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					Extension Banner Program nominations as of August 25, 2006

ServSafeServSafe food safety certification program
is a program that is meeting needs all over the state, already in
place and is marketable. The target audience includes people in the food
service profession, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, food distribution
centers, school nutriton (school lunch) programs, Health Dept.
Environmental Health Inspectors, grocery store employees, etc.
Judy Bland

4-H Environmental Education program
Donna Stewart

Title: SuperCrew Employee Training Videos for Landscape Professionals
Deliverer: Extension Training Video Team: Gary Wade (chair), Todd Hurt, Alfredo
Martinez, Marco Fonseca, Ellen Bauske, Robert Brannen.
Target Audiences: Professional Landscape Industry in Georgia and throughout the SE
and U.S.
Support Materials: Eight VHS and DVD trainings in both English and Spanish,
instructor's manuals, brochures, exhibit, web site:

I would like to nominate:
Smart Kids Fight BAC! Food Safety Education Program to be considered for a
banner program. This is an example of a program that was developed here and has
been piloted and implemented in schools all around the state. It consists of a
curriculum that contains:
Smart Kids Fight BAC! Animated Video
Teacher's Guide for K-1st grade
Activity Book for K-1st grade
Teacher's Guide for 2nd - 3rd grade
Activity Book for 2nd - 3rd grade
He's BAC! Story Book
Smart Kids Fight BAC! Posters
Smart Kids Fight BAC! Magnets

Smart Kids Fight BAC! Food Safety Computer Games --developed with a later grant
from CSREES. I am attaching a document that I put together for Katrina Bowers in
FACS when we were seeking some funding for additional support materials. It lists the
all the awards the curriculum has won.

Clear educational message: Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill to keep food safe.
 Is marketable to audiences and the media: Teaches kids valuable skills for a healthier
Lends itself to measurable results and impact: Curriculum has built in Knowledge pre-
and post-tests and Home Kitchen Inspection Forms to complete with parents
Relates to a state issue identified in the State Plan of Work -- Preventing Foodborne

Primary Deliverer:   FACS Agents Working with Elementary Teachers
     Target Audience: K-3 Elementary Students, Teachers and Parents (through the He's
     BAC! book and the home kitchen inspections)

     I still have quite a few materials.
     Judy A. Harrison, Ph.D.

     I nominate the Extension Drinking Water Team for the Banner Program. Our efforts
     focus on developing tools for ANR and FACS Agents to educate private drinking water
     well owners. Most rural residents in the Southern US get their drinking water from
     private water wells and no State or Federal agency takes responsibility for making sure
     this water is suitable for drinking. It is critical that these wells function properly and are
     free of pollutants. The tools currently available for Agents to deliver local programs to
     private well owners are the following.

                    20-minute introductory video DVD
                    Farm Monitor News Report
                    Three-panel display on drinking water and testing
                    UGA-WellCam videos on common well problems
                    Set of 13 household water quality circulars
                    Georgia Farm*A*Syst risk assessment for private drinking water wells
                    AES-Labs testing services and interpretations (
                    AES-Labs database for summarizing local
                    Support from UGA water specialists.

Please contact me if you need additional information.

Dr. Paul F. Vendrell
Please allow me to add a note to Paul Vendrell’s nomination… each district has been given a
     well-cam that will enable County Agents to help diagnose well problems in residential,
     commercial and agricultural situations. A picture is worth a thousand words…
     especially when the problem is 200 feet below the ground. These cameras are going to
     be a great asset to Agents and would have a fit in a state-wide water emphasis.

In 2000, Christa Campbell (Brooks County) and I developed a program we call “Fit Families”.
The program was created to address the issue of chronic disease, more specifically
“Childhood Overweight”. The program addresses nutrition and fitness in the format of hands-
on-learning stations for children ages 10-12. It can be taught as an after school program or
summer week long camp. We have developed a workbook full of learning stations, parent
newsletter, evaluation, lesson plan, exhibit, etc. This year we had to completely update the
program to reflect the new “MyPyramid” developed by USDA. Since its creation, Roxie
Booker (Dougherty County EFNEP), and Florida FACS agents have joined our Fit Families
team, making this a MultiState activity. We are working to finish all the updates so we can
share the program nationally with our co-workers at NEAFCS next year.
I’d like to lift up the Master Cattlemen as another candidate for a Banner Program. This
has been a state-wide program for several years and, due to limited resources, has been
offered in two locations in the state per year. It is an extremely popular program that has
the potential to greatly expand. All teaching resources and program materials have
been developed. While it doesn’t cross program area lines, it is a program that ANR
throughout the state can utilize.
Ken Lewis

Turf Field Days (Attached is a .pdf file with details).

These are annual one day events that combine the research and outreach efforts of
UGA Extension with the latest product information in the turf market place. This program
has a track record in Hall County with attendance nearly doubling over a four year period
(125 attendees in 2006). There are similar Turf Field Days offered by the Griffin and
Tifton Campuses every two years with 900+ in attendance. This program could easily
be replicated around the state and provides information to Landscape and Turf
Managers as well as networking time with Green Industry Vendors. Pesticide CEU
credits are awarded for the educational programs and can be valued at $6,000 per CEU
hour per individual. There is a potential audience of over 65,000 individuals working in
the landscape/turf industry in Georgia. These programs relate to the State Plan of Work
in Agricultural Profitability and Sustainability and Agricultural Worker Education and

Billy Skaggs, CEC Hall County

Health issues: (4 categories)
       Life time cancer cooking school
       Walk – A- Weigh
       Right Bite Diabetes cooking school
       Fight Bac! Food Safety

GA traffic Injury prevention Institute (3 categories)
        Child passenger safety
        Parent-youth outreach
       Senior drivers and their caregivers

Consumer Financial Literacy
     Bankruptcy Program

       Children’s health and safety (4 categories)
              Playground safety
              Home safety
              Childhood overweight
              Basic health and safety lessons

       Janet V.

I am not sure if this is information you specifically desired as a resource. Last school
year the middle school principal expressed his concern about my taking in-school class
time for club meetings. He wanted me to mirror image what the teachers were covering
during the respective month. Over the past several months I have been pro-active in
compiling a notebook of hands-on lessons that match the new standards set forth
from the Department of Education. I am still waiting to meet with the middle school
principal and receive authority to supplement the school as a resource for the 2006-2007
school year. Attached are overviews for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades and one example of a
lesson plan outline. If I can assist you with additional information, please contact me at

K. Lynn Youngblood
I would like to nominate the “Cooking For A Life Time School” as a banner program.
This is a cancer prevention program that is being taught in the top 10 counties for Breast
& Cervical Cancer. The program is in its infancy stage. Bibb County had the first class
(of 2) this week. We are the first county to teach it. Actually, Bibb & Clarke County
piloted the program last year. Other counties will offer the class in the coming year(s).

I’m not sure if I’m answering your questions correctly. Just email me or Connie Crawley
if you have additional questions.
Program: Cooking For A Life Time School
Primary deliverer: FACS Agents; Connie Crawley is Specialist involved
Target audience: currently – African American woman between 50-64 who has never or
rarely been screened for breast cancer. As a banner program I would recommend the
target audience just be “women”.
Support materials: I could email you a flier. I’m not sure what kind of support materials
you want.
Pre/post evaluations are being utilized. A tracking system is in place to see if women
are getting screened.

Another Banner program idea is “ServSafe” a food safety certification course for food
service managers
Primary deliverer – FACS Agents; Elizabeth Andress is Specialist involved
Target audience – food service managers
Support materials – I could email you a class evaluation if you would like one. Of course
the program success can be tracked by the number of students who actually pass the

Another program that has been successful, but is local is Operation EATERY. It
probably does not meet the criteria for a Banner Program. This is a food safety class for
food service employees. The class is offered collaboratively with the Macon-Bibb
County Health Dept, Peggy Bledsoe and the Houston Co. Health Dept. The Macon-Bibb
Co. Health Dept. wrote a grant for $40,000 for us to teach the courses. We have been
teaching the classes in Bibb & Houston Counties for 3 years. We have reached people
from 18 counties, although our target population was from the 13 counties in the North
Central Health District. I can send you a flyer and an aggregate evaluation report if you
would like. This has been a very successful program – I’m just not sure it qualifies as a
banner program.
Still another thought is the Diabetic Cooking School – The Right Bite Cooking
School. It has been operating for years and Connie Crawley is rewriting the curricula,
so I think more people will be working it again.

Jan Baggarly
Bibb County Extension Coordinator

Food safety education utilizing the ServSafe Employee and ServSafe Manager
curriculum should be considered as possibilities for banner programs. Evaluations tools
are in place and data is being gathered on these programs. Restaurant managers, food
service employees, grocery store managers and others involved in food service are
involved in this training. I am directly involved in this training in Houston and Bibb
counties. These programs offer excellent opportunities for collaboration. Please contact
me if you need additional information.


I would like to nominate the Georgia AG pollution prevention program.
All of the information on the program is available at
This is an outstanding University partnership that works with farmers
and others involved in agriculture and environmental protection to
reduce waste and minimize the environmental impacts. I can serve as the
contact and the team includes Julia Gaskin, Tommy Bass, Gary Hawkins,
Rosemary Seymour, Barbara Bellows and Tina Pagan.
Mark Risse

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