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Device authentication and reputation provider. Used to fight fraud and target
online advertising.

Security Sectors
Site Reputation
Authentication: Device

Company Overview
The company’s ThreatMetrix Fraud Network solution helps online businesses verify new
accounts, authorize payments and transactions and authenticate user logins in real-time without
relying on PII. ThreatMetrix is unique in that it is able to address all three of these customer
business challenges. Rather than having to install several distinct products, ThreatMetrix
customers can install one integrated product.
The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network profiles the device used in an online transaction so companies
can determine whether the users are legitimate or fraudsters. However, the company’s device
profiling goes far beyond browser fingerprinting to identify the device, bypass proxies and detect
the use of botnets.
Device information is but one data point. To truly assess legitimacy, fraud prevention
professionals today need a more comprehensive picture of the customer. That’s where the
ThreatMetrix Fraud Network comes in. It utilizes a wide variety of device- and transaction-
related data, not including PII, to build a “contextual score” that delivers all the information
security pros need to make a thoughtful “go, no-go” decision about a customer.

Today, ThreatMetrix serves a rapidly growing worldwide customer base, across a variety of
industries, including social networks (dating, gaming), financial services, e-commerce, affiliate
marketing and payments. These companies use ThreatMetrix to protect themselves from
becoming victims of stolen credit cards and synthetic identities, as well as to protect their
customers from becoming victims of fraudulent online activities.

ThreatMetrix is customer friendly both in terms of product design and business practices. The
ThreatMetrix Fraud Network is easy to install and maintain, providing customers with rapid time
to value. The company provides customers with direct access to its extensive rules-based engine
and reporting systems. This allows customers to tune the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network to their
specific business requirements, without incurring additional costs or dependence on

ThreatMetrix Fraud Network is the next generation online fraud control platform that meets
today’s business and consumer requirements on the Web. It provides a global perspective of risk
from a worldwide network of shared intelligence across tens of millions of transactions—always
up-to-date, always available. You get insight delivered in real-time based on anonymous device
and session data without relying on PII.

ThreatMetrix is software-as-a-service (SaaS) so you get the benefits of cloud computing
including cost savings, high availability and performance.

ThreatMetrix helps you address questions such as:
      Has the device visited your website before, and is it white-listed or blacklisted?
      Have others on the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network seen this device and what was their
       experience with it?
      What do we see that’s out of place, missing or inconsistent in the transaction data?
      What behavior can we observe from this device that sheds light on risk?
      What else can we learn when I correlate the device information with my information?
       (For example, did this device attempt to use five credit cards in three minutes?)
      Has this computer been used in a botnet?
      Is the device in a location that’s different than where it claims to be—even if it’s hiding
       behind a proxy?


Detection of the originating device IP address to determine the real network, ISP, organization
and geography that the transaction originated from.

Only ThreatMetrix automatically detects and classifies proxies as risky, benign or trustworthy
based on direct inspection of protocol characteristics.

Even without prior contact with a computer visiting your website for the first time, the
anonymous characteristics of the transaction give you insights that help you detect fraud.

SaaS: The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network is a SaaS solution meaning that no installation is
required. We manage all upgrades for you, reducing your dependency on internal IT.
Contact Information:
5150 El Camino Real
Suite D-30
Los Altos
State of:     CA
Phone: 650 625 1451

CEO: Reed Taussig

Market Position: Participant

Company Data:
Founded: 2006
Number of Employees: 50-249
Stock Status: Private
Ticker Symbol: None
Estimated Revenue Range: Unknown
Date Updated: 1/10/2010
Date 1st Added: 9/13/2010

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