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					                                         Internal Reference             NELC14.231 F1

                                                                  Job Profile

 Directorate                             Children and Family Services

 Service/Team                            Community Learning Services

 Post Title                              Learner Services Officer

 Reports to                              Business Co-ordinator/Young Peoples Co-ordinator

 Post Number

 Grade                                   JE24

        To be responsible for the recruitment of learners (priorities are young people and
         unemployed adults).
        To provide support, induction and initial assessment for learners.
        To co-ordinate with employers to identify the training and learning needs within
         their organisations and agree potential training solutions, (inclusive of work
         placements and apprentice programmes), in order to maximise potential training
         and employment opportunities for the CLS client group.
        To be responsible for the pastoral needs of learners.

    Interviews, recruits, inducts and carries out initial assessment of learners onto
     appropriate programmes and work placements.
    Maintains accurate records relating to learners’ progress and attendance.
    Undertakes learner assessments and reviews in accordance with contractual
    Responsibility for the pastoral needs of learners (such as drugs/alcohol abuse,
     safeguarding issues, self-harm, sexual health, homelessness, financial health,
     physical and mental abuse) monitored through regular review. Providing
     information, advice and guidance and liaison with/partnership work with others such
     as employers or parents and external agencies.
    Understands the value and usefulness of performance information and provides
     performance related information to MIS, Co-ordinator and external bodies (as
     required). Uses performance related information to inform decisions on the
     recruitment and placement of learners.
    Liaises with Schools, Colleges, Connexions, Young People’s Service, Humberside
     Partnership, Job Centre Plus, Skills Funding Agency, Council, Employers and other
     statutory organisations to promote all learning and recruitment initiatives.

    Sets up and vets work placements for their appropriateness, carries out Health and
     Safety risk assessments and on-going monitoring, risk banding and advising
     company procedures. Ensures safe working conditions for the learner group.
    Produces a cross-section of effective marketing materials to promote training and
     development opportunities within North East Lincolnshire for mainstream and
     disaffected groups in collaboration with the Corporate Communications team.
     Participates in Careers Events, Seminars, Conferences to promote training
    Provides impartial information, advice and guidance (where possible) to employers,
     learners, potential learners and outside agencies at all stages (recruitment, learning
     and post course) of learning programmes.
    Negotiates an individual learning plan for all learners and records on the appropriate
     documentation. Reviews the plan through an agreed schedule with learners and
     other parties (employers, assessors, teachers, parents) providing on-going support
     feedback and revision as appropriate.
    Works with businesses to assist with the recruitment of one of more apprentice(s),
     providing business support, facilitation of in-house and external training,
     information, advice and guidance on employment opportunities and support
    Plan, prepare and deliver workshops and training on, preparing for and finding work
     skills. Develops employment opportunities for young people and unemployed adults
         Notes - Insert the structure chart to show the posts to which this post reports and
         the posts for whom the postholder would have direct supervisory / management
         responsibility. This can be included as an Appendix.
4.       GENERAL
a)       Job Evaluation - This job description has been set out in such a way as to
         establish the salary grade using the Job Evaluation Schemes adopted by North
         East Lincolnshire Council.
b)       Other Duties - The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not
         restrictive and the postholder may be required to undertake any other duties
         which may be required from time to time. Any such duties should not however
         substantially change the general character of the post.
c)       Equalities and Diversity - Postholders must carry out their duties with full
         regard to the Councils Equality Scheme.
d)       Health and Safety - The postholder must carry out their duties with full regard to
         the Councils Occupational Health and Safety Policy and related procedures.
e)       Data Quality – Postholders who input, extract, manipulate or use data must be
         able to ensure that it is complete, accurate, timely, relevant, verifiable and fully
         evidenced so that it can withstand external scrutiny and be relied upon to inform
         future service delivery

     f) Customer Service – post holders must carry out their duties with full regard to
        the Councils Customer Service Strategy and standards.

     g) Safeguarding – Postholders will be expected to share the Councils commitment
        to promoting the welfare of vulnerable client groups and as such will be required
        to provide professional registration, where applicable.
Person Specification
ATTRIBUTES                 ESSENTIAL                              DESIRABLE   HOW
                                                                              D DURING
                                                                              ENT     &

                                   Ability to develop and negotiate training and employment              Awareness of NVQ,    Application/
                                    opportunities.                                                         Functional Skills,   Interview/
                                   Oral and written presentation skills                                   Foundation           Presentatio
                                   Motivational and negotiation skills                                    Learning             n
                                   Good written and oral reporting skills                                 programmes and
                                   Able to work to set targets and deadlines                              Technical
                                   Ability to implement aspects of Health & Safety legislation            Certificates
                                   Understanding of initial assessment processes                         Understanding of
                                   Empathy with issues affecting the unemployed and young                 training
                                    people                                                                 opportunities
                                   Excellent networking and communication skills                         Knowledge of
                                   Proven experience of working funded projects that are target           external funded
                                    and milestone driven to achieve funding payment                        projects
                                   Ability to develop and negotiate training and employment              Experience of
Skills, Abilities                   opportunities and evaluate development needs                           Ofsted Inspections
and Knowledge                      Understanding of and empathy with the needs of pre-                   Knowledge of
                                    vocational clients                                                     Matrix & Customer
                                                                                                           First Standards
                                   Ability to think creatively, recognise and seize opportunities
                                                                                                          Knowledge of
                                   Good motivational skills
                                                                                                           Framework for
                                   Effective time management skills
                                   Interpersonal and leadership skills
                                                                                                          Experience of
                                   Proven experience of partnership working                               attend CAF
                                   Knowledge and understanding of working with people with                meetings
                                    behavioral difficulties/mental health issues
                                   Ability to work effectively in a team
                                   Knowledge and understanding of learner welfare issues such
                                    as drugs/alcohol abuse, safeguarding issues, self-harm, sexual
                                    health, homelessness, financial health, physical and mental
                                    abuse and the ability to respond to identified concerns through
                                    the provision of information, advice and guidance, partnership
                                    work and counselling
                                   Ability to gain credibility with employer, partners and learners

                                   Proven experience working in learner recruitment or with young         Experience of             Application/
                                    people and adults who are hard to engage                                producing effective       Interview/
Relevant                           Proven experience of engaging with learners in group work and           marketing/promotional     Reference
Experience                          on a one to one basis                                                   materials
                                   Proven experience of working with disaffected/disadvantaged
                                    young people to develop their skills
                                   Experience of creating personal/social development activities
                                   Proven experience of initial assessment processes

                                   Holds Level 2 qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT or          Assessor Award            Application
                                    is prepared take an Initial Assessment and to work in own time         CIEH Basic Health &       sight of
                                    to achieve a Level 2 if indicated by this assessment                    Safety                    qualification
                                   Safeguarding Level 2                                                   CIEH Risk Assessment
Training and
                                   IAG level 3 or above                                                   Appropriate
                                   Appropriate Level 4 qualification in Learner Support (or                Counselling or other
                                    equivalent)                                                             relevant qualification or
                                                                                                            working towards
                                   37 hours per week, 30 minutes lunch break                                                         Application
Working                            Required to work flexibly during the day, evening and some                                        Interview
Arrangements                        weekends
and Personal                       Required to transport, self, resources and learners for interview
Availability                        to a range of venues within the NELC geographical area

Employee Competencies – Level 1
Level 1
Notes - Insert the level (from 1-4) which best describes the behaviours needed to perform the job role both now and in the future. A summary of each level
is provided below and further information on Employee Competencies are available on the Intranet.

Level 1 behaviours are relevant for all employees and are those expected, irrespective of the role or level of job.
Level 2 are additional behaviours specific to people who manage others, for example supervisors, team leaders and operational managers.
Level 3 contains additional behaviours set at a strategic level of management, for example service managers (tier 3) or those managing corporate priorities.
Level 4 are leadership behaviours expected from our most senior managers, for example directors and deputy directors.


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