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									                    A                                                   B                    C               D            E                F              G                H                  I          J           K            L            M
2   Quotation                         Quotation. Details                                         Quotation
3   ID                                Quotation. Identifier. Identifier                          Quotation                                          Identifier   Identifier            Identifier              Identifier. Type
4   CopyIndicator                     Quotation. Copy Indicator. Indicator                       Quotation                        Copy              Indicator    Copy Indicator        Indicator               Indicator. Type
5   GUID                              Quotation. Globally Unique Identifier. Identifier          Quotation                        Globally Unique   Identifier                         Identifier
                                                                                                                                                                 Globally Unique Identifier                    Identifier. Type
6   IssueDate                         Quotation. Issue Date. Date                                Quotation                        Issue             Date         Issue Date            Date                    Date. Type
7   IssueTime                         Quotation. Issue Time. Time                                Quotation                        Issue             Time         Issue Time            Time                    Time. Type
   Note                               Quotation. Note. Text
 8                                                                                               Quotation                                          Note         Note               Text                       Text. Type
 9 TransactionCurrencyCode            Quotation. Transaction_ Currency. Code                     Quotation       Transaction                        Currency     Currency           Code            Currency   Currency_ Code. Type
10 PricingCurrencyCode                Quotation. Pricing_ Currency. Code                         Quotation       Pricing                            Currency     Currency           Code            Currency   Currency_ Code. Type
11 ValidityPeriod                     Quotation. Validity_ Period                                Quotation       Validity                                        Period             Period                                            Period
   RequestForQuotationDocumentRefer   Quotation. Request For Quotation_ Document Reference       Quotation       Request For                                     Document Reference Document                                          Document Reference
12 ence                                                                                                          Quotation                                                          Reference
   AdditionalDocumentReference        Quotation. Additional_ Document Reference                  Quotation       Additional                                      Document Reference Document                                          Document Reference
13                                                                                                                                                                                  Reference
14 Contract                           Quotation. Contract                                        Quotation                                                       Contract           Contract                                          Contract
15 Signature                          Quotation. Signature                                       Quotation                                                       Signature          Signature                                         Signature
   SellerSupplierParty                Quotation. Seller_ Supplier Party                          Quotation       Seller                                          Supplier Party     Supplier                                          Supplier Party
16                                                                                                                                                                                  Party

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                         N                            O        P                                                      Q                                             R   S   T         U   V           W               X
2 Purchase Order                                            ABIE    The document used to quote for the provision of goods and services                                          2.0           Procurement
3                                                    0..1   BBIE    An identifier for the Quotation assigned by the Seller                                                      2.0           Procurement
4                                                    1      BBIE    Indicates whether the Quotation is a copy (true) or not (false)                                             2.0           Procurement
5                                                    0..1   BBIE    A computer-generated globally unique identifier (GUID) for the Quotation instance                           2.0           Procurement
6                                                    1      BBIE    The date assigned by the Seller on which the Quotation was issued                                           2.0           Procurement
7                                                    0..1   BBIE    The time assigned by the Seller on which the Quotation was issued                                           1.0           Procurement
                                                                    Free form text applying to the Quotation. This element may contain notes or any other similar
 8                                                   0..1   BBIE    information that is not contained explicitly in another structure.                                          2.0           Procurement
 9                                                   0..1   BBIE    The default currency for the transaction, to be used for Invoicing                                          2.0           Procurement
10                                                   1      BBIE    The currency that is used for all prices in the Quotation                                                   2.0           Procurement
11                                                   0..1   ASBIE   The period for which the Quotation is valid                                                                 1.0           Procurement
                                                     0..1   ASBIE   An association to a Request For Quotation                                                                   2.0           Procurement
                                                     0..n   ASBIE   An association to other documents                                                                           2.0           Procurement
14                                                   0..n   ASBIE   An association to a framework agreement or contract                                                         2.0           Procurement
15                                                   0..n   ASBIE   Associates the Quotation with zero or more signatures.                                                      1.0           Procurement
                                                     1      ASBIE   An association to the Seller                                                                                2.0           Procurement

          051a1f16-3a70-4298-ad26-343de3f8ff5d.xls                                                                                                          2 (3)                                           8/15/2011 GMT 3:33 PM
     Y             Z           AA            AB     AC   AD   AE





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