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									                                                                 Our West Central Times
               News from | Spence | St. Matthews | Daniel McIntyre
August Edition Issue 1 FREE

                                                                                                    Welcome to the Premiere Issue of
The Time to Return
~ Christie Fischer                                                                                  Our West Central Times!
I lived on Banning for most of my                                                                   We’re very proud to be able to present our first issue of a two part
growing up years, until I was 17. My                                                                pilot project sponsored by Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews
grandparents lived on Alverstone, just                                                              Community Association (DMSMCA) and Spence Neighbourhood
down the back lane from my home as a                                                                Association (SNA).
teenager. These are the neighbourhood
corners of my childhood and youth, and                                                              These two local neighbourhood renewal organizations have teamed
they contain my memories of family, and                                                             up to bring a new community newspaper to the neighbourhood
an understanding of the experiences of                                                              which focuses on including community interest stories written by
change.                                                                                             those who live or work in the community. The goal of publishing
Family seemed to always be present when                                                             this paper is to once again give a voice and outlet for residents,
I was growing up, my own family and the                                                             business owners and admirers of our West End neighbourhoods to
families of friends, of strangers. There                                                            tell their stories and express their opinions.
were always kids running in the back
lanes, playing double dutch skip rope on                                                          In December of 2010, the long running West Central Streets paper
the front sidewalk, walking in the wading                                                         ended publication. Streets(as it was commonly known) provided a
pools, riding bike through the school                                                             voice to the West Central community and put a face to the
fields. My friends were mostly Portuguese,                                                        neighbourhood by telling the stories and tales of residents. While
Italian, or Filipino, and allowed me to                                                           SNA and DMSMCA each publish their own respective newsletters,
learn different styles of family life,                                                            the two organizations felt like the absence of Streets left a gap in the
different traditions, different ways of being. My memories bring me to the crayfish swimming      community. While this paper does not aim to replace Streets, it does
in a pail, caught by my friend’s dad, or the smell of spicy sausage being smoked in my            hope to provide an additional stream of communication within the
neighbour’s back yard, or the Italian bakery on the corner owned by my best friend’s parents.     neighbourhoods of Spence, Daniel McIntyre and St. Matthews.
Without this diversity of friendships and families around me, an everlasting facet of the         Community newspapers are a valuable tool in our neighbourhoods
neighbourhood, I wouldn’t be the same person I am now.                                            where many people do not have access to the internet or computers
                                                                                                  and require printed information in order to stay connected and in
My connection to the West End, to my own piece of the West End, has never left me; I come to tune with their community. Delivering a community newspaper
realize this daily. It has been almost 20 years since I have visited these streets on any kind of directly to residents mailboxes is a great way to share information
regular basis, and now my work with DMSMCA brings me here each week.                              and get the word out about events, workshops, programs, issues and
I feel like I have returned to a place that I never left – these streets are my streets. Greenway updates.
and General Wolfe were my schools; the corner store was my candy shop. And the gravel that        The format of Our West Central Times will include informational
sprayed when I turned that corner of Burnell too quickly on my bike, the smell of bread coming content from DMSMCA and SNA along with community interest
from the old McGavins Bakery outside my bedroom window, these were mine too.                      stories written by those living or working in Spence, St. Matthews
Now I have the chance to connect to my memories through the familiar buildings, playgrounds or Daniel McIntyre. The paper will in time invite the community to
and pools, and even my old houses, just by walking by. But there’s something more that            join the production committee as guest editors and youth editors to
connects me to the neighbourhood, and that brings such a sense of personal contentment in my give individuals the opportunity to experience the many different
nostalgic musings. It’s that chance for community ownership that every resident gets to feel      aspects of publishing a community newspaper.
just by living here.                                                                                At this time we welcome many different ideas and suggestions and
The changes I see in comparison to 20 years ago are naturally visual in many ways, by way of        look forward to hearing feedback on the first edition of Our West
storefronts and greenspaces and homes. But these visual alterations are just a symbol of what       Central Times. Please feel free to contact us to share your thoughts!
has always existed, and what continues to strengthen each day – the fact that we are making      Enjoy!
these into the streets that we want and that we need. We are making these streets for us to own,
and I’m glad I have returned to take part.

                                                                                                Would you like to Write for the Next Issue of
                                                                                                Our West Central Times?
                 Spence Neighbourhood                          Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews
                 Association                                   Community Association            Submit your story on any issue, topic or event happening in the
                 615 Ellice Ave | 783-5000                     823 Ellice Ave | 774-7005        West End by October 28th 2011

                     Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA)
                     823 Ellice Ave | 774-7005 |
                     Our mission as a non-profit community organization is to promote economic, cultural, environmental and and social well being in
                     the communities of Daniel McIntyre and St. Matthews

                                         Kids Gardening Summer Program
                                         During the months of June through August, kids and youth living in the communities of Daniel McIntyre or St.
                                         Mathews have the opportunity to learn about plants and nature by attending the DMSMCA Kids Gardening
                                         Summer Camp.
                                         The summer drop in day camp is run by two Green Team employees
                                         from DMSMCA, Jess Aliaga-Labun and Estella Marmah, in
                                         collaboration with Orioles Drop-In Program which is run by City of
                                         Winnipeg Recreation employees. The camp is offered Tuesdays,
                                         Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 5pm at Orioles Community
                                         Centre (444 Burnell Street) until the end of August.
                                         The kids have enjoyed learning about plants by spending most of their
                                         time in the Orioles Community Garden, watering the plots, learning
                                         about weeds and watching the plants and vegetables grow. Most of the
                                         kids coming on a daily basis are neighbourhoood residents and
                                         newcomers to Canada and the group usually numbers anywhere from 5
                                         to 12 kids depending on the weather.
                                         The program also focuses on outdoor physical activity and during the
                                         afternoon there are organized games and activities in the Orioles park
                                         and wading pool. Outings and trips are also part of the program and the
                                         kids have been on exciting trips to the Assiniboine Park Zoo as well as
 Where Does DMSMCA Work?
                                         to the new Children’s Garden and Natural Playground at Assiniboine
 From Victor Street - Ingersoll Street   Park. This particular outing gave the kids a chance to see the Parks’ extravagant new garden and learn about
                                         different plants and flowers growing outside of the Orioles Community Garden.
 Spanning blocks from Notre Dame
 Ave to Portage Ave                      Exciting activities planned for the month of August include partnering with Art City Inc to design and create a
                                         new mural to be installed on the east facing wall of the new DMSMCA offices at 823 Ellice Ave. Other great art
                                         projects also involve working with Art City on creating a new sign for the front of a local historic site, Sherbrook
                                         Pool. The new sign will be colourful and eye catching to promote this treasured community pool as a place to be
                                         enjoyed by swimmers of all ages. To cap off a great summer garden camp, the Kids Gardeners will be hand
Upcoming Events at DMSMCA                painting and installing butterfly garden art in the Orioles Community Garden. Keep an eye out for these beautiful
August 20th: 3rd Annual Summerfest!      butterflies to be installed next month along the fence line of St. Matthews Street. Special thanks to Sargent Park
                                         School for the donation of the wooden butterflies.
August 22nd - 26th: Mural Project
Workshops (2pm - 5pm)                    The kids aren’t the only ones benefiting from this great summer program, Estella and Jess are finding the
                                         experience to be very valuable. Estella will be completing her final year at the University of Manitoba this fall,
August 25th: Inner City Garden Tour      with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies. She has enjoyed seeing the different cultural
                                         groups of gardeners using Orioles Community Garden and is looking forward to working in a community setting
August 31st - Vermicomposting            once she graduates.
                                         If you live in the Orioles Community Centre area and your kids are interested in attending the Kids Gardening
                                         program, simply drop by 444 Burnell Street on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10am to 5pm or contact
                                         Estella at or call 774-7005.
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                                         Simon Wormenor, Debra Fehr, Graham Spencer Elliot, Chantal
Send a request email to                  Henderson and Sarah Michaelson                                                                                FM
                                         We’re all very excited to be working with you! Welcome!         The voice of your community!

Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Assoc. News                                                                          Our West Central Times Issue 1

                                                                                              Block Parents, BBQ's and Back Lanes!
                     2011 Provincial Election Forum:
                                                                                              Did you know that DMSMCA has signed up 3 more block
                       Get to Know Your Candidates                                            parents in our neighbourhood this month?
                                                                                              Block Parents help to show that our neighbourhood has residents who are
                           YOUR VOTE COUNTS !                                                 engaged and aware of what's happening on their block as well as offering a
                                                                                              safe place for community members and youth in distress.
In light of the upcoming provincial elections, DMSMCA has partnered with 2 other local
community renewal corporations, West Broadway Development Corporation and Spence              Being a Block Parent is FREE, there are no meetings to attend and you
Neighbourhood Association to bring you three separate Provincial Election Forums.             don't have to be a parent to become a Block Parent. Simply display your
                                                                                              sign when you are available and home, part time Block Parents are needed
These Election Forums will help you to get to know your candidate and ask them crucial        too!
questions relating to their platform on specific issues in the community. We have
arranged these three forums to have a specific theme to each event, please stay tuned as
                                                                                              Community Safety BBQs Are Back!
we will be updating the location of each forum shortly.
                                                                                              We are looking for hosts for Safety BBQs in August and September!
                              Housing in Your Community                                       Simply offer your front yard as a venue for a BBQ and we'll bring the rest!
                        Wednesday September 14th (7pm - 9pm)                                  Invite your friends and neighbours over for a free BBQ meal (the food is
                                     Location TBA                                             on us) and share information about how to make your block a safe and
                   (Hosted by West Broadway Development Corporation)                          inviting place. Meeting your neighbours and sharing a meal together can
                                                                                              be the first step towards a safer block.
                          Keeping the Community Safe for All
                        Wednesday September 21st (7pm - 9pm)
                                     Location TBA                                             Conduct a Safety Audit on your Block!
                      (Hosted by Spence Neighbourhood Association)                            The word 'audit' can be a bit daunting but it’s an easy activity for all ages
                                                                                              and something fun to do on a nice sunny summer day. Safety Audits are
                       Immigration and Supporting Newcomers                                   done by walking around your neighbourhood and back lanes and
                       Wednesday September 28th (7pm - 9pm)                                   identifying safety concerns, anything from bulky waste, broken street
                                    Location TBA                                              lights, graffiti or unsafe sidewalks. To find out how to set up a safety
            (Hosted by Daniel/McIntyre St. Matthews Community Association)                    audit on your block contact
   For more information on locations stay tuned to our Weekly Digest Emails or contact
                        Jen at or 774-7005                                  Dodie at or call 774-7005 ext103

Home Exterior Fix-Up Grants Give New Life to Old Homes
2011 marks another successful year in awarding exterior housing fix-up grants to the community. Once again, we received more applications than money that was
available. A total of 82 applications were received and we were able to provide 53 grants to property owners for a total of $60,000 to help homeowners and landlords fix
up the exterior of their houses. Projects include new roofs, new fences, new eaves trough, soffits and drain pipes, paint jobs, new windows and stairs.
Homeowners received up to $1,000 for their renovation projects while landlords were awarded up to $2,500. We were happy to see almost 30% of our funds allocated to
rental property this year, signifying a demand for reinvestment in the rental sector within our neighbourhood. We are hoping to work with more landlords in the years to
come. Stay tuned in April of 2012 when we advertise the next exterior housing fix-up grant program.

                                                              A Truly ‘Green’ New Look
                                                              The Orioles Garden has a new look, a new fuzzy green look. Artist Erica Swendrowski has lent her
                                                              talents to the Orioles garden site and created a Living Furniture motif as an interactive and public art
                                                              installation. Gardeners can take a break from weeding and put their feet up on this 100% natural love
                                                              seat and ottoman.

                                                              Created in late July, the art piece is made of hay bales that have been shaped using a hedge trimmer and
                                                              covered with sod that have been stitched together so that they grow into one solid piece.

                                                              “It’s really neat, it needs to be watered well
                                                              but the kids really like it”, says Kids Garden
                                                              Coordinator Estella (pictured left).

                                                              The project is due to be completed by mid
                                                              August and includes several more pieces of
                                                              Living Furniture, including a rocking chair,
                                                              large sofa, coffee table with living,
                                                              blooming flowers and a grass thatched area
rug. It definitely brings new life to the garden!

Spence Neighbourhood Association also has ‘Living Furniture’ in their community gardens!
 Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Assoc. News                                                                           Our West Central Times Issue 1

Bed Bugs: The Battle Continues                                                                                                           If there are a lot of bed bugs, a
                                                                                                                                         musty or sweet odour like
What you can do to keep your house pest free                                                                                             coriander, may be present.
                                                                                                                                         How do I keep bed bugs from
I’m sure you’ve heard the about the dreaded ‘B’ word by now, bed bugs. The                                                               coming into my home?
plight that is circulating through our inner city neighbouhroods is causing a
nuisance for residents. Recently the Province of Manitoba launched an                                                                    The best way to deal with bed
informational web site and telephone hotline as part of a $770,000 strategy to deal                                                      bugs is to avoid bringing them
with bedbugs in Manitoba. The bedbug hotline number is 1-855-3MB-BUGS (1-                                                                into your home. Do not bring in
888-362-2847) and the website is Here are a few                                                                 unwashed or used furniture that
helpful answers to the most commonly asked questions about bedbugs.                                                                      you are not 100% positive does
                                                                                                                                         not have bedbugs.
Anyone can be affected by bed bugs. Everyone can stop their spread.                                                                      Who is responsible for bed bug
Bed bugs are not a health hazard but they can create a lot of stress. Learn how you
can protect yourself and help stop the spread of bed bugs.                                                                               If you own your own home, you
                                                                                       are responsible for getting rid of bed bugs.
What are bed bugs?
                                                                                       If you rent, the landlord must take care of an infestation of bed bugs. In order to
Bed bugs are small, brown insects - about the size of an apple seed at adult stage -   get rid of bed bugs, the landlord and tenant must work together. The landlord will
that feed on human blood. After a feeding, they swell in size and can become           arrange for an exterminator and tell the tenant when the exterminator is coming
bright or dark red. They are wingless and cannot fly or jump. They hide during the     and how to prepare the rental unit for extermination. It is very important that
day and come out at night in areas where people sleep.                                 tenants follow the landlord's instructions on how to prepare their unit before and
Can I get sick from bed bugs?                                                          after the treatment. Tenants must allow the exterminator into their rental unit to
                                                                                       complete the extermination.
There is no evidence bed bugs spread diseases to humans. Reactions to bites range
from no reaction at all, to itchy red bumps. The bites are painless but may become     Renters concerned about bed bugs can call 1-855-3MB-BUGS (1-855-362-2847)
itchy after a day or two. Scratching at the bites may cause an infection. Many         or email
people get anxious and distressed when exposed to bed bugs.                            The Pest Hotline will provide information over the phone about bed bug
How do bed bugs get into my home?                                                      identification and what is needed to treat the infestation and prevent it from
                                                                                       coming back.
Having bed bugs does not mean your home isn't clean. They enter your home on
items you carry in from outside. The most common items are mattresses, box             If necessary, the Inspector will conduct a site visit (determined on a case by case
springs, upholstered furniture, luggage, electronics, books, pictures and household    basis).
goods. A sign you have bed bugs is finding (on your mattress, box spring, pillow,      The Inspector may contact landlords, building management and pest control
etc):                                                                                  professionals to ensure proper treatment is taking place.
dark, reddish brown stains                                                            In severe infestations, Public Health Inspectors may contact external agencies to
black droppings                                                                       help clients with special needs get the necessary assistance to properly clean, de-
                                                                                       clutter and prepare the unit for treatment.
cast off skins from nymphs
                                                                                       If it becomes necessary, the Public Health Inspector may issue a legal notice or
live or dead bed bugs.
                                                                                       Health Hazard Order under The Public Health Act to ensure clean-up and pest
                                                                                       control treatment is completed.

The Orioles Bike Cage Peddles On!
The Orioles Bike Cage located in the wading pool shack at Orioles
Community Centre has had a great start to the summer. The 2nd
Anniversary of the Bike Cage was a huge success with live
entertainment, free food and the Interfaith Blessing of the Bicycle!
Summer continued on with great bicycle workshops held on
Thursday nights in July for Ladies and Queers Night, hosting a pit
stop for Bike to Work Day and has built a strong partnership with
other local community bike shops and bike related organizations.

Need a tune-up? Broken bike? Need a bike to ride? Have a bike to

Visit the helpful volunteers at Orioles Bike Cage on Tuesdays from
6pm - 10pm or Saturdays from 10am - 2pm.

Are you a bike enthusiast? Bike Mechanic?

Contact the Cagers for more information about becoming a
                                                                       The Flaming Trolleys Marching Band plays to the crowd at the 2nd Anniversary Celebration

West Central Community News                                                                                                               Our West Central Times Issue 1

Leaving the West End a More Connected Community                                              this neighbourhood, in their own words. Everybody reads the paper, not just well
                                                                                             educated people, not just the really involved people, because they recognized the
~ Cameron MacLean
                                                                                             people that were represented in the paper, it was familiar to them ... The fact that
Erika Wiebe has been a major force behind community development in the West                  we were able to keep it going for 15 years I think is something I’m proud of for
End community for years. Now, after more than two decades working in the area,               sure.
                                 she is moving on to a new position with
                                                                                             CM: What do you see as the biggest strengths and challenges facing the West End
                                 Neighbourhoods Alive! West Central Times
                                                                                             right now?
                                 reporter Cameron MacLean sat down with her
                                 to discuss her legacy and the challenges still              EW: I think the big thing that we all keep running up against is the extreme poverty
                                 facing the neighbourhood.                                   that some people face ... We can sort of chip away at that, but if we want really
                                     Cameron MacLean (CM): Can you give me a                 substantial change on that I think it has to be a long-term commitment from all
                                     little background about how you got started in          levels of government ... Poverty just has tons of effects ... It has impacts on health,
                                     this kind of work?                                      education, developing of kids, which is huge ... Youth and children in this
                                                                                             neighbourhood are really struggling. Parents are struggling with knowing how to
                                      Erika Wiebe (EW): I’d say I grew up in a family        deal with their kids.
                                      that was always sort of interested in social           One of the great things about this neighbourhood is the diversity, including a strong
                                      justice issues. My grandfather was a Mennonite         First Nations population, newcomer population, young people, people who have
                                      minister in the little community and he was way        been here for many decades ... That’s the challenge going forward, being inclusive,
                                      ahead of his time in a lot of ways on social           in particular to those people who are struggling with poverty.
                                      justice issues.
                                      After high school I thought I wanted to go into        CM: What has to happen to move some of these issues forward?
                                      the social service field in some way ... I thought I   EW: Housing is one of the major issues related to poverty, in particular the lack of
                                      wanted to work with youth who were at risk, so I       social housing for the people who are living in poverty. Once people have stable
                                      had an opportunity in Winnipeg to work at              housing, then maybe you can work at other things like education, training and job
Marymound, which is a residential treatment centre for teenage girls. But it was             creation.
actually while I was there ... that I realized that the approach we were taking there
felt a little bit narrow, and I was interested more in where these girls were coming         Me: What are sort of projects are you moving on to?
from, and what was going on that they ended up in these group homes ...I think it
                                                                                             EW: I’ll be helping with Neighbourhoods Alive! expansions into other
was mostly then that I became enlightened about taking a more social justice
                                                                                             neighbourhoods and providing support to Neighbourhoods Alive! projects
approach to social problems.
                                                                                             throughout the province.
CM: How did you get involved working in the West End?
EW: In 1985, I was an outreach worker at the Ellice Parent Child Centre, which is
no longer in existence. We started it up ... I worked there for two years and then
that was my entry into this neighbourhood, and also doing community development
work in this neighbourhood.
CM: What was the neighbourhood like when you first started working here?
EW: In the beginning there was next to nothing in terms of resources happening in
this area ... So we had a little residents group called the Redboine Ellice
Community Council that I coordinated, and we worked at mostly at providing
opposition to some of the negative influences in the neighbourhood. So, too many
pawn shops, booze cans were (also) a big problem at that point, (booze cans are
were where people would open up their homes and sell alcohol and have
prostitution going on after the regular bars closed down) and too many massage
parlours. There was also corner stores that were selling Chinese cooking wine at

inflated prices to alcoholics. Also, that’s when City Hall was trying to close down
Sherbrook Pool, so we provided opposition to that. And we were working on
getting MERC built. That was one of the first projects.

CM: What has been the biggest change in the neighbourhood over the time that
you’ve been here?
EW: There’s several, but I would say the level of community participation comes
to mind as one of the biggest changes. When I first started we had this little                       Congratulations to Spence Neighbourhood Association and Daniel
fledgling group, we had like 10 people who were actively involved. And now we                        McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association for telling the great
go around and we go to the SNA general meeting and there’s what, 70 people                           stories of the West Central community.
there? People are coming to committee meetings. People are involved in
community gardens. People are involved in so many different ways ... And along
with that, I think there’s been this whole influx of young people, young families                   We're committed to supporting
into the neighbourhood. Partly because housing prices are still kind of reasonable                  inner-city non-profit organizations
                                                                                                    like SNA and DMSMCA. Together
for them ... And partly because I think they’ve been drawn to all the community
                                                                                                    we're building great
development activity that’s going on here.                                                          neighbourhoods, one good idea at
                                                                                                    a time.
CM: What’s your proudest achievement?
EW: Well, West Central Streets was huge fun, and very rewarding because I think                     (1-877) 958-8588
we were very committed to telling the stories of the ordinary people who live in
West Central Community News                                                                                                 Our West Central Times Issue 1

       Local Printing Company Awarded Historic Plaque
       ~ By Eleanor Ulasy

                          Local commercial printing firm, Brigden’s of Winnipeg Ltd. which previously stood on the corner of Notre Dame Avenue and Langside
                          Street from 1910 – 1963, will be honoured with a historic plaque on Saturday August 6th. Brigden’s is well known for employing many
                          famous artists, including artists from the Canadian Group of Seven, the creator of cartoon Bugs Bunny, and was the sole the printer for the
                          Western edition of the Eaton’s catalogue.
                          Before the Internet gave us online shopping sites like Shopzilla and E-Bay, many people purchased
                          items using the Eaton’s catalogue. Every spring and fall, families eagerly awaited the arrival of
                          the Eaton’s catalogue. All kinds of household goods for farm and city life were available through
       Eatons, and Brigden’s Winnipeg, employed the artists who produced the pictures of the items for the catalogue and
       printed the catalogue for circulation in Canada.
       Brigden’s of Winnipeg originated when Frederick Brigden Sr., moved to Toronto from London England and founded
       the Toronto Engraving Company with former classmates Henry and Charles Beale. In 1911, he became sole
       proprietor of the company under the name Brigden’s, Ltd and in 1914, he opened a branch in Winnipeg specifically
       to produce the western edition of Eaton’s mail-order catalogue. In 1920, the Winnipeg branch was incorporated as
       a separate company under the name Brigden’s of Winnipeg Ltd., and was operated by Brigden’s sons Frederick H.
       Jr and George, and managed by cousin Arnold Brigden.
       The Brigden’s prided themselves on hiring mainly local artists who were mainly young people with little or no training to provide images for magazines,
       newspapers and the catalogue. They encouraged staff to develop their artistic skills at the Winnipeg School of Art. Frederick Jr. was an artist as well as a
       businessman, and insisted that employees spend time sketching even while at work, and encouraged creativity wherever possible.
       Many of Brigden’s former employees established careers and achieved recognition in commercial and fine art, some of the most well-known of Brigden’s
       employees were Alfred J. Casson and Franklin Carmichael, members of the famous Canadian artist group known as the Group of Seven, as well as Charlie
       Thorson, who became world famous for his cartoon animation and was credited with the design of Snow White and Bugs Bunny. The Brigden family also
       held many talents as daughters of Franklin Sr., Pauline Boutal and Christiane Le Goff were well known in theatre and celebrated for costume and set designs
       at Le Cercle Moliere. Cousin Arnold Brigden, who helped to manage the Winnipeg location went on to donate his extensive art collection which includes the
       artwork of well-known former employees to the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
       The Brigden family and their accomplishments at Brigden’s Winnipeg, helped to raise the status of commercial art workers to a higher level, and promoted
       the idea that their artistic talents could equal that of great painters and artists, while still serving market interests. Perhaps the greatest triumph of Brigden’s
       was their ability to foster and encourage artistic growth and knowledge of their employees while becoming nationally recognized for graphic arts and printing.
       The unveiling of a historic plaque to honour Brigden’s will be held on August 6 at 2:00 pm at Cumberland Avenue and Langside Street.

       The National Typewriter Building;                                                                                           “You look at some of the projects
                                                                                                                                   that have gone up in the city, even
         A New Lease on Life?                                                                                                      the higher-end ones, (like) along
                           ~ By Cameron MacLean                                                                                    Water Front Drive that sold for
                                                                                                                                   very high prices, they tend to
                           The long-vacant “National Typewriter” building at 639                                                   reflect a very restrained approach
                           Portage Ave may become the first new multi-storey                                                       to design and construction.”
                           residential building to be developed in the West End in                                                 Krawec says in the past,
                           many years.                                                                                             developers have brought forward
                                                                                                                                   flashy renderings of proposed
                           The City Centre Community Committee unanimously
                                                                                                                                   new buildings as a way of getting
       approved developer Pamjon Industries, Ltd.’s bid to have the building
                                                                                                                                   heritage buildings demolished.
       (officially known as the Monte Cassino Court Building) rezoned as a mixed-
                                                                                                                                   Once the buildings were gone,
       use residential building. This clears the way for the building to be
                                                                                      however, the proposed new buildings never materialized.
       demolished to make way for a 32-unit building designed by local architect
                                                                                      Some buildings around the former CanWest building were demolished to
       Raymond S. C. Wan.
                                                                                      make way for a second tower that was never built. The entire block south of
       Daniel McIntyre City Councilor Harvey Smith, who sits on the committee,
                                                                                      the Commodity Exchange Tower was demolished in the 1970s to make way
       said this is the best idea that has been proposed for his ward in a long time.
                                                                                      for a new hotel and tower which never appeared.
       “We need the housing, we need those units,” he said. “It's really a fine
                                                                                      “Once the building comes down, market conditions change or some such
       looking building. It's world-class. It's going to be tremendous for the
                                                                                      reason gets trotted out and the project never goes up,” Krawec says.
       neighbourhood, and it's going to spur on further development.”
                                                                                      Smith isn’t worried about the developer not following through on its plans.
       The Monte Cassino Court Building was built in 1907. It has been vacant
                                                                                      He says no one has come forward with any complaints about the project, and
       since 1997. The committee voted against listing the building as a heritage
                                                                                      says he trusts the architect.
       building, even though it technically qualified.
                                                                                      Little is known about Pamjon Industries, however. The company doesn’t
       “The fact is there's nothing great about the building, except for some of the
                                                                                      have a website, and the phone number and address found on the Internet do
       things inside, like stained-glass windows and a few artifacts, but they can be
                                                                                      not match a physical location. This raises some concerns for Krawec.
       preserved,” said Smith.
                                                                                      “I would say if there was a well-known developer who had an established
       Local civic policy blogger Walter Krawec first reported on the development
                                                                                      track-record of following through on their commitments to build projects, I
       on his blog “One Man Committee.” Although he likes the idea of new
                                                                                      think there'd probably be a little less apprehension about the project.”
       housing in the West End, Krawec worries the large-scale, modern design
                                                                                      The proposal still needs to be approved by City Council, until then the
       may be too far out of line with other developments in the city.
                                                                                      National Typewriter building remains vacant.
West Central Community News                                                                                                        Our West Central Times Issue 1

Supporting Seniors in Your Community;                                                                 Rich in CONNECTIONS?
The Health Aging Resource Team (HART)                                                                 - Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak, Counselor at Pregnancy and
                                                                                                      Family Support Services
 ~ Claire Meiklejohn
                                                                                                                      Connections are so important in our lives.
The Healthy Aging Resource Team (HART) is a Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Support                                At a community level, newspapers like this
Services to Seniors program, designed to reach out to older adults in the Downtown, West End                          help us to connect to the resources and
and Point Douglas communities. HART works in partnership with congregate meal programs,                               events in our neighbourhood. In our
community resource councils, tenant resource programs, senior centres and other senior                                families and relationships, connection is
serving agencies to support adults 55 and older in maintaining their independence and quality                         like glue that holds us together, bonding us
of life in their community.                                                                                           to each other. Connection can make our
                                                                                                                      lives very rich, and an absence of adequate
When would you call HART?                                                                             connection to others is a kind of poverty.
“I’m starting to realize I’m not managing all my daily tasks as well as I used to. Maybe              As a marriage and family counsellor, I get to see firsthand
someone would have some tips or advice or know of someone who can help me.”                           some very beautiful connections between people.
                                                                                                      Sometimes it’s a couple’s tender glance at each other,
“I want to stay in my home. I think I could stay here for a very long time but I need some
                                                                                                      sometimes it’s a teenaged smirk that says ‘I do want to
extra help. Who do I ask? Where do I start?”
                                                                                                      figure things out together.’ Other times it’s the family’s
“I went to my doctor to get my prescriptions filled and he told me to lose weight! He told me         excitement about their weekly taco supper, or the way a
to walk more but my foot is always sore from an old injury. So what do I do? How am I                 sister defends her brother to another family member. The
supposed to lose weight if I can’t walk? Where can I find help?”                                      more ‘connected’ we feel to our friends and family, the
                                                                                                      more we can cope with life’s challenges.
“My husband passed away a month ago. I had been so busy looking after him. In the last few
months he moved to a personal care home. I visited two times a day. He wasn’t happy there. I read a story recently and was gripped by this daughter’s
I felt guilty, but I couldn’t look after him at home anymore, and now he’s gone. I am feeling description of her family’s lack of connection: ‘my most
sad, is there someone I can talk to?”                                                         vivid (childhood) memory of our family is this: I would
                                                                                              come home to find my mother going out the door… my
Through talking on the phone, or visiting you in
                                                                                              father was sitting in a darkened living room, staring at the
the home, we can work through the issues most
                                                                                              TV’ these words create a powerful the image of three
important to you. We want to help you maintain
                                                                                              isolated figures living in the same household yet unable to
independence and quality of life throughout your
                                                                                              form a family. This young woman is referring to a poverty
older adult years. By referring you to helpful
                                                                                              of connection.
programs, we are a guide through the health and
social services systems.                                                                      Difficult experiences, trauma, loss, violence, and a host of
                                                                                              other factors all affect our ability to connect and form
Your HART Team is:
                                                                                              strong bonds with others. It is easy to erect invisible walls
     Gail (Nurse) - 940-2269
                                                                                              between ourselves and others. Sometimes, we need help to
     Amy (Occupational Therapist) - 940-8140
                                                                                              be able to take an honest look at our connections and
     Kusela (Nurse ) - 940-2225
                                                                                              explore the ones we have and the ones we wish we had.
                                                                                              It’s always a risk to look into ourselves and take inventory.
Home Solutions; the Greatest Challenge is Getting Started                                     At the same time, taking a look at our relationships often
~ Christopher J. Parker - HTI Technician                                                      reveals stronger connections than we realized we had.
Hello my name is Christopher J. Parker, and I am the Technician for the Housing Training             At PFSS we have lots of ways to help you connect! Our
Initiative (HTI). The HTI program is a free program running in Inner City neighbourhoods that        Adult Resource Centre is open most days – it’s a drop in
focuses on getting education and techniques about home repair to the community by offering           where you can meet with neighbours, learn about local
free workshops to the public. They also offer free home walk throughs, where Christopher will        resources, or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Our thrift
visit your home and offer advice or answers about home renovations or repairs.                       store is a great place to shop, or even connect as a
Do you have home repairs that need to be attended to? Getting started can be difficult, and          volunteer, gaining skills that are helpful in all areas of life.
even as a professional I struggle with this. So here are some tips I’ve learned over the years that Our counselling office is a good place to come and explore
can help the renovation or repair process:                                                           the connections and relationships in your life. You can
      1. Thorough Planning: This is an important step, not only to help you get started, but         reach us at 772-9091, or find us online at
           also to see the project through to completion
      2. Getting help: If you’re unsure, ask! Whether its a phone call to HTI or asking an ex-
           perienced friend for insight or a helping hand                                           “What have you started?!” I asked. “All it needs now is
      3. Be patient: Most people approach projects in one of two ways:                              paint,” she answered. “Half the wall is cracking, it needs
              One: we under estimate, and get started quickly, then are frustrated when it takes patching, sanding and priming before paint,” I said.
                  too long.
             Two: we over estimate and never start.                                                 Frustrated, I went to work. After getting started something
                                                                                                    changed. I forgot about thinking about the project and just
Here is a short story about two of these kinds of people, my wife and myself…                       enjoyed doing it. Later on that evening I thanked my wife
Having an old West End home, some things need to be refreshed, to put it nicely. My front           for her under-estimating and optimism. Doing it piece by
room (the big closet) is one of these things, with tarnished wall paper barely hanging on and       piece, it ended up being a month till it was done. However,
bright blue stick-on floor tiles.                                                                   it is done and that’s what matters. Now if only someone
One day, while I was away, my wife said, “Why hasn’t Chris torn down this wall paper and            would start pulling up those ugly bright blue tiles.
painted this? It couldn’t take more than an afternoon.”                                             For more information about HTI please phone 774-7005
Upon my return my inner over-estimator was floored.                                                 ext. 301 or email Christopher at
West Central Community News                                                                                                   Our West Central Times Issue 1

Bicycle Valet Winnipeg
- Katherine Wieser

Empowered by a 170 lb+ weight loss, topped by soaring gasoline prices, Canadian Soldier
MCpl. David Wieser commutes to his workplace at 17 Wing Winnipeg by bicycle. As a
soldier, David has been deployed a number of times, the latest being a 15 month long
deployment which took him to Afghanistan. During this time, away from his wife and
newborn child, David made use of his non-working hours to plan a project near and dear to
his heart. When he returned in the Spring of 2010, Bicycle Valet Winnipeg was born.

Most of us right now are wondering, ' What is a bicycle valet? '. Simply put, it's a coat check
for bicycles. You ride your wheels to an event, and a welcoming volunteer will valet your
bicycle, or skateboard, jogging stroller, roller blades, pogo stick... anything human powered
they will watch while you enjoy the event. They will even valet your helmets, backpacks,
diaper bags and other accessories that are often a nuisance to carry with you during an event.
The best part, the cost of this wonderful service is nothing - completely free, thanks to the
Valet's generous sponsors.

The bicycle valet has provided service at many small community events including
DMSMCA Summerfest, Ellice Street Festival, Air Force Run, and a few larger events such
as Red River Ex, Kidsfest, and Canada Day celebrations at the Forks. The valet also offers
their services at every Winnipeg Blue Bombers game.
David has also volunteered his time to help form the Orioles Bike Cage, a volunteer run community bicycle repair shop located at the Orioles Community Club in the
city's west end. He is a former Director of Bike to the Future and has volunteered his time with the West Central Commuter Cyclists among others. The recently built
Yellow Ribbon Trail, which runs along the fence line of 17 Wing, was David's idea. He approached the Department of National Defence, politicians and other key
stake holders with his idea, and helped form contacts that eventually lead to the approval and development of this trail, which honours all soldiers who have served in
the Canadian Military. For those who do not know David, he is not your stereotypical soldier; always smiling (which did get him a few extra push ups in basic
training... not a good thing to be smiling as the Sargent yells at you to drop and give him 20!) with a positive outlook, David is very thankful to the citizens of
Winnipeg as well as his employer, who have been overwhelmingly supportive of his passion for community involvement and cycling. This morning, the day I am
finishing up this article, David was honoured with a promotion in rank at his workplace, something well deserved and appreciated. Sadly, this promotion comes with a
posting, which means as of mid-August, we will move on to our next military posting in Ontario.

Next time you attend a Bombers game or other major city event, ride your bike, and please, say hello to the friendly, smiling Bicycle Valet Attendants!

Annual peace marches bring community together                                                                               The Positive Side of Video
               ~ By Jayna Moise (Youth Contributor)
                Hi my name is Jayna, and I’ve always wanted to talk to people about the annual peace march called the                   ~ Fidel Sagamba
                March Against Violence that happens in my community. The march started in summer 2010 around the                        (Youth Contributor)
                beginning of June when all those shootings were happening in the West End.
                                                                                                                                        Have you ever considered that vid-
                Who knows? These types of violent acts might still be going on right now, but when the shootings
                                                                                                                                        eo games could have a positive im-
                happened, it made everyone here realize how much they really care about their neighbourhood and the
                                                                                                                                        pact on our youth regardless of the
children who live in it.
                                                                                                                            distractions they may lead to?
I attended the first March Against Violence, and as I was walking with the group, looking at all the signs, I noticed how
                                                                                                                            Parents often think of video games as a barrier
much people really care about this neighbourhood.
                                                                                                                            to doing well in school and house chores, but
The second March Against Violence happened this year on June
                                                                                                                            have you looked at it from the perspective of
22. Whereas the first one was in response to a spike in violence,
                                                                                                                            how they help keep our children out of
this march was meant to be proactive, and to keep the momentum
                                                                                                                            trouble? Playing video games has a positive
                                                                                                                            influence on young people because it helps to
It is really hard when you lose someone who you care about,
                                                                                                                            keep youth occupied from outside troubles.
especially if that person is your family or a close relative. Just
                                                                                                                            Video games come in handy in terms of
how bad can it really get if we don’t do something about this? I
                                                                                                                            keeping young people out of trouble because
think the annual Peace March is a good way to express our sorrow
                                                                                                                            instead of going out in the streets one is too
and show our support for our neighbours.
                                                                                                                            busy playing video games. Not only does it
How can we make this neighbourhood safe? The Peace March is a
                                                                                                                            help to keep youth out of trouble, but it also
great start as it is a way to show the whole city that we will not
                                                                                                                            reduces their chances of getting involved with
tolerate any type of violence against our children and our
                                                                                                                            gang members.
neighbours’ children. We want to live in a safe environment, go home to our families at night without having to worry
about our safety every day.                                                                                            By playing video games after school, kids
Don’t be shy. Don’t worry what your friends think, follow your heart and help to stop violence now and every day. Be   spend less time interacting with wrong groups
involved and help set the date for next year’s Peace March, walk with me and the others to show your support for       such as drug dealers. Their chances of hanging
peace.                                                                                                                 out with youth who might get in trouble by
 8                                 Jayna Moise is the Spence Neighbourhood Association’s First Jobs 4 Youth assistant. stealing goods in stores are less. Continued on p.9
                      Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA)
                      615 Ellice Ave | 430 Langside Street | 783-5000 |
                      Working with the People of Spence to revitalize and renew the community in the areas of Health, Safety, Community
                      Economic Development, Housing, Youth and Neighbourhood Image."

                                      Fun Times at the MERC!
                                      Summer programming at the MERC is in full swing! Many
                                      different youth programs are running through the summer,
                                      including the ever popular youth drop in. Okoth, frequents the
                                      MERC drop in and tells us about his favourite things to do over
                                      the summer.
                                      Hi, my name is Okoth and I am 12 years old. I like playing sports
                                      like basketball, soccer, football, baseball, floor hockey, dodge
                                      ball, track and field, and I like volunteering.
                                      Guess what? The funnest things we get to do in the youth drop-in
                                      are are the many activities they have planned for us. I like going
                                      to the IMAX, go-carting, cruise night, baseball, swimming
                                      lessons and music lessons. I have been playing lots of basketball
                                      with my friends and staff. My friends, Mojy, Pajack, and I go to
                                      music lessons and are learning how to play the guitar and the bass
                                      My plans for the rest of the summer are to volunteer in the youth
                                      program to get points to be able to go on special outings!

                                       Tool Lending Library has its Grand                         Video Games Continued…
                                       Opening!                                                   In addition to the fact that video games prevent kids from
                                                                                                  getting involved in bad activities, they also help kids to
                                       On July 20, the doors at the Tool Lending garage opened
                                                                                                  develop their critical thinking skills and creativity. Both
                                       to the community!
                                                                                                  critical and creativity skills are maintained through the use of
Housing Committee                                                                                 video games, because in video games one must think
August 2, at 6:00pm                    Members can now borrow from the tools inventory
                                                                                                  creatively to develop strategies of how to pass a certain level
@ 615 Ellice Ave                       library by stopping by at 459 Furby St. to see what is
                                                                                                  in a particular game.
                                       available. Inventory can also be viewed online at
Youth Committee                                              Such skills are important, because they might also come in
August 8, 7:00pm                       Becoming a member is easy, simply bring by 2 pieces of     handy when dealing with schoolwork. This also helps students
@ 430 Langside St.                     ID or current mail and pay an annual fee of $25.00. You    to quickly adapt themselves by using their critical thinking
                                       can also volunteer with SNA for a few hours to earn a      skills and creativity to create new strategies to understand
Environment and Open                   FREE membership, simply talk to a staff member to          what they are being taught, which may lead to better academic
Spaces Committee                       make arrangements.                                         achievement.
August 13, 10:30am                     The Tool Library also accepts tool donations! Items like   Excellent academic performance helps to reduce the possibility
@ 607-611 Langside                     socket sets, chisels, drill bits and much more can be      of young people being involved with bad habits because the
Community Garden. Coffee               dropped off at 615 Ellice Ave or arrangements can be       more they are into school, the more they know how to behave
and muffins served.                    made to pick up the items. All tools are used for          properly. Outstanding academics lead to better behaviour.
                                       improving the image of the community, assisting            Instead of being outside in the streets, one is engaged in more
Tenants Committee                      residents with completing jobs and supporting the          community and educational activities.
August 23, 1:00pm                      community gardens.
                                                                                                  Video games do have a bright side and they can help to keep
@ 430 Langside. A light lunch                                                                     our youth out of trouble, not to mention increasing the chance
will be provided.                      Hours of Operation of the Tool Lending Library:
                                                                                                  of having a strong and better society in the future. So parents,
                                       Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-7:00 pm
                                                                                                  having your kids playing video games after school and during
                                       Weekend Hours                                              school breaks isn’t a bad thing after all. They need something
                                       July 30 (Sat) 12:00-4:00                                   to distract them from this crazy world outside the comfort of
                                       Aug 13 (Sat) 12:00-4:00                                    our homes.
                                       Aug 27 (Sat) 12:00-4:00
                                                                                                  Fidel is a SNA youth who is currently employed with SNA’s
                                       Contact Isabel at 783-2758 or 783-3020 for more
                                                                                                  First Jobs 4 Youth Program
Spence Neighbourhood Association News                                                                                       Our West Central Times Issue 1
Building Belonging Program                                                                                                                 others in our community.
Summer brings friendly new faces to the MERC!
                                                                                                                                           A special thanks to all the
This Summer, we have hired two local youth from the community, through SNA’s                                                               families who came out for
First Jobs for Youth Program. Fidel and Dakota are joining us along with visitors                                                          the Multicultural Family
Judith and Rachel who are visiting Winnipeg from where they live just outside of                                                           Reading Day and the
Montreal. We’re lucky to have them work with us for six weeks, thanks to a                                                                 donors, partners, funders
partnership with the YM/YWCA.                                                                                                              and volunteers who made it
The Building Belonging program focuses on providing children in the                                                                        happen!
neighbourhood aged 6-12 years, with a sense of ownership in the community. By
working with local establishments, children are able to experience the vibrant
neighbourhood they live in. Working on community projects such as the Kids                                                              The Building Belonging
Garden and the Spence Community Compass encourages kids to feel proud of their                                                          Program runs out of
community. Our special outings give everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy what                                                         Magnus Eliason Recreation
Winnipeg has to offer.                                                              Centre (MERC), which is located at 430 Langside Street. During July and August
                                                                                    the program runs from 12:00pm to 4:00pm and safe walk to and from
The six kids who attended this Summer’s “Juni Camp” had some great                  programming is available upon request. During the school year, the program is
experiences, made new friends and faced their fears on the huge high ropes course offered Monday to Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and safe walk from Sister
and climbing wall at Camp Y. At Camp Manitou we tried out the zipline and off- MacNamara and John M. King schools is available, in addition to safe walk home
roaded on mountain bikes. We explored the wetlands at Fort Whyte, learned           after the program is over.
about geocaching and insects at Living Prairie Museum and went to Wheelies and
the IMAX for a little fun. Our Kids Garden had been tended to by the Building       Coming up in August with Building Belonging:
Belonging group and is full of fresh veggies and fruit. Updates and repairs         Tues. & Thurs.: Music lessons
including a fresh coat of paint makes the garden look even more vibrant and         Aug 9: Living Furniture
colourful. We experienced gardening outside the city limits and picked              Aug. 12: Fishing
strawberries at a local u-pick farm and spent some time on the water trying out new Aug. 17: Camp Manitou
fishing rods with local organization Fish Winnipeg.                                 Aug. 18: Fort Whyte
                                                                                    Aug. 22: Family Day with Firehouse, and Music show
Kids Fringe gave some cultural enlightening with great magic tricks and a twisted
version of “Little Red Riding Hood” put on by youth in the Aboriginal Arts          Special thanks to our Partners:
Mentorship and Training Program at MTYP. We also were able to stretch our           Camp Manitou
artistic wings and help paint a mural as well as learn how to create a radio show   Greg Wood
with University of Winnipeg’s CKUW Campus Radio Station.                            Winnipeg Fringe Festival
We were also really lucky to go out into our community to volunteer at Winnipeg
Harvest. A humbling and education experience, that gave us the chance to help        For more information contact Allison or Marika at 783-0292 or

SNA Youth Program is HOT!                                                                                     New Weekend Youth Program is a
                               July was hot at the MERC! The weather was warm, but we stayed cool with        Hit
                               our Beach Days, Water Wars, and a giant ice cream sundae. July has also
                                                                                                               There has been a great response over the new weekend
                               been a time for learning, with Mi Ya Wa Ta showing us the ways of
                                                                                                               youth program, with the first six months bringing out an
                               Aboriginal culture, as well as our always popular Teen Swim nights and our
                                                                                                               average of 25 youth each weekend. Every month has been
                               Summer Music Lessons program.
                                                                                                               filled with fun and exciting activities including trips to
                                                                                                               Speed World and cooling off in the heat with the World
                               Our youth continue to amaze the staff with their skills, creativity and talents
                                                                                                               of War Water fight. For the month of August the youth
                               through arts, sports, cooking and dance. August promises to be a great
                                                                                                               are going to be taking in the exciting events at
                               month with more Teen Swim, beach days, and our totally awesome Summer
                                                                                                               Folklorama to learn about other cultures while enjoying
                               Camp. Don’t miss it!
                                                                                                               the food.
                               Don’t forget, it takes a lot of work to keep things going here at the SNA      Contact Kelly at 804-4373 or
                               Youth Program, so when you see a staff (and especially our wonderful
                               volunteers), make sure to say a big “thanks”!
                                                                                                                 SNA Youth Committee Meeting!
The SNA Youth Program is for youth ages 12-17 years and is offered at the MERC, Mondays through
Sundays from 5:00pm until 9:00pm. The program is designed to offer a safe place for teens and assist              Have your say about what’s happening in youth
newcomer youth in overcoming the barriers they face in transitioning to the Canadian culture. The youth are                   programming at SNA!
encouraged to contribute to their community in a positive way and connect with other youth in their
community in a safe place away from the potential dangers of the streets. The youth program offers                       Come join our Youth Committee!
mentorship through educational activities, skills workshops and special events.
                                                                                                              Our next meeting is at 7 pm on August 8th at the MERC.
Contact Dave at 783-0292 or Marleah at 783-0290 or
                                                                                                                                   See you there!
Spence Neighbourhood Association News                                                                                      Our West Central Times Issue 1

First Jobs 4 Youth Program Needs You!                                                                                Odd Jobs For Youth’s Logo
Calling All Agencies & Businesses in Spence!                                                                         Contest
                                                                                                                     Win A $50 Gift Certificate!
                                       Are you looking for some assistance with your business or agency this fall
                                       and winter?                                                                   The Odd Jobs 4 Youth Program is looking for a
                                       First Jobs 4 Youth summer graduates will be ready to work six hours a         new name and logo!
                                       week and up to 72 hours a month total after school and on the weekends        Design a logo and suggest a new name for the
                                       beginning September 15 to December 31. First Jobs 4 Youth are seeking         program on a standard 8” x 11” paper and submit
                                       placement spots where the youth are provided with a meaningful work           it for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate.
                                       experience. You are not expected to pay the youth’s wages, First Jobs 4       Submission deadline is August 15th.
                                       Youth will provide the youth with their wages as well as offer continuous     Send all entries to the attention of Jayna Moise at
                                       support both the placement and the youth.                                     the MERC located at 430 Langside.
                                    In previous years, our youth have worked with the University of
Winnipeg’s Wesmen and the CKUW Radio Station, local grocers, restaurants including Ellice Cafe and Black             Need some help with those Household
Sheep Diner, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, the West End Cultural Centre and many others.                        Chores?

For more information or to sign up as a placement please contact Leslie at 783-0290 or                               Get those chores done faster with help from youth                                                                                    workers from our Odd Jobs 4 Youth program.
                                                                                                                     This program offers casual, hands on, paid work
                                                                                                                     to youth aged 12 - 16 years. Friendly, eager, local
Read for Rewards Literacy Project                                                                                    youth are trained and ready to go! Youth are able
Volunteers Wanted                                         We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with    to help with outdoor projects such as yard work,
                                                          facilitating reading and storytelling sessions with        staining, painting, flyering or other projects. We
The Spence Neighbourhood Association is looking for       children and families involved in the program.             provide reasonable rates and friendly service.
community volunteers to help with the Read for
                                                                                                                     Call Jayna or Leslie at 783-0290 for more
Rewards Literacy Project. We are looking for volunteers   Duties Involved with Volunteering Include…                 information or to book your work order
to help in the following two literacy programs.           - Supervising and working with children
1: The Kids & Community Book Club                         - Assisting children with reading and reading
A total of 10 kids from ages 6-12 years will be given the comprehension (Kids & Community Book Club)                              Skills Bank –
opportunity to improve their reading skills through       - Assisting children in recording and illustrating their               Odd Jobs Update
participating in the Kids Community Book Club.            stories (Kids Storytelling Club)
Participants will be paired with parents, elders, or other-Engaging youth and families in various literacy
community members and will meet twice a week to           activities
practice reading and reading comprehension. Once the      - Preparing snacks
children have completed their book they will get to take Skills Recommended for Volunteering:
it home, with the opportunity to take home up to 4 books - Have an interest in literacy                              If you missed the Skills Bank Orientation meeting
each.                                                      - Be responsible and patient                                 on July 20, 2011…don’t worry! You can still
                                                           - Have good communication skills                          register and receive general information by calling
2: The Kids Storytelling Club                              - Have experience working with inner-city populations                          783-2758.
A total of 20 kids from ages 6-12 will have the
opportunity with mentorship from family members (sib- Anticipated Start date: September 2011
lings and/or parents) or community volunteers to write,    Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm
illustrate and produce their own story book. Each child    Days: Monday to Thursday (for six weeks)
will have their very own storybook printed and have the Location: Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre – 430
opportunity to share their stories. A copy of each book    Langside St.
will also be placed in our library for others to read!
                                                           Contact Ronna Mariano by phone: (204) 230-9487 or

Inner City Garden Tour Returns!
The Annual Inner City Garden Tour returns this August on Thursday the 25th from 5:30 - 8:30pm. Meet at
Orioles Community Garden (444 Burnell Street) at 5pm to tour the garden and munch on snacks before taking off
via bus or bike to visit seven other community gardens!

Take the bus or ride your bike for an evening full of garden knowledge, inspiring stories and to see some of the
incredible changes that come with greening a community. Strollers, kids and all are welcome to this event. The
event is free but donation are accepted at the beginning of the tour, with proceeds to the Community Gardens that
we visit. Community Gardens to be viewed are: Orioles Community Garden, Winnipeg Central Mosque Garden,
Hugh McDonald School Garden, Young Street Community Garden, Furby Community Garden, Broadway
Neighbourhood Centre Garden and the Edible Heritage Youth Garden on Westminster.

Contact Kathryn MacKenzie at 783-2834 or
West Central Community News                                                                                             Our West Central Times Issue 1

Tell Us What You Think…
                                                                                             Join us for
We’d like your feedback on this Issue
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our community.                                                                               Homecoming 2011 Weekend
We’d like to know what you thought of this issue. Please send your feedback to us!                   ,
                                                                                             Thursday September 8 - Sunday, September 11
We’d love to hear your suggestions or comments.
                                                                                             A weekend filled with fun activities for the family
Do you Enjoy Writing?                                                                        and everyone is welcome
If you have an idea for an interesting story or article for our next edition we would        BBQ – The Great Rock Climb – Pancake Breakfasts
love to hear from you. We are accepting articles of 300-400 words in length about
                                                                                             Bocce* Tournament
issues or stories from the West End neighbourhoods. Whether it be a piece about our
rich West End history or a story about someone who inspires you; we would love to
hear from you!                                                                               Plus get to know the campus and
                                                                                             your neighbourhood!
Submit your stories to:
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                                                                                             Complex or Wesley Hall      

Submission Deadline is October 28th, 2011

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