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					                                                 2.2 Application Deadlines                         contract.
2011/2012 Contract
                                                 It is important to apply for residence as early   3.0 Fees
                                                 as possible. For returning students the
1.0 Introduction                                 deadline is March 4th, 2011, for new              3.1 Residence Fees
                                                 students entering semester one the deadline is    Please note: The 2011/2012 fees
1.1 General                                      June 2n d . 2011. If you apply by these dates     have not been set. The fees below
                                                 you are GUARANTEED accommodation.
                                                                                                   are from 2010/2011 and should
In order to live in residence, you are           Applications are still accepted after this day,
                                                 but accommodation cannot be guaranteed.
                                                                                                   help give you an indication of our
required to sign a contract with the
University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus.
                                                                                                   residence costs.
The contract is comprised of two parts: an       2.3 Eligibility
                                                                                                   Per Semester
Application for Residence/Residence
Contract (hereafter referred to as the           To be eligible for residence admission, and to
Application/Contract), and this document,        maintain eligibility for residence                 Double room                  $1,256.50
in which the terms and conditions of the         accommodation, you must meet the following
Contract are described in detail.                requirements:                                      Single room                  $2,406.50

Please read this document carefully before       A. You must have received an offer of
                                                                                                   NOTE: The above rates are for the
forwarding your Application/Contract to the      academic admission from Kemptville
                                                                                                   regular diploma programs. The rate for
Campus. You and Residence Services will          Campus as a full-time student and must be
                                                                                                   other programs will vary depending on
be held accountable for the terms and            registered accordingly. Part-time students
                                                                                                   the duration of the programs at approx.
conditions outlined herein. Off campus           may also apply for residence, but are
                                                                                                   the weekly rate of $98 for a double
students are encouraged to read this contract    eligible for accommodation ONLY after all
                                                                                                   room and $184 for a single room.
as well. If they choose to visit residence it    eligible full-time students have been housed.
will certainly help if they know the             Students planning to change from full-time to
                                                                                                   3.2 Payment Schedule
rules/policies.                                  part-time status during or between semesters
                                                 must contact Administration to determine if
                                                                                                   Your residence fees must be paid prior to
1.2 Contract Period                              they may retain their residence
                                                                                                   the beginning of each semester, together
                                                 accommodation. **Students who have had a
                                                                                                   with other Campus charges for tuition,
Your residence agreement is for two              difficult time following to residence rules in
                                                                                                   meal plans, sundry fees etc. For your
semesters (the fall and winter semesters)        their first year may not be granted
                                                                                                   convenience, all fees are paid through the
unless you qualify for a one semester            accommodations in their second year.
                                                                                                   Admissions Office.
contract i.e. the one semester certificate
course. The Winter Break and Spring Break        B. You must have submitted payment for the
                                                                                                   Residence Fees and Payment Schedule
period is usually excluded from your             applicable residence deposit, as detailed in
contract.                                        Section 2.1.

There is a charge for terminating your           C. You must have signed and submitted an           R oom          D ouble       Single, if
contract; see Section 4.3 for details.           Application/Contract.                                                            available

                                                 D. You must have paid all previous charges
                                                                                                    D eposit           $500        $500
2.0 How to apply                                 for damages, fines, etc.
                                                                                                    Fall -        $1,256.50       $2,406.50
2.1 The Application                              E. You must not have been barred from living       August
                                                 in residence by either the Campus Judicial
A. Complete the Application/Contract that        Committee or Residence Services.                   W inter -      $756.50        $1,906.50
is provided with this document. If you have
any questions contact the Residence              2.4 Preferences
                                                                                                    Total 2         $2,513        $4,813
Supervisor at 613-258-8246 ext. 61246, or                                                           semesters
the Admissions Office at 613-258 - 8336          Roommates: You are welcome to elect to
ext. 61335. Please answer ALL questions          room with a friend. To arrange this, BOTH
on the application.                              Application/Contracts can be returned             Your residence fees for the fall and
                                                 together OR insure your preferred roommate        winter semesters are paid in three
B. After satisfying yourself that you agree to   has also selected you on his/her form as          installments, as shown in the above
the terms and conditions of the contract, as     his/her roommate of choice. Roommates             schedule.
outlined in this document, authorize the         must be of the same gender.
Application/Contract where indicated.                                                              3.3 Other Charges
                                                 Room types: New students are normally
C. Send your Contract and a certified            assigned to double rooms although a limited       In addition to the housing charges
cheque or money order payable to the             number of single rooms may be available. In       outlined in Section 3.1, you will be
University of Guelph- Kemptville                 some cases, students may be placed in             charged:
Campus in the amount of $500 to: Student         temporary rooms until a regular room
Accounts, Kemptville Campus, P.O. Box            assignment becomes available or they may be       A. Meal Plans. You are required to
2003, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0                     relocated. Wherever possible, the student         purchase a residence meal plan if you
                                                 will be advised of this in advance.               stay in residence. The price for a 14-
Applications received without a deposit will     Relocations from temporary space to regular       meal (per week) contract is $1,240 per
not be processed. The residence deposit is       assignments are made as quickly as possible.      semester. *Subject to change.
an indication of good faith that you intend      Overall, there is a chance a student may have
to enter residence and fulfil the obligations    to relocate to another room or zone based on      B. Supplemental Meal Plan (Optional).
of the residence contract. Cancellation of       the supervisors discretion.                       Students may purchase additional
your Contract will result in forfeiture of                                                         meal/snack dollars for after hours or
all or part of your residence deposit.           2.5 Room Assignment Priorities                    weekends use at Diggers (lunch bar).
Please ensure that you are familiar with                                                           This fee is non-refundable. For
Section 4.3 on deposit forfeiture.               Kemptville Campus will assure you of              additional information and for the terms
                                                 residence accommodation if you will be a          and conditions of this offer please see the
                                                 full-time new student. See 2.2 of this            special enclosure in this package.
                                                 for any reason, you shall forfeit all or part of   You are provided with a room inventory
C. Other Charges. Other charges may be           the residence deposit, depending upon the          form at check-in. Please complete it
made for damage repairs, improper check-         date that the cancellation is received.            carefully. The completed form is
out, or keys not returned, etc.                  Termination of the Fall/Winter contract after      retained by us as a check against loss or
                                                 the start of the Fall semester will result in      damage to the room or its contents.
D. High Speed Network Connection and             forfeiture of the entire $500 deposit, and per     Taking possession of the room, or failure
phone line are included in your residence        diem charges will be applied as well. In the       to submit a room inventory form, shall be
fees. See enclosed information sheet for         event your deposit has already been applied        conclusive evidence that the room and its
minimum PC configuration and other               to your fees or has not been submitted it will     contents were in satisfactory condition
related information.                             be subjected to the University collection          and repair on the date possession was
                                                 procedure, a $500 charge will be added to          given.
                                                 your account.
4.0 Terminating Your Contract                                                                       We hold you financially responsible for
                                                 Please note that all terminations must be in       any damage or losses to your room or its
4.1 Commencement of Contract                     writing.                                           contents, and also for the cleanliness of
                                                                                                    the room upon vacating.
Your application becomes a contract when a       Termination deadlines and refunds are as
room assignment has been made in                 follows:                                           In some circumstances, you and the other
accordance with the information on your                                                             students in your building or section may
Application/Contract.                            Date Termination Received      Forfeiture          be accountable for damage/uncleanliness
                                                                                Amount              to that building or section. We
4.2 Termination by Kemptville Campus             Before May 1                      $100             encourage all students to report when
                                                 May 1 to May 31                   $150             others are damaging things so that the
Depending upon the circumstances                 June 1 to June 30                 $200             section or building is not charged.
termination of the residence contract by the     July 1 to Aug. 15                $ 250
Campus may result in per diem                    August 15 to opening day $500 /per diem            You will be invoiced for losses, damage,
accommodation charges and/or partial or          After                      No Refund               special cleaning or maintenance required
full forfeiture of the residence deposit.                                                           as a result of your period or residency.
                                                 Under most circumstances, a full refund of
Termination of the contract by the Campus        the deposit is not possible. However, if the       If you have been asked to vacate your
may result from any of the following events:     Campus informs you that you are                    room - any property left in a residence
                                                 academically ineligible to attend (required to     room longer than 24 hours from the
A. You fail to check into your room at noon      withdraw), a full refund of the residence          requested date is considered to be
on the first day of classes in each semester.    deposit is made. Eviction from residence will      abandoned and will be removed at a cost
                                                 result in forfeiture of the residence deposit.     of $100 to you. We do not accept
B. You withdraw academically from the                                                               responsibility for the storage or
Campus and have completed the necessary          If you believe that you should receive             safekeeping of property abandoned in
withdrawal forms. You must notify                exemption from the forfeiture regulations,         residence rooms.
Residence Services of your withdrawal, as        e.g. for medical reasons, you should submit
well as the Admissions Office.                   an appeal, with supporting documentation, to       Damage to the room or its Campus-
                                                 Residence Services.                                supplied contents may result in a
C. You become academically ineligible to                                                            termination of this contract by the
continue at the Kemptville Campus.               4.4 Vacating residence after termination           Campus.

D. You are unable to meet the Student            If your contract is terminated, you are            5.2 Rights Reserved by Residence
Financial Services requirements for the          required to vacate your residence room no          Services
payment of residence fees.                       later than 12 hours after the date termination.
                                                                                                    Residence Services subscribes to the
E. The Campus Judicial Committee or              Refunds of residence fees are calculated from      principle that residence students are
Residence Services bars you from living in       the date on which proper check-out                 entitled to enjoy a reasonable right to
residence.                                       procedures (keys returned, check-out form          privacy in residence rooms. It reserves,
                                                 signed, room inspection completed, personal        however, the right to enter rooms if
F. You elect not to accept the room that was     property removed, etc) have been completed.        residence rules are in question, to
assigned to you, where the room assigned                                                            terminate contracts, repossess rooms or
was in accordance with the information on        If you wish to terminate your contract, please     reassign students to other rooms and to
your Application/Contract, and where you         contact the Residence Supervisor to ensure         effect other steps necessary and advisable
will not accept the Campus’s offer of            that the necessary procedures are completed.       for the safety, security and well being of
alternate rooms from its empty bed                                                                  other students and Residence assets.
inventory.                                       If you are required to withdraw you must
                                                 vacate your room and check out of residence        Residence Services reserves the right to
G. You cause or allow damage to be caused        a week before classes start, or the dates          amend residence rules and
to your room or its Campus supplied              posted by the Residence Supervisor.                responsibilities, to alter all fees and
contents.                                                                                           deposits contained in this contract at any
                                                 4.5 Refunds                                        time, and to place applicants on waiting
H. You are evicted from residence. If the                                                           lists wherever necessary.
Campus terminates the contract, forfeiture       Allowable refunds are calculated at a weekly
of residence deposit will result without         rate for all unused full weeks and are             5.3 Subletting
prejudice to the Campus’s right to claim for     credited to your account with Student
other losses, damages, etc.                      Financial Services. In any event, refunds are      You are prohibited from subletting your
                                                 not allowed for termination on or after the last   residence room, or from permitting its
I. You fail to pay any overdue fees or           day of classes each semester.                      use by others.
charges, or this contract is terminated by the
Campus as a result of any breach by you.                                                            5.4 Commercial Use
                                                 5.0 Student Rooms
4.3 Termination by you/Forfeitures                                                                  The use of a residence room, mailbox,
                                                 5.1 Responsibility for Contents                    telephone or data connection for any
If you terminate your Application/Contract                                                          commercial purpose is prohibited.
5.5 Liability for Room Contents                  yourself to, and cooperate with , Resident       forms other than plants;
                                                 Services staff and other Campus personnel
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary,        when asked to do so.                             10) cooking in rooms or using electrical
Kemptville Campus, the University, its                                                            or other cooking appliances, including
officers, directors, employees and others for                                                     but not limited to toasters, toaster ovens,
whom it is in law responsible are not liable,                                                     hot plates, microwave ovens, etc., except
directly or indirectly, for loss or theft of     6.2 Rules **                                     in areas with approved kitchen facilities;
personal property, or for damage or              The following rules are established as
destruction of such property by fire, water or   minimum standards to help maintain vital         11) keeping bicycles in stairwells,
other cause, however caused. The Campus          residence communities. They are designed to      hallways, lounges or other common areas
strongly recommends that you obtain              support the values that are outlined in the      in residence or public walkways;
insurance against such eventualities. We do      Student Rights and Responsibilities
not purchase such protection for your            document:                                        12) relocating common room, lobby and
property. Coverage can often be obtained                                                          dining area furniture into other areas or
through a “rider” on your family’s tenant or     A. You have the privilege of enjoying social     student rooms;
homeowner insurance policy, which should         activities as long as they do NOT conflict
include liability coverage* for injury or        with the rights of other students to pursue      13) using water beds or hot tubs;
damage.                                          academic endeavors.
                                                                                                  14) installing or using satellite dishes or
*Liability coverage helps provide protection     B. You are required to maintain your room in     other telecommunications equipment or
for you and/or your parents, from claims         compliance with provincial and municipal         services not approved by Residence
from other students or the Campus for            regulations.                                     Services;
damage or injury that may have been
accidentally caused by you.                      C. When notified of fire or other emergencies    15) installing or using halogen lamps;
                                                 in the building, you MUST immediately leave
5.6 Telephones                                   the building and remain outside until            16) engaging in activities for the purpose
Abuse of the residence telecommunications        permission to re-enter is given by Residence     of obtaining services from Residence
system may result in termination of your         personnel. Failure to comply may result in       Services without making appropriate
service and, depending on the nature of the      eviction from residence and termination of       payment;
abuse, may result in termination of the          this contract.
housing contract and/or charges under                                                             17) engaging in activities that
Student Rights and Responsibilities and/or       D. The following practices and activities are    compromise the safety and/or security of
                                                 prohibited throughout the residence system:      residents, their belongings, or residence
criminal charges being lodged against you.
                                                 1) discharging, tampering with or operating
5.7 Residence becomes unhabitable                any fire prevention or detection apparatus for   18) entering anywhere in residence with
                                                 any reason other than to control fire. These     motorized vehicles;
In the event that the premises are declared      activities may result in immediate eviction
by the Campus to be unhabitable following        from residence;                                  19) moving in extra furniture without
a fire or for any other reason, this Residence
                                                                                                  first obtaining permission from
Contract will be automatically terminated        2) tampering with electrical, mechanical,        Residence Services;
and the residence fees reimbursed on a pro-      security or Internet services,
rated basis.                                     telecommunications equipment, vending,           20) building, erecting, or assembling any
                                                 laundry machines, and any other residence        additional bed, bunk bed, shelves or any
5.8 Keys                                         equipment;                                       other structure in the student rooms;
For the protection of your personal              3) being on the roof of any residence except     21) bringing in a fridge that does not
possessions, you are advised to LOCK your        in emergencies. Any student found to be on       have an energy star rating.
door when leaving your room. Lost keys           the roof of any residence building may be
should be reported immediately to the            subject to immediate eviction from residence;    E. Non-resident students are prohibited
Residence Supervisor. If you lose
                                                                                                  from residing in residences except on an
your key, current key and core                   4) throwing or dropping anything from            occasional basis and provided the
replacement charges will apply.                  windows or roof tops;                            following conditions are met:
5.9 Transfers                                    5) participating in potentially destructive      1) Each Resident is allowed (1-2)
                                                 activities that may cause personal injuries or   overnight guests per night. Overnight
You are not permitted to transfer or change      property damage, e.g. pranks, water fights,      guests are not permitted to stay in
rooms without receiving written permission       indoor sports or using roller blades or          Residence longer than 72 hours in any
from Residence Services.                         bicycles in the building;                        seven day period and at the Supervisors
                                                                                                  discretion. Guests may not stay in
                                                 6) entering another resident’s room or
6.0 Residence Behaviour &                        disturbing and/or removing another resident’s    residence repeatedly. The “overnight
Responsibilities                                 property without the permission of the           guest” must be registered with the
                                                 resident;                                        Residence Supervisor at least 24 hours in
6.1 Residence Staff                                                                               advance according to the sign in
                                                 7) bringing in any form of weapon or keeping     procedure.
Residence Services employs professional          firecrackers, gunpowder, flammable solvents
support and student staff in the residence       or other forms of explosive or volatile          2) You are accountable for your guest(s)
buildings. They act as resource personnel        material in the residences;                      at all times and will be held responsible if
and agents of Residence Services and are                                                          your guests violate Student Housing
responsible for ensuring that you abide by       8) unauthorized entry or meddling with           Services regulations or Student Rights
the following rules and regulations, in          contents of residence store rooms, offices,      and Responsibilities. Your guest(s) must
addition to the Student Regulations for the      residence desks or cafeterias, and possession    be accompanied by you. Guests will be
betterment of the residence environment.         of unauthorized keys;                            banned for not following rules and you
                                                                                                  will lose your guest privileges.
You must clearly and honestly identify           9) bringing into or keeping in residence life
                                               d) consumption in public, e.g., lounges,         . eviction
3) Residents must personally sign in all       hallways, common rooms, outside;                 . being prevented from re-applying for
guests. Sign in times start 5pm weekdays                                                        residence
and all day on weekends.                       e) brewing of alcoholic beverages;               . posting (being barred) from residence

4) For safety reasons, guests must carry a     f) drinking games and paraphernalia used in      Approved procedures are followed when
guest card signed by Residence Services.       unsafe drinking practices;                       enforcing rules, and routes of appeal are
                                                                                                always available.
5) Guests who cause noise or do not follow     g) parties held without sanction by Student
residence rules and regulations will be        Residence Services.
required to leave the residence immediately                                                     7.0 Quiet Areas / Quiet time
and will be banned.                            2) Drugs. You are prohibited from
                                               trafficking, possessing, using and consuming     Regular Quiet Hours:
6) No overnight guests are permitted during    any illegal drug substance in residence and      9 p.m.-8 a.m. Sunday to Thursday,
Orientation Week or during the examination     can be evicted. Individuals determined to be     11 p.m.-8 a.m. Friday & Saturday.
periods. Additional guest regulations may      trafficking in drugs will be immediately
be established for particular events or        evicted from residence. Students who use         Quiet Zone: If there is enough student
periods of time during each semester.          drugs in residence will be evicted.              demand, there can be a designated Quiet
7) Residence staff reserves the right to       3) Noise. You are expected to abide by the
refuse visiting privileges to any guest.       rules regarding acceptable noise levels.         A. Students are obligated to maintain a
                                               These guidelines are meant to act as             level of room noise that cannot be heard
8) Residence Visiting Hours: Sunday to         minimum standards and may be enhanced            outside their room when the door is
Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.,               through consultations with the community,        closed.
Friday & Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.        student council and residence staff. In
ALL GUESTS must be signed in with the          general, the following quiet hours are           B. Regular living noise is acceptable in
Front Desk. On Pub Nights no visitors are      observed: Sunday to Thursday from 9 p.m.         lounges, i.e. conversation, house
allowed in residence after 12 a.m.             to 8 a.m. and Friday & Saturday from 1           meetings, etc., but students should not
Sign in times start 5pm weekdays and are       a.m. to 8 a.m.                                   use lounges for other activities such as
all day on weekends.                                                                            loud music, large gatherings, boisterous
                                               Noise levels at any time should not detract      behavior, etc.
F. Individual residence zones may formulate    from any resident’s ability to pursue
additional rules for their own zones           academic endeavors or to enjoy their living      C. On weekends the set noise level
providing such rules are consistent with the   environment.                                     permitted may be decided by the
rules outlined herein and approved by                                                           majority of students living in that zone.
Residence Services. Any such additional        During examination periods Residence             Approval from Residence Services
rules are binding on all students.             Services will extend the quiet hours.            required.

G. Residence Services reserves the right to    4) Harassment, human rights and equity.          D. Residence Services strives to promote
remove from residence, with one hour’s         Kemptville Campus/University has                 community living and social interaction
notice, any student judged to be disturbing    comprehensive policies concerning                among students, therefore individuals
others or breaking rules especially during     harassment, human rights and equity which        expecting absolute quiet at all times may
the final examination period at the end of     apply to all students.                           not be well-suited to residence living,
each semester. This also applies to students                                                    even in a quiet area, and may want to
who continue to break residence rules          J. For health reasons, food is to be stored in   consider other living arrangements.
outside of exams.                              suitable containers to avoid contamination,
                                               vermin and odor.                                 8.0 Smoking Policy
H. Students, other than R.A’s, are required
to vacate their rooms within 6 hours of        K. Due to the communal nature of residence       Smoking is not permitted anywhere in
completion of their final examination at the   living, persons suspected of being infected by   residence or in outside areas less than
end of each semester. Students must apply      a communicable disease will be required to       9meters of any entrances, windows or
to Residence Services for permission to stay   seek medical attention.                          ventilation system air intakes. There is
beyond the normal date for vacating their                                                       no smoking permitted at the entrance of
rooms.                                         L. Students are prohibited from affixing         Bell hall.
                                               posters to ceilings or using items that damage
I. Students are bound by the Laws of           wall surfaces. They are not permitted to build   9.0 Correspondence
Canada and the Province of Ontario, and by     furniture or bring in furniture from home.
College and Residence Services policies.                                                        Material is sent to your mailing or
Students will be advised of the policies       M. Lit candles, incense, lamps requiring a       permanent address on file with the
through the Student Handbook and by            combustible fuel, or similar items, are not      records office, or to your on-campus
residence staff upon arrival to residence.     permitted in residence. Students who require     mailbox.
Specific attention should be paid to the       the use of candles or incense for religious      Student Accounts,
following policies.                            purposes should contact the residence staff.     Kemptville Campus
                                                                                                P.O. Box 2003
1) Alcohol. Students in residence must         6.3 Enforcement of the Rules                     Kemptville, Ontario
abide by laws and policies governing the use                                                    K0G 1J0
and consumption of alcoholic beverages.        In addition to any financial costs that may be   Telephone: 613-258-8336 Ext. 61242
The following practices are prohibited:        incurred, failure to comply with the above       fax 613-258-8384
                                               rules will result in prescribed procedures       Residence applications sent by fax or
a) consumption of alcohol beverages by         which may result in one or more of the            E-mail cannot be accepted unless
underage people or being intoxicated;          following consequences (not in sequence):        deposit is provided.
                                               . warning letters
b) bringing in containers of alcoholic         . fines (as well as clean up fines)
beverages for mass consumption, i.e.           . behaviour bond
 kegs, swish barrels, 5-litre cans, etc.;      . collective billing
                                               . a charge before the Campus Judicial
c) bringing in beer beverages in glass         Committee
bottles;                                       . non-renewal of residence contract

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