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Introduction to Elkem


									Introduction to Elkem
        May 2011
    We address climate-related needs for new technology

    Silicon related                      Solar

    VISION: Elkem will b among th world’s l di
    VISION Elk      ill be        the     ld’ leading
    companies within solar and silicon related solutions

2   Developing people - creating value       05.08.2011
    > 10 billion invested in environmental projects
                                         Elkem Solar – Kristiansand                     2006 – 2009   4,5 BNOK
                                         Elkem E
                                         Elk         i Sauda
                                                Energi – S d                            2005 – 2008   21
                                                                                                      2,1 BNOK
                                         Thamshavn Silicon                              2005 – 2008   0,1 BNOK
                                         FSM Global                                     2006 – 2008   0,3 BNOK
                                         Mosjøen Anode*                                 2005 – 2007   2,2 BNOK
                                         Mosjøen Expansion*                             2000 – 2003   2,0 BNOK
                                         Lista Ny Søderberg*                            2000 – 2007   0,7 BNOK
                                         * Elkem Aluminium sold to Alcoa January 2009

3   Developing people - creating value                                  05.08.2011
    Elkem owned by China National Bluestar
    •     Orkla and Bluestar signed transaction agreement on 9 January 2011
    •     Necessary approvals by relevant authorities obtained by 31 March
    •     Completion of the deal on 14 April 2011

    •     80% owned by ChemChina and 20% by Blackstone Group
    •     Started in 1984 by Ren Jianxin, current CEO of ChemChina and
          Chairman of Bluestar
    •     45 factories worldwide
    •                                                   China,
          Has previously bought other companies outside China including
          Rhodia Silicones in France
    •     Turnover of 40 billion Yuan (about 35 billion NOK)

4       Developing people - creating value          05.08.2011
    Key figures for 2010
    In NOK mill.                          2010        2009
    Sales                                9,253        7,433
    EBITA*                                 515           97
    EBITA margin                           5.6%
                                           5 6%         1 3%
    Employees                            2,400        2,500

    *Ex other income and other costs

5   Developing people - creating value   05.08.2011
    Global and close to the market
                                                                                 Sales offices
                                                                                 Head office

    Elkem Solar
    Fiskaa (Kristiansand)
           (            )                          Oslo
    Elkem Silicon Materials                   
                                               
    Thamshavn, Salten,                          
    Bremanger, EMPT (Tianjin),
    Dehong (Yunnan)
                                                                                      
    Elkem Foundry Products                                                     

    Bjølvefossen, Bremanger,                                       
    Chicoutimi, Iceland                                                 
    Elkem Carbon
    Fiskaa, C
    Carboderivados, Elkem Carbon
    China, Elkem Ferroveld JV

6     Developing people - creating value   05.08.2011
    What are the applications of our products?
    Product                     Delivered to                 End products

    Elkem Solar Silicon®        Solar power industry         Solar cell panels

    Silicon                     Polysilicon manufacturers    PC’s, mobile phones, solar cell
                                                             panels, flat panel displays

                                Chemical industry            Transport, building materials,

    Silgrain®                   Ceramics production          Particle filters, energy-efficient
                                                             glass, heating elements, porcelain
                                                             products, li-batteries

                                Aluminium industry           Transport, building materials,

    Special alloys              Foundry sector               Car components, wind turbines,
                                                             engine blocks and manifolds

    Ferrosilicon                Steel industry               Carbon steel, stainless steel

    Elkem Microsilica®          Construction industry        Bridges, buildings, plastic products
                                Manufacturers of fireproof   and oil wells
                                Oil industry

    Ceramite®                   Aluminium industry           Aluminium furnaces
                                Cement industry              Mortars
                                Ferro industry               Pipes

    Ramming paste               Aluminium industry           Ferroalloys and aluminium
                                Metallurgical process

    Søderberg electrode paste   Metallurgical process        Ferroalloys

    Elgraph®                    Iron foundries               Foundry products

7   Developing people - creating value                                                  05.08.2011
More than 100 years of innovative technology
    2000 until today
    China National Bluestar takes over Elkem (2011)
    Elkem sells its hydropower p
                      y p                                    g
                                  plants in Salten and Bremanger for NOK 6 billion.
    Opening of Sønna power plant in Sauda and the Elkem Solar plant in Kristiansand.
    Orkla sold Elkem Aluminium to Alcoa
    Established pilotplant for SPL in Bjølvefossen
    Invested more than 4,2 billion NOK in new plant for production of solar grade silicon
    at Elkem Fiskaa
    Orkla acquires Elkem (2005)
    Built the worlds largest silicon furnace; Elkem Thamshavn
    Modernized and expanded Elkem Aluminium Mosjøen

                p                   y     (EBS) based on Alcoa Business System
    Elkem developed Elkem Business System (   )                          y
    Developed and implemented New Søderberg Technology at Elkem Lista

    Acquired Union Carbides ferro-alloy business in Norway, USA and Canada

    International expansion: steel and ferroalloys
    Merger with Christiania Spigerverk (1972)

                         ferroalloys, aluminium,
    Expansion in Norway; ferroalloys aluminium mining and manufactured products

    The first ferroalloy plant acquired. Søderberg process invented

    Elkem established. Development of electro-metallurgical processes

8      Developing people - creating value                                                   05.08.2011
    Elkem Solar Silicon®: Energy saving process

    •                    gy
          New and energy saving  g
          metallurgical process for
          producing solar grade silicon
    •     New plant i K i ti
          N                      d
               l t in Kristiansand
    •     Elkem Solar Silicon® is a
          future-oriented product that
          will reduce global CO2-
    •                    ill
          Elkem Solar will be an
          important player in the global
          solar industry
    •     Capacity 6 000 MT/y

9       Developing people - creating value   05.08.2011
      Elkem Solar Silicon®
      – production process and position in the value-chain

               Silicon                 Slag                                                     Post-
                                                        Leaching          Solidification
               melting               refining                                                treatment

     Silicon      Poly-                                                                           System/
                                 Ingot          Wafer              Cell             Module
                  silicon                                                                         installation

10       Developing people - creating value                         05.08.2011
                                                      Elkem CEO
                                                      Helge Aasen
                                                      H l A

                                          Finance Acc /IT     Techn./Projects
                                                              Techn /Projects
                                            Morten Viga       Håvard I. Moe

                                                             Strategy/Bus. dev.
                                                               Inge Grubben-
                                          Katja Lehland

                           Elkem Silicon                                    Elkem Foundry
  Elkem Solar                                        Elkem Carbon                             Elkem China
                             Materials                                         Products
Trond Sæterstad                                      Asbjørn Søvik                               Liu He
                           Kjell Ramsdal                                    Jean Villeneuve

11   Developing people - creating value                              05.08.2011

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