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					                    KWA DAVID WHITAKER, Ph.D., Esq.
                          1782 East 65th Street
                         Cleveland, Ohio 44103

                                          Founder-Pres. Ashe Culture Center, Inc.
Attorney at Law                           1782 East 65th Street
1782 East 65th Street                     Cleveland, Ohio 44103
Cleveland, Ohio 44103                     (216) 391-2447
(216) 391-2447

Juris Doctorate, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland, Ohio, 1981.
       Admitted to the Ohio Bar, 1982.
Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,
       Ohio , 1981. Major Cognitive areas: Educational Psychology, Special
       Education, and Behavior Management.
Post M.A. School Psychology Certification, John Carroll University, University
       Heights, Ohio 1973-1974.
M.A., Education, Major: School Psychology, John Carroll University, University
       Heights, Ohio 1973.
B.S., Education, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Psychology, Kent State University,
       Kent, Ohio 1966.

Phoenix Village Academies                                           2002-
      Contact Developer
Developed a rites-based integrative education model for urban education.
Submitted proposals and received approval for five community school
complexes in Hough, Central, Fairfax, Glenville and East Cleveland.
Development is underway with initial implementation scheduled for the fall
of 2005.

Author of Rites of Passage: A Primer For Youth And Adults           1996
Self Published Author
Authored a primer on rites of passage four years after completion of traditional
Akan manhood initiation. This primer will aid youth and adults interested in
improving self-esteem and pursuing self-identity based upon the principles,
beliefs and practices of the Akan Twi speaking people of Ghana, West Africa.

Consultant/Facilitator                                               1995-Present
Engaged in the development and facilitation of Culture-Specific programming to
enhance the development for African Americans, to improve the understanding
of African American needs for instructors, administrators and staff and to
improve the climate for people of diverse backgrounds. Clients, among others,
include Cleveland Public Schools, Cuyahoga Community College, Grafton
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Correctional Institution, The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Kent State
University, McKean Federal Correctional Institution, Hu Ani & Associates
Cognitive Restructuring Format, University of Akron, Canton Department of
Children Services, WATOES Outreach Programs and Ohio Department of

Kent Sate University S.T.A.R.S.                                      1997-Present
Introduced an innovative 5-week rites-based orientation program for KSU
freshman. This program is in its 6th year and has received very positive
evaluations. I received an Innovative Programming Award from the university
president for this program. A doctoral dissertation is currently focusing upon
this program to determine its apparent positive correlation with improved
minority student retention.

Ashe Culture Center, Inc.                                             1994-Present
Founding President
Founding President of the Ohio Non-Profit organization whose mission, among
others, is to enhance the cultural development of African-Americans and restore
universal harmony amongst the world’s people. As founding president I have
written grants, managed the organizational budget, trained staff and volunteers,
facilitated training programs, conducted workshops and developed children’s
program offerings. Ashe has received funding from Community Endeavors
Foundation Inc. (5 years) as well as the Kettering Fund (1 year). In January
2000—as a result of negotiations with Councilwoman Fannie Lewis and Terri
Hamilton, Director of Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, Ashe received
a donation of 28 cluster apartments for the purpose of developing its first
community school complex.

Consultant/Program /Evaluator-Trainer for Diversity
Training and Rites of Passage Training/Programming.                 1990-Present
Consultant/Lead Trainer
Served as consultant and program evaluator for Diversity and or Rites
of Passage Training For Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Public
Schools, East Cleveland Public Schools, Cuyahoga County Department of
Human Services, Youngstown Department of Social Services. My principle
evaluative role included the development of personalized questionnaires,
collection of data, organization and analysis of data and submission of written

John Carroll University Graduate School                     1987-1995
Coordinator, School Psychology, Graduate School of Education
First African American hired as Program Coordinator for a graduate level
program position. Responsibilities included the following: 1) To increase
enrollment—enrollment was at an all-time low when I assumed the position of
Coordinator and the program’s reputation was abysmal--with specific emphasis
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on the recruitment of minority candidates. In this regard I recruited candidates,
accepted and reviewed all applications, established screening and interview
procedures, scheduled and conducted interviews, and made recommendations
for student admission and 2) To complete and submit all reports as required by
the Ohio State Department of Education.

Associate Professor                                                 1987-1995
                   Department of Education, JCU
As Associate Professor my primary duties consisted of 1) teaching graduate-level
courses in the areas of Developmental Psychology, Statistics, The Role and
Function of the School Psychologist, Psycho-Educational Evaluation I and II, 2)
advising graduate students concerning issues related to their programs and to
arrange for and supervise the students during their one year internship
placements, and 3) completing all other duties as required by John Carroll
University Department of Education.

Attorney at Law                                                       1982-Present
General Practitioner
Maintianed a general law practice with special emphasis upon school law,
juvenile matters and domestic relations issues. My work as Attorney of Record
(1985-2000) for the Cleveland desegregation litigation (Reed vs. Rhodes)
involved intense and complex Class Action litigation concerning the interest of
50,000 African American parents and students of Cleveland Public Schools. This
27 year litigation related to plaintiff’s quest to implement the 1974 Federal Court
Order and bring improved educational opportunity to Cleveland’s urban

Counseling Therapist                                             1982-1990
Maintained a family-centered therapy practice with an emphasis on marriage,
child and individual adjustment, personal motivation and academic performance

Graduate Assistance                                               1973-1974
Education Department, JCU
My duties consisted of serving as an aide to the Graduate Department of
Education, attending meetings, providing instruction for undergraduate
students, conducting informal research and serving as student advocate in
department faculty meetings.

Beachwood Board of Education                                        1985-1990
First African American elected to a four-year term on the Beachwood Board of
Education. Was principal proponent for the establishment of Algebra I as a high
school graduation requirement. Faithfully carried out the duties of the office.
Participated in interviews and the hiring of a new Superintendent, participated
in capital improvements, maintenance and numerous educational and personnel
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Beachwood City Schools                                                  1974-1984
School Psychologist/Coordinator of Special Services
Responsibilities included: Completing multi-factored evaluations of students
with suspected learning handicaps. Analysis of data collected, preparation of
comprehensive psychological reports, meeting with parents to share evaluation
results, making recommendations and answering parental questions. Scheduling
and facilitating training and in-service sessions for professional staff and
administrators. Insuring continued compliance with and implementation of
state and federal mandates. Serving as school/parent/community liaison to
facilitate improved communication and rapport for the purpose of enhanced
student performance.

Ohio Youth Commission                                               1980
                      Maumee County, Ohio
                   Commission Psychologist/Diagnostician
                             Maumee Youth Camp.
Completed multi-factored evaluations for youth detained at the Maumee facility
to insure compliance with state/federal regulations and aid in the development
of appropriate educational programs for youth with special learning needs.

Shell Oil Company                                                1970-1973
Co-owned and operated a Shell Oil Company Service Station in the Glenville

Cleveland Public Schools                                           1966-1970
                             District Math Teacher
                               J.F.K. High School
Completed my first High School teaching assignment in the math department. Duties
included being responsible for an 10th grade homeroom, teaching 6 classes with 3
preparations each semester. Teaching assignments included General Math, Algebra I &
II, Geometry, Advanced Math, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

1983-1985 President, Beachwood Citizens Against Chemical Abuse
          Task Force.
1983      Member, Metzenbaum Long-Range Planning Committee.
1975      Guest Lecturer, Cuyahoga Community College and John Carroll
          University, General Principles of Psychology, Neuro-Psycho-
          Educational Evaluation and ramifications in the area of Learning
1975      Guest Speaker, for various parent groups, school associations
          and private groups concerning the management of and
          appropriate parental role models for today's youth.

                       References available upon request
                                JOHN DARNELL BUTLER
                                      3669 Lee Road
                                Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120

                                PROFESSIONAL MISSION:

         To empower individuals and educate the public concerning Wellness,
          Nutrition and Physical Balance utilizing the principles of Wholistic
        Medicine as applied through Iridology diagnosis and Herbology treatment


2000-‟01              Raindrop, Vita Flex and Chemistry Level I
                      Young Living Essential Oils,
                      Dr. Gary Young, Utah

1997-Present          Raw Food therapy & Detoxification,
                      Dr. Paul Gross, Arizona

1997-Present          Usui Reiki Natural Healing, Levels I and II
                      Sokara Kamillisa, Cleveland, Ohio

1997                  Foundation Course in Applied Kinesiology,
                      Sokara Kamillisa, Cleveland, Ohio

1995-Present          Irodology & Wellness Consultation
                      Dr. Frank Miese, Springfiled-Xenia, Ohio

1995-                 Advanced Healing Techniques/Chemical & Environmental Toxins,
                      Electromagnetic Healing,
                      Hanna Kroeger, Boulder, Colorado

1992-‟94              Iridology & Herbology
                      Dr. Bernard Jenson, Escondido, California

                             PROFESSIONAL FOUNDATIONS
Extensive and intensive training in the theory and principles of African and Native American
herbology and healing under the tutelage of Great Grandmother Thelma Romelia Brooks


As Founder/Director of THE INNER-U, John Bulter has:

           provided iridology evaluations and consultation services to private clients,
           taught formal classes concerning „Food for Life‟ and „Balanced Food Combining‟,
           offered a variety of personalized herbs and nutritional products for sale,
           given numerous lectures on the subject of wholistic Health theory/practices, and
         appeared as a guest on numerous radio programs to discuss alternative health

                                   THE INNER U
                              “The Natural Thing To do”

John Darnell Butler, Founding President of THE INNER-U, is a Certified Iridologist
and Wholistic Food Consultant. John has been a wholisitc health professional for over a
decade. He has held his formal certification for six years. To augment his Iridology and
Wholistic Food training, John has completed formal training in the areas of kinesiology,
reiki, physical detoxification, hypnotherapy and electromagnetic healing.

At a very young age, under the influence of his great-grand mother—Velma Romelia
Brooks--John was introduced to African and Native-American ethnobiology and natural
healing methodologies. This influence would serve as the foundation for John’s formal
study and later certification in the areas of Iridology and Natural Food Education.

As Founder/Director of Cleveland-based THE INNER-U Mr. Bulter primarily provides
private consultations in the area of Iridology. In addition, he offers classes on the
importance of spiritual development and its relationship to a healthy YOU.

John continues to research and select the finest herbal products for recommendation to
the larger community at substantial savings. John’s deep and sincere passion for the
improved health of others is evidenced in his unrelenting effort to expand his
knowledge and uncover new and improved ways to enlighten his clientele.

In this latter regard John has received training from, among others, Lialia O. Africa,
author of African Holistic Health and Nutricide, noted California Iridologist and
author, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Frank Miesse of Springfield, Ohio, Noted Wholistic
Health Practitioner Sokara Kamillisa of Cleveland, Ohio, Reverend Hanna Kroeger of
Boulder Colorado, Dr. Paul Gross of New Body Inc., California, Dr. O. M. Lamptey of
The Venus Home Health Clinic, Accra Ghana, and Dr. Richard Schultze.

As American’s continue to explore health maintenance alternatives to western medicine
interest in iridology and other wholsitic approaches are undergoing tremendous
growth. Growth in these areas is projected in the decades to come. John Butler and his
caring and qualified staff are poised to provide professional consultations and
intervention services in the areas of the healthy integration of your SPIRIT, MIND
                             MICHAEL C. FROST, Ph.D.

                         The Association of Taoist Studies
                       433 Richmond Park West, Suite 532-D
                          Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143

                    Tel.: 440-646-9129        Fax: 440-646-9129

                            PROFESSIONAL MISSION:

    As Founding/Director of American Association of Taoist Studies I endeavor to
enlighten the general public concerning the 8000-plus years of Taoist Wellness Mastery
   methodologies and internal energy mastery techniques as my contribution to the
overall healing/strengthening of one’s physical body, their spiritual enhancement, and
                          optimal mental-emotional balance.


1990-              Ph.D. Clayton College; Major area of concentration Holistic Health
                   Sciences and Naturopathy.

1990-              M.S. Clayton college; Major area of concentration Holistic Nutrition

1984-1986          B.S. Clayton College o Natural Health and American Holistic College of
                   Nutrition in Birmingham Alabama; Major area of concentration Natural
                   Health and Holistic Nutrition

1983-1984          Attended Cleveland State University; Major area of concentration, Health

1983-1984          Studied at East-West School of Acupuncture, San Diego California; major
                   areas of concentration-Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine,
                   Advanced Studies in Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Martial Arts

1980-1981          Attended Institute Psychostructural Balancing; Major areas of
                   Concentration, Intensive Preventive Medicine Studies, Basic
                   and Advanced Myomassthetics Technology, Breath Therapy Exercise,
                   Yoga, Tai Chi, Holistic Nutrition and Bio-feedback

1979-1980          Attended San Diego City College and Southwestern College; Major areas
                   of concentration, natural Sciences and Pre-Med

1975-1979          Honorable discharge from U.S. Navy; Major areas of concentration,
                   Communications Technology, Advanced Weapons and Tactical Support

2000-Present      Developed/Conducted Qi Awakening Series in Detroit Michigan;
                  Developed/Conducted workshops in Taiji, Qi Gong and Taoist
                  Yoga in Vancouver British Columbia

1999-             Directed Tai Chi and Qi Gong program for AARP Wellness
                  weekend at Beachwood Mall, Beachwood, Ohio

1999-             Participate in Wellness Day for Seniors at Judson Park Senior

1997-1999         Director Tai Chi and Gentle Motion Program at Fairhill Center For
                  The Aging, Life Time Enrichment Program

1998-             Participated in Taste of China Series for Case Western Reserve
                  University Women‟s Alumni

1998-             Invited speaker with Deepok Chopra and Wayne Dyer at the
                  Whole Life Expo at Cleveland‟s IX Center

1998-             Developed/Conducted 2-Day Seminar entitle “SEXUAL
                  SURVIVAL INTO THE 21ST CENTURY” in Fort Lauderdale

1998-             Participated in Men‟s Wellness Day at Kent State University

1997-             Authored, Choosing Life: Guidelines To Avoiding Extinction,
                  LifeWays Press-American Association of Taoist Studies

1996-             Keynote Speaker for National Medical Association Seminar in

1995-1996         Co-hosted “Living Health” radio talk show

1983-1988         Served as Assistant Health Service Director at the Jewish
                  Community Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Specific areas of
                  Concentration-Men‟s Health Services Department and

1981-1983         Completed Certification requirements for State Medical Board
                  Massotherapist Licensure

1981-1983         Completed Internship requirements at the King Wholistic Health
                  Center in Coitsville, Ohio near Youngstown

1970-Present   Dr. Frost has studied/trained with Tai Chi Master William Chen and
               numerous other notable Masters in the areas of both internal and external
               martial arts systems

               Dr. Frost has added Fa Jing--a technique in which Chi is projected out of
               the body into other things for healing and Martial Arts—as a part of the
               healing repertoire

               Dr. Frost is a certified member of the Chinese National Qi Gong Institute
               with over 30 years experience in Asian healing science and movement
               arts. He has studied with renowned Taoist masters Mantak Chia and Hau
               Ching Ni.

               Dr. Frost is the Founding-Director of the American Association of Taoist
               Studies, which is dedicated to the application of natural healing principles
               for achieving high-level wellness.

1985-1994      Dr. Frost won numerous local and regional Martial Arts Championships
                                WAYNE B. CHANDLER, M.S.

                                 PROFESSIONAL MISSION:

Wayne is an anthrophotojournalist, co-founder and former chairperson of What’s A Face
Productions and the Inu Gallery in Washington, D.C. He has conducted extensive research into
the origins of races and the ancient civilizations, and has lectured throughout the United States,
Canada, Northwestern Europe, Spain and Great Britain. Through the photo archives of What’s A
Face, Wayne has been instrumental in unearthing rare and key photographs that document the
African presence in the Olmec Civilization, as well as evidence of the Black civilizations in
ancient India, Southeast Asia, Egypt and China.

                           PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

               Course of Study in Ancient Egyptian Astronomy and Numerology, California
               Metaphysical Institute, Berkeley

               Course of Study in anthropogenesis and human Science, Theosophical Institute,
               New York, New York

               Master‟s Degree Program in Photography and History, University of California at

               Bachelor of Science Degree: Major Course of Study political Science; Minor
               Course of Study Psychology and History, Dean‟s List Graduate


1982-1986      Visiting lecturer at the University of the District of Columbia

1983           Assisted in the implementation of the Genius Transformation Program
               that demonstrated successfully that when „under-privileged‟ children are
               exposed to proper historical information and life style their self-esteem,
               outlook and academic performance are positively impacted.

1992-1996      Co-Founded What‟s A Face Productions. A company dedicated to the
               development, production and dissemination of educational materials
               including film, television, calendars, posters, and books. In 1993 the
               company designed A Journey Into 356 Days of Black History, an
               educational book in calendar form, published and distributed nationally
               and internationally by pomegranate Publishers. What‟s A Face has also
               published calendars featuring Malcolm X, the Harlem Renaissance and
               The Negro Baseball Leagues.

               In collaboration with What’s A Face Mr. Chandler developed an African-
               Centered curriculum for the National Trust School System which,
               thereafter, established several alternative educational facilities throughout
               the United States.
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            Consultant to the Portland Oregon school system to revise their African
            Centered curriculum.

1993-1996   Co-founded the Inu Gallery: An art space committed to intercultural
            contact and knowledge.

1987-1990   Conducted archeological research with Dr. Edward Otter in various
            ancient Indian sites in the southeast and mid-west united States.

            Wayne has served as a Board member of Afriasia and the Historian

1994-1995   Wayne co-produced New World Vision, a cable television series which
            explores the many aspects of the Black cultural experience from ancient to
            contemporary times.

1991-       Appeared on a series of BBC broadcasts with Martin Bernal in London.

1990        Wayne hosted a television series, Of Time and Self, for Cablevision in
            Washington, D.C.

1990        Wayne appeared on a 6-part series of Listervelt Middleton‟s For The
            People. He also appeared on Good Morning Cleveland to discuss the
            African roots of Asian Civilization.

1998-       Wayne is collaborating on a feature film project concerning the life and
            career of Hannibal, Ancient Rome‟s North African nemesis.


1985-1995   Mr. Chandler is affiliated with Black Classic Press in Baltimore and
            Karnak House Publishing ibn London. He also writes for the Journal of
            African Civilizations, a series of publications edited by Ivan Van Sertima
            and published by Rutger‟s university Press. Wayne‟s contributions

                   „Seven Time Seven‟: A Comprehensive Discourse on the Seven
                   Hermetic Principles of Ancient Egypt, Child of Africa, 1994

                   „Of Gods and Men: Egypt‟s Old Kingdom‟ in Egypt Revisited,

                   „Hannibal: Nemesis of Rome‟ in Great Black Leaders, Ancient and
                   Modern, 1988,

                   „Transcontinental Influences in Ancient South America‟ in African
                   Presence in early America, 1987
Page 3

         „The Moors: Light of Europe‟s Dark Age‟ in African Presence in
         Early Europe, 1986,

         „The Jewell in the Lotus: The Ethiopian influence in the Indus
         Valley Civilization‟ in African Presence in Early Asia, 1985

         Ancient Future: The Seven Universal Principles of Ancient Egypt.
         Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1997,

         „From Buddha to Buddhism: The Life and Legacy of India‟s Black
         Sage‟ in World‟s Great Religions. London: Karnak House, 1995

         „Polarity‟ in African Presence in Early Asia. New Brunswick:
         Rutgers University Press, 1995,

         „Ebony and Bronze: Race and Ethnicity of Ancient Arabia and the
         Islamic World‟ in African presence in Early Asia.         New
         Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1996.

         Wayne Chandler is currently working on a book of fine art
         photographs and texts on the divine and mundane essence of
         women, to be published by Pomegranate Books.

         Wayne is also working towards the publications of a book
         concerning the African presence in the martial arts.


         Wayne has appeared at universities, colleges, museums, private
         institutes, bookstores, and private gatherings. He has conducted
         national and international tours presenting one or more of his
         lectures or variations thereof:
                 „The African Presence in Early China and Japan‟
                 „The African Presence in the Ancient Indus Valley‟ (India)
                 „Ancient Future: The Relevance of Ancient Wisdom and
         Myth to our Present Era.‟
                 „The History of Relations Between Africa and Arabia from
         Before the Birth of the Prophet to the Moor‟s Conquest of Spain.‟
                 „The African Presence in the Martial Arts, from Bodhi
         Dharma to Amen Santos, from Song Shong to Bahia.‟
                 „The Martial Arts and Yoga as an holistic Approach to
                             WAYNE B. CHANDLER, M.S.

                                    College and University
                                   Honorarium/Fee Schedule

Institutions of higher learning represent one of the important venues where one is able to
introduce new and challenging perspectives concerning how the world‟s people might be brought
closer together through the study of both their diversity and their shared cultural foundations.
Like people, institutions have varying missions and come in different sizes with diverse fiscal
supports and individual constraints. Accordingly, this fee structure has been developed with
some of these considerations in mind.

All quotations are for a 2-hour presentation including brief question and answer period.
Appropriate travel and accommodation expenses should be added to the base honorarium/fee

            Small to Moderate College with small endowment --$2,000.00-$2,500.00

  Private, Moderate City or County University with modest endowment--$3,000.00-$3,500.00

     Large Private and State Universities with substantial endowment--$4,500.00-$5,000.00

Thank you for your interest in exploring additional avenues to expand the minds of the next
generation of leaders. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me by phone at
(216) 491-4708 or e-mail me at
                         Jorethia L. Chuck, Ph.D.,NCSP
                               1782 East 65th Street
                             Cleveland, Ohio 44104
                            Telephone: (216) 391-6692

Ph.D. School Psychology, Kent State University, 1993.
M.Ed. School Psychology, Kent State University, 1991.
M.Ed. Rehabilitation Counseling and Education, Kent State University, 1985.
B.S. Psychology, University of Maryland, Far East Division, Japan, 1982.
A.A. Law Enforcement, University of Maryland, Far East Division, Japan, 1981.

    King, J. L. (1991). [Review of Hanging In And Dropping Out]. School Psychology
International. 12, 156-157.
   Chuck, J. L. (1992) Afrikan-American School Psychologists: "No Rest for the Weary".
The New Majority 2(1), 20-23.
   Chuck, J. L. (1993). The efficacy of a rites of passage intervention and its impact on
the self-esteem and vocational readiness for disadvantaged Afrikan-American
adolescent males (doctoral dissertation, Kent State University, 1993).

National Association of School Psychologist.
Ohio Psychology Association

Law Enforcement January 1981
School Psychologist June 1991
Nationally Certified School Psychologist August 1992
Ohio Certified School Psychologist June 1991
Ohio Psychology License December 2000

Cleveland Public Schools                                 August 2001 to present
                             Manager Psychological Services
   Responsible for the daily operation of the Cleveland Municipal School District’s
Preschool Assessment Clinic, Education Assessment Clinic, and Developmental Clinic.
Responsible for the administrative supervision of fifteen school psychologists, two
speech therapists, and six support staff.
   Coordinate Medicaid reimbursements, insure all staff training, and monitor
benchmarks for all departments.
Page 2

 Recruit and select Surrogate Parents for the district. Assign Surrogate Parents when
requested by psychologists for students who live both inside and outside of the district.
   Review IEP’s and applications for Extended School Year Services. Identify and select
programs that are appropriate and meet the identified needs of the students.
  Supervise the Parent Mentor program, and responsible for the Parent Mentor grant.

Department of Defense Dependents Schools            August, 1999 to August, 2001
                                 School Psychologist
   Responsible for Multifactored evaluations of students with suspected learning
handicaps. Analysis of data collected and preparation of comprehensive psychological
   Establishes and conduct in-service training for professional staff and administrative
teams to insure compliance and implementation of state and federal mandates.
   Serve as school/parent/ community liaison to facilitate improved communication
and rapport for the purpose of enhanced student progress.

ASHE Cultural Center                                      August, 1994 to Present
                                  Executive Director
   Responsible for the overall annual budget, creation of policies and procedures, and
grant writing. I was responsible for developing an academic program with standards
and procedures to carry them out. An evaluation component was also implemented to
determine the success and accomplishments.
   Assess staffing needs and, were necessary, hire, train, and supervise subordinate
managers; management support staff, and completed staff evaluations. Identify
appropriate training modules to help staff improve their skills, and evaluate them.
Confer, advise, explain, or answer procedural questions. Other administrative duties
included record keeping, preparation of budgets, and development of effective
management control system to prevent waste and abuse.
   Organized and chaired different committees and sat on two different organizational

Warrensville City Schools                           August, 1995 to June 1999
                                 School Psychologist
   Responsible for Multifactored evaluations of students with suspected learning
handicaps. Analysis of data collected and preparation of comprehensive psychological
   Responsible for monitoring and state law compliance of Developmental Preschool.
Developed and evaluated curriculum for appropriate developmental learning in the
preschool program.
   Establishes and conducts in-service training for professional staff and administrative
team to insure compliance and implementation of state and federal mandates.
   Serve as school/parent/ community liaison to facilitate improved communication
and rapport for the purpose of enhanced student progress.
Page 3

Cuyahoga Community College                                  January, 1995 to 1996.
   Taught introduction to fundamental psychological concepts and principles derived
from a scientific approach to the study of human and animal behavior, sensation and
perception, states of consciousness and learning. Emphasis on motivation, emotion,
personality, behavior disorders and their treatments and social psychology.

Association Of Counseling                     October,1987 to December, 1997
   Executive Director
      Design of organizational structure, strategic planning, creation of policies and
procedures, and preparation of annual budget.
   Top-level decision making in the accomplishment of the Agency's mission through:
formulation of specific goals and objectives. Hiring, training, and supervision of all
administrative staff.
   Establish and monitor in service training programs for staff development. Interface
with community, private and public. Responsible for marketing and sales, calling on
businesses. Public relations, and development of seminars to other human service

Cleveland Public Schools                            Sept. 1991 to Sept. 1993
   School Psychologist
   Responsible for Multifactored evaluations of students with suspected learning
handicaps. Analysis of data collected and preparation of comprehensive psychological

   Establishes and conducts in-service training for professional staff and administrative
team to insure compliance and implementation of state and federal mandates.
   Serve as school/parent/ community liaison to facilitate improved communication
and rapport for the purpose of enhanced student progress.

Stow Public Schools                                  Sept. 1990 to June 1991
                              School Psychologist Intern.
   Responsible for multifactored evaluations of students with suspected handicaps.
Compilation and analysis of the results of the Multifactored Evaluation in the
Evaluation Team Report.
   Developed Individual Education Plans. Post-Assessment Conferences with parents
and school administrators. Individual and group counseling.
Page 4

Psychological Services Inc.                             March, 1989 to June 1990
                              School Psychology Assistant.
    Responsible for multifactored evaluations of students with suspected handicaps,
including data collection form existing records, classroom observations, interviews with
parents and teachers; administration and scoring of measures of intellect, achievement,
personality, fine and gross motor coordination, adaptive behavior, communication
skills, and social emotional adjustment.
    Participation in the activities of the Evaluation Team in determining eligibility for
special education services.
    Compilation and analysis of the results of the Multifactored Evaluation in the
Evaluation Team Report.
    On-site (mobile unit) provision of individual and small group counseling including:
study skills, single parent groups, divorce groups, grief groups etc. Post-assessment
conferences with parents and school authorities.

Crawford and Company                              April, 1988 to Dec. 1988
                   Vocational Consultant/Rehabilitation Counselor.
    Perform a vocational evaluation and assessment by thorough client interview,
reviewing and analyze all file material to ensure basic file knowledge.
    Determine needs and extent of vocational testing per individual client. Analyze
appropriateness of tests and determine which ones are feasible for the individual client.
Administer, score and interpret test results. Make rehabilitation recommendations
based on test results and other information in a written report.
    Locate job openings and arrange interviews with employers. Provide job readiness
training for clients if necessary. Monitor and analyze job interviews for anticipated
    Conduct detailed job analysis when necessary and maintain same in central office
job analysis handbook. Locate specific training programs for clients to make job ready.
    Develop contracts with community rehabilitation facilities and organizations. Make
contacts with referral sources and act as liaison between client and referral source.
    Develop on-the-job training programs with employers for selective clients. Provide
follow-up services to clients after employment. Provide individual counseling and
guidance to clients as it pertains to their particular disabilities and vocational

Kevin Coleman Mental Health Center            May, 1986 to Oct. 1987
   Supervision of Residential Services. Supervise nine full-time residential counselors,
and six part-time mental health technicians.         Hiring, training, and employee
evaluations, recommend salary increases, dismissals, and or disciplinary action.
   Supervise the ongoing activity of two residential facilities for the chronically
mentally ill population. Monitor community events to maintain a healthy safe
environment. Provide information to the agency to assist in the establishment of
additional group homes.
Page 5

   Interview new referrals, evaluate pertinent data, establish goals, develop and
implement a plan of action, interface with other disciplines, referral agencies, and
secure cooperation in working toward a common goal.
   Provide family and individual counseling and guidance to chronically mentally ill

Whiting Business College                    September, 1984 to September 1985
Taught adults beginning typing, advanced typing, and business management classes..
Responsible for designing curriculum, conferencing with students, and submitting

Youth Development Center                        November, 1982 to May, 1986
Intake Coordinator Supervisor
    Provide counseling for emotionally distressed adolescent males and females.
    Compile, analyze, and review cases, make specific recommendations for appropriate
continued placement.
    Supervised, a social worker, and nine direct care full-time staff. Responsible for
training and employee evaluation.
    Developed a complete Intake Program with specific goals and clearly defined
objectives. Interviewed, tested and evaluated new clients. Drafted individual client
plans. Developed interdisciplinary treatment plans.

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