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									                                                visiting you

                  A publication for the associates and friends of the VNA of Erie County

                                                  SEPTEMBER 2007

                                                                VNA Goes Paper-Less
                                                                 have the patient’s medical information more readily available,
                                                                and it will improve communication among all involved in the
                                                                patient’s care including all agency clinicians and the patient’s
                                                                physician. The system will assist in improving the quality and
                                                                accuracy of our documentation. It will definitely be an asset in
                                                                helping us to provide the best care possible to our home
                                                                health and hospice patients.”
                                                                     Nurses and therapists will be able to access patient
                                                                data after business office hours at night, on weekends and
                                                                holidays. Other benefits of automating clinicians at the
                                                                point of care include improving communication between
  Home Care Coordinator Linda Przewrocki, RN, and Home          VNA staff members, eliminating errors caused by manually
  Health Care Nurse, Vinnie Celline, RN, study patient data     copying information from one form to another, and saving
    via Point of Care technology and laptop computers.          time by reducing trips back and forth to the VNA office.
                                                                Executive Director Jim Jaruszewicz said, “Our new point
     VNA of Erie County continues its second century of         of care technology will streamline workflow and standardize
delivering home health and hospice services by convert-         clinical processes in the field and at the office. Both clinicians
ing to a paperless documentation system known as Point          and office staff will have access to the information they need
of Care (POC). POC allows VNA staff to access and               when and where they need it.”
maintain accurate, current records, to gain efficiencies in          Because the conversion to POC technology is a costly
filing insurance claims and other billing processes, and will   one, over $250,000, VNA is currently seeking funds to help
enhance all other patient-care programs.                        implement the project. A gift of $20,000 has been received
     Each nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist     while other resources, including foundations and private
and medical social worker will be assigned a lap top
                                                                                                          continued on page 2
computer to use when visiting patients. The individual
clinician will file reports electronically, enabling the
medical records department to have current and
accurate information available to all staff involved with
the patient’s care. The POC system will enable clinical
managers to monitor patient outcomes in real time,
allowing for adjustment and improvement in care.
Upon completion of a home visit the clinician will input
data into the lap top and forward the information to the
main system via a secured web-based transfer.
     Director of Clinical Services Christine O’Brien, RN,
BSN, is eagerly anticipating the full realization of our
Point of Care project. She says: “We are excited to
introduce technology that will assist our clinicians in
providing a higher level of quality care to our patients.
The Point of Care documentation system will allow us to

                                                                  VNA patient Eileen Baldwin reviews her personal medical chart
                                                                                 via laptop with her nurse, Vinnie.
                                    New Board Members
    OF ERIE COUNTY                  The Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County announces the election of the following
                                    individuals to its Board of Trustees. They began their term of service following the VNA
    VNA Board of Trustees           Annual Meeting on May 8.
    William Behmke, RN, MSN
    Patricia S. Chiz                                        Terry L. Landon, LUTCF, an independent insurance agent licensed for
    Antonio I. German, MD
                                                            multi-line business with Loesel-Schaaf Insurance Agency Inc. Licensed
    Debra J. Kubinski, PhD
                                                            in PA, NY and OH., Terry has been in the insurance industry for 28
    Mark J. Kuhar, Esq.
    Terry Landon, LUTCF                                     years. He has served as President, V. President, Treasurer on Board of
    Mary S. Lincoln                                         Directors of Erie Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and
    Nancy Lane Nelson                                       the Insurance Club of Erie County. Terry has served on the advisory
    David M. O’Dessa                                        board of Community Nursing Services of North East, and he is the
    Douglas G. Patton                                       founder of “Project Safe Ride” in Erie County.
    Tamara S. Philabaum
    Robert P. Rhodes, PhD           David M. O’Dessa, a resident of Edinboro, is retired Vice President of Advancement of Edinboro
    Patrice M. Rushe, RN            University of PA. He has served on the advisory board of PNC Bank and the Erie County
    Lori L. Sala                    Ambulance Service, and as a football coach at Edinboro. David previously served on the VNA
    John R. Schultz
                                    Board of Trustees, completing his initial 12-year term in 2005 and chairing the Development
    Juliana Semple
                                    Committee for most of that time.
    Margaret Anne Shenk
    Gertrude A. Simmons
    James A. Steber                                         Nancy J. Taylor has been employed at National Fuel for nearly 30
    Heidi L. Sullivan                                       years in a variety of positions. She is currently Senior Manager of
    Rosalie J. Swenson                                      Corporate Communications Department – public relations, media re-
    Nancy J. Taylor                                         lations, advertising and community relations - and Quality Assurance
    Karen J. Thomas                                         Department. Nancy handles Public Utility Commission consumer com-
    William B. Trice, DDS                                   plaints and programs for low income and special needs customers.
    Stephen Ventrello                                       She served on the VNA board as a member and President, retiring in
    Lisa A. Watkins                                         2001. Taylor is a prior board member of the United Way of Erie County
    Wendy M. Weber
                                                            and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls
    Paul K. Wojcik
                                                            Club of Erie.
    Mary B. Yakish
    Robert J. Zanotti, PhD

    OFFICERS 2006 – 2008:
    Tamara S. Philabaum                 Why Choose VNA?
    President                                 If you want the services of someone you know and trust, someone who has the
    Paul K. Wojcik                      skill and experience to give you quality, comprehensive home health or hospice
    President-Elect                     care, ask for the VNA by name. We are Erie County’s FIRST home care provider,
    Patricia S. Chiz                    bringing health care into your home since 1906.
                                              Be sure that you have the VNA for your home health or hospice care. If you or
    Lori L. Sala
                                        a loved one is not currently a VNA patient, and you are not satisfied with your care
    Douglas G. Patton
                                        providers or their agency, you have the right to change anytime during your care.
    Treasurer                           Ask for the VNA.

    James J. Jaruszewicz
                                    Paper-Less, continued from page one
    Executive Director
    Virginia Bartone                donations, are being pursued. With the necessary funding secured clinical operations
    Director of Business            should be completely paperless by December 31 of this year.
    Development                         Director of Finance Angela Hadzega is spearheading implementation of POC technology.
    Angela Hadzega, CMA             She says, “Transitions can be difficult, but rarely is something that is really worth doing, easy.
    Director of Finance             The VNA is transitioning to a system that will provide for flow of information between disciplines
    Christine N. O’Brien, RN, BSN   as well as between clinical, clerical and administrative functions. All of the key players will have
    Director of Clinical Services   access to the latest information. A year from now we won’t know how we got along without it.”
    Mary M. Temple, CFRE                We see the move to POC technology as a vital step in keeping VNA of Erie County
    Director of Development
                                    strong, efficient, and an important, independent provider of home health care and hospice
    Debra Tower                     services to the community. POC technology will position VNA to meet new challenges facing
    Executive Secretary
                                    our second century of service.

                               Thinking about Hospice?
            Hospice is a compassionate, patient-centered approach to medical care and support for people at the
 end of life and their families. It is care focused on maintaining dignity, increasing quality of life, and providing comfort,
       including pain and symptom control. Hospice recognizes that every person’s experience will be different.
       It is the mission of hospice staff to walk side-by-side with patients and offer support, not only for any physical
    symptoms, but for emotional and spiritual needs as well. This support extends to family members and caregivers,
                  as hospice helps them cope with their own unique emotional and spiritual concerns.
               Are you, a family member or friend residing in Erie County, PA, facing an end-of-life situation?
          Are you looking for hospice information for yourself or someone you care about? Find out if hospice
                   is the answer for your loved one or yourself by answering these simple questions...

Have you or your loved one...
1. Started needing help from others with two or more             5. Started taking medication to lessen physical pain?
of the following:                                                                                           Yes ! No !
a. Bathing                 Yes ! No !                            6. Started spending most of the day in a chair or bed?
b. Dressing                Yes ! No !                                                                       Yes ! No !
c. Getting out of bed Yes ! No !                                 7. Fallen several times over the past six months?
d. Walking                 Yes ! No !                                                                       Yes ! No !
e. Eating                  Yes ! No !                            8. Experienced unexplained weight loss so that clothes
2. Started feeling weaker or more tired? Yes ! No !                  are noticeably looser?                 Yes ! No !
3. Been hospitalized or gone to the emergency room               9. Noticed a shortness of breath, even while resting?
     several times in the past six months? Yes ! No !                                                       Yes ! No !
4. Been making more frequent phone calls to                      10. Been told by a doctor that life expectancy is limited?
     your physician?                       Yes ! No !                                                       Yes ! No !

  If you have answered YES to any of these questions, there’s a good chance that hospice is the right answer for you
    or your loved one... and VNA Hospice can help. Contact VNA Hospice at 814-454-2831 or 1-800-441-6821.

                                                  MacDonald Presents
                                                     VNA Hospice Coordinator, Susan MacDonald, RN, OCN, CHPN,
                                                  was a presenter at the 2007 Housing Services Conference, “Exceeding
                                                  Expectations,” sponsored by the PA Housing Finance Agency in State
                                                  College June 27 – 29. MacDonald addressed “Keeping up with Medi-
                                                  care,” including the changes in Part D, the Hospice Benefit, how to
                                                  access hospice services, and recognizing the appropriate time to tap
                                                  into hospice services.
                                                     Susie is Past President/Board member, Pennsylvania Hospice
                                                  Network. She joined VNA as a hospice nurse in 1995, and has served
                                                  as VNA Hospice Coordinator since 1996. In her present position,
                                                  MacDonald is responsible for the supervision of direct patient care
                                                  services and for the interdisciplinary team of the VNA Hospice pro-
  VNA Hospice Medical Director Dorothy            gram. She plans, coordinates and supervises the delivery of care to
Candib, MD, (left) and Hospice Coordinator,
      Susie MacDonald, RN, CHPN.                  Hospice patients and families. She was previously a radiation oncology
                                                  nurse clinician and staff nurse at Northwest Medical Center for Cancer
                                                  Care in Franklin, PA.
                                                     MacDonald received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from
                                                  Slippery Rock University and an associate degree in nursing from
                                                  Clarion University. She has received sub-specialty certifications in
                                                  hospice and oncology nursing.

    HONOR ROLL OF CONTRIBUTORS                                                                                     REGINA CHROMIK
                                                                                                                   Richard Chromik
                                                                                                                   Grace Huntt
The Board of Trustees, administration and staff of the Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County
wish to extend appreciation to all those who have contributed since the last newsletter. Each gift                 PEARL CICERO
                                                                                                                   Raymond Cicero
helps to make home health and hospice care possible for all in need, regardless of the ability to
pay. We thank those who have so generously contributed, as well as those families who requested                    LOU ANN COMER
                                                                                                                   Ruth E. Russell
that donations be made to the VNA in memory of their loved ones.
                                                                                                                   MARILYN MAE CULVER
If we have inadvertently omitted any donor, we offer our apologies and request that you call the                   Tad David Culver
Development Office (814-454-2831) to verify our record of your gift. Those memorials and                           BARBARA FALLER DELEHUNT
contributions received from January 1 through June 30, 2007 are as follows:                                        Mary Frances Baumann
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bloomstine
                                                                                                                   Mrs. L. Tim Brugger
                                         FRED BRINCHI                         Greater Erie Community               Mr. & Mrs. David Cooney

       IN HONOR OF                       Ed Brinchi & Family                     Action Committee
                                                                              Vivian Lethaby
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dailey
                                                                                                                   Kathy and Dom Debello
                                         CARL BROWN                           Louise, Ingrid and Doris Peterson    Maxine Dorman
JEAN KENNEDY KECK                        William “Bill” Blakeslee             David & Karen Pryber                 Rebecca M. Dorman
  Lyman & Marylin Cohen                  Concord Ridge Farm                   Maxine Reinsel, Francis Kuhn,        Ethel G. Dwyer
                                         Janet & Mike Edwards                    Ronnie, & Ed Bartoszek            Beth C. Ebach
DORIS SEACHRIST                          Kristin and Don Galloway             John and Karen Warus                 Robert Ebach
  Vincent & Christina Cannata Family     Barb, Michael & Matthew Giglotti                                          Ellwood City Forge
                                         Glenn Funeral Home                   KENNETH B. CARLSON                   Joan Luciano Fels
JUSTINE E. SHARPLES                      Hardwoods of Morganton, Inc.         Joe Bedsole                          Robert Gallo
                                         Richard and Elaine Hasbrouck         Gene and Marco Ann Behrens           Betty N. Herget
MR. & MRS. M.E. WECKERLY                 Nancy and Jon Ingersoll              Bob Noel Agency                      Marie Hlifka
Florence Narusewicz                      Sue A. Kafferlin                     Ed & Marlene Borenstein              David and Patricia Holland
                                         Dennis and Mary Ann Little           Don and Sheila Brooks                Susan E. Lutsch
                                         Douglas A. Loesel                    Frank and Adele Congelio             Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lutsch
      IN MEMORY OF                       George and Suzanne Loesel
                                         Mick Brothers Lumber
                                                                              Ellis Insurance Agency, Inc.
                                                                              Duane and Toni Farrington
                                                                                                                   Patrick and Christine McDermott
                                                                                                                   Charlotte P. Niewolak
                                         John and Karen Pearson               Christine Gump                       Norris Company Real Estate
PHILLIP AMBROSE                          Kim Proper & Friends                 Larry Hoak, CLU, CPCU, ChFC          Mr. & Mrs. David Richards
Holy Name Society                        Mark Silka & Heidi Beezub            John F. Sules Agency, Inc.           Tom & Kris Scarpitti
Mary C. Imboden                          Roger and Sally Smith                Gregory & Michelene Martin           Mary G. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Kujan                Mr. & Mrs. William E. Thompson       Lee and Sharron Maxwell              Wednesday Morning Group
Pat & John Timon                         Mervin Troyer & Lisa Blank           Judith E. Miller
                                         Mr. & Mrs. Norman G. Troyer          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Murzynski         LOIS A. DELUCIA
NATALIE BARTHELSON-CRAGO                 Trux, Inc.                           Julia and Robert Muscott             Linda S. Cook
Linda Ace                                                                     Stanley R. Ommen
Loretta R. Baran                         JUDY BROWN                           Anthony and Christine Pol            KATHERINE DURKIN
Bruce and Gail Boyce                     Mrs. Sidney Brown                    Raymond C. Pollock                   Dianne Bernard
John and Susie Edler                                                          Nick and Marisa Ricchiuti & Family   Richard & Patricia Heasley
Sue Liebau                               CONCETTA BUFFALARI                   Elizabeth Ridder
Pete & Carol Lubowicki                   Alphonse Buffalari                   Mary A. Schmidt                      MRS. NAT EDWARDS
Jill Lutton                                                                   State Farm Insurance Companies       Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Meehl
Frank & Carole Petrungar                 RUTH BURNS                           Deborah and Jake Traskell
                                         Raymond E. Burns                                                          ELAINE FELLOWS
DR. BARNABAS BERESKY                     Cindy Dunn                           MARY ANN CHAFFEE                     Gerald S. Salsbury Bldg
Robert J. Adler                          Nancy Leube                          Donald Chaffee
Carol & Kent Bright                                                                                                BEVERLY BECK FISCHBERG
Dr. William W. Cohen                     BETTY CALHOUN                        ANDREW CHRISTENSEN                   Mildred and Louis Beck
Mildred P. Figurski                      Bliley Technologies, Inc.            Sigrid D. Christensen
Amy and Don McNeill                      GECAC Drug & Alcohol Division                                             MR. & MRS. B.M. FISCHLE & SON,
Maggie Williams                                                                                                       RICHARD
Ronald J. Wurst & Elizabeth M. Hall                                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Joy

VICTOR BERTI                                                                                                       CAROL FISHER
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Anderson & Family                                                                             Ronald J. Wurst & Elizabeth M. Hall
Beth Berti & Family
Bruce & Pattie Sullivan &                                                                                          BERNARD FITCH
   Pauline & Louis Berti                                                                                           Donald L. Bevelacqua
Jennie Berti
Claire and Clifford Hill                                                                                           MARY MEAD FLANAGAN
Joyce McGhee & Mark Howell                                                                                         Wendy* and Chuck Weber
Brenda Corbett & Wally Kanonczyk
Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Karpik                                                                                        DEBORAH FLANNERYS
Jay and Judy Lynch                                                                                                 Ruth Morgan
Ron & Kathy Nietupski
Virge and Den O’Donnell                                                                                            MARYBELLE FOX
                                                                                                                   Jack L. Fox
Doris Brown                                                                                                        ROBERT FULLER
Robert & Nancy Dailey                                                                                              Mary Bensur

DAVID BOWES                                                                                                        MARK GALLAGHER
Robert and Nancy Dailey                                                                                            Peggy Baker
                                                                                                                   Christopher and Patricia Bloomstine
FRANK BOYER                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. William Bloomstine
William J. Heard                                                                                                   Frances Casey
Sybil M. Janes                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. David Chrzanowski
Janet M. Jones                                                                                                     Bonnie H. Clark
William W. and Anna May Rose                 VNA Volunteers attended a summer gathering held at the home of        Mr. & Mrs. John Danowski
Rod L. Troester                                                                                                    Edward DiMattio
Florence M. Vigorito
                                            Luetta Gross. Seated, left to right are: Marge Dunham, Marge Davis,    Erie Insurance Group
Helen M. Walchack                            Luetta Gross, Jan Tower and Volunteer Coordinator Jean Kennedy        Mary C. Fleming
                                               Keck. Standing, Laura Konen, Pearlie Spicer, Lenore Mulcahy,        Mr. & Mrs. Jack Greene
VIOLA BRENNAN                                       VNA Business Development Director Ginny Bartone,               Richard and Elaine Hamilton
Winnie & Terry Gardner                                                                                             Julie & Mark Hartmann
                                                           Evelyn Coleman and Herta Danowski.                      Chuck & Lisa Jenkins

Vitus and Mary Ann Kaiser                                                                                            EILEEN LEPICH
Maureen L. Luchs                                                                                                     Janine Berlin
Lynne Miller                                                                                                         Dick & Lynn Bowen
R.A. Orlando, Realtor                                                                                                David P. Condon
Mary M. Reinsel                                                                                                      Atty. Frederick J. Condon
Scenery Hill Condominium Assoc.                                                                                      Jeffrey and Lisa Condon
Atty. & Mrs. Peter Schaaf                                                                                            Patrick and Amanda Condon
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Scutella                                                                                       Elizabeth E. Cooper
Robert & Mary M. Scypinski                                                                                           Kim and Stephen Cullen
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Zambroski                                                                                         Sandi Drkulec
                                                                                                                     Pat and Nancy Dunn
STANLEY J. GRANDY                                                                                                    Fairview Township Supervisors
Gloria Grandy                                                                                                        First National Bank of Pennsylvania-
                                                                                                                     North Region
MARIANNE E. GRISWOLD                                                                                                 Bonnie Foss
Jane Babbitt                                                                                                         Richard & Linda Graziani
Marjorie Blass                                                                                                       Lisa Hall
Natalie Hall Chisholm                                                                                                Rich, Colleen, Erin, Katie, Matthew and
James A. Currie, Jr.                                                                                                 Jack Hendrzak
Lois and George Gordon                                                                                               Carrie and Ed Hershberger
Louise and Doug Hewitt                                                                                               June and Bob Hetz
Lois S. Mayer                                                                                                        Blanche & Ben Hill
Elizabeth M. Miller                                                                                                  Richard & Mary Holliday
Susan VanCleve Riehl                                                                                                 Mary C. Imboden
Lillian L. Seifreit                  Ron and Linda Palombi family and friends organized the Third Annual             Maggi Jairdullo
Kathleen G. Spafford                 No-Tap Bowling Tournament in memory of their daughter, Lisa Palombi             Bill and Jean Joseph
                                                                                                                     Mollie A. King
                                  Woodruff. Held on February 11 at Eastland Bowl, the tournament netted over         Mark and Joyce Kulyk
Bill & Judy Carlson               $5,000 to benefit VNA Hospice Services of Erie County. At a luncheon held          Frank & Laura Liebel
Gene & Jeanne Conn                 in their honor, the Palombi Bowling Committee made their presentation to          Mary Sue Mantarro
Michele Earll                       VNA officials. In photo, front row, l to r: Darlene Spitzer, Jean Graziano,      Julie Maren
Linda Henson                                                                                                         Gaby Morlett
George & Columbia Vlahos
                                  Grace Watson. 2nd row: Mary Tighe, Linda Palombi, Ron Palombi, Carmel              Rosemary & Joe Murphey
Mary & Joe Winkler                  Campanelli. 3rd row: VNA Hospice Coordinator Susan MacDonald, RN,                David O’Brien
                                         CHPN, Audrey Mrzowski, Lisa Woodruff’s son, John Woodruff                   Amy Rivituso
JEAN HALLER                                     and VNA Executive Director James Jaruszewicz.                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rohrbach
Mr. & Mrs. George Kolbacher                                                                                          Steven and Carrie Rudow
                                                                                                                     Barbara Saheb
                                                                                                                     Ray and Rose Sarney and Barbara Welson
                                                                            PAULINE JOHNSON                          Juliana Semple*
                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Walker              Lila J. Severin
                                                                                                                     Monica M. Singer and Family
                                                                            RUTH KEELER                              Robyn F. Sippel
                                                                            John Abbate                              Frank and Joanne Smith
                                                                            Dolores M. Tully                         Allen & Laura Sondej
                                                                                                                     Sharon Sullivan and Friends
                                                                            ESTHER KERR                              Richard & Maxine Szparaga
                                                                            Robert M. Nosko                          Lois Teufel
                                                                                                                     J.T. Timon
                                                                            FRANCES KLEINER                          Pat & John Timon
                                                                            Anonymous                                Tom and Rita Timon
                                                                            Clarence Gilson & Sandra Gunesch         Jim, Nicole & Kaci Wiater
                                                                                                                     Beth Wisniewski
                                                                            WILLIAM K. KNAUSS                        Alice M. Wuenschel
                                                                            Marie Boice
                                                                                                                     FRED LICHTENWALTER
                                                                            MARJORIE “PEGGY” KRILL                   Gannon University
                                                                            William E. Krill                         Mary Lichtenwalter
                                                                                                                     Patrick Scoggin Family
                                                                            JEAN KUHN-WISE                           Turner Construction Company
                                                                            M. Joseph Kuhn & Kimberly S. Myers
                                                                                                                     GRACE E. LOGAN
                                                                            ARTHUR N. KUNEMAN                        Jeanne Bender
                                                                            Robert A. Adams                          Marlene A. Sienkiewicz
                                                                            Doug and Adele Bethune
  VNA staff welcomed guests at the Family & Friends Picnic in July.         The Rietter Family and Helen Lynde       EMIL MICHAEL MAGDIK
      From left, Medical Social Worker Denise Iavarone and                  Rich & Harriet Mirilovich                R.T. Dailey & Emily Dailey Clay
                                                                            Richard & Renee Mirilovich
          Home Health Aides Kathy Love and Linda Imler.                                                              MARY MAHER
                                                                            ALICE KUZMA                              Sam and Bill Bowen
                                                                            William & Helen Bonnett                  Nick & Chris Iwig
ANNA B. HANSEN                        Ed and Janet Grunzel                  Mary V. Bowen                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Palmer
Nevada Swailes                        Jennie Hicks                          Sandra E. Brindle                        Sportsmen’s Athletic Club
                                      Lake Erie Enterprises                 Debbie & Dave Carter
SAMUEL HARCOURT                       Dave and Karen Mead                   Kathleen J. Dandoy
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Bush and Karl        Michael Nesbella Family               Kathryn E. Graves

                                                                                                                 2006 in Review
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Koster              Nancy M. Sauers, D.M.D.               Norma Hanisek
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Maxon                Ralph and Charlotte Schultz           Nancy S. Kershaw
Laurie and Matt Nelson                Audrey and A.J. Thomas                Mr. & Mrs. Doug Lowry
                                                                            Allen & Barbara McCall               Last year, VNA of Erie County
THELMA HECKER                         MICHAEL HOFFMAN                       J.A. Miller                          provided:
Eugene Hecker                         John and Sally Balkovic               Linda J. Osterberg
                                                                            Matt Pipich & Kathy D’Aurora           • 9,905 skilled nursing visits
G. EUGENE HEIPLE                      DANE HOGAN                            Joe and Linda Pitts
Alberta H. Heiple                     Robert & Nancy Dailey                 Vivian Rhoades
                                                                                                                   • 7,273 therapy visits
                                                                            Larry & Marcia Russell                 • 1,141 home health aide visits
MARIE HESBURN                         SCOTT HOVER                           Bob & Val Sisson
Juanita Thompson                      Catherine I. Green & Family           Larry Sisson                           • 9,496 Hospice visits
                                                                            Florence V. Sorenson                 Our clinicians drove over 260,000
DR. JACK HICKS                        EDWARD T. HUDY                        Dorthy E. Super
George and Phyllis Chitester          Marilyn Hudy                          Lois Teufel                          miles to serve 1,360 home care
John and Joanne Cook & Family
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Enterline        ANTHONY IZBICKI                       MARY E. KUZMA
                                                                                                                 and hospice patients.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Glass           Mary M. Temple                        Dr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Kuzma

FRED MANNA                       Mary E. Traczenski                                                                CASIMIR STASZEWSKI
Julia Manna                      United Methodist Women                                                            First National Bank
                                 Rebecca A. Widdecombe                                                             Alice Kenton and Family
GEORGE MCCALEB                   Beverly J. Widdowson                                                              JoAnn Stager
Jill & Dane Charlton             Mr. & Mrs. Clarence
                                 Widdowson                                                                         RAY STEINBAUGH
CLARA MCCRACKEN                                                                                                    Stella R. Steinbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Don Wonderly          JANET RICE
                                 Joyce A. Sayers                                                                   RUDOLPH STIFTINGER
THOMAS MCFARLAND                                                                                                   Peggy Baker
Margaret McFarland               NANCY RICHARDSON                                                                  Louise Becker
                                 Doris Pierce                                                                      Joan T. Collins
BEATRICE MCNAMARA                Wayne Pierce                                                                      Bob and Anne Conroe
Clinton G. Gerlach, Trustee                                                                                        Jack and Charlotte Daubert
Colleen Hammon                   SHIRLEY RIEBEL                                                                    Buddy & Rhonda Guerino
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Knox           Edwin Riebel                                                                      Chris Moretti Family
Brian D. Lake                                                                                                      Sheryl Sanctis
Jeanne and Larry Loehrke         RALPH E. RIEHL, JR.                                                               Joseph and Barbara Schmidt
John, Charlene, John, Jr.,       Dr. & Mrs. William                                                                Val & Pat Wingrove
   Chris and Patricia Roth       Makarowski
Jerome J. Swabb                                                                                                    JEANINE STRAESSLEY
Frank and Betsy Ulf              JON ROTHSTEIN                    Winners of the VNA Staff Chili Cook Off          William J. Straessley
John and Cathy Vincent           Linda Rothstein
                                                                  held in March were First Place, Medical          HELEN SULEWSKI
WILLIAM JAMES MESTER             EDWIN ROWAND                     Social Worker Sam Harakal, LSW, with             Marjorie J. Hill
Richard A. Mester                Mike and Lynne Bailey            Second Place honors going to Hospice
                                 Sue and Bob Bajoras              Nurse Carrie Wyten, RN, MSN, CHPN.               ROBERT J. SUMMERS
CHESTER MICKEL                   Larry and Chris Bell                                                              Gloria N. Summers
Stella R. Steinbaugh             Thomas R. Biebel
                                 Tom and Kim Byerly                                                                MARGARET “PEGGY” TARR
ROBERT MICKEL                    Richard & Ann Cavallero                  NANCY SERENE                             Ottilie Glazier
Stella R. Steinbaugh             Don and Carol Climpson                   Larry Serene & Sons                      Al and Joan Nathal
                                 Madeline R. Corwin
DOROTHY MILLIREN                 Alice F. Cost                            CECELIA SERENO                           LAWRENCE E. THOMPSON, SR
Thomas Milliren                  Marcie and Tom Davis                     Family o f Ceil Sereno                   Juanita Thompson
                                 Steve and Julie Davis                    Peggy Johnson Shoskin
FRANCES MONIEWSKI                Gary and Lynn Delio                                                               PAULINE TOME
Emma Fearn                       Mike and Lisa Filipski                   ROBERT SHARPLES, SR.                     Samuel E. Tome
                                 Joseph & Diane Formanski                 Justine E. Sharples
DENNIS MOONEY                    Robert E. Freaney, Ret.                                                           CONRAD TRUITT
David and June Arneman           Evelyn Garofalo                          THOMAS SHARPLES                          Grace B. Truitt
Linda A. Baacke                  Hamot Medical Center                     Justine E. Sharples
Michael Blessel                     Nursing Supervisors                                                            KEITH TURNER
Dorothy Brooks                   Dick and Pat Hitchcock                   JANE SITLER                              David & Karen Nelson
Kathleen & Paul Carr             John J. Hromyak                          Robert Sitler
Susan Cuffin                     Mark and Sandy Jordano                                                            FREDA WALKER
D.G. & J.A. Diehl                David and Mary Kay Kalivoda              WALTER SMITH                             William & Robin Bessire
Grant D. Duffield                Evelyn Lynch Kiehlmeier                  Joe & Denise Ceresa                      Bob & Luella Cochran
Jeffery Feld                     Joseph A. Kiehlmeier                     Erie County Dept. of Human Services      Steve & Jane Hetz
Joyce Foht                       Mary Ann Kiehlmeier                      Helen A. Kowalski                        Lake County Law Library
Teri Forner                      Ed and Dee Korytowski                    Mary D. Pfadt                            Kay & Ed Redmond
Thelma C. Gunter                 Jeannie and Keith Kruger                 Henry L. Schultz, Jr.
Ya-Fei Hsu                       Louise M. Lang                           Laure Smith                              EMMA WALTERS
LeRoy & Roberta Lawrence         Randy and Stacey Lorei                                                            Helen L. Snyder
PHB, Inc.                        Rosemarie MacLauchlan                    RAYMOND STADLER
Helen Poker                      Mary C. McCarthy                         “The Condo”                              BILL WEAVER
Pat & Al Redding & Family        Patty and Tom McClintock                 Susan DaLoise                            MEC Gift Fund
David J. Rocco                   Mr. & Mrs. John McSweeney                Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Dept.
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Tanner          Millie and John Molitoriss               Marge and Jim Kashak                     HERBERT WERTZ
Paul & Peggy Taylor              Thomas Motsch                            Thomas and Robin Nagy                    Marilyn Wertz
Agnes G. Trott                   Catherine K. Owens                       Joan Sanner
                                 Jean and Bill Press                      Smith Meters, Don Stadler Co-Workers     R. BENJAMIN WILEY
JOAN (DOROTHY) PORTER MORTON     Janet Gruber and John Saraceno           Rosemary Stadler                         Greater Erie Community Action
Marilyn B. Bush                  John and Marty Schell                                                             Committee
John & Sue Guianen               Robert Sornberger
A.G. and Mary Patricia Neubert   Mike, Mary, Michael Sparks &                                                      JAMES WILKINSON
Wendy* and Chuck Weber              Marge Dennen                                                                   Darleen Wilkinson
                                 St. Vincent Health Center
GEORGE M. MUTCH                     Labor & Delivery                                                               BETTY WILLOVER
Joyce A. Sayers                  Ann Rae Suwak                                                                     Judy Brown
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Vorp                                                         Kay Carringer
LILLIAN NAVECKY                  Larry Wood                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Bill Harvey
Allan, Diane and Allan Navecky   Elizabeth D. Wurzer                                                               Mr. & Mrs. John Kleiner
                                                                                                                   Patti Leipheimer
WILLIAM O’LONE                   SHARON ANN ROWE                                                                   Loomis Co. Employees
Dennis & Lora O’Lone             Local 2374                                                                        Pamela Nemenz
                                                                                                                   Maryann Piscitelli
MARCIA PIEPER                    REGINA ROZANSKI                                                                   Process and Data Automation, Inc.
William & Robin Bessire          Richard Rozanski                                                                  School District of the City of Erie, PA
Kathryn Bible                                                                                                      Dennis and Victoria Smith
Marilyn Davis & Jerry Cochran    WILLIAM RUSSELL                                                                   Norma Weber
Ralph & Genoveva Cochran         Ruth E. Russell                                                                   Susan T. Zimmerman
Erie Bearings Co. Employees
ERIEZ Manufacturing              ANTHONY H. SAMOL                                                                  DIANE WOCHNER
Mary Lou Lacek & Neil Aldin      Anthony M. Samol                                                                  Mary Bensur
Harriet Lapp
Robert and Susan Lara            WILLIAM SAYERS                                                                    J. RUSSELL WRIGHT
Barbara Litz                     Joyce A. Sayers                                                                   Judy and Bill Bentley
Jeanne M. Pacansky                                                  Executive Director Jim Jaruszewicz             Liberty Electronics, Inc.
Beverley I. Phillips             DONALD SCHMITT                                                                    Bryan, Dawn, & Ian Rawa
Pieper Family                    Mary Conway
                                                                     presented the “Champion’s Award”              Loretta M. Rawa
Joanna L. Scalzo                                                    to Mark Moya for his winning series            Spectrum Control Employees
Florence V. Sorenson             RICHARD SEACHRIST                  at the Third Annual No-Tap Bowling             Mr. & Mrs. James Weber
Mike & Roberta Starks            Vincent & Christina Cannata        Tournament in February. Mark is the
Jeanine Timon                       Family                                                                         JUDY ZIPP
                                                                      son of VNA Quality Improvement               Lisa* & Ramon Watkins
6                                                                        nurse Barbara Moya, RN.
                                                                                                                      Marge Dunham

                  Volunteers Needed                                          MEMBERSHIP GIFTS
                                                                                                                         In memory of Howard Dunham
                                                                                                                      Winifred M. Eakin
                                                                                                                         In memory of Glenn E. Eakin
          Do you have office skills? Can you type, file,                          January 1 – June 30, 2007           Dr. & Mrs. John J. Eckberg
     use a computer, copier and fax? Are you familiar with                                                            Jeanette Edinger
                                                                            Julie and Bill Adair                      Helen Faller
        word processing programs such as MS Word or                         Raychel L. Adiutori                       Dorothy Floros
                                                                                In memory of Julio Valerio               In memory of William G. Floros
     Corel WordPerfect? Are you interested in volunteering                  Joanne Ainsworth                          Jack L. Fox
     some time in the VNA office? You don’t need to have                    Irene G. Allison                             In memory of Marybelle Fox
                                                                            Mary W. Ames                              Robert P. Frenzel
      all of these skills, but if you’ve always wanted to do                    In memory of Robert H. Ames           Janet Frontino
                                                                            Mary H. Andrews                              In memory of James Frontino
     something for VNA or VNA Hospice, this may be just                         In memory of Lewis Andrews            Eleanor Fuhrer
        right for you. Please call Jean Kennedy Keck at                     George Aulenbacher                           In memory of Sharon Gardner
                                                                            William R. Austin                         Dr. William P. Garvey
           454-2831 for details and further information.                        In memory of Harriet Austin              In memory of Kathryn Barber
                                                                            Sara A. Barrett                           Rose M. George
                                                                                In memory of Urban S. Barrett            In memory of Pondy George
                                                                            Marion Bartnik                            Carol Gettinger
                                     Mr. & Mrs. John Kotyuk                     In memory of Mary L. Bartnik          Sandy & Rick Gnacinski
                                     M. Joseph Kuhn & Kimberly S. Myers     Peter & Mary Bates                           In memory of Ruth & Ray Glaspell
   CONTRIBUTIONS                     Betty R. Kulyk
                                     LeRoy Lewis
                                                                            Helen R. Bauer
                                                                            Mildred and Louis Beck
                                                                                                                         In memory of Stanley Gnacinski

 Unrestricted Gifts to the VNA       Beverly Lewis-Carpin                       In memory of
                                                                                Beverly Beck
  January 1 – June 30, 2007          Wayne Lillie
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lutsch                   Fischberg
                                     Florence K. Major                      Sue A. Beck, Esq.
Donald Adams                                                                Joseph Biggie
                                     Julia Manna
Anonymous                                                                       In memory of
                                     Kathleen McShea
Jane Babbitt                                                                    Susan Biggie
                                     Sandra Menzel
Jacqueline A. Baker                                                             Petrocco
                                     Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Adam Barscz                                                                 Wilma J. Blum
                                     Jean Belle Mertens
Mildred and Louis Beck                                                          In memory of
                                     Mary M. Moon
Sue A. Beck, Esq.                                                               Burton Blum
                                     National Fuel Gas Company Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brabender                                                 Evelyn Boleratz
                                     Edmund A. Nowicki
Joseph Cherico                                                              Gertrude Bonini
                                     Helen Orlemanski
Richard Chromik                                                             Howard & Rose Bovee
                                     William P. Palmer
Church of the Cross                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert
                                     Lisa Marie Palombi Woodruff Memorial
Diane Coffman                                                                   Brabender
                                        Bowling Tournament
Lyman & Marylin Cohen                                                       William Brandon
                                     Jennie Pazdziesz
Raquel Cross                                                                Lillian Briody
                                     Penn State Cooperative Extension
Josephine H. Czajka                                                             In memory of
                                     The Perry Family
William Devlin                                                                  Charles Briody
                                     Frank Pruveadenti
Thomas A. Drake                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Richard
                                     Edna Rennie
Robert P. Frenzel                                                               Brooks
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Wesley L. Reynolds
Catherine & John Gallagher                                                      In memory of
                                     Sonya Robison
GE Elfun Project                                                                Dolores Brandon
                                     Sacred Heart Golden Hearts
GE Foundation                                                               Sidney Brown
                                     Lori L. Sala*                                                           VNA Hospice nurses convene at a weekly
Antonio I. German, MD*                                                          In memory of
                                     Domenic & Sandra Sette
Chet Giermak
                                     Justine E. Sharples                        Judy Brown              Hospice Team meeting: left to right, Betty Wadeck,
Beverly Gittrich                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Paul D.                     RN, and Beth Terrella, RN.
                                     M. Anne Shenk*
Michael J. Gormley                                                              Brugger
                                     Kathleen A. Slubowski
Dorothy D. Griswold                                                         Tim & Laurie Brugger
                                     Frances Stiftinger
Marianne E. Griswold                                                        Alphonse Buffalari
                                     William J. Straessley                                                             Lilly Goldstein
Nina Grumblatt                                                                  In memory of Concetta Buffalari
                                     Jane Taylor                                                                           In memory of my family lost
Elnora S. Hanson                                                            Clara Butkowski
                                     Juanita Thompson                                                                      in the Holocaust in 1944
Emme W. Hawn                                                                    In memory of Henry Butkowski
                                     Cindy Toland                                                                      Elaine Grettler
L. Joyce Heinzelman                                                         Charles H. Campagne
                                     Joseph F. Villella                                                                Mary Alice Hammond
Geraldine (Jane) Hilbrich                                                   Remle H. Cann
                                     Geraldine Wakeley                                                                     In memory of Therese Pier
Fred Housman                                                                    In memory of Edna & Elmer Hess
                                     Waterford Lioness Club                                                            Elnora S. Hanson
David Hume                                                                  Frances Casey
                                     Woman’s Club of Erie                                                                  In memory of Leroy O. Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kern                                                           In memory of Thomas Casey
                                     Helen Zawistowski                                                                 Maxine Harvey
                                                                            Charles Catalde                            Richard & Patricia Heasley
                                                                                In memory of Julia Catalde                 In memory of John & Mildred Barber
                                                                            Donald Chaffee                             Eugene Hecker
                                                                            Richard Chromik                                In memory of Thelma Hecker
                                                                                In memory of Regina Chromik            Dorothy E. Heintz
                                                                            Raymond Cicero                                 In memory of the
                                                                                In memory of Pearl Cicero                  Heintz & Wozniak Families
                                                                            Lyman & Marylin Cohen                      L. Joyce Heinzelman
                                                                            Congregation of the Divine Spirit          Irene Henderson
                                                                            Linda S. Cook                              Howard H. Hennell
                                                                                In memory of Marjorie Shaffer          Dorothea Higgins
                                                                            Carolyn M. Crawford                            In memory of Joanne Whitehill Smith
                                                                                In memory of Katrina Woodworth         David Hume
                                                                            Tad David Culver                               In memory of Shirley Hume
                                                                                In memory of Marilyn Mae Culver        Orienta Iesue
                                                                            Rr. Adm. Charles Curtze, Ret.                  In memory of Joseph Iesue
                                                                            Herta Danowski                             Mary C. Imboden
                                                                            Kenneth D. Darr                            Frances Johnson
                                                                                In memory of C. Virginia Darr              In memory of Meredith S. Johnson
                                                                            Aris Davis                                 Karen Johnson
                                                                            Janice Davis                                   In memory of Brenda Johnson,
                                                                                In memory of Donald Davis                  Steven Johnson, David Johnson &
                                                                            Donald R. DeNardo                          David W. Johnson, Sr.
                                                                                In memory of the Deceased Members      Jane Joslin
                                                                                of the DeNardo & Belinski Families         In memory of Francis Joslin
                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. James DeSantis                  Elena R. Kardos
                                                                                In memory of Lillian DeSantis              In honor of VNA Help
      Our Home Health Aides proudly wear new VNA logo shirts.               LaWanda Dominik                            Henry Katzwinkel
    Seated are Kathy Love and Loretta Swanson. Standing left to right           In memory of Dimitri T. Dominik        Herb & Dave Kern
     are: Judy Price, Carol Albertson, Linda Imler and Sue Barton.          Stanley Donikowski                             In memory of Sally Kern
                                                                                In memory of Robert B. Davis           Mary Alice Kern

                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. John Pace                      Roger Mushrush & Rogena Zelinski
                                                                             William P. Palmer                      Dan & Mary Ann Tempestini
                                                                                In memory of Sandra Tressler           In memory of Joseph Barabas, Jr.
                                                                             Mary Papanikos                         Juanita Thompson
                                                                             Jennie Pazdziesz                          In memory of Marie Hesburn &
                                                                             Robert Peterson                        Lawrence E. Thompson, Sr.
                                                                             Gary Popson                            Janice A. Totleben
                                                                             Edward Pryber                          John & Yvonne Trettel
                                                                                In memory of Ann Marie Pryber       Mr. & Mrs. Norman G. Troyer
                                                                             Kenneth L. Pyle                        Grace B. Truitt
                                                                                In memory of Nancy A. Pyle             In memory of Conrad Truitt
                                                                             Margaret Reed                          Audrey W. Twiss
                                                                                In honor of VNA Help                   In memory of Pearl Welther
                                                                             Joe & Carol Restifo                    Charles Ventrello
                                                                             Robert P. Rhodes, PhD*                 Clara Waskiewicz
                                                                             Christine Rice                            In memory of Walter Waskiewicz
                                                                                In memory of Frances Keith          Mildred Weber
                                                                             Laura J. Richardson                       In memory of James Weber
                                                                                In memory of Rebecca Richardson     Wendy* and Chuck Weber
                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Rogala            Barbara Wenner
                                                                             Molly Rogowski                            In memory of Walter White
                                                                                In memory of Richard Rogowski       Doris & Bernard A. Wheaton
                                                                             Richard Rozanski                          In memory of the McGrath Family
                                                                                In memory of Regina Rozanski        Clair & Bernice Whippo
                                                                             Patrice M. Rushe, RN*                  Robert Wingerter
                                                                             Matthew S. Rutkowski                      In memory of Anne C. Wingerter
                                                                                In honor of Anna Rutkowski          Joan Wohlgemuth
                                                                             Shirley & Harold Sack                  Paul K. Wojcik*
                                                                                In memory of Harold “Kip” Sack      Susan Zanco
    VNA Volunteers enjoyed the Friends & Family picnic. Left to right,       Lori L. Sala*                             In memory of Ida Schneider
    Pearlie Spicer, Lenore Mulcahy, Luetta Gross and Aldene Olson.           Joyce A. Sayers                        Robert* & Winnie Zanotti
                                                                                In memory of George M. Mutch,
                                                                                Janet Rice & William Sayers
Paul Knickerbocker                       In memory of Edmund W. Mehler       Janet Schlabach
Susie Knupp                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Menosky                In memory of Gen Albertson
   In memory of John William Knupp    Sandra Menzel                          Norman Schwab
Marietta B. Knuth                     Merck Partnership for Giving              In memory of Caroline Schwab
Debra J. Kubinski, PhD*               Merle Wood Funeral Home                Domenic & Sandra Sette
Mark J. Kuhar, Esq.*                  Jean Belle Mertens                        In memory of Dorothy Notarione
Martha E. Lamb                           In memory o fJohn Robert Mertens    Geraldine B. Shafer
   In memory of Lewis L. Lamb         Richard A. Mester                         In memory of John Shafer
J. Robert Lee                            In memory of William James Mester   Justine E. Sharples
   In memory of Irma Lee              A.J. Miceli                               In memory of Robert Sharples, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Leslie, Jr.         In memory of Joanna Stapleton       Anne Shenk*
Howard & Jane Levin                   Wilma E. Miller                        Lois Shreve
Mary S. Lincoln*                         In memory of Raymond Miller            In memory of Russell Shreve
Viola Lintelman                       Mary M. Moon                           Charles Smisko
   In memory of Edith H. Cooney       Jean Moore                                In memory of Gladys Smisko
Margaret Loeb                            In memory of Lloyd t. Moore, Jr.    Ruth M. Smith
Marjorie Long                         Frances Mozdy                             In memory of Edward A. Smith
Audrey Loomis                            In memory of Leo Mozdy              Nancy & Arnold Smrcka
Richard Lubiejewski                   Gordon Sr., Allan,                     Kathleen G. Spafford
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lutsch              Darlene & Nancy Navecky                James A. Steber*
Joan Mainzer                             In memory of Lillian Navecky        David & Cynthia Steinhoff
Florence McFadden                     Agnes Olesky & Family                  William J. Straessley
Mary Kathryn Mehler                      In memory of Edward Olesky             In memory of Jeanine Straessley
                                                                             Thomas Strawbridge
                                                                             Hamilton Strayer                            Adele Thompson enjoyed a
                                                                             Mary Lu Sturm
                                                                                In memory of Ralph Sturm              close encounter with a monarch
                                                                             Heidi F. Sullivan*                        butterfly at Wings of Hope, the
                                                                             Gloria N. Summers                         3rd Annual Memorial Butterfly
                                                                                In memory of Robert J. Summers            Release to benefit VNA
                                                                             Sue Sutto
                                                                             Dr. & Mrs. Leo J. Swantek, Jr.                 Hospice on August 5.
                                                                                In memory of Our Parents
                                                                             Jane Taylor
                                                                                In memory of Frederick Taylor
                                                                             John R. & Ruth Teeple
                                                                                In memory of David Mushrush,

                                                                                       Matching Your Gift
                                                                                         tching Your
                                                                                       Gifts to the VNA of Erie County are matched by many
                                                                                       corporations, locally and nationwide, including GE*.
                                                                                       If your employer (or former employer if you are
                                                                                       retired) has a Matching Gifts Program, please send
                                                                                       us the completed form, available through your
     VNA Rehabilitation therapists gathered for a group photo in new
                                                                                       company’s human resources/administration office.
     VNA logo shirts. Seated left to right are Physical Therapists Joe                 For more information, please call VNA Development
    Przybycien, Jill Henry and Tracy Swiderski. Standing (same order)                  Office at 454-2831.
    are: Occupational Therapists Robert Cooney and Lynn Rockwell-
      Christoph; Phyical Therapists Beth Weindorf and Gary Gross;                      *GE employees or retirees, call 800-305-0669 to have
                      Rehab Coordinator Sue Colvin.                                    your gift to VNA matched by a company contribution.

   Lifetime Members                             Trust Income
Jacqueline A. Baker
                                               January 1 – June 30, 2007              Wishing...
Constance Brereton
Suzanne E. Britton
                                         William M. & Frances G. Schuster Fund
                                            of the Erie Community Foundation               We often hear VNA
Winola Dahle
Dr. & Mrs. George J. D’Angelo
                                         Louise K. Wells Trust of the
                                            Erie Community Foundation
                                                                                      friends say, “I only wish
Susan H. Hagen                                                                        I could make a large gift
Betty R. Kulyk
J. Edward May
                                                  Estate Gifts                        to VNA because of all
Lisa M. Meeder-Turnbull
Mrs. Douglas B. Nagle, Jr.                     January 1 – June 30, 2007              the wonderful care that
Lane Nelson*
David M.* & Janet O’Dessa                Agnes V. Bauer                               I and my family have
Robert P. *& Caroline Rhodes
Betty D. Rose                                                                         received.” Sometimes we
Juliana Semple *
James A. Steber *                              Charitable Gift                        hear, “If I ever win the
Nancy Frank Baldwin Sturtevant
Janice Underhill                                 Annuities                            lottery, VNA will get a big
Stephen Ventrello *                            January 1 – June 30, 2007              ‘chunk’!” We know that people
Robert J. * & Winnie Zanotti
Paul E. Zarenko                          Paul E. Zarenko                              like these generous folks are
                                                                                      thinking of VNA with each gift they
   Tree of Memories                          Wings of Hope,                           make, and we are most grateful for those
        Donors                              Butterfly Release                         thoughts and gifts.
      January 1 – June 30, 2007                January 1 – June 30, 2007
                                                                                           If you think you would like to make a “bigger” gift to
Mr. & Mrs. Marco M. Alberico
Jim and Kim Ragen
                                         Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home, Inc.
                                                                                      VNA, you might consider naming VNA as a beneficiary
Charles & Marion Smith                   Erie Diocesan Cemeteries (Sponsor)           in your will or other estate plan. It’s a simple process. Just
K. Loring Sumner                         James Mullen & Family
Jean Tell                                                                             contact your financial advisor or attorney and indicate
   Tree of Memories                                                                   that you want to assign a specific amount, or a percentage,
                                                Co-Marketing                          to the Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County, located
      January 1 – June 30, 2007                  Sponsors                             at 1305 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16501.
Action Printing & Business Forms, Inc.
                                               January 1 – June 30, 2007
                                                                                           Please let us know of the charitable intent in your
Bel-Aire Clarion Hotel & Conference
                                         BNY Mellon Wealth Management                 estate plan. We will enroll you in our Heritage Guild
                                         National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.                                                  and thank you for being a very special member of
                                         Brugger Home for Funerals
                                         Dial Realty, Inc.                            the VNA family. Contact Mary Temple, VNA Director
 Endowment Donors                        Knox, McLaughlin, Gornall & Sennett, P.C.
                                                                                      of Development, at 454-2831 for more information.
      January 1 – June 30, 2007

Evelyn Coleman                           *Member, VNA Board of Trustees
Timothy & Andrea Hardner

                                         Friends & Family Picnic
                                                              July 10, 2007

              Attending the Agency picnic in                       Madison Schaeffer liked          Custodian Phil Temple helped with grill honors
            Griswold Park were board member                       the balloons at the VNA’s                at the Friends & Family picnic.
            Karen Thomas and her son, Amani.                       Friends & Family picnic.
     Annual Meeting

                                              VNA Hospice
                                              nurse Betty Wadeck
                                              reunited with Mrs.
                                              Grace Truitt whose
                                              late husband was
                                              a VNA Hospice
                                                                         Quality Improvement nurse Sue Quinn, RN, BSN, (left) and
                                                                        Home Care Team Liaison Sandy Hoisington received awards
                                                                        for achieving the distinction of serving VNA for fifteen years.

                                                                                          Help Desk
                                                                                  Technician Sandy
                                                                                        received the
                                                                                   Agency’s 25-year
                                                                                 award for employee

     Receiving 10-year service awards were (left to right): Home Care
     Team Liaison Betty Filley, Director of Development Mary Temple,
          CFRE, and Home Health Aide Carol Albertson, CNA.

                                               Executive Director
                                               Jim Jaruszewicz
                                               presented a 10-year
                                               employee service
                                               award to VNA
                                               Director of Clinical              Achieving the five-year service award were (left to
                                               Services Christine                right): Rehabilitation Coordinator Sue Colvin, PT;
                                               O’Brien, RN, BSN.                  Medical Social Worker, Sam Harakal, LSW; and
                                                                                   Quality Improvement Nurse Lenora Harris, RN.

                                                         Retired VNA Volunteer
                                                           Paul Knickerbocker
                                                         shared memories with
                                                         Volunteer Coordinator
                                                               and Bereavement
                                                       Counselor Jean Kennedy

      May 8, 2007
                                                               Keck, LPC, NCC.

                                                                                                    VNA Volunteers Luetta
3rd Annual                                                                                          Gross (left) and Evelyn
                                                                                                    Coleman shared an
                                                                                                    umbrella and registration

Wings 0f Hope                                                                                       duties.

                                        Butterfly Release

                                                                                                        Ben, grandson of Juliana
                                                                                                     Semple — member of the Board
                                                                                                       of Trustees and Chair of the
 Adrianna Mattocks tenderly                                                                           Butterfly Release — thrilled in
  held a monarch butterfly                                                                           the beauty of the monarchs and
     for a brief moment.                                                                                     butterfly bushes.

 Hundreds joined VNA Hospice in
     remembering loved ones and
                                                                                                       August 5,
releasing 500 monarch butterflies
               in Griswold Park.                                                                           2007
                     Help is Just the Press of a Button Away
  VNA of Erie County is pleased to provide members of Erie County’s senior and physically challenged
  community with America’s most trusted medical alert service. For more than 30 years, Lifeline has enabled
  millions of people to live with greater independence, peace of mind and dignity in the place they feel most
  comfortable-their own homes. Because the Lifeline service also helps family caregivers to balance the
  needs of their loved ones with the demands of their own busy lives, Lifeline is of immense benefit to them
  as well. If you have any questions, would like to talk about your particular needs, or are ready to begin
  service, we welcome your call at 800-543-3546 ext. 2815. Please Mention Program Code PA774. Use the
  coupon below for free installation.

     Coupon expires December 31, 2007
     Available at participating programs only. Not to be combined with any
     other offer. Applicable tax may be applied. Monthly service and shipping
     and handling fees apply. Minimum stay on service may be required.
                                                                                   19M PA 774
                                                                                                                     NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                                                     US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                         ERIE PA
                                                                                                                       PERMIT #678

~ Upcoming Events ~
           Horse-Drawn Hayride &
             Scarecrow Festival                                            VNA Home Health Aide
       October 6, 8, 13, 20 & 27, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.                           Kathy Love helped at
          Partial proceeds benefit VNA Hospice                          Wings of Hope registration
                                                                          table and was rewarded
     More information at                   with a real “butterfly kiss.”
                     or 814-476-1322

            Bowl for VNA Hospice
       Lisa Marie Palombi Woodruff Memorial
                 No Tap Tournament
               Sunday, October 28, noon
           Eastland Bowl, 38th & McClelland
     Contact Ron Palombi, Sr. at 455-0535 for details

Annual VNA Hospice Memorial Service
              Sunday, November 4, 1:30 p.m.
               Elmwood Presbyterian Church,
              for families of patients who have                                                         Pat Fronzaglia (left) and
                  died during the past year                                                             Volunteer Coordinator and
                                                                                                        Bereavement Counselor
           “Grief in the Holidays,”
                                                                                                        Jean Kennedy Keck shared
                                                                                                        a special moment with a
                presentation                                                                            monarch on August 5.
            Monday, November 5, 6:30 p.m.
      Elmwood Presbyterian Church, to help deal with
 the holidays after the loss of a loved one. Call VNA office,
                  814-454-2831 for details.

   VNA Night at Buffalo Wild Wings
     Friday, November 9, 5 – 9 p.m. Interchange Road
                 Call 454-2831 for details.
                                                                            Visit us online at
Annual VNA Hospice Tree of Memories                             You’ll find helpful information about VNA home health and
                 to benefit VNA Hospice
                                                                hospice services, including palliative care, rehab therapies and
            November 16 through December 31                     Lifeline personal response system. You can learn about VNA’s
          Information will be mailed in November.               100+ years of serving the Erie community, explore VNA career
                                                                and volunteer opportunities, link to dozens of health-related
           For details on any of these events,                  websites, or make on-line contributions to support the caring
               call the VNA, 814-454-2831.                      mission of VNA of Erie County.

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