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Corporate Limo Agreement


Corporate Limo Agreement document sample

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									Corporate Online Booking Technology
The Future is NOW

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Some questions to consider…

      Based on current economic conditions:

      •   Which costs are the first to be cut?

      •   Do corporate travel and meetings have a major
          impact on your company‟s bottom line?

      •   What methods do you currently use to save
          on travel costs?


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Compare your answers to survey data

  Q: Which costs are the first to be cut?
  A: When times are lean, 64% of senior-level finance managers will cut travel
     costs first. Only advertising/marketing fared worse at 74%.

  Q: Do corporate travel and meetings have a major impact on your company‟s
     bottom line?
  A: An overwhelming 93% of senior-level finance managers expressed
     agreement on the importance of corporate travel and meetings to their
     bottom line.

  Q: What methods do you currently use to save on travel costs?
  A: Despite the relative importance of travel to the company, 64% of finance
      managers indicated that restricting employee travel is the first step they
      would take.

                                       Source: Corporate Travel Study-Business Week March 2002   3

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There is REAL value to business travel

          So how can you remain “in the game,” maintain
          your competitive edge, visit those customers and
          not break the bank?

           More effectively track your travel spend to get the most
            out of the trips you take

           Adopt or refine a current set of travel polices based on
            today‟s financial realities

           Leverage technology, especially a corporate online
            booking program, to streamline the process and enforce
            policy to travelers


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For the vast majority, moving travel online
makes good financial sense

Has your company experienced savings related to booking travel online?



 Source: Corporate Travel Study-Business Week March 2002


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A self-service model promotes responsible
traveler spending habits

         Behavior Factors          Influence of Online Bookings

  Rogue spending is eliminated     Negotiated pricing programs at the
  through forced policy            point of sale improves policy
  compliance                       compliance by 10-50% because
                                   controls on the traveler are
  Lower airfares chosen (on
  average 15-20% reduction in      Travelers, when presented with a
  average ticket price)            choice of a lower fare option, will
                                   more often book the lower fare on a
                                   self-booking tool than with a travel

Source: PhoCusWright, March 2003                                      6

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Online booking will account for 30%
of total travel spend by 2005

                                Travel Gross Bookings in US
Total Spend                                                         Online Spend
                  230                                                70
                  220                                                  60
  US $ Billions

                                                                       40             Total Travel
                                                                       30             Online Travel
                  180                                                  10
                  170                                                  0
                        2000   2001   2002   2003   2004    2005
                                                      Source: PhoCusWright, October 2003

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   Corporate Online Bookings projected
   to grow to 38.5% by 2006

                                  U.S. Managed Corporate Travel Spend*
                                            (Gross Bookings)

      Spend in Billions

                          60                                                               Total Corporate
                          40                                                               Online Corporate
                                2002   2003          2004           2005            2006
Source: PhoCusWright, October 2003                          Year
* revenues that U.S. based suppliers (air, car and hotel) generate from corporate
travelers governed by a corporate travel policy

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  Migrate more of your business online
  and the savings grow

    • Simple roundtrip domestic bookings comprise 70% of all
      corporate travel

    • Not all transactions require “high touch” telephone service

    • Migration of eligible bookings online increases savings in ticket
      price and reduce transaction fees

Source: PhoCusWright Online Booking Report, 2001-2003

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Benefits when bookings move from
full-service offline to online

 The Corporation benefits by ensuring the appropriate
 vendors are used on every trip:
      • Automates traveler adherence to corporate policies, supplier
        agreements enforced and the corporation saves money

      • Travelers are guided to the best choice for their itineraries,
        staying within budget and moving business toward preferred

 Travelers are empowered to create the itinerary that
 makes the most sense for them

      • Better service overall, less time spent managing travel

      • Easy-to-use interface takes the mystery out of booking travel

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 What Users Think…

Q. Which do you think offers the/is the…

     Broadest Choice

         Lowest Price        4

         Most Reliable       3                                                                         Online Agency
                                                                                                       Offline Agency

      Simplest to Use

Best Customer Service
                                 0%        10%          20%         30%        40%   50%   60%   70%
                             Source: Jupiter/ERI Business Travel Survey 2002
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It’s Not Just Air…

•Car and Hotel online                                                            Online Booking Trends
bookings are
increasing more                                                    120%

significantly than air.
                                   What online users are booking

•Growth potential                                                                                               Air
                                                                   60%                                          Hotel
•Commission potential                                              40%


                                                                          1999     2000          2001    2002

                          Source: Jupiter/ERI Business Travel Survey 2002                                        12

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Key Considerations

    • Have you implemented effective travel policies?

    • Why haven‟t business travelers embraced online
      corporate booking tools?

    • What characteristics distinguish successful travel
      policies from others?


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Strategy for Success

       Success of an online booking tool does not happen
       without comprehensive planning and analysis.

         Best customer fit for the tool

         Appropriate positioning of online booking tool

         Project Management and Performance Measurement

         Comprehensive Deployment and Adoption strategy


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Factors That Drive Adoption

       Important Factors that Drive Adoption

                Corporation Executive Support or Endorsement

                Active TMC Support

                Corporate Mandate

                Traveler Incentives

                    Get Up & Go certificates through Business Builders

                TMC agent buy-in- --- change management


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Adoption Circle of Life

                             Travelers use booking
                              tool to arrange trips

 Corporation is
  pleased with              Using online bookings        Saves money by
   TMC travel                                         decreasing ticket spend
                            to strengthen preferred
     policy                                            (Average: 15%- 35%)
 management.                vendor rates and deals

                         Supports vendor volume
                        commitments and support
                          preferred relationships                            16

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Employee Resistance and Employer

        Corporations          Employees

Cost savings                          Prefer live agents

Expense tracking                    Prefer supplier sites

Reporting                         Find OLB complicated

Negotiation leverage        Find better prices elsewhere

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Overcoming Traveler Objections

   • Reiteration of time savings and other efficiencies

   • Acknowledgement of “change is difficult”

   • Assurance that live agents still available regardless of online

   • Provide proper, accessible, live online support contacts

   • Explain that restrictions of rogue Internet fares may nullify
     POS cost savings


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Meeting the online challenge with
Galileo and Travelport

         Together with the Galileo GDS, we offer a corporate
         online booking tool perfect for you and your travelers:
           Technology designed with both the traveler and the
            corporation‟s bottom line in mind

           Complete integration into existing process flow

           Consultative deployment of features based on requirements of
            the business

           Fulfillment strategies designed to reduce errors and provide
            immediate purchase

           Implementation strategies designed to maximize the value of
            the technology and ensure high adoption

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Why Travelport?                  Key Differentiators

•   First to market with XML Structured Data Technology. The benefit of this
    platform is that updates to the software can be made without loading software

•   More than just a booking tool, the Agency Communications Portal and
    Interactive Travel Manager provide the benefit of targeted and interactive
    marketing to corporate customers.

•   Increase customer satisfaction and reduce errors by ensuring all traveler and
    corporate data is accurate and synchronized with the GDS and other
    database sources with Profile Manager.

•   More options and greater flexibility with Advanced Policy to apply rules
    based on the trip purpose or the organizational grouping or hierarchy

•   Save time and reduce errors with PNR Finishing to ensure all bookings
    contain the requisite reporting and documentation fields for mid and back

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Why Travelport?

   In addition to the standard car and hotel booking functionality,
   Travelport features:
         Hotel Mapping, allowing your travelers to quickly get their
          bearings and effectively plan their movements and activities in
          an unfamiliar city
         Meetings Integration to extend the value of the booking tool
          beyond individual travel
         Comprehensive Reporting to ensure you and your travelers
          are getting most from Travelport

   When powered by the Galileo GDS, Travelport offers:

         Automated Transaction Processing to streamline process and
          reduce errors
         A unique opportunity to leverage Preferred Travel Content
          available only to Galileo customers                               21

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Travelport Demonstration
Section – Presenter notes
 If live connectivity is available, begin the demo here

 If printing as a leave-behind or if connectivity issues
    prohibit a live demo, the following slides function as a
    canned demo


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Communication platform for

      distributing content/services

      from a variety of sources to

      specific corporations, groups

      or individuals.


Forms Module


Tips and Tricks



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Booking Engine Features

Multiple User Interfaces/Flexibility
Company & Individual Templates
Company Benchmarking
Coordinator Functionality
Hotel Manager
Car Booking
Itinerary Views
Buying and Confirming Travel
Note to Agent


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Search Flexibility

   Variety of search methods/approaches:
        •    By “package”
        •    By schedule
        •    Car/Hotel only


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Booking Flow

     Select Flight          View Details   Preview Seats


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Company Policy Benchmark

            Create & manage

            company search
            parameters for air travel

            Provide most

            administration of travel

    Compare user search to
    company preferred search

    Alert traveler to lower fares

    provided by company
    benchmark search

    User views flights based on
    own search & benchmark

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Web Fares

 Web fares available now with search results
 Configure messaging to allow users to book travel at 3rd party sites

    Configure vendors
    to be searched
    appearance of
    option to search
    Web fares


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Add a Car


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Hotel: Multiple Search Choices

 Enhanced search capabilities allow travelers to quickly/effectively search
 for properties by City/Airport or Street Address or Company
 location/preferred property
        City/Airport           Street Address      Company Location or
                                                    Preferred Property


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Configurable Search Results

 Configure search result sort order to drive adoption of preferred properties
 Mapping functionality plots hotels by pre-loaded company locations,
 including preferred hotels
      • Travelport maintains its
        own proprietary hotel
        mapping database – we do
        not rely on GDS or hotel-
        loaded mapping
      • Your company locations,
        your hotels are mapped
        right - every time


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Buy & Confirm

         Purchase Trip      View Confirmation


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Behind the Scenes

 Tools and functionality to create
  a seamless traveler booking
 •   Password policies
 •   Profile Synchronization
 •   Travel Coordinator
 •   PNR Finishing
 •   Advanced Policy
 •   Reporting
 •   Preferred Fares Select
 •   Web fares – a closer look

Secure Password Policies

        Password                 Account Lockout             Account Maintenance

          Enforce specific password policies based upon your internal
                             security requirements


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Password Security -Single Sign-

                          Intranet                        Travelport

                         2. User ID &
1. Traveler logs on         corporation are
                            encrypted and                 3. Information is
   to intranet (and is
                            transmitted to                   decrypted and
   authenticated)                                                                 4. Service request
                            Travelport using                 validated against
   and accesses a                                                                    is fulfilled
                            SSL                              Travelport profile
   Travelport service


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Profile Synchronization


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Travel Coordinator Feature

 Book on Behalf of…


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    PNR Finishing

•Reduce manual labor

•Simple User Interface

•Allow placement of trip-specific
fields within PNR per Agency,
Company/Policy specifications

•Independent of Agency Mid-
Office tools


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Advanced Policy

   Paradigm shifting
        • An industry first: apply policy by purpose of trip or organizational

        • Greater granularity in policy application: interact with travelers to gather
           information based on search criteria

   Industry leading
        • Configure exactly how to shop for air, hotel, car – including adding extra
           searches for better shopping, better policy enforcement
        • Unmatched in/out of policy configuration
        • Custom graphics to encourage compliance, performance


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Advanced Policy: Paradigm Shift

   Create rules to apply policy based on search criteria
        • If traveling to Memphis between Sep 1-10, apply meeting policy
        • If traveling to international destinations, apply global travel policy


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Advanced Policy: Interactive

  Ask your travellers a question about their search
   •   It looks like you‟re
       going to Memphis -
       are you going to
       the Product
       Launch, or just
       visiting a client?

   •   It look like you will
       be flying overseas;
       will you be
       business upon
       arrival for this trip?

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Advanced Policy: Industry Leading

 You only get good policy enforcement if you ask the
 for the right content in the first place

    Only Travelport
    allows you to
    configure the
    number and settings
    of calls associated
    with every user
    search – for air,
    hotel and car

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Advanced Policy: Industry Leading

 Industry exclusive policy and preferred marking

  configurability for
  policy markings
  reason codes for
  configurable graphics
  to drive compliance


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 Track online usage, track program performance
      • Choose from 11 core reports
      • Track air, hotel and car transactions
      • Export to Excel
      • Create reports on demand


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Galileo Preferred Fares Select

 Preferred airlines provide full range of fares and
   inventory to Galileo GDS customers
 Current Preferred Fares Select partners:
      • American
      • Continental
      • Delta
      • Northwest
      • United
      • US Airways

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Web Fares

 Web fares available now with search results
 Configure messaging to allow users to book travel at 3rd party sites

    Configure vendors
    to be searched
    appearance of
    option to search
    Web fares


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Web Fares

                                                           •   Contacts 15 Web sites for
                                                               up to 45 seconds
                                                           •   Because the Internet is
                                                               dynamic, search results
                                                               may vary each time you
                                                               choose to “Search Web
              Travelport      Web Fares     15 Web Sites
                            Search Engine                      Fares”.


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Web Fares

   In the “notes” section, we
   communicate details           Web Fares are returned
   about the Web Fares           to you as an
   results to the traveler.      alphabetized list. From
                                 here you can select from
   The first four bulleted       a number of options.
   items are provided by
   Travelport.                   To revise your original
                                 flight search click on the
   The last bulleted item is     “Revise Flight Search” or
   a text message (up to         “Cancel” button.
   500 characters) that can
   be fully customized (by       To review your original
   the agency, corporation,      results (non-Web Fare),
   or supplier) through your     click on the “Your
   Travelport Account            Results” tab.
   Development Manager.
                                 To view and/or purchase
                                 one of these fares, click
                                 on the hyperlink
   Co-terminal results may       provided on the price
   be returned (if supported     line.
   by a web fares site)
   regardless of user
   settings for “search all
   area airports” during
   your initial flight search.


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Web Fares

                            Our dialog window pops
                            up to warn the traveler
                            that they are about to
                            leave the Travelport
                            This message can hold
                            up to 250 characters and
                            is fully customizable by
                            the agency, corporation,
                            or supplier through your
                            Account Development
                            “Cancel” will return the
                            traveler to their Web
                            Fares results page
                            where they can continue
                            booking a flight, car, or
                            hotel with Travelport.
                            “OK” will advance the
                            traveler to their selected
                            Web Fare internet site
                            which will open in a new
                            window. The Travelport
                            web site will remain open
                            to allow the traveler to
                            return to their results at
                            any time.

                            Click the “OK” button.

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Web Fares

                            Other Web Fare sites
                            you choose will return
                            specific package prices,
                            and begin the process
                            for booking an air
                            itinerary on their web

                            This is the preferred
                            method, however due to
                            restrictions placed on
                            some airline sites, this
                            cannot be done.


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Travelport Product Roadmap

Product Vision

 To build a „total‟ Corporate Travel Solution
      • Solution built for corporate cost management and reporting
      • Servicing the corporate traveler from start to finish in a one-stop
        shop approach
      • Designed for corporations looking to enhance revenues and
        reduce costs


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Product Direction

   Improved shopping and faring
        • Integration of fares & rules from multiple sources (including
          Webfares) to ensure availability of best/lowest fares
        • Increased number of trips returned in a search to show
          maximum number of lower fare options
        • Larger variety of trips & airlines for review and possible

   Touchless transactions
        • Fully-automated booking process for majority of corporate
          travel reservations
        • Fully-automated ticket issuance and fulfillment


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Product Direction (Continued)

   Fulfillment services
        • Providing booking and ticketing functions via Travelport
        • Supporting offline corporate travel services
        • Data reporting
        • Expense reporting

   Automated exchange and refund
        • Automatic exchange calculation on modified trip
        • Automatic reissue of electronic ticket
        • Correctly apply fees/penalties according to airline and ATPCO fare
        • Calculate refund amounts based on fare rules and penalties


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Product Direction (Continued)

        • Direct links providing full booking & reservation
          management capabilities for non GDS vendors
        • Expanded Passenger Name Record information
        • Corporate Jet integration
        • Limo/Car Service
        • Leverage Cendant offerings (e.g. RCI,
   Pre- and post-trip authorization
        • Routable authorizations
        • Automated integration with Enterprise Resource
          Planning (ERP) systems


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Product Direction (Continued)

 Improve usability
      • Formalized usability studies
      • User Interface (UI) redesign
 Expand points of entry
      • Wireless device support
      • Marketing agreements
      • Supplier product offering
 Enhanced profile capabilities
 CRM database


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Available Early 2004

   Leverage phase 1 architecture
   Consolidated data source
   Provide tool set to:
       • Optimize spending analysis:
            – Graphical presentation of supplier spending patterns
            – Single view across company
                •Drill-through capabilities to cost center and traveler transaction
            – Policy compliance
               • Pre-trip and post-trip reporting
            – Online versus offline booked data
       • Ad-hoc reporting capability, with ability to save frequently
         used reports
       • Support delimited and PDF report formats


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Web Fares
Available Fall 2003

  Integrated display with GDS fares handback to Travelport itinerary

   vendors to be
   searched and
   apply policy to
   search results


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Web Fares
Available Fall 2003

 Seamless: Integrated GDS search results with Web fare search results as one
    •   Air
    •   Rail
 Expand vendor support
    •   More than 30 U.S. & EMEA-based vendors
 Policy support
    •   Apply policy to combined GDS/Web fare search results
    •   Configurable vendor list
    •   Configurable price differential
 Consolidated reporting into existing tools
    •   Sites accessed
    •   Bookings made
    •   Complete booking data


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Hotels – Key Initiative

 User Enhancements
      • Improved user interface
         – Phase 1: Revised in August 2003
         – Phase 2: UI Redesign project
      • Greater search capabilities
      • New mapping displays
 Promote negotiated programs
      • Load preferred hotel database and uniquely display preferred programs
      • Utilize Travelport policies to direct users to the right choice

 Content, content, content
      • Hotel web specials
      • Non-GDS hotel content


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Hotel Enhancements
Available Early 2004

 Search web-based content for non-GDS hotels
      • Load and manage private databases of hotel content and

      • Integrate searches on
        one display to end user

      • Drive policy based on
        multiple inventory
        sources – GDS, web,
        private inventory


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Hotel: Merchant Model & Other Content

 Web specials for hotels are based on merchant model
      • Cendant TDS is partnering with a hotel inventory distributors
          – Starwood integration in Fall 2003
          – – Available Early 2004
          – Neat: Integration in process

 Hotel Web specials can complement existing preferred hotel
      • Allows you to focus your preferred program where your company
        has high volume
      • Targeted to fill in where preferred properties don‟t meet the
        traveler‟s needs
 Some new restrictions may apply
      • Pre-paid rooms likely
      • Cancellations could require 72 or 48 hours notice

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Travelport Product Roadmap


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Next steps

 Putting Travelport to work for you
 Define estimated number of bookings eligible for
     electronic ticketing
 Estimate the percentage of these bookings that will be
     made using Travelport (adoption)
 Identify the Travelport features best suited to your
     enhanced business model
 Meet with us to create an implementation plan


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