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                      Annual Report
Opportunities, Inc.   2008-2009 Fiscal Year

Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
  Mission, Vision, Value Statements

Central Susquehanna Opportunities serves as a catalyst for economic, educational, social,
and workforce development in collaboration and cooperation with the entire community
to provide diverse resources that promote self-sufficiency and community prosperity.

We will be the leader in advancing economic, educational, social, and workforce
development opportunities.

Central Susquehanna Opportunities believes:
 ƒ That each individual is unique and should be treated with dignity and respect
 ƒ In developing partnerships in order to re-invest in the communities in which we live
 ƒ In creating a work environment that empowers employees to make a difference
 ƒ In providing services to the public in the most effective and efficient manner
Table of Contents

                                  Executive Summary          2

                                       Strategic Plan        3

                             Workforce Development           4

                                      Youth Program          6

                                       EARN Program          7

                           Community Action Agency           8

                  Brush Valley Chamber of Commerce          11

                                    Staff Recognition       12

                                 Financial Statements       13

                                   Board of Directors       15

   Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. Locations        16

                          Thank You for your Support        17

    2008 - 2009   Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.        1
                        Executive Summary

                                Community Members, Friends, and Colleagues,

                                I am pleased to provide you with the 2008-2009 Central Susquehanna
                                Opportunities, Inc. Annual Report. Over the past year our local
                                communities, commonwealth, nation, and world have seen economic
                                upheaval and change on a scale that the world has not seen in over a
                                half a century. I am extremely proud to inform you that through this
                                challenging time CSO, Inc. has significantly enhanced opportunities for
                                individuals, expanded our service area, and significantly improved and
                                strengthened CSO, Inc.

                                On July 1, 2008, CSO, Inc. began providing Workforce Development
    Barry McLaughlin            Services in Clinton and Lycoming Counties. In addition, over the past
                                year, CSO, Inc. has worked to expand the scope of our Community Action
                                Initiatives with great success. Additionally, the board and management
                                of CSO, Inc. have implemented a five year strategic plan that will ensure
                                we continually improve our organization and services. You will notice
                                the many highlights of the past year within the pages of this report and I
                                encourage you to take time to read the individual success stories.

                                The CSO Board, Management, and staff are dedicated to ensuring that
                                the needs of our communities and the individuals that make up the fabric
                                of our communities are always met. We will continue to strive to ensure
                                that we are meeting the needs of the individuals and families as we move
                                people from poverty to self-sufficiency.

                                Please know that Central Susquehanna Opportunities could not complete
                                our critical mission without our dedicated staff members and the ongoing
                                support of many individuals and organizations. We are deeply grateful
                                for the dedicated support of our board leadership, donors, sponsors, and
                                the communities who help us serve others. On behalf of the positive
                                work we complete on a daily basis, thank you!


                                Barry McLaughlin
                                Chief Executive Officer

2   2008 - 2009   Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
                                    Strategic Plan

After several years of diligent evaluation and collaborative decision making, Central Susquehanna
Opportunities, Inc. implemented its five year strategic plan in 2009. The goals within the strategic plan
will serve as a guide for CSO, Inc. to become the premier workforce development and community action
organization in Central Pennsylvania. CSO, Inc. goals for 2009-2013 are as follows:

CSO Board of Directors - Over the course of the next five years the CSO Board of Directors will continue to
provide oversight and leadership to the organization. The board will ensure that CSO provides services in the
most effective and efficient manner, in collaboration and cooperation with the entire community. The board
of directors will continue to develop the understanding of the responsibility of its fiduciary and programmatic
oversight role. Additionally, the ability of the board to provide comprehensive oversight will be strengthened
through participation in governmental and internal knowledge building. Finally, the board will continue to
develop and expand its role in organizational activities through active participation in corporate outreach,
events, fundraising, and other involvement in CSO activities and initiatives.

CSO Organizational Development - Through the next five years the board of directors, the management,
and the staff of CSO will strive to be recognized as a focal point of excellence in the communities that are
served by CSO. This will be accomplished by developing partnerships to provide diverse resources that
promote self-sufficiency and community prosperity. Partnerships will be developed with communities,
elected officials, community members, and other organizations. Additionally, CSO will become recognized as
a premiere workforce development and community action organization. This will be accomplished through
communication, public relations, outreach events, dedicated fundraising campaigns and other initiatives that
develop the programmatic capability of the organization.

CSO Fiscal/Administrative/Human Resources - Within the next five years, CSO will enhance existing fiscal
systems and structure to ensure ongoing financial system specialization and functional oversight ability. CSO
will develop the ongoing ability to administrate operational procedures. CSO will ensure adequate Human
Resources capabilities and systems that meet the ever changing programmatic and organizational needs. CSO
will explore the feasibility of developing, designing, and implementing an employee learning management
system and enhancing the organizational human resource information systems. As part of creating a work
environment that empowers employees to make a difference, CSO will develop the capability to create,
provide, and track both internal and external continuing education and training opportunities for staff. The
organization will be vigilant to emerging opportunities and threats while serving as a catalyst for economic,
educational, social, and workforce development.

CSO Community Action - Through the course of the next five years, CSO will develop the systems of the
Community Action program to ensure community recognition, and expand program offerings. CSO will work
with communities and partners to continually meet the ever changing needs of the communities while being
cognizant that each individual is unique and should be treated with dignity and respect. CSO will remain flexible
to meet emerging needs and issues and adapt programs and services to meet those needs.

CSO Workforce Development - CSO will enhance and develop the Workforce Development services offered
in the CSO service areas over the next five years. Through systematic evaluation, CSO will be the leader in
advancing economic, educational, social, and workforce development opportunities. CSO will work to ensure
that the emerging needs of the local communities are met through programs and services that are designed
and operate in an effective and efficient manner.

                                           2008 - 2009     Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.                  3
                           Workforce Development
                                                                                Here to Help
                                                                                As a part of Pennsylvania’s statewide
                                                                                initiative to provide individuals with the
                                                                                necessary resources to weather the stormy
                                                                                economic conditions, Central Susquehanna
                                                                                Opportunities, Inc. held “Here to Help”
                                                                                events at each CareerLink during April and
                                                                                May of 2009. The events were intended to
                                                                                make attendees aware of the many services
                                                                                and programs available to them to help
                                                                                them through the tough economic times.
                                                                                Information made available to attendees
                                                                                included: avoiding foreclosure, utility
                                                                                assistance, health care coverage, financial
                                                                                planning, and re-employment. Nearly 500
                                                                                individuals attended “Here to Help” events
                                                                                across the region in the spring of 2009.

Helping Individuals Find Careers and Resources

 A New Career
 Terry Betts began visiting the PA CareerLink Northumberland County in an              “Thank you for all of your
 effort to obtain employment. He became engaged in CareerLink activities,              assistance and patience
 including attending workshops and utilizing the Career Resource Area. A Navy
 Veteran, Terry was referred to the Veterans Representative and expressed an
                                                                                       during my search for
 interest becoming a Certified Nurse’s Aide. He was referred to WIA Intensive          employment. Everyone at
 Services for assistance. Due to his lack of employment history, Terry offered         CareerLink was extremely
 some background information on his personal situation. He had been working
 for an employer in 2007 when his son was diagnosed with terminal cancer.              helpful and supportive.
 Terry left his job and moved in with his ex-wife and her spouse in order to           The training and support
 devote 24 hours a day to caring for his son. Terry said it was by far the hardest     offered was outstanding.
                                          thing he has ever gone through in
                                          his life. After a demanding year, his        My family and I will
                                          son Calvin lost his fight and passed         always be grateful to you
                                          away in Terry’s arms right after his
                                          14th birthday. It was then that Terry
                                                                                       for helping us in our time
                                          decided he wanted to devote himself          of need. I appreciate all
                                          to taking care of others. He took the        that you have done for
                                          WorkKeys assessment and obtained
                                          a Gold certificate. He enrolled
                                                                                       me and wish each of you
                                          with Harrisburg Area Community               the best.” Timothy, a
                                          College (HACC) and completed CNA             Pennsylvania CareerLink,
                                          training in September 2008. Upon
                                          completion of his training, Terry            Northumberland County
                                          obtained employment at The Manor             Client
                                          Susquehanna Village in Millersburg.

4        2008 - 2009     Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
                            Workforce Development
                                                    CareerLinks Bring Job Seekers
                                                    and Industry Together

                                                         Finding Qualified Candidates
                                                         “I have been attending the Clinton County CareerLink Job Fairs
 Finding Opportunities                                   at Lock Haven since 2006 and they have been very successful
                                                         for our company. I have met, interviewed and hired many
 With the expansion of our workforce                     drivers as a result of these events. Not only have I hired
 development community during 2008, CSO,                 drivers, but I have been able to talk to and counsel people
 Inc. assisted over 106,000 individuals through          who are considering changing careers and are exploring
 the Pennsylvania CareerLinks in Columbia/               the transportation industry. The staff at the Lock Haven
 Montour, Clinton, Lycoming, Northumberland,             CareerLink does a great job in organizing the event and does
 and Union/Snyder Counties. Through our                  their utmost to make both the vendors and applicants feel
 innovative workforce programs, we were able             welcomed. Their hospitality is something special! Although
 to not only assist individuals find employment          this is the greatest distance I have to travel for any job fair,
 and training opportunities, but we were also            I always look forward to participating in the Clinton County
 able to provide our region’s employers with             CareerLink Job Fair and would encourage any company
 a qualified workforce. During the spring of             to take advantage of this
 2009, CSO, Inc. hosted our annual job fairs,            opportunity.”
 which once again attracted over 1,000 job               -Ed O’Connor, Driver
 seekers and assisted nearly 100 vendors find            Recruiter, J.P. Donmoyer, Inc.
 potential new employees and promote their

Job Seekers Find New Skills & Careers in Building & Construction
This year, the Building and Construction Industry Partnership, with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor &
Industry and support from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., partnered with Central Susquehanna Opportunities,
Inc. to pilot two, five week pre-employment programs at the Pennsylvania CareerLink, Centre County. The programs were
                                              based on completing four industry training modules from the National Center
                                              for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) core curriculum. The
                                              NCCER curriculum combined both industry specific training in the areas of
                                              blue print reading and construction mathematics with soft skills training in
                                              communications and employability. In addition, the programs also incorporated
                                              job readiness training and personalized career coaching at the CareerLink. After
                                              approximately 50 job seekers expressed an interest in the programs, eleven
                                              individuals graduated and within weeks of completing their program, nine
                                              of the eleven graduates were offered interviews with one of the endorsing
                                              employers. As of June 30th, four graduates had accepted employment offers
                                              with an endorsing employer and we anticipate other graduates will accept
                                              employment offers in the coming weeks.

                                                  2008 - 2009    Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.                    5
                                Youth Program
                                     Making an Impact on Our Youth
                                     CSO, Inc. Awarded Youth
                                     in Transition Grant
                                     In January 2009, CSO, Inc. was awarded a Pennsylvania Youth in Transition
                                     grant from the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation.
                                     Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. (CSO), the Central Susquehanna
                                     Intermediate Unit (CSIU), and the Luzerne County Community College (LCCC)
                                     used the grant funding to design and implement a tutoring program intended
Each month, our Youth                to improve the basic skills of youth in Northumberland County. Seven tutors
Workforce Specialists hold           from LCCC were trained by CSIU staff to implement academic improvement
                                     strategies for the at-risk youth. CSO, Inc. teamed the newly trained tutors
team-building “Youth” nights         with nine out-of-school youth striving to attain and maintain employment.
                                     Most of these youth participants possessed below basic skill levels in reading,
                                     math, and language and were also high school dropouts. CSO, Inc. has
                                     developed programs and strategies for each participant to combat these
                                     issues. Reports and academic assessments were provided for each participant
                                     in the program. The initial phase of the program was completed in June 2009
                                     and there are plans to expand and continue it beginning in the fall of 2009.

                                     Striving to Succeed
                                     In the summer of 2008, Albert Scholl was referred to the CareerLink’s youth
                                     program. He had recently earned a certificate of completion in the advanced
                                     wood products manufacturing program at SUN Area Career and Technology
                                     Center and decided he wanted to gain additional skills to better his chance
                                     of employment. Albert chose to bank his diploma and return to SUN Tech in
                                     the carpentry program for a 13th year of schooling. Through the CareerLink’s
Students participate in a bingo      youth program, Albert participated in the summer CareerStart program; a
and bowling winter activity          five-week program where students attend classes and learn the soft skills
                                     needed for employment. In addition, the youth program assisted Albert in
                                     obtaining a permanent job at his local Weis Markets. Despite a 45-minute
                                     walk each way from his house to his new job, Albert became a dedicated and
                                     valued employee. His employer described Albert as the best youth worker he
                                     had ever had. Albert not only excelled at work, but at school as well. In his
                                     second year at SUN Tech, Albert maintained excellent attendance and superior
                                     grades. He excelled in CNC programming, was able to
                                     work as part of a team, and was willing to do any job in
                                     order to complete a project or task. In March of 2009,
                                     Albert was awarded the Life/Work Challenge Student
                                     Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Career and
                                     Technical Education Special Populations. Albert earned
                                     his second certificate in May of 2009 and was awarded
                                     the most improved student award. His instructor
                                     believed that he had learned as much from Albert as he
                                     had learned from him.

6      2008 - 2009   Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
                     EARN Program Highlights
Aiming High
 In an effort to renew clients’ focus on their goals, over
the past year, staff have implemented innovative new
workshops designed to encourage clients to aim high
when setting and obtaining their goals. Not only do the
workshops encourage clients to set their goals high,
but they are interactive and engaging which enable
clients to guide the direction of the workshop. This
new approach to goal setting has clients looking beyond
meeting their basic employment, transportation, or
child care needs. Now clients are striving to create a life
in which all of their goals are obtainable.

                 Setting Goals and Pursuing Dreams
                 Vanessa entered into the EARN program in May of 2008 to further her employment
                 search and begin accomplishing her career goals. By using her newly found
                 work skills, Vanessa was granted an interview along with an internship at Lepley
                 Engleman & Yaw, only a month after joining the program. Through perseverance,
                 Vanessa graduated from McCann School of Business & Technology in October of
                 2008, obtaining her Associate in Specialized Business degree as a paralegal. While
                 looking for a full-time position, she was offered an interview with her first choice
                 employer; unfortunately, she did not receive the job and she suddenly became
                 discouraged. Two days later, she was offered and accepted a position at a law
                 office in Williamsport. Because she felt as though she was unable to utilize her
                 skills to the best of her ability in her new position, Vanessa kept in contact with
                 her EARN workforce specialist in an effort to continue exploring more enriched
                 employment. During this search for new employment, Vanessa was offered a
                 position at Leply Engleman & Yaw as a full-time Paralegal. Vanessa commented,
                 “The EARN program helped me in many ways in my short time there. The staff
                 helped me to improve my interviewing skills. They helped me to gain confidence
                                                 in myself and to keep trying no matter how bad things
                                                 were going. When I didn’t get the job I wanted, the
                                                 staff made my day better and told me I would find a
                                                 job that I liked. Two days later I was offered a Paralegal
                                                 position in a law firm. If I wouldn’t have been in the
                                                 EARN program, I wouldn’t have had all the resources
                                                 available to find a job. I can start the job right away
                                                 and not worry about child care because I was in the
                                                 EARN program.” During her time in the EARN program,
                                                 Vanessa was continually motivated to accomplish
                                                 her goals, and in turn encouraged other people in
                                                 the program to do the same. Her perseverance is an
                                                 example to us all.

                                               2008 - 2009      Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.       7
                      Community Action Agency

The Community Action Agency is Helping People

Over the past year, Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. Community Action Agency has provided over 7,100 services
to 1,849 unique individuals. Here is the story of how some of these services affected one family’s life.

In the year 2000, Kristy dropped by unexpectedly to visit a friend. The friend was involved with the Family Center and
was participating in a home visit when Kristy arrived. Kristy, being a young new mother, asked about the program and
how it could help her.

How CAA affected her life:
Screenings performed by the Family Center suggested that Kristy’s children had language delays. Her parent educator,
Lori Auten, referred her first child to CMSU so he could receive the services needed to meet his potential. Later, Kristy’s
other children received screenings which also showed language delays. Lori referred these children to CMSU and also
the Parent-Child-Home Program which offered intense visits focusing on language skills. Kristy then followed up by
enrolling her children in Head Start, while continuing to seek services from CSIU. Kristy appreciates the information that
the Family Center provided and was fortunate that they made so many referrals for her children. She stated, “If it wasn’t
for the Family Center, my kids wouldn’t be where they are today.”

Kristy is looking into attending GED classes as her youngest child enters Head Start in the fall. Kristy has recently
acquired a good paying job with health benefits. She purchased a reliable vehicle so she is able to get to work and her
children can get to doctor appointments. Although she appreciates all of the help that she received, she made it clear
that she does not want to rely on anyone continuously, feeling confident that she can meet the needs of her family and
children without the ongoing help of outside resources.

After years of striving to improve her life, in October 2008, Kristy was recognized for her accomplishments and hard work
at the statewide CAAP conference. Congratulations Kristy.

                            Golfing Gives Energy!
                            The fourth annual golf classic was held on July 7, 2008 at the Susquehanna Valley Country
                            Club. Eighteen teams participated in the event. One hundred percent of the proceeds
                            raised from the golf classic benefited the CSO C.A.R.E.S. (Crisis Assistance Refueling Energy
                            Services) program which helps provide eligible residents with heating oil, financial assistance
                            for heating bills, and other energy related resources. Your generous support provides energy
                            assistance to keep families warm! Please contact our main office at 570-644-6575 if you
                            would like to participate in our annual golf tournament or make a donation to this program.

8       2008 - 2009     Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
           Community Action Agency

CSO Receives Tax Preparation Award
Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc., a member of the Central Region “Money in Your Pocket”
Program, received the Best Supporting Partner for Volunteer Tax Preparation SPEC PA-DE Territory
2009. This award is presented to organizations that provide outstanding effort, dedication, and
contributions in building stronger communities and providing a high volume and quality e-file tax

During this filing season, the Northumberland County site, located at 2 East Arch Street in
Shamokin, electronically filed 197 tax returns for low-income individuals. That was a 9% increase
from last year’s filing season. Tax filers received a total of $73,577 in the Earned Income Tax Credit,
a total federal return of $177,014, and a total average savings of $33,865 in paid preparer’s fees.
Tax filers in Northumberland County who filed with CSO this season were able to bring a total of
$284,456 back into their pockets.

The free tax preparation services were also offered to residents of Montour County. 106 residents
from Montour County participated in the tax preparation program this season. Tax filers received
a total of $16,876 in the Earned Income Tax Credit, a total federal return of $57,778, and a total
average savings of $17,385 in paid preparer’s fees. Tax filers in Montour County who filed with CSO
this season were able to bring a total of $92,039 back into their pockets.

The newest member to the program is the Berwick United Way. The United Way assisted Columbia
County residents in filing their taxes out of the McBride Memorial Library located in downtown
Berwick. Columbia County residents had a total of 238 returns filed for them this year. In all, the
coalition filed 541 tax returns this year.

      CSO Community Action Hosts Benefit Night
      CSO, Inc. hosted a C.A.R.E.S. benefit night on September 27th, 2008 at the RCA Grounds in Ranshaw,
      Pennsylvania. Pub Rally provided the entertainment and over $5,000 was raised to benefit the CSO
      C.A.R.E.S. energy assistance program.

                                      2008 - 2009     Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.              9
                   Community Action Agency

        CSO Hosts Poverty Simulation
        On May 14, 2009, 75 individuals from various social services agencies, elected officials, and
        school boards participated in an interactive exercise called the “Poverty Simulation.” The Poverty
        Simulation experience was designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like
        to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month.

      CSO Awarded Two Americorps Vista Staff By
      Pennsylvania Community Action Association
      Central Susquehanna Opportunities Inc, Community Action has been selected as a year-long
      recipient of two AmeriCorps Vista workers by the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania.
      One position will be utilized as part of the CSO, Inc. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program
      which provides no-cost tax preparation services to low income families and individuals in
      Northumberland, Montour, and Columbia Counties. The second position will coordinate
      community marketing and outreach for CSO, Inc. Community Action programs.

      Formed in 1965, AmeriCorps Vista is often known as the domestic version of the Peace Corps.
      The program places full-time volunteers who’ve made a yearlong commitment in positions at
      nonprofits and public agencies nationwide. The AmeriCorps program just
      received a whole new call to arms from President Barack Obama. About
      $201 million of stimulus funding will go to beefing up AmeriCorps programs
      nationally. In addition, Congress recently approved plans to move ahead
      with bills that would triple the number of AmeriCorps volunteers from
      75,000 to 250,000 nationwide.

10   2008 - 2009   Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
      Brush Valley Chamber of Commerce

More than 350 job seekers
attended the Chamber’s job fair
held on April 8, 2009 at Masser’s
Banquet Hall in Paxinos

CSO Serves as the Administrative entity
for the Brush Valley Chamber of Commerce.
2008 was a great year for membership in the Brush Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber
welcomed 25 new members to the organization and saw an increase in participation by members in many of the
events of the Chamber. The Chamber strives to help promote the region and its members on many different levels.

The Brush Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce is continuing to be a factor in economic development and
government relations in the area. The membership has been a supporter of positive community growth initiatives
for years. We are helping to expose youth, business & industry, and the community to all the industry possibilities
throughout the region and we are continuing to improve the quality of life in our communities.

Some of the initiatives the Chamber was involved with in 2008 include a Lower Anthracite Regional Heritage
Trail/Greenway Project covering 75 miles, a Lower Anthracite Peer Recreation Study to help to improve our
parks, ball fields, and recreation areas, a North Central PA Public Transportation taskforce to help promote other
transportation options for business and the community. In addition, our business and
education initiatives aim to enhance and expand our local students’ business skills with
the goal of helping the Brush Valley region become known as a region where youth can
learn, live, work, and play. Our Wellness Committee is actively educating business and the
community and the Events Committee keeps the Chamber involved with local events in the

The Brush Valley Chamber continues to be a catalyst and advocate for economic and
social growth and development throughout the Brush Valley Region. We are aggressively
promoting and marketing the Brush Valley and its people thus insuring the highest quality
of life for everyone.

                                              2008 - 2009    Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.                  11
                                     Staff Recognition
                                                                  Central Susquehanna
                                                                  Opportunities, Inc.
                                                                  Recognizes Employees with
                                                                  Years of Services Awards

                                                                  From top to right: Barry McLaughlin, CEO, Gale Zalar,
                                                                  Randy Stamets, Stephen Cook, CFO, Bob Berger,
                                                                  Brock Marshalek, Amber Moyer, Wendy Gearhart,
                                                                  Lisa Milbrand, and Nicole Yost.

CSO Staff Awarded CWDP Credential
Six CSO staff were awarded the Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) credential
by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals during the 2008 fiscal year.
Stacy Brouse, Tegan Erb, Kim Getz, Vicki Sample, Danielle Sloyer, and Kim Sprought were recipients
of this honor. The CWDP program is administered and endorsed by the National Association of
Workforce Development Professionals.

                           Leadership Susquehanna Valley Graduate
                           Linda Van Der Pool, Site Administrator of the Pennsylvania CareerLink, Columbia/Montour
                           Counties, was one of 31 local individuals who graduated from the Leadership Susquehanna
                           Valley program on June 18, 2009. Leadership Susquehanna Valley is an active learning program
                           designed to provide participants with an intensive look inside all aspects of the Valley including:
                           economic development, the educational system, health and human services, law and the
                           judiciary system, local government and agriculture.

     Linda Van Der Pool

                           Human Resources Director Wins
                           Award and Earns Certification
                           Juliann Brown, Human Resources Director for Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc., was
                           selected as one of only 15 national winners in the Society of Human Resource Management’s
                           economic stimulus prize competition in 2009. The competition focused on innovative
                           approaches to confronting the current economic downturn. Brown also earned her
                           certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) in 2009. The certification,
                           awarded by the HR Certification Institute, signifies that she possesses the theoretical
                           knowledge and practical experience in human resource management necessary to pass a
       Juliann Brown       rigorous examination demonstrating a mastery of the body of knowledge in the field.

12        2008 - 2009     Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
                 Financial Statements

Statement of Financial Activity
Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2008
Federal, State and Local Grant funding                   $    3,513,542     96.48%
Donations - public support                               $      30,829       0.85%
Fees, contracts and other revenue                        $      47,306       1.30%
Investment Income                                        $        1,891      0.05%
Restricted Grant revenue                                 $      48,161       1.32%
                         Total Revenue                   $    3,641,729     100.0%

Program Services:
Workforce Investment Act - Adult                         $     521,702      14.19%
Workforce Investment Act - Youth                         $     724,275      19.70%
Workforce Investment Act - Dislocated Worker             $     433,425      11.79%
Transportation                                           $     125,673       3.42%
Department of Public Welfare - EARN program              $    1,109,225     30.17%
Community Service Block Grant                            $     359,318       9.77%
Department of Public Welfare - Work Ready Program        $     126,154       3.43%
Family Savings program                                   $      16,152       0.44%
School to Work initiatives                               $      12,705       0.35%
New choices and New options                              $        5,580      0.15%
Other                                                    $     147,270       4.01%
Total program services                                   $    3,581,479     97.42%
General and Administrative                               $      85,942       2.34%
Fundraising                                              $        9,053      0.25%
                         Total Expenses                  $    3,676,474    100.00%

Change in Net Assets                                     $     (34,745)
Net Assets - Beginning of Year                           $      77,474
Net Assets - End of Year                                 $      42,729

Expense Breakdown:
Program services                                         $    3,581,479     97.42%
General and Administrative                               $      85,942       2.34%
Fundraising                                              $        9,053      0.25%
                         Total Expenses                  $    3,676,474    100.00%

                                 2008 - 2009   Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.   13
                            Financial Statements

            Statement of Financial Position
            Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2008
            Cash and cash equivalents                                    $       305,340      43.64%
            Accounts receivable                                          $       324,758      46.42%
            Prepaid client expenses                                      $        69,534       9.94%
                                      Total Revenue                      $       699,632      100.0%

            Liabilities and net assets:
            Accounts payable                                             $        57,621       8.24%
            Unearned advances on contracts                               $       418,444      59.81%
            Accrued expenses                                             $        95,202      13.61%
            Accrued leave                                                $        85,636      12.24%
                                      Total Liabilities                  $       656,903      93.89%

            Net Assets                                                   $        42,729       6.11%

                                      Total Liabilities and Net Assets   $       699,632     100.00%

     Program Expenses
                           3%   3%
                                                                             Workforce Investment Act
                                                                             Department of Public Welfare
                                                                             Community Action Programs
                                                                             Organization Initiatives
                                                                             Administrative and Fundraising

14   2008 - 2009      Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
                             Board of Directors

Central Susquehanna
Opportunities, Inc. Board
Officers from left to right:
Eric Rowe, Leanne Kline,
Bernie Swank, and
Greg Sacavage

      Chair                                                                      Eric Rowe
      Vice Chair                                                                 Greg Sacavage
      Secretary                                                                  Leanne Kline
      Treasurer                                                                  Bernie Swank

      Low Income Representatives
      Bloomsburg Hospital                                                        Leanne Kline
      Montour County Assistance Office                                           Kathleen Mordan
      Mount Carmel Area School District                                          Greg Sacavage
      Danville Head Start                                                        Susan Blake
      River Front Apartments                                                     Wendy Herrold
      HandUp Foundation                                                          Douglas Diven

      Elected Officials or Their Representative
      The Honorable Robert Belfanti, 107th Legislative District Representative   Nick Goretski
      The Honorable John Gordner, 27th Senatorial District Representative        Martha Milbrand
      Columbia County Commissioner                                               David Kovach
      Northumberland County District Attorney                                    Tony Rosini
      Northumberland County Commissioner                                         Kurt Masser
      Local Elected Official                                                     Gene Welsh

      Private Sector/Other Community Representative
      Keystone Staffing                                                          Mike Roberts
      Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation                                           Lake Randall
      Wood-Mode                                                                  Eric Rowe
      Swank’s Salon and Hair Replacement                                         Bernie Swank
      Mifflinburg School District                                                Daniel Lichtel

                                          2008 - 2009     Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.   15
Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. Locations

  8 North Grove Street
 Lock Haven, PA 17745                                          Clinton

 145 West Third Street                                                               Union
Williamsport, PA 17701

   1610 Industrial Blvd.                            Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. provides
             Suite 500                              Workforce Development in Clinton, Lycoming, Union,
  Lewisburg, PA 17837                               Snyder, Columbia, Montour, and Northumberland Counties.
                                                    CSO, Inc is the Community Action Agency for Montour,
                                                    Columbia, and Northumberland Counties.

      713 Bridge Street
 Selinsgorve, PA 17870

     351 Tenny Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

        114 Mill Street                                      This project was financed in part by a grant from
     Danville, PA 17821                                    the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of
                                                                 Community and Economic Development.

                                                            The official registration and financial information of
                                                         Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. may be obtained
                                                         from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll
                                                                free, within Pennsylvania (1-800-732-0999).
                                                                 Registration does not imply endorsement.
     2 East Arch Street
  Shamokin, PA 17872
16       2008 - 2009   Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
                     Thank You for your Support
Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. Continues
to Achieve its Mission Thanks to Your Support

CSO, Inc. Receives                                     Thank You to All of
Corporate and                                          Our Donors and Sponsors!
Educational Support                                    As a regional, private non-profit, community-based, charitable
                                                       organization, in addition to the numerous grants we receive,
During fiscal year 2008, CSO, Inc. received critical   we also rely on the generosity of our donors and sponsors
support and donations from many local businesses       to achieve our mission of serving as a catalyst for economic,
and sponsors. Included in that was significant         educational, social, and workforce development in collaboration
support from M&T Bank, Wal-Mart, Susquehanna           and cooperation with the entire community to provide diverse
Bank, Wealth Professionals, Inc. and Pennsylvania      resources that promote self-sufficiency and community prosperity.
College of Technology.                                 As such, the CSO, Inc. management team, board of directors, and
                                                       staff would like to express our sincerest thanks to the individuals,
                                                       corporations, foundations, churches and civic associations who
                                                       have supported us throughout the year.

                                                       How You Can Help
                                                       If you would like to help Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.
                                                       achieve its mission, please visit our website at
                                                       and click on the donate button on the home page OR contact our
                                                       corporate office at (570) 644-6575 to make a donation.

                                                2008 - 2009    Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.                 17
     Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.

Helping Communities Bridge Gaps
             Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. is an Equal Opportunities Employer.
          Auxiliary Aids and Services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
18    2008 - 2009   Helping Communities Bridge Gaps

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