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									                                                                                                  June 2010 – Sept 2010

                                                   THINK                    KNI
                                                    P      this October
                                                    From pink running shoes, t-shirts and sport caps,
                                                   to pink casual tops and glam-it-up evening wear,
                                                         people everywhere will be dressing up
                                                            with a touch of pink in October
                                                        to show their support for breast cancer.

Yes, October is Breast Cancer            Breast Cancer Awareness                       We look forward to seeing you
Awareness Month (BCAM).                  Month 2010                               all at these ‘Pink’ activities.
     Internationally-recognised and      The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)
celebrated the world over, BCAM          organises a series of pink activities    Watsons Pink Ribbon Walk/Run
is a time to educate women about         during BCAM for breast cancer            2010
the top-killer cancer and to em-         survivors, families and friends. These   2 October 2010, Saturday
power them with the knowledge            events also allow members of the
on the importance of early detec-        community to show their support          A signature event held every year
tion.                                    and help to advocate and pass            by BCF to kick-start the month-long
     While many women have lost          on the key messages to their loved       BCAM activities, the Watsons Pink
their lives to breast cancer, sur-       ones, relatives and friends.             Ribbon Walk/Run 2010 welcomes
vival rates are on the rise. Survival
outcomes have been greatly en-
hanced with the improvement in                                                        1–7 Cover Story
                                                                                      Think Pink this October
medical treatments and as more
women embrace early detection.                                                        8-9 Feature
     So let us do our part and join in                                                Soy and breast cancer
the plethora of activities specially
                                                                                      10 Spotlight
organised for the BCAM to remem-                                                      An open letter
ber those whose lives have been
touched by breast cancer and also                                                     11 Upcoming events
celebrate the hope, faith and cour-
                                                                                      12 Mission + Events
age of the ladies who have survived
the disease.
cover story

                             all participants, regardless of       ly, friends and colleagues to
                             age and gender to take part           wear the ribbon and help us
                             in both the competitive run           spread the breast cancer
                             and walk categories.                  awareness message.
                                  To be held at The Play-                Look out for BCF staff
                             ground@Big Splash at the              and volunteers who will be going around town and
                             East Coast Parkway, the 5km           major shopping areas to spot those wearing the pin. The
                             competitive Run will start at         lucky ones will have their names entered into a grand
                             8am, while the Walk will fol-         lucky draw and stand to win attractive prizes.
low later at 8.45am. The top three male and female
participants for the Run will win attractive prizes (fully         Pink Ribbon Charity Golf
sponsored), including return air tickets to Tokyo, Sony            3 November 2010, Wednesday
MP3 players, health screening packages, jewellery,                 Tanah Merah Country Glub, Garden Course
memberships to fitness centres and complimentary
meals at a five-star hotel.                                        This year, BCF is bringing back the Pink Ribbon Charity
     There are goodie bags and free New Balance                    Golf which will be the closing event to the Breast Can-
t-shirts for participants, while stocks last.                      cer Awareness Month Campaign.
     Visit for more in-                     The guest-of-honour is Mrs Goh Chok Tong. BCF is
formation.                                                         targeting to raise at least $500,000 from this event.

Wear The Pink Ribbon
1 September - 31 October 2010                                      BCF Partners’ Events

The pink ribbon is an international symbol representing            Besides Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) events, mem-
awareness and hope for women with breast cancer.                   bers can participate in a series of activities happening
     Each year, BCF produces a specially-designed                  almost every weekend in October.
pink ribbon pin for sale to the public. Besides raising                The activities are the concerted effort by BCF’s
awareness of breast cancer, the act of wearing the                 partners committed to increase breast cancer aware-
ribbon is an affirmation of the community’s support to             ness and raise funds to support BCF’s various public
BCF’s cause.                                                       outreach and support programmes for the benefit of
     The pink ribbons are available for a minimum do-              breast cancer patients and survivors.
nation of $2 each and $5 each for a pin with a crystal
solitaire. The pins can be purchased at 400 distribution           Watsons’ Pink Shelves Programme
points island-wide across Singapore, such as supermar-             23 September - 17 November 2010
kets, beauty and health stores, food and beverage                  At 40 selected Watsons Stores
outlets and shopping malls.
     This is a simple yet meaningful gesture to champion           Look out for the “Pink Shelves” when you go shopping
an issue of importance to women. Encourage your fami-              for beauty and health products at Watsons stores. For

Publisher                                 BCF Committee                               Advisors
                                                                                         Dr Karmen Wong
                                          Mrs Fang Ai Lian President
                                                                                         Mrs Noor Quek
                                          Mrs Noor Quek Vice President                Editor
                                          Mr Daniel Soh Secretary                        Ms Seetoh Yit Fong
                                          Dr Karmen Wong Assistant Secretary
                                                                                        Mr Paul Lim
                                          Mr Jackie Ng Treasurer                      Production
                                          Mrs Arfat Selvam Assistant Treasurer          APN Publishing & Fulfillment Pte Ltd
Breast Cancer Foundation                                                              Printing
                                          Mrs Catherine Ng-Phng Committee Member
26 Dunearn Road, Singapore 309423                                                       Craft Print International Ltd
                                          Prof Chia Kee Seng Committee Member
Tel: (65) 6352 6560 Fax: (65) 6352 5808
                                          Mr Peter Kong Committee Member              MICA (P) No. 20/09/2010
Helpline: (65) 6356 0123
                                                                                      Registry of Societies Registration No:
Email:               Ms Wendy Tsai Committee Member
                                                                                       ROS 207/97/TAP (30/9/97)
Website:                   Ms Christine Ang General Manager            Charity Registration No: 1286 (22/10/97)

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                                                                                                    cover story

each product sold from                                     on sale to raise funds for the BCF.
the Pink Shelves, 10 cents                                     In addition, five brands under the Estée Lauder
will be donated to BCF.                                    Companies Singapore will also sell limited-edition Pink
Watsons has committed                                      Ribbon products over the counter in October. Every
to raise a minimum of                                      $10 from the sale of Pink Ribbon products from Estée
$80,000 for BCF.                                           Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and La Mer, and 10%
     Watsons Pink Shelves is                               from the sale of Origins Pink Ribbon products, will be
in collaboration with four                                 donated to BCF.
suppliers: Johnson & John-
son, L.D. Waxson, LÓreal                                   SpongeBob PinkPants Run @ Downtown East
and Procter & Gamble.                                      3 October 2010, Sunday
                                                           Escape Theme Park, 8am
Estée Lauder Global
Illumination                                               SpongeBob Square Pants is going pink this October.
2 October 2010                                             Though this run is for the children between 6 to 12 years
ION Orchard                                                old, it serves to educate the parents, especially moth-
                                                           ers of the children
This year, Estée Lauder                                    on breast cancer
Companies Singapore will                                   awareness and the
illuminate ION Orchard’s                                   importance of early
integrated media facade                                    screening. Please
in pink for a week from 1 October.                         visit to
     A highlight for the evening is the Pink Carpet walk   register online.
for invited guests, and Stars of the Night, a group of          Besides the kids’
breast cancer survivors who will be given a glamorous      run, a special edition
makeover.                                                  pink ribbon pin featur-
     While the cocktail reception is for invited guests,   ing SpongeBob, and other SpongeBob pink merchan-
members can get a makeover by Bobbi Brown for a            dise, will be on sale at various retail points. A portion of
minimum donation of $10 and take home a Polaroid           the sales proceeds of the PinkPants merchandise during
picture in a pink photo frame. Pink goodies will also be   this period will be donated to BCF.

                     BCF’s Campaign Tagline for BCAM:
              “Pay more attention to the things that matter more.”
                                           Today’s women enjoy higher status in society, have more purchasing
                                           power, and appreciate the finer things in life. While women are
                                           setting aside time in their busy lives to pamper themselves, it is
                                           equally important that they pay equal, if not more, attention to
                                           other important matters such as breast health.
                                                This is the message behind BCF’s campaign tagline for this
                                           year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).Campaign posters
                                           see body art painted on the upper torso of a model, illustrating
                                           the message that women should re-focus their obsessions about
                                           their bodies.
                                                The graphical illustrations and tagline can be seen on the
                                           backing card of the pink ribbon pins, on donation boxes, and at
                                           BCF activities during BCAM.
                                                The concept and creatives are the brainchild of DDB Group
                                           in Singapore, which has been providing pro-bono services to BCF
                                           since 2003. They are also the creative minds behind the new pink
                                           ribbon design.

cover story

Pink Beats                                                the maximum number permitted under Rule 8.1. Such
7 October 2010                                            new Committee Member(s) shall hold office until the
The Arts House, 8pm – 10.30pm                             Annual General Meeting at which the term of office of
                                                          the Committee shall expire.
Indulge in an evening of classical and opera, move to         An overview of the forthcoming activities during
the rhythms of jazz, blues, pop and cabaret, and sing     Breast Cancer Awareness Month was next presented
along to the librettos of operetta.                       by BCF General Manager Ms Christine Ang.
    Tickets at $100 (excluding $2 admin fee) can be
purchased from BYTES hotline 6332 6919 or The Arts
House box office at Proceeds from the       Fund-Raising projects
ticket sales will be donated to BCF.
                                                          SICC May Day Charity 2010
TANGS Pay Tribute to Women the World Over                 1 May 2010
Entire month of October 2010                              Singapore Island Country Club

In support of BCF, TANGS will again be spreading the      BCF was one of the beneficiaries of the Singapore
message of breast cancer awareness through several        Island Country Club’s (SICC) May Day Charity fund-
events.                                                   raising effort, an annual club tradition now in its 39th
      TANGS’ Fall Campaign “I Am Woman” will be           consecutive year.
decked out in pink, from specially-designed pink               Among the fund-raising activities were a charity
merchandise to window displays. Handmade badges           golf tournament, a charity gala dinner, a lifestyle ball,
and brooches by TANGS staff will be on sale. For more     bridge games, billiards, swimming, bowling, tennis, a
details, watch out for TANGS press advertisements on      biathlon and a gym treadmill run.
15 October.                                                    A cheque of $20,000 was presented to BCF by
      The Kitchen at TANGS VivoCity will celebrate its    SICC Patron and the President of Singapore, Mr S R
first anniversary with a line-up of cooking classes by    Nathan.
talented guest chefs. Among them is Koh Chieng Mun
who will be donating part of her cooking fees to BCF.     Bon Voyage Breast Cancer
In conjunction with the Fall Campaign, The Kitchen will   22 May 2010
emphasise on healthy cooking and incorporate a touch      Kallang Riverside
of pink into the dishes.
      TANGS will place BCF’s pink ribbon donation boxes   A group of students from Temasek Junior College took
in-store and distribute educational brochures on breast   time off from their studies to go dragon-boat paddling
cancer to its shoppers.                                   with BCF’s Pink Paddlers.

Quarterly Review of Events

BCF 13th Annual General Meeting
26 July 2010
BCF Centre

The meeting kicked-off with a thank-you speech by
Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) President, Mrs Fang
Ai Lian, to all members and volunteers who have sup-
ported BCF over the past years. She was touched by
the fighting spirits of breast cancer survivors and how
they have helped others take charge of their lives.
     After presenting the statement of accounts, BCF
Treasurer Mr Jackie Ng proposed and obtained mem-
bers’ approval to amend the Constitution which will al-       The sea adventure was followed by a picnic which
low the Executive Committee to appoint new members        allowed the students to interact with the paddlers in an
to fill any vacancy arising from the resignation of any   informal setting. Many of the young participants said
committee member or to appoint new members up to          they were inspired by the paddlers’ strength in conquer-

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                                                            Jai Ho! Mangal Maay Ho!
                                                            The Great Big Indian Wedding
                                                            30 May 2010
                                                            Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel

                                                            Jai Ho! Mangal Maay Ho! was a musical extravaganza
                                                            which took viewers through the different occasions and
                                                            celebrations in a typical North Indian wedding.
                                                                The dances were choreographed to the catchy
                                                            beats of traditional wedding-themed songs and Bolly-
                                                            wood numbers, and included an eclectic mix of moves
                                                            inspired by folk dances of India as well as contemporary
                                                            Bollywood dance styles.
ing cancer. Awareness was raised as students realised           The organisers set aside 50 donor tickets priced at
the disease affected young people as well.                  $100 each, with the proceeds going to BCF.
    The event was organised in collaboration with
Singapore Dragon Boat Association with the support          Pink Brunch
and sponsorship from Young Change Makers, Adidas            17 July 2010
and Celede.                                                 The Wine Company@Evans

Women Riders Month 2010
28 May 2010
Mandarin Gallery

Women Riders Month was about showcasing the inde-
pendence, grit and strength of a woman rider.
    These traits, similar to the strength and determina-
tion shown by breast cancer survivors as they battled
the adversities of the disease was what prompted
Harley-Davidson to dedicate this year’s Women Riders
Month to raise funds for BCF.                               It was a sold-out event organised by the BCF Support
                                                            Group co-ordinators to raise funds and create aware-
                                                            ness for breast cancer. The fund-raising was part of the
                                                            group’s way of giving back to BCF which has played
                                                            a critical role in breast cancer patients’ recovery jour-
                                                                Guests were treated to an afternoon of sumptuous
                                                            food and entertainment, including a skit performance
                                                            by the Support Group co-ordinators. Making a special
                                                            appearance was Community Development, Youth and
                                                            Sports Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan and his wife who
                                                            gave some heartwarming and encouraging remarks.
                                                            Many of the guests took the opportunity to interact and
                                                            exchange views with Minister and Mrs Balakrishnan.
                                                                The Pink Brunch raised a total of $12,150, which will
                                                            be used to maintain and develop the Support Groups’
     The day started with a convoy of Harleys and other     programmes and activities.
makes, all decked out in PINK. The bikes paraded down
Orchard Road which ended at the Mandarin Gallery.           The Great Women Pledge by Great Eastern
This was followed by a cocktail reception at the Manda-     21 July 2010
rin Hotel with a fashion show featuring Harley-Davidson’s   Raffles Place
Pink Label. Proceeds from the sale of Pink Label prod-
ucts and a special Pink cocktail drink concocted by         On Racial Harmony Day, 16 women from different
Mandarin Hotel were donated to BCF.                         ethnic backgrounds came together to do their part

events update

for charity during the Great Eastern Women 10K 2010
road show launch at Raffles Place.                          Upcoming Fund-raising Events
     In teams of four, the women raced a total distance
of 4km on treadmills to clock the fastest time to earn      Buy a SleepAngel Mattress at 10% Discount
a donation of $5,000 for BCF. The participants included     15 July - 15 October 2010
BCF survivors, sportswomen and members of the pub-
lic.                                                        Antho Design, the brains behind the SleepAngel mat-
     Public members were invited to participate in “The     tress, has pledged to donate part proceeds from the
Great Woman Pledge”, a revival of last year’s giant         sale of the mattresses to Breast Cancer Foundation
message board filled with declarations of pride on why      (BCF) over a three-month sales period. The spring pock-
“It’s Great to be a Woman!”                                 eted mattresses are currently available from Danovel
     The pledge board will be available at various lo-      Treehouse in Tanglin Shopping Centre. There will be a
cations in Singapore in the coming weeks to collect         10% discount for single-size mattresses. Buyers can also
pledges from women. With the collected pledges,             enjoy the same discount on selected furniture and ac-
Great Eastern will donate an additional amount to BCF       cessories from the store.
for its awareness programmes and support services for
those affected by breast cancer.                            Norwegian Salmon Pink Power! Recipe Booklet
     The Great Eastern Women 10K, to be held at Ma-         Available at major supermarkets
rina Bay on 31 October, has once again adopted BCF
as a beneficiary. The donation will be made by Great        Besides regular breast screening, one of the ways to
Eastern, the event’s title sponsor.                         lower the risks of breast cancer is the adoption of a
                                                            healthy diet and active lifestyle. To render their support
“LOVE CUTS” Charity Premiere                                in this area, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council has
3 September 2010                                            produced a booklet containing wholesome salmon
Golden Village, VivoCity                                    recipes that can be prepared in the comfort of any
                                                            home kitchen.
Clover Films, producer of LOVE CUTS, organised a char-           The recipes are especially crafted by Samia Ahad,
ity premiere for the movie to raise funds for the breast    an entrepreneur, chef and owner of two award-winning
cancer cause.                                               culinary establishments – Coriander Leaf and Screen-
     The movie is about two women affected with breast      ing Room, as well as Koh Chieng Mun, a breast cancer
cancer and the different journeys they took to battle       survivor who had overcome the tumultuous challenge
this disease.                                               and is now a role model for women who face similar
     The LOVE CUTS Charity Premiere was graced by           obstacles in life.
prominent women in business, politics and the commu-             The visually-enticing guide also dishes out tips on
                                        nity, as well as    how to adjust
                                        breast cancer       to a less stressful
                                        survivors and       and balanced
                                        lead actress,       way of living,
                                        MediaCorp           interesting trivia
                                        artiste Zoe Tay     about salmon, as
                                        together with       well as different
                                        casts of the        methods of pre-
                                        film.               paring salmon.
                                             S o m e        These booklets
                                        $5,000 was          will be available
                                        raised from the     at BCF events
                                        sale of the tick-   and major lo-
                                        ets which were      cal supermarket
                                        donated by          chains.
                                        Clover Films.

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                                                                                                 events update

Swarovski Pink Hope Collection 2010
1-28 October 2010

Swarovski continues its tradition of support for breast
cancer with its launch of The Pink Hope Collection 2010
on 1st October, across its three retail boutiques in ION
Orchard, Raffles City Shopping Centre and VivoCity.
The collectible items include the pink lady ball point
pen, crystal duck, pink pendant, pink ribbon tack pin,
pink ribbon charm and key ring.
    Profits from the sale of the products will be donated
to BCF.                                                     Flower ceremony at Bedok Reservoir

New Pandora Jewellery in Support of Breast                      On 10-11 July, the Pink Paddlers joined the race
Cancer                                                      at the annual Singapore Dragon Boat Festival held at
Entire month of October 2010                                Bedok Reservoir.

PANDORA’s launch of two new stylish and feminine
jewellery pieces marks its 5 years of dedicated support.    Ongoing Activities
These are the fashionable pink braided leather brace-
let with a beautiful sterling silver medallion charm and    Art Therapy
two clip charms. The silver medallion charm, which is       Tuesdays, 10am - 12pm
decorated with the delicate Lucerne flower motif, can       BCF Centre
be engraved with initials or a personal message.
    Part proceeds from the sale of the jewellery will be    You do not have to be creative to join this class; all you
donated to BCF. Available at leading jewellers and          need is a willingness to draw and create from the heart,
retail stores.                                              explore and reflect with group members.
                                                                 Art therapy involves making art to improve mental
                                                            health and well-being. It is a good way to help breast
Support & Volunteer Programmes                              cancer patients and survivors express and cope with
                                                            the stress and trauma associated with the diagnosis
Pink Paddlers in Competition                                and treatment of breast cancer. Participants can look
The BCF dragon boat team had a hectic schedule over         forward to learn how they can manage behaviour,
the past few months.                                        increase self-esteem and self-awareness while enjoying
    They participated in the inaugural Gallop of the        the pleasures of making art.
Dragons 2010 organised by the Singapore Turf Club in             Leading the class is Yesmin Chan, a trained nurse
collaboration with the Singapore Dragon Boat Associa-       who has obtained a Master degree in Art. Using pen-
tion on 15-16 May at Boat Quay.                             cils, pastels, collage, paint and clay, she will lead the
                                                            group to experiment with line, colour, shape and form
                                                            to express the hidden self and enhance well-being.

                                                            Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors
                                                            Mondays, 3.30pm - 4.30pm
                                                            BCF Centre

                                                            Make yoga a part of your journey towards recovery.
                                                            Gentle yoga and breathing exercises will help relax, im-
                                                            prove flexibility and strengthen muscles. Enjoy the class
                                                            in a positive and supportive environment with people
Pink Paddlers in Kuala Lumpur
                                                            who have been through similar experiences.
                                                                Classes are led by yoga instructor, Lena Wee and
    They then went to Kuala Lumpur to participate in        Eng Kiat. As the current class is full, watch out for new
the 1Malaysia International Dragon Boat Festival 2010       classes starting soon. All levels of yoga experience are
on 18-20 June.                                              welcome.


                                                                               Soy and
                                                                                         There has been much interest
                                                                                        in the use of soy in breast can-
                                                                                    cer development, both in primary
                                                                              prevention as well as benefits among
                                                                       breast cancer survivors.
                                                                          Soy foods have a lot of isoflavones, which
                                                                     are classified as phytoestrogens, or weak
                                                                    estrogen-like compounds found in plants.
                                                                    Laboratory data show that isoflavones have
                                                                      a wide range of biological actions. They
                                                                        have an affinity for estrogen receptors in
                                                                          vitro, therefore potentially competing for
                                                                         the binding sites of estrogen receptors. In
                                                                        addition, they have been shown to be anti-
                                                                       proliferative, anti-angiogenic, anti-oxidative,
                                                                     and anti-inflammatory. These properties of soy
                                                                  have suggested many potential benefits in breast
                                                               cancer. Nevertheless, there is some epidemiologi-
                                                            cal evidence of an inverse association. Thus, no clear
                                                            consensus has emerged regarding isoflavones and
                                                            breast cancer.
                                                                A number of reports have studied the preventive
                                                            role of soy in breast cancer. It has been consistently
                                                            observed that countries with high soy diet like Japan
                                                            has historically much lower incidences of breast can-
                                                            cer than western countries. The incidence rate among
                                                            Japanese immigrants rises as the length of time in the
                                                            host country increases. This may possibly be due to both
                                                            pre-pubertal or pubertal exposure as well as greater
                                                            level of soy consumption among the Japanese as
                                                            compared to the west. The Shanghai Women’s Health
                                                            Study reported a cohort of more than 70,000 Chinese
                                                            women using a validated food-frequency question-
                                                            naire showed strong evidence of a protective effect
                                   Dr Karmen KY Wong        of soy food intake against pre-menopausal breast
                      Consultant Oncologist and Physician
             Singapore Oncology Consultants @ Gleneagles    cancer (relative risk reduction of 43%). A similar study
                               Gleneagles Medical Centre    conducted in Singapore on 34,000 post-menopausal

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breast cancer
women reported a diet characterised by vegetables,                 also observed that women not taking Tamoxifen who
fruit and soy has an early acting protective effect on             ate the most soy seemed to have a better prognosis
breast cancer (relative risk of 30% and 43% with > 5               than women who took Tamoxifen and ate the least soy.
years follow up).                                                  The associations did not vary by menopausal status,
     Other studies on soy and breast cancer survivors              cancer stage, and estrogen receptors of breast cancer
were reported both in the US and China. A US study on              or intake of Tamoxifen. Of significance in this study is that
a cohort of 1,954 breast cancer patients was prospec-              the high soy protein intake was more than 15.3 mg of
tively followed up for > 6 years. Increasing quintiles of soy      soy protein or more than 62.3 mg of isoflavones.
intakes was associated with lower breast cancer recur-                  The relationship between soy and breast cancer
rence compared to no intake among post-menopausal                  is complicated by other factors. Most women living in
women and among Tamoxifen users. They concluded                    Asia depend on soy as their main source of protein. They
that soy isoflavones consumed at levels comparable                 consume only small amounts of beef, chicken and pork.
to those in Asian populations may reduce the risk of               Also, compared to the average women in the US, the
cancer recurrence in survivors, even with Tamoxifen                average Asian woman eats more fresh vegetables, is
therapy. Moreover, soy does not appear to interfere                closer to her ideal body weight and is more physically
with Tamoxifen efficacy.                                           active as well as less alcohol consumption. All these
     The most recent Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival               other factors may contribute to better breast cancer
Study reported a cohort of 5,042 breast cancer survivors           prognosis seen in the Chinese women in this study who
in China in October 2009 between the ages of 20 and                ate the most soy.
75 years old. With a four-year follow up, the study re-                  So far, these studies support the benefits of dietary
ported the findings of an inverse correlation on mortality         soy in higher content of Asian diet while the probable
and recurrence among highest and lowest quartile of                benefit of supplemental soy in the western diet remains
soy intake. (Relative risk of 29% for mortality and 32%            undetermined.
for recurrence.) The inverse association was evident                    According to these population studies, soy con-
among women with either estrogen receptor positive                 sumption appears to be safe and potentially protective
or negative breast cancer, as well as both users and               for women on breast cancer occurrence as well as
non-users of Tamoxifen, in death and recurrence. They              survival despite fears about estrogen-like effects.

                                              1) Soy food intake and breast cancer survival. JAMA 2009 Dec 9; 302(22); 2437-43.
                                              2   Soy isoflavones and risk of cancer recurrence in a cohort of breast cancer survivors:
                                                  the Life After Cancer Epidemiology Study. Breast Cancer Research Treat 2009 Nov;
                                                  118(2) 395-405.
                                              3) A vegetable-fruit soy dietary pattern protects against breast cancer among post-
                                                  menopausal Singapore Chinese women. Am J of Clin Nutr 2010 91; 1013-1019.
                                              4) Adolescent and Adult soy food intake and breast cancer risk: results from the
                                                  Shanghai Women’s Health Study. Am J of Clin Nutr 2009; 89 (6); 1920-6.


                   An open letter:

                   In thanks of BCF

                   I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2008.

                   My very supportive husband immediately called the Breast Cancer Foundation
                   (BCF) for help. We had very pertinent questions about life and death, surgery,
                   reconstruction, chemotherapy, etc.

                   At BCF, we met some very helpful and supportive staff.

                   In the midst of my treatment, I joined the monthly support meetings at BCF. The
                   people there were not judgmental or condemning. The many breast cancer
                   survivors accepted and supported me. They gave me hope as I found out that
                   some had been diagnosed 10 years ago. I even managed to borrow a wig and a
                   few scarves in preparation for chemotherapy.

                   Because BCF provided so much help, I applied to be a volunteer, being previously a
                   full-time social worker with my church, and was accepted after an interview. From
                   then on, I started to engage myself in telephone counselling and hospital visits. In
                   fact, I was so inspired after helping others that I started to attend support groups of
                   a few hospitals as a volunteer. I was given the opportunity to share my experience
                   in corporate staff training and nurses’ training sessions. I was also given the privilege
                   to film a video for a CD-ROM with a particular hospital so that it can be given to
                   newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in that hospital.

                   Forgetting about my own sickness and reaching out to support others helped me to
                   move on in life. God has given me grace so that I can pass on this grace to others.

                   I have learnt and am still learning that cancer is NOT a full stop in life. It is just a
                   comma. Life moves on… in fact, with more meaning than before.

                   Thank you BCF for first touching my life that I may in turn touch others.

                                                                         Sandy Huang
                                                                         Breast cancer survivor
                                                                         August 2010

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calendar of activities/programmes…
(oct – dec 2010)
Event Name                            Date/Time                              Registration Details


Latin Line Dance – Beginners          Every Mon, 11am–12.30pm                10 sessions for $10

Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors      Every Mon, 3.30-4.30pm                 10 sessions for $10

Art Therapy                           Every Tues, 10am-12noon                10 sessions for $30

Morning Exercise                      Every Wed, 10-11.30am                  Free. Ongoing

Latin Line Dance – Intermediate       Every Thu, 2-4.30pm                    10 sessions for $10

Cooking Demo                          3 Sep, 10am-12noon                     $5
– Wraps & Rolls by Jean

BCF Choir Module 7                    Every Fri, 12-1.30pm                   10 sessions for $10
                                      (except last Friday of the month)

Melody in the Pink (Karaoke)          Last Fri of the month, 1.30-5.30pm     $2 per session
                                      No karaoke in Oct

Dragon Boat Paddling Training         Every Sat, 8-10am                      Free
– Paddlers in the Pink                Venue: Kallang River
                                      Every Thu, 7-9pm
– Gym Workout                         Venue: Level 3, BCF Centre

SUPPORT GROUPS (for breast cancer patients and survivors only)

English/Malay/Young Women             Every 2nd Sat of each month,           Free
/Family & Friends/Expat/Men           10am–12 noon                           Sep co-ordinators:
                                                                               Annie Cheah, Lim Aik Wang
                                                                             No meetings in Oct & Nov
                                                                             Dec co-ordinators:
                                                                               Lim Kam Fong, Lim Aik Wang

Mandarin                              Every 3rd Mon of each month,           Free
                                      6.30-8.30pm                            Sep co-ordinators:
                                                                               Julie Seah
                                                                             No meetings in Oct
                                                                             Nov co-ordinators:
                                                                               Hedy Yap, Ng Foong Yin
                                                                             Dec co-ordinators:
                                                                               Teo Siew Lian, Chan Wai Fong

• All events are held at Breast Cancer Foundation Centre, except for Dragon Boat Paddling Training.
• For additional information on support groups and activities, please contact Brenda at tel: 6352 6560
  or email
* BCF reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel the events.


                                                 Our mission and objectives

                                  To Eradicate Breast Cancer as a Life-Threatening Disease

                               To advocate for more constructive and co-ordinated action
                          to increase awareness of the public to the incidence of breast cancer

                   To increase awareness of breast cancer at all levels of society, family members,
                 employers, employees, the general public, and the medical professional community

                                        To emphasise the importance of early detection
                                            through regular breast cancer screening

                          To identify and help implement opportunities to provide easier access
                                to regular breast cancer screening and at affordable rates

                         To provide support to breast cancer patients, survivors and their families

                 To work closely with various breast cancer-related support groups and organisations
                      in order to complement and optimize efforts to eradicate breast cancer
                                              as a life-threatening disease

health talks and events…
 Date & Venue                                     Events                                 Enquiry/registration

9 October 2010, 1pm – 3pm                         Mandarin Public Forum                  Tel: 64215804 or email:
Auditorium, Level 3,                              Free                         
Tampines Regional Library

9 October 2010, 1pm – 4pm                         Understanding Breast Cancer            Tel: 67910395
Nanyang Community Club                            Fees: $2 per person                    Nanyang Community Club
60 Jurong West St 91                                                                     Pre-registration & payment required.

16 October 2010, 1pm – 4pm                        Pink Ribbon Hi Tea                     Tel: 64215804 or email:
Velvet Underground@Zouk                           Fees: $10 per person         
17 Jiak Kim Street

17 October 2010                                   Active Living                          Tel: 6394 5038
Mandarin: 9.30am – 12noon                         Beyond Menopause                       Registration closes on 11 Oct.
English: 2 – 5pm                                  Fee: $10 per person
Auditorium (Training Centre),
Level 1, Women’s Tower,
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital,

23 October 2010                                   Nutrition After Breast Cancer          Tel: 6225 5655
Session 1: 9.30am – 12 noon                       and Cooking Demonstration              Pre-registration required.
Session 2: 1.30 – 4pm                             Free
National Cancer Centre Singapore
Function Room, Level 4

The above information was “verified” as correct at print time. Please check with the orgnisations listed for the most current information.

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