The Gryphon Team

					                                                           The Gryphon Team
                                                        PA R T N E R S           I N     B U I L D I N G            B U S I N E S S E S

    In the business of investing and growing companies, the team makes the

    difference. Gryphon’s professionals have proven track records as investors,

    entrepreneurs, and operating executives — all coming together to create a

    firm that is finely tuned for succeeding in the middle-market investment arena.

    Partners                                    Principals                                    Vice Presidents
    R. DAV I D A N D R E WS                     ALEX EARLS                                    TIM BRADLEY

    MIC H A E L G I L L E N                     D OR I A N FAU S T                            M AT T FA R RO N

    WILL LY N N                                 L I N DA O ’ K E E F E                        JA N E T K LU Z I K

    DENN I S O ’ B R I E N                      J E F RO G E R S                              F E L I X PA R K

    NIC K O RU M                                                                              LU K E S C H RO E D E R



                        Senior Associates                                Finance
                        PAT R I C K COS T E L LO                         BRIAN CHAN

                        RYA N FAGA N                                     S H E L LY D I A Z

                        ANKIT KUMAR                                      JIM GILLETTE

                        ROB S TA N G E L I N I
                                                                         Investor Relations
                                                                         J OH N D E LU N A

                        JA S O N C E L LU R A

                        C H R I S COL L I N S
                                                                         Marketing & Special Situations
                        RAM NAIR                                         J OH N B E AU C L A I R

1                                                      G RY P H O N      I N V E S T O R S      |     W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                  R. DAVID ANDREWS
                                  CEO & Managing General Partner

    Joined Gryphon: 1995                     He was a former Chairman or Director of Accelerated
                                             Rehabilitation Centers, Allied Security, Bright Now! Dental,
    Industry Group:                          Celerity, Consolidated Fire Protection, Cummins Utility
    Chairman, Investment Review              Supply, DLC, Eight O’Clock Coffee, Foxfire Consulting, The
    Committee                                Gingiss Group, Joe’s (Chairman), Outsourcing Solutions,
                                             Nursefinders, PHNS and TASQ Technology.
    Currently serves on
    Gryphon Company Boards:                  Prior to Gryphon, David’s experience included:
    Delta Career Education (Chairman)
    Intelligrated (Co-Chairman)
                                             • Oak Hill Partners, Managing Director/Partner of the
    LeadAmerica                                management company for Acadia Partners — a $1.8 billion
    Sheplers                                   investment partnership founded by Robert M. Bass. Acadia
    Update Legal                               was focused on leveraged acquisitions and public high-
                                               yield securities. While at Oak Hill, David was responsible
    Education &                                for sourcing, analyzing, executing, and monitoring private
    Professional Affiliations:
                                               equity transactions. He successfully executed investment
    MBA, Stanford University                   strategies in CapStar Hotel Company, Pinnacle Automation
    JD, Stanford University                    and Holophane, serving as a director with each company.
    BA, Economics, Stanford University         David also served as the director responsible for monitoring
    Contact:                                   Oak Hill’s control investments in Butler Aviation, Butterick
                                               Patterns, and Multi-Local Media Corporation.
    415-217-7410             • Adler & Shaykin, Private Equity Investor — a $300 million
                                               leveraged buyout fund.
                                             • Salomon Brothers and Shearson Lehman Brothers,
                                               Investment Banker, Corporate Finance and Restructuring

2                                                      G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                   MIC HAEL GILLEN

    Joined Gryphon: 2009                     Mike works closely with senior management teams at Gryphon
                                             portfolio companies to maximize short and long-term operating
    Industry Group:                          and financial performance. He also participates on the investment
    Operations Resources Group               review committee and assists Gryphon deal teams in evaluating
                                             potential investments.
    Education &
    Professional Affiliations:               Prior to Gryphon, Michael’s experience included:
    BS, Food Systems,
                                             • Pepsi Cola Company (Area Vice President) Bausch & Lomb
    Economics and Management
    Michigan State University                  (Dahlberg Inc. CEO) (Ray Ban Sunglasses President North America)
                                               and Sunbeam (President International) — Mike has senior domestic
    Contact:                                   and international operating experience spanning multiple industries
    415-217-7410                               including business services, consumer products and retail, general               industries, food and beverage, durable goods, direct marketing,
                                               medical device, restaurants, and automotive.
                                             • Mike spent the past eight years in private equity providing
                                               leadership and oversight to portfolio management teams. Most
                                               recently he held the position of Managing Director operations at
                                               Sun Capital Partners, Inc. His responsibilities included strategy
                                               development, coaching and mentoring the CEOs; and holding the
                                               respective portfolio company management teams accountable for:
                                               sales, EBITDA, free cash flow, liquidity, covenant performance, and
                                               achieving valuation targets. He is also recognized for strengths
                                               in capital constrained environments, restructuring, manufacturing
                                               efficiency improvements, turnarounds, and cash management.
                                             • Mike started his career with Johnson & Johnson.
                                             • He has also held multiple board positions including Buffalo
                                               Wild Wings, Inc.; Tyde Group Worldwide; Creekstone
                                               Farms Premium Beef; Edwin Watts Golf Shops; Fazoli’s
                                               Restaurant Group; Searles Valley Minerals; and Walbro Engine

3                                                     G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                   WILL LYNN

    Joined Gryphon:                          Will successfully facilitated the separation of Eight O’Clock Coffee
    “Executive Investor Board” in 1996;      from A&P, its corporate owner, and spearheaded the development
    Partner in 1999                          of new management team members to operate and grow the new
                                             company. He plays an active role in the selection and development
    Industry Group:
                                             of Gryphon CEOs. For a mix of Gryphon-backed companies, Will
    Leader, Operations Resource Group        provides direct support to the CEOs and management teams as they
    Director at Gryphon                      organize their companies for optimum performance.
    Portfolio Companies:                     Prior to Gryphon, Will’s experience included:
    Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers
    Delta Career Education                   • ConAgra, President, LaChoy/Rosarita Foods Division.
    DLC                                      • Clorox Company, Group Vice President — A 27-year veteran
    Intelligrated (Chairman)                   with the consumer brand leader, Will developed multi-disciplined
                                               experiences in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, product
    Staffing Now
                                               development, management information systems, acquisitions,
    Synteract (Chairman)
    TrustHouse Services
                                               start-ups, restructurings, and divestitures. At different periods
    Update Legal                               during his Clorox career, had operations responsibility for the
                                               household products business, including products such as Clorox
    Education &                                Liquid and Dry Bleaches, Liquid Plumber Drain Opener and
    Professional Affiliations:                 Softscrub Cleanser. Additionally, he served as President and
    Case Western Reserve                       General Manager of the Kingsford Charcoal, KC Masterpiece
    Baldwin Wallace College                    Barbeque Sauce and Hidden Valley Ranch divisions, and led the
                                               venture team which launched Brita Water Filters. Also led the
    Community Outreach:
                                               acquisitions of Pine-Sol Cleaner, Combat Insecticide and KC
    Oakland YMCA
                                               Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce, as well as the divestitures of the
    Contact:                                   bottled water and restaurant equipment divisions.
    415-217-7409                             • Private Equity Consultant. Post-Clorox, worked independently                  evaluating numerous investments, including many in partnership
                                               with David Andrews at Oak Hill in 1994, and subsequently with
                                               Gryphon since 1996.

4                                                      G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                  DENNIS O’BRIEN

    Joined Gryphon: 2008                    Dennis works closely with senior management teams at
                                            Gryphon portfolio companies to maximize short- and
    Industry Group:                         long-term operating and financial performance. He assists
    Operations Resources Group              Gryphon deal teams in evaluating potential investments.
    Gryphon Companies                       Prior to Gryphon, Dennis’s experience included:
    On the Board:
                                            • ConAgra Foods, Armstrong Industries, Campbell’s
    Staffing Now
                                              Soup, Nestle Foods, Procter & Gamble; General
    Sheplers                                  Management, Brand Management & Field Sales —
    TrustHouse Services                       Over 27 years of operating experience in the consumer
                                              packaged and durable goods industries with such
    Education &                               respected brands as ConAgra Foods, Armstrong Industries,
    Professional Affiliations:                Campbell’s Soup, Nestle Foods and Procter and Gamble.
    BS, Marketing,                            Dennis began his career in field sales and brand manage-
    University of Connecticut                 ment and progressed into general management positions.
    Contact:                                  During his career, he has built and restructured numerous
                                              well-known brand consumer businesses, developed and
                                              managed joint ventures and divestitures, and led the
                                              integration of acquisitions.

5                                                    G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                  NIC K ORUM

    Joined Gryphon: 1995                      Nick oversees all new investment activities at Gryphon,
                                              working closely with the Consumer Products & Services,
    Director at Gryphon                       Healthcare & Education and Business Services Groups
    Portfolio Companies:
                                              as they identify new opportunities, analyze investment
    Delta Career Education
                                              opportunities and conduct due diligence. Nick led or co-led
                                              investments in ten Gryphon platform companies, and led or
    TrustHouse Services
                                              oversaw nine add-on acquisitions on behalf of the Gryphon
    Update Legal
    Education &
                                              Nick lives with his family in Marin.
    Professional Affiliations:
    BA, Quantitative Economics,               Prior to Gryphon, Nick’s experience included:
    Stanford University
                                              • Oak Hill Partners, Principal Investor — responsible for
    Community Outreach:                         sourcing, analyzing, executing, and monitoring private
    Member, Major Gifts Committee,              equity investments. Served as a Director of CapStar
    Stanford University                         Hotel Company and The Berton Company. Assisted
                                                with investments in Specialty Foods Corporation and
    Co-Chair, 2006 Reunion Committee,
                                                United Building Materials.
    Stanford University
                                              • Merrill Lynch, High Yield Finance Group — involved in
    Contact:                                    financings for various leveraged acquisitions and
    415-217-7440                                corporate clients.

6                                                       G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                     JOHN ROGERS

    Joined Gryphon: 2002                       John leads Gryphon’s proactive evolving sector initiatives
                                               in the education and healthcare sectors. He originated
    Industry Group:                            Gryphon’s platform investments in Accelerated Rehabilitation
    Head of the Healthcare &                   Centers, Delta Career Education and LeadAmerica. In
    Education Group                            addition to these three platform investments, John helped
    Director at Gryphon                        originate and close six follow-on acquisitions.
    Portfolio Companies:                       John lives in San Francisco.
    Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers
    Bright Now! Dental                         Prior to Gryphon, John’s experience included:
    Delta Career Education                     • DB Capital Partners, Private Equity Investor — assisted
    LeadAmerica                                  with investments in Amkor Technology, Dyncorp, Kinetics,
    Education &                                  Strayer Education, and Sylvan Learning Systems.
    Professional Affiliations:                 • DB Alex Brown, Leveraged Finance — executed
    MBA, Stanford University.                    approximately $5 billion in debt and equity financings
    BA, Political Science, Yale University       in technology, healthcare, education and general
    Member, Career Colleges                      industrial companies.
    Association (CCA)
    Member, Education Industry                 • Alameda County Health Care Services Agency,
    Association (EIA)                            Senior Manager — spearheading new program
    Member, Association for Corporate            development within the healthcare services arena.
    Growth (ACG)

    Community Outreach:
    Tenderloin Neighborhood Development
    Corporation, Board Member (former)
    San Francisco Symphony, Youth Orches-
    tra Committee, Board Member (former)


7                                                       G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Partners

                                   KEITH S TIMSON

    Joined Gryphon: 2003                     Keith serves as the Head of Gryphon’s Consumer/Retail Group
                                             and is responsible for leading the origination, and monitoring
    Industry Group:
                                             of investments, and for managing the group. He originated
    Consumer Products & Services             and led Gryphon’s platform investments in Consolidated Fire
    Director at Gryphon                      Protection and Trusthouse Services. In addition, Keith led two
    Portfolio Companies:                     add-on acquisitions for Consolildated Fire Protection as well
    Consolidated Fire Protection (former)
                                             as the sale process for the company. Keith also led the sale
    Sheplers                                 process for Miller Heiman Inc.
    Trust House Services                     Keith lives with his wife and daughters in Tiburon, California.
    Education &                              Prior to Gryphon, Keith’s experience included:
    Professional Affiliations:
    MBA, The Wharton School,                 • Saunders Karp & Megrue, Private Equity Investor —
    University of Pennsylvania                 originated, executed and monitored investments in middle-
                                               market companies in a mix of industries, including retail,
    BS, Economics, The Wharton School,
                                               consumer, health care, manufacturing and business services
    University of Pennsylvania
                                               for the $1+ billion private equity firm. Assisted in execution
    Member, Association for                    of acquisition of Magna Care, a healthcare services business.
    Corporate Growth (ACG)                     Served as a Director or Board observer for Duro Industries,
    Member, Direct Marketing                   Organized Living, and Party Concepts.
    Association (DMA)                        • Big Flower Press Holdings — originated and executed
    Contact:                                   private equity investments for former Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
                                               & Co. partner Ted Ammon in the business services sector.
                                               Sourced and executed add-on acquisitions and divestitures
                                               as part of “buy and build” strategy for public advertising and
                                               printing firm Big Flower Press Holdings.
                                             • Bankers Trust (and successor firm DB Alex Brown),
                                               Leveraged Finance and Private Equity Sponsor Coverage

8                                                      G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
    Gryphon Principals

                                 ALEX EARL S

    Joined Gryphon: 2000                     Alex serves as Head of the Business Services Group at
                                             Gryphon and is responsible for sourcing, analyzing, execut-
    Industry Group:                          ing, and monitoring investments. He serves as a director of
    Business Services Group                  Gryphon portfolio companies DLC, Intelligrated, Update Legal
                                             and Synteract.
    Education &
    Professional Affiliations:               Prior to Gryphon, Alex’s experience included:
    BA, Government, Harvard College,
                                             • Castle Harlan, Associate.
                                             • Morgan Stanley, Princes Gate Group, Analyst.
    415-217-7405               • Morgan Stanley, Corporate Finance Group, Analyst.

9                                                     G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Principals

                                  DORIAN FAUS T

     Joined Gryphon: 2007                     Dorian is responsible for sourcing, analyzing, structuring,
     Industry Group:                          financing and executing transactions, with a focus on add-on
                                              acquisitions and financings of Gryphon portfolio companies,
     Operations Resources Group
                                              across Gryphon’s three industry groups.
     Education &                              Dorian lives with his wife in San Francisco.
     Professional Affiliations:
     MBA, Columbia Business School            Prior to Gryphon, Dorian’s experience included:

     BA, University at Buffalo                • Norwest Equity Partners, Principal — completed
                                                investments in InnoWare, Rosetta Stone, Hawaii
     Contact:                                   Superferry and Poet Ethanol.
     415-217-7424               • Thomas Weisel Capital Partners, Vice President —
                                                completed buyouts of Aircast and Racal Instruments.
                                              • JPMorgan Partners, Associate.

10                                                      G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Principals

                                      LINDA O’KEEFE

     Joined Gryphon: 1999                     Linda works with teams at Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers,
                                              Delta Career Education, LeadAmerica, and Synteract. She leads
     Industry Group:                          the Audit Committee activities for designated companies and,
     Operations Resources Group               as needed, continues to lead special finance and operating
                                              projects. Until February 2006, she served as Gryphon’s Chief
     Director at Gryphon                      Financial Officer, overseeing the firm’s finance, accounting and
     Portfolio Companies:                     administrative activities and also leading special finance and
     Synteract                                operating projects for Gryphon companies as a supporting
                                              member of Gryphon’s Operations Resources Group.
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:               As part of the Operations Resource Group, Linda influences the
     BS, Business,                            assessment and hiring of select CFOs and back office staffing to
     University of California, Berkeley.      complement existing management teams and reporting
                                              environment. She has been active in a number of cost savings
     Certified Public Accountant              initiatives, including centralized purchasing processes and vendor
     American Institute of                    negotiations, expense and budget accountability, and alignment
     Certified Public Accountants             of bonus compensation plans as a way to reduce expenses while
                                              meeting corporate objectives. Linda has been instrumental in
     California Society of                    establishing Audit Committee functions within Gryphon portfolio
     Certified Public Accountants             companies. She actively mentors Gryphon company CFOs and
     Indiana Certified                        back office team members regarding staffing, risk management,
     Public Accountant Society                outsourcing, accounting systems and controls.

     Financial Executives International       Linda is based in Indianapolis for efficient travel to Gryphon’s “east
                                              of the Rockies” portfolio companies and is strategically located for
     Community Outreach:                      active involvement in her husband’s open wheel consulting and
     Sheltering Wings, Danville, Indiana      racing team, LOK Enterprises.
                                              Prior to Gryphon, Linda’s experience included:
     415-217-7444                             • Delphi Ventures, CFO, a venture capital firm focused on the                healthcare industry.
                                              • CFO, Vice President of Finance or Controller — early stage and
                                                middle-market companies including Collagen Corporation,
                                                Target Therapeutics, Unisurge, and Genelabs Technologies.
                                              • Ernst & Young, Audit Senior.

11                                                            G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Principals

                                    JEF ROGERS

                                          Jef provides due diligence leadership for all prospective platform
                                          transactions as well as strategic and operations consulting for portfolio
                                          companies. He coordinated the post-merger integration of Intelligrated
     Joined Gryphon: 2002                 with Logistex, including work in residence in Cincinnati and St. Louis for
                                          six months after leading diligence during the acquisition. Jef served as
     Industry Group:
                                          lead team member on the strategic assessment of $100 million acquired
     Operations Resources Group,          division of an existing portfolio company. The initiative resulted in major
     Consumer                             operational improvements, including the realignment of the company’s
     Director at Gryphon                  business lines; improved personnel utilization; realization of larger
     Portfolio Companies:                 sales margins and efficiencies, prioritization of R&D investments;
                                          and enhanced forecasting and strategic plan development. Additionally,
     Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers
                                          Jef developed EOC pricing elasticity analyses supporting a price
     Intelligrated (monitors)
                                          increase at Walmart.
     Education &                          Jef now lives on the Peninsula with his wife and two children.
     Professional Affiliations:
                                          Prior to Gryphon, Jef’s experience included:
     JD, University of Michigan
                                          • Citadel Investment Group, Private Investments Division,
     MBA, University of Michigan            Vice President, Private Equity Investor — responsible for sourcing,
     BA, Political Economy,                 analyzing, executing, and monitoring equity and equity-linked
     Williams College                       transactions in public companies for multi-billion hedge fund
                                            focused on equity-linked securities. Led the firm’s successful
     Member, Williams College
                                            investment in and exit from Intraware.
     Alumni Association
                                          • Recovery Equity Partners, Private Equity Investor — co-led
     Contact:                               investments in Chadmoore Wireless and QAD Inc. and served
     415-217-7435                           as a director of QT Optoelectronics for $200 million turnaround fund.          • Booz & Co., Strategy Consultant — in the Marketing Intensive Group
                                            focusing on revenue enhancement for clients in consumer products,
                                            industrial products and media entertainment industries.
                                          • Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brand Manager — Vanish brand,
                                            Drackett Company, Household Cleaners division.
                                          • Procter & Gamble, Assistant Brand Manager — designed multiple
                                            new food product entries in test market.
                                          • Castle Harlan, Associate.
                                          • Morgan Stanley, Princes Gate Group, Analyst.
                                          • Morgan Stanley, Corporate Finance Group, Analyst.

12                                                          G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Vice Presidents

                                     TIM BRADLEY
                                     Vice President

     Joined Gryphon: 2004                         At Gryphon, Tim is responsible for analyzing, executing,
                                                  and monitoring investments including Intelligrated, Staffing
     Industry Group:                              Now and Synteract. He has worked with Intelligrated since
     Business Services Group                      joining Gryphon, including completing the acquisition of
                                                  Logistex. Tim has been actively involved in human capital
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:                   initiatives, including the successful sale of Medfinders
                                                  (formerly Nursefinders).
     BA, Business Economics and
     BS Mathematics/Applied Sciences,             Prior to Gryphon, Tim’s experience included:
     University of California, Los Angeles
                                                  • Oaktree Capital Management, Special Opportunities
     Contact:                                       Fund / Associate — focused on private investments in
     415-217-7431                                   distressed companies and traditional private equity invest-                   ments including investing in Chart Industries, a very suc-
                                                    cessful transaction.
                                                  • Credit Suisse First Boston, Analyst — investment banking
                                                    focused primarily on leveraged finance and M&A.

13                                                          G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Vice Presidents

                                    MATT FARRON
                                    Vice President

     Joined Gryphon: 2005                        Matt is responsible for analyzing, executing, and monitoring
                                                 investments including Sheplers and TrustHouse Services.
     Industry Group:                             He also assisted with the monitoring of Eight O’Clock
     Consumer Products & Services                Coffee and Joe’s. At Gryphon, Matthew’s focus is on
                                                 consumer packaged goods and multi-channel retail
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:                  strategies.
     BS, Business Administration,                Prior to Gryphon, Matt’s experience included:
     Boston University,
                                                 • CIBC World Markets, Investment Banker
     Year Up San Francisco
     Leadership Council

     Community Outreach:
     Breakthrough San Francisco

     San Francisco University High School


14                                                         G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Vice Presidents

                                   JANET KLUZIK
                                   Vice President & Director of Administration

     Joined Gryphon: 2001                       Janet’s focus at Gryphon is on HR/talent recruitment and
                                                retention, as well as office/facilities management.
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:                 Janet calls Montara, California home.
     BA, Liberal Studies,
                                                Prior to Gryphon, Janet’s experience included:
     The College of St. Benedict
     Member, VCOMA
                                                • Capstan Systems, Director of Administration — a provider
                                                  of web-based business-to-business solutions for global
     Community Outreach:                          supply chain execution.
     Member, American Legion Auxiliarys         • Montgomery Securities, Principal & Director
     Contact:                                     of Research Administration.
     415-217-7433                               • Morgan Stanley, Junior Account Executive.

15                                                        G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Vice Presidents

                                    FELIX PARK
                                    Vice President

     Joined Gryphon: 2004                        At Gryphon, Felix is responsible for sourcing, analyzing,
                                                 executing, and monitoring investments including
     Industry Group:                             Delta Career Education, LeadAmerica and Update Legal. He
     Healthcare & Education                      is also actively involved in the execution of Group’s initiative
                                                 in Education and Industrial Technology.
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:                  Prior to Gryphon, Felix’s experience included:
     BA, History, Columbia University
                                                 • Arlington Capital Partners, Associate — a Washington,
     Career Colleges Association                   D.C.-based private equity firm.
     Contact:                                    • Salomon Smith Barney, Mergers & Acquisition Group
     415-217-7429                                  and Leveraged Finance Group.

16                                                         G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Vice Presidents

                                    LUKE SC HROEDER
                                    Vice President

     Joined Gryphon: 2007                       At Gryphon, Luke is responsible for sourcing analyzing,
                                                executing, and monitoring investments including
     Industry Group:                            Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers and DLC. He is primarily
     Healthcare & Education                     focused on the Healthcare & Education initiatives in
                                                the healthcare sector.
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:                 Prior to Gryphon, Luke’s experience included:
     MBA, Stanford University
                                                • Thayer Capital Partners — a Washington, DC-based
     BA, Economics                                private equity firm.
     The Johns Hopkins University
                                                • Lehman Brothers, Merchant Banking Group —
     Contact:                                     the institutional private equity investment arm
     415-217-7442                                 of Lehman Brothers.

17                                                        G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Senior Associates

                                     PATRIC K COS TELLO
                                     Senior Associate

     Joined Gryphon: 2008                        At Gryphon, Patrick is responsible for analyzing, executing,
                                                 and monitoring investments including Accelerated
     Industry Group:                             Rehabilitation Centers, Synteract and PHNS. He focuses
     Healthcare & Education                      primarily on the healthcare services sector.
     Education &                                 Prior to Gryphon, Patrick’s experience included:
     Professional Affiliations:
                                                 • Piper Jaffray, Healthcare Group,
     BA, Economics and Computer Science,
     Bowdoin College
                                                   Investment Banker


18                                                         G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Senior Associates

                                    RYAN FAGAN
                                    Senior Associate

     Joined Gryphon: 2007                       Ryan is responsible for analyzing, executing, and monitoring
     Industry Group:                            investments including TrustHouse Services and previously
                                                assisted with the monitoring of Joe’s. He focuses on
     Consumer Products & Services
                                                consumer packaged goods, facilities services, multi-channel
     Education &                                retail among others.
     Professional Affiliations:
                                                Prior to Gryphon, Ryan’s experience included:
     BS, Economics,
     University of Pennsylvania                 • Merrill Lynch Retail Investment
                                                  Banking Group, Investment Banker

19                                                       G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Senior Associates

                                        ANKIT KUMAR
                                        Senior Associate

      Joined Gryphon: 2008                          Ankit is responsible for analyzing, executing, and monitoring
                                                    investments including Delta Career Education, Kinetics and
      Industry Group:
                                                    Update Legal.
      Healthcare & Education
                                                    Prior to Gryphon, Ankit’s experience included:
      Education &
      Professional Affiliations:                    • Bank of America, Investment Banker — focused on busi-
      B.Tech, Electrical Engineering,                 ness and information services group.
      Indian Institute of Technology                • Deloitte Consulting, Consultant
      MS, Electrical Engineering, Stanford

      Community Outreach:
      Foundation for Sustainable Development,
      Board Member (former)


2 0                                                           G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
     Gryphon Senior Associates

                                    ROB S TAN GELINI
                                    Senior Associate

     Joined Gryphon: 2008                        Rob participates in the diligence process from initial diligence
                                                 through post-closing initiatives. Assists with portfolio company
     Industry Group:                             strategy and internal operations projects. He worked with
     Operations Resources Group                  Gryphon and Intelligrated’s management team on strategic
                                                 analysis of $100mm division of the company.
     Education &
     Professional Affiliations:                  Rob lives with his wife and daughter on the Peninsula.
     MBA, University of Chicago
                                                 Prior to Gryphon, Rob’s experience included:
     BS, Finance, Santa Clara University
                                                 • Fender Musical Instruments Corp., Corporate
     Community Outreach:                           Development — reported directly to President/COO)
     The Guardsmen — a non-profit                  with responsibility for the sourcing, evaluation and
     organization supporting more                  transaction management of acquisition candidates
     than 2,500 at-risk Bay Area youth             and debt capital market activities. Led a $400 million
     via outdoor education programs                refinancing of the company, and a $117 million
     and scholarships.                             acquisition of Kaman Music Corporation, creating
                                                   the second largest music industry supplier.
     415-217-7413                                • President & CEO — family-owned retail specialty               food business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

21                                                         G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Associates

      JA S O N CELLURA                                   C HRIS COLLINS
      Associate                                          Associate

      Joined Gryphon: 2009                               Joined Gryphon: 2010

      Industry Group:                                    Industry Group:
      Business Services Group                            Consumer Products & Services

      Education &                                        Education &
      Professional Affiliations:                         Professional Affiliations:
      BS, Business Management,                           BS, Analytical Finance,
      Case Western Reserve University                    Wake Forest University

      Contact:                                           Contact:
      415-217-7417                                       415-217-7420             

      At Gryphon, Jason focuses on analysis,             At Gryphon, Chris is responsible for analyzing,
      execution and monitoring of investments            executing, and monitoring investments including
      including Intelligrated.                           Sheplers and TrustHouse Services.

      Prior to Gryphon, Jason’s experience               Prior to Gryphon, Chris’s experience included:
      included:                                          • McColl Partners, LLC, Investment Banker —
      • Sagent Advisors, Investment Banker —               Worked on M&A transactions in the Healthcare,
        worked on deals in the Industrial,                 Financial Services, and Consumer sectors.
        Energy, Digital Media, Transportation              Assisted in the start-up of the firm’s Dallas,
        and Logistics sectors.                             Texas office.

2 2                                             G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Associates

      R A M N AIR

      Joined Gryphon: 2010
      Industry Group:
      Business Services Group

      Education &
      Professional Affiliations:
      BA/BS Economics/Mathematics,
      University of Chicago


      At Gryphon, Ram is responsible for analyzing,
      executing, and monitoring investments.

      Prior to Gryphon, Ram’s experience
      • J.P. Morgan, Investment Banker —
        worked on M&A, debt and equity
        transactions in the automotive, paper,
        and packaging sectors

2 3                                                   G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Investor Relations

                                        JOHN DE LUN A
                                        Director of Investor Relations

      Joined Gryphon: 2010                           John is responsible for co-leading the firm’s interactions with
      Industry Group:                                current and prospective investors. He has more than 25 years
                                                     experience in institutional relationship management with sev-
      Investor Relations
                                                     eral of the world’s largest investment management firms.
      Education &
                                                     Prior to Gryphon, John’s experience included:
      Professional Affiliations:
      JD, University of Santa Clara                  • De Luna Partners — Founded this global alternative
      BS, Psychology, University of Santa Clara        investment advisory firm in 2002 to market to institutional
      Mr. de Luna holds Series 7, and Series 63        investors.
      securities licenses
                                                     • State Street Research & Management (now BlackRock)
      Community Outreach:                              — Senior Vice President and Director of Sales for the
      Advisory Board, The Rising Farmworker            Western Region of the U.S.
      Dream Foundation                               • State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) — Director of Public
      Board of Directors, New America Alliance         Funds Sales for the Western Region of the U.S.
      Mentor — Robert A. Toigo Foundation            • Scudder, Stevens, & Clark — Global Director of Marketing
      fellows at Stanford University Graduate          for the Reserve Asset Management Group.
      School of Business and UCLA Anderson
      Graduate School of Business since 1996.        • Irving Trust Company — Vice President, Corporate Sales
      In 2004, he received the Foundation’s            for the Western Region.
      “Leading by Example” award.                    • Crocker Bank — He began his career as a Legal Analyst,
      His past civic involvement includes: Chair-      later became Assistant Regional Manager for the Andean
      man of the Board — The New America               Pact Countries, managed the relationships with foreign
      Alliance Institute, Secretary of the Board —     central banks, and head of sales of interest rate swaps.
      Directors of The Marathon Club for
      Entrepreneurship, Ex-Officio member —
      Board of Regents at Santa Clara University,
      President — National Alumni Association
      of Santa Clara University, and the Board of
      Directors — Mexican-American Bar Asso-
      ciation Foundation of Los Angeles.

2 4                                                            G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Marketing & Special Situations

                                   JOHN BEAUCL AIR
                                   Marketing & Special Situations

      Joined Gryphon: 2009                      Prior to Gryphon, John’s experience included:

      Education &                               • Sun Capital Partners, Principal — responsible
      Professional Affiliations:                  for deal origination and execution for
      MBA, The Wharton School of the              approximately $9 billion in assets under
      University of Pennsylvania                  management (AUM).
      BA, Political Science
      University of California
      Member, Association for Corporate
      Growth and Turnaround Management

      Community Outreach:
      Co-head, Fundraising Committee,
      Loyola High School, Los Angeles


2 5                                                       G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Finance

                                      JIM GILL ETTE
                                      Principal & CFO

      Joined Gryphon: 2006                        Jim oversees Gryphon’s finance, accounting, tax and
                                                  administrative activities.
      Education &
      Professional Affiliations:                  Jim lives with his wife in Marin County.
      BS, Business with a major in Accounting,    Prior to Gryphon, Jim’s experience included:
      University of Southern California
                                                  • Leonard Green & Partners, LP, CFO — responsible for
      Certified Public Accountant (California)
                                                    finance and accounting at the private equity firm.
      American Institute of CPAs
                                                  • Wesco Companies, Inc., CFO — led finance team and
      California Society of CPAs                    accounting at the real estate investment, construction
      Financial Executives International            and management firm.

      Contact:                                    • Marvin Engineering Co., CFO — led finance team and
                                                    accounting at the aerospace and defense contracting
                                                  • Price Waterhouse, Audit Manager

2 6                                                         G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Finance

                                       SHELLY DIAZ
                                       Accounting Manager/IT Coordinator

      Joined Gryphon: 2000                         Shelly is responsible for the financial and accounting activities
                                                   of the management company, the Gryphon investments funds
      Education &                                  and the general partner entities. She also serves as Gryphon’s
      Professional Affiliations:
                                                   IT Coordinator.
      BBS, Business - Accounting,
      San Francisco State University               Prior to Gryphon, Shelly’s experience included:
      Member, VCBC                                 • Dresdner RCM Global Investors, LLC, Senior Accountant
                                                     — responsible for the preparation of monthly financial
      Community Outreach:
                                                     statements at the international asset management firm.
      Big Sister, Big Brother
      Big Sister of the Bay Area                   • Weiss, Peck & Greer Venture Partners, Fund Accountant
                                                     — responsible for financial accounting for the firm’s venture
                                                     capital and private equity partnerships.

2 7                                                          G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M
      Gryphon Finance

                                          BRIAN C HAN
                                          Financial Analyst

      Joined Gryphon: 2011                             Brian is responsible for tracking fund performance and
                                                       assisting with the firm’s finance activities.
      Industry Group:
      Finance                                          Prior to Gryphon, Brian’s experience included:
      Education &                                      • Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, Associate –
      Professional Affiliations:                         Provided valuation services to technology and healthcare
      BA, Political Economy, UC Berkeley                 companies undergoing the M&A process.
      Level II Candidate, CFA Institute

      Community Outreach:
      Student Coach, Jefferson Awards


2 8                                                              G RY P H O N   I N V E S T O R S   |   W W W. G RY P H O N – I N V. C O M

One Market Plaza, Steuart Tower, 24th Floor
     San Francisco, California 94105
Phone: 415-217-7400 Fax: 415-217-7447

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