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					                                  TINY TOTS GAZETTE
                                  COMPLETE COVERAGE
  Volume 29, Issue 4                                      Fall / Holiday, 2010   A Publication of Tiny Tots Diaper Service and Baby Boutique

Think Globally, Shop Locally
Top Toy Picks For 2010
Parents are discovering that shopping at neighborhood and independent
retailers like Tiny Tots is not only the most convenient choice, it is also
an economically and socially responsible one, as well. The dollars stay
in the community, providing jobs and preserving the local character of
neighborhoods. According to the 3/50 Project (see below right), for
every $100 spent in local, independently-owned stores, $68 returns to
the community.

And shopping locally saves another kind of green, reducing the use
of fuel and packaging for shipping. Goods bought at Tiny Tots have a
smaller carbon footprint than those shipped across the country. The
environmental benefits extend beyond the single purchase, building
more eco-friendly communities.

You can skip unnecessary waste and find plenty of value and quality at
Tiny Tots. We’ve spent countless hours selecting and stocking our shelves
with only the most innovative, unique, and engaging toys for children.
We are passionate about guiding you in your quest for the perfect gift
for the special children on your list. Shopping at Tiny Tots is like having
your own personal shopping consultant. The staff at Tiny Tots is part of
your community and we will take the time to help you select just the
right toy to help your child grow and learn through play.

We want to offer choices to gift-givers which include the most unique,
engaging, open-ended, fun and safe toys they may not otherwise spot in
a sea of one-size-fits-all gizmos and fads. Shoppers are urged to consider
products that are about what the child can do with the toy, rather than
what the toy does.

Tiny Tots Top Toy Picks for 2010 are featured on pages four and five (as
space permitted). For the most part, our selection criteria includes:
          • locally made,
          • natural fiber, renewable materials and
          • exceptional play value.
Every selection is safe to play with and made with non-toxic ingredients.
We look for toys that motivate kids to unplug and get moving, build and
design, investigate and discover...toys that fuel fantasy and creativity,
that let kids make up the play themselves. Those are the toys kids will
play with over and over again. We believe that parents on a quest for toy
                              value this holiday season will want to choose
                                 quality over novelty, selecting classic and
                                  innovative toys that stretch their gift
                                   budget, provide endless opportunities
                                   for creative fun, and last for years, even
                                    generations, of playtime. Quality play
                                    facilitates learning and growth--helping
                                  kids practice social skills, build logic and
                               spatial skills, create new understandings,
                            and explore imaginative thinking.
            Member                                                                      Reprinted with permission
Zen Wagon Inspiration
by Scot Herbst, founder and creative director of Kaiku Design
It's been said that having children will profoundly change your outlook
on the world. When our first little one was born in 2006, like many
new parents, we became increasingly more aware of our physical
surroundings, our consumer habits and how we approached the issues
surrounding sustainability. We immediately started Kai on cloth diapers
and Amy became so committed to promoting a greener lifestyle that
she actually joined the Tiny Tots family, working on the floor, teaching
the occasional diaper class and helping curate goods for sale as an
associate product buyer. As a Tiny Tots buyer Amy adopted a more
scientific understanding of our physical world, seeking out products
that were BPA free and made with organic ingredients. With the arrival
of Aya Olive a few years ago, our accumulation of "stuff" had become
almost overwhelming and we both continued taking a more serious
audit of the items in our home, asking ourselves "what's that made
from?," and "is that safe for our own children?"
It was very memorable, I'll never forget rolling Kai down to the park in
his Radio Flyer wagon and having that classic "Aha!" moment. Sitting
on a bench next to a beautiful and functional stroller, we both looked
at each other and recognized, "Hey, wait a minute...nobody has ever             Anna goes all over San Francisco wearing her Tiny Tots prefolds along with
applied the principles of design and sustainability to the little red           the knitted soakers and longies her mommy makes for her. The wool breathes
                                                                                beautifully, keeping Anna free from rash, and because each diaper cover is
wagon---and what's this rusty thing made out of anyway?" So 2.5                 handmade for her, she can express her fun-loving personality, whether at the
years later, having transitioned from high tech designer, we now focus          Palace of Fine Arts, the Academy of Science, or in Golden Gate Park.
our design efforts on sustainable products with a relevance to our own
                                                                                While at home or out and about, Anna has only used Tiny Tots prefolds and her
lives. This year KAIKU was fortunate to have received a RedDot award            mom's knitted covers since the day she was born. It couldn't be easier to change
and an International Design Excellence Award for our all-natural bent           her, put the diaper in a wet bag, and continue exploring our fabulous city!
ply Zen Wagon.
Editor's note: Congratulations Scot and Amy! We're so proud of you.

  The inspiration for the local design of the Zen Wagon, Kai and Aya of KAIKU
  munch on some local goodies at the Campbell Farmers Market.

Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s
Diaper Delivery Schedule
Great News! There will be no delivery day
changes for the holidays this year. Please set
a reminder alert on your cell phone calendar
                                                                                Iona, 2.75 years old, conquers toilet training! Thanks to her Tiny Tots undies &
to set your soiled diapers out the night                                        Baby Bjorn Potty.
before your scheduled delivery day. If you
will be out of town and need us to skip your home, please call or email         I have encountered many businesses related to babies, child rearing, being a parent,
                                                                                etc. There is no business out there more professional, customer service oriented,
with the details at least 3 working days in advance.                            and "Green" than Tiny Tots. EVERY time I called, whether to change my service or
                                                                                seek advice, the person who answered the phone was hugely informative and just
Earn Free Diaper Service                                                        downright nice. I will always recommend Tiny Tots for these reasons. Hopefully
The number one way new customers hear about us is through YOU! We               those not ready to make the jump to cotton - really not that hard - will be willing to
                                                                                go the compost route, just another service showing Tiny Tots is watching customer
would like to say THANK YOU and give you a $15 credit on your diaper            trends. Thanks for being there for our growing family. It is difficult for me to leave
service for every new customer that you refer to us. They simply need           behind this period of life, but I look forward to calling you in the future should we
to mention your name when they order the diaper service.                        be fortunate enough to have a 3rd! Best Wishes, April (mother of Iona)

CONGRATULATIONS to those who have graduated from
diapers. Thank you for giving us the privilege to help out with
some of the “dirty work”. We hope the diapering years have
been a time of wonderful memories for your family.
       Iona Sarraille              San Francisco
       Joseph Torrisi              Santa Clara
       Hamzah Punjsheri            San Francisco
       Iona Sarraille              San Francisco
       Imani Ezzat                 San Francisco
       Ksenia Schwarzlander        San Francisco
       Hannah Wildy                Pleasanton                     Hi, my name is Leona and my parents chose to use cloth diapers because it's healthier for my
       Sivan Spieler               Campbell                       sensitive skin and better for the environment. The cotton is cool and breathable, making life
       Nicholas Tomaro             San Francisco                  more enjoyable. Using cotton diapers on the go is super easy. Any soiled diaper can conveniently
                                                                  be stored in a wet bag until we return home. I often hear my parents telling others how easy it
       Cortez Archuleta            San Francisco                  is to use cloth diapers. I'm working on converting my friends and hope more parents quickly
       Asha Chavez                 Berkeley                       realize how healthy and eco-friendly cotton diapers really are.
       Abigail Dell                Concord
       Ashlyn Wilson               Morgan Hill
       Sydney Sasaki               So. San Francisco
       Landon Sasaki               So. San Francisco
       Rowan Davis                 Livermore
       Kayla Snedeker              Campbell
       Hadley Shafran              San Jose
       Jake Catalano               Oakland
       Sulema Ananda               Daly City
       Case Olson                  Palo Alto
       Marla Essenmacher           Palo Alto
       Richard Esquenazi           San Jose
       Brinae Baker                San Jose
       Katelyn Johnson             San Francisco
       Simon Spinrad               San Francisco
       Elias Hartog                Oakland
       Tanner Brewer               Boulder Creek
       Miles Morton                Mt. View
       Nathan Kenny                Burlingame
       Kai McArthur                Pacifica
       Tej Sidhu                   Union City
       Hendrick Schlude            Berkeley                          Bonjour! My name is Anaïs and I'm at the Chateau de Chenonceau. This summer, I
                                                                     was in France visiting my grandparents for 5 weeks in the Loire Valley. I told Mama
       Elan Underwood              San Francisco                     that I must wear my cloth diapers. I love the feeling of soft cotton on my tushy. So,
                                                                     we packed up my favorite diapers for our sejour in France. Merci, Mama: me and my
                                                                     bottom thank you.
Diaper Service Changes Now Easier!
                                                                           Cotton Diaper Sizes Available At Tiny Tots
                                                                           Preemie            3-5 lbs.
                                                                           Infant             6-12 lbs.
                                                                           Regular            10-25 lbs.
                                                                           Super              18-25 lbs.
                                                                           Mega (Toddler) 22 lbs.+
                                                                           Training pants 29-32 lbs. (Size 3)
                    Change Service Link                                    The above weights are guidelines. Every baby is shaped differently. If the
                                                                           diaper you are using is not absorbing as well, it might be time to change
Payments At Tiny Tots                                                      sizes, regardless of the weight of your baby.
Many of our customers put their account on auto charge.
Anytime there is a balance on their account, the credit card                                         This Gazette can
we have on file is automatically charged. Our customers still                                   be viewed on our website,
receive a bill stating the amount charged. We accept Visa,                                      www.tinytots.com/gazette
MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
    TOP TOYS FOR 2010                                                                   Geomate.Jr Handheld by Apisphere
                                                                                        The easiest and quickest way to get in on the geocaching fun, the
Circa Racer                                                                             Geomate.Jr is an incredibly affordable and amazingly easy-to-
Built of basic wooden shapes, threaded nuts                                             use geocaching GPS - just switch it on anywhere in the United
and pegs, it can be disassembled in a matter                                            States and be directed to your closest geocache. It's an outdoor
of seconds. The individual shapes can then be                                           adventure just waiting to happen anywhere, anytime, straight
used as the imagination's building blocks for                                           out of the box. Shock and water-resistant. Weighs 3.2 oz. Model
all variety of things. When the wheels are on,                                          30-152-32. Measures 1.9" x 3.7" x 1". Ages 7 and Up. Made in
the Racer makes a nice pull-along toy! Ages 18                                          the USA. $70.00
months and up. Made in the USA. $50.00                                                  Also Available: Geomate.Jr Update Kit $25.00

Circa Wagon of Blocks                                                                   Mailbox Set by I'm Still Me!
A mini-playground for the hands and mind, the                                           Let's Play Mail is a handmade felt and wool toy
sort of experience vital to learning - shapes,                                          that encourages imaginative play, self-expression,
stacking, sorting, free-form building, and ev-                                          reading and writing. The charming gray mailbox
erything in between! Kids find the cool, smooth                                         comes complete with a flag to flip up and down, a
sensation of the quality hardwood pieces irre-                                          drawstring mailbag, large manila envelope, three
sistible, and the sheer variety of ways the pieces                                      postcards, two envelopes, six stamps, six address
can be assembled endlessly stimulating.                                                 labels, and six messages. Ages 3 and up. Hand-
Ages 6 months and up. Made in the USA. $80.00                                           made in the USA. $50.00

Blocks Starter Set by Haba                                                              Other felted wool products available from I’m Still Me! :
Building blocks enable children to fashion their                                        • “Letters to Grandma and Pa” Mail Set $20.00
own worlds, because they are an especially cre-                                         • “Letters to Santa” Mail Set $20.00
ative toy. Playing with the blocks develops both
hand and mind. Blocks are made of solid, natural,                                                   Baby Walker by Plan Toys
untreated beech wood. 26 piece set.Ages 1 to 8.                                                       This walker features a specially designed handle can be adjusted
Made in Germany. $45.00                                                                                to different heights and stiffness for stability and child safety.
                                                                                                        Plus, it also comes with coloured and natural blocks for ad-
                                                                                                          ditional fun! Dimensions: W 14.4 x D 11.3 x H 19.3". Ages 1
                                                                                                              and Up. Made in Thailand. $75.00
                              Green Dollhouse by Plan Toys
                              The Green Dollhouse is a completely eco-efficient
                              home. The dollhouse’s energy efficient design                                        Baby Walker by Plan Toys
                              includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel for gen-                                  This walker features a specially designed
                              erating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain,    handle can be adjusted to different heights and stiffness for stabil-
                              a biofacade which uses the natural cycle of plant          ity and child safety. Plus, it also comes with coloured and natural
                              growth to provide shading, and a shade canopy that         blocks for additional fun! Dimensions: W 14.4 x D 11.3 x H
                              can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circula-         19.3". Ages 1 and Up. Made in Thailand. $75.00
                              tion. Recycling bins are also included in the set.
                              Ages 3 and Up. Made in Thailand. $200.00
                                                                                                                       Dancing Alligator by Plan Toys
                                                                                                                       While being pulled, the wooden pieces make
Tea Set by Green Toys                                                                                                  rhythmic click-clacking sounds as he dances
Young hosts can brew up an imaginary pot of                                                                            along. We love his vibrant green body. Ages 19
tea while doing something really good for the                                                                          months and up. Made in Thailand. $20.00
earth. 17 piece set. Ages 3 and up. Made in the
USA. $25.00                                                                                                    Oval Xylophone by Plan Toys
                                                                                                               Give your budding musician's pounding skills a workout
Rody Horse                                                                                                     with this wooden xylophone from Plan Toys. Five color-
Every child can have a pony of their own! The Rody Horse                                                       ful wooden keys are fun for young children to pound.
Toy is the colorful children’s ride-on toy that allows kids                                                    Please note that this xylophone is intended as a toy and
to hop and scoot all around. The Rody Horse Toy is fun                                                         is not musically accurate. Also, the timbre is not "bright"
and helps toddlers develop balance and coordination.                                                           like tapping on the keys of a metal xylophone.Ages 18
Available in Purple, Orange, Lime, or Blue. Ages 3 and Up.                                                     months and up. Made in Thailand. $23.00
Made in Italy. $48.00
                                                                                                                      JAMTOWN Junior Rhythm Pak
Art Dolls Kit by Artterro                                                                                             Great instruments for small hands and a cool bag
Craft four fun dolls with luxurious handmade paper, glass beads, colorful wool                                        for collecting more instruments over the years.
felt dresses and needle and thread. Turn them into bookmarks, decorations,                                            3 Instruments* plus Junior Activity Guide, Learn-
scrapbook covers or even pins to wear! Ages 7 and Up. Made in the USA.                                                Along Songs CD, Simple Rhythm™ Cards & Junior
Other kits available                                                                                                  Travel Bag *Junior Coconut Claves, Junior Shaker,
• Bookmaking Kit                                                                                                      Junior Double Drum. Ages 3 to 9. $50.00
• Collage Jewelry Kit                                                                                                         Push Toys by Manny & Simon
• Creativity Kit                                                                                                                      100% recycled wood residuals;
• Paint with Wool Portrait Kit                                                                                                        painted with non-toxic and ultra
• Wire and Bead Art                                                                                                                   low odor paint. Ages 2 and up.
• Wool Felt Art Kit                                                                                                                   Turtle: Brown Duck: Yellow
• Wool Felt Wearable Kit                                                                                                              Dino: Green. Made in the USA.
  $18.00 each                                                                                                                          $32.00 each

4                    Diaper Service 1-408-866-2900 • Boutique 1-408-866-2925 • www.tinytots.com
Natural Heirloom Bell Rattle by Maple Landmark                                       Glen Terrier Puppet by Folkmanis
Classic heirloom baby rattles made from select hardwoods and                         (Headquartered in Emeryville, CA)
non-toxic finishes. Designed to provide enjoyment in touch, sight,
sound and movement. Destined to be handed down through                               This soft and cuddly dog features a workable mouth
generations of happy babies. (5-3/4" long). Ages 3 months                            and is sure to become a best friend for that little
and up. Made in the USA. $11.00                                                      someone special. 15" Long. For all ages. Made in
                                                                                     China. $24.00
Heirloom Rattle by Bagnall
Each hand-turned heirloom baby rattle is hand-                                       Zen Wagon by Kaiku
crafted. Kernels of native Indian corn create the                                    Every seat is a window seat... Designed and en-
soothing sound of the rattle. The rattles have a safe                                gineered locally to get you and your little ones
mineral oil/bees wax finish. Wood: Walnut or Cher-                                   outside! Provides maximum comfort and
ry. (5 3/8 long x 1 3/4 diameter).Ages 5 months                                      ergonomics for riders and driver.
and up. Handcrafted in the USA. $23.00                                               1. Patented QuicKlik™ magnetic handle
                                                                                     2. Ergo handle geometry with soft EVA foam
Discovery Balls by Haba                                                                  grip
Looking for something to bring along to that baby shower?
                                                                                     3. Natural rubber air-filled tires
This ball set makes the perfect gift for curious young babies
                                                                                     4. Weather and corrosion resistant hardware
in search of lots of little things to explore. Each ball is
                                                                                     5. Baltic birch - European E-1 formaldehyde free
colorfully painted in its own unique pattern and style,
                                                                                     6. Safe, non-toxic finishes
and features a detail which makes it impossible to re-
                                                                                         (37L x 19.5H x 16.5W)
sist investigating. A rattle, a peep hole, shiny silver paint,
                                                                                     Ages 18 months and up. Made in China. $319.00
maybe even one with a portal to a different way of seeing the
world. The entire set arrives in an attractive decorative box, which
makes an excellent presentation of the whole set. Made of maple wood. Set            Fire Truck by Green Toys
of 4. Ages 1 and up. Made in Germany. $24.00                                         Solidly constructed from 100% recycled
                                                                                     plastic milk containers that save energy and
Sophie Giraffe by Vulli                                                              reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Green
This little giraffe was born on May 25th in the year 1961...                         Toys Fire Truck has no metal axles, so it's
Saint Sophie's day! In those days, the only animal toys avail-                       safe for both the earth and the Good Green
able were farm animals or pet figures...                                             Fun™ seekers who call it home. Ages 1 and
When the first signs of teething appear, Sophie the Giraffe                          up. Made in the USA. $24.99
helps baby stop crying! Sophie the giraffe is still "tradi-
tionally" produced, a process that involves more than 14
manual operations. She is made from 100% natural rubber                                                         UGGS FOR LITTLE ONES
derived from the sap of the Hevea tree.
She’s 7" Tall. Ages Birth and Up. Made in France. $23.00                             Ugg Erin
                                                                                     The Erin baby bootie is made from genuine
                                                                                     Twinface sheepskin with craftsmanship
Baby's First Blocks by Haba                                                          you expect from UGG® Australia. Made In
Function and fun come together in these beautifully made                             China. Colors: Pink and Chestnut
stacking blocks. Sized for little hands, these blocks are a                          Sizes:
perfect first set or addition to existing stacking block col-                        Small (6-12 mos)
lections.                                                                            Med (12-18 mos)
These blocks are made of maple wood. Multiple coats of                               Large (18-24 mos)
natural, water-based, non-toxic lacquers ensure their colors                         $50.00
stay vivid and bright for years to come. 12 pieces. Age: 6                           Ugg Boo
months and up. Made in Germany. $16.00                                               The UGG® Boo is a moccasin-inspired Infant's bootie
                                                                                     made from the highest quality plush Twinface sheepskin
                                                                                     and features a reinforced heel and toe to keep little feet
              Green Bean by Under the Nile                                           protected. Made In China. Color: Chestnut
              (Headquartered in Milpitas, CA)                                        Sizes:
                                                                                     Small (6-12 mos)
              Under the Nile's famous fruits and veggies toys are destined to        Med (12-18 mos)
              be baby’s favorite. Safe for little mouths to chew on. Made and        Large (18-24 mos)
              stuffed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Machine washable.           $50.00
              Ages Birth and Up. Made in Egypt. $6.00
                                                                                     Ugg Classic
                                                                                     The toddler's Classic boot provides all the same
Eco-Dough Tube by Eco-Kids                                                           features and benefits as the grownup style but
Eco-dough from Eco-kids is an all-natural                                            sized for your little one. Made In China.
alternative to mass-produced play doughs.                                            Colors: Black, Chestnut, and Chocolate
Eco-dough is a molding dough handmade                                                Sizes: 6, 7, 8
with natural ingredients including fruit, plant                                       $90.00
and vegetable extracts from beets, spinach,
paprika, carrots, purple sweet potato, red cab-
bage, blueberries and tomatoes. No chemicals,                                        Ugg Bailey Button
artificial dyes or metals. The containers are                                        The toddler's Bailey Button is constructed
made from cornstarch and are 100% compostable. Also it doesn't dry out. If it's      with genuine Twinface sheepskin. It features a
left out overnight just add a few drops of olive oil and it comes right back! Five   branded wood button and can be worn either
separate containers and colors, including: red, green, blue, yellow and orange.      up or cuffed down. Made In China.
Ages 2 and up. Made in the USA. $20.00                                               Colors: Chestnut, Chocolate, and Raspberry
                                                                                     Sizes: 6, 7, 8
Also from Eco-Kids: Finger Paints, Rolling Pin, Art Pad, Colored Pencils.            $90.00                                                       5
    DIAPER SERVICE OPTIONS                                                                                     DIAPERING SUPPLIES
                                                                               Snappi Diaper Clips
Cotton Service: Order the number of cotton diapers you will                    Simple pinning alternative. Holds diaper snugly. Reduces
use in a week. Cotton service includes the rental of cotton diapers,           leakage. Durable, washable latex.
professional laundering of the diapers and weekly pick-up and                  Size 1 (4 - 18 lbs.) 3 clips per pack $7.50
delivery of the diapers.                                                       Size 2 (18+ lbs.) 2 clips per pack $7.50
Compost Service: Purchase your order of compostable single-use                        Always stretch your new clips.
diapers, wipes and storage bags from Tiny Tots. A minimum of 4 boxes
of diapers needs to be purchased each 4-week period. A composting              Bio-Soft Liners          by Bummis
fee is included in the purchase of each box of diapers.                        Flushable diaper liners that make clean-up a breeze. Made
                                                                               of a non woven material with no binder, and will biode-
Combination Service: You have the option to use both cotton                    grade very quickly (within 8 days in a sewage treatment
and compostable diapers. For added convenience, soiled reusable and            system or 20 days in a septic tank).
compostable, single-use diapers and wipes can be combined in one               100 sheets per roll. 2 sizes:
bag for pick-up. You can order compost diapers as often or seldom              Small: 5 x 12 inches           $6.00
                                                                               Large: 7.5 x 12 inches         $8.00
as fits your needs. The composting fee is included in the purchase
of each box of diapers.                                                                                Flushable BioLiner       by The Natural Baby Co.
                                                                                                       When baby wets, the moisture passes through the
                                                                                                       BioLiner and absorbs into the cloth diaper's absorbent
                                                                                                       layers. When baby soils his diaper, the solids are con-
 COMPOST DIAPER SERVICE OPTIONS                                                                        tained atop the GroVia BioLiner, for a quick and easy
                                                                                                       clean-up. 200 sheets $12.00
                            Broody Chick Compostable Diapers
                            Using bio-polymer Ingeo from Naturworks                                    Reusable Baby Wipes          by Bottoms Up
                            llc Broody Chick is accredited as a fully com-                             Complete kit. Good for baby, better for the environ-
                            postable diaper and wipe (ASTM-D 6400) (EN                                 ment. Saves money over disposable wipes. Includes 25
                            13432) and most recently has been certified to                             cotton terry cloth wipes, clean wipe container, dirty
                            carry the Oeko-Tex standard 100 logo. Chlo-                                   wipe container, clean wipe waterproof travel bag,
                            rine Free, Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance free.                                   dirty wipe waterproof travel bag, oil blend for clean
                                                                                                        wipes and an oil blend for dirty wipes. $60.00
                            Newborn 6 - 13 lbs. / 36 pieces                                        Changing Pad & Diaper Bag              by Patemm
                            Infant 9 - 20 lbs. / 32 pieces                                         A practical solution to the diaper bag, the award-winning
                            Toddler 15 - 35 lbs. / 28 pieces                                       patemm™ pad makes changing baby quick. The round
                            Junior 27 - 55 lbs. / 24 pieces                                        design serves as a sleek, all-in-one bag for diapers, wipes,
                            * $19.00 per box; * $68.00 per case of 4                               and clothes. Easy to Clean-just wipe down with a warm/
                                                                                                   soapy cloth. Pattern: Manhattan $60.00
                              Gro Via Compostable Soaker Pads
                              Hybrid design compostable insert to go with a
                              reusable diaper cover. Use when on vacation,                                     Diaper Changing Restraint Straps
                              at day care, or running errands. Fragrance &                                     by Hug ‘n’ Hold
                              Dye Free; Plastic & Chlorine Free.                                               Makes changing a wiggling child’s diaper much
                              One size 50 per box                                                              easier. Child friendly and easy-to-use velcro
                               * $22.00                                                                        shoulder restraint that attaches to any chang-
                               * $80.00 per case of 4                                                          ing pad to hold a baby securely. $26.00

                             Broody Chick Compostable Wipes                                         Wet Bags             by Bummis
                                                                                                    Sturdy, dependable and easy care......These wet bags have a
                             100% natural. Chemical-free. Fragrance-free.
                                                                                                    snap-able handle for strollers and a zipper for odor control.
                             Chlorine-free. Resealable pack. 80 count
                                                                                                    Durable and leak resistant.
                             $6.00 per pack;
                                                                                                    Prints: Funky Blue, Pink, Blue or Yellow
                             $60 per case of 12
                                                                                                    Sizes: Small 10” x 12” (holds up to 5) $12.00
                                                                                                        Medium 14” x 15” (holds up to 11) $15.00

                                                                                                                                           · gel-free
                        Gro Baby All Natural Baby Wipes                        Tushies                                                     · perfume free
                                                                               The only single-use diaper on the market today (that
                        Free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives.                                                               · chlorine free
                                                                               we are aware of) that doesn’t contain super-absorbent
                        Fragrance Free. Chlorine Free. Dye Free.                                                                           · dye-free
                                                                               polymers (SAP).
                        80 Unscented $6.00 per pack; $60 per case of 12
                                                                               (33% cotton/66% wood pulp blend)                            · chemical free
                                                                               Size 1 Newborn 4-5 lbs.         30 / bag
                         Bio Bags                                              Size 2 Small 6-14 lbs.          40 / bag
                         100% compostable (ASTM D6400-99 certified - the       Size 3 Medium 12-24 lbs.        30 / bag
                         gold standard for compostable plastic). Made from     Size 4 Large 22-35 lbs.         22 / bag
                         cornstarch and vegetable oil. Shelf-stable, safe to   Size 5 Toddler 27 lbs. & up     20 / bag
                         store at room temperatures.                           $17.00 per bag; $60.00 per case (4 bags)
                         3 Gallon - 25 bags per box. $5.00
                         13 Gallon - 12 bags per box. $5.00                     Tushies Wipes
                                                                                Thick wipes w/aloe vera. Unscented, hypoallergenic and alcohol free.
*The charge for compostable diapers and soaker pads includes pick-up and        $6.25 tub of 80; $64.00 per case (12 tubs)
delivery to your home along with the delivery and compost fee at the local      $5.75 refill for tub (80); $60.00 per case (12 packs)
commercial composting facility.
6                  Diaper Service: 1-408-866-2900 • Boutique: 1-408-866-2925 • www.tinytots.com
 DIAPER COVERS                                                  Tips For Laundering Covers                                    DIAPER COVERS
                                                                To protect waterproofing of all covers:
ProRap Classic                                                  · Do not use bleach with chlorine
Velcro-closing & leg gussets. Soft polyester
                                                                · Do not use softeners
outer fabric. Waterproof lining. White. $9.00 ea.
6 or more $8.50 ea.                                             · Rinse well
                                                                To preserve the Velcro:
  Preemie 2-6 lbs.                                              · Turn inside out with Velcro attached
  Newborn 6-10 lbs.                                             · Air dry when possible
  Small 9-14 lbs.
                                                                · Optional: Launder in a lingerie bag
  Medium 13-25 lbs.
  Large 24-35 lbs.
  X-Large 34-45 lbs.                                                            Thirsties Diaper Cover Original
                                                                                One of the best-selling diaper covers
Buoy & Buckle        by ProRap                                                  on the market today is now available at
If your baby takes off his velcro cover, this cover is for you. The buckle is   Tiny Tots. Easy to use, easy to care for
“baby proof”. Nylon/Poly. White. $9.00 ea. 6 or more $8.50 ea.                  and functions well. 100% polyester w/
Medium, Large, & X-Large only.                                                  urethane coating. Machine wash warm
                                                                                or hot. Line or machine dry. Made in
Super Whisper Wrap              by Bummis                                       USA. Colors: Butter, Celery, Periwinkle
Aplix-closing cover made from a super resistant waterproof laminate sand-       & Raspberry.
wiched between two layers of a soft polyester knit. A durable, heavy-duty       $11.50 ea. 6 or more $10.75 ea.
elastic secures around legs and tummy. Soft, polyester knit bindings for a
comfortable and leakproof seal.                                                 Sizes: X-Small 6-12 lbs.; Small 12-18 lbs.;
Froggy, Flower, Celery Dot, & Jungle                                            Medium 18-28 lbs.; Large 28-40 lbs.
$13.00 ea. 6 or more $12.25 ea.
Newborn 7-10 lbs. Small 8.5-15 lbs. Medium 15-30 lbs.
                                                                                Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover
                                                                                The duo comes in two sizes and features
Large 30-40 lbs. X-Large 40+ lbs. (White only)
                                                                                an adjustable rise for extended use. Same
                                                                                features and care instructions as the
                                                                                original. Made in USA. Colors: Meadow,
                                                                                Ocean Blue.
                                                                                $12.75 ea. 6 or more $12.00 ea.

                                                                                Sizes: One 6-18 lbs.; Two 18-40 lbs.

Super Brite        by Bummis
Lightweight and waterproof. Consists of one single
layer of polyester with a wipe-clean laminated inte-
rior. The gusset with lycra binding is an innovative
design that wraps softly around baby’s leg with less
bulk than normal gussets. Green, Blue, Pink, or Yellow
Funky Prints, White.                                                             Fuzzi-Bunz Perfect Size by Mother of Eden
$13.00 ea. 6 or more for $12.25 ea.                                              Our customers have requested we carry this product
          Newborn 4-9 lbs; Small 8-16 lbs;                                       because it works so well at night time. The cotton
          Medium 15-30 lbs; Large 27-36 lbs                                      diaper slides in the pocket. The micro fiber wicks the
                                                                                 wetness away from the baby. Adjustable snaps assure
Pull-On Nylon Pant               by Bummis                                       a good fit. White & colors.
Non-binding waist and leg openings. (Snappi Clip                                 $18.00 ea. 6 or more $17.00 ea.
or Pins needed with pre-folded diapers.) Also use-
ful over training pants or with swim diapers. White.                             Small 7-18 lbs.
$6.00 ea. 6 or more $5.50 ea.                                                    Medium 15-30 lbs.     If you put the diaper in the pocket we recom-
                                                                                 Large 25-45 lbs.      mend using the Bummi liners with this cover
 Newborn 6-10 lbs. Small 8-15 lbs.
 Medium 15-30 lbs. Large 30+ lbs.                                                                      for easier BM clean up.
        X-Large 35+ lbs.
                                                                                Rainbow Bikini Cut Wool Cover by Bio Bottoms
 GroVia Shell       by The Natural Baby Co.                                     Dense, felted lambswool provides maximum air circulation while still offer-
 The GroVia one-size diaper cover is a revolution in cloth diapering. The       ing the best protection against leaks. Designed for a leak-proof fit. Wool is
 innovative shell design minimizes diaper waste and cost. Is designed for       remarkably soft and breathable, protecting sensitive
 use with the the GroVia Compostable Soaker Pad, the reusable soaker pads       skin against diaper rash. Easy on and off with Velcro
 or boosters by GroVia or pre-fold diapers. Colors include: Blackberry, Kiwi,   closures. Very durable, will definitely be passed on
 Mandarin or Vanilla. $17.00 each. 6 or more $16.00 ea.                         to your next baby!
                                                                                $27.00 each 6 or more $25.00 ea.
                                                                                  Newborn 4-8 lbs.  Large 18-22 lbs.
                                                                                  Small 8-14 lbs.   XLarge 22-27 lbs.
                                                                                  Medium 14-18 lbs. XXLarge 27-32 lbs.

                                                                                                                In Progress:
                                                                                                         In-store sale of close out
                                                                                                               diaper covers.
        Blackberry        Mandarin           Kiwi            Vanilla
                  Call or order on-line & receive free shipping with your diaper delivery.                                                               7
                                                                          Car Seat Safety Inspections
                                                                          Fri, Oct 22, Nov 5 & 19 from 9:00 to Noon. Safe Kids Santa
                                                                          Clara / San Mateo and Tiny Tots are partnering to hold Car
                                                                          Seat Inspections. Certified car seat technicians confirm your
                                                                          car seat is installed properly. Appointments are necessary
                                                                          and limited. A $25 refundable fee is required.
                                                                          Itty Bitty Imprints
                                                                          Sat, Oct 23 from Noon -
                                                                          4:00. Itty Bitty Imprints              www.ittybittyimprints.com
                                                                          crafts ceramic tiles that are imprinted, glazed, and fired. Reserve a spot by
                                                                          calling the Boutique. This is the last imprint event before the holidays.
                         Tiny Tots is honored with two awards
                            Greenest family service                       Halloween Photos
                                       &                                  Fri, Oct 29 from 1:00 to 4:00 and Sat, Oct 30 from 9:00
                          Best store to outfit your kid                   to 2:00. Dress up your little one or your entire family for
                                                                          this special event. $20 per family for the photo CD with
                          Boutique Events                                 all images from the session. www.imagesbyrosalinda.com
                                                                          Baby Signs Parent Workshop
                                  Due to space limitations,               Tues, Nov 2 from 6:30 to 7:45 and Sat, Nov 6 from
                                  reservations for all events, even the   3:15 to 4:30. This workshop teaches everything you
  complimentary ones, are required. More detailed information             need to know to get started with the Baby Signs®
  about each event is available on our website at www.tinytots.com/       Program. $70
                                                                          Pediatric CPR
Diaper School 101 ”Diapering Made Easy”
                                                                          Thurs, Nov 4 from 6:00 to 8:30. Great for new parents. Cost is $50 for
Includes hands on diapering, diaper cover review, service options and
                                                                          one or $95 for two. Babes in arms are welcome.
more. Held most Saturdays at 10 am.
                                                                          Breastfeeding Task Force of Santa Clara Valley
High Low Music & Movement Class
                                                                          Fri, Nov 12 from Noon to 1:30. Open to the public.
Fun for babies or toddlers includes singing, dancing, instruments,
                                                                          The purpose is to promote maternal and infant health
scarves and hoops. Classes are on Wednesdays. Check www.
                                                                          through breastfeeding. For further info, please contact
highlowmusic.com for schedule and price information. Call
                                                                          Kathy Sweeney, RD, CLE, Santa Clara County Public
1-408-838-4524 to sign up.
                                                                          Health Department at
Two Mission College Classes offered at Tiny Tots                          1-408-792-5052 or kathy.sweeney@phd.sccgov.org
Register by phone at 1-408-855-5106 or at
http://missioncollege.org/community/comm_ed/childbirth.html               Herbal Holidays
$35 per couple (2 people)                                                 Sat, Nov 13 from Noon to 4:30. Join Bridget Owens of SweetHerb
1. Infant Wellness                                                        Medicinals as she leads us through making herbal holiday gifts and
Thurs, Oct 14 from 6:30 to 8:30. & Sat, Nov 6 from 11:30 to 1:30.         keepsakes. Reservations necessary. $65
For new and expectant parents. Parents learn the importance of keeping
                                                                          Infant Massage Workshop
up to date with an immunization schedule; how/when to check baby's
                                                                          Sat, Nov 20 from 11:30 to 1:30. Learn gentle nurturing
temperature and when to call Pediatrics. Other illnesses are discussed
                                                                          touch with your infant. Enhance and deepen your
at parent's request.
                                                                          bond. $59
2. First 6 Weeks for Mom & Baby
Tues, Nov 16 from 6:30 to 8:30. Prepares new and expecting parents for    Potty Training Workshop
the first weeks at home. Topics include discussion of postpartam health   Sat, Nov 20 from 2:00 to 3:00 for NB - 13 months; from
for mom, what to expect with your newborn, initiating breastfeeding       3:30 to 4:30 for 13+ months. We will highlight why
and techniques to soothe a crying baby.                                   introducing the potty to your child’s routine as early as
Home Diaper Laundering Workshop                                           6-months of age is a logical approach. Free.
Sat, Oct 16 & Nov 6 from 2:00 to 3:00. Different diapering options
                                                                          Meet Santa
along with laundering tips & techniques. Free.
                                                                          Thurs, Dec 2 & 9 and Sat, Dec 4 & 11. Watch the website
Ask the Experts                                                           and emails for more details. This event fills up quickly.
Mon, Oct 18 & Wed Nov 10 from 6:00 to 8:30. Will you have                 Make sure we have your email if you are interested in
a “Mother Friendly” childbirth? Sponsored by BABI (Bay Area               reserving a spot.
Birth Info). For information and to RSVP,
please call 408-529-7949.
                                                                                             Boutique Hours
                                                                                   Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Baby Wearing Workshop
Mon, Oct 18 & Nov 15 from 11:00 to Noon. Join our                                      1-408-866-2925 • tinytots.com
fun and informative baby-wearing workshop. Learn
                                                                                     138 Railway Ave Campbell, CA 95008
the differences between slings, wraps, soft carriers and
structured carriers. Free.                                                                 Events are added and updated at:
                           Printed on Recycled Paper                                               tinytots.com/events

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