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                         NOVOMAX SMS-Parking
NOVOMAX SMS-Parking is a software system which makes possible in a modern way
of parking payment and control on open parking spots, designed for parking services
in country and abroad.

This system enables:
Simple process of payment and control, charging by SMS over all mobile operators in
Serbia (Mt:s, Telenor and Vip) and abroad, specifically for each city (zones,
tolerances, limitations), equivalent use of SMS, scratch card and other payment
methods, tracking serial numbers for scratch card and others alternative payment
methods to prevent fraud, central processing, surveillance and analyze of data.

The system consists of three parts,
    Modules for paying parking by mobile phone (by sending SMS)
    Module for reporting and administration of entire system
    Client application for easy work of controliers.

    Modules for paying parking by SMS

This module contains business logic of parking service and enables payment per SMS
messages. The system at this moment enables payment over all mobile networks in
Serbia any several in nearby countries. Deployment of module for new mobile
networks is fast and easy and is initiated during the first phase of implementation.
The process of parking payment is simple. The user initiates payment via SMS
message, so that in the new text message types vehicle registration number,
without spaces and other special characters (e.g. NS123456). The message is sent to
one of the numbers that indicates the parking zone where the car is parked at the
time of payment for that service. The message is sent to one of the numbers that
indicates the zone where the car is parked at the time of payment services. If the
format of the vehicle registration number is valid and the user have the funds in the
account, the system returns the user information in the form of SMS in which is
listed the registration number for which is the purchased ticket, zone, the amount
charged for services and time to when the parking ticket is valid.
5 to 10 minutes before the end of the last hour of paid parking, user gets a message
which informs the expiration of parking and whether it is possible to retry SMS

    Modules for reporting and administration system

These modules enable:
control parameters of zones, sectors, the cost of parking, restrictions, tolerance,
short numbers, types scratch cards, ... current statistics and monitoring of the
controller, the search and review of all records in the database management,
subscriber management and privileged cards, additional cards and synchronize with
the central register of vehicles, export data in Excel or OpenOffice, daily, weekly,
monthly reports.
    Client application for the work of controller

This module is executed on the handheld computer that is connected to the central
server via wireless Internet connectivity and inter alia provides:
          o Login of the controlier and selection of areas / sectors in which the
              check is done for control of payments made via SMS
          o Control of the vehicle with the subscriber and privileged tickets
          o Validation and entry of scratch card tickets, which is achieved by
              increased efficiency of system and controller
    Hardware
Necessary hardware for the system includes:
         o Pocket PC devices with Windows Mobile 6 operating system equipped
            with GPRS and Bluetooth modules
         o Printers for printing penalty parking tickets, equipped with Bluetooth
         o Possible easy expand of system and connect client applications with
            different additional hardware devices that provide additional
            functionality, such as:
            Photographs of vehicles
            GPS navigation

    Technology

The system is based on the latest Open Source solutions, which includes:
Linux server with Apache web server
MySQL database
PHP, and Ruby server applications
JavaScript and AJAX scripts to create dynamic real time statistics system
C # application to control.
Communication with the server application is done through the GPRS and 3G
Internet connection, via the HTTP protocol, SSL encryption protected.
All this provides a modern, stable, efficient and safe system.

    Language options

NOVOMAX SMS Parking system interface can be adopted easily to any of the desired
    Overview of server architecture of NOVOMAX SMS-
Recommended server structure is shown in the following picture:

 We recommend starting with 3 server architecture:
   SMS server on which the module for communication with the mobile
      providers is installed
   Master DB server on which is the Master database
   Slave DB & Admin server on which is the Slave database and where
      Administrator’s application is installed.

Minimum hardware configuration that we recommend for each of the server is:
      CPU: Intel Dual-Core Xeon 2GHz
      Memory: 2GB DDR2
      HDD: 2 x 160GB SATA II RAID 0,1
Possible options are
      purchase servers or
      renting server at hosting company.
The option that NOVOMAX recommends is renting a server at a local hosting
company. The advantages of this „outsourcing” solution:
      24/7 professional technical maintenance
      Adequate storage and maintenance of hardware
      repair and replacement of hardware in the minimum time
      guarantee security and saving data
      Broadband connection with 99.9% uptime.

Physical connection with the mobile operators
It is necessary to physically connect the SMS server with the mobile operators.
This can be done directly with the operator or go through a local SMS service
provider who already have connections with all mobile operators. This would also
shorten the time for the adjustment of the system and simplify maintenance, but
the existing service provider may participate in the division's earnings.

      All servers should have a fixed external IP address.
      You need to provide NOVOMAX ssh root access to all servers to be able to
       install additional applications, modules, and make the fine-tuning of system.
      We recommend bandwidth of 100Mbps for each server.
      We recommend bandwidth of 2Mbps connection with each of the mobile

Described configuration can support the system with up to 50.000 parking places.
In the case of larger systems we can add additional servers and additional SMS
database servers.
The possibility for smaller cities is to use less than 3 servers, and use less server
configuration, but this case rather not recommended.
SMS server
      Ubuntu 8.04 in text mode. All the software installed from the Ubuntu.
             Apache 2 with SSL support, PHP 5 with PDO drivers for MySQL, PHP 5
              CLI, RRDTool
Master DB server
      Ubuntu 8.04 in text mode. All the software installed from the Ubuntu.
             Apache 2 with SSL support, PHP 5 with PDO drivers for MySQL, MySQL
              5, PHP 5 CLI, RRDTool
Slave DB & Admin server
      Ubuntu 8.04 in text mode. All the software installed from the Ubuntu.
             Apache 2 with SSL i fcgid support, PHP 5 with PDO drivers for MySQL,
              MySQL 5, PHP 5 CLI, RRDTool, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, HTMLDoc

MySQL replication
It is necessary to make the master-slave replication between Master and Slave DB &
Admin server.

Virtual Hosts & DNS
Apache HTTP server has to be set to the name-based virtual hosting.
DNS servers should be configured so that the domain / subdomain that are used by
application are visible.

It is necessary to ensure a regular backup of all databases.

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