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									        In compliance with…
 The  FARs – 91, 91(K), 135
 All other government regulations
 Your own company standards
 Your customer’s requirements
 Industry standards
 Insurance requirements
In one place.
In 2 minutes.
The only comprehensive compliance-
   driven flight release system for
professionally flown general aviation
         aircraft operations

Automates regulatory and company
standard compliance for every flight
                              Part 135 High Level Process

                     Legal            Legal           Legal       Legal
                     Flight           Plane           Crew        PAX

                        Authority    Operational Control System
            PIC                                 and
                                      A006 Named Personnel

1.   WX Review
2.   Flight Planning
3.   Aircraft Performance
4.   ATC Coordination                      Flight Release
5.   Airports/Nav Facilities
6.   NoTAMS
7.   Customer Service
8.   Weight & Balance / Loading
                         Operational Control Part 135 Operations

Legal Flight   Crew                                       Legal Plane
                        Flight Crews      Customer
                        Cabin Crews                                               Maintenance
                                          Requests                                 Planning

                        Scheduling                             Maintenance
                                                                 Control             Line
Performance                                                                      Maintenance
    ATC                                  Planning

  Airports             Pilot in
Navigational           Command                                           Operational
 Facilities                                                               Control
                                                                   1.   Director of Operations
                                                                   2.   Director of Maintenance
  NoTAMS                               Flight Control –            3.   Chief Pilot
                                       Release System              4.   Director, Quality Assurance
  Weight &
  Balance                    TSA
                           Security                             Company
                           Checks                               Manuals,
  Planning                                                      Policies,
                          Legal                                 Regulations
 Customer                  PAX          Movement
  Service                               of Aircraft
   An automated web application
    – Similar to online banking or reservations sites
    – Available anywhere with web access
 Customizable to your operation
 Integrates with existing scheduling,
  dispatch and maintenance programs
    – Fast, easy to use
   Administered 24/7 by NATA
    – Upgraded continuously behind-the-scenes
           Generates a
compliance-dependent flight release
            only when
  all regulatory requirements and
        company standards
           are satisfied
        What IC Check Isn’t
 Not a flight planning program
 Not a maintenance tracking program
 Not a charter quoting program
 Not an accounting program
 …has elements of all
 IC Check Checks…

  Data Points
For Every Flight
                                 IC Check Checks…
Aircraft                                    Flight                            Additional
      Aircraft Airworthiness Status            Minimum Runway Length            Applicable 91, 91(K) or 135 Regulations
      Next MX Due                              Schedule Overlap                 Company Standards Above FAR Minimums
      Aircraft Internationally Qualified       Pre/Post Flight Duty             TSA Regulations
      RVSM Domestic                            Flight Times                     Others TBD
      RVSM International                       Aircraft Range
      Raft on Board                            Legs Contiguous              Future
      Raft 135 Qualified                       Turn Times                       Flight Tracking
      Runway Minimums                          Departure Airport                PDA Interface
      Insurance                                Weather                          State Department Regulations (OFAC)
      135 Qualified                                                              Commerce Department Regulations
      91k Qualified                        Passengers                            OSHA
      Previous Trip Closed                     No Fly Check                     Safety 1st SMS Air Operations
      Minimum Crew Complement                  Aircraft Capacity                Wyvern
                                                Raft Capacity                    IS-BAO
Crew                                            International PAX Info           Insurance
      Crew Qualified                           Revenue Legs W/O PAX             Department of Transportation Regulations
      Scheduled Duty Day                                                         USCIS Regulations
      Scheduled Flight Time                Other                                 Customs & Border Protection Regulations
      Cumulative Flight Time                   Flight Log Number                Department of Labor Regulations
      Crew Rest                                Actual On Duty                   DEA Regulations
      Scheduled Time Off                       Checklist                        EPA Regulations
      90 Day Currency                                                            Labor Department Regulations
      Crew Pairing                         Crew Qualifications                   Treasury Department Regulations
      PIC Assigned                             Training Program                 Defense Department Regulations
      SIC Assigned                             Driver’s License
      Augmented Crew Rules                     Passport
      Checkride                                Activate
      TSA Master Crew List                     Medical
      Current Passport                         Temporary Certificates
      DCA Access                               PRIA
      RVSM Training                            CHRC
      ATP for Eligible on Demand               Drug Program
      Certificate Requirements                 Duty Assigned
      Previous Trip Closed                     Pilots License, SIC Rating
   Company standards
    – FARs represent minimum requirements
    – Operators routinely elect to exceed FAA
    – Above FAR minimums, you decide how to
      operate your aircraft
 Uses real-time, up-to-the-minute data
 The quest for “five greens”
   Each flight record includes
    – All collected and calculated trip data
    – TSA pax/crew vetting approvals
    – NOAA weather data
        Origin/enroute/destination
    – FAA ASDI flight tracking data (coming, at FAA request)

   “Observation Deck”
    – With subscriber permission, can provide POI read-
      only access to flight data for remote “open book”
      surveillance, reducing onsite inspection burden
 Risk Assessment Tool – The RAT
 Calculates risk scores for individual flights
    – Risk assessment based upon TAOS formula
        37 safety indicators assessed for each flight
        Other formulas possible
    – Will suggest mitigation strategies to reduce risk
      scores for flagged high-risk trips
   Performance benchmarking
    – Fleet-wide
    – Month to month
    Data Integration = Ease of Use
P   NATA Compliance Services
P   Avtrak
P   CharterX/Wyvern
P   Bart
P   SkyBooks
   Custom
    with proprietary
   FAA view
    – First compliance tool to be generally available
      to facilitate operational control and safety
      management systems
    – Holds potential for increasing safety
    – Influencing IC Check’s design
 POI accepted!
 POI guidance being drafted now
 InFO (Information for Operators) being
  drafted now
        Insurance &
   USAU
    – Excited by possibility of increased safety and
      lowered claims
    – Potential for reduction in insurance costs for
      quantifiably low risk operations
    – Intrigued by flight risk scoring
    – Strong support for concept of compliance-
      based releases
   Global and AIG TBD
            Why Use IC Check?
   “Prevents mistakes/improves safety”
    – Forces operational consistency
       – FARs
       – Operational standards above FARs
    – Independent confirmation
   “Focuses us on best industry practices”
    – Strengthens safety culture through flight-by-flight
      compliance assessment, tracking and risk
    – Increases reliability of operational control and
      Safety Management Systems compliance
            Why Use IC Check?
   “Improves how we work”
    – Sharpened our people’s roles and responsibilities
    – Consolidates and streamlines company
    – Reduces FAA inspection burden
   “We’re able to manage more information
    – Proves compliance with the regs and our standards
    – Supports safety audits via online availability of
      comprehensive, flight-by-flight compliance records
   “Built it into my Op Spec”
               Why Use IC Check?
   Reduces costs
    – Improved staff efficiency
        Automatically validates user input, reducing errors
        Replaces staff-intensive manual processes and paperwork
   Potentially reduces costs
    – Insurance
        Potential for insurance rate reduction for low-risk ops
    – Audits
        Flight records are accessible online by safety auditors with
    – FAA inspections
        POI inspection workload shifts from on-site to on-line,
         resulting in fewer POI visits
   A process
    – Technical
        Technical integration with other systems
        Initialization of crew, aircraft databases
        The more complex the operation, the longer the
    – Human
        Roles and responsibilities of staff will change, often for
         the better
        Staff training occurs across setup/installation process
        Residual training handles the rest
      In the last few weeks…
 5 operators with 66 aircraft subscribed
 Subscription rate
    – 1-3 = $99.95 (per tail per month)
    – 4-10 = Aircraft $79.95
    – 11-30 = Aircraft $59.95
   Purpose-built to facilitate formal
    compliance-driven flight releases for 135
    – Safer operations
    – Sets you apart from the rest
    – Provides peace of mind

   (800) 808-NATA

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