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									                                                          University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
                                                             Office of Undergraduate Admissions
                                                 North Carolina Community College Common Curriculum
Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees                                course requirement of the indicated equivalent will be met, but hours will 
Students who plan to transfer with an A.A. or A.S. degree in the fall of 1999     not be awarded.  
or later and who follow the common curriculum as outlined by the NC 
community colleges will satisfy the freshman/sophomore requirements for 
                                                                                  UNC-Chapel Hill General Education Requirements
general liberal arts degrees at UNC‐Chapel Hill with the exception of foreign 
                                                                                  Courses from the NC community college system that have specific UNC‐
language and lifetime fitness. This is under the assumption that all required 
                                                                                  Chapel Hill equivalents may meet general education requirements that 
courses were started in 1997 or later.  Upon completion of an A.A. or A.S. 
                                                                                  students must complete in addition to their major. These requirements, 
degree, students will transfer to Carolina with junior standing and 64 
                                                                                  which are determined by Academic Advising in the College of Arts and 
semester hours. No more than 14 hours toward the A.A. or A.S. degree may 
                                                                                  Sciences, are listed in this document for easy reference. 
be transferred from institutions other than the NC community colleges.             
Students must have earned a “C” or better in all courses to be eligible for       Elective courses generally do not contribute directly to a major/academic 
this program.                                                                     program, but they do help students progress toward earning the 120 
                                                                                  semester hours needed for graduation. 
44-Hour Core Curriculum
                                                                                   All UNC‐Chapel Hill students are required to complete at least three levels 
Students who have completed the specified 44‐hour requirement of the 
                                                                                   (community college level 211) of a foreign language to satisfy graduation 
core curriculum in the NC Community College System will, upon admission, 
                                                                                   requirements. Some Bachelor of Science majors require the completion of 
meet the freshman/sophomore general education requirements for 
                                                                                   four levels (community college level 212). Students who have taken at least 
Carolina’s general liberal arts degrees with the exception of lifetime fitness 
                                                                                   two years of a foreign language in high school will receive credit but not 
and foreign language.  
                                                                                   hours for level one of the same foreign language in college. 
Credit for Individual Courses
                                                                                   Applying to UNC-Chapel Hill Professional Programs
The course equivalencies listed in this document also apply to students who 
                                                                                   Students planning professional, Bachelor of Science, or Allied Health or 
take courses at NC community colleges without completing associate 
                                                                                   Public Health degrees will need to present specific courses comparable to 
degrees or the 44‐hour core curriculum. Please note the hour limit below. 
                                                                                   those required of students who begin their college careers at UNC‐Chapel 
                                                                                   Hill. Supplemental applications, courses and testing requirements may also 
Transferable Semester Hours                                                        be required for these degree programs. 
The maximum number of hours transferable from a two‐year institution is             
64.  This total includes all degree creditable course work awarded or taken        Junior pharmacy applicants should apply directly to the School of Pharmacy 
on the college level.  For students who attended a four‐year institution prior     and not through Undergraduate Admissions unless consideration for 
to attending the two‐year institution, those transferable hours are included       another major (in addition to Pharmacy) is desired.  In that case, two 
in the maximum of 64.  For students who attended a two‐year institution            separate applications must be filed, one with Pharmacy and one with 
after reaching the 64‐hour limit, course credit will be granted for acceptable     Undergraduate Admissions for the other major in consideration. 
courses, but no hours will be awarded in transfer. In other words, the 
                                            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                         NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum                Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Aca122                     College Transfer Success         General elective
Acc120                     Accounting I                     General elective
Acc121                     Accounting II                    General elective
Ant210                     General Anthropology             Anth101 [010]
Ant220                     Cultural Anthropology            Anth102 [049]
Ant221                     Comparative Cultures             Anth120 [020]
Ant230, 230A               Physical Anthropology            Anth143 [043]
Ant240, Ant240A            Archaeology                      Anth elective
Ant245                     World Prehistory                 Anth elective
Ara 111, 181               Elementary Arabic I              ARAB elective
Ara 112, 182               Elementary Arabic II             ARAB elective
Ara211                     Intermediate Arabic I            ARAB elective
Ara212                     Intermediate Arabic II           ARAB elective
Art110                     Introduction to Art              Art elective
Art111                     Art Appreciation                 Art elective
Art113                     Art Methods and Materials        Art elective
Art114                     Art History Survey 1             Art 151 [031]
Art115                     Art History Survey 2             Art 152 [032]
Art116                     Survey American Art              Art 161 [043]
Art117                     Non-Western Art History          Art elective
Art121                     Design 1                         Art103 [002]
Art122                     Design 2                         Art102 [005]
Art130                     Basic Drawing                    Art elective
Art131                     Drawing 1                        Art104 [004]
Art132                     Drawing 2                        Art324 [014]
Art135                     Figure Drawing                   Art elective
Art140                     Basic Painting                   Art elective
Art171                     Computer Art I                   Art elective
Art212                     Gallery Assistantship I          Art elective
Art213                     Gallery Assistantship II         Art elective
Art214                     Portfolio and Resume             Art elective
Art222                     Wood Design I                    Art elective
Art223                     Wood Design II                   Art elective
Art231                     Printmaking                      Art elective
Art232                     Printmaking II                   Art elective
Art235                     Figure Drawing II                Art elective
Art240                     Painting 1                       Art elective
Art241                     Painting 2                       Art elective

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                                           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                        NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum               Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Art242                     Landscape Painting              Art elective
Art243                     Portrait Painting               Art elective
Art244                     Water Color                     Art elective
Art245                     Metals I                        Art elective
Art246                     Metals II                       Art elective
Art247                     Jewelry I                       Art elective
Art248                     Jewelry II                      Art elective
Art250                     Surface Design: Textiles        Art elective
Art251                     Weaving I                       Art elective
Art252                     Weaving II                      Art elective
Art260                     Photography Appreciation        Art elective
Art261                     Photography I                   Art105 [009]
Art262                     Photography II                  Art elective
Art263                     Color Photography               Art elective
Art264                     Digital Photography I           Art elective
Art265                     Digital Photography II          Art elective
Art266                     Videography I                   Art elective
Art267                     Videography II                  Art elective
Art271                     Computer Art II                 Art elective
Art274                     Lettering Design                Art elective
Art275                     Intro to Commercial Art         Art elective
Art281                     Sculpture                       Art elective
Art282                     Sculpture II                    Art elective
Art283                     Ceramics I                      Art elective
Art284                     Ceramics II                     Art elective
Art285                     Ceramics III                    Art elective
Art286                     Ceramics IV                     Art elective
Art288                     Studio                          Art elective
Art289                     Museum Study                    Art elective
Asl111                     Elementary ASL I                General elective
Asl112                     Elementary ASL II               General elective
Asl181                     ASL Lab I                       General elective
Asl182                     ASL Lab 2                       General elective
Asl211                     Intermediate ASL I              General elective
Asl212                     Intermediate ASL II             General elective
Asl281                     ASL Lab 3                       General elective
Asl282                     ASL Lab 4                       General elective
Ast111, 111A               Descriptive Astronomy           Astr101,101L [031] (AC)

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                                                  UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                               NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum                      Course Title              UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Ast151, 151A                     General Astronomy                  Astr101, 101L [031]
Ast152, 152A                     General Astronomy 2                Astr elective
Ast251                           Observational Astronomy            Astr elective
Bio110                           Principles of Biology              Biol190, 190L
Bio111                           General Biology 1                  Biol101,101L [011,011L]
Bio112                           General Biology 2                  Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio120                           Intro Botany                       Biol271 [041]
Bio130                           Intro Zoology                      Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio140, 140A                     Environmental Biology              Biol113 [010]
Bio143                           Field Biology Mini Course          Biol elective
Bio145                           Ecology                            Biol201 [054] (if 4 hours-GM)
Bio146                           Regional Natural History           Biol elective
Bio150                           Genetics in Human Affairs          Biol elective
Bio155                           Nutrition                          Nutr240 [040]
Bio163                           Human Anat & Physio with lab       Biol252 [045]
Bio165                           Anat & Physio 1 with lab           Biol290, 290L
Bio166                           Anat & Physio 2 with lab           Biol290, 290L
Bio165 and Bio166 (BOTH)         Anat & Physio 1 & 2 with labs      Biol252 [045] & Phyi202 [092]
Bio168                           Anat & Physio 1 with lab           Biol290, 290L
Bio169                           Anat & Physio 2 with lab           Biol290, 290L
Bio168 and Bio169 (BOTH)         Anat & Physio 1 & 2 with labs      Biol252 [045] & Phyi202[092]
Bio173                           Microbes in World Affairs          Biol elective
Bio175                           General Microbiology               Mcro255 [055]
Bio176                           General Microbiology               Mcro255 [055]
Bio180                           Biological Chemistry               Chem elective
Bio221                           Botany                             Biol271 [041]
Bio222                           Botany II                          Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio223                           Field Biology                      Biol272 [043]
Bio224                           Local Flora Spring                 Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio225                           Local Flora Summer                 Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio226                           Local Flora Fall                   Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio224, 225, 226 (two courses)   Local Flora Spring, Summer, Fall   Biol272 [043]
Bio227                           Winter Plant ID                    Biol elective
Bio230                           Entomology                         Biol275, 275L [080, 080L]
Bio231                           Invertebrate Zoology               Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio232                           Vertebrate Zoology                 Biol276, 276L [063, 063L]
Bio235                           Ornithology                        Biol279, 279L [097,097L]
Bio236                           Mammalogy                          Biol279, 279L [097,097L]

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                                           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                        NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum               Course Title           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Bio240                     Waste Management                Biol elective
Bio242                     Natural Resource Conservation   Biol elective
Bio243                     Marine Biology                  Biol290, 290L
Bio250                     Genetics                        Biol202 [050]
Bio271                     Pathophysiology                 Biol elective
Bio272                     Cardiopulmonary Biology         Biol elective
Bio273                     Radiation Biology               Biol elective
Bio275                     Microbiology                    Mcro255 [055]
Bio280                     Biotechnology                   Biol elective
Bio285                     Research & Measurement          Biol elective
Bus110                     Introduction to Business        General elective
Bus115                     Business Law I                  General elective
Bus137                     Principles of Management        General elective
Bus228                     Business Statistics             General elective
Chi111, Chi181             Elementary Chinese I            Chin101 [001]
Chi112, 182                Elementary Chinese II           Chin102 [002]
Chi211                     Intermediate Chinese I          Chin203 [003]
Chi212                     Intermediate Chinese II         Chin204 [004]
Chm115, 115A               Concepts in Chemistry           Chem elective
Chm130, 130A               Gen, organic, biochemistry      Bioc107 [007]
Chm131, 131A               Intro to Chemistry              Chem200 [015]
Chm132                     Organic and Biochemistry        Bioc107 [007]
Chm135                     Survey of Chemistry 1           Chem elective
Chm136                     Survey of Chemistry 2           Chem elective
Chm151                     General Chemistry 1             Chem101,101L [011,011L]
Chm152                     General Chemistry 2             Chem102,102L [021,021L]
Chm251                     Organic Chem 1                  Chem261,262L [061, 062L]
Chm252                     Organic Chem 2                  Chem262,262L [062,062L]
Chm261                     Quantitative Analysis           Chem elective
Chm263                     Analytical Chemistry            Chem241 [041L] (HT)
Chm265                     Instrumental Analysis           Chem441 [141] (HT)
Chm271, 271A               Biochem principles              Chem430 [130] (HT)
Cis110                     Intro to Computers              Comp elective
Cis115                     Intro to Prog & Logic           Comp elective
Cjc111                     Intro to Criminal Justice       General Elective
Cjc121                     Law Enforcement Operations      General Elective
Cjc141                     Corrections                     General Elective
Com110                     Intro to Communication          Comm100 [010]

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                                          UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                       NC Community College Common Curriculum

      Common Curriculum               Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Com111                    Voice & Diction I               Comm elective
Com120                    Interpersonal Communication     Comm120 [022]
Com130                    Nonverbal Communication         Comm elective
Com140                    Intercultural Communication     Comm elective
Com150                    Intro to Mass Communication     General elective
Com160                    Small Group Communication       Comm223 [023]
Com231                    Public Speaking                 Comm 113 [013]
Com232                    Election Rhetoric               Comm elective
Com233                    Persuasive Speaking             Comm elective
Com250                    Public Communication            Comm elective
Com251                    Debate I                        Comm elective
Com252                    Debate II                       Comm elective
Csc120                    Computing Fundamentals I        Comp elective
Csc130                    Computing Fundamentals II       Comp elective
Csc134                    C++ Programming                 Comp elective
Csc136                    Fortran Programming             Comp elective
Csc139                    Visual BASIC Prog               Comp elective
Csc151                    JAVA Programming                Comp elective
Csc220                    Machine Implem of Algor         Comp elective
Csc239                    Adv Visual BASIC Prog           Comp elective
Cts115                    Info Sys Business Concept       Comp elective
Dan110                    Dance Appreciation              General elective
Dan211                    Dance History 1                 General elective
Dan212                    Dance History 2                 General elective
Dft170                    Engineering Graphics            General elective
Dra111                    Theatre Appreciation            Dram116 [016]
Dra112                    Literature of Theatre           Dram115 [015]
Dra115                    Theatre Criticism               Dram elective
Dra120                    Voice for Performance           Dram140 [040]
Dra122                    Oral Interpretation             Engl461 [041]
Dra124                    Readers Theatre                 Dram elective
Dra126                    Storytelling                    Dram elective
Dra128                    Children's Theatre              Dram elective
Dra130                    Acting I                        Dram135 [035]
Dra131                    Acting II                       Dram elective
Dra132                    Stage Movement                  Dram elective
Dra135                    Acting for the Camera I         Dram elective
Dra136                    Acting for the Camera II        Dram elective

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                                             UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                          NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum                 Course Title           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Dra140                     Stagecraft I                      Dram160 [060]
Dra141                     Stagecraft II                     Dram elective
Dra142                     Costuming                         Dram elective
Dra143                     Costume Design                    Dram elective
Dra145                     Stage Make-up                     Dram elective
Dra147                     Sound Technology                  Dram elective
Dra150                     Stage Management                  Dram elective
Dra151                     Mechanics & Maintenance           Dram elective
Dra160                     Box Office and Publicity          Dram elective
Dra170                     Play Production I                 Dram elective
Dra171                     Play Production II                Dram elective
Dra175                     Teleplay Production I             Dram elective
Dra176                     Teleplay Production II            Dram elective
Dra211                     Theatre History 1                 Dram281 [081]
Dra212                     Theatre History 2                 Dram282 [082]
Dra230                     Acting III                        Dram elective
Dra231                     Acting IV                         Dram elective
Dra240                     Lighting for the Theatre          Dram elective
Dra241                     Lighting Design                   Dram elective
Dra243                     Scene Design                      Dram elective
Dra245                     Drafting and Scenography          Dram elective
Dra250                     Theatre Management                Dram elective
Dra251                     Production Management             Dram elective
Dra260                     Directing                         Dram elective
Dra270                     Play Production III               Dram elective
Dra271                     Play Production IV                Dram elective
Dra275                     Teleplay Production III           Dram elective
Dra276                     Teleplay Production IV            Dram elective
Eco151                     Survey Economics                  Econ elective
Eco251                     Prin Microeconomics               Econ100
Eco252                     Prin Macroeconomics               Econ100
Eco251 and Eco252 (BOTH)   Prin Micro and Macro              Econ100 [009], Econ101 [010]
Edu216                     Foundations in Education          Educ441 [041]
Edu221                     Children with Exceptionalities    Educ elective
Egr150                     Intro to Engineering              General elective
Egr210                     Intro Elect/Com Engr Lab          General elective
Egr211                     Intro to Computer Org             General elective
Egr212                     Logic System Design I             General elective

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                                              UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                           NC Community College Common Curriculum

         Common Curriculum                Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Egr213                       Electric Circuits                General elective
Egr215                       Network Theory I                 General elective
Egr216                       Logic and Networks Lab I         General elective
Egr218                       Network Theory II                General elective
Egr219                       Instru & Network Lab             General elective
Egr220                       Engineering Statistics           General elective
Egr225                       Engineering Dynamics             General elective
Egr228                       Intro to Solid Mechanics         General elective
Egr230                       Engineering Materials            General elective
Eng111                       Expository Writing               Engl101 [011]
Eng112                       Augument Based Research          Engl102 [012]
Eng113                       Literature Based Research        Engl102 [012]
Eng114                       Professional Res and Reporting   Engl elective
Eng125                       Creative Writing I               Engl130 [023W]
Eng126                       Creative Writing II              Engl elective
Eng131                       Intro to Literature              Engl elective
Eng132                       Intro to Drama                   Engl126 [026]
Eng133                       Intro to the Novel               Engl123 [023]
Eng134                       Intro to Poetry                  Engl125 [025]
Eng135                       Intro to Short Fiction           Engl123 [025]
Eng231                       American Literature 1            Engl128 [028]
Eng232                       American Literature 2            Engl128 [028]
Eng233                       Major American Authors           Engl128 [028]
Eng234                       Modern American Poets            Engl elective
Eng235                       Survey of Film as Literature     Engl elective
Eng241                       British Lit 1                    Engl120 [020]
Eng242                       British Lit 2                    Engl121 [021]
Eng243                       Major British Writers            Engl120 [020]
Eng251                       Western World Lit 1              Cmpl121 [021]
Eng252                       Western World Lit 2              Cmpl122 [022]
Eng253                       The Bible as Literature          Engl elective
Eng261                       World Lit 1                      General elective
Eng262                       World Lit 2                      General elective
Eng265                       Thematic World Lit 1             Cmpl elective
Eng266                       Thematic World Lit 2             Cmpl elective
Eng271                       Contemporary Lit                 Engl124 [024]
Eng272                       Southern Lit                     Engl373 [088]
Eng273                       African American Lit             Engl367 [084]

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                                           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                        NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum               Course Title           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Eng274                     Lit by Women                    Engl elective
Eng275                     Science Fiction                 Engl elective
Fre111,181                 Elementary French 1             Fren101 [001]
Fre112,182                 Elementary French 2             Fren102 [002]
Fre141                     Culture and Civilization        Fren elective
Fre151                     Francophone Literature          Fren elective
Fre161                     Cultural Immersion              Fren elective
Fre211, 281                Intermediate French 1           Fren203 [003]
Fre212, 282                Intermediate French 2           Fren204 [004]
Fre221                     French Conversation             Fren elective
Fre231                     Reading & Composition           Fren elective
Gel111                     Intro Geology                   Geol101 [011]
Gel113                     Historical Geology              Geol elective
Gel120                     Physical Geology                Geol101,101L [011, 011L]
Gel220                     Marine Geology                  Geol103 [012]
Gel230                     Environmental Geology           Geol211 [048]
Geo110                     Intro to Geography              Geog elective
Geo111                     World Regional Geography        Geog120 [020]
Geo112                     Cultural Geography              Geog123 [023]
Geo113                     Economic Geography              Geog elective
Geo121                     North Carolina Geography        Geog262 [062]
Geo130                     General Physical Geography      Geog110 [010]
Geo131                     Physical Geography I            Geog elective
Geo132                     Physical Geography II           Geog elective
Ger111,181                 Elementary German 1             Germ101 [001]
Ger112, 182                Elementary German 2             Germ102 [002]
Ger141                     Culture and Civilization        Germ elective
Ger161                     Cultural Immersion              Germ elective
Ger211, 281                Intermediate German 1           Germ203 [003]
Ger212, 282                Intermediate German 2           Germ204 [004]
Ger221                     German Conversation             Germ elective
Ger231                     Reading & Composition           Germ elective
Gis111                     Introduction to GIS             General elective
Hea110                     Personal Health/ Wellness       Exss141 [041]
Hea112                     First Aid & CPR                 Exss elective
Hea120                     Community Health                Exss elective
His111                     World Civilization 1            Hist elective
His112                     World Civilization 2            Hist elective

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                                              UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                           NC Community College Common Curriculum

         Common Curriculum                Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
His114                       Comparative World History        Hist elective
His115                       Intro to Global History          Hist elective
His116                       Current World Problems           Hist elective
His117                       History of Religions             Hist elective
His121                       Western Civilization 1           Hist151 [011]
His122                       Western Civilization 2           Hist152 [012]
His124                       Western Cultural History         Hist elective
His131                       American History 1               Hist127 [021]
His132                       American History 2               Hist128 [022]
His141                       Geography and Local History      Hist elective
His145                       The Second World War             Hist elective
His151                       Hispanic Civilization            Hist elective
His153                       Russian Cultural History         Hist elective
His160                       Labor Relations in the US        Hist elective
His161                       Science & Technology             Genr elective
His162                       Women & History                  Hist362 [062]
His163                       The World since 1945             Hist elective
His164                       History of Sports                Hist elective
His165                       Twentieth-Century World          Hist elective
His167                       The Vietnam War                  Hist570 [153A]
His211                       Ancient History                  Hist106 [014]
His212                       Medieval History                 Hist107 [015]
His213                       Modern Europe to 1815            Hist158 [016]
His214                       Modern Europe Since 1815         Hist159 [017]
His215                       Nineteenth-Century Europe        Hist elective
His216                       Twentieth- Century Europe        Hist elective
His221                       African-American History         Hist elecive
His222                       African-American History I       Afam101 [040]
His223                       African- American History II     Hist589 [166]
His224                       US Diplomatic History            Poli443 [144]
His225                       American Business History        Hist364 [064]
His226                       The Civil War                    Hist565 [148]
His227                       Native American History          Hist231 [072A]
His228                       History of The South             Hist elective
His229                       History of the Old South         Hist586 [163]
His230                       The Changing South               Hist elective
His231                       Recent American History          Hist elective
His232                       History of the Old West          Hist elective

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                                              UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                           NC Community College Common Curriculum

        Common Curriculum                Course Title                UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
His233                      History of Appalachia                Hist elective
His234                      Cherokee History                     Hist elective
His235                      The Spanish Borderlands              Hist elective
His236                      North Carolina History               Hist elective
His241                      Russian History to 1917              Hist161 [030]
His242                      Russian History from 1917            Hist162 [031]
His251                      English History I                    Hist156 [027]
His252                      English History II                   Hist157 [028]
His260                      History of Africa                    Hist elective
His261                      East Asian History                   Hist elective
His262                      Middle East History                  Hist elective
His271                      The French Revolution Era            Hist elective
Hum110                      Technology and Society               General elective
Hum115                      Critical Thinking                    General elective
Hum120                      Cultural Studies                     General elective
Hum121                      Nature of America                    General elective
Hum122                      Southern Culture                     General elective
Hum123                      Appalachian Culture                  General elective
Hum130                      Myth in Human Culture                General elective
Hum140                      Hist of Architecture                 Art 156 [030]
Hum145                      History of Landscape Architecture    General elective
Hum150                      American Women's Studies             Wmst101 050]
Hum160                      Intro to Film                        General elective
Hum161                      Advanced Film Studies                General elective
Hum170                      The Holocaust                        Hist elective
Hum180                      International Cultural Exploration   General elective
Hum211                      Humanities 1                         General elective
Hum212                      Humanities 2                         General elective
Hum220                      Human Values and Meaning             General elective
Hum225                      Cultural Influences                  General elective
Hum230                      Leadership Development               General elective
Hum240                      Math & the Arts                      General elective
Ita111, 181                 Elementary Italian 1                 Ital101 [001]
Ita112, 182                 Elementary Italian 2                 Ital102 [002]
Ita211, 281                 Intermediate Italian 3               Ital203 [003]
Ita212, 282                 Intermediate Italian 4               Ital204 [004]
Ita221                      Italian Conversation                 Ital elective
Ita231                      Reading & Composition                Ital elective

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                                            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                         NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum                Course Title           UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Jou110                     Intro to Journalism              General elective
Jou216                     Writing for Mass Media           General elective
Jou217                     Feature/Editorial Writing        General elective
Jou242                     Intro to Multimedia              General elective
Jpn111, Jpn181             Elem Japanese 1                  Japn101 [001]
Jpn112, Jpn182             Elem Japanese 2                  Japn102 [002]
Jpn211                     Intermed Japanese 1              Japn203 [003]
Jpn212                     Intermed Japanese 2              Japn204 [004]
Lat111,181                 Elem Latin I                     Latn101 [001]
Lat112,182                 Elem Latin II                    Latn102 [002]
Lat141                     Culture & Civilization           Latn elective
Lat142                     Lit & the Roman Republic         Latn elective
Lat211,281                 Interm Latin I                   Latn203 [003]
Lat212,282                 Interm Latin II                  Latn204 [004]
Lat231                     Reading & Composition            Latn elective
Lat232                     Imperial Literature              Latn elective
Mat140, 140A               Survey of Math                   Math118
Mat141, 141A               Mathematical Concepts I          Math elective
Mat142, 142A               Mathematical Concepts II         Math elective
Mat145, 145A               Analytical Math                  Math elective
Mat151, 151A               Statistics 1                     Stor151 [011]
Mat155, 155A               Statistical Analysis             Stor151 [011]
Mat161, 161A               College Algebra                  Math elective
Mat162, 162A               College Trigonometry             Math elective
Mat165, 165A               Finite Math                      Math elective
Mat167, 167A               Discrete Math                    Math elective
Mat171, 171A               Precalculus Algebra              Math 110P-no hours [010]
Mat172, 172A               Precalculus Trigonometry         Math130 [030], MATH110P
Mat175, 175A               Precalculus                      Math130 [030], MATH110P
Mat210, 210A               Logic                            Math elective
Mat252, 252A               Statistics II                    Stor151 [011]
Mat263, 263A               Brief Calculus                   Math152 [022], MATH110P
Mat271                     Calculus 1                       Math231 [031], MATH110P
Mat272                     Calculus 2                       Math232 [032], MATH110P
Mat273                     Calculus 3                       Math233 [033], MATH110P
Mat280                     Linear Algebra                   Math547 [147], MATH110P
Mat285                     Differential Equations           Math383 [083], MATH110P
Mus110                     Music Appreciation               Musc141 041]

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                                            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                         NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum                Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Mus111                     Fundamentals of Music            Musc121 [021]
Mus112                     Intro to Jazz                    Musc145 [045]
Mus113                     American Music                   Musc elective
Mus114                     Non Western Music                Musc elective
Mus115                     Orchestral Music                 Musc elective
Mus121                     Music Theory I                   Musc121 [021]
Mus122                     Music Theory II                  Musc122 [022]
Mus123                     Music Composition                Musc elective
Mus131 thru 162            Applied Music courses            Musc electives
Mus170                     Business of Music                Musc elective
Mus173                     Opera Production I               Musc elective
Mus174                     Opera Production II              Musc elective
Mus175                     Recording Techniques I           Musc elective
Mus176                     Recording Techniques II          Musc elective
Mus181                     Show Choir I                     Musc elective
Mus182                     Show Choir II                    Musc elective
Mus210                     History of Rock Music            Musc143 [043]
Mus211                     History of Country Music         Musc elective
Mus212                     American Musical Theatre         Musc elective
Mus213                     Opera and Musical Theatre        Musc elective
Mus214                     Electronic Music I               Musc elective
Mus215                     Electronic Music II              Musc elective
Mus217                     Conducting                       Musc elective
Mus221                     Music Theory III                 Musc elective
Mus222 thru 265            Applied Music courses            Musc electives
Mus270                     Music Literature                 Musc elective
Mus271                     Music History I                  Musc elective
Mus272                     Music History II                 Musc elective
Mus273                     Opera Production III             Musc elective
Mus274                     Opera Production IV              Musc elective
Mus280                     Music for the El Classroom       Musc elective
Mus281                     Show Choir III                   Musc elective
Mus282                     Show Choir IV                    Musc elective
Mus283                     Varied Cultures/Mus Perf         Musc elective
Ped 110 thru 276           PE Activity Courses              Phya credit (no hours)           Doesn't satisfy Fitness Requirement
Phi210                     History of Philosophy            Phil elective
Phi215                     Philosophical Issues             Phil101 [020]
Phi220                     Western Philosophy 1             Phil210

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                                            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                         NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum                Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Phi221                     Western Philosophy 2             Phil220 [058]
Phi230                     Introduction to Logic            Phil155 [021]
Phi240                     Intro to Ethics                  Phil160 022]
Phi250                     Philosophy of Science            Phil150 [031]
Phs110                     Basic Physical Science           General elective
Phs121                     Applied Physical Science I       General elective
Phs122                     Applied Physical Science II      General elective
Phs130                     Earth Science                    General elective
Phs140                     Weather & climate                Geog111 [011]
Phy110, 110A               Conceptual Physics               Phys101 [020]
Phy151                     College Physics 1                Phys104 [024]
Phy152                     College Physics 2                Phys105 [025]
Phy153                     Modern Topics in Physics         Phys elective
Phy251                     General Physics 1                Phys116 [026]
Phy252                     General Physics 2                Phys117 [027]
Phy253                     Modern Physics                   Phys128 [028]
Pol110                     Intro to Political Science       Poli elective
Pol120                     American Government              Poli100 [041]
Pol130                     State & Local Government         Poli101 [042]
Pol210                     Comparative Government           Poli239 [052]
Pol220                     International Relations          Poli150 [086]
Por111,181                 Elem Portuguese 1                Port101 [001]
Por112,182                 Elem Portuguese 2                Port102 [002]
Por141                     Culture & Civilization           Port elective
Por211, 281                Intermed Portuguese 1            Port203 [003]
Por212, 282                Intermed Portuguese 2            Port204 [004]
Por221                     Portuguese Conversation          Port elective
Por231                     Reading & Composition            Port elective
Psy150                     General Psychology               Psyc101 [010]
Psy211                     Psyc of Adjustment               Psyc elective
Psy215                     Positive Psychology              Psyc elective
Psy231                     Forensic Psyc                    Psyc elective
Psy237                     Social Psychology                Psyc260 [033]
Psy239                     Psyc of Personality              Psyc240 [028]
Psy241                     Developmental Psychology         Psyc250 [024] (EJ)
Psy243                     Child Psyc                       Psyc250 [024]
Psy246                     Adolescent Psyc                  Psyc elective
Psy247                     Psyc of Adulthood                Psyc elective

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                                            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                         NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum               Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Psy249                     Psyc of Aging                    Psyc elective
Psy259                     Human Sexuality                  Psyc elective
Psy263                     Educational Psyc                 Psyc elective
Psy271                     Sports Psyc                      Psyc elective
Psy275                     Health Psyc                      Psyc elective
Psy281                     Abnormal Psychology              Psyc245 [080]
Rel110                     World Religions                  Reli101 [010]
Rel111                     Eastern Religions                Reli183 [039]
Rel112                     Western Religions                Reli163 [030]
Rel211                     Intro to Old Testament           Reli103 [021]
Rel212                     Intro to New Testament           Reli104 [022]
Rel221                     Religion in America              Reli140 [029]
Rus111,181                 Elementary Russian 1             Russ101 [001]
Rus112,182                 Elementary Russian 2             Russ102 [002]
Rus211, 281                Intermediate Russian 1           Russ203 [003]
Rus212, 282                Intermediate Russian 2           Russ204 [004]
Rus221                     Russian Conversation             Russ321 [021]
Rus231                     Reading & Composition            Russ elective
Soc210                     Intro to Sociology               Soci101 [010]
Soc213                     Sociology of Family              Soci130 [030]
Soc215                     Group Processes                  Soci elective
Soc220                     Social Problems                  Soci121 [021]
Soc225                     Social Diversity                 Soci elective
Soc230                     Race & Ethnic Relations          Soci122 [022]
Soc232                     Social Context of Aging          Soci elective
Soc234                     Sociology of Gender              Soci124 [024]
Soc240                     Social Psychology                Soci112 [012]
Soc242                     Sociology of Deviance            Soci123 [023]
Soc244                     Soc of Death & Dying             Soci elective
Soc245                     Drugs and Society                Soci elective
Soc250                     Sociology of Religion            Soci elective
Soc252                     Sociology of Work                Soci elective
Soc254                     Rural & Urban Sociology          Soci elective
Spa111, 181                Elementary Spanish 1             Span101 [001]
Spa112, 182                Elementary Spanish 2             Span102 [002]
Spa141                     Culture & Civilization           Span elective
Spa151                     Hispanic Literature              Span260 [021]
Spa161                     Cultural Immersion               Span elective

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                                            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent Courses
                                         NC Community College Common Curriculum

       Common Curriculum               Course Title            UNC-Chapel Hill Equivalent
Spa211, 281                Intermediate Spanish 1           Span203 [003]
Spa212, 282                Intermediate Spanish 2           Span204 [004]
Spa221                     Spanish Conversation             Span255 [023]
Spa231                     Reading & Composition            Span elective

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