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									US seeks assurances on Dr. Qadeer’s activities
WASHINGTON: The United States would like assurances that freed Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is no longer involved in nuclear proliferation, the White House said Friday."Obviously we've seen the reports of the release, but have not received official word from the government," spokesman Robert Gibbs said. "And as we hear from the government about these reports, obviously the president and this government want assurances that Dr. Kha .... Full Story

Forex reserves down by $44.8 mln
KARACHI: The country’s foreign exchange reserves have witnessed a decline of 44.8 million dollars in one week.Spokesman of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Syed Wasimuddin told Geo News that the foreign exchange reserves reduced by 44.8 million dollars to 10.10 billion dollars in the week ended January 31.SBP holds 6.79 billion dollars while 3.37 billion dollars are with the commercial banks.

Polo is played on cycle in Faisalabad
FAISALABAD: Polo is usually played while riding horses but poor boys in Faisalabad are playing it by riding on cycle.Polo on horses is a historical game which is played while riding speedy horses and this sport though expensive but is very interesting for spectators.However, poor boys of Faisalabad have found a substitute solution for playing this game and are using cycles rather then expensive horses.

7 policemen killed in Mianwali checkpoint ambush
MIANWALI: As many as seven policemen were killed in an ambush attack by unknown militants on a Qudratabad police checkpoint located on Mianwali road in Mianwali on early Saturday, police sources said. Armed militants opened fire on the policemen standing on checkpoint following an explosion occurred there, which all of a sudden collapsed checkpoint with a loud blast, sources maintained confirming, “All police personnel, deployed on the che ... Full Story.

Rocket attack on NATO supply containers
militants launched rocket attack on NATO supply containers leaving one container on fire on Ring road, police sources said on Friday. Police sources added, fire brigade was called in immediately after rocket attack however, one container was totally tipped through by fire. Firefighting workers brought soon ablaze under control, rescue sources said.

Asif hands over documents of his Dubai case to PCB
Fast bowler Mohammad Asif handed over the important documents regarding his Dubai case to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) here on Friday. A meeting of the three-member committee of the PCB was held here at the Gaddafi Stadium on Friday to discuss Mohammad Asif’s Dubai case. The meeting was attended by the committee members – director HR Wasim Bari, director media Asif Sohail and medical officer Sohail Saleem. Mohammad Asif appeared before the committee along with his lawyer. Sources said that Asif handed over the important documents regarding the case to the PCB committee. The committee asked him whether he was deported from the United Arab Emirates but Asif has presented

before the committee a fresh valid visa of Dubai. The committee is likely to reach any conclusion in a week after scrutinizing the necessary documents.

PML-N to mobilize activists for long march
Pakistan Muslim Leagu-Nawaz (PML-N) has decided to mobilize its workers for the support of lawyers’ long march. PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is also expected to address some of the gatherings. These visits are being viewed as a part of prior protest in the wake of expected disqualification of Sharif brothers. N-league sources told Geo news that PML-N Punjab President Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa and General Secretary Raja Ashfaq Sarwar will tour several districts of Punjab to mobilize the workers. During the first stage, they will go to Sahiwal, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur and Multan from Feb 10 to Feb 13. While in the second phase, they will tour Sargodha, Faisalabad and Lahore from Feb 17 to 19.

Smaller cars can mean higher insurance rates
when gas prices went up to $3-per-gallon (and beyond) over the last couple of years, many consumers began clamoring to get out of their big gas-guzzling SUVs and sedans, flocking to smaller cars that delivered better fuel economy. But even before gas prices dropped to the $1.60 range in November; those new small-car buyers discovered a hitch in their plan to save money: insurance premiums for smaller cars are typically higher than for larger vehicles. This has been true for decades, but so many drivers had been motoring around in SUVs, pick-up trucks and big sedans for so long that this fact probably slipped their memories. "Small cars are just more likely to get into crashes, because of how they are driven -- they are more likely to be used in longer commutes than a minivan or SUV, for example," said Kim Hazelbaker, senior vice president of the Highway Loss Data Institute, a group supported by auto-insurance companies that studies insurance data and costs. "That translates into higher premiums. And since smaller cars don't protect the occupants as well as larger vehicles, the cost of injuries to those occupants is higher as well. And that also contributes to more expensive premiums."Of course, many of those who migrated out of big vehicles went the hybrid route. However, figures reveal that hybrids are also more costly to insure than their non-hybrid equivalents."We did a study comparing the hybrids to their non-hybrid counterparts -- like, the Honda Civic hybrid compared to the non-hybrid Civic, etcetera -- and we found that the hybrids are not only more likely to be in crashes, but they cost more to repair," Hazelbaker said. AOL Autos: Honda Civic The reason hybrids are more likely to be in crashes, Hazelbaker said, is similar to the reason that smaller cars are more likely to be involved in accidents.

SRK to undergo surgery on Valentine-day
While people plan romantic dates, long drives and passionate night-out on Valentine‘s day our SRK has decided to go under the knife for his shoulder surgery on Valentine‘s day.He says, ―I usually don‘t do anything on Valentine‘s Day, so I‘d like to get my surgery done then. It‘s just that there‘s so much work – I can‘t afford to be lying flat on a hospital bed for a month. I do need this surgery, but once my movie Billu Barber is placed well, I‘ll have more time.‖During the same interview, SRK at his candid best, said the following to a female reporter, ―For you, darling, I can remove my jacket and even my shirt! However, I don‘t have anything written across my chest.‖ When asked who was the dig aimed at, he said, ―I‘m not taking a dig at him or anyone else. It was just a joke. He(Aamir) does it too. There are certain things that others say in public, though, and I don‘t like it. So I guess I‘ll meet him soon and have a talk with him.‖

Amitabh with Al Pacino?
Amitabh is the legendary actor from Bollywood, so is Al Pacino from Hollywood, what happens when both the legends come together on screen - BOOM! - a dhamaka! Well that‘s what Firoz Nadiadwala is planning for his next Bollywood flick.Firoz has already signed director Rob Cohen, famous for his movies like Fast and the Furious and The Mummy 3 to direct his 300 crore dream flick - Jewel of India.Firoz is keen on signing Al Pacino or Robert De Niro and for females he is reviewing beauties like Monica Belluci, Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz. The Indian touch to the flick will be added by Katrina Kaif and Amitabh Bachchan.Jewel of India is story revolving around a student, who makes a shocking discovery about the Kohinoor diamond being fake which is located in the Tower of London and goes on to search the real diamond which is in close proximity of India.

Salman Khan in no mood to slash his price
The country is gripped by recession and many films are being shelved because of budgeting woes and add to that our Sallu Bhai‘s refusal to slash his price resulted in shelving of another flick. T-Series had signed Sallu for an Anees Bazmee flick for an amount of 50 crore. However when the recession blues hit Bhushan Kumar, the boss of T-Series, he asked Sallu to reduce his price. Sallu slashed his price by 10crores, but Bhushan wanted him to reduce even more, that‘s when Salman refused the movie altogether. Now the flick has been shelved until they are able to search for a replacement who demands less money.

SRK has gifted his entire life to Gauri
With Valentine‘s day coming nearer and nearer, Bollywood‘s hottest couple who have managed to hold their marriage strong even after so many years - SRK and Gauri have been on every paparazzi‘s mind. So when SRK was asked what is his gift to wifey Gauri on this Valentine‘s day and he said, ‗I have gifted my entire life to Gauri. She produces all my movies and only if the film does well, she accepts any gifts. If my movie flops, then she does not accept any gift. I feel ‗Billu Barber‘ is a beautiful film about relationships, love and friendship. I also have a good part in the film along with Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta. If the film works well, my wife will accept a gift otherwise she will throw me out of the house.‘

Kareena-Saif to lock lips on-screen
Real life couple, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan will be seen sharing a passionate smooching scene in Renzil D‘Silva‘s untitled flick. A source connected to the movie says, ―Last week, Saif and Bebo shot for their kiss in a Chembur studio. The kiss is part of a song.‖Kareena who was last seen doing a smooch with ex-beau Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met, was at quite ease with the scene, the source adds, “She even was seen calmly discussing the angle and the intensity with the director.”However before the smooch was shot, Kareena was in two minds about the necessity of the kiss.Another source says, ―At one point it was discussed if the scene was necessary and it looked like the couple had their doubts about the screen smooch. Rensil looked unhappy and had a word with Saif.The director convinced him to do the scene. Saif in turn made Bebo understand that it was necessary and she agreed.‖The duo got the smooch perfect in five takes!!!

Katrina wants a surprise from Sallu on Valentines Day
In a recent interview Katrina Kaif revealed that she and Salman are busy on Valentine‘s day and she is expecting a surprise from him. Read below: Rumour has it that your relationship with Salman is headed for permanency. He’s supposedly buying you a home on Valentine’s Day? I must say that, according to media, Salman seems to be in some generous mood. He‘s supposed to be buying me a place; supposedly buying Asin a place… It‘s hilarious. Though the truth is, I don‘t think that he‘s buying any house — for her or me. What’s your Valentine’s Day plan? Any special event with Salman? Yes! Salman and I have plans on V-day. Unfortunately, not together. I‘m shooting a song in Turkey with Rajkumar Santoshi; while Salman is shooting for Veer in northern India. Unless he plans to surprise me, of course! So do you think Salman is gonna surprise Katrina?

Aamir And Shahrukh Finally Do A Film Together
Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are rivals since ages now and whenever we ask them if they‘d do a film with each other they give very diplomatic answers and get away. But the time has come - they are starring in the same movie. Yes the movie is Zoya Akhtar‘s directorial debut Luck By Chance which stars Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma in the lead roles. Hrithik also plays an important role in the film. And just as we expect sparks to fly when Shahrukh and Aamir have a face off on screen. Zoya breaks our heart saying, ―They both are playing cameos and both are far apart. One has a scene with Farhan and the other has a scene with Konkana,‖ says Zoya Akhtar.

Aamir‘s Ghajini To Break Shahrukh‘s DDLJ Record
Aamir Khan‘s magnum opus Ghajini who took the nation by storm by earning a record 200 crore even when the world‘s economy is down in dumps is incredible. Ghajini is now on its way to break the box office records of all the highest Bollywood grossers Shahrukh Khan starring DDLJ and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. By the end of its run Ghajini would surely end up becoming the biggest domestic earner ever leaving behind DDLJ. ―Ghajini has earned Rs 2 billion ($41 million) in less than 2 weeks from its release. The film has grossed Rs 1.62 million in domestic markets and Rs 390 million have come from overseas markets till end of second week. The film is still running to packed houses and may cross more milestones.Ghajini, a film that introduced Asin to Hindi cinema opposite superstar Aamir, was released with 1,200 prints in the domestic market and in a lot of small towns where films are not often released in the first week. In the overseas market, it is now second only to Karan Johar‘s hit film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham which collected Rs 440 million. If and when it beats KKKG, it would become all time biggest grosser in the history of Indian Cinema,‖ reports a source.

Ghajini Makes a Record 200 Crores!
Ghajini has become India‘s biggest hit by making 200 crores in a matter of 15 days only. The elated crew of Ghajini got together again to celebrate the grand success of the film.

Ghajini To Be India‘s First 100 Crore Film
Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini is all set to become India‘s first film to touch the 100 crore mark. The film is all set to break Singh is Kinng‘s opening record of 44 crores by collections estimated to 65 crores. Ghajini broke advanced booking records already and now trade pundits believe Ghajini will comfortable touch the 100 crore milestone till the release of superstar Akshay Kumar‘s Chandni Chowk To China on 16th January. Since there are two more weeks to go for the release of Chandni Chowk To China, Ghajini is expected to make another 40 crores and more. Even if it doesn‘t it will still touch the 100 crore mark before the film‘s run comes to an end.Aamir Khan has proved to the world that HE is definitely the Brand No. 1 in India.

Terrorists Have No Religion: Aamir Khan
Ever since the ghastly terror attack has taken over Mumbai, Aamir Khan is keeping himself updated over the issue and the scenes of blasts and the news of over hundred people dying have really rendered Aamir Khan heart-broken, angry and helpless. He poured his feelings over his blog writing,‖My heartfelt condolences to the families of persons killed and taken hostage. I was feeling sick in the stomach when the fire broke out at the Taj. What would the people caught inside be going through. The fire fighters were doing their best but my imagination was running wild and I was feeling helpless watching other people trapped in the rooms adjoining the fire.‖ Aamir also attacked the political parties kept condemning the ATS investigating the bomb blasts at Malegaon. Aamir says, ―My heartfelt condolences to the family of the brave officers of the Mumbai Police who lost their lives leading from the front to take on these terrorists. Especially Hemant Karkare of the ATS who in the recent past was being targeted by various political parties for the work that he was doing. When will these politicians realize and admit that terrorists HAVE NO RELIGION. Terrorists are not Hindu or Muslim or Christian. They are not people of religion or God. They are people who have gone totally sick in their head and have to be dealt with in that manner. Hemant Karkare is an example of a brave officer who gave his life in the line of duty.‖ Aamir further wrote, ―At this moment I pray that the brave officers of the Mumbai Police, the Indian Army, Navy, the NSG and the various other security forces dealing with the situation are able to end this crisis as soon as possible. If it had just been a matter of simply fighting the terrorists the security forces would have dealt with it sooner, but here of course the situation is extremely complicated with many innocent lives at stake. The fact that the locations are huge hotels with multiple floors, hundreds of rooms, many corridors, staff quarters, work spaces, entries, exits etc, and have innocent guests still in there, have made the task very difficult and delicate.‖ ―I dread to think of how various political parties are now going to try and use this tragedy to further their political careers.‖ he fears. ―At least now they should learn to not divide people and instead become responsible leaders. An incident such as this really exposes how ill-equipped we are as a society as far as proper leaders go. We desperately need young, dynamic, honest, intelligent and upright leaders, who actually care for the country,‖ cautions Aamir Khan.

SRK will be really upset: Aamir Khan
It‘s a matter of pride for Aamir Khan that Taare Zameen Par is his third movie that has made it to Oscars as India‘s official entry. So does that mean Aamir is the true Baadshah of Bollywood? “If Shah Rukh hears this, he’s going to be really upset,” Aamir said laughing.Ask him about the film‘s chances at the Oscars and he says, ―Whether we win an Oscar or not, we‘ll definitely make the jury members cry.‖ Smart answer.But why does he shun the awards back home in India? ―It‘s not a question of Indian or international. Just a few weeks ago, I went to pick a Kolhapuri Award at Chennai. I‘ve been to the National Awards as well. So, it‘s inaccurate to say I shun Indian awards. As far as the Oscars are concerned, they‘re a platform that give you the opportunity of addressing a larger audience. When your film gets nominated for the Oscars, people who aren‘t familiar with Indian cinema go to the world cinema section at a DVD store and pick it up,‖ he explains. Point taken Aamir!

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