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JVC Professional Europe - GY-HD111CHE-13X 111E pkg_ Th13x replaces


									GY-HD111CHE-13X 111E pkg, Th13x replaces Th16x
As GY-HD111E except Fujinon lens TH16x5.5BRM is replaced by Fujinon
lens TH13x3.5BRM. Compact camcorder, offeri...


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Additional features

Technical specs


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As GY-HD111E except Fujinon lens TH16x5.5BRM is replaced by Fujinon lens TH13x3.5BRM. Compact camcorder,
offering both DV and HDV recording, designed to be used on the shoulder, yet light enough and small enough for
easy handheld shooting. A truly professional camcorder with interchangeable lenses, mechanical stops on the zoom,
focus & iris controls, and twin XLRs. GY-HD111E has DV and HDV output and input. The standard package includes
camcorder, viewfinder, 13x zoom lens, AC adapter / charger, battery and SD memory card.)
Main features

• 3-CCD compact shoulder camcorder
• 1/3", 1280 x 720 pixel, progressive scan CCDs
• Interchangeable lenses via bayonet mount
• Magnesium die-cast body
• Switchable between standard definition and high definition
• DV and HDV output and input via IEEE1394 port
• HD live output signal is uncompressed 720p/50 or /60
• HD recording in HDV1 format 720p/25, /24 or /30 to either or both Mini DV tape and optional hard disk drive
• HD output 1080i/50 or /60 signal off recorded video
• SD 576i/50 (PAL) recording in 16:9 and 4:3 modes
Additional features

• Colour viewfinding via 0.44" eyepiece and 3.5" LCD panel, both switchable to B&W
• Patented Focus Assist for speed and accuracy of focus
• Twin XLR audio outputs
• Different set-ups are memorised on transferable SD memory card
Technical specs

Image pickup device:
        1/3" inch interline-transfer CCD x 3
Optical system:
        Colour separation system: F1.4, 3-colour optical separation prismND filter: 1/4ND, +1/16ND
No of pixels:

24.03.2010       JVC Professional Europe - GY-HD111CHE-13X 111E pkg, Th13x replaces Th16x -                     1/3
        Total: Approx 1,110,000 pixels
Colour system:
        Colour bars: EBU & SMPTE
Sync system:
        Internal sync via built-in SSG
Lens mount:
        1/3" bayonet system
        F8, 2000 lx
        0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 dB, ALC
Shutter speeds:
        Electronic Shutter:Standard value: 50 HzFixed values:6.25 - 10,000 Hz, 11 steps (HDV HD25p, SD 50p, DV
        50i mode)6.25 - 10,000 Hz, 11 steps (DV 25p)
Variable scan:
        50.2 to 1,973.7 Hz
Dynamic range:
        300% or more :-
Recording formats:
        720p/24, 720p/25, 720p/30, 576p/50, 576p/25, 576i/50 Built-in MiniDV recorder.External optional Hard Disk
        Recorder DR-HD100E
        HDVVideo signal recording format: HDV720p format, 8-bit, 19.7 M bpsCompression: MPEG-2 video (profile &
        level: MP@H-14) DVVideo signal recording format: DV format, 8-bit, 25 MbpsCompression: DV compression
        HDVAudio signal recording format: MPEG1 Audio Layer II DVAudio signal recording format: 16-bit (locked
        audio), 48 kHz PCM for 2 channelsCassette type: Mini DVTape speed: 18.8 mm/sec.Record/play time: 63
        minutes (with an M-DV63PROHD tape)
        Analogue composite output: 1.0 V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced (RCA)Analogue component output:Y: 1.0 V
        (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced (RCA)PB/PR: 0.7 V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced (RCA)
Audio input:
        Mic: -60 dBs, 3 kohms, balanced (XLR), +48 V output for phantom power supplyLine: +4 dBs, 10 kohms,
        balanced (XLR)
Audio output:
        -6 dBs, low impedance, unbalanced (stereo mini-jack)Earphone jack: -17 dBs to -60dBs, 8-ohm impedance
        (stereo mini-jack x 2)IEEE1394 connector: 6-pin
Power requirement:
        DC 7.2 V
Power consumption:
        Approx 17W (in record mode)
Dimensions (WxHxD):
        235mm (W) x 232mm (H) x 502.5mm (D) (including 13x lens)
        3.1 kg (including: T16x5.5BRMU lens, viewfinder, battery, microphone and tape cassette)
Operating Temperature:
        0°C to 40°CStorage: -20°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity:
        30% to 80% RHStorage: 85% RH or less
        AC Adapter / Battery Charger AA-P30U(E)Battery BN-V428, 7.2V, 2.8A/h x 1Zoom Lens
        Th13x5.5BRMMicrophone MV-P619U & Mic HolderViewfinder 0.44"SD Memory Card (Camera set-ups)

24.03.2010      JVC Professional Europe - GY-HD111CHE-13X 111E pkg, Th13x replaces Th16x -                    2/3
      AB-PROHD-PKG1 Anton Bauer Power PackageIDX-100-E IDX Power Package9522/75-P PAG Power
      PackageBN-V438U Battery L-ion, 7.2V, 3.8A/hACM-12 Mount converter, 1/3" to 1/2"ACM-17 Mount
      converter, 1/3" to 2/3"WCV-82SC Wide angle converter, 82mmTh13X3.5BRMU Fujinon 13x w/angle, 3.8 -
      49.4mmDR-HD100E Hard disk recorder, 40GB and 80GB capacityKA-551U Tripod plateKA-V100U Tripod
      Wedge Adaptor onlyM-DV63PROHD 63 min. miniDV tapeM-DV12CL miniDV cleaning tape
Trademark notice:
      "HDV" and "HDV" logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC)


     • A/B power package
     • IDX-O-FS100-H
     • IDX Bracket for GY-HD1xx Series camcorders

Brochures and manuals


         Instruction manual (from the JVC Professional Europe Service Information System)



24.03.2010      JVC Professional Europe - GY-HD111CHE-13X 111E pkg, Th13x replaces Th16x -                 3/3

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