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					Today we are here to celebrate the life of Annie
Thomson, a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt,
and friend; she was just shy of celebrating her
96th birthday.

Mom always had a joyous presence. She loved
life in every aspect through all of her years.
Many changes occurred through her life and she
adapted as time went by. She always was able
to live in the moment and enjoy what was
happening around her. She felt comfortable in
voicing her opinion, or offering her advice when
it was sought.

Mom definitely had a humorous side and was
always up for a bit of fun. At 80 years old, Mom
decided she was going to the Halloween Dance.
She arrived in full costume and no one except
her brother Ira knew who she was. After winning

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the prize for best costume, Mom revealed
herself to all with a grin.

She lived through many different times,
embracing joyous events, and facing family
tragedy and loss. As many of you know, she
was predeceased by her husband Basil, sons
Cecil and Merle, as well as four son-in-laws, two
grandsons, and a great grandson; all who died
much too young. She faced these events with
faith, strength and dignity.

I can share my personal experience when I lost
my husband and son. Mom was there with me,
sharing her faith and prayers. This meant so
much to me and gave me strength. She was
such a friend. I know she helped and supported
many family members and others in the same

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Her life in the community of Matawatchan was
very important to her. Mom was a life member of
the UCW, helping in many fundraising activities
in support of the church. A community is it’s
people and Mom embraced all in the community
and very much appreciated the support given to
her in return, particularly in the past few years.
Whether it was drives to church on Sunday,
checking in to see if she was ok, or inviting her
to social dinners, the people in Matawatchan
and Griffith were always special to her.

To us, Mom was the Queen Mother. She always
led the family into church. On Sundays, Mom
was always recognized with her signature hats,
such as the one that I am wearing today,
complimented by her fashionable and beautiful
dresses, often in her favorite color of pink.

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For the last number of years, Mom has spent
winters in Newmarket with her daughter Cheryl,
her son-in-law Tony and their children, who she
simply adored. Although she didn’t ever want to
leave her home in Matawatchan, her times in
Newmarket were enjoyed. However, when the
first robin would appear, Mom was quickly on
the phone to her son Daryl to make plans for the
trip home to Matawatchan and to her son
Stewart with the grocery list.

Mom’s grandchildren always loved to be in her
presence. She had a personal connection with
each and every one of them. She knew what
was happening in their lives and she knew each
of their birthdates, which was impressive
considering she had thirty-one grandchildren,
thirty-seven great grandchildren and three great

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great grandchildren. She always offered
encouragement and helped them to have a
positive outlook on life.

Mom was renowned for her cooking. Family
would return home to the farm to enjoy her
wonderful homemade bread, beans, beef in a
bake kettle, and scrumptious pies. No one ever
left her home hungry. She made sure of that!

The annual maple syrup time was particularly
special for Mom. Family were together, maple
syrup needed to be made. Mom was the quality
control supervisor. Her stamp of approval was

Fall was a time when her daughters would
gather at the table to do the tedious job of
cleaning Mom’s bountiful crop of summer

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savory, which was enjoyed by family and friends
throughout the year.

Many of us can remember hearing her say her
prayers at night and listing everyone in the
family by name. You can imagine how long that
would take!

It is hard to imagine what it must feel like to have
the strength of faith that she had. The example
she has set for all of us is truly amazing. We
absolutely know where she is now, in the House
of Many Mansions together with those who have
gone before. You can bet her son-in-law Ray, is
now at work building something that she has
instructed him to get on with. Cecil and Merle
are surely nearby supervising Ray.

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This past week when Mom was in the hospital,
her grandson, Iain, sent a get-well card. In it, he
shared this passage from the book of Peter,
which we found so fitting and comforting at this
difficult time. It reads;
“And by the God of all grace who called you unto
his eternal glory in Christ, after ye have suffered
a little while, shall himself perfect, establish, and
strengthen you.”

Mom, we have been blessed to have you with us
in our lives for so long, we love you and will miss
you dearly, you will continue to inspire each and
every one of us.

Rest in peace until we meet again.

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