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 I cannot therefore advise, for instance, the local
  extirpation of the so-called cancer of the lips and face
  (the product of highly developed psora,
  not frequently in conjunction with
  syphilis) by means of the arsenical remedy of Frere
  Cosme, not only because it is excessively painful and
  often fails,

 But more for this reason, because, if this dynamic
 remedy should indeed succeed in freeing the affected
 part of the body from the malignant ulcer locally, the
 basic malady is thereby not diminished in the
 slightest, the preserving vital force is therefore
 necessitated to transfer the field of operation of the
 great internal malady to some more important part
 (as it does in every case of metastasis), and the
 consequence is blindness, deafness, insanity,
 suffocative asthma, dropsy, apoplexy, etc.

 But this ambiguous local liberation of the part from
 the malignant ulcer by the topical arsenical remedy
 only succeeds, after all, in those cases where the ulcer
 has not yet attained any great size, and when the vital
 force is still very energetic; but it is just in such a state
 of things that the complete internal cure of the whole
 original disease is also still practicable.

 The result is the same without previous cure of the
 inner miasm when cancer of the face or breast is
 removed by the knife alone and when encysted
 tumors are enucleated; something worse ensues, or at
 any rate death is hastened. This has been the case
 times without number, but the old school still goes
 blindly on in the same way in every new case, with the
 same disastrous results.

American Homoeopath
 Dr. a.u. ramakrishnan and catherine r. coulter
 A Homoeopathic Approach to Cancer

 126 cases

 cancer nosodes

 wide-spectrum cancer specifics

 organ specific remedies.

 HYDRASTIS for cancer of the stomach, pancreas, and
  upper intestinal tract. The remedy is also employed
  for cancerous affections of the mesenteric glands and
  the mucous membranes anywhere, including lungs
  and oesophagus.
 The characteristics of this remedy include yellow,
  thick, ropy secretions, distended abdomen, profuse
  perspiration, extreme weakness, and intense pain.

Calcarea Ars
 BLACKWOOD A. L., A Manual of Materia Medica
 Therapeutics and Pharmacology

 It has been employed in the enlarged livers and
 spleens of children who have taken much quinine,
 also gastric ulcers, and has relieved some of
 the pain that attends cancer of the

BOERICKE W., Pocket Manual of
Homeopathic Materia Medica
 Calc Ars

 Pancreatic disease; relieves burning pain in cancer of

CLARKE J. H., Dictionary of Practical
Materia Medica
 Calc. Ars
 Pancreatic disease (cancer); with burning pain and

GEUKENS A., Homeopathic Practice
 I want to tell you something else:
 where can we find the rubric for pancreas cancer?
 You know you often have pancreas-head-tumors

 Answer: "With hardening.
 A: No, it is not said it is a hardening, it is said it is
  cancer. You have to see under pancreas, "pancreas,
  affections" (p. 599), and then you have to differentiate
  those remedies. Which of these remedies has
  affections of the glands? Conium. If you have tumors
  of the pancreas, and the pancreas is a gland, also the
  mammae, the testicle and so on, then the first remedy
  you have to think of is Conium

 She had a hard tumor of the head of the pancreas and
 in the rubric " abdomen, pancreas" on page 599 you
 see Conium, IOdium, Iris, Phosphorus and Spongia,
 and when you look in the Generalities " cancerous
 affections, glands" on page 1346 you see three
 remedies: Aurum muriaticum, Conium and Carbo

 - If you compare those two rubrics, Conium remains.
 - I gave her Conium and it was beautiful reaction.
 - The pain in the abdomen was nearly gone and she
  could sleep.
 - The allopathic doctors said that she couldn't be
  cured, she had to die.

GRIMMER A. H., Homoeopathic
Treatment of Cancer
 Phosphorus
 This remedy can clearly act with success before the
 tumoral phase when the degeneration of a gland and
 its nuclei is yet hardly delineated.

 Phosphorus has first a selective action on the higher
 tissues in contrast to Silicea, its complementary,
 which presents an efficacity for interstitial tissues.

 It is especially in hepatic and pancreatic cancer that
 Phosphorus appears. Although of secondary
 importance, it is worthy of attention.

GRIMMER A. H., The Collected
 Calc-ars
 Consists of symptoms of the two components of
 which the remedy is composed. It meets those cases
 where pathology tends to ultimate in the liver and
 pancreas, hence, cancer in the pancreas and cirrhosis
 of the liver with hypertrophy.

HERING C., Guiding Symptoms of
our Materia Medica
 Calc. Ars

 Cancer of pancreas, when there is burning pain.

HUGHES R., A Manual of
 For cancer of the pancreas I have no suggestion to

JONES E. G., Cancer : Its Causes,
Symptoms and Treatment
 Remedies that do have a curative effect upon cancer

 Iodium
 In cancer with rapid emaciation, canine hunger, feels
 hungry all the time, feels relieved by eating, feels
 worse in a warm room, you should prescribe tincture
 iodine 6th X dilution. Dose, ten drops in a little water
 once in two hours. It is the remedy for cancer of the

 Cancer of the pancreas

 Scirrhus cancer is the most common form of the
 disease and it is apt to occur at middle age. The head
 is first affected and pressure upon the bile duct may
 cause Jaundice.

 Symptoms.
 Sometimes a deep tumor may be felt in the pyloric
 region when the head is largely involved.

 There will be symptoms of indigestion - vomiting and

 A neuralgic pain of a paroxysmal character is felt in
 the pyloric belt with fatty greasy stools.

 There is progressive emaciation, with gradual loss of
 strength and the cancer cachexia.

 Jaundice is sometimes present.

 Ascites may develop when the portal vein is

 Treatment.
 For the symptoms of indigestion give nux vomica
 second decimal three tablets once in three hours.

 Burgess' double sulphide tablets one after each meal
 and at bedtime.

 Double sulphide.
 It is one of the essential elements of success in the
 treatment of cancer to have a good germicide, a
 remedy that will destroy the germs of cancer and at
 the same time act as an antiseptic to the stomach and

 Dr. William H. Burgess has prepared a combination
 tablet called "Double Sulphide" that meets all the
 above conditions.

 I have used them in hundreds of cases of cancer for
  six years and regard them as a valuable addition to
  our remedies for cancer.
 The formula is as follows

 R : Dolomite Lime, 4 parts.
 Magnesium Sulphate, 1 part.
 Sugar, 1/2 part.

 Mix. The indication for this tablet is a coated tongue
  with red papillæ prominent and symptoms of
 In advanced stages of this disease the tablet is
  especially indicated.
 Dose, one tablet once an hour for eight hours, then
  one tablet once in three hours or one after each meal
  and at bedtime.

 For the pain tincture Colocynth should be given.

 Add ten drops to six ounces of water and give a
 teaspoonful once in two hours.

 To act upon the diseased growth we have one remedy
 that is especially indicated

 Give tincture iodine sixth decimal dilution, ten drops
 in a little water once in two hours.

LILIENTHAL S., Homoeopathic
 Silicea terra
 Fatty degeneration or cancer of pancreas;

SHERR J., The Homoeopathic
Proving of Plutonium Nitricum
 An unpublished study of plutonium plant workers
 reveals 25% excess cancers;

 Another documents a high incidence of bone marrow
 and pancreatic cancer

 Carrots turn up regularly in studies pinpointing
 specific foods that ward off cancer, notably of the lung
 and pancreas.

 A 1986 Swedish study designated carrots and citrus
 fruits as prominent dietary barriers to smoking-
 related pancreatic cancer.

BORLAND D. M., Digestive
 Both in gastric carcinomas and in pancreatic lesions,
 Iodium patients are liable to get attacks of acute
 salivation and vomiting, which are often extremely

 The tongue tends to be very dry, and patients often
 complain that it feels scalded or burned.

 An 80-year old woman, after two operations for
 pancreas carcinoma and atresia of the alimentary-
 canal, received Plumbum 200 and Nux vom 30 in her
 last days before and during treatment in hospital.

 This reduced her pain and a prescription of
 Lycopodium 200 allowed her a two pain-free days
 before death.

Writings (with Therapeutic
Hints and Some Clinical Cases)
 If a pancreatic tumor is diagnosed, we may study the
  Calcareous preparations, as advised by Buchner, and
 Conium, deep-seated lancinating pains;
 tumour feels hard, nodulated: Zinc , Carbo An., Carbo
  Veg., Iodine, Phos., Silicea and Arsenic.

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