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Published by Mind’s design studio   Call 403-257-8345 for advertising oPPortunities
                                                                                      April 2011


                                                                             the breeze
                                                                               is now the offiCial
                                                                                 newsletter for
                                                                             soMerset, bridlewood
                                                                                 & silverado!
                                                                               see Pages 34 - 37
                                                                              for uPdates froM the
                                                                                  silverado Ca.

   easter egg hunt - saturday, aPril 2nd 11:00aM at the soMerset water Park
               Craft & sMall business fair aPril 16th at sfCra
           see President’s Message inside or go to www.soMersetbridlewood.Ca
Pg. 2   Visit us at:   April 2011
                prESidENT’S MESSAgE
                                                                    Inside                    Your Official Newsletter

Happy Easter Everyone!                                               SBCA BUSINESS
                                                                     - President’s Message: Page 3
                                                                     - SBCA Contacts: Page 4
I hope you and your family will join us for our Annual Easter Egg
                                                                     - Director’s Message: Page 6
Hunt at the Waterpark on April 2nd starting at 11:00am, while
                                                                     - Membership Form: Page 6
supplies last!
                                                                     - Somerset Resident Information: Page 10
Also in April we are presenting a few great events for everyone      - Alderman Diane Colley-Urquart: Pages 22 and 23
                                                                     - Dave Rodney, MLA: Page 25
in the community:
                                                                     SIlvERADO BUSINESS
        ‘grEEN HOMES’ prESENTATiON – FrEE                            - President’s Message: Page 35
                April 12, 7:00pm, SFCRA                              - CA Board of Directors: Page 35
                                                                     - RA Contact Information: Page 35
           CrAFT & SMAll BUS. SAlE – FrEE                            - Hon. Cindy Ady, MLA: Page 36
                                                                     - Peter Demong, Alderman: Page 37
 Sat. April 16th, 11-3pm, SFCRA (Vendors wanted!)
                                                                     EMS: Page 16
membership to attend ALL of our events for FREE! See our             BYlAW BUllETIN: Page 24
website for full details & who to contact for more info.
                                                                     ClASSIFIED ADS: Pages 30 and 31
Thank you for supporting our community!
                                                                                           plUS MUCH MOrE...
Alia Vanzhov,
President SBCA -

   The parents of the Scout
   Group are holding a
    garage sale on
   April 30, 2011
   from 9am to 3pm
   at 964 Somerset
   Drive. All money
   raised will be
   donated to the
   Troop to assist them
   in their quest to go to
   the Pacific Jamboree this
   summer in BC.

 Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within any published
 article, report or submission reflect those of the author and
 should not be considered to reflect those for the Community
 Association or the publisher. The information contained
 in this newsletter is believed to be accurate, but is not
 warranted to be so.

Pg. 3                                  The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
   Somerset - Bridlewood
 Have you visited our community website:
                              Mailing Address: Somerset~Bridlewood Community Association
                                     Box 69056 Bridlewood Postal Outlet, Calgary, AB T2Y 4T9
                          General Newsletter inquiries:
         Newsletter Ad Inquiries: or phone: 403-257-8345
  Executive Directors
  President                                                     Alia Vanzhov         
  Vice President                                                Sandy Grant          
  Secretary                                                     Gordon Petersen      
  Treasurer                                                     Curtis Cameron       

  Community Infrastructure                                      Gordon Petersen       
  Community Garden Director                                     David Zradicka       
  Membership/Volunteers                                         Sharmaine Cameron    
  Newsletter Liaison                                            Alia Vanzhov         
  Social Activities Director                                    Sandy Grant          
  Public School Liaison                                         Sheila Swan          
  Webmaster                                                     Curtis Cameron       
  Seniors Liaison and SFRCA Representative                      Frank Roper          

                          For inquiries about Waterpark Maintenance Fees or Waterpark concerns issues,
                                   please contact the Somerset Resident’s Association at 403-807-8736.
                                    Somerset Resident’s Association:
                                       CPS liasion: phone 403-266-1234 or
                           City of Calgary Community Recreation Coordinator - Heather MacKay-Forrest
                                           email: or phone 403-537-7581
                                 Scouts Contact: Andrea Shaw 403-256-0165

                                              IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS
24 Hour Emergency Services ............. 911                                  Child Abuse Hotline ............................ 1-800-387-5437
(Crime in Progress ,Injury Accident, Life Threatening Incident)               Kid’s Help Phone ................................. 1-800-668-6868
City of Calgary Info. ............................... 311                     Alberta Senior’s Info. line .................. 1-800-642-3853
Natural Gas Emergency ...................... 403-245-7222                     City Hall .................................................. 403-268-2111
Enmax (electrical) ............................... 403-514-6100               Mayor’s Office ........................................ 403-268-5622
Non-emergency Services:                                                       Environmental Canada Weather.......... 403-299-7878
  City of Calgary Info. .............................. 311                    Community Transit..........403-262-1000/403-974-4000
  Police (Non-Emergency)...................... 403-266-1234                   Calgary Parks & Rec. ............................ 403-268-3888
  Fire ....................................................... 403-287-4299   Health & Hospital:
  Ambulance ............................................ 403-261-4000           Calgary Health Link Nurse (24 hours) .. 403-943-5465
  C.O.P ................................................. 403-216-1114          Rockyview Hospital .............................. 403-943-3000
Constable for the Somerset~Bridlewood District                                  Children’s Hospital ................................ 403-229-7211
(450 Midpark Way) .............................. 403-569-6800                   South Calgary Health Centre ................ 403-943-9500
Federal Government .......................... 1-800-0-Canada                    24 Hour Poison Control ...................... 403-944-1414
24 Hour Crisis/Suicide line ................. 403-266-1605

Pg. 4    Visit us at:                                                                                              April 2011
               Somerset~Bridlewood Community Association
                                   Membership Application Form
   Family Name: _______________________________________           Date:________________________________

   First Names: Males:________________________________        Females: _________________________________

   Address: ________________________________________________________________________

   Postal Code: ___________________________        Home Phone: (            )___________________________

   Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________

                     Would you be interested in volunteering with the Community Association?
               Please circle your answer. Community Events: Yes / No     Board of Directors: Yes / No
  Memberships run for one year from January 1st to December 31st of the current year. The cost is $20 per household
            address. Mail to: SBCA, Membership, Box 69056, Bridlewood RPO, Calgary AB T2Y 4T9
                          Please allow 3-4 weeks for your membership card to arrive in the mail.
                   Buy your household card today at South Fish Creek Recreation Association main desk.


Pg. 5                             The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
   Official       COFFEE TAlk

        liFE iS TOO SHOrT NOT TO lOvE
 Article by Dr. Bobby Love, Issues Magazie (Feb. & Mar. 2011)

I think most people will admit tha our lives have become too
busy. Sometimes it can feel like there is not enough time in
the day to get all of the things done that are on our expanding
list. Special occasions seem to sneak up faster each year. Some
scientists claim that time is speeding up and reearch indicates
that we are sleeping less, working more and juggling too many
priorities. Family therapists advise us that our relationships are
not receiving the attention that they deserve. The high divorce
rate could be an indication that our priorities are out of balance.
The following story reminded me about the importance of
expressing unconditional love.
Marcy and Rick had been through a lot together in their
relationship. They also faced challenging obstacles to their
love bond. At times, the disagreed about money, they had
confilicting priorities and sometimes, they said things they
wished they could take back. Their relationship was typical of
a couple learning about love. Their most imporant love lesson
occurred during Marcy’s fight with cancer. It was a fast track
from diagnosis to bedside mourning in a matter of weeks.
Rick clung to her side and whispered loving messages. Marcy
struggled to respond, but her words were choked off by the
cancer’s stranghold on her vocal chords. He would lean closer
trying to hear her muffled words. He reflected on the times in
                                                                      ‘Green Homes’ Presentation - FREE
their relationship, when he deliberately tuned her out. Now he                        April 12, 7:00pm
would give anything to tune into her message.                           South Fish Creek Rec. Assoc., Bobcat room
On their final day together the hospital room was filled with             Presenters: Anna Lasota and Mischa Pershin
loving family and close friends. As Rick and Marcy shared their
final moment together, she opened her eyes wide and bright,                                 Major topics:
she drew her last deep breath and she said very clearly “I Love                    - Sustainability vs. ‘green-washing’
You”. The room fell silent as those loving sould witnessed a              - Solar passive / netzero buildings (Europe, Canada)
                                                                           - Renewable energy for homes/buildings (Alberta)
miraculous end and a powerful lesson in love.
Our intimate relationships need to be nourised with lots of            What is the secret behind the success of Passive Houses?
love, laughter, playtime, adventure and romance. We are truly          You are invited to this presentation, at which we’ll aim to
blessed to be able to experience intimate love and to honour             answer why the Passive House standard is the ultimate
this gift making time for love is imporant. It is also a time to        goal in sustainable and healthy construction, and we will
forgive and heal those relationships that are holding us back.          compare it to the current built environment. Over 90%
When it is time to seerate, then it must be done with love.               in energy savings (very low energy bills!), outstanding
Relationships never end; they just evlove with our intentions,
                                                                        air quality, best thermal comfort, affordability, increased
thoughts and actions. An “Ex” is an experience in love and the
                                                                         internal light within the building, prolonged building life
lessons learned, so we can become better lovers. Our time in
                                                                      (built to last), health benefits, added value, and a house that
between relationships is an opportunity to develop self-love.
                                                                      looks chic and modern (you pick the style!) are just the few
We cannot truly love someone, if we do not first love ourselves
                                                                                        topics that will be discussed.
Right now our world needs lots of love. This year we could all               Total presentation including Q&A: 45 minutes
benefit by adding more, laughter, playtime and romance in our              Gordon Petersen - Infrastructure Director, SBCA
relationships because life is too short not to love!

Pg. 6    Visit us at:                                                                           April 2011
Pg. 7   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
Pg. 8   Visit us at:   April 2011
Pg. 9   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
    Official     COMMUNiTY COrNEr


•    Residents from 2313 homes pay annual park fees to
     upkeep Somerset Town Square and 3 land parcels
     (homeowners made aware at time of purchase).
•    Have a question about the park? Contact Somerset
     Residents Association
•    Have a question that is not park related? Contact
     Somerset / Bridlewood Community Association at
• January: 1) Changed building locks 2) Furnace repairs
• February: 1) Replaced furnace in main building 2)
   Electrical and plumbing repairs in main building 3) Water
   park equipment inspection
• March: 1) Electrical and plumbing repairs in main building
   2) New sink in the men’s washroom 3) Natural gas meter
   changed 4) Furnace inspected 5) Solar panels installed on
   main building 6) Graffiti removal throughout the park

• Fix website domain: Status: in progress
• Repair building rules signs due to vandalism. Status:
    weather pending
• Install educational sign about solar panels. Status: review,
• Refinish tennis courts. Status: quote received, review in
• Sun shade for green space. Status: quotes
• Bike racks. Status: search quotes
• Advertising for park garbage cans. Status: targeted mail out
• Repair railway ties around walkways. Status: review
• Purchase/install bike racks. Status: quotes
• Replace water park structure(s). Status: quotes


Pg. 10    Visit us at:                 April 2011
  Official      COMMUNiTY COrNEr

700 wireless microwave antennae
are expected to be built in Calgary
in the near future (Calgary Herald
Jan.25/11). Many of these antennae
will be placed on large cell towers.
Residents living near small plazas, gas
stations, grassy boulevards, seniors’                             telecommunication provider. Cell towers do not require a
homes and churches are vulnerable. As                             city building permit and they do not have to conform to city
the city planning department considers cell                       building codes.
tower placement a federal responsibility, local approval
is cursory. Non-freestanding antennae and smaller cell            If you believe that you have not been adequately notified
towers may require no public notification. Public notification    or it the proposed antennae detracts from the aesthetics
for large cell towers is inadequate and at times has been         of your neighbourhood homes, contact your alderman and
disregarded by telecommunication companies.                       the mayor’s office. Also contact alderman Dale Hodges,
If you believe that an antennae is going to be placed near        and Bob Van Wegen (Federation of Calgary Communities),
your home contact the city planning department for specific       members of the committee drafting a new city cell tower
information. Demand to see the engineers drawings of the          policy. Also, in the recent news: there are alternatives to cell
structure, do not rely on “artist’s drawings” provided by the     towers. Please visit for more information.

  Fish Creek’s Spring Star Night
               Friday, April 15th, 2011
                 8:00pm to 10:30pm
     Fish Creek Environmental learning Centre
              13931 Woodpath Rd. SW
 This free family event is a great opportunity to rub shoulders
  with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Calgary
  Centre members and Alberta Parks staff. View the night
    sky with telescopes, take part in night walks and warm
     up indoors with interactive displays and astronomical
                  slideshows. Cloudy or Clear!

Pg. 11                                The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
   Official       THiNgS TO dO

         BACk YArd
Food gardening is a fast growing
trend in Calgary. In 2008, the
city had only 12 community
gardens. Thanks to the Calgary
Horticultural Society’s Community Garden Resource Network
the numbers exploded to 90 community gardens to date and
30 in the works for the spring. Calgarians are hungry for fresh,
local food. Crisp apples, lush lettuce, juicy strawberries - a
mouth-watering buffet right in your back yard or on your
balcony. Everyone can grow, even in Calgary’s challenging
Chinook climate. Learn how at the Garden Show on April 9 &
10 at Spruce Meadows.
Whether you’re an a aspiring gardener or a veteran green
thumb, a vegetable or flower grower, a condo-dweller or a
suburbanite with a huge yard, there will be something for you.
The weekend is packed with affordable hands-on workshops
for the entire family, a free interactive kids program, informative
and entertaining presentations from gardening experts,
inspiring competitions and tradeshow exhibitors to meet every
gardening need.
After years of bad gardening experiences because of heat, hail
and drought Calgary mom Danielle was about to give up on
gardening. “We started by heading down to the Garden Show
and learning some great tips. There’s fun stuff for the kids to do
there too. My daughter planted a sunflower seed and watched
it grow and bloom which she loved tremendously,” she says
on Kids in Cowtown (, a
blog for parents in Calgary.
The first 10,000 attendees will receive a free REAP Calgary
coupon book, which contains $2,000 in savings on local, green
products and services. Every ticket also includes a coupon for
Greengate Garden Centres who are proudly presenting the
2011 Garden Show. More information:

Pg. 12    Visit us at:                      April 2011
Pg. 13   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
Pg. 14   Visit us at:   April 2011
Pg. 15   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
     Official     COMMUNiTY COrNEr                                        Join the City of Calgary as a summer
     Newsletter                                                       Programmer or Youth Leader. Opportunities
                                   BiCYClE HElMET                        are available city wide. Acquire highly
                                                                          transferable skills in a dynamic work
                                       SAFETY                                         environment.
                             Bicycle crashes are the leading
                             cause of brain injury in school-           Look for our job postings on the City of
                             aged children. Most injuries occur
                             when a cyclist suffers a fall, strikes                Calgary website
                             a stationary object, or collides
                             with another cyclist or pedestrian.   
                             Remember – it is the law in
                             Alberta that cyclists under the age
                             of 18 must wear a helmet (and
                             highly recommended for all ages).
                             Helmets should be CSA approved
and worn during recreational activities such as skateboarding,
in-line skating, or cycling.

Getting informed
•	    Wearing a helmet while cycling can prevent a serious injury
      or save a life.
•	    Brain injuries can cause permanent disability or death.
•	    Reduce your risk by always wearing your helmet.
•	    Replace any helmet that has been involved in a crash, even
      if it appears undamaged.

Getting started
•	    Allow children to assist when buying their helmet. Cyclists
      who choose their own helmet are more likely to wear
•	    Start the habit early. Young children learning to ride
      tricycles need to wear helmets.
•	    Parents must lead by example: always wear your own
      helmet when cycling.

Getting the right fit
•	    Take the time to properly fit and adjust your helmet to
      ensure maximum protection in case of a crash.
•	    When worn properly, helmets should fit level, not tilted up
      or down over the forehead.
•	    Helmets should feel snug, but not too tight. To test the fit,
      the helmet should not fall off when you shake your head
      from side to side while the straps are unfastened.
•	    Adjust the chin straps to form a “Y” below and slightly
      forward from the ears.
•	    Only one finger should be able to fit under the chin strap
      when it is fastened.
•	    Do not forget to use the sizing pads included with the
      helmet. They will help improve the overall fit and comfort.


Pg. 16     Visit us at:                                                          April 2011
   Official      THiNgS TO dO

                                 By grade 2, it was clear that
                                 Anna was struggling to read.
                                 Through Calgary Reads, an
                                 early literacy initiative, Anna
                                 was matched with a trained
                                 volunteer for individual
                                 tutoring. Her mother, Nancy,
                                 recognized the effectiveness
                                 of Calgary Reads in bolstering
                                 literacy levels and soon
                                 became a volunteer tutor
herself. Eventually she became a volunteer with the annual
CBC/Calgary Reads book sale.

As a tireless advocate of the fundraising event that she feels
perfectly reflects the mission of Calgary Reads, Nancy logs
countless hours as a member of the book sale’s Operations
Committee, in addition to sorting, setup, and sale day duties.
And just as Nancy once followed her daughter into the Calgary
Reads program, Anna, now in grade 11, has joined her mother
as a book sale volunteer. It was a natural progression, since
Anna is now an avid reader, who frequently recommends
books to Nancy. Together, mother and daughter characterize
the multi-generational commitment of a family that has been
touched by Calgary Reads.

The CBC/Calgary Reads book sale is the major annual
fundraiser for the program, and an essential event for book
lovers. In 2010 the book sale raised $125,000 for the early
literary initiative, while thousands of book lovers returned
home with high quality used books.

This year the book sale promises to be even better, with a
larger location and expanded hours.

  Join us at the annual CBC/Calgary Reads book sale on
                    May 13 (noon-9pm)
                    May 14 (9am-6pm)
                    May 15 (9am-4pm)
        Calgary Curling Club, 720 – 3rd Street NW.

You can also help by dropping off quality used books at the
Calgary Curling Club, starting April 27, weekdays from 8am-
8pm and weekends from 9am-4pm, or at any RBC branch from
April 11 - May 4.

             Please Recycle Your Newsletter

Pg. 17                                The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
                                                           luxuriant coats, improved dental health and
                                                           lots of energy. Secondary benefits are often
                                                           seen in improvement of generalized itchy skins,
                                                           dandruff and shedding, gastro-intestinal issues
                                                           of intermittent diarrhea and constipation,
                                                           chronic ear and eye infections. We use these diets
                                                           both for weight loss and weight gain. Also for
                                                           specific requirements where liver, kidney
                                                           skin and digestive disease have presented
                                                           as issues. We believe that this feeding is
                                                           not only safe for the above conditions, but
                                                           often beneficial. We also believe that well
                                                           balanced home made diets can be relatively
                                                           inexpensive and easy to prepare. Dr Mark and all
                                                           of the veterinarians and staff of Bridlewood Vet will
     HOME prEpArEd ANd rAW FOOd diETS.                     be happy to advise you on the best ways to prepare
                by Bridlewood Veterinary Clinic            and to feed these diets to your pets.

Much controversy and varying opinions can be               Note: Please remember that different dogs and
found regarding the feeding of raw and home                breeds may require different dietary formulations.
made diets. Dr Mark has been using raw food                Also that depending on specific medical issues
diets for his own, and his patients pets, for more         we would tailor diets to the individual animal.
than 20 years. Home prepared diets can provide             Thus the above is not meant to be a general
some of the most nutritious diets that you can feed        endorsement for any home made diet or for all
your dogs (and cats). When properly balanced this          situations.
type of feeding will lead to a small stool volume, shiny   “Caring for Pets and People”

Pg. 18    Visit us at:                                                                   April 2011
Pg. 19   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
Pg. 20   Visit us at:   April 2011
Pg. 21   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
                                                                   A common argument is that a single house can have more
                  CiviC CHAT
                                                                   occupants and cars than other houses, so therefore a secondary
                                                                   suite would not be any different. That is true, but this is a
                                                                   variable the City cannot, and should not, control. Secondary
                                                                   Suites are different because they essentially ensure there will
                              Alderman Diane                       be more cars and greater parking problems. They become the
                                                                   rule, not the exception as in the other case. New areas of the
                              Colley-Urquhart                      City will be particularly challenged given the high density and
                                                                   limited on street parking already.
                                 Email: dcolley@calgary.
                               Visit:         My greatest concern is that this proposed change negates the
                                   Phone: 403-268-1624             importance of zoning. When purchasing a home, the zoning of
                                                                   your area and your home are an assurance from the City that
                            Secondary Suites & My                  the integrity of your property and your investment will be held
                            Townhall                               to a certain building standard. When living in a single family
                                                                   R-1 district, you are purchasing on the basis that the house
                            A big thank you to everyone who        beside you remains a single family residence, and is not rezoned
attended our Townhall Meeting with Mayor Nenshi at the end         for other purposes. Ignoring the zoning rules and allowing
of February! It was great that so many of you were able to         secondary suites in any part of the City negates the assurance
come out and meet with Mayor Nenshi and spend 3 hours              City Council has provided homeowners, and opens the door to
talking about a whole host of issues and concerns.                 other pet-project rezoning initiatives. Zoning exists for a reason
                                                                   and the City already has zoned areas of the City for secondary
On the matter of Secondary Suites, I have been surveying
                                                                   suite development in R-2 districts.
Calgarians since the beginning of February and have had
over 2000 responses. I have been very pleased by the level         37th Street SW Connector
of interest and engagement. There still remain a number of
concerns expressed by residents on how this policy, of allowing    It is time to get the road built! At the end of 2009 another
them everywhere, would actually work day-to-day at the             critical step was taken on the long road toward the greatly
community level, and how this may affect the quality of life you   needed Southwest Connector. In late November 2009, a
currently value.                                                   Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the City and the
                                                                   Province laying the groundwork for a comprehensive study of
My experience on this issue since being elected is that often      the future transportation corridor. The MOU establishes how
the owners of these secondary suites and rental properties         we will work together to complete this major transportation
limit their investment into the properties, which can affect       project as soon as possible.
both the safety of the residents and neighbours. The proposed
rule changes try to help mitigate this problem by asking for       I believe that the completion of the SW Ring Road is one of the
owner occupancy. The problem is enforcement, or the lack           most important priorities for Ward 13 and our 90,000 residents.
there of. The current system is flawed and has very little and
largely ineffectual enforcement, which means that if new rules     The 37th Street Connector presented by the Province will provide
are brought in requiring owner occupied suites, there is no        a vital link to the thousands of residents trapped in the far SW who
mechanism to ensure this actually happens. Enforcement will        face tremendous congestion every day. The other vital link is having
actually be worse due to the increase in suites.                   the Province finalize an agreement with the Tsuu T’ina Nation.

Pg. 22    Visit us at:                                                                          April 2011
                   CiviC CHAT

Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart continued from page 22.

My vision for a 37th Street alignment is not a massive freeway
which bulldozes houses, ruins parks, or harms communities. My
vision for 37th Street is a smaller, well planned connector road
with minimal environmental impact, built entirely within the
existing City Transportation Utility Corridor that minimizes the
effects on surrounding communities.
No single improvement will “solve” the gridlock, but having
lived south of the Glenmore Reservoir for over 30 years I
can tell you a connector will get our communities moving,
separating downtown commuting traffic from regular traffic
and providing more than one northbound option for the over
120,000 residents stuck in our SW corner. The SW Connector
is by no means the only measure that needs to be taken and
we need to continue to invest in public transit, especially the
proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan for the entire City which
I brought forward in a motion last year.
The need for this roadway is based on current demand and
future need. According to the Calgary Transportation Plan
in 2005 about 77% of all trips were made by car. The target
is to reduce this number in 60 years to between 55%-65%.
This still shows a significant need for roads in the future as the
population of Calgary grows from 1 million people to close
to 3 million people. Roads though are only a portion of the
transportation system in Calgary. Transit, cycling, walking, and
workshifting must all work in harmony with the road network
to provide safe, sustainable and efficient transportation needs
for this city now and in the future.
The 37th Street SW Connection has been evaluated by
professional analysts as having the lowest impact on Calgary
communities, while providing the most efficient linkage in the
Calgary Transportation Plan. Focus Consulting estimates that
the 37th Street alignment would impact a maximum of 11
communities, while other alignments will cost significantly more
and could impact as many as 29 other communities.
If you want the SW Connector Road up 37th Street SW (Option
4 by the Province), please add your name to our petition found
on my website so your silent majority
voice is heard.

City of Calgary Telework Week 2011
Encouraging telecommuting, alternative work solutions and
carpooling are environmentally important initiatives that I          and my office, Calgary managed to secure the largest amount
have been advocating for many years. Working with Calgary            of federal funding of any municipality in Canada for our regional
Economic Development (CED), we managed to have April                 telework program. Dozens of companies signed on in support
19th-23rd 2011 designated as Calgary’s second annual Telework        and more will come. Watch my website for events and how you
week – the first in Canada. Through the excellent work of CED        can change the way you do work!

Pg. 23                                  The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
                                                                                                      pETS ANd pEOplE:
                    CiviC CHAT
    Official                                                                                       lEArNiNg TO SHArE OUr
                                                                                                     pArkS rESpONSiBlY
                                              UrBAN                                             Calgarians have stated that parks and
                                                                                                green spaces contribute to their overall
                                              WildliFE                                          quality of life. Likewise, with over
                                                                                                100 000 dogs in our city, it is clear that
                                          In the city of Calgary,                               Calgarians also enjoy sharing their lives
                                          we are blessed with an                                with canine companions. In order to
                                          abundance of parks,                                   maintain, preserve and utilize the City’s
natural areas, river valleys and green spaces. These areas                                      parks and green spaces in a sustainable
are not only attractive to the citizens of our city, but also to      manner, The City of Calgary Parks, in partnership with Animal
our urban wildlife. Animals such as badgers, deer, skunks and         & Bylaw Services, has created the Pick Up Pooch’s Poo Yourself
especially coyotes are a fact of life in Calgary. We share these        .U.P .Y.)
                                                                      (P .P program. The intention of this program is to educate
spaces with them and therefore, we must learn to co-exist.            citizens about the importance of picking up after their pets and
                                                                      to become familiar with responsible pet ownership, as outlined in
As Calgarians, we all play a key role in keeping our communities
                                                                      Calgary’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.
safe by ensuring that wildlife do not find food, shelter or water
in our neighbourhoods or backyards. As spring approaches and                .U.P .Y.
                                                                      The P .P program will consist of four events throughout
wildlife become more active and visible, we need to remember          2011. Each event will involve a community-based park clean-
some important tips:                                                  up, as well as opportunities for education and interaction with
                                                                      various experts.
•    Don’t take garbage out until collection day.
•    Don’t litter.                                                    •    Sunday, April 17 – Southland Park: Come learn how animal
•    Don’t leave pets unattended / Keep cats indoors.                      waste affects the watershed, as well as how improper use
•    Keep your yard clear of animal feces.                                 of park spaces can lead to river bank erosion and water
•    Avoid having birdfeeders in your yard.                                contamination.
•    Keep garbage/compost in containers with secure lids.             •    Sunday, June 12 – River Park: Veterinarians will be on site
•    Don’t let fallen fruit from trees accumulate.                         to explain how sickness and disease can spread to both
•    Trim bottom branches on trees and shrubs.                             animals and humans if pet waste is not picked up.
•    Keep your yard free of accumulated materials.                    •    Sunday, September 25 – Nose Hill Park: It is a reality that
•    Close off crawl spaces under decks and patios.                        Calgarians must learn to live in harmony with wildlife, such
•    Don’t leave pet food outside.                                         as coyotes. Come explore how the habituation of wildlife
•    Keep your yard tidy.                                                  can occur if pet waste is left behind.
                                                                      •    Sunday, October 16 – Bowmont Park: Calgary’s parks are
Never feed or approach wildlife. They can become bold if they              multi-use spaces. Come learn more about how to share
are taught that people will feed them. And although it is rare             these spaces in a manner that is respectful of pets, wildlife,
for most of our urban wildlife to be aggressive towards people,            bicyclists and all users of green spaces.
there is always a risk of a negative encounter when interacting
with wildlife.                                                        By participating in this program, Calgarians will gain a
                                                                      deeper appreciation of how to use parks and green spaces
Wildlife management in Calgary is under the jurisdiction of           in responsible ways. Learning to share the space is crucial to
the provincial government. Animal & Bylaw Services supports           increasing user enjoyment and sustaining the ecological integrity
Fish & Wildlife Management to track and understand coyote             of the many beautiful parks across Calgary.
migration in the city of Calgary. Please assist us by reporting all
coyote sightings to 3-1-1.                                                                    .U.P .Y.
                                                                      Come participate in a P .P program event! Show how you
                                                                      take pride in your parks by assisting with a park cleanup and
For wildlife such as badgers, deer or other large wildlife, call      learn how to protect your parks for shared use today and in
403-297-6423. If you encounter animals such as bears, moose,                                                         .U.P .Y.
                                                                      the future! For more information about the P .P program
cougars or wolves please call 9-1-1 immediately.                      please go to
                                                                      or call 3-1-1.

           Bylaw Bulletin                                     | call 3-1-1

Pg. 24    Visit us at:                                                                            April 2011
                   CiviC CHAT

                               Dave Rodney,
                              MlA Calgary-lougheed
                            #311A, 2525 Woodview Drive SW,
                                  Calgary, AB T2W 4N4
                                Phone: 403-238-1212

AB Improves Access to Quality Child Care
Over 18,000 new child care spaces have been created in AB
over the past 3 years. The “Creating Child Care Choices” plan
provided incentives offsetting the cost of opening new spaces,
increasing the number of qualified child care staff working in
licensed programs, and making access to quality child care more
affordable. Funding supporting wage top-ups for staff and subsi-
dies to help over 20,000 lower-income families with accessing
quality child care will continue. (

AB Strengthens Policing, Integration, Police Ac-
The New Law Enforcement Framework modernizes a model
of law enforcement; and is the result of extensive stakeholder
consultation and online input from AB’s. For all the details,
please visit:

AB Kick-starts New World-class Environmental
Monitoring System
A group of independent experts will provide detailed action
items on how to best set up, operate, and govern a world-class
environmental monitoring, evaluation, and reporting system for
AB’s oilsands. They will provide detailed actions on how the
environmental system can be expanded to air, land, water, and
bio-diversity; as well as how the system can extend throughout
all of AB--by June!

Record Year for Land Sales
AB netted more than $2.39 billion in land sale revenue in 2010;      market for AB’s export-based economy. It is to our advantage
and as a result, this year’s sales are forecast at $2.1 billion in   to diversify our markets to ensure the effect of global down-
2010-11: more than triple the forecast at budget. Unfortu-           turns--like the one we just experienced--is minimized on our
nately, these gains are offset by decreases in other revenue,        economy. Asia represents a market of more than four billion
including personal income tax revenue and conventional oil           people, which is very advantageous to AB exporters.
royalties--where the impact of the high Canadian dollar is
particularly acute.                                                  More Housing for Low-income and Homeless
                                                                     Your AB Gov’t is developing over 1,000 additional housing units
Bill 1: “The Asia Advisory Council Act”                              for low-to-moderate income AB’s. More than $90 million in
This group will provide expertise on ways to advance AB’s            capital grants will leverage project funding from partners for 27
cultural and business interests in Asia--an incredibly important     projects in 13 communities across AB.

Pg. 25                                  The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
                                                                       The steps you need to take to detoxify a congested liver
   Official        COFFEE TAlk                                         depend on how severe the problem is. Start with the simple
                                                                       dietary and lifestyle measures outlined below and see how they
                                                                       make you feel. If you feel your liver needs further support,

          Mind, Body, Spirit                                           begin using herbs that support liver function. Before starting any
                                                                       new program ensure you CONSULTwith your family doctor for
           HElp YOUr livEr dElivEr                                     Choices That Support the liver
The liver is a remarkable organ and is the central chemical            1. Start your morning with fresh lemon juice in water; this
laboratory in the body. In a world in which new toxins are                 helps flush and decongest the liver.
introduced daily, it’s more important than ever to make sure           2. Eat beets or drink beet and vegetable juice regularly. Beets
our livers are happy and healthy.                                          are an excellent liver cleanser.
                                                                       3. Chlorophyll drinks and other green drinks can be used
The liver energy system governs the peripheral and central                 regularly to aid in liver cleansing
nervous system, the eyes and tendons and provides energy               4. High quality protein foods are necessary to restore and
and vitality to the sexual organs. When the liver is stressed,             sustain the liver. Free-range eggs, fish, raw nuts and seeds
emotions such as anger, depression, moodiness,                                         and whole grains are beneficial.
aggression, resentment and irritability are                                            5. Nutritional antioxidants such as vitamin E,
more likely to arise. Physical symptoms such                                           zinc and selenium are essential for protecting
as allergies, fatigue, indigestion and distended                                       the liver from free radical damage.
abdomen, eye problems (spots, red, watery),                                            6. Liver restoration also requires lots of fresh
headaches, hot flushes, insomnia, hormonal                                             air, exercise, adequate rest, natural foods and a
imbalances such as PMS, muscular pain and                                              minimum of 2L (approx. 2 quarts) of pure water
neck tension can occur.                                                                daily. Other liquids do not count toward the
                                                                                       required water intake.
Perhaps the most important metabolic function
of the liver is the detoxification, or inactivation
and excretion, of toxic chemicals, drugs and
                                                                                       livEr SUppOrT Try using a liver support
                                                                                       herb such as Dandelion, Burdock, or Milk
hormones, both those made by the body and
                                                    Burdock                            thistle.
those that come from outside sources.
The liver inactivates these substances and sends them onto             Burdock root has traditionally been used as a blood cleanser
physiological, biochemical pathways that eventually result in          to support the liver and hormonal health. Studies show that it is
their excretion by the bowels, lungs, kidneys or skin. The liver       also effective as an immune system enhancer, in the stabilization
is also involved in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism and       of blood sugar and as an antibiotic, antifungal and anti-tumor
vitamin and mineral storage.                                           agent.
                                                                       Dandelion root is considered the ideal liver remedy because
The liver is a major blood reservoir, filtering more than 1.4 litres   it is completely non-toxic and gently restores liver function.
of blood per minute. It removes bacteria, toxins, and various          It enhances the flow of bile and supports the kidneys during
other unwanted substances from the blood.                              cleansing and detoxification of the liver and bowels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers the liver the             To keep the liver healthy in our toxic and stressful world, a liver-
organ most strongly affected by our emotions. Conversely,              supportive herb such as milk thistle should be taken periodically.
TCM practitioners and many others have long recognized that            Milk thistle contains some of the most potent liver-protective
when the liver is stressed, anger, depression and irritability         substances known, including silymarin, which inhibits the action
are more likely to arise. When a person’s liver is functioning         of free radials that damage liver cells. It also stimulates protein
harmoniously, the person stays calm and relaxed.                       synthesis, which results in the production of new liver cells to
                                                                       replace the damaged ones.
Too much pressure on the liver from overeating, too much
                                                                       These herbs can be found at your local health food store.
rich or poor-quality food, environmental stresses, overwork
                                                                       Everyone could benefit from a cleanse involving the bowel, liver
or emotional stress can cause liver overload, leading to a
                                                                       and blood at least once yearly.
decreased ability to clear toxins and hormones and manufacture         (Recommended to seek medical advice before starting any new
bile. An overloaded liver allows toxic waste material to pass          program or exercise)
into the blood and the body.

Pg. 26    Visit us at:                                                                              April 2011
Pg. 27   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
    Official      COFFEE TAlk

                        SpriNg…TiME TO gET
                            BACk iN SHApE!
                             Peder Lodoen, Fitness Director,
                             Trico Centre for Family Wellness

                       Spring is in the air (this is Calgary so
                   that could mean snow too), and it’s time to
                     pack those sweaters under the bed and get
                     back into shape. After hibernating over the
                     winter, many of us are eager to get moving.
                    We may feel we can start at the same level
we left off at before winter, but HOLD ON. If you do this, it
may lead to soreness, injuries and possibly packing in the whole
fitness routine. Adjust your starting point and get back into
shape slowly, and follow these tips for SUCCESS.
•    Get a routine going, and don’t be a weekend warrior. The
     best plan is to write down a realistic plan and stick to it.
     Often work, children and other commitments get in the
     way, so we go extremely hard on the weekend, and do
     nothing during the week. Try to get some exercise 3-4
     times per week on alternate days, including cardio and
     resistance workouts.
                                                                            or feel ‘behind’ in your training.
•    Monitor your exertion levels. Start slow and build up over
     several months. An increase of 10% of your workload per           •    Have Fun. Probably the most important aspect of any workout
     week is the maximum to increase. Monitoring your workout               routine is to enjoy it and have fun. If these things happen there
     intensity is also important and using perceived exertion is            is a good chance you will succeed with all your goals.
     one of the best ways to monitor this. We all know how hard
     we are working, so on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being as hard            Trico Centre for Family Wellness is partnered with your
     as you could ever go, gauge yourself as you work out. Start             community. Support your community association and
     on a low number and work up over time.                                 purchase a community membership to receive 20% off
                                                                               Trico Centre memberships. Our newly renovated
•    Avoid all-out efforts until you have a good fitness base.                recreational facility includes a fitness centre, aquatics
     Depending on where your fitness level dropped to over                 centre (wave pool and waterslide), two arena’s, gym and
     the winter, it could take up to 6 weeks to re-establish a               more – all priced comparable to a fitness only facility.
     solid fitness base. Remember the time you were out for                          403-278-7542
     that run or activity and you felt so good, you pushed really
     hard or did that sprint to the finish. Chances are you paid
     for it the next day. It is better to wait until you are trained
     before you go for those high intensity outbursts.
•    Follow a Training Program and Keep Records. Once
     you build a program, stick to it, write it down and tell
     someone. This will eliminate overtraining and keep you on
     track to that good fitness base.
•    Train with others of similar fitness level. Find a group or
     class with a few people who have the same fitness level
     as yourself, as this will help you stick to your goals and
     progress at the proper level. Training with those who are
     farther along will encourage you to overdo it, get injured

Pg. 28    Visit us at:                                                                                April 2011
                                                                                                 prOviNCiAl BUdgET Will
   Official      COMMUNiTY COrNEr                                                               AFFECTCAlgArY STUdENTS
                                                                                                          Sheila Taylor
SHAWNESSY liBrArY - 333 Shawville Blvd. S.E.                                                         Trustee Wards 11 & 13
Monday - Thursday              10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday - Saturday              10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday                         Noon – 5 p.m.                                                   How will the budget affect my child’s
Telephone:                     403-221-2072                                                    school? Will it affect class sizes? Can
                                                                                               students expect the same learning
          April 2011 AT SHAWNESSY liBrArY                          supports and opportunities? Will there be teacher or support
                                                                   staff layoffs? These are some of the questions parents, students
Programs for 50 and Forward                                        and other Calgarians have about what the provincial budget
• 50+ Coffee and Conversation: Join us for coffee,                 means for public education in our city.
    conversation, and informal presentations of interest
                                                                   The government asserts that the budget increases funding for
    Fridays, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. No registration required.
                                                                   education. In reality, the budget gives with one hand and takes
• Horoscopes and More: Join astrology practitioner Peggy
                                                                   with the other. For example, program funding has been cut
    Lynch as she shows how this discipline can be used as a
                                                                   to cover the teachers’ salary increases, which the province
    reflective tool. Friday April 8. 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
                                                                   negotiated in 2007. As well, educational grants that cover
• Registration required.
                                                                   inflationary costs of non-teaching staff and programs in schools
• Understanding Angels: Learn about the astrological
                                                                   haven’t been increased in four years.
    influences angels play in everyday lives. Friday April 15,
    2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Registration required.                        The CBE’s budgeting process began with the provincial budget.
                                                                   Although it will take some time to know the detailed impact
Just for Parents
                                                                   of the $61.7 million shortfall, one thing is certain. When
• Coffee and Conversation for Parents: If you have a
                                                                   salaries and benefits make up 77 per cent of the CBE’s budget,
     baby or toddler at home, bring them along and socialize
                                                                   we cannot absorb a $61.7 million shortfall without affecting
     with other parents Mondays January 10 to April 25.
                                                                   students, learning and positions—including teachers.
     10:30 – 11:30 a.m. No registration required.
                                                                   The Board of Trustees continues to ask the provincial
Programs for Adults
                                                                   government to implement a predictable and sustainable funding
• Teach Yourself Knitting Using the Internet: Learn this
                                                                   model for education—a model that helps us to prepare students
    craft from start to finish using the vast resources on the
                                                                   to lead in the “innovation economy.” We implore the Minister
    Internet. Bring $25.00 for supplies. Monday April 25.
                                                                   of Education for more funding in this budget. Instead of short-
    6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Registration required.
                                                                   sighted measures to relieve short-term budget pain, we need to
Just for Teens                                                     restore the funding to educate our students now.
• Unbound Book Club: A book club with a difference!
                                                                   Although this budget creates serious problems for our school
     Read what you like, and take part in discussions, games
                                                                   system, the CBE remains committed to educating each student,
     and activities for teens who love to read. Ages 13 to 17.
                                                                   every day - no exceptions.
     Tuesdays, March 15, and April 19. 7:00 –
     8:30 p.m. Registration required.                              If you are concerned about the negative impact of the budget on
                                                                   public education, our students need you to communicate your
Just for Families
                                                                   concerns to your MLA.
• Drop-in Family Storytime: Stories, songs,
     and finger plays the whole family can                         The Board of Trustees is always listening. You can always find
     enjoy. For children ages 2 to 5 with a parent or caregiver.   more information on the budget, public board meetings and
     Saturdays, April 9th to May 14th, 10:30 – 11:00 a.m.          anything else related to public education in Calgary on our
                                                                   website at As your Trustee, I welcome your
         library Closures: All Calgary Public library
                                                                   input and am always happy to speak to
         branches will be closed April 22 Good Friday.
                                                                   parents and concerned citizens about
                                                                   how we can best support student
Register for programs at, in person, or
                                                                   learning and provide the high quality
by calling 403-260-2620. A valid Calgary Public Library card is
                                                                   education that Calgarians expect.
required to attend all programs.

Pg. 29                                 The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
   Classified Ads Work!
                                                                  MARGARET’S WINDOW DRESSINGS:
                                                                  Blinds (including Hunter Douglas), custom made drapes,
                                                                  decorative accessories (pillows, duvet covers, etc.). Selection
     Call or email laura today to place your ad!!!                of designer fabrics and hardware. Call Margaret: 403-703-7363
                   Phone 403-257-8345                   
                                                                  DK2 CONTRACTING INC: Residential and commercial
ASCCA NATURE SAFARI DAY CAMPS: Week long day                      renovations: plumbing, electrical, interior and exterior painting,
camps July & Aug. Ages 6-12 Explore, Create, Discover and         basements, texturing, repairs and remodelling, siding and
Play in the scenic foothills.      roofing. Call for free estimate. 403-874-6991
Laura: 403-931-2042
                                                                  lOCAl HEATING vENTIlATION AIR CONDITIONING
DK ElECTRICAl & PlUMBING:                                         & REFRIGERATION JOURNEYMAN can solve your
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                                                                  yrs exp, friendly service, reasonable rates. After hours and
For Free Quotes Call Devin For Electrical At 403 651-9787 Or
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Kyle For Plumbing At 403 968-0967
                                                                  NEPTUNE PlUMBING & HEATING lTD: Residential
DOllAR RENOS: 40 years’ experience. All home renovations
                                                                  and commercial service. Renovations, gas fitting and backflow
inside and out. Customer service the old fashioned way. Seniors
                                                                  testing. Fully licensed and insured with competitive rates.
discount. Specializing in mould repair. Call Dale or Shelly at
                                                                  Customer satisfaction assured. CALL 403-255-7938, 24 HOUR
403-451-2323 or 403-801-7156.
                                                                  EMERGENCY SERVICE.
Residential service work including repairs and                    PICK YOUR ½ PRICE ITEMS! Lia Sophia Jewellery
installations, water heaters, furnaces, gas lines,                Kelly @ 403-244-1429 –
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HERBAlIFE: Natural Solutions to Health Concerns. Do you           REGISTERED PUBlIC ACCOUNTANT:
want to lose weight, or gain more energy…..we can help!           Bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll, GST returns,
Get set up on a Safe, Easy and Natural Weight Management          corporate tax, personal tax. Very reasonablerate.
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Alia the AvON lady! To Buy or $Sell Avon Products

Pg. 30    Visit us at:                                                                        April 2011
   Classified Ads Work!                                                Your
                                                                                      THiNgS TO dO
      Call or email laura today to place your ad!!!
                    Phone 403-257-8345
           Email:                                 FriENdS OF FiSH CrEEk
                                                                                  April SpEAkEr SEriES
SCENTSY: We make perfect Scents. Wickless, flameless,
smokeless candles. Call Debbie Scott, Independent Consultant                                          lost In The Woods
403-254-4356 or
                                                                                                       Thursday, April 28, 2011
TENDERHEART DAYHOME has openings for full/part time                                                       7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
care, providing care for 15 years, reasonable rates, routine,                                         Fish Creek Environmental
healthy snacks and beverages, crafts, music, story time, learning                                          learning Centre
with play, indoor/outdoor play for all ages. First aid/ CPR cert.
References avail. Michelle 403-860-5254 or                                                         Presented by Holly Lehbauer,                                                                     Foothills Search and Rescue and
                                                                                                   Katie Pearson, Friends of Fish
TAX RETURNS: Paying more income tax than you should                                                Creek Provincial Park Society
be? Experienced tax professional will ensure you maximize tax
savings whether you are self-employed, own rental property,         Whether you are lost in the woods, or are searching for a loved
have children, are a senior and more! Call Calgary’s Choice Tax     one, being lost is a terrifying experience that can end tragically.
Services (403) 703-7176                                             Join Foothills Search and Rescue and learn what you need to
                                                                    bring when venturing into the woods, what to do if you become
                                                                    lost, and how to prevent getting lost in the first place. Learn
    THE AdvErTiSErS iN THE BrEEzE                                   how Search and Rescue volunteers and search dogs find lost
                                                                    people and help save lives. This presentation is suitable for all
      pAY FOr THiS NEWSlETTEr.                                      ages - bring the whole family and learn what to do if you are
                    Please show your support                        ever lost in the woods!
         by letting them know where you saw their ad!
                                                                    Registration Required. Free for Friends members and $5.00 for
                                                                    non-members. To register contact Chris at 403-238-3841 or
                                                           For more information, please visit
  BUllDOGS TACKlE FOOTBAll                                

                            Bulldogs Football is open to players
                            ages 7 – 15. Registration will take        dO YOU lOvE
                            place on June 1 & 2 from 7 – 9 pm at
                            the Woodcreek Community Centre              FiSH CrEEk
                            (1991 Woodview Drive SW). For
                            more information, please visit our          prOviNCiAl
                            website:                    pArk?
                                                                    The Friends of Fish Creek are looking for volunteers for a
                                                                    variety of events from spring to fall. We will be hosting many
                                                                    environmental stewardship initiatives, such as Trail Care and
                                                                    Weed Wackerz outings, and invite you to join us for a day
                                                                    in Fish Creek Provincial Park! Get outside, get active, and
                                                                    help preserve this beautiful and sensitive area so that future
                                                                    generations can enjoy it as much tomorrow as we do today.

                                                                    Contact Katie Pearson, Project
                                                                    and Programs Director,
                                                                    for information on volunteer

Pg. 31                                 The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
    Official       COFFEE TAlk                                             ANNUAl rAiN BArrEl ANd
    Newsletter                                                                COMpOSTEr SAlE!
                                 Lemons                                       May 14, 2011 - 9:00am-11:00am
                               Lemon juice is a natural substance               NW: Crowfoot lRT Parking lot
                                that can be used to clean your
                                home. You can either use fresh                   SW: Anderson lRT Parking lot
                               squeezed lemon juice or store-              South/Central: Ikea (8000 – 11th Street SE)
                        bought concentrate. It can be mixed
               with vinegar and/or baking soda to make cleaning                                    Stop by one of three convenient
pastes, and it leaves a pleasant fragrance.                                                        locations on Saturday, May
•    Countertops – Squeeze juice from half a lemon onto                                            14th to buy your rain barrel or
     the counter, use the lemon as a scrubber. Leave juice on                                      composter at a great price! All
     stains until you see them disappear. Rinse surface with                                       proceeds support Calgary-based
     water. Tough stains may take longer. Do not use lemons on                                     environmental initiatives - a win-
     marble or granite surfaces – lemon is too corrosive.                                          win for our community.
•    Garbage Disposal – Put a whole lemon (or orange) peel
     through the disposal to freshen it.                                                           Composters
                                                                                                    Spring is a great time to start
•    Brighten Dishes and Glassware – Add lemon juice to                                             composting, and composting is a
     dishwasher.                                                                                    great way to improve your lawn
•    Wooden Furniture / Floors – Clean with one part olive oil                                      and garden while reducing the
     to one part lemon juice, then rub the liquid in with a soft rag.                               amount of organic waste that
                                                                        goes to our landfills. The Garden Gourmet Composter
•    Fabric Stains (blood, grass and rust) – Dab salt and               holds 11 cubic feet of material and stands 24L” x 24W” x
     lemon juice onto the mark, leave for a while. Rinse well,          36H” when assembled.
     wash as normal.
•    Microwave – Put half a lemon in a bowl of cold water into          Rain Barrels
     the microwave. Cook on high for three minutes. It will             Collect rain water to irrigate
     get rid of cooking odours and the condensation from the            your yard this spring. The
     steam will loosen baked on foods. Simply wipe it with a            quality of rainwater for yard
     damp cloth afterward.                                              irrigation is unsurpassed;
•    Bleaching Clothes – Mix ½ cup lemon juice and one                  the water collected in
     gallon hot water. Soak clothes from 1 hour to overnight,           rain barrels has a natural
     depending on how badly the clothing needs bleaching.               temperature that doesn’t
     Dump clothes and mix into washing machine. Launder as              shock plants and, best of all,
     usual. You can’t over-bleach using lemon juice.                    it’s chlorine-free. These are
                                                                        just a few of the benefits
•    Tupperware – For stains, clean with lemon juice and                associated with rainwater
     baking soda. Lit sit overnight for tough stains.                   harvesting. The barrels are
•    Bathroom Tiles – Dip a sponge in lemon juice and wipe              locally re-purposed from
     down tile surfaces to create a shine; leave a touch of citrus      food-grade plastic barrels,
     to disinfect and discourage mildew.                                thereby helping you collect
                                                                        rainwater and helping us all to
•    Shining Bathroom Fixtures – Rub with a lemon-dipped                keep plastic waste out of our
     sponge.                                                            landfills.
•    Tools – Soak rusty tools, screws, hinges, nails, etc. in
     lemon juice to break down the rust. Add a little baking            visit Green Calgary’s website at
     soda for added scouring.                                                  or give us a call at 403-230-1443 ext. 222.

Pg. 32     Visit us at:                                                                         April 2011
Pg. 33   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
                                                                     Official     prESidENT’S MESSAgE

                                                                         MiCHEllE TAYlOr, prESidENT
                                                                     SilvErAdO COMMUNiTY ASSOCiATiON
                                                                   I am very excited to be reaching you all by community
                                                                   newsletter... watch for it monthly! The Silverado Community
                                                                   Association was incorporated this past summer, and our
                                                                   membership is growing steadily. The board has been working
                                                                   very hard to give the SCA a great foundation and an energetic
                                                                   So far, I have met with all developing companies active in
                                                                   Silverado and reviewed their plans. I have also met or spoken
                                                                   with our MLA, Alderman and Public School Trustee, as well
                                                                   as City contacts and our Community Liaison Officer with the
                                                                   Calgary Police Service.
                                                                   The SCA is here to keep you informed of what’s going on in
                                                                   our community, as well as to give you a voice. Remember that
                                                                   we cannot move forward as a community until we have a larger
                                                                   membership base. We all need to take responsibility for our
  SCA BOArd OF dirECTOrS                                           community’s future. Please take this opportunity by purchasing
                                                                   a membership for your household, still just $20/ year. To make
  -   President: Michelle Taylor                                   an appointment for membership purchase or for any questions/
  -   Vice-President: Carly Renaud                                 concerns, please contact me at silveradocommunity@hotmail.
                                                                   com. I look forward
  -   Secretary: Marilyn Glerum                                    to meeting you
  -   Treasurer: Alex Chmilar                                      all and welcoming
                                                                   you into the SCA
  -   Special Events Director: Carly Renaud
                                                                   membership family.
  -   Membership Director: Alex Chmilar                            We can make
  -   Newsletter Liaison: Michelle Taylor                          Silverado into the
                                                                   kind of community
  -   New Developments Director: Alex Chmilar                      we want to call
                                                                   home by working
 Contact info. for all board members is                            together.                               Hoping to see you
 Silverado Residents Association contact info:                     out at our first SCA
                                    event, an Easter Egg
                                                                   Hunt and activity
                                                                   day to be held on
 “I have always felt that the moment when you first up in the      April 16th. Please
 morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours.           see our event ad in
 No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess           this issue!
                        the certainty that, during the day that
                        lies before you, absolutely anything       Sincerely,
                        may happen. And the fact that it
                        practically always doesn’t, matters not    Michelle Taylor,
                        a jot. The possibility is always there.”   President, Silverado
                       ~ Monica Baldwin                            Association

Pg. 34                                                                                                                  April 2011
                        S ilverado e aSter e gg H unt
                              and a ctivity d ay
                           SATUrdAY, April 16TH, 10:45 AT THE
                               STOrM pONd plAYgrOUNd
                      sPeCial draws for sCa MeMbers!
    MeMbershiPs for sale at the event! still $20 Per year, Per household!

Pg. 35                 The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
                    CiviC CHAT

                                   Hon. Cindy Ady,
                                  Minister of Tourism,
                                 Parks and Recreation
                                  MlA Calgary Shaw
                                      Phone: 403-256-8969
                                  Serving Chaparral, Midnapore,
                                 Shawnessy, Silverado, Somerset
                                           and Sundance

Without a doubt, the political landscape of Alberta has been
busy the last few months. You have probably followed the
decision of our Premier to step-down, as well as the decisions
of members of the government to pursue the Progressive
Conservative leadership. There is a lot of excitement around
this process, and I encourage all constituents to be involved in
the selection of our new leader.
Everyone can be involved in helping to select the leader who
will become the next Premier of Alberta. Anyone the age
of sixteen and older can purchase a membership from the
PC Party. Once purchased, that person will be able to cast a             initiatives create. As part of my desire to promote this concept
ballot to select their choice for leader. For some Calgary-Shaw          and continue to extend the excitement for it, I will be sponsoring
residents, this may be their first time participating in the political   a Fun Run and BBQ in Fish Creek Park on June 11th. This will
process. For other constituents, it will be a further step in their      be a fantastic opportunity to support the goal of keeping our
democratic legacy.                                                       children healthy and helping them learn best. I encourage you all
                                                                         to come and enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in Alberta;
As your MLA, I am available to facilitate the process for you to         whether you decide to run or walk, this is an event for the whole
cast your vote. Please, feel free to contact my office to obtain         family. Watch for bold signs and advertisements, or continue to
your membership. If you have any questions about the process,            check my website for full details of the event.
not only can you contact me, but you can visit the Alberta PC
Website at                                              Latest Updates
For the good of our constituency, and our province, this                 This newsletter needs to be submitted a month in advance
beautiful place we make our home, it is important that we are            to meet the printing deadlines. For the latest information on
all engaged in the selection of the next Premier of Alberta. This        Calgary-Shaw, your government’s initiatives, and my work as
is an opportunity to make your voice heard.                              your MLA, please visit my website

Fish Creek Park Fun Run                                                  Hearing from you
Groundbreaking research has revealed that increased activity             You are always welcome to contact me with questions,
levels in children benefit the brain first and foremost. With            suggestions or concerns. In fact, your communication with my
this knowledge, it is possible to use recreation not only for a          office helps me do my job. Contact my office anytime at 403-
physical focus, but also an educational one. All parents who are         256-8969. You can also follow what I am doing as your MLA and
interested in the topic should read Spark: The Revolutionary             as the Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation on Facebook,
New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey.                  Twitter and my website.
Calgary-Shaw is leading this concept of using recreation to              Facebook:
benefit our children’s’ education. Having visited twelve schools         Twitter:
throughout our constituency, I have witnessed the success these          Website:

Pg. 36                                                                                                                           April 2011
                   CiviC CHAT

                               Peter Demong,
                              Alderman Ward 14
                                 Phone: 403-268-5633

                           It’s been a very busy month at
                           City Hall - dealing with numerous
                           complaints and concerns regarding
                           snow removal, parking, fluoride,
Enmax, water main breaks – you name it. As many of you
know, I did 2 telephone survey’s asking thousands of you
about the airport tunnel and about secondary suites. I intend
to continue asking for your opinions whenever budget allows.
With 65,000 of you in the Ward, as you can imagine it isn’t
always easy to determine what the majority want as there isn’t
any easy or inexpensive way to poll everyone. If you want your
opinion known, it would be good if you e-mail me at Ward14@ to get your name and phone number on our list of
people who we can poll by e-mail (or auto dial) so we can
further develop our feedback mechanisms at my office.
The Clock at City Hall turned 100 years old this past month,
and many people wonder what it looks like inside. So, for a little
fun, here is a link to the interior of that grand old tower you see
over City Hall:
It is amazing how fast the last 5 months have passed on what
has been a very steep learning curve, but I am proud to say
that we have already started achieving some important steps
towards better budget processes. As you know, I voted against
our current budget, and I want to see us moving towards a
zero-based or similar bottom-up budget approach for every
business unit in the City. I think you will agree overly high taxes
and spending are a critical issue to us all. I encourage you all to
take a few moments to let your viewpoints on the budget be
known at
                                                                      continue to probe for better transparency and information at
I have also been asking many tough questions on your behalf,          City Hall using this and other techniques in future.
intended to draw attention to areas that need improving.
                                                                      On a pro-active note, among other important items, I am
One way I have done this is through a relatively unknown              working diligently behind the scenes in conjunction with the
process called an “Administrative Inquiry”. This involves             Province to address the Macleod Trail/ 22X overpass issues. I
submitting a carefully worded question in writing at a Council        am also listening carefully to the S.W. Ring Road link proposals.
meeting, to which Administration must also respond in writing.
Properly used, it can be a very powerful technique.                   In the past, Ward 14 has been relatively quiet in terms of raising
                                                                      overall City issues. I think it is time we raise the bar a bit and
For example, I submitted an important query regarding Red             start getting our voice heard.
Light Camera liability (Edmonton has just been ordered
to refund $12.7 million as a result of faulty cameras). I will        Have a great month everyone!

Pg. 37                                  The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations
Pg. 38   Visit us at:   April 2011
Pg. 39   The Official Newsletter for the Somerset, Bridlewood and Silverado Community Associations

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