparatus
                                                               Number    Name
            /w. 1 Syringe, 5 Glass needles, 1 Vent-
            ral- and 1 Stinghook                               113716 Microskope - Zoom 7-45x. Inkl. stand

                                                               113705 Cold Light Source
                                                               This 20-Watt light source emits visible light, which is virtually free
                                                               of thermal components and uses bundled glass fibres to
                                                               transmit the light to the object under examination.
                                                               A 20 Watt light with brightness control (three stages). No tools
                                                               are required to replace the reflector bulb.
                                                      113705   Since no fan is required in this model, the light source is absolute-
                                                               ly vibration-free.

                                                               113708 LED Cold Light w/battery
                                                               Low energy consumption (0,08 W.), 100.000/h lightbulb lifetime.
                                                               Incl. eksternal power supply and batteries (100 hours), Flexible
               113708                                          and adjustable neck. Extra bright LED.

                                                               Number     Name

                                                               113705 Cold Light Source
                                                               113708 LED Cold Light w/battery



113760 CO2 Equipment complete
The equipment consists of a small standard CO2 bottle of large
capacity (available in most countries), an aluminum bottle holder,
a CO2 regulator to control the CO2 flow precisely. Further, to
control the right amount of CO2 flow, we supply a bubble flask         113766 Mini CO2 Equipment
with all necessary tubes.                                              A simple gas flowmeter, making it possible to regulate the gas
 Number    Name                                                        flow accurately. Parts are also sold separately.
 113760 CO2 complete
 113755 CO Bottle - No Airfreight Possible
 113756 Stand for CO Bottle                                             Number   Name

 113770 Bubble Flask                                                    113766 Mini CO2 Equipment




                                                                                                     113721                    113723

113745 Harbo Large Capacity Syringe                                     Number   Name

The Harbo Syringe is an innovative large capacity syringe desig-        113720 Ventralhook
ned to simplify the collecting, handling, storage and shipment of
                                                                        113721 Stinghook
semen. Further, it increases efficiency in commercial production
as well as it meets specific requirements for specialized research      113722 Valvefold Probe
purposes. The 200 micro l syringe is calibrated in micro liters with
                                                                        113723 Stinghook - w/0,2 mm. hole
intervals of 0.2 micro l. This provides precision in the insemi-
nation of specific amounts of semen for specialized as well as          113725 Syringe
                                                                        113730 Glassneedle
 Number    Name                                                         113736 Extra Rubber for Piston
 113745 Harbo Syringe                                                   113738 Glass Syringe Barrel


                                         112855/112860 Marking Ring /w. & w./o. Plunger
                                         With these tools you can gently hold the queen by her thorax and
              112820      112860         mark her with either paint or a number.

                                         112820 Clips/112840 Queen Catcher
                                         You can see the queen inside. The catcher has a grid that func-
                                         tions as a queen excluder, holding the queen inside, but letting
                                         the workers through.

                                          Number   Name

                                         112820 Queen catcher Clips
     112840                     112855   112840 Queen Catcher - Plastik
                                         112860 Marking Ring /w Plunger

                                         112902 Swienty Opalith Numberplates for Queens
                                         The professionals choice. With numberplates, you have superior
                                         control over your breeding and selection program.

                                         112951 Marking Paint
                                         The fast drying marking paint is used by many beekeepers becau-
                                         se it is easy to use and fast drying.

              112951   112902            112941 Marking Pen
                                         The marking pen is produced with a water based evaporator.
     2009 & 2014                         The pen is easy to use, because it can be used with one hand.

     2010 & 2015
                                         Number    Name
     2011 & 2016
                                         112902 Swienty Opalith Numberplate set
     2012 & 2017                         112925 Numberplates self-loosening *
     2013 & 2018                         112941 Markingpen white-blue*
                                         112951 Marking paint white-blue*

                                      112750 Queen Breeding System
                             112770   With a grafting needle and a set of breeding materials, you will be able to
                                      raise queens. The larvae are placed in the cell cups, which are placed in the
                                      cup holders, which, in turn, are placed onto sockets. After approx. a week
                                      the larvae are placed in an incubator or in a nursing colony. (Contains 10 of
           112300                     each component exept 112770).
                                      112770 Cassette „Corpularva“
                                      If you don’t like grafting you should buy one of these systems! The queen will
                                      lay her eggs directly into the cell cups. Up to 110 cells per laying by the queen!
                                       Number      Name

                                       112300 Cell-Cups -100 pcs
           112752                      112750 Breeding System - 10 Queens
                                       112751 Hair Roller Cage -100 pcs
                                       112752 Sockets -100 pcs
                                       112753 Cell-Cup Holders -100 pcs
           112753                      112770 Cassette „Corpularva“

                                      112800 ApiQueen Puzzle
112102/3                              ApiQueen-Puzzle shipping cages can be combined to 3-dimen-
                                      sional packages. The large candy compartment is protected by
                                      a lid, which can be opened before introduction.The cages have
 112100                               a large contact surface to ensure optimum contact between the
                                      new queen and the brood.
                                      112100-112103 Grafting Tool de luxe
                                      The professional choice are the Swiss grafting tools. Superior
                                      control to the grafting process. The needle is bent sideways,
                                      which makes it easier to see the larvae during grafting.

                                       Number      Name

                                       112100 Grafting Tool - Stainless
                                       112101 Grafting Tool - China Model
                                       112102 Swiss Grafting Tool
                                       112103 Swiss Grafting Tool - Left Hand
                                       112800 ApiQueen Puzzle Cage


                                            113110 SWI-BINE
                                            SWI-BINE mating hive fulfills these demands:
                                            1. It is well insulated.
              113115                        2. There is enough space for food.
                                            3. The bees have 3 frames to work on.
                                            The front has a sliding panel, which regulates the ventilation and
                                            opens or closes the flight hole. The bottom of the hive is built
                                            with a plastic panel that can be removed when you want to fill the
                                            hive with bees or when you want to introduce the mated queen
                                            into a queenless family. A queen excluder in front of the food
                                            chamber ensures that the bees won’t build into this area.

                                             Number    Name

                                             113102 Frame for SWI-BINE
                                             113110 SWI-BINE
                                             113115 SWI-BINE w./3 Frames

                          113204            113203/04 KIELER Mating Hive
                                            “KIELER” is made with inclined walls on the inside. It has space
     113203                                 for 4 frames + feeding compardment. We supply frames with a
                                            groove to put the foundation strip into.

                                            113170 APIDEA
                                            The hive is supplied with a complete set of parts and is of outstan-
                                            ding quality. The candy magazine can be taken out to give more
                                            room to the bees.

                                            Nummer    Produktnavn

                                            113170 Apidea /w. Frames
                                            113171 Apidea Plastic Frames -Separate
                                            113173 Apidea Feeding Tray
                                            113202 Kieler Topbar /w. Groove
                                            113203 Kieler w/o Frames
                       113170      113173   113204 Kieler extra hive

                       113254 Mini Mating Hive
                       The Mini-hive is very well suited for queen breeding in northern
                       climates. When the colony is established in the hive, it has enough
                       space to grow. A newly mated queen will very soon lay a lot of eggs
                       and the hive will get a lot of young bees for the next queens. If you
                       keep the queen in the hive during late summer and feed the bees you
                       will be able to winter them without any problems.
                       113060 Disposable mating box
                       For island mating. - Danish standard size. The mating box is filled with
113254                 feed, bees and a virgin queen (no drones) and is send off for mating.
                        Number    Name

                        113060 Disposeable Mating Box
                        113250 Mini cover
              113060    113254 Mini Body - 6 Frames
                        113255 Mini Hoffmann Frame
                        113258 Mini Bottom

                       112565 Carricell Portable incubator for 70 Cells
                       The Carricell portable incubators are ideal for transporting 6 - 10
                       day queen cells. They are strongly constructed, lightweight and
                       easy to use. With an electronically monitored heating unit which
                       ensures a constant temperature.

                       The Carricell is powered from a 12 - 24 volt vehicle accessory
                       socket and can also be connected to a battery charger or transfor-

                       Each unit comes complete with a foam tray, flexi cord, accessory
     112565            socket and digital strip thermometer.

                        Number    Name

                        112565 Portable Incubator - Carricell


      112551                112561

                          112551/112561 Incubators
                          High insulation ensures minimal temperature differences and low
                          power consumption. The electronic thermostat guarantees a con-
                 112590   stant temperature inside the incubator. By means of a precision
                          thermostat the temperature is set and kept at exactly 35oC. The
                          heating element inside the incubator is supplied by low voltage
                          - thus - no danger! The heating element can be removed and
                          is easily cleaned. The built-in light, and the large window gives
                          a perfect overview of the cells. The incubator is well suited for
                          breeding systems for example the NC system.

                          Number    Name

                          112551 Incubator - Small/70 Queens
                          112561 Incubator - Large/150 Queens
                          112590 Incubator -Assembly kit


                            114009 Queens from Reputable Breeders
                            Queens of guaranteed high quality. All queens come from renow-
                            ned breeders with great experience in selection and breeding.
                            Delivery during June/July. We supply Carnica Queens from a
                            German breeder, and Buckfast queens from Buckfast Denmark.

                                         Advance Order Necessary!

                            Number   Name

                             114009 Queens

                            112810 Beeboost Queen Pheromones
                            Can be used for the following purposes: Changing an aggressive
                            queen. Temporary replacement of a queen. Increase queen mating
                            success. Collecting forager bees when moving hives and shipping
                            of package bees. Beeboost comes in packages with 5 lures.

                   112810   112812 Superboost
                            SuperBoost contains a ten-component blend of the honey bee
                            brood pheromone. The pheromone cartridge and hanger are
                            designed to allow the bees to surround the device.
101931                      They then contact minute amounts of the brood pheromone
                            which exudes slowly through the plastic membrane.

                            101931 „Swarm Catch“ Queen Pheromones
                            The modern way to catch swarms is using pheromones.
                            Number   Name
         112812             112810 Beeboost - 5 pcs/pck.
                            112812 Superboost
                            101931 Pheromones 5 pcs./pck.

                                 114602                 114501 - 114607 Bee Feed
                                                        APIFONDA is a pure sugar dough produced from a special recipe
                                                        with quality ingredients. APIFONDA is well suited as feed during
                                                        spring, start-up and winter. It is available in boxes of 15 kg as well
 114501                                                 as small 2,5 kg packs (as „Kick-starters“).
                                                        APIINVERT is highly concentrated sugar syrup of high uniform
                                                        quality and long shelf life.
                                                        APIINVERT is well suited for quick and trouble free feeding. It
                                                        is packed in pails of 14 kg, boxes of 28 kg, or pallet tanks/truck-
                                               114601   loads for large amounts.
                                                        Number     Name

                                                        114501a APIFONDA 15 kg Box
                                                        114502a APIFONDA 2,5 kg / box of 12,5 kg
               114607                                   114601a APIINVERT 14 kg Bucket
                                                        114602a APIINVERT 28 kg Box
                                                        114607 APIINVERT Pallet Tank

                                                         114111-114114 In Hive Feeder -12x10,LN,NM,LS,Dada
                                                         114118 In Hive Feeder - LS. Holds 2,5 l Apiinvert
                                                         114100 Feeding Tray 6 l. Holds 6 l. Apiinvert.
                                                         The bees can enter the tray from the bottom and exit without
                   114110                                drowning. Size: 335 x 405 x 80 mm (fits only to LS).
                                                         114110 Feeding Tray 2 l.
                                                         Holds 2 l. Api-invert. Size: Ø 27,5 cm - 6 cm tall
                                          114118         114130 APIFONDA Cutter
                                                         Easy to cut your APIFONDA into small portions.
                                                          Number    Name

           114111- 114114                                 114100 Feeding Tray 6 l.
                                                          114110 Feeding Tray 2 l.
                                                          114111 In Hive Feeder LN
                            114130                        114114 In Hive Feeder 12x10
                                                          114118 In Hive Feeder LS 2,5 l.

               114100                                     114130 Sugar Dough Cutter
                                                          114131 Spare String for Sugar Dough Cutter



 114750                                                         114761

 114750 Neopoll Premium Bee Feed                                         114675 Syrup Pump
 Beefeed with flowerpollen, which stimulates colony buildup.             The pump is equipped with a gear-pump, which is best suited for
                                                                         high-viscous sugar syrup. Save your back and pump the syrup
 114761 Queen Candy                                                      into the hives instead of carrying tons of pails to your bee yard.
 Queen candy of highest Quality. Well suited for mating hives and
 shipping cages.                                                         (Includes: 3,5 HP Briggs&Stratton Engine, 1” pump w/over-pres-
                                                                         sure valve, 4,5 m suction hose, 15 m 1 1/4“ feeding hose, dosing
Number     Name                                                          nozzle.)
114750 Premium Beefeed 1 kg/pk                                           Number   Name

114761 Queen candy 1 kg/pk                                               114675 Syrup Pump

             114010              114020                 114040

114010 Pail Opener
Practical tool for opening pails without hurting your fingers.                                                       114070

114020/114040 Feeding Pail                                               114070 Wasptrap
Practical feeding pail in plastic (5,8 l and 10 l models available).     Avoid wasps in your beeyards. The trap works efficient and wit-
                                                                         hout chemical poisons.

Number     Name

114010 Pail Opener
114020 Feeding Pail 5,8 l / Height: 20 cm                                Number   Name

114040 Feeding Pail 10 l / Height: 23 cm                                 114070 Wasptrap

     Varroa Control

                                                                   115805 -                                                               115835
                115884                                             115809

 115805 - 115809 Lactic-, Oxal- and Formic Acids
 Lactic-, Oxal- and Formic Acids are all used to biologically fight Varroa mi-
 tes. (No liquid acids available for export). You can buy it at your local seller.
 115884 Bienenwohl
 Officially approved varroa treatment in Austria. Very efficient and has been        115835 Formic Acid Pads
 in use for many years with the best results.                                        The pads are packaged in two bags. A) a protective bag and B)
     Number    Name
                                                                                     a perforated bag (20m2), for almost optimum evaporation area.
     115805 Lactic Acid 80% 1 l. - No Export                                         The pads are soaked with 60% Formic Acid (ad. us. Vet.) and hold
     115806 Oxalic Acid                                                              the needed FA concentration up for 21 days and are thus optimal.
                                                                                     The pads come in 10pcs. airtight buckets and can be kept for up
     115809 Formic Acid 60% 1 l. - No Export                                         to 3 years in them (also after opening the bucket).
     115884 Bienenwohl 1 l.                                                          Number     Name

     115886 Svane-neck for correct dosing of Bienenwohl.                             115835 Formic Acid Pads

      115860               115815                 115803

     115803 Dosing Syringe
     Simpel and fast dosing of Oxalic acid. Gives between 1 and 5ml
     per shot. Includes 0,5l tank                                                    115864 Easy Acid Transfer Set
                                                                                     This apparatus makes it easier to absorb acid into the dosing sy-
     115815 -115860 Dosing and Protective Gear                                       ringe. Drill a ø10,5 mm hole in the lid of the acid bottle and install
     Essential equipment for varroa control.                                         the absorbation set. To use it, screw off the small yellow lid from
                                                                                     the absorbation set and begin to drawl the acid into the enclosed
     Number    Name                                                                  60 ml dosing syringe. Easy and safe!
     115803 Dosing Syringe 1-5 ml
     115815 Dosing Syringe 0-60 ml                                                   Number     Name

     115860 Dosing Bottle 0,5 l                                                      115864 Easy Acid Transfer Set

                                                                                                                   Varroa Control

                                                                        115845 Varrox Vaporizer
                                                                        By heating a pan, filled with oxalic acid crystals, the oxalic acid
                                                                        liquefies and vaporises. Oxalic acid vapour fills the hive and all
                                                                        the bees and surfaces are then covered with a very thin layer of
                                                                        oxalic acid crystals. These fine crystals are tolerated by the bees,
         115845                            115846                       but have a deadly effect on the varroa mites. Electricity supply: 12
                                                                        V/12 A car battery. (220 v Transformer optional).

                                                                        Number      Name

                                                                        115845 Varrox Vaporizer
                                                                        115846 Extension cable 7m - for Varrox
                                                                        115848 Transformer 230-12 V - for Varrox
                                                                        115851 Nassenheider - Formic Evaporizer f. lactic acid
                                                                        115855 Wick - Short, 10 stk. - for Nassenheider
                                                                        115856 Wick - Long, 10 stk. - for Nassenheider


                                                                                  105728              115811                 115847

                                                                        115811 Protective Glasses
                                                                        Important protection for your eyes by varroa treatment.

101285 Varroa Board - Plastic                                           105728 Protective Gloves
Just place it on the bottom of your hive and it will be easy to cont-   Important protection for your hands by varroa treatment.
rol your varroa infestation.

                                                                         Number     Name

                                                                         105728 Protective Gloves size 7-12
Number     Name                                                          115811 Protective Glasses
101285 Varroaboard - plastic                                             115847 Protective Mask


                                                                           107025 Uncapping fork /w. Plastic Handle
               107025           107020           107010                    Straight thick stainless needles.

                                                                           107020 Uncapping fork /w. Plastic Handle
                                                                           Our strong economy model. Straight stainless needles.

                                                                           107010 Uncapping fork /w. Plastic Handle
                                                                           Cranked stainless steel needles. Easy to lift off the cappings.

                                                                           Number       Name

                                                                           107025       Uncapping fork Plastic Handle (Straight)
                                                                           107020       Uncapping fork Plastic Handle (Straight)
                                                                           107010       Uncapping fork Plastic Handle (Cranked)


          107065               107066                   107067                  107155                                                107190

 107065 Super Scratcher                                                    107150 Electric Uncapping Knife
 Made of laser cut spring steel. This model is virtually indestruc-        Built-in adjustable heating element inside the blade. The blade is
 tible. It has straight needles that are cut directly into spring steel.   25 cm long and 5 cm wide and has a 230 V heating element.
 It is especially well suited for old combs and giving automatically
 uncapped frames a final finish. This model has a comfortable              107155 Cold Uncapping Knife
 silicone coated handle. It will outlast anything!                         Sharo and powerfull for uncapping.

 107067 Scratcher                                                          107190 Heatgun
 This is a very practical tool for exposing sealed brood-nest stores       Strong heatgun. Melts cappings away.
 in the spring-time.
     Number   Name                                                          Number       Name

     107065 Super Scratcher                                                 107150       Electric Uncapping Knife
     107066 Uncapping fork Plastic Handle                                   107155       Uncapping Knife Cold
     107067 Scratcher                                                       107190       Heatgun


107450 Uncapping Tray                                                              107465
This tray effectively stops honey and wax spilling all over the table.
Place the frame on the frame holders (right). When you have uncap-
ped your frame, place it on the tray next to you (left). The tray will    107465 Uncappingtable
hold up to 10 uncapped frames. It is easy to remove and can also be       High quality uncappingtable in stainless steel with adjustable legs.
used as a lid for the plastic box where you store your uncapping tools.   Very well suited for medium sized beekeeping operations and
107460 Uncapping Tray economy model                                       with lots of space for cappings.
This model is a cheap alternative to our standard model.
Number     Name                                                           Fits all frame sizes.
107450 Uncapping Tray                                                     Number        Name

107460 Uncappingtray economy model                                        107465        Fritz Uncappingtable



                                                                          107570 Brush Uncapping Machine - complete
                                                                          The Uncapping machine with rotating brushes is a great tool for
                                                                          mid-size beekeeping operations. Just push the frame against the
107680 Rotary Frame Holder                                                rotating brushes and the cappings will be brushed off in a matter
This round frame rack is produced of stainless steel and perfect          of seconds!
for storage of uncapped frames. The holder can turn and
has a conical discharge for drip honey. Available in 2 different          The brushes are powered by a strong 180W/ 220V motor. A
sizes for 34 frames LS/LN ø 85 and for 60 frames LS/LN ø 100.             gentle method that does not destroy the cell structure. NB! The
                                                                          machine is sold seperately for mounting on existing uncapping
                                                                          tanks. Please request quote.

Number       Name                                                         Number       Name

107681       Frame Holder for 60 Frames                                   107570       Uncapping machine w/rotating brushes


                                                                          107519 Vertical Uncapper
                                                                          Our professional uncapping machine works with rotating knives
                                                                          and has been built for fast, simultaneous uncapping
                                                                          of both sides of the frame.
                                                                          This machines can be used for all common frame sizes. The un-
                                                                          capping unit efficiently removes the cappings, but is gentle on the
                                                                          wooden frames. Uncapping depth can be adjusted.

                                                                          The machine is equipped with wheels for easy transportation.
                                                                          The wheels can be locked during operation to ensure stability.

     Capacity     Length    Width    Heigth        Weigt    Powersupply   Number    Name

     4 F. / Min 87 cm       51 cm    188 cm        70 kg.   420W/230 V.   107519 Vertical Uncapper

                                                                          107539 Slide Feed Uncapper
                                      107539                              Just place the frames on the slide feed section and they are
                                                                          automatically drawn into the machine and through the uncapping
                                                                          section. The capacity is 8 frames per minute.

                                                                          Operation requires hot water unit! (sold separately).

                                                                          Number      Name

                                                                          107539      Slide Feed Uncapper
                                                                          107538      Stand for Slide feed Uncapper
     Capacity      Length    Width      height     Weigt    Powersupply   107541      Hopper
     8 F. / Min      Depending on model            70 kg.   550W/230 V.   107541b     Hot Water Unit

                                                                                                        Capping Waxmelters

                                                                      104422 DANA api MINI - Melter
                                                                      DANA api MINI-cappings melter is a round vat made of stainless
                                                                      steel with a perforated bottom insert.

                                                                      The DANA api MINI-cappings melter is equipped with a power-
                                                                      ful heating element under the lid and a fan that ensures a quick
                                                                      and even heat distribution. With this system you will be able to
                                                                      recover honey from the cappings wax without destroying the fine
                                                                      quality and taste of your honey. In fact, this yummy gold will not
                                                   104422             only be good enough to eat; it will be good enough to sell. The
                                                                      melter pays for itself in a very short time!

Capacity   Diameter    Heigth     Weigt     Powersupply                Number    Name

40 kg      ø 55 cm     85 cm      20 kg.    2 kW/230 V.               104422     DANA api MINI - Melter

                                                                      104400 DANA api MELTER
                                                                      A double walled, insulated stainless steel vat. DANA api MEL-
                                                                      TER has two separately controlled heating elements: One at the
                                                                      bottom and one at the top under the lid. The DANA api MELTER
                                                                      has a powerful fan built into the lid which ensures that the heat is
                                                                      rapidly distributed throughout the vat. This even distribution of
                                                                      heat makes for a clean seperation of wax from the honey.
                                                                      Note that the melter can be used with whole frames of (e.g. gra-
                                                                      nulated) honey as well as cappings wax.
                                                                      How to: Frames or cappings wax are put onto a perforated bot-
            104400                                                    tom (up to 120 kg cappings/30 frames).The bottom heater is set
                                                                      at 40º C and the top heater at 80-100º C. The honey and wax melt
                                                                      simultaneously, but because of its higher density the honey will
                                                                      sink to the bottom, while the wax stays on top. All you have to
                                                                      do is simply drain the pure undamaged honey first and then the
                                                                      lighter yellow liquid wax.

Capacity   Length     Width     Heigth     Weigt      Powersupply     Number    Name

120 kg     99 cm.     49 cm. 34 cm         59 kg.     2,3 kW/230 V.   104400 DANA api MELTER




 107803 Wax Spinner 35                                           107812 Centrifuge „WET“
 New Honeycentrifuge at a super price for cleaning cappings.     Professional cappingscentrifuge with bottomheater. 4 removable
                                                                 baskets collect and filter the cappings. Ajustable speed, 1.1kW
 Runs at max. 750 RPM, 23+V/400W, timer and 35 liter capacity.   motor/400V. Both cappings and honey are mixed and sent th-
 0,75 x 0,78 x 0,5 m                                             rough the centrifuge to clean your honey.

     Number    Name                                              Number    Name

     107806 Wax Spinner 35                                       107812 Spinner „WET“

                                                                 107802 Honeyseparator
                                                                 An ingenious invention from Sweden, perfected and produced
                                                                 by CFM.
                                                                 The Honeyseparator divides wax and honey on the basis of their
                                                                 different weights. The mix of honey and wax runs directly into the
                                                                 separator´s bottom and is being led through the separating entity.
                                                                 At the separator´s heart are two bowls made of stainless steel,
                                                                 which spin around inside the separator with at a high speed.

                                                                 As honey is heavier than wax, the honey will be pressed outwards
                                                                 and the wax „swims“ on top. A cleverly devised system than
                                                                 arranges that only the pure honey will run upwards out of the
                                                                 separator. Thus, the seperator functions simultaneously as honey
                                                                 pump. Afterwards, the honey only needs to be strained and is
                                                                 than ready for filling.

                                                                 Number    Name

                                                                 107802 Honeyseparator




107400 Needle roller                                            107406 Uncapping Roller/PVC
Needle roller for heather honey. Roll back and forth over the   Also usable to loosen small amounts of heather honey.

Number   Name                                                   Number    Name

107400 Needle Roller - Metal                                    107406 Needle Roller - PVC nåle

                                                                107380 Sjöli Manual Loosener
                                                                Sjöli manual honey loosener for the small-scale beekeeper.

                                                                With the manual loosener you punch plastic pins into the honey
                                                                cells and loosen the heather honey.
                                                                After loosening, heather honey will be extracted more easily.


                                                                Number    Name

                                                                107380 Sjöli Manual loosener


                                                                            107331 Manual Honey Loosener
                                                                            The Oswald Hain honey loosener has once again been improved:it
                                                                            now comes with two plates mounted in front of the plastic needles.
                                                                            These scrape any residual particles of wax off every time the need-
                                                                            les are pulled apart and the frames are not pulled in. In additon to
                                                                            this improvement, the frames are now pulled in more precisely as
                                                                            the feed-in mechanism has been re-engineered.
                                                                            The function is the same as before: you place the frames between
                                                                            the two needle plates and operate the machine with the handle.
                                                                            The plates are pressed together and the needles penetrate into the
                                                                            honey cells. Every time the plates are pulled back, the frames move
                                                                            forward a little, so that every honey cell is prepared. Every needle is
                           107331                                           supported by a small spring to prevent the needle from breaking, if
                                                                            it hits a cell with pollen or the wooden frame.

     Capacity   Length    Width     Heigth      Weigt         Powersupply    Number    Name

     2,5 F/M    64 cm.    64 cm. 115 cm         30 kg.        N/A            107331 Manual Honey Loosener

                                                                            107420 Automatic Honey Loosener
                                                                            Full automatic honey loosener for the large beekeeper. It is ca-
                                                                            pable of loosening 4-5 frames a minute with impressive precision
                                                                            and with minimal damage to the comb.The machine works much
                                                                            like the common Sjöli loosener.

                                                                            Two “pin plates” are pushed together, penetrating the comb and
                                                                            thereby loosening the content. It is fully programmable, enabling
                                                                            the user to pre-set the exact penetration cycles of the machine.
                                                                            The process is controlled by a photo sensor which spots the
                                                                            frames entering the machine. All the operator has to do is replace
                                                                            the loosened frames. To further improve the loosening the need-
                                                                            les have been fitted with an extra “head” (See detailed picture,

     Capacity   Length   Width    Heigth     Weigt            Powersupply    Number    Name

     4,5 F/M    77 cm. 31 cm. 91 cm 80 kg.                    220v/24w       107420 Automatic Honey Loosener

                                                                                            Honey & fruit Presses

                                                           108770 Fruit- and honey press stainless steel
                                                           Honey press in stainless steel. Easy to clean and use.
                                                           Holds approximately 9,5 l.
                                                           Basket diameter Ø21cm, height 27cm

                                                            Number    Name

                                                            108770 Fruit- and honey press stainless steel

                                                           108810/b Professional Wax/ Honey Press
                                                           After draining, the cappings and/ or combs slide down the
                                           108810          Archimedes screw and are slowly pulled into the machine. The
                                                           screw moves constantly and the cappings are compressed into a
                                                           tube, which is perforated. The honey is squeezed out through the

                                                           - Fixed on a steel support mounted with 4 wheels (2 with brakes)
                                                           - Stainless steel funnel and cover
                                                           - Compresson screw made of stainless steel.
                                                           - Variable speed.
                                                           - Collection tank for honey in stainless steel
                                          108810b          - Electronic box with thermic protection
                                                           - 3 years warranty on parts

Length   Width   Heigth   Weigt    Power Supply            Number    Name

140 cm. 100 cm 85 cm      260 kg   110/220/380 V. - 2 KW   108810 Professional Wax-/Honeypress
125 cm   71 cm   78 cm    120 kg   230/400 V. - 2 KW       108810b Professional Wax-/Honeypress


 Tangential extractors                             Radial Extractors                              Self-turning Extractors
 In a tangential extractor the frame is placed     Radial extractors are the most universal       Self-turning extractors are versatile and
 so that the flat side is pointing outwards.       extractors and the perfect solution for all    ideal for the more viscous honeys, for ex-
 This gives maximum centrifugal force on the       beekeepers who want to extract low to          ample heather (calluna vulgaris), manuka,
 honey in the cells.                               medium viscous honeys.                         forest and sage honeys.

 These extractors are very popular among           The frames are placed vertically around        Basically a self-turning extractor is a tan-
 smaller-scale beekeepers because they are         the axis like the spokes of a wheel or flat    gential extractor, but with the refinement
 at the bottom of the price range, and may be      inside the extractor as with our newly         that the frames are turned automatically.
 used with any type of honey.                      developed WORLD EXTRACTOR. The
 The drawback is that the comb has to be           centrifugal force and the natural slope of     We offer different sizes of self-turning ex-
 turned around in order to extract both            the cells will ensure that both sides of the   tractors and are able to satisfy the needs of
 sides, which is labour intensive and time         comb are emptied simultaneously.               everyone, from the small-scale beekeeper
 consuming.                                                                                       to the professional beekeeper. All extrac-
 The baskets are available in two different        In other words you don’t need to turn          tors can be delivered with a bottom heating
 configurations: with or without a central axis.   the frames inside the extractor.               cable (Item 108591). We recommend this
 While the extractor with middle axis is che-                                                     upgrade, because it is a great help when ex-
 aper, the advantage of not having a central       This makes radial extractors the prefered      tracting over several days or when cleaning
 axis is that you can turn the comb inside the     choice of many beekeepers. Call us for         your extractor.
 extractor. When equipped with a middle            advice if you are in doubt.                    With all models, we are able to customize
 axis, however, you have to move the comb                                                         the location of the honey gate, beam
 outside the extractor in order to turn it.                                                       and tank height.

                                                            Number of Hives:
                                1 - 20                     21 - 100                       100 - 300                       300 +


108112/                                            108113/        108030 - 108113 Quality Hobby Extractors
108030                                             108035         4 frame extractor of high quality. Polished stainless steel tank,
                                                                  stainless gate soldered into the bottom ensures all honey will get
                                                                  out. Can easily be upgraded to a motorized extractor. The prefe-
                                                                  red choice of any quality minded beekeeper.

                                                                  Basket /w. Middle axis                   Basket w/o Middle axis
                                                                          32x41 cm                                 36x46cm
                                                                  a) Stainless wire basket with middle axis.
                                                                  b) Basket made of perforated stainless steel sheets without a
                                                                  middle axis.
                                                                  Number       Name
 Mesh basket.                                Perf. steel basket   108030       Manual-Extractor /w. Middle Axis
 w.middle axis                               w/o middle axis
                                                                  108035       Motor-Extractor /w. Middle Axis
                                                                  108112       Manual-Extractor /w.o. Middle Axis

Excl. feet. For technical data see page 53                        108113       Motor-Extractor /w.o. Middle Axis

                                                                  108280 Swienty tangential honeyextractor
                                                                  Swienty tangential honeyextractor! The most modern produc-
                                                                  tion technique made it possible to manufacture an extractor that
                                                                  has not hidden edges what so ever. No other extractor can be
                                                                  cleaned as easy and well as this one. The gate is mounted plain at
                                                                  the skewed bottom and ensures that all honey can be drained off.
                                                                  Fits all frame sizes and stands firmly on the newly developed leg
                                                                  construction. Super technique at an affordable price.
                                                                  108290 COMBO 2-frame extractor
                                                                  2-frame extractor is a combination of an extractor, strainer and
                           108280                                 honeytank (all stainless). Extremely practical for the small-scale
                                                                  beekeeper with little space. This extractor is able to take almost
                                                                  any frame size. The extractor has holes in the bottom, so that
                                                                  honey can flow off easily through the filter screen. The drive
                                                                  (3:1 crank ratio) and honey gate are made of food grade plastic.
                                                                   Number       Name
        108280m                              108290                108280       Swienty tangential honeyextractor
                                                                   108280m      Swienty tangential honeyextractor w. motor
For technical data see page 53                                     108290       COMBO 2-frame extractor


                                                    108600 WORLD EXTRACTOR
                                                    Fast! 3 frames in only 2-5 minutes
                                                    Easy! Both sides extracted at the same time
                                                    Flexible! Virtually any size of frame can be extracted (even TBH)
                           108600                   Low cost! One of the lowest priced radial extractors
                                                    Clean! All stainless steel construction
                                                    Award winning! Gold Medal at Apimondia 2005

                                                    Simply place the frames, or combs, horizontally in the extractor,
                                                    turn the handle and the honey is forced out of the comb.
                                                    The extractor can extract 3 frames in about 2-5 minutes.
                                                    The machine is easily stored (vertically) without taking up much

                                                    Its lightness ensures effortless handling.
                                                    Number     Name

                                                    108600 DANA api WORLD extractor

                                                    108601-108610a Radial Extractors
                                                    - 100% see through acrylic cover w/ alu reinforcements
                                                    - Thick stainless steel tank
               Radial Extractors can be delivered   - Conical bottom for problem free honey drainage
               in virtually any size.               - Stainless steel- or chromed brass gate /w. flat drain
                                                    - Argon plasmaweldings, - the best welding method available
                                                    - Reinforced bottom
                                                    - Basket mesh in stainless steel
                                                    - Manual drive in metal /w. freewheeling and „backbrake“ crank ratio: 1:3
                                                    - Motorized Extractors /w. speedcontrol and reinforced gearing
                                                     Number        Name

                                                     108601        Manual Radial Extractor 9 1/2 F.
      108601                                         108601m       Radial Extractor /w. Motor 9 1/2 F.
                                                     108603        Radial Extractor /w. Motor 12 F./ 20 1/2 F.
                                                     108604        Radial Extractor /w. Motor 20/36 1/2 F.
                                                     108604a       Radial Extractor /w. Motor (programaut.)
                       108610                        108610        Radial Extractor /w. Motor 60 F.
                                                     108610a       Radial Extr./w. Motor 60 F.(programaut.)


                                                         108400-108461a Professional Self-turning Extractors
                                                         Strong professional self-turning extractors for all kinds of honey. Sizes
                                                         range 6 frame model up to the 16 frame version. Full automatic soluti-
                                                         ons are also available. Extractior height, positioning of the honeygate
                                             108450/61   and design of the top cross-member can all be customised to suit
                                                         individual requirements: please contact us for further details.

                                                         Number         Name

                                                         108400         Selft. Extractor 6 F. 30x46
                                                         108400a        Selft. Extractor 6 F. 30x46 (Autom.)
                                                         108430         Selft. Extractor 8 F. 34x46
                                                         108430a        Selft. Extractor 8 F. 34x46(Autom.)
                                                         108450/a       Selft. Extractor 12 F. 34x46 / (Autom.)
* All models also available with 25x46 cm basket.
For technical data see page 53                           108461/a       Selft. Extractor 16 F. 34x46 / (Autom.)

                                                         108391/108403 Economy Self-turning Extractors
                                                         The extractors are semiautomatic which means the extraction
                                                         time and speed can be programmed. The machine will stop auto-
                                                         matically and then turn once. You will, however, need to program
                                                         the different extraction speeds separately each time.

                                                         The extractors come with stainless steel tanks and baskets, with
                                                         basket suspensions in coated steel. The honey gates are made in
                                                         food grade plastic and all extractors are fitted with safety locks.

                                                         The speed control is semi-automatic, controlling speed and time
                                                         for one reversing cycle at a time.

                                                          Number        Name

For technical data see page 53                            108403        Selft. Extractor 6 F. 33x44


 Fullautomatic extracting line
 Full-automatic extracting line for rational extraction of larger
 amounts of honey.

 A full honeysuper is put into a so called de-boxer (the entity       The whole extraction process works without any lifting! It is
 which takes the frames out of the magazine) and is afterwards        therefore not only faster and more economic than other extrac-
 automatically transported to a full-automatic uncapping-machi-       tion processes, but also less exhausting. All honey and cappings
 ne. Here, the frames are being uncapped and pushed onto a            are pumped into a high capacity centrifuge where the honey is
 frame-rack where they wait for extraction.                           cleaned efficiently.

 The parallel radial extractor (which has a capacity of up to 120     FInally, only minimal straining is required to make the honey
 frames per load) is filled with full frames through a pneumatical-   ready for bottling.
 ly assisted frame loading system. The frames are inserted and
 extracted parallel to each other.
                                                                      Call for more information.
 At the same time, empty frames are pushed onto an empty
 frame rack on the opposite side of the extractor. Thus, the ex-
 traction process works fully automatic and smoothly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Extractors - Technical Data

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Height - Floor to tankbottom (cm)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Diameter - Ins./outs. (cm)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Height Floor t. gate (cm)
                                                                         Program Automatics

                                                                                                                                                                                               Basketheight (cm)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tank Height (cm)
                                                                                                                                                       Basket Perf. Steel

                                                                                                                                                                            Basketwidth (cm)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Total height (cm)
                                                        Motor Size (W)
                         Full/Half Super

                                                                                                                         Gatesize (mm)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Radial basket

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Weight (Kg)
                                                                                                                                         Basket Wire
                                                                                              Middle Axis
                         # of Frames


                                                                                                            # of Gates
              Item #

          108030            4              -            -                 -                    Y             1           ø 36                  -             x               35                41                        -            75                114                   60/64                            41                                       37                  30
          108035            4              Y           80                 -                    Y             1           ø 36                 x                -             35                41                        -            75                114                   60/64                            41                                       37                  30

          108112            4              -            -                 -                   N              1           ø 36                  -             x               36                46                        -            75                114                   60/64                            41                                       37                  30
          108113            4              Y           80                 -                   N              1           ø 36                 x                -             36                46                        -            75                114                   60/64                            41                                       37                  30
          108280/m          4              -            -                 -                    Y             1           ø 40                 x                -             30                43                        -            63                118                   52/54                            42                                       43                  23
          108290            2              -            -                 -                    Y             1           ø 40                 x                -             32                41                        -            90                101                   39/41                                    2                                          0         12
          108400/a          6              Y           370               F                     Y             1           ø 50                  -             x               30                46                        -            76                111                   84/88                            38                                       33                  118
          108403            6              Y           200               H                     Y             1           ø 50                 x                -             34                42                        -            78                136                   90/92                            38                                       35                  75

          108430/a          8              Y           750               F                     Y             1           ø 70                  -             x               34                46                        -            80                113                  102/106                           38                                       33                  140
          108450/a        12               Y 1500                        F                     Y             1           ø 70                  -             x               34                46                        -            80                113                  125/129                           38                                       33                  227
          108461/a        16               Y 1500                        F                     Y             1           ø 70                  -             x               34                46                        -            80                113                  125/129                           38                                       33                  240
          108600            3              -            -                 -                    Y             1           ø 36                 x        N/A ø90 3,7                                                       -         19,5                 25,5                  92/94                         2,7                                    2,5                      21
          108601/m      3*/9               Y           80                 -                    Y             1           ø 36            N/A N/A                             17                        -                x             75                109                   55/59                            38                                       35                  26

          108603       4*/12/20 Y                      110                -                    Y             1           ø 50            N/A N/A                             17                        -                x             76                114                   69/72                            41                                       37                  40
          108604/a     20/36               Y           370               F                     Y             1           ø 50            N/A N/A                                    -                  -                x             76                111                   84/88                            38                                       33                  96
          108610/a        60               Y 1500                        F                     Y             1           ø 70            N/A N/A                                    -                  -                x             80                113                  125/129                           38                                       33                  180

* Requires optional accessories
All data in the table may vary. Data are excl. feet
See page 15 for framesize.
Y= Yes, N=No, H=Half, F=Full

 Extractor Accessories

                           108900                                                               108903


                                                                     108028                     109812-


                                                                     108029                  109862/63


                           108160                                    108603v
     Number    Name                                              Number       Name

     108900    Handle for Extractor Cover                        108029       Basket - Wire 35 x 41 for ø 60 Tank
     128026    Ball for Bearing ø 11 mm                          108603v      4 x Grid for Radial Extractor (108603)
     128026a   Lubrifilm Extractor Grease ca. 4 oz               108903       Plastic Cover for ø 60 Extractor CFM
     128027    Springs for Selft. Extr. ø 6,5 x 62 mm            109812       Honeygate ø 40 Incl. Nut
     128027a   Springs for Selft. Extr. ø 8,5 x 68 mm            109813       Honeygate ø 50 Incl. Nut
     108139    Rubberfeet - price/piece                          109862       Honeygate 2“ - Metal
     108160    Motor /w. Gearing for ø 60 Tank                   109863       Honeygate 1 1/2“ - Metal
     108185    Manual Drive for ø 60 Tank                        109852       Wing Nut
     108028    Basket Perf. Steel w/o axis 36 x 46 f ø 60 Tank   109851       Gasket for Honeygate CFM


                                                                     107000 Trolley for honey supers
108590/91 Bottom Heater                                              This trolley helps to minimise lifting, being strongly built for
Handling honey is much easier at its natural temperature. To help    moving heavy supers of honey about the extracting room.
you maintain your honey at an even, warm temperature, we offer       Max. bodysize 50 x 50 cm. Stainless steel.
this tank heating cable with thermostatic control. The heating
cable can be mounted under or around any tank or extractor and       108912 Filterbag for cappings wax
ensures the maintenance of a warm honey temperature. The             The filter bag is used for extracting cappings wax or burr comb.
cable is fastened with a special aluminum tape. The thermostat       Simply fill cappings and hang into extractor. Size of the filter bag:
controls and regulates the temperature.                              230 x 340 x 30 mm.
Number       Name                                                     Number    Name

108590       Bottom Heater 14 m. / over ø 75                         107000 Trolley barrow
108591       Bottom Heater 8 m. / under ø 75                         108912 Filterbag for cappings was

              110441                                                                                    110410

110441 Liquid Level Sensor
Clip this small battery operated alarm over the rim of your bucket   110410 Level Monitoring Switch
or honey tank and pour in liquid honey. The alarm will “beep” as     A level monitoring switch is a valuable tool when emptying or
soon as honey touches the sensor. Very practical tool for the busy   filling a honey tank by means of a pump. The monitoring
beekeeper.                                                           switch can handle filling as well as emptying of the tank and will
                                                                     start or stop your pump automatically.
110442 Clip for Liquid Level Sensor
Clip to use the levelsensor with larger tanks.
Number    Name

110441 Liquid Level Sensor                                           Number     Name

110442 Clip for Liquid Level Sensor                                  110410 Level Monitoring Switch


              110300/                                        110301/                110300-110309 Honeypumps
              110305                                         110306                 Our stainless steel volumetric rotary pumps (positive displace-
                                                                                    ment) have a flexible impeller and are self priming. They run at
                                                                                    slow speed. The trolley/base, fittings and the pump are made
                                                                                    entirely of stainless steel. The pump impeller is made of natural
                                                                                    non-toxic neoprene rubber. The „Maior pump“ has a larger pump
                                                                                    head and larger pump capacity.

                                                                                     Number       Name
                110309                             110308
                                                                                     110300       Honeypump 230 V
                                                                                     110301       Honeypump 230 V Maior
                                                                                     110305       Honeypump 400 V
                                                                                     110306       Honeypump 400 V Maior
         Name                Size            Capacity     Power (V)   Weight(kg)     110308       Impeller
      Rotorpump      Dep. on model 40/80 l/m 230/400                      75         110309       Impeller Maior


                                                                                     Capacity    Length   Width    Hight    Weight   Power Supply

                                                                                     200 kg      150 cm 52cm       31cm     70 kg    3 kW
 109160 Pre-Filter                                                                  109196 Honey Sump 200 kg.
 A coarse strainer filters the large wax parts before the honey reaches the         A stainless steel honey sump for 200kg of honey.
 strainer. (A fine strainer is also available).                                     The special heating system of this sump ensures equal distri-
                                                                                    bution of heat throughout the entire tank. The heating system
 109161 Pre-Filter with Bottomheater                                                ensures a fast and continous separation of wax and honey, by
 With a bottomheater the pre-filter will increase it‘s effectivity significantly.   gravity, after extraction. The system is filled with thermo-oil to
                                                                                    ensure optimum heat transfer and management. The honey sump
                                                                                    comes equipped with a thermostatically controlled 3KW heating
     Number      Name                                                               unit. Different models available.

     109160      Pre-Filter 30 cm high/ø 60 cm                                       Number     Name

     109161      Pre-Filter with Bottomheater                                        109196 Honey Sump 200 kg



                                                      109210                           109158

109200 Double Strainer Stainless ø 22 cm                             109158 Prefilter 30 kg
High quality. Ø 22 cm. The strainer fits up to 37 cm pails. Coarse   Well suited for medium sized beekeepers because of it‘s large ca-
strainer is 1000-micron mesh and the fine strainer a 500-micron      pacity and continous honeyflow. Two integrated filters: one coar-
mesh.                                                                se and one fine (1000/500) both manufactured in stainless steel.
                                                                     The container is filled with honey to the upper gate. This will keep
109210 Double Strainer Nylon - ø 24 cm                               part of the filter under the surface and free of wax particles. The
Economical model, solid craftsmanship. Fits up to 34 cm ø pails      honey is led on, through the top gate, to the storagetank.
(25 and 50 kg tanks).
Number      Name

109200      Double strainer stainless ø 22/ø 37                      Number     Name

109210      Double strainer nylon ø 24/ø 34                          109158 Prefilter 30 kg. - Fine- & Coarse



109187 Continuous Strainer                                           109140 Rotating strainer
This large capacity continuous strainer is a stainless steel tank    Rotating strainer with high capacity.
(125 kg) combined with conical nylon strainer. The tank is filled    The strainer is equipped with a motor that turns the clyndrical
with honey up to its upperhoney gate. The wax particles flow to      strainer with 1.25 turns before it will reverse and turn again 1.25
the top inside the strainer, while the honey sinks to the bottom     turns etc. Due to the rotating mechanism, you will always have a
where it is strained. This strainer comes with a ø 45 cm heating     free straining surface. The total straining surface is 0.62 m2. Strai-
coil, significantly enhancing the system efficiency. Our reco-       ning mesh is 500 micron (0,5 mm). (Larger mesh on request). The
mendation for the professional beekeeper. Can be delivered in        strainer is supplied with a pail holder (hose holder on request).
smaller versions.
Number    Name                                                        Number    Name

109187 Continuous Strainer 125 kg complete                           109140 Rotating strainer with motor


     109171/73                                                      109110/20
                                                                                          xx-Fine    Fine     Coarse


     Number   Name                                       109170 - 109172 DANA api THERMA
     109030   ø 32 cm Conical Strainer fine              A thermostatically controlled heating coil. We manufacture 2 si-
                                                         zes: DANA api THERMA 550 W for nylon strainers Ø 32 cm and
     109032   ø 32 cm Conical Strainer xx fine           DANA api THERMA II 1000 W for nylon strainers Ø 45 cm. The
     109034   ø 32 cm Conical Strainer Coarse            heater makes it easy to strain even cold or crystallized honey. The
                                                         heater can also simply be used to liquify your honey. The thermo-
     109040   ø 32 cm Round Strainer Coarse
                                                         static control unit will prevent your honey from overheating.
     109070   ø 45 cm Conical Strainer fine              109030 - 109080 Swienty Strainers
              ø 45 cm Conical Strainer xx fine           Nylon strainers. The special feature of the Swienty strainer (exept
                                                         coarse) is the string. When the strainer is clogged just pull it and
     109074   ø 45 cm Conical Strainer Coarse            you will be able to get the strainer going again. The strainers
     109080   ø 45 cm Round Strainer Coarse              come in three different meshes (200, 350 and 1000 micron) and
                                                         two different diameters (32 cm and 45 cm).
     109110   Stand for ø 32 cm Strainer                 109110/20 Wooden Stands
     109120   Stand for ø 45 cm Strainer                 Fits any size pail from 32cm to 90cm or larger. They can also
                                                         be placed on smaller pails, but will not stand as firmly.
     109170   DANA api THERMA 550 W. /f ø 32 cm
                                                         109171/73 Stainless Cone
     109171   Stainless cone for ø 32 cm Strainer        When placed in a stainless steel cone the DANA api THERMA’s
              DANA api THERMA II 1000 W. /f ø 45 cm      heat distribution is improved greatly.
                                                         109251 Foam Scraper
     109173   Stainless Cone for ø 45 cm Strainer        The foam scraper is a new development from Swienty,
     109190   Complete Straining System ø 32 cm          which is suited for removing the foam on the honey in
                                                         both buckets and larger containers.
     109192   Complete Straining System ø 45 cm          The scraper is made of stainless steel. The grip is made of
     109251   Foam Scraper                               food grade plastic.

                                                                                                                Wax Treatment



                                                                    Capacity   Diameter   Hight        Weight       Power Supply
                                                                    80 l.      43         64 cm        10,5 kg      2 kW/220 V.
104425 Solar Wax Melter                                            104419 Waxmelter “Mini” - Complete
For 2 frames & burr comb. It has a strong wooden frame, insu-      80 liter stainless steel tank with detachable, perforated insert at
lating double window and a small tray for collecting the melted    the bottom. Fits 12 frames. The lid has a hole for steam injection.
wax. Weight: 20 kg.                                                One cycle takes about 20 minutes and is easy. (Steam generator
 Number     Name                                                   Number       Name

 104425 Solar Wax Melter                                           104419       Waxmelter “Mini” - Complete
 104425a Stand for solarwaxmelter                                  104420       Steam Generator - Extra

                         104415                                    104415/16 Professional Continous Steam Wax Melter
                                                                   Built with an efficient, continuous electric steam generator, allo-
                                                          104416   wing you to work without interruption. Just connect the generator
                                                                   to a water tap and an electric outlet, load the machine and in two
                                                                   minutes you are ready to go.

 Capacity      Length   Width     Hight    Weight   Power Supply    Number      Name

 12 Frames     50cm     50 cm     95 cm    21kg     3 kW/230 V.     104415      Small Model - 12 Frames
 26 Frames     100 cm 50 cm       95 cm    31kg     9 kW/400 V.     104416      Large Model - 26 Frames

     Wax Treatment



     119000 / 119005 Wax Melting Pot                                         104490-93 Silicone Mould
     The melting pot has a capacity of 29 l. It contains a coated con-       Low budget mould in „easy-slip“ silicone. It does not require a
     tainer with thermostatically controlled heating coil in the bottom.     slipping agent of any kind.
     The melter comes complete with plastic cover. The stainless
     insert is conical with no velding lines with a capacity of up to 12,5   Number       Name
     l. wax.                                                                 104490       Silicone Mould - Dadant
     Number       Name                                                       104491       Silicone Mould - 12 x 10
     119000       Wax melting pot 29 l.                                      104492       Silicone Mould - LS
     119005       Stainless insert 12,5 l.                                   104493       Silicone Mould - LN



     104450 - 104486 Foundation Moulds                                       104580 Double walled wax Melter
     Embossing sheets are made of non-sticking silicone. Slipping            Extremely suitable for cleaning wax. Oil or water has to be filled
     agents of any kind are not needed. You do not have to cut the           into the double wall. The temperature of the oil is controlled by a
     foundation. The moulding process is easy to learn. And best of          thermostat 3KW/230V. The temperature can be set from 0 -150º
     all, we custom make moulds in any size you desire. African cell         C (max 120º for beeswax!).
     sizes available on request.
     Number       Name                                                       Number       Name

     104450       12x10                                                      104580       Tank 35 l
     104454       Dadant 420 x 270 mm                                        104581       Tank 75 l.
     104486       LS 420 x 202 mm                                            104586       Tripple walled waxcleaning/melttank 500l.

                                                                      Wax Treatment
                          104510 - 104521 Foundation Rollers
                          A set of rollers consists of two machines: a pre-roller for preparing
    104510                plain wax sheets of uniform thickness and an embossing roller for
                          converting the plain sheets of wax into foundation embossed with
                          the worker brood cell pattern. Both rollers are manually powered
                          and mounted on a solid aluminum frame with clamps for firmly
                          attaching to a table top. The pre-roller is made of steel and rotates
                          in maintenancefree bearings, which ensures durability and accurate
                          thickness of the wax band. The plainroller is 320 mm long and 52
                          mm in diameter. The embossing roller is 320 mm long and 62 mm
                          in diameter. Motorized version available! African cellsizes available
                          on request.
    104520                 Number      Name
                           104510      Emb. Foundation Roller - Manual
                           104511      Emb. Foundation Roller - Motor
                           104520      Plain Foundation Roller - Manual
                           104521      Plain Foundation Roller - Motor

                          Professional Foundation Roller
A            B            A) This machine makes it possible to produce foundation sheets
                          in a single operation by the casting method. Liquid wax is fed
                          into the machine from a header tank of approximately 130 kg
                          capacity via an inlet tank. (If required a larger header tank can be

                          B) This machine produces endless wax bands from liquid bees-
                          wax. Depending on the size of the machine, the bands are from
        C                 360 to 550mm wide and have a thickness from about 2,0 to 5,0

                          C) The semi-automatic Foundation Sheet Rolling Machine is used
                          for embossing the wax bands produced on the Wax Band Machi-
                          ne into foundation sheets and for cutting them to size by means
                          of the attached cutting table.

                          Several models are available in each category. Please
                          contact us for further information and/or aquire our
                          brochures on the specific machines.

 Honey Processing
                                                  109405 - 109470 Bottlingtanks
                                     114020       Our bottling tanks are made of high quality polished stainless steel.
                                                  All tanks come with a loose-fitting lid, with an airtight lid as an option.
                                                  We carry the following accessories: tanks with concave bottoms and
                                     114040       centre drain on stainless steel stands, which ensures complete drai-
                                                  nage of the honey. All tanks can be delivered with a double wall and
                                                  a heating/cooling system. A special feature for all our tanks is the low
     109812/13                                    position of the honey gate, which is level with the bottom of the tank.
                                     109590       114020 - 109702 Plastic Buckets / Bottling Tanks
                                                  Our program starts with 5 l buckets and ends with 50 l buckets all
                                                  made of high quality, durable plastics.
                                                  Number      Name                        ø cm    height cm   weight kg

                                                  109310 Pail Stand                       N/A N/A             1
                                                  109405 25 kg Stainl., lay on            30      30          3,2
                                                  109410 50 kg Stainl. lay on             30      56          4,3
                                                  109411 50 kg Stainl., airtight          30      56          4,6
                                                  109429 100 kg Stainl., airtight         43      58          7,5
                                                  109430 100 kg Stainl., lay on           43      58          7,1
                                                  109440 300 kg Stainl., lay on           55      100         24
                                         109310   109441 300 kg stainl., airtight         55      100         25
                                                  109450 600 kg Stainl.,lay on            72      110         45
                                                  108590 Bottom Heater 14 m.              <75
                                                  108591 Bottom Heater 8 m.               >75

                          109405 -                109590 20 l Plastic Pail                30      33          0,9
                          109470                  109691 33 l Plastic Pail                35      42          1,3
                                                  109697 50 l Plastic Pail                38      59          2,9
                                                  109702 50 l Bottlingtank /w. Gate 38            59          3,0
                                                  109711 33 l Bottlingtank /w. Gate 35            42          1,4
                                                  109812 Honey Gate 1 �”                  0,40 N/A            200
                                                  109813 Honey Gate 2”                    0,50 N/A            300
                                                  114020 5,8 l Plastic Pail               20      20          0,4
                                                  114040 10 l Plastic Pail                24      23          0,5

                                                                                                           Honey Processing

      109951                                                       109910



109900/51 Beech Wood- or Stainless Creamer                         109910 - 109920 Creaming screw
For small amounts of honey, we recommend the good old-fashio-      With increased production a creaming screw will be the right tool
ned manual tools. For creaming small portions of honey.            for you (you need a min. 700 W drill).

                                                                   Number      Name

Number       Name                                                  109910      Creaming screw 65 cm
109900       Creamer Beechwood 103 cm                              109915      Creaming screw 70 cm
109951       Creamer “Up & Down”                                   109920      Creaming screw 75 cm

                                                                   109495 - 109515 Stainless Steel Honeycreamer/Homogenizer
   109550                                                          It pays to invest in a honey creamer/ homogenizer for two reasons:
                               109495-                             1) The honey automatically gets the right consistency.
                               109550                              2) You save a lot of time and work.
                                                                   The creamer/homogenizer is a reliable, easy to clean tool. All our
                                                                   creamers come with safety shut-off electronics, which shuts off the
                                                                   machine the second you open the lid. Our creaming rod ensures
                                                                   complete creaming of your honey. We offer
                                                                   both side drain and bottom drain tanks as well as bottom heaters,
                                                                   (with double walls and a heating-/cooling system). 110 and 230 V
                                                                   models available on request.
                                                                   Number      Name

Product #   Capacity   Power        Diameter   Height     Weight   109495      Creamer 50 kg.
109495      50 kg      120W/230V ø 30          75 cm      16 kg    109500      Creamer 100 kg.
109500      100 kg     250W/400V ø 43          105 cm     30 kg    109505      Creamer 300 kg.
109505      300 kg     550W/400V ø 55          128 cm     55 kg    109510      Creamer 600 kg.
109510      600 kg     750W/400V ø 72          135 cm     100 kg   109515      Creamer 1000 kg.
109515      1000 kg 500W/400V ø 84             180 cm     180 kg   109550      Automatic Timer - 4 on/off cycles

 Honey Processing

        109180                                109182                        109621 - 109653 DANA api THERMA Liquefiers
                                                                            A thermostatically controlled stainless steel liquifier. This melter
                                                                            has been designed to melt honey in a gentle, yet efficient way.
                                                                            The melter is positioned on top of the crystallized honey in the
                                                                            container. After only a few hours of operation, the melter will
                                                  109660                    have liquified even heavily crystallized honey. You can also use
                                                                            the melter to keep your honey at a desired temperature, for
                                                                            example before bottling. It can sometimes be difficult to get all
                                                                            your honey bottled during the height of the honey season. With
                                                                            the DANA api MELTER you can leave your honey unbottled over
                                                                            night without having to worry about crystallization.

                                                                            Technical Data:
                                                                            The melter works at 230 V. The thermostat can be freely adjusted to any
                                                                            temperature between 30o and 85o C or set to an anti-freeze position.
                                                  109621 -
                                                  109653                    109660 Stand for Melter
                                                                            Bucket or container is put on the stand and the melter is held
                                                                            firmly in place within the holding cylinder.

                                                                            109182 DANA api MEGA THERMA
                                                           109680/81        Professional Straining/liquefying system. Includes: Tank, DANA
                                                                            api THERMA III and strainer.
                                                                            Number         Name

                                                                            109080-01 200 Micron strainerbag for 109182
                                                                            109180         DANA api THERMA III 1500W
                                                                            109181         Tank for DANA api THERMA III
                                                                            109182         DANA api MEGA THERMA
     109680/81 Hot-air Blower /w. PID Regulator
     We stock a large assortment of hot-air blowers for any size of         109621         DANA api THERMA ø 21 / 350 W
     heating room. The blower is controlled by a Swienty PID regulator,     109625         DANA api THERMA ø 25 / 370 W
     making it possible to control the temperature within less than 1o C.
                                                                            109628         DANA api THERMA ø 28 / 400 W
     Number       Name                                                      109633         DANA api THERMA ø 33 / 600 W
     109670       Thermostat /w. PID                                        109642         DANA api THERMA ø 42 / 940 W
     109680       Hot-air Blower /w. PID 230 V/3 kW                         109653         DANA api THERMA ø 53 / 1500 W
     109681       Hot-air Blower /w. PID 3x400 V/6 kW                       109660         Stand for DANA api THERMA

                                                                                                     Honey Processing
                                                                                                   Drying & Analysis

                                                                                                              109199 G2

109199 Honey Dryer                                            109199G-G2 Honey Dryer with Discs
Removes Moisture - 1,5 to 2% of moisture removed from up to   The honey Dryer comes in three different models. Please contact
600 kg of honey per hour. The machine works continously and   us for further information.
you stay in full control.                                     Number       Name

Please contact us for further information.                    109199G      Honeydryer 300 kg Single Disc
Number   Name                                                 109199G1 Honeydryer 300 kg Double Disc
109199 Honey Dryer                                            109199G2 Honeydryer 600 kg Double Disc

                                                              107910 Atago Honey
                                                              Measures water content in honey. Scale range: 12.0 to 30.0%
     107910                                                   (directly readable) Minimum scale : 0.1%.
                                                              107916k Honey Refractometer
                                                              Measures water content in honey. Scale range: 12- 25% (directly
                                                              readable). Minimum scale: 0.1%. (With automatic temperature
     107916k                                                  compensation).
                                                              107911 Atago Digital Refractometer
                                                              The digital Atago refractometer with automatic temperature com-
                                                              pensation is water resistant and can be cleaned under the tap.
                                                              The refractometer is calibrated with distilled water. The water
                                                              content in the honey (between 12 and 30 %) can be read directly.
                                                              The refractometer has an accuracy of 0,2 %. Its size is 55 x 31 x
     107911                                                   109 mm and it has a weight of 100 g.

                                                              Number    Name

                                                              107910 Atago Honey Water 12 - 30%
                                                              107916k Honey Refractometer, China
                                                              107911 Digital Refractometer

 Honey Processing



                                                                     107931 Conductivity Meter
 107950 Digital Colorgrader                                          A conductivity meter is used to determine honey quality and
 Honey color varies in a wide range of tones, ranging from light     flower source. This measure is commonly used for honey in the
 yellow to black in extreme cases.                                   wholesale business. The conductivity meter includes a measuring
 The portable digital honey grader measures the light transmit-      cell and is well suited for honey. Measuring range: 0.0 µS/cm.
 tance percent of honey compared with analytical reagent grade       500 S/cm with 5 ranges in AutoRange 0.00 µS/cm. 19.99 µS/cm
 glycerol.                                                           (for K=0.1 cm -1 ) 0,5%accuracy. Automatic Temperature
                                                                     correction. Dimensions/weight: 172 x 80 x 37 mm (H x B x D),
     Number    Name                                                  300 g. 3 years warranty.
     107950    Digital Colorgrader                                   Number     Name

     107951    Samplejars - Colorgrader. 82 pcs/box                  107931 Conductivity Meter



 107932 Spectrophotometer                                            107953 Professional Thermometer
 Modern honey traders and packers use double diode spectro-          Professional Thermometer for measuring the temperature in
 photometers to measure the various sugars in honey. The G/F         degree Celsius.
 content (glucose/ fructose) is of special interest in many honeys
 and honeyblends. Additionally, you can use this instrument to
 measure honey color. For more information, please contact us.

     Number   Name                                                   Number     Name

     107932 Spectrophotometer                                        107953 Professional Thermometer

                                                                                                                Honey Processing

Modular bottling lines: as your sales grow you can expand
your honey-bottling line to suit your needs and your
pocket.                                                                                                                        Nepal

We customise to suit individual require-
ments and/or wishes. Please
contact us for further


Swienty Bottling Lines and Solutions
Since the early 1980s Swienty has been developing and produ-         Our bottling line for plastic jars is a cost-efficient operation and
cing high quality honey bottling machines. Our objectives have       provides a professional output. With this line one operator can
always been to make the equipment easy to use, reliable and fle-     feed, fill, cap, label and pack up to 1400 jars per hour.
xible. Our machines are used around the world and we are happy
to see that all our customers are satisfied.                         One of Scandinavia’s largest honey bottling companies, Jakobsen
The international scope of our business has made it crucial for us   & Hvam, have been using Swienty’s bottling line since 1985.
to design dependable machines with little or no need for repair.     Their machines operate every day.

Our filling program is also flexible. We guarantee that whatever     At Swienty’s we have learned a great deal about the needs of lar-
degree of automatisation your bottling operation needs, we can       ge bottling operations not only from our business with Jakobsen
find a solution for you within the Swienty filling system.           & Hvam but also from other companies world wide.

The unique aspect of our filling system is that you can start with   In other words, we know a lot about what you will need and can
just the bottling machine and then add on as your operation          advise you with a professional edge not found anywhere else.
expands. Our system grows with you.

 Honey Processing

                                               Swienty Filling solutions

 Blue print of a large Swienty bottling line


 Iran                                                                 Denmark

                                                                                                                          Honey Processing

            110040                                                            110040 DANA api MATIC 1000
                                                                              Newly developped filling machine for medium sized operations.
                                                                              The machine is able to fill over 400 x 1LB jars per hour with
                                                                              a +/- 1g precision. Calculations show that it takes only about
                                                                              10.000 jars of honey to pay for this machine only due to the saved
                                                                              overfill. Additionally you will save a lot of time otherwise spent for
                                                          110044              filling.
                                                                              The machine can be expanded very easily with a turntable or
                                                                              conveyor belt for future upgrade.

                                                                              Call us and we will find the correct machine for your needs.

                                                                              Number        Name
 Filling range   Pump       Filling capaci-   Precision    Power     Weight
 (ml)            capacity   ty (370 ml)                              (kg)     110040        DANA api MATIC 1000
 20-10.000 300l./h 550/h                      <±?g         230V/150W 18       110044        Stand

110052                                                                        110052 DANA api MATIC 2000
                                                                              Swienty‘s entry-level bottling machine is built around a
                                                                              (food-grade) plastic gear pump with computerised quantity control.
                                                                              This control is highly accurate (+/- 2 grams maximum deviation from
                                                                              target) in the range from 20 grams to 10 kilograms filling weight.
                                                                              Filling may be done at one of two selected rates, and in the interests of
                                                                              smooth and clean filling non-drip operation is built into the electro-
                                                                              nics. Programming the parameters (e.g. target weight) is very easy.

                                                                              This machine will fill approx. 550 (500g) jars of honey per hour and it
                                                                              can also be used just as a pump (in both directions) with a capacity of
                                                                              approx. 350-400kg honey per hour.

                                                                              As with all Swienty machines, it can easily be expanded with rotating
                                                                              tables etc. Also, the pump can easily be dismantled and cleaned.

                                                                              Number        Name
 Filling range   Pump       Filling capaci-   Precision    Power     Weight
 (ml)            capacity   ty (370 ml)                              (kg)     110052        DANA api MATIC 2000
 20-10.000 300l./h 550/h                      <±2g         230V/150W 18       110054        Stand

 Honey Processing

                                                                                                  110056 DANA api MATIC super
                                                                                                  The same base unit as DaM 2000, but with separated dosing
                                                                                                  controls. With this machine, we are using the fact that gear
                                                                                                  pumps are positive displacement pumps. You will not need to lift
                                                                                                  the honey up into the filling tank, since the pump and dosing unit
                                                                                                  are placed on the floor and will do the job for you. This provides
                                                                                                  a very good working position for the operator and the highest

                                                                                                  110051 DANA api MATIC ibex *
                                                                                                  The same base unit as DaM profi, but with a stainless pump head.
                                                                            110051*               This machine is mostly used for special media (e.g. cosmetics) or
                                                                                                  very viscous honey (e.g. sage honey). Call for further details.

                                                                                                   Number      Name
     Filling range       Pump         Filling capaci-     Precision       Power          Weight
     (ml)                capacity     ty (370 ml)                                        (kg)      110051      DANA api MATIC ibex
     20-10.000 300l./h 550/h                              <±2g            230V/150W 18             110056      DANA api MATIC super - Flor Model

                                                                                                  110030 DANA api MATIC classic
                                                                                                  The first original Swienty filler (which won gold at Apimondia)
                                                                                                  comes now with improved dosing electronics and full speed con-
                                                                                                  trol. The DaM classic has a self priming impeller pump powered
                                                                                                  by a strong motor and controlled with Swienty dosing electronics.
                                                                                                  The electronics have an integrated no-drip operation and variable
                                                                                                  speed. They are able to control the filling weight between 30g to
                                                                                                  10kg with high accuracy (+/- 4g maximum deviation from target).

                                                                                                  This machine will fill approx. 700 x 500g jars of honey per hour
                                                                                                  and it can also be used just as a pump (in both directions) with a
                                                                                                  capacity of approximately 700-800 kg honey per hour.

                                                                                                  Naturally, as all Swienty machines, the DaM classic can easily be
                                                                                                  expanded with rotating tables etc. and the pump can easily be
                                               110030                                             dismantled and cleaned.

     Filling range (g)    Filling capacity (370 ml)     Precision       Power     Weight (kg)      Number    Name

      25-14.000                     800/h               <±4g          230V/450W        28          110030 DANA api MATIC classic

                                                                                                                                 Honey Processing

                                                                                       110610 DANA api PISTON
                                                                                       This filler is designed for the professional user. Its fill rate for
                                                    110610                             pastes, semi pastes, or chunky products with large particles is fast
                                                                                       and dependable. This piston filler is a powerful motorized filling
                                                                                       machine with a strong, low geared motor, and speed regulated by
                                                                                       a frequency converter. As with all our professional machines, the
                                                                                       DANA api PISTON is precise. It has a high output, low mainte-
                                                                                       nance and is easy to clean. The machine can easily be integrated
                                                                                       with all other machines in the Swienty filling system.

                                                                                       NB. Can be customised to meet specific requirements, for
                                                                                       instance in regard to filling range please contact us for further

Filling range(g)       Filling capacity        Precision      Power       Weight(kg)    Number    Name

 100-1050                1400/h                <±2g        230V/600W           75       110610 DANA api PISTON

                                                                                       110020 DANA api MATIC Maxi
                                                                                       DANA api Matic Maxi is a bottling machine for professional use.
                                                                                       A powerful motor drives, through gearing, the MASO pump
                                                                                       which is special in that throughput is proportional to the rotational
                                                                                       speed of the impeller. This means that liquids of very different
                                                                                       viscosities can be readily despensed in measured amounts.
                                                                                       Moreover, DANA api MATIC Maxi can be used as effective
                                                                                       pump. The speed of the engine and the efficiency of the pump
                                                                                       can be adjusted continuously by a frequency converter. Special
                                                                                       Swienty designed software enables rapid and accurate setting of
                                                                      110020           the quantity to be measured out into the jar.
                                                                                       The DANA api Matic Maxi is mounted on castors as shown in the
                                                                                       illustration, and is adjustable for working height. The machine can
                                                                                       also be delivered with other pump sizes and different anti-drip
                                                                                       mechanisms. The dosing speed depends on the pump head size
                                                                                       and can be adjusted between 20 ml and 7000 ml (28g - 10kg

Filling range(g)   Filling capacity (370 ml)   Precision      Power       Weight(kg)    Number    Name

28-10.000                1800/h                <±2g        230V/1800W          85       110020 DANA api MATIC Maxi

 Honey Processing

                      110896                                            110885/96 Filling Station
                                                                        Complete filling stations, where one DANA api MATIC and an
                                                                        automatic filling table are combined into one unit.

                                                                        The filling stations are mounted on wheels and come in two
                                                                        sizes a) with ø 70 cm table or b) with ø100 cm table for increased
                                                                        buffer time. Additionally, the larger model can be height adjusted
                                                                        with a jack.

                                                                        In both units, the filling machine can be adjusted both horizontally
                                                                        and vertically to accommodate various jar sizes.

                        110885                                           Number    Name

                                                                         110885 Filling Station ø 100
                                                                         110896 Filling Station ø 70



 110868 Labeldispenser                                                  110811 Manual Lid-Fitter
 Dispenses self-adhesive labels from a roll, and feeds them out, so     Just put the lid on top of the jar, place it underneath the lidfitter,
 that they are ready to be taken off and put on the jar. The machi-     pull the lever, and the lid is screwed on (best for screw-on lids).
 ne will increase the productivity of the small filling operation due
 to better workflow. Works also with hex-jars!

     Number   Name                                                       Number    Name

     110868 Labeldispenser                                               110811 Manual Lid-Fitter

                                                                                                                                  Honey Processing

                                                                                      110750/55 DANA api Automatic Turn Table w. Adjus-
                                                                                      table Speed
                                                                                      The automatic turntable is the perfect solution to increase pro-
                                                                                      ductivity of your filling process. The table is fitted with a stainless
                                                                                      steel top with a guiding rail that divides the table into two sec-
110750                                                                                tions: A “feeding ramp” and a „collecting zone“.
                                                                                      The table is available with elevation and wheel upgrade.
                                                                                      The table can of course be integrated with most filling machines
                                                                                      on the market.
                                                                      110755          Jar collecting turn tables are available as both ø 70 cm and
                                                                                      ø 100 cm and it is available with wire or optical sensor.

 Number        Size (cm)      glass size mm      Speed        Power      Weight(kg)
                                                                                       Number    Name
 110755        ø100/         ø30, h30/           1-12      230V/110V,       60
                                                                                      110755 Autom. Turn Table ø 100 with optical sensor
                h83          ø115,h190           Rpm          50W
                                                                                      110750 Autom. Turn Table ø 70 with wire sensor
 110750 ø70/h83              ø 30, h30/          1-15      230V/115V,       28
                             ø115,h190           Rpm          40W                     110750a Autom. Turn Table ø 70 with optical sensor

                                                                                      110766/70 DANA api Feeding Tables
                                                                                      At the start of a filling line you will often find a feeding/loading
                                                                                      table. The jars are placed on this table and a special sorting rack,
                                                                                      will sort the jars before they are fed on to the conveyor belt.

                                                                                      Standard Feeding-Tables are available as both ø 70 cm and ø 100
                                                                                      cm (Custom sizes available).


  Product #   Diameter      Glass size        Speed        Power      Weight(kg)

  110770       ø70          ø30/h30-          0 - 12     230V/25W        26
                                                                                       Number       Name
                           ø115/h190          Rpm
                                                                                       110766       DANA api Feeding-Table ø 100 cm
  110766      ø100         ø30/h30-           0 -12      230V/25W        60
                           ø115,h190          Rpm                                      110770       DANA api Feeding-Table ø 70 cm

 Honey Processing

                                                                                   110775/78 DANA api Rotating Table - Jar Collection.
                                                                                   A rotating table is placed at the end of the filling line to collect the
                                                                                   filled jars. After which they are packed according to individual
                                                                                   wishes (pallets, boxes etc.)

110778                                                                             The size of the table should be selected according to the desired
                                                                                   size of the buffer of empty jars. The larger the table, the longer
                                                                                   the buffer time.
                                                                                   Jar collecting turn tables are available as both ø 70 cm and
                                                                                   ø 100 cm.

     Product #    Diameter      Glass size        Speed     power     Weight(kg)

     110778        ø70        ø30/h30-            0 -12   230V/25W       26
                                                                                    Number      Name
                             ø115/h190            Rpm
                                                                                    110775      RotatingTable, Jar Collecting. ø 100 cm
     110775       ø100        ø30/h30-            0 -12   230V/25W       60
                             ø115/h190            Rpm                               110778      Rotating Table, Jar Collecting. ø 70 cm

                                                                                   110781 Conveyor Belt
                                                                                   From the feeding table, the jars are moved on to the conveyor
                                                                                   belt. They move forward until registered by a photo sensor. The
                                                                                   belt stops, and the filling machine is activated. When the filling is
                                                                                   completed, the machine sends a signal to the conveyor belt moni-
                                                                                   tor. The belt then moves on until the next jar is registered.

        110781                                                                     NB. Can be customised to meet specific requirements, for
                                                                                   instance in regard to glass sizes, length etc.. Please contact us for
                                                                                   further information.

      Size (cm)    Min./Max. glass size        Speed        Power     Weight(kg)
                                                                                   Number     Name
     W. L.            ø30, h30/              6 m/min.     230V100W        48
     12x105           ø85,h190                                                     110781 Conveyor Belt

                                                                                                                                     Honey Processing

                                                                                          110801 Lid Sorting Machine
                110801                                                                    The lid sorting machine sorts lids, so that they are fed automati-
                                                                                          cally into the capping machine (lid-fitter).

                                                                                          The machine is built from a slanting container on a stand. A
                                                                                          motorized revolving disc feeds the lids over a sorting mechanism
                                                                                          into a chute.

                                                                                          Simply feed lids into the container, switch on the electronics and
                                                                                          connect pneumatic pressure and shortly after sorted lids, facing
                                                                                          downwards, are fed into the lid fitter.

                                                                                          The machine comes in two models. One for metal lids only and
                                                                                          one for both plastic and metal lids.
 Capacity         Lid size                Air suply               Power      Weight(kg)
                                                                                          Number     Name
  3000      Per specifica-         6-8 bar                  230V/60W            45
 lids/h          tion              150 l/hour                                             110801 Lid Sorting Machine

                                                                                          110805 Lid-Fitter (2006 model)
                                                                                          Easy to operate pick and place lid-fitting unit with conveyor. The
                                                                                          2006 Lid-Fitter can fit both screw-on and twist-off jar lids. In use a
                                                                                          lid is taken from the feeding chute, placed on the jar and tighte-
                                                                                          ned. The machine is pre-build for one size of lid. Other sizes will
                                                                                          need tooling (to be purchased seperately).

                                                                                          NB. Can be customised to meet specific requirements, for in-
       110805                                                                             stance in regard to jar sizes. Please contact us for further informa-

Capacity    Jar Size           Lid size               Air suply      Power   Weight(kg)
                                                                                          Number     Name
 1800       ø 85             Per speci- 10 bar    230V/                         65
lids/h      h190              fication 200 l/hour 150W                                    110805 Lid-Fitter (2006 model)

 Honey Processing

                                                                             110850 Labelling Machine
                110850                                                       Our labelling machine is designed for cylinder shaper containers,
                                                                             and is configured around the Swienty conveyor belt.

                                                                             The labelling is performed by means of a label dispenser from
                                                                             reels with self-adhesive labels. After being attached the label is
                                                                             fastened by a rolling device.

                                                                             The labelling machine is part of a system in that it can be expan-
                                                                             ded to include other labelling functions, for example sticking
                                                                             labels to the tops and bottoms of jars.
                                                                             It is also possible to combine it with a date and lot number printer.

     Capacity     Label size (mm.)    Jar size (mm.)   Power   Weight(kg)
                                                                             Number    Name
     4000/h       L:15-250           H: 20-300   230V/400W       105
                  W:15-120           D: ø20-ø150                             110850 Labelling Machine

                                                                            Filling Station /w. Conveyor belt
                                                                            Filling station with DANA Api MATIC on a stand, 2 rotating tables
                                                                            and a conveyor belt.

                                                                            The ideal start up if you want to expand your packing facillity in
                                                                            the future as it is easy to add on additional equipment like for
                                                                            instance a lidfitter or labelingmachine at a later time.

                                                                            Compared to the automatic turn tables this set up has an increa-
                                                                            sed buffertime.

                                                                            The setup can be made up by different kinds of fillingmachines
                                                                            and turn tables. Please contact us for further information.

                                                                                                                   Honey Processing


               2.                                                4.                                                        7.



Complete Bottling Line
Complete Bottling Line. The user puts empty glasses onto a              This Bottling line can bottle as many as 1,800 jars per hour. The
round table with a diameter of one meter. On this table, the em-        line as a whole is designed to work as a unit, being electronically
pty glasses are sorted and automatically led towards an exit from       interconnected with central operator control. It consists of:
where they are pushed onto a conveyor belt.
The conveyor belt, which can easily be dismantled for cleaning,         1. Glass Sorting Table
transports the glasses towards a sensor. As soon as this sensor         2. Conveyor Belt
registers an empty glass, the conveyor belt stops and the filling-      3. Professional Fillingmachine /w. Motor
machine is activated. The filling-machine fills with an accuracy of     4. Lid-Fitter
+/- 1-2g the desired amount of honey into the glass and signals         5. Lid Sorting Machine
the conveyor belt that the next glass can be filled. Thus, the con-     6. Labelling Machine for 3 Labels /w. date printer
veyor belt transports the next glas to the filling-machine and the      7. Jar Collecting Table.
process repeats itself.
The filled glasses are led to a lid fitter, where at lid is placed on   All sections are electronically connected and controlled so that
top of the glass and than tightly screwed. Hereupon, the glasses        the line starts and stops at the same time.
are led towards a labelling-machine, which can label the lids as
well as the sides of the glasses.                                       Please contact us for further information.
At last, the filled glasses are collected at another round table,           Capacity          Size             Air suply         Power
from where they can easily be packed into boxes or onto pallets.         1800 jars/h        6,5 m2        6-8 bar               230V/
                                                                                            L: 7 m.       600 l/hour            1200W

 Honey Processing

      110060                              110130   110147                         110640

      110072a                             110120   110148

      110062                              110110   110149                         110160

      110063                              110100   110210                         110170

      110069                              110143   110220                         500110

      110070                              110144   110211                         500212

                                          110145   110221                         508096
     Number     Name

     110060     Diaphragm silicone                     Number   Name

     110062     Filling nozzle 9mm ø                   110148   Fastcoupling alu nipple 11/2”
     110063     Filling nozzle 15mm ø                  110149   Fastcoupling alu 11/2”
     110069     Suctionplate Reflow-stop               110160   Hose 11/2” pr. meter
     110070     Disc with 3 holes                      110170   Hose 2” pr. meter
     110072a    Shutter rubber with 2 discs            110210   Ballvalve 2”
     110100     BS Fitting straight 1     ”            110211   Hex nipple 2”
     110110     BS Fitting 90º 1    ”                  110220   Ballvalve 11/2”
     110120     BS Fitting straight 2”                 110221   Hex nipple 11/2”
     110130     BS Fitting 90º 2”                      110640   Funnel 10 l
     110143     Hose coupling alu 2”                   110645   Funnel 20 l
     110144     Fastcoupling alu nipple 2”             500110   Nut for BS fitting BS 11/2
     110145     Fastcoupling alu 2”                    500212   O-ring for 11/2 BS
     110147     Hose coupling alu 11/2”                508096   O Ring for pumphead

                                                                 Honey Processing
                                                              111652          111604

450g round jar

250g round jar             111678                111662        111672

                     111600 -111675 Glass Jars
                     The best storage of honey is in a glass jar with airtight lid. This
                     way honey will keep its fine taste much longer compared with
450g hexagonal jar   other packaging.

                     Number     Name

                     Round jars 450g ø80 with lid:

250g hexagonal jar   111604 1 pallet jars 1960 pcs.with plastic lid
                     111605 1 pallet jars 1960 pcs.with metal lid
                     111608 1 box jars 12 pcs.with plastic lid
                     111609 1 box jars 12 pcs.with metal lid
125g hexagonal jar
                     Hexagonal jars 450g ø70 with lid:
                     111652 1 pallet jars 1960 pcs.with metal lid
                     111654 1 box jars 12 pcs.with metal lid

Golden plastic lid   Hexagonal jars 250g ø58 with lid:
                     111662 1 pallet jars 6156 pcs.with metal lid
                     111664 1 box jars 20 pcs.with metal lid
                     Hexagonal jars 125g ø53 with lid:
Metal lid
                     111672 1 pallet jars 4788 pcs.with metal lid
                     111674 1 box jars 40 pcs.with metal lid
                     Round mini jars 30g with metal lid:
30g hotel jar        111678 1 pallet jars 13.780 pcs.with metal lid
                     111680 1 box jars 126 pcs.with metal lid

 Honey Processing


 111064 Squeezy
 New Swienty Squeezy: Cut off valve integrated into the lid, so
 that the honey does not drip! Big opening in the top, so you can        111700 Honey Bear
 fill the bottle easily! Round, so that you can label easily! Soft, so   The bear jar is made of clear and very flexible PET. It holds ap-
 you can squeeze out the honey!                                          prox 335 g of honey. It includes lid with inner seal and anti-drip
     Number     Name

     111069 Squeezy 1 pallet 3564 pcs with plastic lid
     111068 Squeezy 1 box 324 pcs with plastic lid                        Number    Name

     111067 Squeezy 1 box 20 pcs with plastic lid                         111700 Honey Bear approx 335 g./12oz.

                                                                                   111912                111930                  111976

 111060 Plastic Jar ø 88 mm.
 The benefit of these jars is that they may be shipped as low cost       111912 - 115170 Boxes for Honey Jars
 throughout the world. Each jar holds 370 ml and is marked with an       Practical boxes for shipping, gifts or sales exibits.
 embossed fill line showing the 1 lb level. The white lids provided
 are an easy push-fit. We can offer other sizes of plastic jars with     111976 DBF plastic bags
 different filling volumes or shapes as well. Additionally, we offer a   Good promotion for your high-quality honey and a very good
 plastic jar with security lock lid for markets which require this.      alternative to boxes.
 Please call or write for this option.                                    Number       Name

     Number     Name                                                      111912       Box for 24 Jars (111060)
     111061 1 box of 550 plastic jars (88mm ø) with lid                   111930       Box for 12 Jars (111600)
     111062 1box of 275 plastic jars (88mm ø) with lid                    111976       DBF Plastic Bags - small 50 pcs

                                                                                    Honey Processing

                       111962              115162 Gift Box for two jars
                                           The gift box has space for two 500g jars or cups. - Danish text.

                                           111960 Cellophane role with bees
                                           111961 Cellophane bag for honey glas
111960       111961                        111962 Paper bag with bees
                                           111963 Plastic bag with bees 100 pcs.
                                           111964 Ribbon with bees 25m x 25mm
                                           Number    Name

                                           111960 Cellophane 1 role 50m x 70cm
                         111963            111961 Cellophane bag for honey glas
                                           111962 Paper Bag with bees
                                           111963 Plastic Bag with bees
                                  115162   111964 Ribbon 25m x 25mm
                                           115162 Gift Box

                                           114800 Multiflowerpollen
                                           Imported quality pollen.

                                           Available as 25 kg, 500 g and 250 g package.


                                           Number    Name

                                           114800 Mulitflower Pollen 1 kg
                                           114802 Mulitflower Pollen 500 g
                                           114803 Mulitflower Pollen 250 g

 Honey Processing

                                                             116000 - 116991 Books and Posters
                                                             We carry a large assortment of books about beekeeping. From
                                                             beginners literature, as for example „Beekeeping For Dummies“,
                                                             to general beekeeping interest books and books catering for the
                                                             specialist (for example „Queen Breeding“ by Gilles Fert).
                                                              Number   Name

                                                              116000 „Lærebog i Biavl“ - E. Holm - Danish
       116030            116020            116005   116000    116005 „Dronningavl“ - E. Holm - Danish
                                                              116007 Den lille søde om honning - Danish
                                                              116020 „Queen Breeding“ - G. Fert - English
                                                              116030 „Beekeeping for Dummies“ - English
                                                              116990 Poster „Biernes liv“ - German
                                                              116991 Poster „Biernes liv“ - English

              116990                    116035      116007    116035 „Biplanteboken“ - R.R. Kirkevold -Danish

                                                                                   115520                        115521


                                                             115500-115521 Promotion Sign
                                                             With Danish or German text. Produced in flexible plastic. Custom
                                                             text available with quantity purchase.
 116010 DVD - „Biavl for begyndere“ - Danish
                                                              Number     Name
 Very good introduction for beginning beekeepers.
 Language: Danish                                             115500     Sign 35 x 25 cm - Danish Text
                                                              115510     Sign 35 x 25 cm - German Text
     Number     Name                                          115520     Sign 70 x 50 cm - Danish Text
     116010 DVD - Biavl for begyndere                         115521     Sign 70 x 50 cm - German Text

                                                                                                                  Honey Processing

                                                                         115200 Plastic Bee on Pin
                                                                         The small plastic bees are very popular for decoration.

                                                                         115320 Wind Bee
                                                                         An entertaining - and amusing - decorative device for the garden.
  115660 Fenrisbane Mead - Vol: 10%                                      The Wind Bee, made of UV resistant polyester, is mounted on a
  Fenrisbane Mead. Half-dry mead which can be served as aperitif         fibre glass pole and turns with the wind.
  or dessert wine. The wine´s golden colour and its fruity taste posi-   Length of pole: 105 cm Size of bee: 63 x 52 cm.
  tively surprise many guests who expect something different.            Number    Name

  Best served when slightly cooled.                                      115200 Plastic Bee - on pole
  Number    Name                                                         115320 Wind Bee
  115660 Fenrisbane Mead - Vol: 10%                                      115407 “Bee Happy” - Magnet Bee

           115530                 115150                  115156


115050               115251             111715

 Stickers and labels for fun and promotion (/w. Danish Text)
  Number    Name

  111715 Labels 500 pcs                                                  115224 Selling display
  115050 Bee “Felice” 7 cm                                               The selling desplay is made of wood with a metal roof. It contains
                                                                         a specially designed holder for brochures and enough space
  115051 Bee “Felice” 15 cm
                                                                         for 48-72 glasses of honey. With a good selling display, sales of
  115150 Silver Labels - Roll /w. 500 pcs                                honey can double within a short period of time. Thus, the invest-
  115156 Bierne for miljøet Roll /w. 200 pcs                             ment becomes profitable very quick.

  115251 “Season Label” - Roll /w. 200 pcs                               Number    Name

  115530 Car Sticker                                                     115224 Selling display

A        Acid Transfer Set                 38          Cold Light Source                   28       Foam Scraper                     58
         Acids Lactic-, Oxal- and Formic   38          Colorgrader Digital                 66       Formic Acid Pads                 15
         Apicalm                           18          COMBO 2-frame extractor             49       Formic Acid Pads                 38
         APIDEA                            32          Conductivity Meter                  66       Foundation Moulds                60
         APIFONDA Cutter                   36          Conveyor Belt                       74       Foundation Roller Professional   61
         ApiQueen Puzzle                   31          Creaming screw                      63       Foundation Rollers               61
         Atago Digital Refractometer       65      D   DANA api Automatic Turn Table       73       Frame Grip                       19
         Atago Honey                       65          DANA api Feeding Tables             73       Frames Plastic                   11
B        Bags Paper with bees              81          DANA api MATIC 1000                 69       Frames Wax Roller                11
         Bags Plastic DBF                  80          DANA api MATIC 2000                 69       Frames                           12
         Bags Plastic with bees            81          DANA api MATIC classic              70       Framesizes                       12
         Beaded-Rim Collar Clothing        24          DANA api MATIC ibex *               70       Framewire Deroller               12
         Bee Escapes                       20          DANA api MATIC Maxi                 71       Framewire                        12
         Bee Feed                          36          DANA api MATIC super                70   G   Gift-box for two jars            81
         Bee‘O‘Pac Comb Honey System       11          DANA api MEGA THERMA                64       Glass Jars                       79
         Bee‘O‘Pac Comb Honey System       17          DANA api MELTER                     43       Gloves Leather Swienty           26
         Beeblower electric                20          DANA api MINI - Melter              43       Gloves Nappa Swienty             26
         Beeblower                         20          DANA api PISTON                     71       Gloves Rubber                    26
         Beeboost Queen Pheromones         35          DANA api Rotating Table             74       Grafting Tool de luxe            31
         Beebrushs complete                20          DANA api THERMA Liquefiers          64   H   Harbo Large Capacity Syringe     29
         Beech Wood Creamer                63          DANA api THERMA                     58       Heatgun                          40
         Bee-O-Pac beginners kit           17          Dosing and Protective Gear          38       Hive Carrier                     16
         Bienenwohl                        38          Dosing Syringe                      38       Hive Paint                       10
         Books and Posters                 82          Double Strainer Nylon - ø 24 cm     57       Hivefeet                         16
         Bottling Line Complete            77          Dryer Honey                         65       Hivestrap                        16
         Bottling Lines Swienty            67          DVD                                 82       Hivetools                        19
         Bottlingtanks                     62      E   Easy-loader                         16       Honey Bear                       80
         Bottom Heater                     55          Embedder Spur                       13       Honey Dryer with Discs           65
         Bottomheater Pre-Filter           56          Embedding regulator                 13       Honey Loosener Automatic         46
         Boxes for Honey Jars              80          Excluder Cleaner                    19       Honey Loosener Manual            46
         Brass Eyelets                     13          Extracting line Fullautomatic       52       Honey Sump 200 kg.               56
         Brush Fix complete                20          Extractors Economy Self-turning     51       Honeycreamer/Homogenizer         63
         Brush Uncapping Machine           41          Extractors Quality Hobby            49       Honeypumps                       56
C        Carricell Portable incubator      33          Extractors Radial                   48       Honeyseparator                   44
         Cassette „Corpularva“             31          Extractors Self-turning             48       Hot-air Blower                   64
         Cellophane bag for honey glas     81          Extractors Tangential               48   I   Ignitors                         18
         Cellophane role with bees         81      F   Feeding Pail                        37       In Hive Feeders                  36
         Centrifuge „WET“                  44          Feeding Trays                       36       Incubators                       34
         Clothing                          22-26       Fenrisbane Mead - Vol: 10%          83       Insemination Apparatus Swienty   27
         CO2 Equipment complete            29          Filling Station /w. Conveyor belt   76   K   KIELER Mating Hive               32
         CO2 Equipment Mini                29          Filling Station                     72   L   Labeldispenser                   72
         Cold Light LED w/battery          28          Filterbag for cappings wax          55       Labelling Machine                76

    Langstroth SWI-BO                  6-9       Protective Gloves                39        Trolley for honey supers      19
    Laquer                             10        Puncher Extra needle             14        Trolley for honey supers      55
    Level Monitoring Switch            55        Puncher                          14    U   Uncapper Slide Feed           42
    Lid Sorting Machine                75    Q   Queen Breeding System            31        Uncapper Vertical             42
    Lid-Fitter (2006 model)            75        Queen Candy                      37        Uncapping forks               40
    Lid-Fitter Manual                  72        Queen Catcher                    30        Uncapping Knife Cold          40
    Liquid Level Sensor Clip           55        Queens of Reputable Breeders     35        Uncapping Knife Electric      40
    Liquid Level Sensor                55    R   Radial Extractors                50        Uncapping Roller/PVC          45
M   Marking Paint                      30        Radial                           48        Uncapping Tray economy        41
    Marking Pen                        30        Refractometer Honey              65        Uncapping Tray                41
    Marking Ring                       30        Ribbon with bees 25m x 25mm      81        Uncappingtable                41
    Mating box Disposable              33        Rotary Frame Holder              41    V   Varroa Board - Plastic        39
    Mesh Helmet                        24        Rotating strainer                57        Varrox Vaporizer              39
    Microscope Stereo                  28        Round Veil                       24        Venum collector               21
    Mini Mating Hive                   33    S   Scratcher Super                  40    W   Wasptrap                      37
    Mink oil Leather Lotion            26        Scratcher                        40        Wax Melter “Mini”             59
N   Needle roller                      45        Selfturning                      48        Wax Melter Double walled      60
    Neopoll Premium Bee Feed           37        Selling display                  83        Wax Melter Professional       59
    Nu Box LS/LN                       10        Sherriff Jackets and Suits       25        Wax Melter Solar              59
    Nuc Box - Universal                10        Silicone Mould                   60        Wax Melting Pot               60
    Numberplates for Queens            30        Sjöli Manual Loosener            45        Wax Spinner 35                44
    Numbers - plastic                  14        Skephives                        17        Wind Bee                      83
O   Order                              86        Smoke Spray „Cold“               18        Wire Crimper                  13
P   Pail Opener                        37        Smoker Tobacco                   18        Wire Crimper                  15
    Pheromone „Swarm Catch“            35        Smokers                          18        Wire Deroller                 15
    Pheromone Superboost               35        Spectrophotometer                66        Wire                          12
    Pin Plastic Bee                    83        Squarefolding Veil               24        Wooden Stands                 58
    Plastic Buckets / Bottling Tanks   62        Squeezy                          80        WORLD EXTRACTOR               50
    Plastic Jar ø 88 mm.               80        Stainless Cone                   58
    Pollen Multiflower                 81        Stand for Melter                 64
    Pollen Trap                        21        Strainer Continuous              57
    Pollendryer Professional           21        Strainer Double ø 22 cm          57
    Pollendryer                        21        Strainers Swienty                58
    Polyhives                          14        Swarm Catch Pheromone            17
    Prefilter 30 kg                    57        Swarmcatcher Bag                 17
    Pre-Filter                         56        SWI-BINE                         32
    Press Fruit- and honey             47        SWI-BO Langstroth                6-9
    Press Wax/ Honey Professional      47        Swienty Jacket and Suit          22
    Prof. Self-turning Extractors      51        Syrup Pump                       37
    Promotion Sign                     82    T   Tangential                       48
    Propolis Mesh                      21        Thermometer Professional         66
    Protective Glasses                 39        Transport handles for beehives   16


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     If you ar�
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     Goods in stock will be sent as soon as possible (normally the same day) as payment has been registered.

     shipping rate be higher than estimated, we will contact you prior to shipment for your accept.

     Please note!
     Should the�
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     We reserve us the right to change prices due to changes in costs or to mistakes in in the pricelist.

     Sale to Countries outside EU – including the Faroe Islands and Greenland

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                                                                                     Moms nr./ VAT Number/ MwSt. Nr.

Navn, Efternavn/ Name, Last Name/ Vorname, Nachname                                  Betalingsmuligheder/ Payment Methods/ Zahlungsweisen:
                                                                                         Forudbetaling/Advance Payment/ Per Vorauskasse
Vej og nr./ Street and Nr./ Straße und Nr.
                                                                                         Kreditkort/ Credit Card/ Kreditkarte

Postnr. og by / Postal Code and City / PLZ, Ort                                      Kun Tyskland/Germany Only /Nur Deutschland
                                                                                         - Per Bankeinzug
Land/ Country/ Land                                                                      Kontonr._________________, BLZ:_____________
Jeg vil gerne bestille følgende varer, ud fra de mig bekendte leveringsbetingelser:
I hereby order the following items in accordance with Swienty A/S terms and conditions, which I have read and understood:
Senden Sie mir, nach den mir bekannten Verkaufsbedingungen, zum baldmöglichsten Termin:

 Varenr./Item-                Stk. /Pieces/                         Navn/Name/Name                               Stk. pris/ Price per   Total/ Total/
 nr./Produktnr.               Anzahl                                                                             Unit/ Einzelpreis      Gesamtpreis

Sted:                                                      , den                          Underskrift
Place:                                                     , the                          Signature
Ort:                                                       , den                          Unterschrift
                                                  Hørtoftvej 16, Ragebøl      Telefon: (+45) 7448 6969                      Email: shop@swienty.com
                 ... for better honey             DK-6400 Sønderborg          Fax:     (+45) 7448 8001                      Internet: www.swienty.com
                                                                                          Telefon/ Phone/ Telefon
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     Customer Nr. (if known):                                                             E-mail

     Kundennummer (falls bekannt):
                                                                                          Moms nr./ VAT Number/ MwSt. Nr.

     Navn, Efternavn/ Name, Last Name/ Vorname, Nachname                                  Betalingsmuligheder/ Payment Methods/ Zahlungsweisen:
                                                                                              Forudbetaling/Advance Payment/ Per Vorauskasse
     Vej og nr./ Street and Nr./ Straße und Nr.
                                                                                              Kreditkort/ Credit Card/ Kreditkarte

     Postnr. og by / Postal Code and City / PLZ, Ort                                      Kun Tyskland/Germany Only /Nur Deutschland
                                                                                              - Per Bankeinzug
     Land/ Country/ Land                                                                      Kontonr._________________, BLZ:_____________
     Jeg vil gerne bestille følgende varer, ud fra de mig bekendte leveringsbetingelser:
     I hereby order the following items in accordance with Swienty A/S terms and conditions, which I have read and understood:
     Senden Sie mir, nach den mir bekannten Verkaufsbedingungen, zum baldmöglichsten Termin:

      Varenr./Item-                Stk. /Pieces/                         Navn/Name/Name                               Stk. pris/ Price per   Total/ Total/
      nr./Produktnr.               Anzahl                                                                             Unit/ Einzelpreis      Gesamtpreis

     Sted:                                                      , den                          Underskrift
     Place:                                                     , the                          Signature
     Ort:                                                       , den                          Unterschrift
                                                       Hørtoftvej 16, Ragebøl      Telefon: (+45) 7448 6969                      Email: shop@swienty.com
                      ... for better honey             DK-6400 Sønderborg          Fax:     (+45) 7448 8001                      Internet: www.swienty.com
Swienty A/S
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