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					Experience the Thrill of Adventure Skydiving

Is there really any other greater thrill than skydiving? If you really
think about it, the answer is definitely no. Some people jump at the
chance to skydive, while others break out into a panic attack at the
thought of meeting their fear of heights. Skydiving is something everyone
should do if given the chance, and once you experience it, you will never
regret your decision.

Adventure skydiving always starts out as a nice idea, and usually doesn't
develop past that. In fact you may not even realize what you're doing
until you actually step out of that plane and feel yourself fall with the
wind. Standing in the doorway, you feel secure as your feet seem firmly
planted on the ground. The equipment on your back weighs you down and it
seems like free falling into sky isn't something that could realistically
happen. Then you lower your goggles, the instructor gives you the signal
to jump, you take a deep breath, then you jump into a world of heart-
racing free-falling adventure and rely on nothing but your parachute to
land you safely on the ground.

Once you start falling at a constant speed (about ten seconds after
jumping), you'll experience a sense of relaxation as you take in all the
beautiful colors circling on the ground beneath you. You could almost
reach out and touch the clouds, and this is probably as close to heaven
as you are going to get. You feel the wind blow through your hair and for
a second, you think that there is no greater experience in the world. You
realize that adventure skydiving isn't so bad - in fact, you can't wait
to do it again!

No matter if you've never stepped in a plane before or you're a pro when
it comes to jumping out of planes, there are locations available all over
the United States for adventure skydiving. You will undergo many hours of
extensive training if you're new to the world of skydiving, and your
instructors will ensure you are absolutely prepared to make the jump
before you even take off into the sky. You will have to receive medical
clearance from your doctor, and those with certain heart and blood
pressure conditions, neurological disorders, or diabetes will not be
allowed to skydive. Keep in mind that most skydive facilities reserve the
right to refuse service to anyone if they believe a medical or mental
condition will impair your safety. For those who have braved the free-
falling adventure before, you will have to go through some refresher
courses with a certified instructor prior to your jump.

Nearly every state in the country has an adventure skydiving center, as
well as several foreign countries. Depending on the location, prices for
a single jump range from $15 and up, but often you can receive a
significant group discount if you jump with other people. Most first-time
jumps are performed Tandem, meaning you will jump attached to your
instructor and the handling of the parachute, steering in the wind, and
landing are all handled for you.

If you have ever thought about adventure skydiving, then chances are
there's no reason why you can't experience this ultimate thrill. Don't
spend your whole life wishing you would have done it - instead, show off
those pictures of you flying through the air for years to come!