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									                                                                   PMI Emerald Coast Strategic
  Goals          PMI GOC Strategic Objectives                             Objectives

                                                               Be the chapter of choice for the Emerald Coast
                                                               region by continuously improving the value of
              Strengthen Stakeholder Loyalty                   chapter services to our members.

                                                               Provide project management knowledge and
              Provide knowledge and tools with great service   tools, and offer excellent service to our members
                                                 Provide project management knowledge and
Provide knowledge and tools with great service   tools, and offer excellent service to our members

                                                 Be a resource for business and civic
                                                 organizations on the benefits of project
                                                 management and certification by participating in
                                                 government, commercial, and civic events to
                                                 present PMI literature and promote project
Demonstrate benefits from project management     management.

                                                 Facilitate innovative thinking and exchange of
Facilitate innovative thinking and exchange of   ideas by sharing what we know and learning from
ideas                                            others

                                                 Provide members with the opportunity to grow as
                                                 project managers through networking,
Provide a means to improve the practice of       volunteering and supporting project and program
                                                           Provide members with the opportunity to grow as
                                                           project managers through networking,
            Provide a means to improve the practice of     volunteering and supporting project and program
            project management                             management certification


                                                           Develop and enhance relationships with other
            Develop a mutually advantageous and trusting   organizations, as appropriate, to support the
            relationships                                  adoption of program and program management
                                           Champion project management through effective
Champion project management adoption and   management of the chapter as a mature not-for-
maturity                                   profit business

                                           Focus on achieving and enduring relationship with
                                           members by providing opportunities for them to
                                           let us know how we can better serve them, taking
                                           action to meet their needs, and delivering on our
                                           promises. Use feedback loops to ensure that
Make PMI a customer-centric organization   members are both informed and heard.
Culture and

               Make leadership excellence a strategic   Demonstrate leadership in everything we do, and
               competency                               actively recruit and train future chapter leaders

               Make market and business development a   Identify and create new market and business
               strategic competency                     opportunities to promote project management
                                                       Utilize chapter volunteers, support staff and
                                                       financial resources to capitalize on opportunities
            Leverage resources and investment in the   in our geographical area of responsibility, and
Resources   marketplace                                work with other chapters to synergize efforts

                                                       Conduct chapter activities on a solid financial
                                                       basis to achieve our strategic objectives and
            Maintain fiscal viability                  provide value to out members
  Current PMI Emerald
    Coast Activities                    Owner(s)             Metric
                                                      Receive an overall
Conduct membership surveys to                         rating of good or better
determine needs and satisfaction VP Membership        on surveys
Strive to meet member needs
identified in the survey and                          Conduct one survey per
through other methods            All                  year in November
Ensure excellence in regular
communication with the
membership through e-                                 Receive an overall
newsletter, website and other                         rating of good or better
methods                          All                  on surveys
                                                      Suggestions are
                                                      reviewed and statused
Provide suggestion box on         VP                  within 60 days of
website for member suggestions    Communications      submission
                                                      Posted within 45 days of
                                                      event (to be
Provide digital video and audio                       implemented in the
pod casts of dinner meetings      VP                  second year of
and/or Seminars                   Communications      operation)
                                  VP Programs
                                  VP Professional     Receive an overall
Expand number of PDU events to    Development         rating of good or better
meet demand                       Director at Large   on surveys

Member retention rate             All                 70% calculated annually
                                Director at Large     16 contact hours
Conduct monthly dinner meetings VP Programs           annually
Conduct PM Tools meetings prior
to dinner meetings              VP Programs           5 contact hours annually

Conduct seminars and courses      VP Programs         4 contact hours annually
Conduct knowledge exchange          VP Professional   5 articles annually in the
programs                            Development       Chapter Newsletter

Develop and maintain
presentation slides on "PMI
Emerald Coast Value
Proposition". Maintain a cadre of
speakers who are qualified to
deliver presentations on PMI, the                     Presentation completed
chapter, and the benefits of                          and updated annually in
project management.                 All               November
Create and support outreach
programs to reach members and                         Presentation completed
the project management                                and updated annually in
community                           All               November
Provide innovative networking                         Completed and included
opportunities such as golf                            in the next year activity
tournaments, ect.                   President Elect   plan

                                                      Presentation completed
Maintain a chapter to chapter                         and updated annually in
program                             President         November

                                                      Outsourced to a REP
Conduct CAPM, PMP and PgMP          VP Professional   during years one and
preparation courses                 Development       two, internal thereafter

Provide opportunities for those
seeking employment to meet
those seeking to hire; including    VP Membership     Postings placed on
job postings on the chapter                           Chapter Website within
website                                               15 days of notification
Provide opportunities for those
seeking employment to meet
those seeking to hire; including                       Postings placed on
job postings on the chapter          VP                Chapter Website within
website                              Communications    15 days of notification
Provide opportunities for                              Post volunteer position
members to engage in fulfilling                        availability on Chapter
volunteer roles                      All               Website
                                                       Establish Chapter Office
                                                       Network via the Region
                                                       14 Website and at
Share information with other                           Regional and National
chapters                             All               LIMs
                                                       Volunteer position are
                                                       posted and filled within
Maintain a strong volunteer                            60 days of notification of
coordination program                 President Elect   need

                                                       Positive feedback from
Maintain a productive relationship                     Community Relations
with GOC                           President           Team at GOC

Offer a leading rolls in Region 14                     Positive feedback from
activities                           President         Region 14 Mentor

                                                       Create a Webpage to
                                                       share Region 14, GOC,
Support Region 14, GOC, LIG and                        LIG and SIG events with
SIG initiatives                 President              the Chapter members
                                                       Create a Webpage to
Support the Tallahassee and                            share Regional Events
Montgomery chapter activities                          with the Chapter
and events                           VP Programs       members
                                                       Review the By-laws in
Keep bylaws current with best                          October annually and
practices                            All               update is required
Ensure conformance with the
chapter's event management
process                              All
                                                      Competed annually at
Map all Board activities to                           the Strategic Planning
meeting strategic objectives of                       Session to be held in
the chapter                         All               November
Continually communicate
advantages of project                                 Website information
management                          All               updated quarterly
                                                      Events planned in
                                                      conjunction with the
Establish and maintain Board                          Strategic Planning
teambuilding events                 President Elect   Session
                                                      To be completed by the
                                                      end of the first year and
                                                      updated quarterly
Maintain a speaker database         VP Programs       thereafter

                                                      Receive an overall
Conduct membership and              VP Membership     rating of good or better
volunteer surveys                   President Elect   on surveys
Encourage members to
participate in PMI and chapter
activities                          All
Support PMI Activities and
contribute to initiatives such as
developing standards and                              Opportunities posted on
providing opportunities for                           Chapter Website within
volunteers                          All               30 days of notification
Chapter Website                     All               Updated monthly
Chapter Newsletter (or e-           VP
Newsletter)                         Communications    10 issues per year
New Member and PMI                  VP
Credentialed Recognition            Communications    10 issues per year

Marketing and Benefits Package      All               Update annually
Establish and maintain a            VP Professional
mentoring program                   Development
Support Board participation in
PMI leadership meetings, PMI
Learn, and other means of                               Attend one event per
developing leadership skills        All                 year

Involve volunteers in activities to
support the chapter by delegating                       Permanent Board
work, monitoring progress, and                          Agenda item to be
celebrating success                 President           briefed monthly
                                                        Deliver to new Board
Develop a Board Orientation                             members in annually in
Handbook                            All                 January
                                                        Annually Session in
Conduct Volunteer Orientation                           January for new
annually                            All                 volunteers
Complete Strategic Alignment
Worksheet                           All                 Deliver to GOC annually

Establish and support Leader                            Annually Session in
Training Sessions                   All                 January for new leaders

Establish relationships with
academic institutions and           President
selected non-profit organizations   President Elect
Identify mutually advantageous
opportunities with other
organizations                       All
Establish an Executive Breakfast
Series                              VP Programs
Establish Corporate Outreach
Program                             Director at Large
Promote corporate tables for
diner meetings                     VP Membership
Promote corporate sponsors for
chapter activities and sustained
chapter support                    VP Membership
Promote corporate volunteer
program                            VP Membership
Establish and promote
scholarships                       President
Develop business plans for all
budgeted activities                All             Report annually
Approve plans and budgets
based on applicable criteria
(mapping to strategy, addressing
priorities, ect)                   Board           Report annually
Develop accurate and timely
financial reports                  VP Finance      Report annually

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