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QTP 11 Certification Syllabus and Guidelines for software testers

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                       QTP 11.0 Certification
QTP 11 Version was introduced in September 2010, in July 2011 QTP 11 certification
(Code: HPO-M47) has been introduced in place of QTP 10.

Changes in between QTP 10 and QTP 11 Certification Exams:

For QTP 10.00 and for earlier versions we need take both Quality Center and QTP
exams to get AIS (Accredited Integration Specialist) Certificate. Starting with QTP 11
we just take one core exam that is HP AIS –Functional Testing (Code: HPO-M47) in
formally known as QTP 11.0 certification.

QTP 11 Certification Exam Details:

      o   Exam type: Objective (Multiple Choice)
      o   Exam Duration: 105 Minutes
      o   Number of Questions (items): 72
      o   Pass percentage: 75%

Syllabus for QTP 11 (HPO- M47) Certification Exam

SNO        Sections                                Percentage
                                                   of Items

I)         Automated Test Planning                 10%

II)        Creating Basic Tests and                19%
           Working with Objects

III)       Test Verification &                     24%

IV)        Modular automated test builds           11%

V)         QTP and ALM integration                 7%

VI)        Automated test troubleshooting          10%

VII)       Advanced QTP Scripting                  4%

VIII)      Expert View                             7%

IX)        Web applications                        8%

Detailed Syllabus
I) Automated Test Planning
       o   Plan for Test Automation.
       o   Plan for QTP testing.
       o   Identify and describe features and settings.
       o   Explain QTP licensing and packaging.
II) Creating Basic Tests and Working with Objects
   o   Create the basic test.
   o   Explain how QTP works with objects.
   o   Add steps without recording.
   o   Object Identification Configuration and Smart Identification

III) Test Verification & Enhancements
       o   Add Checkpoints
       o   Enhance tests with parameters.
       o   Define Test results
       o   View test results.
IV) Modular automated test builds
   o   Build Modular Tests using Actions
   o   Using Shared Object Repositories.
V) QTP and ALM integration
   o   Explain the QTP/ALM connection.
   o   Define ALM management of QTP resources.
   o   Explain versioning features in QTP
VI) Automated test troubleshooting
   o   Troubleshoot Object Recognition problems.
   o   Use Recovery scenarios.
   o   Use the Debugging Tool.
   o   Measure System Performance.
   o   Configure log tracking
VII) Advanced QTP Scripting
   o   Import and export Excel sheets.
   o   Get and set object properties.
   o   Using Programmatic Descriptions to bypass repository.

VIII) Expert View
    o    Features of Expert View
    o    Describe dynamic object programming.
    o    Identify and describe VBScript elements.
IX) Web applications
    o    Recognize Web Add-in Extensibility.
    o    Describe Web event recording use and configuration.
    o    Identify new web testing capabilities.

Note: Maximum items (Questions) on QTP Tool features only, Less / no importance
for Scripting logic (VB Script). Industry point of view and Product Understanding
point view Certification is useful, but work point of limited use only.

In order to get certification -
    o    Explore all Tool Menus and remember QTP commands and Shortcut keys
    o    Read HP QTP Documentation
    o    Collect Exam papers dumps and Practice
    o    Practice Tool features

for QTP Scripts and certification Questions

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