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									                                                                                                                1. INVOICE RECEIVED DATE03 Sep 2009
                         For use of this form, see ER 37 -2 -10 and ER 37 -345 -10                                 PAYMENT DUE DATE             03 Oct 2009                        Sheet 1 of 3
2. CONTRACTOR AND ADDRESS Fite Building Company                                                                 3. CONTRACT NO.                                     4. DISTRICT
 3116 Sexton Road, SE, Suite A Decatur AL 35603                                                                   W91278-06-C-0051             NA                     Mobile District
5. DESCRIPTION OF WORK                                                                                          6. APPROPRIATION AND PROJECT                        7. REQUIRED COMPLETION DATE
 SYSTEM SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ANNEX PH I                                                                           21-NA-2006-2050-0000                                28 Jul 2008
8. LOCATION                                                                        9. PERIOD COVERED BY THIS ESTIMATE                                 10. JOB ORDER NO.         11. ESTIMATE NO.
 Redstone Arsenal, AL                                                              FROM 04 May 2009 THRU 30 Jul 2009                                                                 25 - Final
                                                                                                     CONTRACT                                                       TOTAL TO DATE
 ITEM                             DESCRIPTION
  NO.                                                                                QUANTITY AND       UNI                                               QUANTITY AND            AMOUNT
  a                                     b                                                UNIT          PRICE
                                                                                                        T             AMOUNT                                 UNIT                    g
                                                                                           c              d              e                                     f
          CONTRACT AMOUNT (contract line items - see attached sheets)                    T                        $19,493,293.00
                                                                                                                      T                                               100%        $19,493,293.00

INCLUDES MODIFICATIONS                100 % EARNINGS TO DATE                                                                                            TOTAL EARNINGS
THRU R00039                           100 % LESS STORED MATERIAL                          TOTAL CONTRACT                    $19,493,293.00              TO DATE                   $19,493,293.00

    Liquidated Damages in the amount of $47,955.00 are being held based on actual contract completion date. Contractor is being assessed LD’s for 69 calendar days at $695.00 per day
    that equals $47,955.00 due to contractor inefficiencies (Explain contractor inefficiencies in more detail). Construction completion date actual (5 Oct 2008) minus Required Completion
    Date (28 Jul 2008) equals 69 days. LD’s funding in CEFMS is shown in Other Deductions ($47,955.00).

                          12. PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT                                       14. A. PREVIOUS DEDUCTIONS OTHER THAN             $47,955.00
PAYEE                                    PER                                                     RETAINED PERCENTAGE**
                                                                                              B. PREVIOUS RETAINED PERCENTAGE                    $0.00
 FITE BUILDING COMPANY INC                    R                                               C. PREVIOUS PAYMENTS                      $19,444,331.60
                                                                                              D. PREVIOUS EARNINGS (A+B+C)                                                        $19,492,286.60
DATE                                          TITLE
                                                                                              E. EARNINGS THIS PERIOD (TOTAL                                                                 $1,006.40
                            13. APPROVED AMOUNT                                                  EARNINGS TO DATE MINUS D)
 I certify that I have checked the quantities covered by this bill or estimate; that          F. LESS RETAINED PERCENTAGE                        $0.00
 the work was actually performed; that the quantities are correct and consistent              G. LESS DEDUCTION OTHER THAN
 with all previous computations as actually checked; that the quantities and                                                                     $0.00
                                                                                                 RETAINED PERCENTAGE FOR
 amounts are wholly consistent with the requirements of the contract or other                                                                                                                    $0.00
                                                                                              H. TOTAL DEDUCTIONS FOR THIS PERIOD (F+G)
 instrument involved.
                                                                                              I. RETAINAGE REFUNDED                              $0.00
SIGNATURE                                                                DATE
                                                                                              J. OTHER REFUNDS                                   $0.00
 Vicky L. Stanley                                                                             K. TOTAL REFUNDS THIS PERIOD                                                                       $0.00
 Chief, Contract Admin Branch                                                                                                                                                                $1,006.40
                                                                                              L. AMOUNT DUE CONTRACTOR (E-H+K)
CONTRACTING OFFICER APPROVAL (Signature)                                DATE
                                                                                          15. RECAPITULATION:
 A. Wade Wooley, P.E.                                                                     RETAINED PERCENTAGE (B + F - I)                $0.00            TOTAL PAID (C + L)      $19,445,338.00
 Authorized Rep of the Contracting                                                        OTHER DEDUCTIONS    (A + G - J)
ENG    FORM      93                           PREVIOUS EDITION OF THIS FORM IS OBSOLETE                                      **(USE REVERSE SIDE FOR DETAILED EXPLANATION AND -OR REMARKS)
      1 MAR 78

      Apr 2010                          Exhibit 4G Payment Estimate – Liquidated Damages Assessment
                                      This printed copy is for “Information Only.” The controlled version resides on the SAD Contract Administration Website.

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