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					                       YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN WIDURI JAYA
                                    SD WIDURI JAYA

                            TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010/2011
                         MATA PELAJARAN : BAHASA INGGRIS


 1. Anton : Good morning , Sin!
    Sinta : ….Anton.
    a. good morning                                        c. good night
    b. good evening                                        d. good bye

 2.                           These are …...
                              a. tomat
                              b. tomatos
                              c. tomatoes
                              d. tomato

 3. Sinta has a doll, ….doll is funny.
    a. his                                                 b. him
    b. her                                                 d. their

 4. Budi : Excuse me! What’s your name?
    Nita   : My name is Nita.
    Budi : How do you spell?
    a. en – ai – te – a                                    c. en – ei – ti – a:
    b. en – eii – ti – a:                                  d. en – ei – ti – ei

 5.                           There are ….
                              a. butterfly
                              b. butterflies
                              c. butterflys
                              d. butterflyes

 6.                           The ripe banana is ….
                              a. black
                              b. blue
                              c. red
                              d. yellow

 7.                           Chintya : What time is it?
                              Derry : It is ….

                              a.   ten minutes to ten
                              b.   ten minutes past ten
                              c.   ten minutes past two
                              d.   ten minutes to two
8.                         There is ….milk in the glass.
                           a. any                           c. anything
                           b. some                          d. any body

9. We taste the food with our …
   a. ears                                                  c. nose
   b. lips                                                  d. tongue

10.                        She is Miss. Rina
                           She is my English teacher.
                           Her face is ….
                           a. round
                           b. oval
                           c. wide
                           d. small

11.                        Canoe is a ….transportation.
                           a. air
                           b. land
                           c. water
                           d. water and land

12. Mr. Thomas has two children. They are Noni and Andre.
    Noni is Andre’s ….
    a. aunt                        c. mother
    b. grand mother                d. sister

13. The main families are ….
    a. mother, grandfather and children
    b. father, mother, children, and grandmother
    c. grandmother, sister, uncle
    d. father, mother, and children

14.                        She is Miss. Celine
                           She has ….hair.
                           a. straight
                           b. wavy
                           c. thick
                           d. curly

15. We can listen to the music, because we have ….
    a. eyes                                                 c. noses
    b. ears                                                 d. feet
16.                         Tuti   : What is this?
                            Neni : This is a ….
                            a. papaya
                            b. grapes
                            c. strawberry
                            d. pineapple

17.                         Nia    : How does your father go to America?
                            Deny : He goes to America by…
                            a. train                       c. plane
                            b. helicopter                  d. ship

18.                                There is a ….near my house.
                                   a. mall
                                   b. school
                                   c. post office
                                   d. hospital

19.                                Chintya        : Look at the picture!
                                   Rudy           : What is that?
                                   Chintya        : That is National Monument?
                                   Rudy           : Where is it?
                                   Chintya        : It is in ….
                                   a. West Jakarta
                                   b. East Jakarta
                                   c. Central Jakarta
                                   d. North Jakarta

20.                                This traffic sign means ….
                                   a. you may park here
                                   b. you may not park here
                                   c. this park for staff only
                                   d. we can park here

21.                                Look at the picture!
                                   A cat is sitting …. a table.
                                   a. under
                                   b. beside
                                   c. between
                                   d. on

22. The opposite of north is ….
    a. south                                                      c. east
    b. central                                                    d. west

23.                                Indonesia has two seasons.
                                   There are dry season and ….season.
                                   a. autumn                      c. spring
                                   b. winter                      d. rainy
   24. There are lots of flower in Europe in ….
       a. autumn                                                             b. spring
       b. winter                                                             d. summer

   25.                                   Tatang : Where is the elephant?
                                         Ryan : It is in the Ragunan Zoo.
                                         Tatang : Where is the located of Ragunan Zoo?
                                         Ryan : It is in ….
                                         a. Central Jakarta             c. South Jakarta
                                         b. North Jakarta               d. West Jakarta


   26.           `                       Jean            : Are you a Moslem?
                                         Abdullah        : Yes, I am
                                         Jean            : Where do you worship?
                                         Abdullah        : I worship at ......

   27.                                   This is a .....
                                         This place for Christian worship.

   28.                                   Tiara           : Where is a cat?
                                         Dono            : A cat is …..the table.

   29.                                   This sign means ….

   For number 30 – 31 look at the table!

                       FLIGHT SCHEDULE FROM JAKARTA

          No         No.   Destination   Departure       Arrival
                     746 Surabaya          07.00         08.00
                     752 Yogyakarta        06.00         06.45

                     763 Yogyakarta        11.00         11.45
                     762 Semarang          09.00         09.45
                     731 Denpasar          08.00         09.30
   30. The flight number of GIA 762 arrived at Yogyakarta at …..
   31. The trip from Jakarta to Surabaya is …hours.

   32.                         This sign means you may not ….

   33.                         Sinta : Are there any vegetables in the basket?
                               Diana : No, ….

   34.                         Ani      : Do you like ….?
                               Riri     : No, I don’t like, It is hot.

   35. Do you go to school on foot? Yes, ….
   36. The colour of our hair is ….

   37.                                  Is Miss. Rani going to buy a new car?
                                        Yes, ....

   38.                                  What time is it?
                                        It is …..

   39. Nia     : Good morning, Rit.
       Rita    : Good morning, Nit.
       Nia     : How are you?
       Rita    : I am fine thank you.
       Nia     : Where are you?
       Rita    : I shall go to Bali.
       Nita    : Have a nice trip.
       Rita    : Thank you
       Nita    : ….

   40. Wati    : Where are you ….to go?
       Novi    : I am going to go to Bandung.


   41. Arrange these jumbled words in to good a sentence!
       will – They – next week – to – come – my – house
42. Write the meaning for the traffic signs below!

            A                       B                      C

43.                                 Write a short paragraph based on this picture!


      Write a sentece based on the pictures above and using the suitable preposition!

45. Change these sentences in to negative and interrogative sentences!
    (+) Mr. Andy is going to stay at Hotel Hilton tomorrow night.
  DOKUMEN NEGARA                                                                SANGAT RAHASIA

                               UJIAN AKHIR SEKOLAH

                             Nama Sekolah          : SD WIDURI JAYA
                             Mata Pelajaran        : Bahasa Inggris
                             Tahun Pelajaran       : 2010/2011
                             Hari/tanggal          : Kamis, 28 April 2011
                             Waktu                 : 10.00 – 11.30

                                       LEMBAR SOAL

   1. Tulislah dahulu nomor ujianmu pada lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan !
   2. Bacalah petunjuk pengisian yang terdapat pada bagian awal setiap kelompok soal.
   3. Jika terdapat soal yang kurang jelas tulisannya, laporkan kepada pengawas !
   4. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang kamu anggap lebih mudah !
   5. Kerjakan soal-soal pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan !
   6. Untuk soal pilihan ganda , berilah tanda silang (X) pada huruf jawaban yang benar !
   7. Jika jawabanmu salah dan ingin memperbaiki, coretlah jawaban yang salah itu dengan dua
      Garis lurus mendatar ( = ), kemudian tentukan jawabanmu yang benar dengan memberi
      tanda silang pada pilihan baru
      Contoh :

                              a                                             a

                              b                                             b

                              c                Diperbaiki                   c

                              d                                             d

   8. Jangan menggunakan tinta/pena yang tulisannya timbul di kertas      d
   9. Setelah selesai dan masih ada waktu, periksa kembali pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada
   10. Bekerjalah dengan tenang, cermat dan tepat !


   1. Nadia : Good afternoon, Sin.
      Sinta : ...., Nadia
      a. Good evening                              c. good bye
      b. Good night                                d. Good afternoon
2. Rina : Hello, I am Rina.
   Tono : Hi I am Tono
   Rina : How do you do
   Tono : ....
   a. That is right                                    c. It’s good sound
   b. How are you                                      d. How do you do

3. Rani : What is your name?
   Risca : My name is Risca.
   Rani : Nice to meet you.
   Risca : ....
   a. Thank                                            c. Nice to meet you too
   b. You are welcome                                  d. That’s great

4. James : ….is Miss. Diana from?
   Dono : She is from Jakarta.
   a. What                                             c. Who
   b. Where                                            d. Whose

5. Hello I am John. I am from England. My nationality is ….
   a. English                                      c. Spanish
   b. Dutch                                        D. Irish

6. I have twenty marbles. My father gives me fifty marbles. And uncle gives me fifteen marbles.
   How many marbles do I have?
   a. eighty five                                  c. seventy five
   b. sixty five                                   d. fifty five

7.                            I have a sister. Her name is Tiara. She is a ….
                              a. waitress
                              b. barber
                              c. carpenter
                              d. teacher

8.    I have an uncle. His name is Mr. Andy. He always orders the traffic everyday. He is a …
      a. security                                    c. policeman
      b. postman                                     d. soldier

9. Rani : ….. do you spell your name?
   Nita  :N–I–T–A
   a. What                                             c. How
   b. What                                             d. When

10.                           Dian : What time is it?
                              Ryan : It is ….
                              a. ten minutes past two
                              b. ten minutes to two
                              c. ten past one
                              d. ten to one

11. Abdullah is a good Moslem. He is a diligent boy . He always ….early every morning. After that he
    …. to his God, then he prepares his subjects by himself, before he leaves his house.
    a. gets up – breakfast                           d. gets up – reads
    b. gets up – prays                               d. gets up – write the letter
12. Andy gets up at 5 a.m. Before he goes to school, he always ….
    a. breakfast                                   c. dinner
    b. supper                                      d. lunch

      Read this text carefully and answer the questions number 13 – 15!

      Today is Wednesday, It is the twentieth of April 2011. Mardi and friends arrange the plan. They
      will go to Ragunan Zoo on Saturday. They will go there by busway.

13. What day is it today?
    a. April 20th , 2011                              c. April 21st , 2011
    b. April 23rd , 2011                              d. April 22nd , 2011

14. What day Mardi and friends will go to the Ragunan Zoo?
    a. Wednesday                                   c. Thursday
    b. Friday                                      d. Saturday

15. This month is April. What month before it? It was on ….
    a. March                                        c. may
    b. June                                         d. July

      Look at the chart below and answer the question number 16 – 18 !

                      Mr . Dony ‘s Family

              Mr. Dony           Mrs. Dony

                Anne              Mr.Adit           Mrs. Novia

                                    Rian                 Ira

16. Mr. Dony is Anne’s ….
    a. brother                                        c. grandfather
    b. uncle                                          d. father

17. Anne is Ira’s …
    a. mother                                         c. sister
    b. aunt                                           d. daughter

18. Rian and Rian are Mrs. Dony’s …
    a. grandchildren                                  c. granddaughter
    b. son                                            d. brother

19.                           She is Miss. Annie. She is from Morocco. Her hair is ....
                              a. wavy
                              b. straight
                              c. long and straight
                              d. curly

20.                           Look at the picture! That man is very….
                              a. short                c. big
                              b. tall                 d. long
21.                                        1   Look at the picture!

      a. 1. forehead, 2 nose, 3. eyes, 4 chin         c. 1. Forehead, 2 eyes, 3. Nose, 4. chin
      b. 1 .forehead , 2. chin, 3. nose, 4. eyes      d. 1. Eye, 2. Chin, 3 nose, 4. forehead

22. We can walk with our …
    a. hand                                           c. leg
    b. arm                                            d. chest

23.                                   Look at the picture! God give us a pairs of ….for breathe.
                                      a. lungs
                                      b. heart
                                      c. intestine
                                      d. rib

24.                                   Look at the picture! She has…
                                      a. fever
                                      b. stomach ache
                                      c. earache
                                      d. sore eyes

25. Anton : What’s the matter with you?
    Titin : I have fever.
    Anton : You should see a…
    Titin : Thank you.
    a. dentist                                        c. doctor
    b. nurse                                          d. surgeon

26. This room is dark. Please …..
    a. switch on the lamp !                           c. switch on the computer !
    b. switch on the fan !                            d. switch on the radio !

27.                           This sign mean…
                              a. smoking area
                              b. no smoking
                              c. you may smoking here
                              d. for smoker only

28. Which the sign below indicating slippery road.

              a.                      B.                         c.                    d.
29.                        Look at the picture! This girl wears…
                           a. scout uniform
                           b. elementary school uniform
                           c. junior school uniform
                           d. senior school uniform

30.                        They are practicing karate.
                           They wear …uniform.
                           a. blue
                           b. black
                           c. white
                           d. red

31.                        How much is it? It is ….
                           a. Two hundred fifty thousand rupiah
                           b. Two hundred sixty thousand rupiah
                           c. Two hundred seventy thousand rupiah
                           d. Two hundred eighty thousand rupiah

        Rp 250.000,00

32. Five hundred and seventy thousand rupiah …
    a. Rp 507.000,00                                 c. Rp 500.700,00
    b. Rp 570.000,00                                 d. Rp 500.007.00

33. I want to watch breaking news.
    a. Please switch on the radio                    c. switch on the television
    b. Please switch off the radio                   d. switch off the television

34.                                  This man is eating ….
                                     a. bread
                                     b. noodles
                                     c. rice porridge
                                     d. fried chicken

35. Drink ….after meal is very good for our health.
    a. coffee                                       c. milk
    b. syrup                                        d. soda

36.                        Do you like whiskey? No, … It is bad for health.
                           a. you don’t
                           b. I do
                           c. I don’t
                           d. you do

37.                        I have a brother. His name is Jimmy. His hobby is ....
                           a. playing card
                           b. playing chess
                           c. playing football
                           d. playing games
38.                            Mr. Rudy buys a motorcycle, ....motorcycle is new.
                               a. her
                               b. his
                               c. our
                               d. their

39.                            Cici  : ...books are these?
                               Neti  : These are my books.
                               a. Which
                               b. Whose
                               c. What
                               d. How

40.                            We see lots of planes at the ....
                               a. railway station
                               b. harbor
                               c. bus station
                               d. airport

41. Someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight.
    a. teacher                                      c. dentist
    b. farmer                                       d. pilot

      Look at the map below! And answer the quetion number 42 – 44


42. The building is between Bank and Store is ...
    a. post office                                      c. drug store
    b. police station                                   d. movie theater

43. Train Station is
    a. opposite                                         c. beside
    b. behind                                           d. next to

44. Susie : Ecuse me, How I get to the Bank?
    Rini   : ...
    a. Go along Main Street and take the fisrt left, go straight on , it is on the right.
    b. Go along Central Avenue, and take the first right, go straight on, it is on the corner
    c. Go along Second Street, and take the first left, go straight on, it is on the corner
    d. Go along Fisrt Street, and take the first right, go straight on, IIt is on the right
45. Tata : How does your father go to America?
    Nia    : He goes there by ...
    a. train                                                 c. canoe
    b. car                                                   d. plane

46. Deny’s house is not far from school, so he goes to school by...
    a. taxi                                                  c. bicycle
    b. plane                                                 d. helicopter

47. Here are water transportations, except...
    a. ship                                                  c. canoe
    b. lifeboat                                              d. pedicab

48.                                  Look at the picture!
                                     a. Apple is hevier than orange
                                     b. Orange is heavier than apple
                                     c. Apple is as heavy as orange
                                     d. Orange is as heavy as apple

      look at the picture and answer the quetions number 49 – 50

       Justin Bieber       Thomas            George

49. Which once the correct opinion !
    a. Justin bieber is younger than Thomas and Thomas is older than George
    b. Justin Bieber is younger than George, and George is the youngest.
    c. Justine Bieber is the youngest and George is the oldest
    d. Justine Bieber is older than Thomas and George

50. Which once the correct opinion !
    a. Thomas is younger than George, and Justine Bieber too
    b. Thomas is the older than Justine Bieber and Justine Bieber is the oldest
    c. Thomas is the younger than george and Justine Bieber.
    d. Thomas is the younger than George, and Justine Bieber is yonger than Thomas.
                   TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010/2011
                        Kamis, 28 April 2011

1. D                     26. A
2. D                     27. B
3. C                     28. D
4. B                     29. A
5. A                     30. C
6. A                     31. A
7. A                     32. B
8. C                     33. C
9. C                     34. B
10. B                    35. C
11. B                    36. C
12. A                    37. B
13. A                    38. B
14. A                    39. B
15. A                    40. D
16. D                    41. C
17. B                    42. B
18. A                    43. A
19. D                    44. B
20. B                    45. D
21. C                    46. C
22. C                    47. D
23. A                    48. B
24. B                    49. C
25. C                    50. D

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